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Natural Cures for Gout

Last Modified on May 06, 2016

Gout is a type of arthritis with sudden attacks of pain and red, tender joints, often occurring at the foot and big toe. This metabolic condition is caused by a buildup of uric acid, which is created when your body breaks down certain proteins, forming crystals that accumulate in the joints. Normally your kidneys filter uric acid out of the blood to be excreted out as urine; but your body can produce too much uric acid or excrete too little, resulting in uric acid buildup.

Gouty arthritis joints can get incredibly swollen and sensitive, causing a burning feeling and immense pain to the touch. After gout attacks subside, joint discomfort and pain can last days to weeks, and over time attacks last longer and affect more joints.

Home Remedies for Gout

In the section you can find dozens of user submitted natural gout remedies. Our most favored cure for gout is apple cider vinegar, with other popular suggestions of cherries, baking soda, beet juice, cod liver oil, black bean broth, and even water therapies. There are also a number of ongoing discussions on the treatment of gout, dietary recommendations, and lifestyle suggestions. Let us know what you try to combat your gout; and if you know of a remedy not listed here, please don't hesitate to share it with us.

Remedies for Gout

Natural Cures

The Popularity of Gout Remedies - Full List

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Activated Charcoal12012-09-13
ACV, Baking Soda, Cherries82011-11-21
ACV, Homeopathic Cream22009-05-10
Alfalfa Tablets32010-05-13
Apple Cider Vinegar972015-04-11
Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda92015-11-25
Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Cherries, V-8,12011-09-05
Apple Cider Vinegar, Cherries92012-03-21
Apple Cider Vinegar, Cherries, Epsom Salts12011-07-03
Apple Cider Vinegar, Dietary Changes12009-11-06
Apple Cider Vinegar, Fish Oil12011-07-27
Apple Cider Vinegar, Ice Water Foot Soak12007-10-29
Apple Cider Vinegar, Quercetin, Acai12008-10-13
Apple Pectin12006-09-30
Baking Soda132015-03-01
Beet Juice12010-07-01
Bentonite Clay02016-03-11
Bicarbonate Soda and Liquid Zinc12008-07-10
Black Bean Broth52009-01-24
Black Cherry Concentrate12013-03-05
Blueberry, Pomegranate Juice12006-05-22
Buchu Tea12013-01-31
Carrot Juice02012-06-15
Castor Oil12012-06-26
Cat's Claw12015-06-15
Celery Seed32016-05-06
Celery Seed Extract12013-11-26
Cherries, Apple Cider Vinegar, Icing12010-06-13
Coconut Milk12007-04-11
Coconut Oil12009-02-21
Cod Liver Oil12009-03-03
Connection With High Iron in Blood02010-12-14
Dietary Changes32013-07-08
Don's Gout Remedies12008-12-18
Eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup12007-11-16
Eucalyptus Oil02011-04-27
Flax Seed Oil12007-03-21
General Feedback02012-10-26
Gout Symptoms02013-09-22
Heat and Pressure02011-08-08
Lemons, Cherries, Diet and Exercise12009-03-29
Lithium and Vitamin C12010-11-04
Magnesium Glycinate12013-08-26
Marine Phytoplankton12009-10-21
Medication Caution12007-06-07
MSM, Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar12015-03-25
Multiple Remedies22015-04-17
Negative Ions02012-04-28
Niacin Overload02011-09-09
Noni Juice22009-09-29
Oil Pulling12007-12-29
Over the Counter22015-10-12
Pantothenic Acid12007-10-04
Potassium Supplements12008-01-06
Raw Peanut Soup12008-01-11
Reducing Fruit Consumption12011-10-23
Strawberries, Cherries22006-04-01
Ted's Alkalizing Remedies42015-05-07
Vitamin C32013-08-05

Activated Charcoal  

5 star (1) 

Posted by Lisak (Humble, Tx) on 09/13/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Just a little side note... My father from the time I was a little girl always got gout. The doctors put him on meds to help with it... I know I'm going to spell it wrong, cholchicine? He was getting sick from it.. Very sick. On one of his trips to the pharmacy the pharmacist told him she would not refill it anymore because the dr was prescribing too much of it and it was killing his white blood cells. My mom and I set out on a quest to find an alternative- activated charcoal was what we found. It has been 25 years since his last bout of gout....

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
Hi Lisak, my dad is often plagued with terrible gout attacks. They last a pretty long time too once they kick in. Can you explain whether you just start taking the charcoal and it prevents them from happening? Or, is it that you use it when you feel an attack coming on? I could use this info to help him. The good part is, I just bought some charcoal the other day after reading some other benefits it has, here on EC. Thank you so much, Lisa
Replied by Lisa
Desert Hot Springs, Ca
I would like to know a little more about how much charcoal and how often. I am looking for some way to make this pain stop on a tight budget.

Thanks, Lisa

Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Dear Lisa,

So sorry to hear about the gout! You can make charcoal poultices for the affected area and change them twice a day. I would let the skin air out for a couple of hours a couple of times a day, though.

How to make a charcoal poultice

You can also take it internally. 1 teaspoon in 8 ounces of water a couple of times a day. Do not take within 2 hours of any medications.

Turmeric is usually pretty inexpensive and is helpful for pain and inflammation. 1 teaspoon twice a day. Some mix it in milk to take it. My children don't mind it mixed in applesauce.

Hydrotherapy is often helpful for healing and is free! Get two pots or pans that you could soak the affected area in. Put warm water in one and cool in the other. Alternate the affected area soaking in each for about a minute each, ending with cold. When my daughter sprained her ankle not too long ago, this helped her with the swelling more than anything. She did the soaks 2-3 times a day.

Drink plenty of water or herbal tea. Dehydration, even mild, can make pain worse.

Some find clove tea to be helpful for pain.

Let me know how it goes!

~Mama to Many~

ACV, Baking Soda, Cherries  

5 star (8) 

Posted by Robert (Weymouth, Ma) on 11/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I thought I had fractured my big toe on my right foot. It got worse as I continued walking on it. Swelling up and getting red. So I went to the emergency room and they asked me a few questions and they decided to take a few blood tests. What they found was my uric acid was very high. I had Gout! I'm 43. First time I ever had it. Never thought I would. They prescribed medicine. I thought, nuh-uh.

Came to earthclinic. I found the apple cider vinegar with the "mother", baking soda, honey, dried cherry capsules, alfalfa capsules. I placed 3 tspns of vinegar into 8oz glass of water with about a teaspoon of baking soda (Hammer). Put honey in my mouth which made it easier to drink the concoction along with 3 capsules of both the dried cherries and alfalfa. Within the hour I felt the pain dissipate. Later that night I took same before I went to bed, and next morning the gout was substantially diminshed in pain by 50%. That morning I drank another serving, and during the day it got better and better. Basically over a period of two days the gout was completely gone. I am goin to continue taking this everyday just to keep my pH alkaline.

