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Swollen Lymph Node Remedies

Last Modified on Feb 17, 2015

Treatment of swollen lymph nodes centers on identifying and treating the underlying cause of inflammation; however, effective options include both homeopathic remedies and herbal treatments. Treating infection homeopathically stimulates the system and boosts immune response. Likewise, herbs reinforce natural wellness and treat problematic conditions.

What are Swollen Lymph Nodes?

The lymph nodes or lymph glands are responsible for fighting off viruses, bacteria and other illness. Located throughout the body, lymph nodes affected by swelling are often found in the neck, under the chin, in the armpits and at the groin. Swelling in the lymph nodes is most often caused by a viral infection; however, other infections including bacterial and parasitic can also cause swollen lymph nodes. Symptoms associated with inflammation in the lymph glands include a tender, painful lump, a bump the size of a pea or kidney bean, runny nose, fever, sore throat, and night sweats. Additional symptoms may indicate a more progressive infection, immune disorder or cancer.

Natural Treatments for Swollen Glands

Homeopathic remedies are often particularly effective for treating swelling in the glands. Ferrum phosphoricum and Mercurius solubilis are used for treating swollen glands as well as underlying issues of swollen glands. The treatments trigger the immune response and reset the lymphatic system.

Herbal Remedies for Swelling in the Lymphatic System

The healing properties of herbs serve as an effective treatment options for swelling or inflammation in the lymphatic system. Echinacea, garlic and cleavers are effective options for treating and healing the lymphatic system. With antibacterial and cleansing properties, herbs treat infection and flush the system.


Echinacea is a frequently used herb with strong healing properties. Used as a treatment, Echinacea is capable of healing and strengthening the lymph system. Likewise, this herb eliminates infection by purifying the blood and lymph nodes.


Similar to Echinacea, garlic is an antibacterial herb that cleanses the system. Garlic is also anti-inflammatory, so it naturally helps reduce swelling. Eating two garlic cloves or taking six garlic supplement capsules daily will help alleviate swollen glands and any associated illness.


Cleavers is an herb that is typically thought to be one of the best lymphatic draining tonics. Also known as clivers, goosegrass and stickyweed, the herb stimulates the function of the lymphatic system and other organs to reinforce proper functioning. The herb also helps to cleanse and purify the blood.

Not a disease itself, swollen lymph nodes are typically the result of an underlying condition. Nonetheless, natural treatment options eliminate the underlying conditions and reduce swelling of the lymph glands safely.

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Most Popular Swollen Lymph Nodes Remedies:

Apple Cider Vinegar21
Ted's Remedies Reader Feedback4
Castor Oil3

User Reviews

Apple Cider Vinegar   21  0   

Posted by Mike (Charlotte, Nc) on 11/21/2013

[YEA]  ACV does help for swollen lymphs. If the swollen lymph node becomes 3-4 inch big. It needed to be drained, I used a heat pad to burn 1 or 2 small spot and stay next to space heater.

1-2 days was the worst, high fever, night sweat, headache, pain.

3rd day (drained lymph node) fever almost gone, white/yellow Bacterial came out of NODE and it smell bad (bad fish).

4th day the node reduce 60% for the size and Bacterial keep coming out every minute. Later blood and Bacterial mix. the more you move the mouth, the more come out.

5th day 95% .... the burn spot begin to heal and no more lymph node.

Be-careful of food you eat, it can make it worse, like eggs, seafood, beef, etc. also this can be painful, so have advil, etc.

Take 2 spoons of Apple cider vinegar morning and night and keep the mouth cleaned. Going to ER wish cost me $4k-6k easy.

Replied by Pinkkid
Forney, Tx

Not sure what you mean about burn a hole in your lymph nodes. Did you burn a hole through your outer skin?
Replied by Ocean

That was clearly a staph infection. You don't burn holes in your lymph nodes - they carry our important functions in your body! When you have a swollen lymph node that hurts to touch and move for longer than a week see a doctor to get tested for cancer. If however you have a cold or other infection of the throat - swollen lymph nodes are common. Apple cider vinegar is the bomb btw - it's awesome for pretty much all things and in this case can really help diluted in water. But what you have my dear is a staph infection.

