Swollen Lymph Node Remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar, Castor Oil  

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Posted by Ziggy (Mississippi, MS) on 07/26/2009

I've read all the recommendations for taking down the swelling of a calcified lymph node and have a question: Many have written that using castor oil as a poultice helps to shrink the lymph node -- also taking ACV. Would it be safe and would it work to MIX the ACV with the castor oil and use that as a rub?? My mother is elderly and has a large calcified lymph node on her neck -- jawline and just in front of her ear. It is very hard and nothing has helped to take it down. If anyone has any information on this method. please send your comments to this site, and I will check back. Thanks so much!

Replied by Janice
Belden, Ms

I have that same thing going on with me. Doctor seems as if I was crazy they can see the swelling. I have the same problem that your mother has. If you or your mother find anything that will help her or me with this problem, please let me know and I will do the same. God bless you both.

Replied by Milla
Central, Nj, Usa

Maybe you should try switching some of the fats in the diet to coconut oil and other sources of medium chain triglycerides. These might put less stress on the lymphatic system.

I have had problems with swelling in the past, and find that bitter diuretics, such as celery seed tea, help. Celery seed increases blood flow to the liver and thins the blood, so make sure it is ok with other medications. I am sure there are other good herbs, too. I haven't tried many of the more exotic ones (some are expensive, so I will exhaust the pantry first! ). Parsley helps (I cannot eat it raw, so I saute it in a little good butter and scramble an egg),

Raw apple cider vinegar works really well - but sometimes you have to wait a few days.

This fall, after doing a lot of research on food history, I have started making oatmeal brose. This is a traditional scottish beverage, but does not seem to be drunk much in modern times. I find it to be very soothing and slightly diuretic. I pour 1 quart of boiling water over 1/2 cp of good oats. After it cools, it becomes almost syrupy (almost the consistency of aloe juice). The oats swell up a lot, but you can squeeze them in a cheesecloth to get all the liquid. Maybe it is because I am not eating the roughage with it, but this has a very different effect on me than just eating oatmeal porridge. It also might be more acceptable to your mother than some other concoctions, as its flavor is quite pleasant. It seems to reduce tissue and lymph node swelling. I have never seen this elsewhere, so I would be interested in seeing if others have experience with it. It shouldn't have any interactions with medications.

Maybe you could reheat it with some anti-inflammatory herbs, such as cinnamon or ginger.

I never use chlorinated water; it exacerbates all the bad things. If your mother is drinking and showering or bathing in chlorinated water, you should try to get a filter installed.

Maybe a natural source of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K2 would also help.

I hope that your mother improves.

Castor Oil  

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Posted by May All Be Blessed (Singapore) on 06/04/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have been sick for around 2 months. It started with a cold then progress to severe cough and ended with lymph node infection. My ear and throat was in pain even when I talk and no matter what I do, it just doesn't heal completely. I was getting worried as it seems to take too long to heal. So I started to search for natural remedies for swollen lymph nodes and came across castor oil application. I did not do the whole protocol. I simply apply castor oil to the area behind my ears and around my neck where the lymph nodes are. After doing this for 3 consecutive nights, I purged out a lot of mucus and I was about 90% healed. One more time of application and I was healed 100%. The pain which has been plaguing me for 2 months was completely gone in 4 castor oil application! Amazing!

Posted by Vinson (New Delhi, India) on 05/08/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I'm 28, Male and have been suffering from multiple lymph nodes on both sides of the neck for the past 5 years. I've had multiple fine need biopsy and Sentinel Lymph node excision biopsy and CT scans during after 6 months of onset but was inconclusive for many possibilities including lymphoma, sarcoidosis, TB, etc. The pathology mostly said it was Reactive Lymph nodes.

Also, my SCM muscles kept swelling up because of these and then wondered if it was Fibromyalgia after seeing some posts on earthclinic. Then I started a Sugar free, diet with minimum brown rice, lentils, beans, steamed veggies etc alternating with Carrot/Beetroot juice fasting intermittently ACV water, I had significant improvement in the swelling. I almost always felt better with the Juice fasting. But I was losing weight a lot. I was down from 160 pounds to 130 in 4 months and I put on almost all the weight in the next 2 months when I resumed my regular diet (high carb, occasional junk).