Replied by Vlad
Annapolis, Maryland
Please Help my MOM Ted! My Mom is 80 yrs old & the most loving generous unselfish person God ever created. She has been suffering from gout now for 3 months & it has crippled her feet legs hands & arms. Also she gets constipated for 4 to 5 days at a time from lack of movement. Her feet & hands feel hot. I've changed her diet, cut out the tea & plan to use ACV herbal supplements baking soda. I'm scared straight, brother. I've cried many times over the past 3 days cause it looks like it's going to kill my MOM off. I'm trying apples, cherries, lime juice, bananas, black berries. I heard devils claw root, white willow bark, ginger root, & tumeric powder work. Watching my mom suffer has brought this tuff guy to my knees begging God for help. She don't deserve to suffer this long. I plan to move to Thailand now I know who can fix my computer. Thanks Ted
Replied by Canto
Detroit, Michigan
@Vlad: Are you sure it's just gout? that sounds like a much, much more severe form of arthritis. You may need to look beyond traditional remedies and consult a specialist.
Replied by Veronica
Tyler, Texas, United States
It looks like your mother is suffering from severe arthiritis. Have you checked out the hydrogen peroxide therapy under arthiritis remedy here at earthclinic? It seems like its helping a lot of folks with the pain of arthiritis but you have to make sure you are using 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.
Replied by Windyinyoder
Yoder, Co
My husband has been dealing with gout for about 8 years now. He seems to get flare ups with the change of season (fall to winter). He has it now and it's really bad this time. I have taken him to the doctor because he couldn't take the pain anymore. I have read all the advice everyone has given and I have tried the cherries capsules, I have tried apple cider vinegar raw with mother. And have tried the alfalfa capsules too for about 9 days already.

He is also taking indo (prescribed by the doctor) and takes allopuranol as a maintainer when he gets better. But he doesn't want to take those prescribed pills anymore. But all the other stuff isn't working and like I said 9 days twice a day he has been taking this with lots of water to boot. What else can I do? His knee is the size of a small melon. Going back to the dr on Monday. What can I do now for relief?

Need a cure.

Replied by Jeff
Palm Harbor, Fl.
I had this problem for years. What worked for me is stawberries, and blueberries. Fresh or frozen don't matter. Eat about a cup should feel results in 2hrs.
Replied by Dtdunn
Fairfax Station, Va, United States
0 out of 5 stars

I wanted to start my own thread, but could not determine how...

The ACV "cure" has given me some relief, but my gout has dissipated on its own before, so I am still evaluating. I'm a week into drinking this "mother" ACV from Whole Foods. I drink it daily. 55 year old male, 6'3" and 230 lbs, have had gout in my left big toe for close to a year. I also have sugnificant joint pain in my knees, spine, hands, and right shoulder. Some of these are simply old sports injuries, but I suspect something new (the gout maybe?) is making things much worse.

Do not expect miracles. Reading this website made me think my gout would disappear before my eyes in a day or three, but in hindsight that was foolish.

Whole Foods has ACV that is not raw. I bought the wrong kind first. Google that "mother ACV" name brand so you will have a picture of the distinct label in your mind. I also bought the dried cherries and alfalfa. These were expensive. I take three of each daily. I also tried baking soda, but no one mentioned (I only read a dozen posts though) the foaming problem. I made a real mess the first time. BS and ACV don't mix well. That mixture also made me feel sick to my stomach. I have stopped taking the BS for now, but may try it again.

My pain is much less, but the lump on my toe is still as large as before. Good luck.

Replied by Rh
Seattle, Wa
5 out of 5 stars


I wanted to post to share my experience with this mixture. I joined the gout club about 3 years ago and the first incident was total and utter pain - so bad I would never want anyone to go through what I did. I am 35 and since my first incident, I've had a few small flare ups - 1 big one that was symbolic of my first experience. I've been taking celery seed extract as a daily supplement for about 2 years now and it has helped but I've never found a great cure for when an actual attack happens.

BEHOLD my gout friends, a cure.... ACV and baking soda. I can't believe how effective this combination was. I get a slight sting in my foot whenever a possible flare up comes around. This time, I wanted to see if there was something to take (other than prescribed meds) to help ease this flare up. Came across earthclinic and I can't thank you all enough.

Day 1: I was at work and the sting was coming on so I read into this site. On my way home I bought ACV from Whole Foods (i had BS in the freezer). Got home and did 4tsp of ACV and 1 of BP. I did 3 more servings before going to bed.

Day 2: Pain had not increased and swelling was about the same - some redness showed. I did about 5 maybe 6 servings that day.

Day 3 (today): I had to buy some more ACV (as it was the small bottle) and have done 4 so far and will do 2 more before going to sleep. The sting is completely gone, swelling completely gone.

Crazy? Yes. For me, the flare ups in the past usually lasted atleast a week - sometimes to a point where I was limping and using a cane.

Bottom line - I LOVE ACV BS. Thanks!!!!

I used the [organic] brand ACV. Miracle cure? Possibly.

Replied by Jerry
Hesperia, Ca
Took the concoction and got a headache, least of my worries though. I was like Robert above 43 years old, never had gout and thought I had fractured my toe. Ironically enough, my daughter landed on that same toe and thought she jacked it up, but she is barely 25 lbs and she just stepped on it. I realized after a day that the pain was different. I googled and found concentrated cherry juice and plenty of water. That seemed to have done the trick, but its still a little tender and im still hobbling along. I've always known about EC but forgot about it this time around - but managed to try the 3TBS of B****S ACV and Bobs R*d Mil* Baking Soda as it doesnt have "ALUMINUM" like the forearm and hammertoe one (A&H). I didn't have the cherry capsules as it's late in the evening, but I did try the Black Cherry Concentrate with 8 Oz of Water. I just ordered alfalfa tablets from Swanson* Vitam*** - excellent reasonably priced items. I mixed all the ingredients first with the exception of the Baking Soda as this will cause the synergistic effect of a volcano - so make sure you use a tall shaker bottle (32 ounce workout bottle). So it doesnt overflow, otherwise you will start chugging away like the crazy beer drinking high school days. I got a headache from the alkalizingoxygenating effect of the BS, dont worry it will subside and is the least of our worries considering this gout problem we have. ; )
Replied by Sister
Cherry juice! Drinking pure cherry! Work out how much for yourself as each person is an individual. Might work for some. It did for my brother. He drinks it only when he has an attack of gout. 2 small glasses of juice a day.
Replied by Myway
Wilmington, De
If you use cherry juice, use montmorency tart cherry juice. It is the most effective variety.
Replied by Tim Mcv
Canberra, Australia
In Reply to "Windyinyoder, Yoder, Co on 01/06/2012".

Interesting to read your husband's common "fall-to-winter" gout onset. I also often get gout attacks in the middle of autumn, once the summer outdoor swimming pools are closed and I'm then swimming indoors (i.e., my exercise regime does not change - and my diet does not change too much summer to winter). So I wonder if there is a change in Vitamin-D, UV-light trigger that can cause onset of gout in some people. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has observed this timing and/or if anyone has performed any scientific analysis of this factor.

