Natural Cures for Throat Issues

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Home Remedies for Difficulty Swallowing and Persistent Sore Throats

Your throat has many muscles working together to help you swallow properly, but if you're having troubles swallowing, or have the sensation of a lump in your throat, that is known as dysphagia. Dysphagia falls into two categories: esophageal and oropharyngeal.

Esophageal dysphagia is a sensation of having food stuck in the base of the throat or chest and can be caused by throat muscle tension preventing muscles from relaxing (which can get worse over time), muscle spasms in the walls of the esophagus, gastroesophagel reflux disease or GERD (which can damage the esophagus and cause narrowing, spasms, and allow food to get stuck), and scleroderma which hardens the esophageal muscles and cause them to weaken.

Oropharyngeal dysphagia relates to the nerve and muscle problems that make it hard to move food from the mouth to the throat, and swallowing may cause coughing, gagging, or choking; sometimes even the sensation of food and liquid going into the wrong pathways. This can be symptomatic of a neurological disorder such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, or muscular dystrophy. Other causes can be neurological damage from stroke or injury, or also phryngeal diverticula: the formation of a pouch above the esophagus that collects food and can cause bad breath, coughing, and difficulty swallowing.

Home Cures for a Lump in the Throat

On Earth Clinic you can find a natural treatment for your throat trouble. Many Earth Clinic readers have reported positive use of cayenne pepper, coconut oil, and noni juice. In addition to home cures, there are many discussions of throat treatment strategies that may be helpful in your healing. Let us know what you try from Earth Clinic to treat your throat.

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User Reviews

Apple Cider Vinegar   0  0   

Posted by Bdegolier (Collins, New York, Usa) on 01/31/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I've been told I have Globus Pharyngeus (lump in throat sensation).

For the past 3 months I have had the sensation that there is a lump in my throat. I have had every test imaginable with scopes through the nose and down my throat and they have shown nothing. I have been taking ACV 1 Tbsp 3X per day since this started. The sensation has eased off some but it is still there does anyone have any suggestions?

Posted by Noels
Wolverhampton, Uk
8 Posts
Hi Bdegolier

Many years ago I had a very similar problem and went to see my doctor about it. Every day it felt as though I had some toasted bread stuck in my throat. I also worked in a job I hated. When I saw the Dr I described the symptoms and said in passing that when I took my family away at the weekend to our family caravan in the country the symptoms disappeared. My Dr said nothing but wrote me a prescription for a very mild sedative. Within a day the symptoms disappeared never to return, Its surprising how tension can manifest itself!

Hope this helps you

Posted by Linda
York County, Maine
02/03/2010 add a tidbit to this thread, I have had periods of time where I feel that my throat is closing - almost like phlegm that I can't be rid has seemed that stress played a part in that since, in retrospect, I can see where I was uptight when these instances occurred. I'm happy to say that the same sensation hasn't presented itself in quite some is good, I guess!
Posted by Marny
Bedford, Texas

I have been experiencing throat tightness or the sensation there is a lump in my throat. I recently read that forcing yourself to cry would help, so I gave it a try and it did! The lump could be caused by anxiety and crying is a way to release. Makes sense. I hope this helps.

Posted by Sam
New Orleans, La./usa
Hi I had a constant coughing and a tightening in my throat and the later it got, the worse I felt. It was so so hard to swollow it felt like I was swollowing a ping pong ball, and when coughing I saw what looked like a ball by my wind pipe. My throat, breathing, coughing, and my ears were stopped up too. I tried the Nedi pot to clear my sinus, and a mixture equal parts of olive oil, honey, and lemon.
I also used appli citer viginar in place of lemon. Drank hot tea with honey and apple citer. Hot spicy noodles with a lil olive oil added and cyanne pepper which is good for upper respotory infections. Vitiman C and plenty fluids oh yea please dont forget to rub vicks vapor rub on chest n throat every night cover up and swet it out . After a few nights I felt a break through but was not willing to suffer no more. I went to the Doctor where I got a stroid shot, a script, for ampicillin and was told to use musinex D to thin the thick green mucus causing the problems.
Posted by Lisa
I see that this conversation is a few years old but just in case you are still dealing with this issue I will share my experience.

Chinese medicine calls that feeling of a lump in the throat "Plum In Throat" and it can easily be eliminated by a single visit to a good acupuncturist. It was pure coincidence that my husband was using acupuncture to eliminate back pain when I developed this problem. Immediately upon mentioning it I was taken into my own room, a couple simple needles were painlessly placed and 20 minutes later the issue was gone. It has been at least three years since that experience with no recurrence.

Since that time my husband and I overheard a conversation at a local medical clinic where a woman was sharing her experience of a constant lump in her throat. She told the person she was conversing with that she had undergone some sort of unpleasant throat stripping to eliminate her issue and it still wasn't gone. It broke my heart to hear and I was truly grateful that I had been able to avoid such an unpleasant experience.

I hope you have been able to resolve the issue for yourself. If not, find a good acupuncturist in your area.

Posted by Smartattimes
I felt like I had something stuck in my throat, like a cat may feel with hair ball. I read that it could be acid reflux due to the body creating less stomach acid or too much stomach acid so went to my Chinese medicine doctor he gave me some herbs and it went away.

Cayenne   3  0   

Posted by Bill (Aberdeen, UK) on 03/03/2007

[YEA]  Having had throat problems for 20 years, comprising of pain, tickly cough, sticky mucus, I have tried almost everything with little success. I then tried cayenne gargle, with a little salt. The result is fantastic, almost immediately, my throat was back to normal, no mucus or pain. I now use a gargle mix of cayenne, apple cider vinegar, salt & honey twice daily. I also take cayenne with food. Generally feel very well and am very happy to have got rid of throat problems. I have been doing this regime for 2 weeks now.

Posted by Rosa
Col, Ohio
2 Posts
Can you please post your recipe? Thanks!