Posted by Peter (New Orleans) on 08/11/2013

[YEA]  I'm not usually one to post on forums, but I was having some of the worst pains ever from my lymph nodes and throat. I'd been taking medicine that really just wasn't helping and decided to look up a natural remedy. I came across this page and went to the grocery, got some ACV, and came home and mixed a shot with a small glass of water. WOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW

Not only can I swallow again, but my lymph nodes are 1/2 the size they were before. The effects were almost instantaneous and gradually my symptoms have been decreasing. Thank you so much to whoever made this page.

Replied by Fran
Connecticut, US

[YEA]   So glad I searched for remedies. Swollen lymph nodes went down and only started Apple Cider Vinegar today; thanks to all on this site so much. Had flu 2 weeks ago then nodes swelled this week. Thanks again no pain, swelling down I can swallow yay
Replied by Ashley
North Dakota

I was just wondering how much Apple Cider Vinegar do you use like tblspoon tspoon or what? I am on my 2nd day of battling this and its starting to get painful and I really want to try this today!

Posted by Wendy (Coon Rapids, Mn, Usa) on 07/06/2013

My brother has had a swollen Lymph Node on his neck for a while, it is on his right side it looks like it might be getting smaller from the bottom up. But what would you guys suggest he uses, apple cider vinegar? I am in a powerwheel chair and it is so tough for us to get into the doctor for a visit, he doesn't drive. My friend who is an EMT suggests rest and possibly antibiotics, but yet again we cannot get into a doctor, and tried to get them to prescribe something over the phone but would not at all. He has no pain at all, just fighting a cold right now with body aches and pains and sore throat etc etc.

Replied by Happy
Up The Creek In, Wv, Usa

In reply to Wendy from Coon Rapids, to clear the lymph gland nodules in your brothers neck, and reduce the swelling there, and clear up his sore throat which is also being caused by the swollen lymph glands; then have your brother go out and pick some mullein leaves, and, or flowers; cut them up, put a hand-full in a quart jar, pour boiling water on them, let cool enuf to drink, and drink 3 cups per day for about 1 week, or longer. The lymph gland swelling should go down, and the sore throat cured.

2nd remedy- echinacea herb. herb, root, or tincture. Make a herb tea of then echinacea, or buy the tincture and take 20 drops three times per day, for 1 or 2 weeks. Can be taken at the same time as the mullein leaf and flower tea.

The swollen lymph glands in the neck [and elsewhere] used to be called "SCROFULA", in the 1700's & 1800's.

Replied by Vincent
Longwood, Fl

Why don't you try DMSO? There are a lot of discussions here on this forum for the use and application of DMSO.
Replied by Wendy
Coon Rapids, Mn Usa

Thanks I'll have him try this, the gland is like two inches in length right now, and about a inch wide, it is not growing at least, and doesnt look like a golf ball or anything like that, just looks puffy, and if he tightens his neck it is kinda ovalish in shape, hes tried to take pics, but they are always looking worse than it actually looks lolol. I cant help with pics due to being in a wheel chair, but will have him try these remedies. Thanks will update how its going :) Wendy
Replied by L
West Point, Ny

Do you drink this or apply as a compress?
Replied by Wendy
Coon Rapids, Mn

Well my brother still has the lymph node, it is still the same size but he's the type that expects over night results ugh and is stubborn. I thought I had saw a reply on here about massaging the lymph downward and that would help it shrink? as a reminder it is about an inch wide and oh I'd say about from bottom of jaw down maybe, MAYBE two inches. We went to a CVS minute clinic in August just to see what they said about anything homeopathic or whatnot and all they said is go to the doctor etc etc. Neither have insurance and his weight when this started was I think 173 on July 3rd and he's at 190 as of right now. Wendy
Replied by Marigold

Vit C always helped me with swollen glands. Whenever I had any problems, I'd just take several vitamin C tablets throughout the day. Usually the problem was gone in a couple days.
Replied by Rob
Manhattan, US

You could try painting the area with Lugols iodine...if it is irritating then rub a little rosemary oil on it (few drop essential, mixed with tablespoon of olive) ...or Thieves oil....though, I still agree it is a good idea to get to the doctor to see what is causing it....especially if it doesn't go away in the next week or more.