Posted by Pj (Chicago, Il) on 05/12/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had a gout attack two years ago and took medication. Three months ago it started and I used up the rest of the meds. This time it really came back and I was desperate for a non MD solution. I found this forum and I can't believe how great I feel two days later. I had a can of cherries, a glass of water with baking soda and then just started drinking Apple Cider Vinegar in water - t tbsp in a glass of water. I walked four miles today with no pain at all- in fact, I think I am better than I was a month ago. Thanks to all who posted!

Replied by Marilyn
Lebanon, New Hampshire
5 out of 5 stars

I started experiencing pain in my left ankle unexpectedly in August 2009. I was fine the night before, but when I woke up my ankle was killing me. It hurt when I touched it and when I put pressure on it. Doing some research on the internet, I learned that I had gout. I wish I could remember the magazine that I read that explained that some women experiencing Menopause will get gout. The suggestion was that taking 1500 mg. of Vitamin C would alleviate the pain in a couple of weeks. It worked for me for awhile, but the pain and swelling returned about a month or so ago and didn't go away like it did when I treated it with vitamin c before.

Also, people who are overweight are at risk of developing it. I was truly grateful to the people on this website who said that they have used Baking Soda and also Apple Cider Vinegar. I have tried both to see if one works better than another. I have only used these natural treatments for about 5 days now, and already my ankle has improved. No more pain when I touch it, and I can walk normally on it now. If I sit for long periods and then stand up, it starts to hurt again. But there has been a definite improvement overall. Thank you for your suggestions.

Also, doing further research earlier, I discovered that people have to use caution when using the Baking Soda because it can cause some other health problems if you use too much of it. The suggested recipe I use is as follows: 8 oz. of water warmed in the microwave first, then add 1 teaspoon of honey and stir until dissolved, then add 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. You can take that once or twice daily. I prefer first thing in the morning and just before going to bed. It seems to be more effective on an empty stomach. It actually doesn't taste too bad. The Baking Soda recipe is 1/2 teaspoon of Baking soda mixed with 4 oz. of water. You can take that 2-3 times per day. I hope that these remedies work for someone else, too.

Replied by Goutman
Jacksonville, Florida Usa
I have gout for over 20 years, first attacks where in the kidney's later in my feet, doctors will set you on medication, what I did was, write down every day (in a map) what you eat and drink, if gout comes up, see what you did eat / drink the day before, so you can see if there is some drink or food that give you gout, my results where, 1e. Sausage meat (pork organ meat) the main reason, 2e. When I eat red meat more than 2 days in a row , 3e same with fish, 4e. all compressed chicken meat 5e. beer, I do not take this food and drinks anymore and are now for more the one year gout FREE!!
Replied by Jason
Durham, Nc
5 out of 5 stars

I had what I now consider to be a gout flareup. I had had a few episodes over the last few years - I'm 40 and work out alot, ski etc and I'm always on the go and I'm 6'1 225. I never made the connection that it was gout - but now I know. Recently I had a flareup that was some of the worst pain I've ever endured. Brutal - as many of you know. So - I was reading these comments in the morning of the 2nd day with my foot just throbbing. I had to run around my office all day and was just miserable. I was so desperate for a cure, and upset that I had to go through this again I was beside myself. Thank you all here so much for sharing your experiences.

So I decided to do all the remedies at once and sent my staff member to the store to buy all of it - the ACV mother, alfalfa pills, dried cherries, tart cherry capsules and baking soda.

I mixed 10 oz water, 3 TBS ACV w/mother, and 1tsp baking soda and swallowed the alfalfa pill and the cherry pill at about 11am. I was walking up and down the halls of my office the rest of the day. At 2pm, I took another dose like above and by about 3pm, I knew something was up. I sensed the pain in my toe was not getting worse even though I'd been on it all day, and it even seemed to feel better than when I woke up and got out of bed that morning. I had read so many testimonials that I figured it would work but I still wasen't even sure I had gout. That evening I had another mixture before bed and laid around with my foot raised up - no ICE though. By morning I knew I was going to be better. By the evening of the next day, just about all the pain was gone. Thanks again!!

What I noticed in the two months or so since is an improvement over my entire body. I have been doing 1 maintenance dose exactly as above every other morning or so and have never felt better. My joints are loose - everything was popping for the first few weeks which felt great. I must have so much buildup that accumulated over the years that it took 4-6 weeks to flush out. My girlfriend started taking it with me to be supportive, and it did wonders for her stomach problems as well. We both feel like we urinate more regularly and generally better.

Thanks again for all the help - it changed my life and my view of medicine and organics, and home remedies.

Replied by Kesler
Maryville, Tn
Ok, so I am having a gout flare-up. Want to do what Jason from Durham did, but what is "mother" as in: I mixed 10 oz water, 3 TBS ACV w/mother, and 1tsp baking soda and swallowed the alfalfa pill and the cherry pill.
Replied by Jason
Durham, Nc
Just purchase a brand of organic apple cider vinegar that indicated "the mother" is inside. The brand I used is _____ - available at Whole Foods. It's not something separate that you have to add. I don't even know what it is. LOL.
Replied by Sheila
Newport, Tn
Does the cherry pill work the same as the juice?
Replied by Sheila
Newport, Tn
If you take all this stuff for gout can you then eat what you want to and not get a flare up?
Replied by Peter
Canvey Island, Essex
Hi there, I've been suffering from Gout for about a year now and have tried many medicines from my GP. I came across this website yesterday and went straight to Holland & Barret to buy the goods, I got the ACV with Mother, Baking Soda and Cherry Tablets, I've been trying to find the Alfalfa Tablets but can't get them, are they a key player in this remedy working? I've taken 3 doses of ACV, BS and CT but my pain hasn't eased and my foot is red swollen and the size of an Elephants??? Can someone please help???
Replied by Janet
Kendal, U.k
The Malic Acid in Apples is said to neutralise the acids that cause the pain associated with gout, also it, s a good diaretic flushing the system. Gout being a form of Athritis. MSM is also a very good pain relief. An alkalising diet is also suggested. But certainly worth googling the Natural way to address Gout..... Your ACV and baking soda should start to bring some results. Good Luck and Good Health.:)
Replied by Peter
Canvey Island, Essex, Uk
Hi again - Well since my last post on 18th I can say the pain is almost gone, I've been taking ACV with Mother, BS and Cherry Tablets twice a day, The swelling is still really bad and still can't put a normal work shoe on so relying on trainers but the pain is almost gone. Im seeing a Private Consultant tonight so will see if he can give me an injection to reduce swelling, Im still unsure if the Alfalfa capsules are a key player in beating this the healthy way... Can anyone assist?
Replied by Jim
Athabasca, Alberta Canada
gout is uric acid. I found using baking soda (a small amount under the tounge) 4-5 times a day rapidly reduces the gout. simply neutralizes the acid by absorbing directly into the blood.
Replied by Body Magic
Chicago, Il Usa
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I had gout for about 5 years before I finally realized what to do. I have been gout free for about a year. The key is water alkalized water, a little baking soda in your water every day. The gout cannot survive in an alkaline body so drink water and eat lots of fruit. The cherries are good and exercise- try to walk or light jog 3 - 4 days a week at least 30 minutes. You'll be good to go.