EC: Sounds like he got them from our sore throat page:

Posted by Mike
Lakeville, Mn
[YEA]   Infrequently I'll get food stuck in my throat. I can breathe fine but there is pain and I can't swallow anything - not even saliva. For the most part I've learned to avoid the triggers (i.e. Raw carrots) but I recently found out that if I down a few drops of cayenne tincture mixed with a little water the food immediately goes down. It appears that my mucus is thickening at the base of my throat (possibly due to food allergies?). Back in the day, I even had to go to the emergency room and have a endoscopy done to dislodge the food. Other times it would take me up to 30 minutes to get food down (or throw it up) but the Cayenne is a great quick fix for my issue. I'm assuming this is due to its ability to thin mucous. Hope to find the root cause at some point but this has really been a life saver in the meantime.
Posted by Ang9581
Kitkland, Wa
[YEA]   Thank you for the post on this!! This is the 2nd time that my boyfriend has had this happen to him (first time we went to the ER and a couple expensive medical bills later..) so we tried 2 drops and literally 30 seconds after he swallowed it, IT WORKED!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Who knew?! ;)

Coconut Oil   0  0   

Posted by 3sons (Springfield, Virginia) on 03/02/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have suffered from chronic throat clearing for over 10 years now without any medicinal remedy found. I started using coconut oil two weeks ago for many of the noted health benefits and have been pleasantly surprised to find my chronic throat clearing almost completely diminishing. I still have a small problem remaining but the build up in mucus is nothing that I can't clear with a heavy swallow. Now I take several teaspoons a day, starting first thing in the morning and especially immediately before I eat.

If this reduction in chronic throat clearing continues I'll be able to relax and enjoy eating around people again and my family and friends won't have to endure to constant and annoying throat clearing any longer.

Wow. Wasn't expecting this ever to go away!

Posted by Sonja
Fay., Nc
Try olive oil. Take 1 tablespoon and then start patting your chest. You don't have to do it for long. After that just go on with your business. Eventually you will cough and hopefully the mucus will come out easy. I use to do this when I get the flu/cold. I would get over it quicker. Hope it helps you.

Food Stuck in Throat Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Fern (Uk) on 12/20/2013

Hi, I would really appreciate advice on a throat problem I've had for over three years. I am at the end of my tether. It's very simple - I was eating an apple when a large piece of peel slid down "the wrong way" and lodged in my trachea beneath the vocal cords. No amount of coughing would dislodge it. I could still breathe (obviously) but the discomfort was indescribable.

Off I went to the doctor, then A&E, and eventually an ENT doctor. I've been relentlessly patronised and told it's a "scratch", acid reflux, or globus sensation. I had nasal endoscopy (3 times) and finally a bronchoscopy under general anaesthetic, in which, to my utter dismay the ENT doc couldn't find the apple peel. (Personally I suspect he failed to look carefully enough - I've read that up to 25% of bronchoscopies miss the foreign object they're looking for. Also this same doctor misdiagnosed a friend of mine with asthma when she actually had a virus...)

Because of the negative bronchoscopy, I cannot convince any doctor that my problem is real. But I KNOW what I swallowed (inhaled, rather) and I know it's still there - I still struggle with the pain and discomfort every single day and it's badly reduced my quality of life and damaged my overall health. I hoped the apple peel would break up or soften so I could cough it out, but this hasn't happened. Instead it feels as if it's shrunk and gone leathery. It's wedged under my vocal cord in such a way that it cannot escape. I've tried coughing, not coughing, steam inhalation, doctors, Chinese medicine, EFT and speech therapy, even spraying my throat with cellulase enzyme to try to soften the peel - nothing has worked. Three, nearly four years of this discomfort has left me exhausted and depressed and feeling I'll never be normal again.

Sorry this has got so long. It's over a year since I saw my GP and I'm scared to go again - I'm really sick of being treated as if I'm nuts and imagining it. I'm just searching for new ideas. Can anyone think of any substance or technique that would help my throat break down and expel this wretched piece of peel?

And can I ask a favour? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't tell me it's a "scratch", or stress, or acid reflux, or thyroid etc. Please answer as if my foreign body problem is REAL. Which it is!!! Any advice will be most gratefully received. Thank you.

PS. I'm female, age 57, British, not overweight, and in generally good health apart from this particular problem. I don't have dysphagia or any other underlying health issues.

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
661 Posts
Hey Fern! What comes to mind is homeopathic silica - 'silicea' - 30C for chronic problems. 200C for stubborn problems. You may wish to google silicea and the difference in potencies as only you can determine if this is the right remedy for you.
Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Fern, read up on h2o2 inhalation.
Posted by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado
Fern: Dilute some live saurkraut that has not been pasteurized with water, grind up in the blender, add some raw honey, and gargle. The salt, sulfur, enzymes, and acids, can dissolve the debris. The nutrients can heal the wound. Latvia sells bee bread. You can add some of that.
Posted by Elle
I read in Readers Digest years ago about a small child who inhaled a pistachio shell. Told mom he did, she told drs. They said nothing was there, but he has asthma. about 5 years later, he coughed up a pistachio shell & the astham was cured! drs. ha
Posted by Fern
4 Posts
Exactly! I read about someone who had a peanut stuck in his lung for 28 years! I don't have 28 years!!! :-(
Posted by Carly
Wa, Usa
Hello Fern,

Just off the top of my head....i would try organic coconut oil in a hot cup of coffee ( or tea) daily. Eventually the heat mixed with the coconut oil may cause it to swell up enough to expell itself.

i kind of imagine it like the feeling of having a popcorn hull stuck in ones throat from what you have said? That has got to be miserable! My very best wishes to you on finding a cure...please keep us posted, and good luck!

Posted by Fern
4 Posts
Thank you so much for your replies so far. I googled "Silicea" and it was listed as the "#1 remedy for expelling foreign bodies"! Altho I'm a little skeptical of homeopathy I will certainly give it a try. Re the sauerkraut - wouldn't you have to strain it before gargling with the juice? (I don't want even more gunk getting stuck down there! ). I'll look into the coconut oil and the H2O2 too - I've read mixed reports about the latter, some sweaing it cures everything and others saying it's not so useful. I'm willing to try almost anything tho!

Some days it's more painful than others - especially if I've been talking a lot - but yes, it does feel pretty much like a big popcorn husk, or a piece of soft plastic with sharp edges (eg. like a candy wrapper) digging into the inside of my windpipe, or... exactly like you'd expect a piece of tough apple peel to feel. NOT pleasant. I suppose I'm lucky I didn't choke to death on the spot, but I would wish this on anyone!

Posted by Faeqa
Amman, Jordan
26 Posts
Hi I suggest for food stuck in throat to put a little of herbs which make u sneeze a lot like pepper in your nose and sneeze from your throat strongly.
Posted by Fern
4 Posts
Of course, I meant to say I would NOT wish this on anyone! Faeqa - thank you, it's a good suggestion and I have tried pepper in the past, but even forceful sneezing fails to dislodge it. I know this from having had several colds, plus almost daily random sneezes, even if I try to sneeze with my head back so my throat is wide open. I feel it moving around a bit, but not enough to escape - it just digs into my vocal cords and hurts.