Posted by Lee (Conway, Sc) on 06/12/2013

I have swollen glands under my chin, neck and chest. I read these Apple Cider Vinegar postings and off I went to my local market. I got home and took two teaspoons of ACV and within one minute I felt relief. It is hard to believe, but this worked. I plan on taking some before bed and in the morning. Thanks to all who posted on this subject it saved me a trip to a walk in clinic which would have ended up costing me money, time and no doubt the doctor would have prescribed antibiotics.

Posted by Rose (Chappell, Ne) on 12/16/2012

Had tooth with abcess pulled 6 days ago, now have pain in groin lympth. On antibiotics to help healing of tooth site per dentist. Just starting ACV after reading your site. Wondering if I can stop using med to make ACV more effective Thanks for this site.

Replied by Lumpyincalgary
Calgary, Alberta

I have had a very large lymph node on my neck between my chin and ear on my right side. Tucked up nicely under the jawbone. It has been there for about 1.5 years now. Does not get bigger or smaller and does not hurt at all. It has been been needle biopsied and it all looks negative. It just won't go away. Yesterday I began the ACV to see how it goes. I am skeptical but am willing to try at least. So far two days in and no change. Will advise as a continue the test.
Replied by Mel
Mi, US

Does rubbing Alcohol help shrink a lymph node?
Replied by Timh

Hulda Clark makes great warning to not use isopropyl alcohol as it is a chemical solvent which the body has difficulty detoxifying. In this case, rubbing alcohol could potentially cause swollen lymph nodes. So, it is advised to use pure grain alcohol or maybe 100 proof vodka for topical medical remedies. Weather this safer alcohol would help swollen lymph, I don't know.

Magnet therapy and/or herbal detoxifier like "Red Clover Combination" would help. A warm washcloth dipped in Epsom Salt would help. A Mama-To-Many charcoal poultice would also help.

Posted by Ley (Birmingham, Alabama, Usa) on 06/25/2012

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Hi, I've begun taking the apple cider vinegar for an infection that had moved into my lymph nodes. I had improvement after 60 seconds and the problem was solved completely within 3 days. (I'd had the infection for a year. ) I've continued taking it and even increased the dose - a capful in about an ounce of natural juice 3 or more times a day, sipping throughout the day. It's an enormous help with chronic pain and I'm hoping that it will end an issue with an ovarian cyst (??). The question I have is in that I've noticed a marked irritability, and I'm wondering if that is typical and if so, will it work itself out? Could I be taking too much? REALLY hate the taste and don't want to drink it with just water and honey, but wondering if that is the problem. I've been taking it for 2 weeks, and had planned on drinking it forever because of the help it provides - do you think that is a bad decision? Unfortunately I am not loosing weight nor have I noticed even a slight decrease in appitite, which I was hoping for. Do you think that it is blocking sugars that had been 'leveling' me out? Love the impact ACV has made in my world and maybe too hopeful for further progress.

Quite grateful to Earth Clinic for the shared worldly knowledge. Thank you so very much for making this site available!

Posted by J (Seattle, Wa) on 06/20/2012

[YEA]  Hello all, I hope someday my story will help someone who has gone through what I have.

For over a year, the glands on both sides of my neck, and also on the back of my head have been swollen, which made me scared that something was wrong.

I had blood work done and also saw a healer, nothing came back as serious, but still, your glands swell up only because your body is fighting something.

I bought ____ organic Apple cider vinegar. I take a shot in the morning, and have only been doing this for two days.

The glands are no longer swollen! Within two days, the ACV has worked a miracle and I no longer have swollen glands!

Replied by Hillary K
New York, Ny

Hello when I take ACV my nodes get bigger, maybe this is a cleanse and then in a few days will go lower?