Replied by Wetankles
Alameda, Ca
I highly suggest you do not take in fruit juices from about 4pm onward. Also - reduce the intake of nightshade plants in the evening particularly tomatoes.

It is easy to test whether this is good advice - have a good glass of orange juice or tomato juice prior to bedtime - you may find a very painful surprize in the morning.

Fasting for 3 or more days will simply rid you of pain caused by this - a water fast will also help to stabalize your alkalinity and "reset your system'.

In general - akalizing is the main help, water is both alkalizing and flushing. Timing of other items is very very important - acidic fuits will create pain if taken later in the day and in the evening.
Replied by Mike
Austin, Tx
5 out of 5 stars

I have had gout for 20 years. First onset was terrible. have had far between episodes since but latest I could barely walk. Today I tried fresh cherries and shots of ACV with mothers followed by baking soda in water. I had about 2oz ACV and about half pound cherries teaspoonful of baking soda and water. Also plenty more water. I couldn't move my toe at all this morning. Now 6 hours later I can flex toes all the way! I think I will be fine for work in morning. This works relatively fast for me and I have been to doc more than once for drugs that take a long time. This is worth a try for anyone suffering like Me. I think I will have a low dose of all the above on daily basis for rest of my life. It works for me. Good luck for all.

Replied by Suseeq
Sydney Australia
Dear Mike, I have heard cherries on their own are good for gout. My husband has suffered with gout for years having at least a couple attacks a week. Doc gave him tablets that he doesn't take so this is what he does. He has a banana every day which has potassium and Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of apple juice and since doing this on a daily basis for the last 18 months not a single gout attack.
Replied by Gordon
5 out of 5 stars

I have been consuming one cherry pill a day for 6 years and found it has been keeping me gout free. Recently I have been having some gout pain but may the result of taking presole for acid reflux. I just start a regiment of Apple Cider Vinegar and water so hope that will reduce any flare ups.

ACV, Homeopathic Cream  

5 star (2) 

Posted by Dave (Riverton, UT) on 05/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for this web site and for the posts. I had severe gout pain every day for 2 months, so I gave in and tried the medicines the doctor prescribed. They made me so sick I could not take them. I tried ACV (1 TSP ACV, 1 TSP Honey, 4-6 oz of hot water- makes a decent tasting hot tea) a couple times a day, cherry juice, and ibuprofen cream. The pain went away within 2 days. I know the ACV is working as I had never tried it before; I had been eating a lot of cherries and that helped for a while, but not enough when it got severe. I wanted to share the ibuprofen cream idea as I did not see it on this web site. My wife uses it on her jaw for TMJ, so I thought I'd try it. I just rub some into the joint before bed and/ or in the morning and it seems to reduce swelling and increase mobility and decrease pain. It's called homeopathic ibuprofen cream for muscles and joints and it works well.

Replied by Relief
Sd, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

TMJ RELIEF, finally the only thing that has worked after 3 years of 24 hour pain is a highly trained Acupunture doctor. For suffers don't waste a minute. The first session he balance me, then the second session, he gently attacked the problem. The first time my jaw realigned in years and have not worn a night guard since and it has been 5 months.

Replied by Cc
San Jose, Ca
Which cranberry, garlic, alfalfa, milk thistle a multivitamin do you buy and where can I find it? I really want to find something for my dad. Nothing is working for him.
Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

1230 Posts
Hi Cc... The easiest and simplest remedy for gout is simply 1/2 tspn baking soda dissolved in half a glass of water 2 or 3 times a day outside mealtimes. This will alkalize the blood and quickly disolve the offending uric acid crystals in his body.

Another remedy which works also is Chanca Piedra -- 1000 mgs twice daily. This herb is an alkalizer and also a gentle diuretic which also spruces up both the liver and kidneys. I gave this remedy to a friend to help with his diabetes problems and it also cured his gout pain completely as well. Best to also take 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt or fulvic acid per day to help replinish and minerals lost through the diuretic effect.
Replied by Sak
Seattle, Us
The 3 min per round, finger tapping method on acupressure points on the face and hands works on everything. You can get a free pdf manual on how to do this:

I have been using this method since 2005 and it is wonderful. I cured my asthma with this.

Sometimes it takes several 3 min rounds and sometimes, you have to find the root cause of the problem, when did start and what were you doing or thinking at the time. The EFT site has a wonderful data base on everything that can help your with the EFT setup and how to contact practioners of this method.

Try it. It is wonderful.

Alfalfa Tablets  

5 star (3) 

Posted by Ed (Irving Township, Minnesota) on 05/13/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered with gout for 9 years. 12 years ago I began taking cranberry capsules. It helped, however, the gout would return, just not as often or severe. I researced more on the internet and learned that Alfalfa tablets cause the uric acid to be removed through the other end and I have not had a gout attack for 11 1/2 years. I drink, eat red meats, seafood, spinach, venison and other foods not recommended. I take cranberry, garlic, alfalfa, milk thistle a multivitamin once a day in the morning for maintenance. I have been able to resume use of my treadmill and I lost 50 lbs, and no more worries about walking, yard work or hunting. I have told many others about this system and every single person said it worked for them. Your doctor won't tell you, there is no profit in this for them. So much for the hippocratic oath.

Replied by Pat
Athens, Al, Usa
Gout is a strong runner in our family and for years an almost instant sure we all use is cherries. The kind you can buy packed in water in any grocery store. Make sure they are the water packed ones. Also dried cherries work but the canned ones seem to work better and faster. Usually one can is all it takes to cure an attack.
Replied by Rosa
San Antonio, Texas
5 out of 5 stars

ACV/"the Mother", Raw Organic Honey (ROH) and Alfalfa juice tablets relieved my 1st gout attack..Thank you!! I'm 54 yrs old. I had my 1st and (pretty sure) my last gout attack all within the past 4 days. I didn't realize the repercussions of leaving some form of gout untreated for years. My big left toe has ached on and off over the past 10 years, and wow this attack almost crippled me. I was in pain and hobbling. It took me a couple of hours to realize what was happening and I googled the internet for home remedies for gout...and I am extremely grateful I picked this website which posted exactly what I needed. Luckily, I had the ACV with "The Mother" and ROH, but didn't use your recipe until 2nd day: 1 tblspn of ACV & 1 tblspn of ROH in 4 ozs of hot water, stirred; I then added 4 oz of tepid water (I came back to reread your post because of the Alfalfa tablets). Like you said, it makes a great tea. I saw even greater relief using your recipe, while taking ibuprofen during the day and at night elevating my left foot with icepacks. The third day was when I started alfalfa juice tablets, stopped the ibuprofen. I was in the gym again within 36 hours on 3 different low impact machines for about 2 hours. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (BTW, your post should be the 1st post on this page.)

Replied by Sam
Oakland, Ca
HI Ed from Eden Township, thanks for sharing can you tell us the doses you used and the frequency. Thank you
Replied by Sandra
Seco, Ky
Cure for gout:
1. Dead sea salt bath 3x week with 1lb salt stay from hot to cool.

2. Limit eating cabbage, kale, spinach, etc.

3. Wear wool socks; uric acid in bloodstream will not precipitate (rain) crystals into the joints unless hot blood hits cold.