I live in hope that it will eventually weaken and break down enough to come out. I never dreamed apple peel could stay in one piece for so long! Nearly 4 years? It makes you wonder what chemicals, preservatives, waxes or whatever they are using on our fruit? I always peel apples now. I wish I could go back to that day and not eat that stupid apple at all!

Happy Festive Season to everyone. xxx

Posted by Bree
Riverside Ca. U.s.
Fern, when I had stomach problems I was sent to a doctor that after giving me medication to sleep ran a thin tube with a camera in the tube into my mouth and down my throat into my stomach. (I was awake enough to see the screen at my side which was interesting as our insides have interesting colors! ) The doctor had to give me more medication that made me sleep. Once this camera/tube was inserted down my throat the doctor could see all the way down into my intestines! I wonder if a professional could do that for you and your problem? Seems to me that you need to actually see if that apple peel is lodged in your trachea or another area? You will have to drink a solution that cleans everything out of your intestines and stomach. At least you will know what you are dealing with and where it is located. If I had your problem I would chose this option.
Posted by Real
I read about cases where people accidentally swallowed tootpicks tweezers etc.. they take an xray or ultrasound and you can see the item as clear as day and the doctor goes in and dislodges it. Just find a doctor that will do his job which is to help you.

Hydrogen Peroxide   0  0   

Posted by David (Kelso, Wa) on 09/28/2012

I have been trying hydrogen peroxide in various ways and found it works on colds very well. I also cured my jock itch I had for about 5 years and athletes foot I've had for 50 years. I think I just had my last cold. I also have geographic tongue and it helps a lot if I rinse with it on a regular basis. All the white rings disappear and the pain from eating certain foods is gone.

I started drinking H202 and put more in than I thought maybe 20 drops. It didn't affect me to much, but I noticed a lump in my throat, I have been diagnosed with nodules on my thyroid and thought that it might have been beneficial to eliminate these growths. I have read that H202 will shrink tumors.

Does anybody have information on what I might expect the results to be on these nodules if I start a regimen of increasing H202 drops every day?

Posted by Wayseeker
Modesto, Ca/ Usa
Two things that professionals have said are better to use externally are h2o2 and iodine/ iodide. I have tried the h2o2 internally using a chart, and I soon just felt completely wiped out.

A doctor's newsletter I subsribe to said it was good to simply add a 99 Cent bottle of over-the-counter h2o2 to your regular bathwater and soak in it. The skin will absorb what is useful, and it ph balances skin. Do keep it out of your eyes full strength! It can make one feel a bit speedy, and energized, so I would do it only in the morning.

For the Iodine/ iodide -- again, safe externally if not allergic. Only 1-2 drops needed, massaged in a small circle on leg, each day, and body will absorb only as much as it needs. Will stain clothes. Thyroid needs iodine to be healthy, especially as it acts as a protection to the thyroid with ongoing Fukushima radiation. (I don't mean the red stuff called mercurochrome either. Don't use that. ) Iodine/ iodide internally is dangerous as can stop up flow of urine from the body. Again, I had to prove this to myself before I believed it. --T.

Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
968 Posts
Hi David... If these thyroid nodules suddenly appeared directly after taking high dose Hydrogen Peroxide then I would perhaps consider stop taking the Hydrogen Peroxide.

The explanation for thus is fully described here:

Hydrogen Peroxide is given off as a normal metabolite within thyroid cells -- this occurs as a normal part of the T3 and T4 hormone formation process inside the thyroid cell themselves. In this form, HP acts as a free radical and normally there is enough glutathione peroxidase(GP) in the cell to remove the accumulated hydrogen peroxide free radicals in the cell. But if your body is also low on Selenium -- the central metallic atom for glutathione peroxidase -- then you will also lack GP in your thyroid cells and the thyroid cell will be unable to mop up the HP free radicals. If this is the case, then the free radical HP will eventually increase to dominate and damage the thyroid cells and so antibodies will come in to remove the debris -- and hence thyroid nodule formation occurs.

Whenever you take high dose HP you should always supplement much higher doses of anti-oxidants because HP does have pro-oxidant action which uses up essential anti-oxidants in your body like Vitamin C, catalase and glutathione peroxidase. You need to at least start increasing the anti-oxidants in your body -- selenium being one of the most important in your case.

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
1303 Posts
David: as far as a single solution for your prob it doesn't seem likely. What does seem apparent is a need to do detoxification remedies as well as Immune boosting. Here is a paste for Immune I posted just moments ago:

To boost immunity, support the Thymus gland which in turn will significantly increase immune response. Here's a paste from a previous post: "To boost the Thymus do these little exercises on a daily basis and significantly boost your immune power. First, use some type negative pole magnet (the side that sticks to metal) over the Thymus, which is directly between the lower neck and heart area; a common refrigerator magnet will do just fine; do this for approx 15 minutes. Second, do the "Thymus Tap" by making a fist and gently bump the T area a few times and wait a little then bump again several times daily. Thirdly, supplement Raw Thymus Glandular as recommended on label."

Next, check out all the good postings on Lipospheric Vit-C here on E. C. Lately. Vit-C is an excellent antibiotic and blood purifier; this should bring immediate lessening of symptoms. Iodine is also important for overall health (and Thyroid Health in particular), take Potassium Iodide as directed.

Other nutrients critical for immunity is Zinc & Vit-A. Natural Antibiotic herbs include: Grapeseed Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Oil of Oregano, Goldenseal, Pau de Arco. Immune boosting herbs are: Mitake, Reishi, Shitaki Mushrooms (Extract), Astragalus (don't give w/ fever), Echinacea, Beta Glucan.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Larynx Polyps   0  0   

Posted by Navox65 (Neptune, New Jersey) on 01/11/2012

I was recently diagnosed with polyps in the larynx after an endoscopy. Is there any remedy that can be taken fo this? thank you

Noni Juice   1  0   

Posted by Ellen (Riverhead, NY) on 02/11/2009

[YEA]  I have had a problem with food getting stuck in my throat for many years, my sister has this also. It has worsened over the years. I was limited to what foods I would eat, especially if we were in a restaurant, staying with soups and salad for the most part. If food got stuck I would have to run to the bathroon, and spend 30 minutes sometimes trying to get up the small bits of food lodged in my throat. As I am 63 now and have been FREE of this for over 2 years by drinking Noni Juice! I have had some small distress with it from time to time, over these 2 years but nothing at all like it was . A steak dinner was a no no, tuna fish on toast, forget that, even chicken if it was a bit dry, was not a meal I could eat without a problem , just to name a few . I am so happy I found this site it has helped me so many times. I tell everyone about it.