Posted by J T (Melbourne, Australia) on 12/07/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hello I was reading the threads for Swollen Lymph nodes and under Ted's recommendations as the Lymph nodes under my chin to the left of my face have swollen to 3 times normal for 5 weeks now.. I still don't know what is causing it though the CT showed no serious ailments..... Amoxil and Doxcycylin didn't work so I tried Apple Cider Vinegar. I just started drinking swigs from the bottle an organic brand here called Macro... I have so much energy today I feel something is definitely improved in those area regarding ACV.... I am also a firm believer in Calcium Ascorbate... Pure VIT C and have been taking that as well.... I recommend take the AC vinegar with some suitable foods as its a bit strong or mix with other suitable juice or water... I am going to keep taking it. I felt like I was sweating out an infection overnight and hope in time this marvelous tonic called AC Vinegar might help thank you to everyone who wrote under this topic for Swollen Lymph nodes you helped me!! Cheers all the best to you...Jane

Replied by Marissa
Baltimore, Maryland

Hello, I've been sick for the passed forty eight hours and my neck glands hurt so bad that I couldn't speak and I wouldn't eat or drink anything. So after a long sleepless night, today I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar and only had two teaspoon fulls. I didn't know it taste so bad and burned like a mofo. If this doesn't work, what should I do next without the Apple Cider Vinegar please...

Posted by Bhebhe (Capetown, Southafrica) on 08/01/2011

will Apple Cider Vinegar help me I had swollen glands for2yrs now how must I take it with what?

Posted by Marie (Sun City, Az) on 06/07/2011

Will this remedy work on calcified/hard lymph nodes? I have one that showed up in my neck a few months ago after a bad cold and am on immune suppressive therapy for lupus. All blood work came back fine - it is painful and tends to cause skin above it to become red and itchy so I put hydrocortisone cream on it.

Replied by Ben
St. Louis, Mo

Where is your lymph node and how big? I've had a calcified/hard lymph node for almost 8 yrs would love to know if you were able to remedy this. Mine is not painful except rarely and slight if that and no redness. Been freaking me out lately for some reason just don't like it being around.
Replied by Andrew
Jaipur, India

I have swollen lymph nodes in my left side of Neck for almost a year. It's painless. I did all my blood and other test and nothing is clear. Doctors are saying to go for biopsy then they will decide how to treat it.

Would you please advise me if I should try with ACV 1st in this situation as I don't want to go for any surgery if it can be cured by ACV.

Replied by Ky Mama
Clinton, Ky

20 years ago I had several lymph glands that were swollen for at least 6 months. All tests were normal and so was a biopsy. I still get swollen glands sometimes and there are a few things that help. One is peppermint essential oil. I massage it into the gland. (Avoid contact with mouth or eyes. ) Another thing that helps is castor oil. Massage the oil into the swollen gland a couple of times a day. You could alternate with peppermint oil. One time when I was sick, a gland in my neck was very sore and swollen. I made an herb poultice and kept it on overnight. It helped so much. I mixed 1 part red raspberry leaf and 1 part plantain leaf. I moistened them with hot water and wrapped them in a piece of flannel. I used a bandana or something to attach it to my face. I didn't know about peppermint or castor oil then. Had I known about these remedies twenty years ago I would have saved myself surgery.

Daily exercise is helpful to keep lymph flowing and so is plenty of water. (Water with Apple Cider Vinegar would kill two birds with one stone there.)

Hope you can avoid surgery!

Hope you get some relief.

Posted by Happygal (Warner, Nh) on 05/05/2011

I have had issues with very painful lymph nodes under arms since contracting lyme many years ago. The homeopathic for unblocking was not working fast enough. In desperation I googled natural remedies for sore lymph nodes and voila this site was at the top. The poor grammar nearly made me go elsewhere but I read on.. Could anything so cheap and simple work? Alas no ACV but I did have red wine vinegar on hand. 2 TBS in water. Amazing, In less than a minute the pain is nearly gone. I am going to read more into alkalinity and natural remedies. Please people do something about your grammar!

Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

Exsuse me school marm!! This is a natural health site, not a spelling class! People come here in desperation and agony and English is not every 1'st first language!! Also the chronic pain we're in makes it impossible to type let alone SPELL properly. I suggest you get yourself enrolled in a class for compassion, empathy, and good manners! You Madam if you don't like it, go elsewhere!! How dare you come to this site and kick those who are desprately sick and dying, babies, whole families, people give their help freely and with love and understanding that we're all suffering!! I'd also demand a refund from the school of etiquette, none of which you have, and issue an apology to the thousands of people your stupidity, has probably upset to the point they're now afraid to post here for help any more!! How about leaving your E-mail address so they can show you how hurt and upset they are? YOUR CARELESS IDIOCY MAY HAVE COST SOMEONE'S LIFE!! These are fragile souls we're dealing with here, and if you had 1 in the first place, you would never had made such an insulting, hurtfull remark in the first place!! I suggest you start your own website and call it wheres my I could give you a few suggestions, but unlike you I consider the impact of lowering myself to Your level of density would have on these wonderful souls!! Andrea C
Replied by Michelle
Cambridge, Cambs / Uk

I agree. To Andrea, we are so lucky to have this site, and to be able to help each other. We are not posting to have our grammar corrected! So why not join us in our learning. process.
Replied by Whichann
San Bruno, California

Please, happygal, do something about your manners!
Replied by Beingfesticious
Campinas, Brasil

By the way, voila is spelled "voilĂ ". Just saying... because apparently this sort of thing is very important to you.

But seriously, keep sending your feedback (that was a good one you sent, actually). That's the true purpose of this site, and not learning english grammar (most people in this planet don't even have english as a first language anyway, like myself).

(forgive me for not letting that go, I just couldn't help it)

Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

With much love to you and your love one's, thank you x x x I speak english and my spellings real bad!! But what the heck, we're all here to get well, not spell!! God bless you x Andrea c x x x
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

I missed this post but I add my voice to all those who were outraged! English is my third language, I do try my best but I don't always succeed, something I have learned to live with and to be honest.... As I speak 7 I already think that I do a great job, as I think most people do here! As a former journalist I am very sensitive to the written word but I have never had complaints about the way people write on this site. And... Keep in mind that some mistakes are due to poor typing as well, as in my case, as I type very fast I sometimes to press the wrong key and often I don't have the time to proof read what I write. One thing, is the spel checker still working? I say this because it always tells me that I wrote no mistakes which I find a bit unusual. My English is quite good... not perfect....
Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

No wukking furries!! I had to restrain what I really felt like typing incase I got kicked off the site!! Ha! Ha! Love Ya! Andrea c X X X
Replied by Elly
Topeka, Kansas

People ought to respect the site and do their best to use good grammar and punctuation but since English isn't everyone's first language and many people are limited on time, we shouldn't be anal about it either. A suggestion I have is for the site moderator to remove controversy stirring portions of posts so we don't have a lot of outraged posts to follow. Lets keep this site positive and focused on folk remedies. I came here because many other sites got weighed down in sideline drama and chitchat. Is it also possible for those who join this site to be able to have a profile here that allows us to accept friendship requests from other members here and then be able to send private messages to our accepted friends (for remedy chitchat)?
Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

I think it is great that all nationalities/ages can use this site for relief from their ailments. Who cares if their grammar is not correct. Many people are too sick to worry about grammar. Says a lot about the people/person complaining.
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Having a profile seems a good idea to me. Even if you don't want to contact someone or have friends (I don't like that part because I lead quite a busy life so not having someone as a friend doesn't mean I don't value that person but might be seen as such, still I am always open to someone contacting me privately something I have done on some occasions). I think that it is nice to know the person's age, for example, as that explains some things, or to check whether we could be having the same, age related problem. Sometimes people mention their age, sometimes they don't. One thing I also like is people using their own names. This is not a controversial site, I think and anyway, who is going to know which Mary or John you are? I use my own name, anyway, I don't feel the need to hide behind some name I made up but I know this is an Internet fashion. Als maybe nice to know a little bit about the person but I understand many people wouldn't like it.