4. Eat an apple and celery product together every day for a while then a couple times a week thereafter.

5. Eat cultured products every day.

6. Spray on extremities 3% foodgrade hydrogen peroxide several times a day especially if you suspect an attack.

Note: I know cherries as a pain reliever like aspirin not cure.

Replied by Rick
Grafton, Ma
Thank you for this website. Have tried various remedies, including cherries, celery seed, MV with copper, etc. Nothing has worked 100%; Dr. Just prescribe allipurinol, which I am not inclined to take. Have not tried ACV but will get some today.
Replied by Andrew
El Paso, Texas
Hi, have had gout for about 20 years and it seems I have been having more attacks. I am tired of visiting doctor for pills that sometime do'nt really help the pain, only to go back for more pills the following month. I don't drink often. I do love red meat and sea food, which I try to limit myself but I still get these attacks which hurt like a mother. Any way I am going to try the alfalfa tablets. My question is will this get rid of the swelling and pain or just swelling and what else do I need before I stop these darn pills?
Replied by Fra Fra
Mineral Wells, Texas
NEEDED CURE FOR GOUT: Read all you can about Turmeric for Gout. I have a friend that cured himself with Turmeric powder.
Replied by Findzamzuudotcom
Long Beach, Ca. Usa
I once caught gout after eating sea food and it hurt like hell in my right big toe. I could barely walk it hurt so bad. I did an internet research and found that gout was caused by the build up of an excessive amount of uric acid in the joints. Men and Women-How do you get rid of too much acid on your car battery? You neutralize the acid by adding an ALKALIZING substance: Baking soda and water. For gout suffers, start drinking alkaline water and a 1/2 tsp. of baking soda to the water and you'll start flushing out the uric acid from your joints. You can also go to a local health food store and get yourself some celery seed extract. This will also help get rid of the excessive uric acid build up. Your body is 70% water, start drinking alkaline water and watch and feel your health improve.
Replied by Riflegirl
Seattle, Wa
5 out of 5 stars

All very helpful, you are so kind to share the pain and your relief.

God bless the people of the universe and may they spread the news like many spread gossip.

Replied by Nafisah Ahmad
Before maintenance, how many alfalfa, garlic, cranberry n milk thistle was taken?


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Posted by David (New Orleans, Louisiana) on 02/04/2013
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Greeting fellow gout sufferers, I am just getting over a recent bout (in my ankle) and it left me incapable of being able to walk without excruciating pain.

I was taking ACV (3-4 times a day), alfalfa and cayenne fruit for 4 days. While all of those things helped somewhat, the introduction of one supplement had amazing results within hours: antaxanthin.

Yeah, I know, I had never heard of it either. After some Internet research, I found that it was discussed on the Dr. Oz show as being "the best anti-oxidant you've never heard of" (it's on YouTube).

Since it's a relatively new supplement, it's a little hard to find (look for 12%). A nutritional expert gave me a bottle and within 12 hours, the swelling and pain in my ankle diminished by 50%. In 72 hours, the pain was 90% gone, but the swelling was still present. No problem, I'll take being able to walk reasonably well, over swelling any day of the week.

As an additional benefit after taking this supplement, I am sleeping MUCH better and my wrists are amazingly better (I have repetitive use syndrome in both hands).

I wouldn't wish the pain of gout on the worst person that has ever lived. I hope this site and this suggestion can offer just a little help for anyone that is walking (or trying to) this path.


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Posted by Terri (Chester, Wv) on 02/29/2012
5 out of 5 stars

GOUT is such a painful condition. I have not read about APIGENIN anywhere on this site so I wanted to share this extremely helpful supplement. In addition to eating dried tart cherries, at the first sign of gout, I take 50-100 mg of APIGENIN and continue taking it (along with the cherries) until the pain subsides. (For those who suffer from frequent episodes, it would probably be advisable to take the supplement on a routine bases for prevention. I've not read of any dose limit but I would assume that 50 mg per day would be sufficient for prevention.) Apigenin is a citrus bioflavonoid. It is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and has many other healthful properties. It is reported to block uric acid formation which causes gout. It's found in parsley, thyme and peppermint, chamomile, horsetail, lemon balm, yarrow and other herbs. Chamomile and thyme are good sources. I've read that you can purchase chamomile extract supplement containing apigenin, but the best source I've found for pure apigenin is Swanson Vitamins. They sell a 50 mg capsule of apigenin.

I love Earth Clinic. It has so much valuable information and so many effective remedies. Ted in AMAZING! Thank you so much, Earth Clinic --- and all the people who take the time to post results! What a wonderful community!

Apple Cider Vinegar  

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Posted by Donfl (Miami, Fl.) on 04/11/2015
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I recently had right knee surgery and I was taking Tramadol for pain, a couple of days later the operated knee flared up with a bad gout bout, I was given Naproxen for that, 70% of the pain disappeared in one day, a week later, I got another attack but this time was my left knee, so painful that I had to go to the doctor for a shot, meanwhile I had to go to rehab for my right leg and having these gout attacks so frequently put me on a set back. I went three weeks and I was feeling good, back to therapy, I was making a great improvem until two days ago when in the middle of the night I woke up with a flare on my left foot, so painful that I could not even set the foot on the floor. I felt very depressed knowing that this flare was going to be another set back. I started looking at my diet which is low in purines, and just wonder what else I was doing wrong, then I came across with an internet posting about TRAMADOL and gout, the pain killer that I was taking and low and behold found the main culprit of these frequent flares of gout! It was then that I search for a miracle cure for gout and found this wonderful site.

I decided to try ACV which I already had in my pantry, at first I used 4 tablespoons with a glass of water and boy within 30 minutes the pain and the swelling started to come down that was around noon, at 6pm, I had another glass with 1 tablespoom of ACV and another one before I went to bed along with an Aleve otc pill (naproxen 220 mg) and today after a good night of sleep, the pain and swelling have decreased about 90%, I am able to walk on my foot again, took another glass with 1 tablespoon of ACV and I am filling so much better. I will continue the therapy with two glasses a day with 1 table spoon of ACV only, no more meds!

I am thankful to God and to the persons responsible for this site!

The pharms are doing more damage than good, nature is a better source of cures!

My maternal grandmother always gave us a glass of water with 1 tbs of ACV as kids and did not get sick as often as other kids! She also used for compresses and soaks either hot or cold depending on the ailment.

Replied by Rick
5 out of 5 stars

Wow, did the apple cider vinegar remedy work! I am really am a true believer in apple cider vinegar. No pill can make my pain go away

Replied by Jeannie
Peoria, Illinois
How do you take it? It tastes so awful I can hardly swallow it without barfing! I only drank about 1 tbsp and feel nauseous. I'm afraid I will throw up if I take one more drop. On the other hand, I'm afraid if I dilutite it it won't work as well for gout. What's the secret?
Make sure you are purchasing/using the natural apple cider vinegar found in the health section it might be labelled "with the mother" NOT the apple cider vinegar people use for cooking which is not tasty to drink.