It took about 3 months of drinking 2 to 3 oz. of Noni Juice every morning before I noticed it worked on my swallowing, I took it originally for normal aches and pains, energy boost, and hoped it would help stave off macular degeneration, which runs in our family. There is a great place to find Noni juice which is organic and does not contain "natural flavors" like some so called organic foods do, it is It is the best pice I have found, under 10.00 for a 32 oz. bottle. I havent seen a post on this problem and thought it may help someone. Thank God for this site!

Remedies Needed   1  0   

Posted by Diana (Indianapolis, IN) on 10/08/2014

Hi, a friend gave me your website. I have type 2 diabetes, I take 1000mg of metformin 2x per day, synthroid 25mg 1per day, and two other meds. Loosing 52 pounds has helped, however, I have not lost anymore. I am stuck at 220 lbs. Now I have changed my diet to mostly veggies, fruit, water, very little bread, . No red meat, very little dairy. Now I am having issues with my throat. A dry cough that happens more at night, bumps on the back of my tonque, a little coating first thing in the morning, tonsils are a little swollen. A salt water gargle helps but I want it gone. My Dr. says this is virus. What can I do without taking anymore pills! Any advice you have will be appreciated. Thank you...Diana

Posted by Mama To Many
714 Posts
Dear Diana,

Sounds like you have made some great positive changes--and congrats on losing 52 pounds!

There are a few things I would consider trying if I were in your situation.

Swollen tonsils make me think your body is fighting some infection, also.

First of all, if the salt water gargle is helping, I would continue it and add a pinch of cayenne pepper to the gargle. It is really amazing for a sore throat and killing infection. (Put lip balm on your lips before doing this to prevent burning your lips on the cayenne.) I would do this at least twice a day for a week.

Secondly, I would add Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to your diet. It is a wonderful anti-viral. And it helps many with weight loss, so it shouldn't be a concern regarding the weight you still desire to lose. I would start with 1 teaspoon 3x a day and work up to 1 Tablespoon three times a day if the teaspoons agree with you. Do that for at least a week.

If you are able to get out in the sunshine some each day, I would do that.

Finally, taking a lot of vitamin C is helpful for most infections. I take as much as 5 grams several times a day when I am trying to help my body fight something. If you begin to get diarrhea, cut back some. At this time of year, taking Vitamin C daily, even three grams (i.e. 3, 000mg) a day may help you to stay well.

I hope it is all resolved soon! Let me know.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Khen (Beiruth, Lebanon) on 11/22/2013

Hello.. Pls I need help ... I feel something stuck on my throat and I have dried mouth and also sticky saliva.. I'm so worried about it. Help me please.

Posted by Slippy
Sacramento, Ca.
This happened to me twice and the doctor said I had silent reflux. I now take 1/4 tsp. of baking soda and 1 Tlb. Apple cider vinegar (with mother) in the morning and the evening. Mix the baking soda and ACV with a glass of water. It seems to take care of the problem.

Posted by Dalton (Livingston, Montana, America) on 02/18/2013

Lump in throat comes and goes

Dear Ted, Bill, or any other reputable earthclinic genius. For the past 2 years I have suffered with a sensation of something hard caught in my throat, whether I eat(have gone hungry more often than desired) or not. My largest problem has been too many theories as the culprit. Before this began, I had once swallowed half a multivitamin and it caught in my throat, definitely causing some damage. But I'd also chewed ibuprofen pills (I know you shouldn't, dumb moment), I'm also a singer and one time, I went from a very high note immediately to a low note and felt something happen in my larynx, a gummy glob sensation. As you see, so many possibilities has made this a nightmare to cure. I also remember the front of my throat hurting one night, dull ache, so I put my chin to my chest and lifted my head backward and up simultaneously and felt a pop. The pain went away, but now I'm worried I dislocated a bone?

I've treated it as everything from reflux (I have hiatal hernia, don't know it's condition since last visit was 2011) with alkalizing remedies, to candida (have white tongue) but I've had to blend all my food for 2 years, going from 166 lbs to 122 in weight. I truly hope someone out there can piece this together, all I can do is believe. If it's not too much to ask.

Thank you, I've finally signed up after many months of following earthclinic advice!

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
1303 Posts
Dalton: Seems like you may need to go to a Chiropractor, after having successfully giving your neck a self-adjustment. A Cal/Mag/Zinc supplement plus Vit-D and Vit-K will also help the bones.

There is a possibility your Thyroid is bad. Whenever my Thyroid goes hypo I have a very difficult time swallowing; I get that lump feeling there.

Magnet Therapy will likely help, especially if there's an inflammation issue.

Posted by Dalton
Livingston, Montana, America
7 Posts
Thank you Timh, I have taken many supplements over the years trying to link a deficiency to this. But before this, I've eaten everything you can think of and felt perfectly fine. I've cut out trans fats, many sweeteners, breads, you name it and it hasn't done anything to help. Although it's a good idea for overall health I'd presume.

I take a high quality multi with cod liver oil and vitamin e, plus some mag citrate. Used to take vitamin D but didn't change anything.

Recently I've taken 2-3 cups of throat coat tea daily, chewing DGL and drinking slippery elm powder but it only makes a minor difference, if that.

If this is infact a thyroid issue I've developed, how would you suggest I go about it? Perhaps some extra info would help support this. Around the end of 2010 I began intermittent fasting and weightlifting. It's certainly done the job of weight loss but I've only been able to put on little muscle since lack of calories from swallowing difficulty.

Some days I'd go on complete water fasts, even though my stomach was growling. Also drinking many cups of coffee and green tea on empty stomach. Plus a gallon of water at least. Would I have depleted myself of critical minerals from this?

Thank you for your hasty response. I'm taking pure sea salt now if that matters.

Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
4 Posts
Hi Dalton... Your throat problem may well be caused by swelling and nodule formation in the thyroid. This can be caused for many reasons -- excess fluoride or bromide in the diet or not enough antioxidants in the diet.

You should try taking 8 drops of lugols iodine a day -- two drops in water 4 times a day. As well you should supplement Selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, acetyl cysteine and milk thistle every day. I use this in my Liver Support Protocol for candida. But it doesn't just support the liver. This protocol generates higher amounts of glutathione and glutathione peroxidase(GP) -- the latter is an essential enzyme used in the thyroid to quench excess free radicals during production of T3 and T4 in the thyroid. If there is too little GP then the free radicals abound which helps to destroy the thyroid cell and causes an autoimmune reaction in the thyroid cell. The result is thyroid nodules and thyroid damage. To overcome this problem you must supplement lugol's iodine and supplement the anti-oxidants specified above.