Then I started Cold CASTOR OIL application on the neck daily for 5 minutes and doing mild Excercise (Stretching, spot jumping) for 15 minutes before bathing for exactly 1 month while on a Zero Sugar, med carb, med protein, veggies diet while trying not to lose weight.

The Results were AMAZING. The Swelling around lymph nodes reduced significantly though not disappeared completely I'd say I feel much better. The SCM muscle swelling and no more flaring up which happen after meals earlier.

I halted this remedy after I had a scare yesterday after I reading in some post about castor oil application might spread certain cancers which might spread the disease.

I would definitely resume this method once I am sure I am not doing more harm by spreading bacterial/malignant conditions.

Would love Ted's or anybody elses feedback.

Replied by Diana
Vancouver, Canada

Hi, When I read your post I felt I should reply. You said you were jumping to activate your lymphatic system. I would recommend you continue to do so. Bouncing is a great way to cleanse your lymphatic system, so jumping on a trampoline or even skipping rope daily is an excellent way to keep your lymphatic system healthy.

A lymphatic massage might also be helpful.

Hopes this helps.

Replied by Amy

In 1993, I went to a concert and the next day I came down with the worst throat infection ever. It didn't go away fully, but got better, then a month later, I was very sick again. I now believe it to have been mono and I have been sick with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since and have been disabled since '97. I cannot sing or raise my voice without pain and I have difficulty swallowing and tenderness especially in the right side of my neck. It usually isn't as bad unless my resistance is down or I am sick or stressed, but the difficulty in swallowing has gotten worse and it's very scary. I have been very sick with asthma, sinus infection and my costochondritis. All of this makes me feel like I'm suffocating. Doctors have been no help in the throat issue. Say my tonsils are fine. Am supposed to have an ultrasound of thyroid done and see a gastro doctor. Am trying all kinds of home remedies and have completely changed my diet. No pop, dairy, soy, etc. Essential oil rubs and just used castor oil. Trying to jump up and down and get walk around as I feel up to it since I'm sick. Have a cellulite massager to use temporarily. Please tell me there is hope this will improve.

Posted by Barbara (Wellington, Nz) on 10/20/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I've had a tender lymph node on the side of my neck, running behind my ear, for a couple of weeks now. I started taking ACV twice a day, then increased to 3x a day. While there was some slight improvement, it wasnt enough so I've now tried castor oil - rubbed a small amount on my neck and behind my ear, put a towel on my pillow and then went to sleep for the night. When I awoke it was improved but not cured. Granted, it's only been one application so I feel that if I continue with the oil it will definitely heal.

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York

Also, try experimenting with an essential oil blend, ... Like lavender, rosemary, thyme, in a base of almond or jojoba... Or a theives oil blend which is Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, & Rosemary Oil. I put about 20 drops each in a 1/4 cup carrier oil... and test on skin for allergies.

You could also try layering this with the castor oil.

Posted by l (Sandusky, Ohio) on 10/25/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter was diagnosed with Lymphatic Malformation or Cystic Hygroma, (A large growth or swollen mass just under the skin in the neck/throat area), when she was born. It was alarming to say the least. It is a congenital birth defect, and it has to do with a defect in the venous system or Lymph system. The cyst are filled with Lymph fluid. It's also very unpredictable, and a cyst can swell up or go down at any time, and new cysts can appear at any time. The cysts can get very large, and cause deformities in the face and other parts of the body, and obstruct breathing. There is no known cure, except surgery and a drug that can be injected directly into the cyst called OK-432. Usually when the child gets sick or has an infection anywhere in the body, they swell up, or new ones appear. My daughter is two now. About 2 months ago, she developed a new cyst on the other side of her face/neck. I freaked out. I'm not to keen on doctors, because of what they put her through when she was born, and (No money, or a car), I'm always searching for an alternative cure.

I've had extremely good results with Castor Oil. I'm a big believer in this stuff. I buy big bottles of it at a time, it's great. I use it, whenever I have a problem. Edgar Cacey was a Christian, and always gave credit where credit was do, to God, and he felt motivated by him. There have been many, many documented reports over the decades of Castor oil really helping a lot of people for a wide spectrum of ailments. I put her on Castor oil packs about 4 times a week for two months, and the cyst went WAY down, and has stayed that way for a while now. Now, I'm not 100% sure that was what worked for her, but we seem to notice it beginning to shrink and a response from her as soon as we started her on the packs.