As far as censoring posts, I don't know. I feel people say what is in their minds, they don't mean to be nasty, but it is quite difficult to know what will go well with other people and what not. The person who commented on the grammar was being honest about what he or she felt and we were correct as well to react and say how we feel. I don't really believe in censorship other than when people are being abusive, here only to sell products... Although I don't mind someone introducing a product they believe in. By the way, the spell check is not working!

Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

Thanks Ellie x x x I just felt hurt for everyone that came here for help hun x Like I said I don't want to add to anyone's suffering, but I felt "correct your grammor?" may have upset people who live with chronic illnesses, or EC to be thier only hope forward's may have been very upset by such an insensitive remark, and made them afraid to seek the help they so urgently need. I didn't post it to start a thread war, I just did it on behalf of those who were hurt but may not have been able to exspress such a careless statement had put upset or fear into them sweet heart X I'm sure if it hadn't been me, it may have been someone else that would have bought up this issue, and now it's out in the open at least it gave people the courage to speak up, just the same as you have hun X God bless you Ellie, LOVE Andrea C X X X
Replied by Silxcite
New York, Ny Usa

While I concur that the OP's remark about the accurate grammar was uncalled for, I disagree with Andrea's inital comments. I think she was taking it too far with the libelous remarks. I'm rather shocked by all the hostility that was directed at the OP. Though its' not to say that I'm siding OP, its that I feel that the matter could have been dealt with in a more constructive matter (such as implementing Elly's suggestions)
Replied by Eve
Davao City, Philippines

Hi everyone. Just the same, everybody should be careful with what they say (write, in this case) and not be critical especially upon people (in this case Andrea), who are just trying to be of HELP for free, mind you. Let's treat each other with love, this is often difficult but we can try. God bless us all.
Replied by Happygal Was Right
Chandler, Az

If you went to a pharmacy to buy medicine and found a bottle that had bad grammar on the label, would you buy it? Probably not. That's the only point Happygal was making. She was saying that she wanted to trust and utilize this site, but was, at first, discouraged by what she read. It was constructive criticism.
Replied by Fenchurch
West Palm Beach, Fl

Woah guys, let's chill out, huh? I understand you completely, Happygal- if the advice isn't well-written, how do we know we can trust it? Advice from the uneducated may as well be no advice at all.

That being said, I'm certainly buying some Apple Cider Vinegar today! Thanks for the recommendation!

Replied by Shan
Adelaide, Australia

I think there is an essence of truth in happygals comment, to try for ultimate clarity when posting our remedies. Happygal perhaps could have in hindsight worded it as a kindly request not as an order however. There has been a lot of wasted energy in being angry with her since then... lets focus on helping one another, we are all on this site for the same reason, to heal, we just have different ways of expressing ourselves.
Replied by Doddie
Lawrenceville, Georgia, Usa

Yes, clarity is important. For example the borax and boric acid mishap.... A few missing, misspelled or added words can make a difference in understanding the protocol. That is why we need to check and double check other posts and get a real understanding or what we are doing before we attempt any treatment. Some may not have as much time as others. And when you are dead sick it is hard to type or even think. We are told to use caution and we must do that! I always look up several of Ted's remedies on a topic and then the success stories!
Replied by Davie
La, Ca

I had a barium swallow and follow through procedure. Two days later I had a swollen lymph node and I tried the apple cider vinegar it worked quickly. I was highly impressed. By the way happygirl, Nh is incorrect, it is actually NH. Come on now you should know that by now. The site is about unity, and healing, it is clearly not about division and whining.
Replied by Dirtyduck

Andrea C, bravo. I have never posted anything here before, but I just had to let you know how beautiful that paragraph is that you wrote. Thank you. I want to be friends with you!
Replied by Pinkkid
Forney, Tx

I can't wait to try this, I got Mono last Aug and my swollen lymph nodes have still not gone down. Hope this works..... and BTW If the person doesn't like that someone can't off here....don't be rude about it.....

Have a great Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Replied by Jennifer
Troy, Michigan

This is one of my top 50 posts :)

Firstly, I will be trying the remedy today as I am in pain with swollen glands and I am hoping for relief.