I also think it would be worthwhile having your thyroid checked. Perhaps also an ultrasound to check or confirm nodule formation. Also insist upon having the Free T3 and Free T4 thyroid hormones checked -- checking just the TSH level is known to be highly inaccurate. And if there is a bone dislodged in your throat -- this will also show up on the ultrasound.

Have a hair analysis(quite cheap) to determine exactly what heavy metals and halides are in excess in your body.

If you have candida, then you can get rid of this problem by following this protocol(which also shows dosages for the Liver/Thyroid protocol) -- the full anti-candida protocol is shown lower down on this page:

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
1303 Posts
Dalton: You would first need to check your Thyroid by taking your temperature first thing upon waking. A low Thyroid would make for a low temp reading. Do you have other common Hypothyroid symptoms like cold hands and feet, brittle hair and nails, depression, etc. ???

The Sea Salt and Multi and Mag would seem to keep your mineral levels up, with the exception of Iodine (the #1 mineral for the Thyroid). Grocers now have Iodized Sea Salt. Have you been using non-Iodized SS??? Try a minimal dose of Potassium Iodide (try "Lugols" liquid easy to swallow), and also take a beginning dose of 500mg Tyrosine daily. Zinc Lozenges would seem to have big potential correcting whatever is going on here.

Posted by Dalton
Livingston, Montana, America
7 Posts
Thank you both, Bill and Timh. I have had a barium swallow test late 2010 and they said everything looked fine, as always. But perhaps a locally targeted ultrasound of the throat would be much better, I will certainly follow your advice.

Once we've seen what is actually wrong inside, I'll know the exact protocol to follow. Would you say any abnormal growths would be visible, even if it's vocal chord cysts?

The choking sensation comes and goes, whether I eat or not. So this journey of curing it has been a process of elimination. Not any different than the doctors approach.

Again, thank you both for your advice. Lugol's Iodine is the only one I haven't tried. Alkalizing with baking soda-lemon seems to have brought on burning eyes when they tear up, so if it's reflux, maybe I need ACV instead? Truth is, I don't feel any better with either one. I eat so clean, it's hard to believe I have this many health complications.

Posted by Dalton
Livingston, Montana, America
7 Posts
Oh, I also use non-iodide Redmond Real Salt.

I do have kosher iodized salt, but not sea salt.

I've cut out olive oil a bit, now I take organic EVCO instead. To keep on weight (got up to 150lbs but fell back to 128) I used whole grain bread as my carb source. That was long after my choking problem appeared. Now I eat very little bread, mainly potatoes and rice, all blended. Coffee is also consumed maybe 2-3 times a week now.

Posted by Dalton
Livingston, Montana, America
7 Posts
Alright, I am back to report my findings.

I am now taking Lugol's Iodine tincture as instructed by Bill, 2 drops in 8 oz water, 4 times a day. Is that everyday?

I'm also taking Selenium (selenomethionine) 70mcg and ALA 10mg, let me know if I need more. I own L-Cystine, is that similar to acetylcysteine? I do not have milk thistle yet. Add Zinc Citrate 10mg daily to that.

It must be LPR damage somehow since I do have hiatal hernia, I assume it's not been corrected by itself. White tongue that seems resistant to everything would make sense. Perhaps my entire upper GI tract is damaged? My ears even pop in and out sometimes.

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
1303 Posts
Dalton: thanx for updating as remedies that actually work need documenting for others. The L-Cysteine is ok and take prior to the Selenium, then the ALA. You can take way more ALA if you wish. Zinc up to 50mg daily until you're better, and do take Vit-A w/ Zinc (which together strengthen all epithelial tissues which includes glands). Vit-E works great with the Selenium.

Take 500 mg Tyrosine 1 or 2x daily for the Thyroid (works with Iodine).

Posted by Dalton
Livingston, Montana, America
7 Posts
Thank you Timh once again.

I have been receiving the same feedback from my doctor, advising I look into this mentally. Now I have been disagreeing for a long time, after all who knows me better than myself?

But it's quite possible I have built an anxiety issue years ago when I wanted to quickly make drastic lifestyle changes. Good intentions aren't always what matter most. Just now, I've had my throat getting worse the past few days to the point it feels bruised, and swallowing is scarier than normal. But I thought of relaxing, calming down and giving it a real try. Low and behold, it's noticeably easier to swallow with minimal 'lump' feeling and barely any pain.

Sorry, but at the same time, a large thank you is in order for following me through this, treating possibilities until we get it right.

Because this is highly probable, what would treat anxiety/muscle tension/spasms and calm me down internally again? Magnesium chloride I haven't tried yet but hear good things.

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
1303 Posts
Dalton: OK, let's continue with the digestive system and then move on to the nervous system.

Although entirely different scenarios, I too experience the esophagitis / throat issue periodically, but mine seems mostly free radical stress; and a long time back I had what I now know was esophageal varices that resulted from primary bilary cirrhosis. Lately, I found the hypothyroid directly stemmed from liver problems. Your doing good with the antioxidants, but looks like you may need to support the liver w/ Milk Thistle Seed, Artichoke Leaves, and Turmeric Root. Have you ever done the gallbladder flush?? Also, for digestive support, Ginger Root and Fennel Seed will help; these two herbs will work similar to the drug Metoclopramide. Has your doctor ever prescribed this?? It does help but long term use is not good.

As for relaxing, as a whole body approach to wellness in general, try some hot baths w/ Baking Soda and Epsom Salt at least once or twice a week. As a Yin to the Yang of the hot baths, try Cold Showers once or twice a week. As for supporting the nervous system and relaxing, take 1-2 gms GABA before retiring. GABA also stimulates the production of Human Growth Hormone so you should start feeling some extra stamina real soon. Calms Forte' from Hylands is very good nerve tonic/relaxer.

If you could go to a chiropractor that might help, the spine gets out of line and lots of bad things can happen.

Posted by Dalton
Livingston, Montana, America
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Hey earthclinic, I'm back to update you on my findings.

Last week I had a blood test (calcium, glutathione peroxidase, free T4 and a few other minerals I can't recall) and an ultrasound of the thyroid/entire throat area. My blood test came back normal which I'm more than used to. Except my TSH is subtly low, causing hypothyroid to a degree but, I did start taking Lugols not long ago, maybe this could have influenced that.

There are no abnormalities of the thyroid as well, leading me to what I'd felt it has been all along.