The packs are messy, and it's not easy to get a child to hold still for a pack on their abdominal area. So, I used an old throw away shirt, and safety pins. I safety pinned the saturated flannel section on the inside of the front of the shirt to cover her stomach, and generously massaged a large amount of the oil all over her cysts on her neck and throat. I did this regime at night, and in the morning gave her a bath or a shower. The heating pad is not really necessary, but helps, a lot. I did not do a heat source on her, because she is so young, she would never sit still for it. The first few nights, she was restless, and agitated, and was running a mild fever. Then in the morning, the fever would break. We noticed it getting smaller from than on. It really seemed to help her those packs. She seem to have a lot of energy and be in a good mood, the mornings after the packs. If and when this happens again, I'll try the packs again. Castor oil is great. Hope this helps her. Like Cacey said, Do the packs along with a prayer for healing.

Posted by Moorea (Santa Fe, New Mexico) on 05/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I am so grateful for this site! Last night I woke with a swollen lymph the size of a tennis ball and was terrified. I'm 24 and have never had something like this happen before. But, did a google search and found your site and Castor Oil recommendation. It REALLY works! I placed castor oil on the area and placed a flannel rag over it and a heat pad. This morning my lymph was still slightly swollen, but after a bath of epson salts, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar as well as eating miso soup (a very alkalizing food) I feel 100% better. I had been sick with a cold for about two weeks and these remedies seemed to cure that as well. I think it is also important to note that these remedies work really well when you have a frame of mind that supports curing yourself, by re-focusing on the things that give you joy and the things that you love, can only help you be more grateful and less focused on the thoughts that created this illness to begin with. Thank you so much!

Replied by Alexis

I was hoping for help. I have been have the same side effects and looked all over google to see if anything would help. I went to the doctor On Monday and they put me on Meds to see if it would help and so far nothing. it's only swelling when I eat its really making me worry. Also 24 and I haven't ever had a swollen lymph node that lasts this long and with this med its making me have bad nausea that's one of the side effects but I'm still worried. My boyfriend's telling me I just need to go back to the doctor but they told me to still take the Meds and they had me take a swab test for strep. No result yet. I hope this remedy works all try anything thank much ;)

Replied by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, Usa

Castor oil works well for swollen lymph nodes. Massage a small amount into the swollen area a few times a day. Peppermint essential oil works very well for this, the same way. I have done both. I seem to be very prone to swollen lymph nodes. Two decades ago, when I knew nothing of natural remedies, I just went the the doctor because my lymph nodes were swollen for 6 months with no apparent cause. I ended up having sugery (biopsy. ) I was fine. The lymph nodes swell when they are fighting infections. (I even get them when I get a canker sore. ) So, help your body fight the infection. Drink lots of water. 1/2 gallon a day. Add a couple of Tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar to this to improve its flushing ability. Also, you can try taking garlic like an antibiotic several times a day. 1 crushed clove mixed with honey on a little piece of bread 3-4 times a day. Or you could get a garlic supplement at the health food store. They odorless type, if you prefer. (Though I think fresh is the best, but the other okay if the fresh is beyond what you would take.)

Hope that helps!

Posted by Mary (Pismo Beach, Ca) on 04/02/2008
1 out of 5 stars

I've had a swollen lymph node for over 3 weeks now, and had started using the castor oil with a heating pad over 2 weeks ago. It had not helped for me at all. I'm going to try the sea salt w/ baking soda remedy now and see how that works. Thanks for your help

Posted by Bianang (Sarasota, FL) on 01/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the ACV orally plus the ACV, H202 & epsom salt bath to help reduce my son's swollen lymph nodes. I did this for 5 days and it did seem to help soften it a bit but the most improvement I've noticed was after I massaged the swollen nodes with CASTOR OIL. After applying the castor oil, I applied a piece of cloth (should be flannel), then a plastic bag then a heating pad. I also applied did the CASTOR OIL PACKS in the stomach area. This is supposedly outlined in the Edgar Cayce's readings (he was a healing psychic). There was a significant reduction in swelling (flattening) within 2 days after I started with the castor oil. If you do an internet search on castor oil for swollen lymph nodes it will give you the detailed procedure.

Replied by Janet
Montgomery, Ny
1 out of 5 stars

after using caster oil bandage for 24 hours, there was more fluid there.