The cooking type is found with vinegars and is not the kind used for natural health recipes. It makes a big difference in taste so make sure to purchase the right type. Start with a few tablespooons in water and you can eventually increase the amount.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Jeannie, the dilution does not decrease it's effectiveness. Many put it in apple juice.
Replied by Mrl
I'm with Jeanine... I've tried the ACV for gout several times, but I can't do it anymore. I almost throw up every time I try to drink it. I don't like vinegar in any form of food; it is so unpleasant to me. Is there anything that really masks the taste? Apple juice has too much concentrated sugar for a diabetic, & I'm doing everything else (cherries, BS, vegetarian diet, etc).
Replied by Es
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Jeannie from Illinois and Mrl from Texas. I've been taking ACV for a long time, and also give it to my handicap son for his gout. He hasn't got a flare up since I've been giving it to him. We take 1 to 2 tablespoons in about 4 oz of water twice a day, after breakfast, then before or after dinner. The trick to get it to taste OK, is mixing a pinch of salt in it. I tried many things but nothing work as good as salt for me. It just takes a little bit, but it sure makes the difference. I hope this helps you too. Bottoms up!

Replied by Don
You can get ACV in pill form, that is what I do...I don't think anybody likes the taste ...
Replied by Trutharrow
Santa Rosa, Ca
Just dilute to an acceptable level...
Replied by Handtalker
Also I was told to cut back on beef products.
Replied by Anonymous
Los Angeles
I hate the taste of ACV too. Do not mix in water. Take spoonful quickly and follow it up with a glass of cold water quickly. It washed away the taste. Or add it to meet or veggies as you cook, It takes away that raw acidic taste. Also helps not to get gas from veggies. It truly is an internal deodorant as well. Good luck.
Replied by Dh
Jeannie. Try acv in capsule form. Take one capsule and drink one full glass of water, et voila, no bad taste with the same result. A little late but I hope it helps.
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Cora, starting with TBLSPS is a LOT. I would think a TEASPOON is better to start with.
Replied by Gina Marie
Raw apple cider vinegar with the mother. I start with 2 tbsp of ACV and 1tsp of raw honey in a cup of hot water. I drink 3-4 cups a day, daily.

This decreases inflammation, pain and you can lose weight. Lowers your cholesterol. Boost your immune system, and flushes your kidneys....etc...

Replied by Slight
Vegetable juice, I have found, almost 100% masks the taste of ACV. Warm water with lemon juice, black coffee, or dark teas with no cream and a small bit of lemon juice. Don't put your ACV into it until it's cooled a bit, hotter liquids can deactivate the mother enzyme.
Replied by Julie
Try it with a teaspoon of runny honey and some raw apple juice to dilute slightly. Also make sure you choose Raw, Organic, ACV, it should be cloudy, not clear.

Posted by Mtnbeaver (Denver, Colorado) on 02/10/2015

Great resource of info. How much ACV should I be using and how often? Is it based on how much my system can handle? Also, heard cherry juice is good but given high sugar content, would that be bad for gout? Lastly, recommendations on supplements to use to try and prevent gout.

Many thanks!

Replied by Carly
Wa, Usa

For my husband's gout, we use one shot glass full (1-1.5 ounces) of organic Apple cider vinegar. Then add 1/2 TEAspoon of baking soda (mix in a larger glass, it foams up)....when it is all done foaming, then add it to a 16 ounce bottle of spring water that you have poured an ounce or two out of.

This is done three x a day....morning, noon, and before bed. In between I give bottled water with Emergen-C. It has 1,000 mg of vitamin C per packet. This is done until my husband is running to the bathroom. (Usually 3-4 packets).

It's the same concept as the coltachine RX the doctors used to script him. It works. I just killed gout in my husbands ankle off in 48 hours Last week. Try it and you will see how amazing it is!

Good luck!

Replied by Cass
What about using ACV pills that you can get at health food store or on line? Do they work as well as the liquid ACV? cass
Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Dear Cass,

People seem to have good results with the apple cider vinegar pills. They sure smell like very concentrated vinegar. I would be shocked if they were AS good as using raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, but for some that cannot bear the taste, or for convenience at certain times, they seem worth a try to me. My husband has taken them before.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Nh (New Hampshire, US) on 01/31/2015

Hello friends,

I am female who has eaten a beautiful Mediterranean diet all her life. However, as I got older, I gained way too much weight and now that I'm retired from the job that had me running all day I work on the computer. I made the mistake of going on an all-protein diet when I was 57. I walked and worked out every day back then, and managed to lose 30 lbs (wanted to lose 50, but I figured spending 4 hours per day on workouts etc was enough)

I felt good until I messed up my stomach and had to go back on eating veggies and good stuff, which I cured with cabbage, garlic, etc. (The gastro guy told me to do the opposite but I cured myself)

But worse, I kept getting some strange redness and swelling in my big toes, sometimes in both feet. It raised my normal 122/78 BP to 160/100 as I found out when I was at the docs. I never pointed out the foot pain, didn't know what it was, and she thought I was needing BP meds. I never made the connection. Since normally I don't have high BP, I went through a year of fainting and having too low pressure because I really didn't need the BP meds. Tthe only time it goes high is when in that excruciating pain that you all know.

Anyway, I am almost 66 now after getting this about 20 times, I finally figured out what it was. Determined not to have to take pharma stuff, I looked up on the web that cherry syrup, turmeric, lemon juice, and lots of water help. I pretty much gave myself huge doses of Turmeric and it cured the last episode I had over 18 months ago. I continued putting the Turmeric in my eggs each morning.

I continue drinking water, especially overnight, but must have been too carefree about my food because two weeks ago was hit with a bad flare up. I have been doing large doses of Turmeric, water with cherry syrup, and lemon juice in my V-8 but with no results.

I can't imagine what happened except that on Oct 31 I took a bad fall on my knee and it swelled up like a grapefruit. There is no damage inside but it took a while for the 'bubble' to go down, and didn't even start to go down until I started wrapping it. I still have some numbness and soreness on the outside, but considering how hard I fell, amazing not to have hurt bones, ligaments, cartilage. I do think that being sedentary for these past three months while trying to stay off that knee was what clogged me up again.

I am not sure I can drink baking soda and wonder --- do bicarbonate PILLS work? I am going to try to get some apple cider vinegar, I can probably drink that straight. Otherwise, I do not want to take the pharma cure which I hear is a poison even though it is made from a plant like the Turmeric? (Colchicine)

Replied by Ladymars
Florida, Us
Hi, my husband has struggled with gouty arthritis for at least 25 years. He does take apple cider vinegar most days for overall health benefits, but colchicine was what kept him from having attacks. I suspect you were referring to colcrys as the drug you don't want to take, and you are absolutely right not to take it. Colchicine is a very old drug, made from the autumn crocus, used worldwide for many years, generally safe and effective and inexpensive. About 3 years ago the FDA banned colchicine in the US and replaced it immediately with a new synthetic, colcrys, which is expensive, does not work very well and has numerous side effects. Very bad drug.

Turmeric is very good at helping with the inflammation. The most helpful thing you can do is to drink plenty of water. He drinks a LOT. Keep flushing the system. A good diet is also important, but lots of water is key.