Secondly, I see both sides.. somewhat but have to say I side with "just leave the grammar be when it has nothing to do with a critical issue".


Replied by Bcnu147

Happy Gal - I read somewhere a few days ago about a man who was saying that he took colloidal silver 3 X per day for 6 weeks and his Lyme's disease was no more.

Posted by Minkxy (Brooklyn, Ny) on 04/09/2011

[YEA]  Just wanted to say that after having a bad cold, I could not get rid of a rattle in my chest accompanied with cough. Knowing no medicine could solve it, it didn't do anything. I woke up one day with my glands so swollen. I knew whatever had flowed into them. Got online, and found this site. Tried the ACV, WOW in 1 minute right side was gone. 6 hrs for other. And my cough and rattle disappeared. A few weeks later I felt it coming on again. Some ACV and water, some keifer the next day.... All gone. Thank's earth clinic and commenters!

Posted by Bernardo (Rochester, Ny) on 10/06/2010

[YEA]  I had swollen lymph nodes in my neck about one month after quitting smoking. I read about apple cider vinegar and decided I had nothing to lose besides about $5. I took three shots the first day and one shot every day after that, one week later the swelling is down and I feel much better. I definitely recommend giving this a try before anything else.

Replied by Onegreeneye
San Diego, Ca

First I tried Lavender Oil, on neck, jaw line, behind ears, it tingled, started working, then tried ACV. One day later, feeling way better, & surprisingly this is the second late night 4 me.. B4 I was fatiged- worth a try.. So worth it.. If u have facial jaw pain, soreness.. For a year I suffered, now better, & swelling is down.
Replied by P
California, Usa

[YEA]   Thank you for ACV advise, I've been having swollen gland for days now but it's finally cure by taking ACV. (practically overnight) I've been using ACV to help my son w/his sinus infection, which has been working really well. We've been able to avoid going to the dr and antibiotic because of this. We paired it w/ manuka honey from New Zealand which work as natural antibiotic. At any rate, I'm really glad ACV able to get rid of the swollen gland. Thanks again!
Replied by Mommainternet
Wake Forest, Nc

[YEA]   Thank you for the advice everyone shared. Had swollen glands and sipped about 3 tablespoons of the ACV - within a half an hour they had greatly reduced. I never expected it to happen so fast. Continued to take the same dose over the course of the day every 4 hours and again the following day. Feel so much better. Can't say how many times this site has helped me.
Replied by Alicupcake
Las Vegas, Nevada

I really hope this works because I have a terrible immune system & I always end up going to the hospital every time I'm sick, but my parents don't have money for that every month. I was looking up information about swollen lymph nodes & the symptoms I had, I found out that my swollen gland could be extremely cancerous & I get worried. Simply because I went to the doctor two days ago & all he gave me was ibuprophen, buy mucinex, & drink alot of water because my kidneys were starting to hurt. & he never told me what I had exactly except some virus. & I haven't gotten any better & I've gotten to the point where I can't eat for about two days unless it's a sip of soup. I know it might be because I'm not making myself eat but every time I do eat it feels as if my gland is going to explode, I really hope this works, thank you for the hope of cure [:

Posted by Martha (Phoenix, Az) on 09/29/2009

[YEA]  I am 30 years old and recovering from cellulitis/staph infection. The lymph nodes in the groin area of the leg where the infection began have been really swollen, limiting range of motion and causing significant discomfort walking, sitting Indian style, etc. Yesterday I took 2t ACV with about 8 0z of club soda (sparkling water) two times. This morning I already notice significant improvement, I can sit Indian style and don't notice any tenderness. I am truly amazed!

EC: From Wikipedia -

"Carbonated water, also known as soda water, can be produced in the home by "charging" a refillable seltzer bottle by filling it with water and then adding carbon dioxide. Club soda may be identical to plain carbonated water or it may contain a small amount of table salt, sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, potassium citrate, potassium sulfate, or disodium phosphate, depending on the bottler."