The hyoid bone and its surrounding ligaments are all that is left. I mentioned to the doctor I can pop something in my throat when I feel around, more on the right than the left. Sometimes I'll be doing nothing and my throat will "pop" out or into place. I've read this is very rare in the medical community, but it is the most obvious symptom. When I put my chin to my chest it is most prominent, as if a bone's pushing into my esophagus, often feels like I'm "swallowing my own throat" if that makes sense.

I feel I've developed TMJ from the muscular tention, or whatever the cause, due to my left upper row of teeth having become centimeters higher than my right (never had it before) I clench my teeth hard when I swallow, never had that either.

Please, lend your input because I have finally been proven it is a mechanical problem that needs fixing. Thank you all.

Posted by Maui Boy (Lahaina, Hi) on 08/16/2012

I've dealt with symptoms of this for yrs now, and had a diagnosis of a vocal polyp about 7 yrs ago.. Hoarseness, constant throat clearing and lump sensation that won't go away. ENT recommended voice therapy, and some typical AR treatments without medicine.. (stacking 2 pillows, raising the head of your bed a few inches, not eating late, and no smoke or alcohol). I ignored most of those treatments, except stacking my pillows. Chalk it up as young, ignorant, and impatient... Well, it caught up to me 7 yrs later. I've always been in sales and restaurants using my voice and finally now I've had to take time off work as a waiter in the loud restaurant conditions. I've been to 2 different ENT's other than the original b/c he is so hard to book. I'm not very confident with them, all they do is tell me I have the kind of AR w/out normal symptoms and give me meds. So far I did Omeprazole for 3 weeks with no effect. I went back in and he said they have a 10% failure rate and to try Prevacid now. He didn't suggest voice rest, or voice therapy. Said I won't cause permanent damage to my voice by returning back to work... Just don't whisper, clear your throat, or talk loud b/c that is the worst to agitate your V cords.... Ya, dont talk loud in a restaurant full of talking people, and I have to clear my throat to get my voice out when it cracks. Is he an IDIOT?! I'm a bit dumbfounded.... any advice out there with successful results...

I've been reading alot about ACV curing AR. I guess one could have the problem of too much stomach acid or not enough, that will decipher what course of action to take, , , antacids for too much or ACV for not enough..... Sound accurate?

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Maui Boy, Well, although I've never had vocal polyps, I can relate to everything else. It is really awful. I'm not a doctor person whatsoever so I never had them look at it. I find they only know how to prescribe meds for everything, not really finding the root cause. I tried a lot on Earth Clinic when I first discovered this site a few years ago. It seemed as if some would make a little headway but nothing earth shattering. I had problems with mucus, coughing in the night as if there was something in my throat, constant clearing of my throat or it felt like it was closing up, difficulty yelling over the music as I was teaching my ballet classes, then voice exhaustion/ throat irritation at the end of the night.

Then, about a year ago I started taking Chinese herbs because I was having issues with rashes. I was given them by a Chinese herbalist. I started to notice a difference in all the issues you described. But then, the rashes were fine and I stopped taking my herbs. The issue began to return.

Then again, a few months ago, I went back to Chinese herbs encouraged after hearing about all their benefits. This time I was given a couple of formulas and voila! The formulas had adaptogens in them and herbs to build the yin and yang jing. My voice became strong again. It keeps getting better over time and now I won't give up on my herbs. The difference is so incredible. See if you can find a good Chinese herbalist to diagnose you. I was told my chi was very weak and weak kidney chi. Thus, the weakness in the voice, throat, etc. Now, I barely have to talk and my voice booms across the room. It is absolutely amazing and even takes me by surprise sometimes how loud and strong it comes out! I find all this power coming from my center that pushes the sound out easily.

Anyway, just thought I'd tell you what I discovered because it wasn't anything about the local area, it was about building my jing back up. Wishing you the best, Lisa

Posted by John
Trang, Thailand
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Lisa from a Thousand Oaks, what is the name of the herbs used in the Chinese medicine you mentioned for 'Throat Cures' – for mucus and cough - either in Chinese or Pinyin. There is a nice Chinese pharmacy here with heaps.

Posted by Navox65 (Neptune, New Jersey, United States) on 01/04/2012

Hi maybe someone can help me. Back in november I started to have aa feeling of something stuck in my throat no mater how many times I try to get it out nothing comes out. Went to a doctor and told me I had acid reflux. The reflux is gone but the throat problem has not gone away. The doctor told me it could be muscle spasms. Is there something that I can take to get rid of this? Thank you

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Usa
1303 Posts
Navox65, do you have any difficulty swallowing? If yes, this could be a symptom of thyroid disorder. It is likely an infection problem. Have you gargled cayenne sore throat remedy? Have you tried Zinc Lozenges?
Posted by Navox65
Neptune, New Jersey, United States
2 Posts
Hi, no I have no problem swallowing. Actually the symptom seems to go away when I eat. I have no sore throat or anything like that. I forgot to mention that the doctor said it could be muscle spasms/constriction in the throat that might be causing this sensation but he refused to give me anything for it.
Posted by Helpyourself
Houston, Tx
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My advice is in no way making light of your situation. You might want to try this. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth very close to your front teeth and press your tongue tightly. Take a deep breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth while still holding your tongue in place. Your exhaling should be longer than your inhaling time. Do this about 5 times, concentrating on this technique and try to relax and think of nothing else. It took me years to think something like this can help when a person has a stressor in their life unbeknownst to themselves. Good Luck!
Posted by Maria
Gippsland, Australia
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Hi Navox65, When this is happening try some magnesium under the tongue, just wet the tip of your finger and dip into some magnesium and place under your tongue. Epsom salts, magnesium citrate or magnesium oxide work for the spasm if placed under the tongue within minutes. Sometimes you may need to do 2-3 times. You can leave your finger under your tongue for a few seconds so the magnesium can dissolve off it. You can instead just put a pinch of the mag under the tongue, but let it dissolve under the tongue so it can be absorbed sub-lingually and not swallowed. All the best.

Posted by Anon (Anon, Uk) on 06/24/2011

I don't want to get in the middle of you two but.. Courtney why do you keep picking arguments??? Her mother is sick & I feel its you crossing the line. I would try chilled aloe vera or egg whites? The whites don't usually harbor salmonella. (my 2¢)

Posted by Elly (Topeka, Kansas) on 06/12/2011

My mother burned her throat on hot food a month ago. The doctor gave her steroids and when that didn't work she was given a compounded gargle that didn't work. Its been a month and the pain is worse and she feels it has spread to behind her nose area (no other symptoms). What would cause an unhealing wound in the throat that started from eating too hot food? She thinks it is either permanantly damaged nerve cells or is afriad it is cancer and is seeing a specialist soon. Anyone here have any ideas? If it helps, she is on high blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, and anxiety meds. Thanks!