Replied by NH
New Hampshire
Thanks for your quick reply. My Dad who is 93 has gotten gout about 3 times but only since he turned 88 or so. They still give him Colchicine for it however, so I'm not sure it's outlawed.

I will check on it.

Replied by Ladymars
Florida, Us
Hi, how time passes. This all happened in 2009-10. My husband's arthritis doc. was really upset about it, so we stocked up on the 'original' colchicine at the time, which was essentialy a natural remedy. The pharmacies were not allowed to sell it as of 1/1/2010. The replacement, colcrys, is not the same. URL Pharma (now Sun Pharma) patented colcrys as a 'New Drug'. My husband had a very bad reaction to it. No drug mfg. were making money with colchicine, because it was cheap and not patented because it was so old. Now one drug mfg. is making a lot of money on their exclusive drug colcrys - price per pill went from pennies to $5.00. Don't know what they changed in the original when they patented colcrys, but it's not the same drug.

Colchicine had been used in the US since well before the Civil War and is still used everywhere else in the world, I believe. With a prescription, it's available in Canada as 'generic colcrys' (except that a doctor is taking a risk by prescribing it since it isn't sold in US). It's also available in India, if one has a way to get it, and is very cheap there. Obviously, no drug works for everyone, but my husband never had a problem with colchicine; however, Colcrys accelerated the growth of tophi (large deposits of crystalline uric acid crystals in the joints, very painful). I heard recently that there is work being done to reverse the FDA decision with legislative action, but who knows how that will go. In the meantime, he tries different natural remedies and drinks well over a gallon of water every day.

Below is a link to an article about the study done in order to get Colcrys on the market. Pretty poor study, apparently.

As a drug predating the FDA, colchicine was sold in the United States for many years without having been reviewed by the FDA for safety and efficacy. In 2009, the FDA reviewed a New Drug Application submitted by URL Pharma. They approved colchicine for gout flares, awarding Colcrys a three-year term of market exclusivity, prohibiting generic sales, and increasing the price of the drug from $0.09 to $4.85 per tablet.

Replied by NH
New Hampshire, US
Thanks for your reply! I almost forgot the most important question I had which was, my doc said was too low on Vitamin D (tested at 11) and so I started taking it this week, a very low dose.

Could this be what caused a calcium buildup?

Replied by Ladymars
Florida, Us
Hi, not sure if question was addressed to me, but will answer since I've dealt with calcium and D half of my life. Have opposite problem, always have low calcium. Anyway, the body cannot process calcium without D, which is why most calcium supplements have it. Don't know if taking D will do anything to get rid of calcium deposits, but will help body use calcium in the right way (calcium is used by almost every organ, esp. heart) and if calcium gets too low, your bp sinks to very, very low levels and you pass out. (been there, done that, spent wk.end in hospital).

Myself, I wouldn't be worried about the D. I take 1200-1600IU daily. Read that sun exposure gives you 15-20,000IU. Difference is that the body does not retain D from the sun, but retains D from supplements for a few months. There are different kinds of Ds, don't know if this is true of all.

Replied by NH
New Hampshire
I guess what I meant to say was, do you think the Vit D3 will work? I was told I was very deficient in it (tested at only 11) and when I looked it up there was a correlation between low D and gout according to some reports.

My cherry juice/turmeric/potassium/lemon juice routine hasn't worked, been over two weeks now and this attack has been brutal, not sure what brought it on after all this time.

I am going to try the ACV today.

Meanwhile I keep eating potassium rich foods because an attack of gout gives me high blood pressure than my normal 122/78 and it scares me.

Potatoes and yams laced with turmeric, bananas and plenty of water...

Another thing to note, I kept reading that even more than too much protein, sugar, fructose, fried foods and olive oil are not good! I don't eat those things except the olive oil which is supposed to be healthy. I eat mostly protein, lots of fish and any and all veggies. I don't even get fructose from fruit, as I don't care for it. I don't drink either, not wine or beer. So.. not sure what else I can cut out of my diet. I never use butter or eat gluten, bread or cereal.

Replied by Ladymars
Florida, Us
Hi, as it happens I just got this in my email today from At a quick scan, doesn't look like any of these studies were about gout, but it certainly appears good for everything else! Not something you want to be deficient in.

Top Vitamin D Research of 2014

This study directly relates to the gout-D3 link.

Decreased serum concentrations of 1,25(OH)2-vitamin D3 in patients with gout.

Hope this helps.

Replied by Jan
San Deigo, Ca
NH, I too am fighting a gout attack in my right knee, but this is the 1st attack that I had to see a Dr. for and that's been diagnosed with tests and meds. I've had others a good bit less painful in my toes, which all started last summer. So I've done a good bit of research on gout so I hope I can give you some info that may help...from your post, I read " I eat mostly protein, lots of fish and any and all veggies." 1st thing, I'd suggest since nothing else is working, get off ALL PROTEIN and ALL least for a month or 2 ( or maybe for longer to get your uric acid levels down to normal). From what I've read on many sites all over the internet the Uric acid builds up in a person's body over their lifetime and your own body makes 2/3s of the Uric Crystals, when an individual cell dies. You only get 1/3 of the uric acid crystals in your body from the food you eat / drink. Also I've read that for some people that they have to take tart cherry CONCENTRATE. For me I just drink sips of tart dark cherry juice thru the day and I eat 2-4 frozen dark tart cherries every 1-2 hrs.

I also do the baking soda, 1st thing in the am and I wait an hr and then do the Brags apple cider vinegar. I also read that there has been some research on Folic acid and that it has helped some people. It did help me and I took way less than they used in the experiments. So you might want to look that up. I take 800mcg in the am and at night. My Dr. also put me on Colcrys and that really helped lower the swelling. Of course I keep my leg elevated above my heart and I use crutches.

Also I eat a very very limited diet...I eat Bob's Mighty tasty cereal (gluten free) with strawberries and 1/2 a banana (strawberries are very low in purines and I read they help get rid of uric acid). For lunch strawberries and cantaloupe. For dinner just certain low purine vegetables. Like I said, a very narrow diet, but hey it's worth it to not feel that horrid pain. I don't know about you, but I screamed when my husband would just, every so gently, lower my leg from the couch to the floor.

The pain has finally gone (the pain was gone after the 1st week), but the swelling hung on and I still have some. I still can't move my knee any more than a 45 degree angle (which is much better than it was a week ago, but still only 1/2 way what it was before this last gout attract.

What brought this on this time...well from my's what I found... I also had eaten a lot of Coconut cream pie the previous few days, before my attack. I sounds crazy that could bring it on....but I've read that it did the same thing to another person. It's the sugar that causes Uric Acid crystals to form and other cells to die off faster than they normally would. I've also read with gout you can eat cheese! HA! Not brings on the swelling. I've read on many sites what one person can eat, another can't. There are general guide lines, but you have to really watch and listen to your body after you take/eat/drink each thing...My suggestion...go the long rout and just take / eat / drink....1 thing every 1-2 hrs and see if your body will tell you which thing is causing you to swell or the skin to tighten or the pain to worsen. What happens to me when I eat cheese (Swiss or Cheddar) ...swelling around my ankles.Do be sure to not put any pressure from walking on your joints...use crutches or a walker, if that is easier...and keep your legs elevated. Hope that helps. or so I could get up on my crutches. This is now about 3 weeks later and I''m much better.