Replied by Kay
In The Valley, Ca

I understand the ACV, but I don't understand the club soda. Is there anything medicinal in the club soda, or does it enhance the ACV in some way? Just curious. Thanks for sharing.
Replied by Bcnu147

Selzer water is carbonated water with no salt or sugar - much healthier.

Posted by Ariana Lozano (Sacramento, Ca) on 09/24/2009

[YEA]  Hi,

I am 28 years old, and this summer I had my first experience w/ a swollen lymph node. I was told to drink hot tea w/ ginger root and a little pepper, and to gargle w/ warm salt water. While the tea was very soothing, there was no decrease in the swelling. After a few days of little improvement, I did some research and decided to try old faithful, Apple Cider Vinegar. They swelling in my throat decreased by half w/in minutes. Since then I have been reading about ACV and its helpful effects. The taste of it does not bother me at all, I love the tanginess, so I've never diluted it in water. I just take a shot out of the bottle. My question then, your website says to sip and not chug. Why? What difference does it make if I sip on it, or take it all at once? especially if I enjoy the taste. I am very curious. Thanks! Ariana

EC: We suggested sipping acv to keep the pH consistently alkaline. Only suggestions, nothing written in stone. Try chugging it and let us know!

Replied by Sally
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Will you get the same effect using ACV tablets?

The information reads on the bottle as follows:
ACV powder (supplying 35% acidity, calculated as acetic acid)
1 g per serving

Serving size 2 tablets

Other Ingredients: Cellulose, Maltodextrin, Stearic Acid and Silica

Replied by Lindsay
Somewhere North, Oklahoma

[YEA]   Man am I glad this site exists. Couldn't get back to sleep last night because my swollen lymph nodes were KILLING me (granted, smoking a hooka with a bad cough/cold was not a good idea but nonetheless I was in pain). I found this post and found (somehow) some apple cider vinegar and like magic in less than 3 minutes my pain was completely gone.

Seriously, thank you and keep the home remedies coming!

Replied by Ishmail
Phoenix, Arizona

Will i have them the same for long now. so what are u doing, dnking ACV or how you use it can u please tell me how to use it? i just drink and i have assage them with Acv. thank you very much i hope u respond to me...
Replied by Lilah
San Diego, Ca

[YEA]   The Apple cider vinegar works i tried the baking soda an salt it didnt do anything but when i tried the ACV my neck instantly felt better thanks for the home remedy.
Replied by Kristi

I had a tonsillectomy this past October, and since then my lymph nodes on my throat and jaw have been more sensitive. I did find relief while drinking elderflower tea, but it can get a bit pricey and it only helps for so long. The pain was getting worse because of a sinus infection I was trying to kick. I got antibiotics but still, nodes were on and off again painful. Saw this blog, left work for 20 mins and bought some ACV. It has been about 30 mins since I took it, and I gotta say there is some improvement in my right side node. My left is still a bit sensitive, but not as sensitive as it was earlier. Will take another shot before class! Thanks to everyone who posted about it, I was hesitant until I read all the great responses. Mahalo
Replied by Momma

My daughter has been sick since Sept. fatigued and very painful swollen glands in neck , she has had mono before and we thought it was that again after many tests dr visits no one knows why so praying this will work. Can you tell me if there is a specific type of ACV ya'll are using? And is there a specific amount each time that you should take plus how many times a day? Thank you hoping and praying this works.
Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Momma,

Many on this site use organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. There are many good brands. My personal favorite it Eden. I think it has the best taste. But Bragg's is good too and there are lots of good brands.

For acute sickness in my children, I give them Hot Vinegar Tea several times a day. 1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 Tablespoon Honey in a mug of hot water. That is the amount I use for a child 12 or over. For smaller children I give less.

We found Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to work very well for mono, even relapses. I was giving my son, who was 17 at the time, a Tablespoon three times a day. He ate it off the spoon, but didn't like it. :) But he is pretty stoic. He turned the corner in 36 hours.

I massage castor oil into swollen lymph nodes and find it helpful, too.

I hope your daughter feels better soon!

~Mama to Many~

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