Posted by Alain
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
54 Posts
Answer to Elly from Topeka


Why don't you check Cayenne pepper in

or this which suggests 5 ways to to "stop" a sore throat.

Good Luck, Alain

Posted by Elly
Topeka, Kansas
Hi Alain, thanks bunches for the links. The burn caused a little ulcer in her throat and the specialist wants to take a biopsy to make sure it isn't throat cancer. She's a little old school and is scared to put cayenne (diluted gargle) on her wound so I'll keep trying to ease her into it.
Posted by Elly
Topeka, Kansas
Update on mom... They used a scope on her and saw a big burn in her throat. They also found fungus on it. They gave her a narcotic painkiller that isn't kicking in and an antifungal. I never heard of fungus on a throat burn. She's not open to natural remedies yet, especially since she's on various meds for depression, insomnia, high blood pressure and cholesterol and worries how they'll all react. When she has throat pain the only thing that temporarily works is OTC Orajel. She's now getting a headache with the pain.
Posted by Alain
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
54 Posts
Hi again

I rethought about your mother's case. I am not quite sure what hot food meant. Hot as in spicy hot or hot as fresh from the frying pan or the oven hot.

So, now I would recommend the 2 methods that are the softest.

1-As seen in the second link of my original post, to sip on a mix of ACV & Honey. To make the solution a little more alkaline a pinch of Epsom Salt and a little lime water. The recipe for the lime water is a tablespoon or less of calcium hydroxide (pickling lime) in a gallon of clean water (spring or distilled).

2-Otherwise gargle with the peppermint flavored milk of magnesia.

Both methods will help alkalize the wounded area. Cayenne pepper is also alkalizing but it might be too strong for a burn.

If you are more interested in the Acid/Alkaline pH balance principles using simples techniques you can go to . You have to sign-up and sign-in to go into the website.

Good Luck, Alain

Posted by Alain
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
54 Posts
Hi, Alain again

Here are the benefits of a mixture of ACV, honey and Epsom Salt pinch. Amoung other things, ACV provides potassium which will help the blood pressure- potassium lowers blood pressure

honey health benefits http:/

Epsom Salt – provides magnesium it will help depression and sleeping problems.

For the fungus Oil of Oregano may be of great help

The information is here and elsewhere. If they knew, people would find it. It is too bad that people are brainwashed by the big pharma/medical industry. Eventually people and your mother will have to ask for themselves: does the big pharma really cure? Or does it at best just provide ways to mask the symptoms while in fact we are going worse?

Good Luck, Alain

Posted by Elly
Topeka, Kansas
Thanks so much Alain for this great info! I read a lot of info here and about on the net but this helps me sum it all up to help her.
Posted by Elly
Topeka, Kansas
Hi Alain, I should've clarified she was eating rice that was way too hot in temperature. I will try to get these products ASAP. Much appreciated your info here!
Posted by Jholl
Louisville, Ky
15 Posts
[YEA]   I would suggest marshmellow (herb) or slippery elm to soothe the throat. Recently I have learned about glycerin. I think in small quantities, like maybe a half teaspoon, it would be safe to swallow. It can be used as a mouthwash. It does have anti fungal properties. There is information on the internet about glycerin.

Then, I would take a few drops of oil of oregano or grapefruit seed extract every day, several times a day for a week or two to help quell the fungus.

Best wishes!

Posted by Elly
Topeka, Kansas
Hi Jholl, thanks for the info. Today she tried diluted ACV and H202 in a big glass of water but it brought her a lot of pain. I'll look into these things for her!
Posted by Elly
Topeka, Kansas
New update on mother's throat. After using the diluted raw ACV in water mix she said it burned and felt her throat got worse. She used it once and she rinsed it out with plain water. She now won't take try any natural remedy so it's frustrating. The doctor prescribed liquid hydocodeine isn't doing anything for her pain and not sure if the antifungal is working. Its over a month later and she complains her pain is worse than ever and her voice is starting to go hoarse. Just be careful recommending natural remedies to people, even family and friends. Her throat problem was getting worse even before she tried a natural remedy but since she knows little of how remedies have helped people, she's now quick to blame it on that. I just worry when she tells her doctor she tried it he's just going to further validate that natural remedies are quacks.

My general doctor was trying to tell me that acid or alkaline body causing or healing disease was a bnuch of unproven quackery. But we can see on this site many people get relief. Unfortunately for her its just better for her and less stressful for me that she sticks to regular medicine despite its not really working. The way the courts are today you don't want to get in trouble for what they might call practicing medicine without a license so be careful.

Posted by Alain
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
54 Posts
Hi Elly

I am sorry to hear about your mother.

What I might say is that: may be if it was "burning", could it be because it was effective in healing? It is like when you put iodine over a scratch, it burns but it sterilized. Did you mix the ACV with Honey? Maybe reduce the concentrations of ACV and Honey?

And about the doctor's comments about pH balance, he just showed his ignorance.

Just see the research papers done by scientists:

Good Luck and God bless you for trying to help your mother.


Posted by Kay
In The Valley, Ca
Sorry to hear about your Mom. Two things that I would recommend would be raw Manuka Honey and/or extra virgin coconut oil. Just take them straight with a spoon, small doses (1/2 to 1 tsp. ) many times a day. Maybe every hour or so for a few days until she gets some relief. Don't dilute them, and let them trickle down the throat as slow as possible, and don't drink afterwards. When my son was around two years old, he got oral herpes from somewhere and he was in terrible pain. The inside of his mouth was covered in sores. We tried many things from the Doc. And nothing relieved his pain until the Dentist told us to swab the inside of his mouth with honey as much as needed for pain relief. It was fantistic - worked like a charm. Wishing you luck.
Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
I agree with Carly, Elly, your comments are a bit out of line, especially since you came to this website and asked for help.

I don't think you should force anyone to try anything they don't want to. Most people on this site are on it for themselves and appreciate trying anything. I don't think I have read anything that puts people in danger but I have read many many people who have been helped after being in agony for many many years.

If the Doctors can help your mum good luck.

Posted by Elly
Topeka, Kansas
Carly & Debbie, lets keep the posts positive and constructive. It seems you both misunderstood the point of my post. I am very much for folk remedies. I was merely warning fellow users to be careful when sharing some of remedies with family or friends who aren't into folk remedies and who might get jumpy or suspicious if it they don't work or if there symptoms just happen to get worse. As I wrote before, I noted her symptoms were getting worse on their own for several weeks but she was quick to blame it on a natural remedy. I was just a littler nervous how her doctor was going to react if she tells him her daughter gave her a natural remedy to try and help her.