Replied by NH
New Hampshire, US
I guess this means I will continue with the D3, reduce the protein and no sweets. Going on third week now, pain last night was horrid until about 1 AM when I could finally sleep. I found it easy to drink the ACV, it just tasted like cheap wine! I drank a ton of it, ratio of water-to-ACV was 3-1. Wearing a bootie today on my foot. Side of joint looks a bit red but otherwise you can't tell anything is wrong.
Replied by Dan
Edm, Ab, Can
Stop eating the fish. Various types of fish have high levels of purine.
Replied by Diane
New Zealand, Wellington
Yes, I am going to get some cider vinegar. I have been so careful what I have been eating because of my heart problem I have to take water tablets.
Replied by Nh
New Hampshire
5 out of 5 stars

I have used the Apple Cider Vinegar now since that attack and haven't had one since. At the moment I feel a sight stiffness in my toe, I drink a bottle of water with ACV in it and it works immediately.

Posted by Chris (Denver, Co) on 07/20/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Just want to thank this site for the info. I have had Gout for 7 yrs. Blood test show high uric acid but never had attack. Recently my ankles and hips have started to hurt really bad. They put me on Allopurinol and the pain got way worse. I couldn't walk. With in about 2 hours of taking about 4 tablespoons of ACV pain was a ton better. 3 days later of doing 2 tablespoons of ACV 2-3 times a day my pain is about 80% better. I think my joints are damaged and are going to take some time to heal. BUT I CAN SLEEP woot!!! Thanks again

Posted by Creamnsugar (Grants Pass, Or) on 03/31/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My son was a little angel sent to me by God to watch. He has Down Syndrome. He doesn't ever complain about anything. All he's wanted, in his life, is to be loved. He is now 43 years old, and he is still the same loving angel. I don't know when he hurts, because he won't complain. When he is in REAL pain, he makes a hurt face when he sees me.

I noticed he was limping in the morning, and after checking him, found out he was having a gout flair up in his left toe. I came on here, to earth clinic, to find out what to do for him. I gave him ibuprofin and 1tbsp ACV with 1tsp baking soda in like 6oz water 4 times a day.

It's day 3 now, and the redness finally went away, but it's still swollen a little. So I will continue giving him the ACV and BS. Thanks Earth Clinic!!

Replied by Toourlady89
Hayward, Ca
For gout, you could also use tart cherry capsules once a day to prevent from any more gout attacks.. or 10-12 cherries if they are in season.. Cherry juice would help as well.

Posted by Andrew (Klang, Malaysia) on 10/21/2013

I've been suffering from gout for nearly 12 years now. Read about ACV, but don't know how it actually works to reduce uric acid since it's acidic (?) Can you explain? Also, there are contradictory information that says ACV is totally useless in the relief of gout. But so many people who swear by ACV can't be wrong... I'm confused.

Replied by Debbie T.
Simple Andrew, Gout is an inflammatory condition and apple cider vinegar is anti inflammatory.
Replied by Fernando G
Ontario, Canada
Like cures like, the rules of homeopathy at work.

Posted by 1/2Witt's End (Macedonia, Oh) on 10/21/2013

Hi children: most of you are young enough to be my children(:-). Your articles are a life saver to me. I have Diabetes since 1997. I am now 76 y/o. have had back surgery, in 2005 and as a result got gout. I have developed a bleeding ulcer from anti clotting medication, and gout attacks exacerbated by hypertensive medication. I have in the past before my last stent (12/2012), walked 3 miles a day lost 40 lbs, and have become mostly vegetarian and am trying to get to raw.

With all this said, I am just getting over a recent (Yesterday) very bad gout attack, with terrible side effects from all the medication. It has been a week since my last dose of Indocen and I am still dragging around and feeling weak. I do not want to take any more medication. My blood pressures are high 170/103 160/100 150/72. They are fluctuating.

Yesterday I began taking the vinegar & water (2-T in 8 oz). Is there such a thing as taking too much? What effects would it have on my heart? Also, what is a good natural route for someone like me with Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Hypertension to take? I have looked up an Integrative Medicine clinic to check out but do not have the appt yet. I want to start now. I like the idea of taking a break from all the other remedies/meds and taking something else for a week. I will list the suggestions mentioned here and compare my glucose and bp readings in a week. Will keep you posted on this old lady's progress. Keep up the great work. 1/2witt's end.

Replied by Timh Donate

Ky, Usa
@1/2Witt's: There is lots of great info here for you to get started, but do start slow and work your way toward more aggressive natural treatments. Take some time to read the pages on your conditions, copy and paste notes on a wordpad, make a shopping list and choogle on down to your local health food store for the goodies (as Mike puts it).

To jump-start your metabolism and help detoxify accumulated waste, take a women's multivitamin/mineral w/ whole foods, enzymes etc. The more ingredience the better; in addition to your healthy diet, this alone will begin a slow reversal.

Be sure to keep your body alkalized (try the acv/bicarb remedy). Take extra Magnesium and Potassium for the hbp. Chromium is absolutely essential for the diabetes so take extra (more than you get in the multi) plus some Cinnamon capsules. Another great nutrient for metabolism and detoxification that you cannot get enough of in diet is DMG; it's a very healthy natural cellular energizer w/ no bad side effects or interactions w/ meds.

Let us know of your progress and post any further questions.

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1/2 Witt's end: Google eating pastured eggs, raw food for diabetes videos, and how to make home made water kefir in 2 minutes or less video. Trying to emulate their techniques indulges in reverence for God's Goodies. The few core stalwarts continue to eschew mother nature's point of view for Pete's sake.
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This is for Witt's end. With all of your medical conditions, large doses of baking soda would not be good for your blood pressure. If you are on a sodium restricted diet, there is an alternative, Alka-Seltser Gold. You do not want the regular. This has sodium bicarbonate, but the dosing is spelled out. One tablet has 1000mg of sodium. They are packed two, but will keep a day or two. Since you are trying to be vegetarian, it would be easy to control your other sodium. This does help even with your other medical conditions. I have heart problems, kidney problems and am a diabetic. I can take one of these per day, and it does reduce the pain usually within twenty-four hours. If you want to try other more natural things with this, then try juicing or the ACV with warm water and honey. An added bonus to the ACV is to add a squeeze of lemon or lime to the warm water. I hope this info helps.

Posted by Gteezy (Ca) on 09/21/2012

Hey everyone, I have had gout for a few years now. The first time I got it, I wanted to cut off my foot. I didn't know that massaging it would make it a 100x's worse. I have a flare up right now and I just happened to stumble upon this website. I am curious to see if the ACV works. I just took 2tsp with 8 ounces of water. I will post again to see if it worked. So glad my wife was still awake watching Korean Dramas as it is 2am in the morning and she hooked me up with some of the ACV potion. good luck yall. I hate gout.

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So how often did you drink the mixture? What kind of results did you get?