Because a number of year's back, we had a folk healer who got arrested for giving urine injections. This folk healer helped many people that regular docs couldn't help. But one the ladies he was trying to help got a little infection and went to a regular doc and told him about the folk healer who ended up getting charged with practicing medicine without a license. And seeing in recent years how the government around the world have been cracking down on alternative healers and supplements, I just wanted to warn users here to be careful. When I gave her the folk remedy I asked her if she'd like to try something more natural, nobody pressured her. I just didn't expect her reaction. I was just trying to say in my previous post that its hard to watch my mom suffer and to see her only wanting to use regular meds that haven't been working. I know regular meds can have horrible side-effects.

My husband and I have no trouble using the folk remedies and if there was any problem we don't make a big deal to it. We just don't mention it to regular docs who aren't open-minded. We do try to choose docs who are but that's not always an option for us. Maybe writing all of this would have clarified things better for some but I had a busy week and wanted to not take up too much room here.

Posted by Elly
Topeka, Kansas
Hi Alain, I thought the same to, that it might be a sign of healing. When I visited her last, I mixed a small amount of organic ACV in a big glass of water just for her to try. We didn't have honey on hand. Even this has helped me when I get the occasional burning from reflux. The problem is she is afraid and not willing to try anything more because of the "burning. " Initially I didn't know she was going to easily feel this way. Lord knows the burning I initially felt when I put 50/50 magnesium on some eczema (like a jellyfish sting) but it really helped heal the skin. Once the skin was more healed, the magnesium didn't really burn, so I know what you mean. Thanks a lot for your post and God bless you.
Posted by Elly
Topeka, Kansas
Hi Kay, wow that's amazing what the honey did for your son. Alain mentioned honey too. I will definitely get some Manuka or EVCO for her and hope she'll consider giving it a try. Will look for it in the supermarket or a health food store. Thank you!
Posted by Courtney
Granite Bay, Ca
Elly - "Practicing medicine without a license" (??) That's a stretch, don't you think? It's absurd. I would liken the ridiculousness of that comment to someone accusing McDonalds of causing their obesity or their hypertension.

In all of your posts, what jumped out most to me, was that despite your mother's doctor prescribing many different medications to help her, none of them worked! (So much for pharmaceutical medications. ) In fact, despite conventional med's, her throat discomfort became worse and worse, not better.

Nothing that anyone posted attemtping to help your mom was anything that could have a. )hurt her, or b. )worsened her condition. They are things found in our pantry's.

Regardless, I hope your mom feels better soon.

Posted by Elly
Topeka, Kansas
Courtney, I don't consider people using folk remedies or sharing them with others as "practicing medicine without a license. " It's a stretch and absurd for the government to have punished some people for doing so. True the steroids, special gargle, or hydocodeine haven't helped with her pain. Though the hydocodeine is usually very good in relieving pain for hubby's past work injuries. I have no idea how long prescription antifungals take to kick in.

I'm not blaming any remedy posted here that it could have hurt or worsened her condition besides a little "burning. " I'm just going to get her some honey and hope for speedy healing too. Thanks.

Posted by Alain
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
54 Posts
ACV HONEY for sore throat. Ok, I will make it clearer.

My second post mentioned ACV honey and refered to

"Using some Top Quality Pure Apple Cider Vinegar and some Top Quality Raw unfiltered and unheated Honey, mix equal amounts of the ACV & Honey together in a cup and thru-out the day take a spoonfull of this mix to keep
mouth and Throat coated!
" I also sugested to maybe add a pinch of Epsom Salt.

Here are the benefits of a mixture of ACV, honey and Epsom Salt pinch. Amoung other things, ACV provides potassium which will help the blood pressure- potassium lowers blood pressure

honey health benefits http:/

Epsom Salt provides magnesium it will help depression and sleeping problems.

Now, the mix might be too strong in the beginning, so just dilute it with water and increase progressively.

Sorry, I forget that what seems obvious for me is not for those unfamilar with these protocols.

I hope this will make things clearer.

Also, when people start to take responsibilities for themselves and their healths they also have to do their own researchs and try to understand why the protocols work. It requires a lot of reading. This is also required in order to deprogram ourselves from years of continuous brainwashing from the big pharma. Let me assure you, it is time well spent.

Good Luck, Alain

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Elly, I suggested the other day to try Colloidal Silver on your mum's throat. Please read how this has help many people. For your mum's throat you should use some in a spray bottle and spray down her throat. Some people with bad throat infections had almost instantaneous relief. Colloidal silver is also used for burns with great results. It is antibacterial, antifungal amongst other things.

There is much info on the web. I would spend some time researching it because it has amazing results.

Posted by Lily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
108 Posts
Hi Elly, my doctor always has a bit of a giggle at the natural remedies I try or at least gives me a look of amusement. I told him some people were using Apple Cider Vinegar on skin cancers and he said quite casually 'oh yes well it is an acid I suppose'. Just use what you think is going to work and if you advise others and they ignore the advice then 'so be it'. Most people I suggest a natural remedy to look at me like I just landed from outer space. Oh well that is their loss. Cheers Lily.
Posted by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
900 Posts
Hi Elly and Kay, I have just read a very interesting book about honey. Amazing what it can do for you! Little by little I will be posting here whatever I try, be it for beauty care or to treat any ailment. Unfortunately the little book is in French, reason why I won't be reviewing it here but if anybody who reads French want the name I can post it! It is a wonderful little collection with so many ideas and recipes for all kinds of uses.... Right now I am reading one on grapes and anything to do with them! I have already made a face mask with honey, am taking Acacia Honey with my tea before I go to bed to try to stop me from getting up during the night to go to the bathroom (which is actually working most of the times! ). I have already found all kinds of honey which I will be trying when I have the time!
Posted by Elly
Topeka, Kansas
Hi Debbie, Lily, Francisca, thanks for the great info!

My mom said her throat was finally recovering from the prescribed meds but I bought her some of the natural things recommended here - they'll be there should she need them. I certainly will use them if not, cheers (:

Posted by Christine (Nottingham, England) on 05/05/2011

I too have been sufferring with this condition for two years. How NHS is not interesed. I beleive it is caused by candida. It started after taking acid lowering medication. I now take grapefruit seed extract and probotics. And pau d arco tea. I also cut down on suger and stopped eating wheat as this makes me much worse. It has taken time but I do feeling better than I did. How long have you been like this?. hope this helps there are a few sites that cover this if you type in excessive mucus issues they will come up.

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