Clay Baths, Castor Oil  

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Posted by Kortni (Sonora, Ca) on 05/09/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I often get swollen lymph nodes from toxin overload and taking a clay bath (which pulls the toxins out) almost always helps. The same goes with having a sore throat, it's painful because toxins are being stored there and clay baths and castor oil packs really help me.

Replied by Tm
Brisbane, Australia

Thanks Kortni. I just posted asking if anyone else experienced swollen legs and feet from heavy metal detoxing, and I realize I have also had swollen armpits, so you just answered my question, and I have been having a sore throat and just assumed I was coming down with a cold. Thank you for your feedback, it really helped me.

Dietary Changes, Castor Oil Packs  

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Posted by Kay (Middletown, New York) on 11/30/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I have a swollen lymph node in my upper inner right thigh for about three years and I was keeping it at bay with an alkaline diet free of sugar and castor oil packs. Then I lost the diet and now the lymph node is very large with fluid there.

I will try to get back on track with my sea salt and cut out sugar. I will do the ACV today with some sea salt. I'll try to get some castor oil today as well.

(No money or insurance to get a definitive diagnosis)


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Posted by Catlyn (Washington) on 08/20/2016
0 out of 5 stars

I've been trying out some of the remedies for a swollen lymph node in my neck. My doctor and NAET practitioner agree that's what it is. (If there isn't a section on Earth Clinic for NAET treatments, there should be.) Anyway, I started using echinacea and elderberry tea. It also has some other herbs in it. I made it up and drank 2-3 glasses a day cold. In less than a week, I had to go to the doctor because my heart was racing and when I took a deep breath it hurt from my chest up into my neck. I had read about some of the side effects of echinacea that morning before my appointment and thankfully thought to take the box with me to show her. She said it was definitely the tea, prescribed a drug to slow my heart rate down, and told me to drink lots of water. She said she's seen the same problem with energy drinks. So, after a few days off the tea and on the blood pressure medicine, I'm feeling back to normal. I'll be more cautious with the remedies I try next. I've used a homeopathic lymph tonic with echinacea and had no problems. I think it was the amount I was drinking with the tea this time, or perhaps the combination of all the herbs. I think I will stick with drinking apple cider vinegar and rubbing castor oil on the lymph node. The castor oil rub on a bone spur in my foot has worked well.

General Feedback  

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Posted by Anon (Anon) on 01/25/2013

I pinch the skin on the inside of the elbow and feel small bumps. I am wondering if this is normal? There are larger bumps in the abdomen area. Is this blocked lymph system?

Replied by Anon

Hi, I think you just need to exfoliate your skin a few times a week with sea salt in a mixture of coconut oil - it will go then.

Posted by Lotusqi (Hongkong) on 10/23/2011

Hi Ted,

I need to ask you an important question. I've been taking lemon juice (1 whole lemon squeezed) 1/4 teaspoon baking soda for a week to help my neck glands to subside. But the lump is still there. I've also been taking the zinc supplement once a day.

What should I do? Is my formula correct? What other diet or food that I must stay away or take more? How long must I stick to this alkaline drink before I can see result? I've to visit my EarNoseThroat (ENT) Specialist this weekend already!! Please advise.

Thanks so much for your time. God bless.

Posted by Ron (Toronto, Canada) on 10/06/2011


I have problem with lymph node behind left ear. First my right lymph node behind ear got swollen and painful. I went to doctor and he prescribed amoxycylin (3 pills daily). He told me it's an ear infection (bacteria).

Few days later right lymph node started to decrease in size, but then lymph node behind left ear showed up and increased. When I finished with antibiotic (after one week) my right lymph node completely disappeared. Left one also decreased in size but was still there so doctor gave me a prescription - topical antibiotic Fuzidin.

I used it on the node as well as Tea Tree Oil. So my left lymph node became even smaller but still didn't disappear completely. Already one and a half month passed and it's very small but still there. When I touch it there is no pain at all. I am wondering if there is any problem with it? When would it disappear completely? Should I visit doctor again?

Thank you!

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa

Ron, I have had excelent results with Lapico or Pau-Da arco for swollen lymph. Message with vit E oil w/ lemon or cold liver oil to drain and strengthen. I also have good results with magnets for swollen, painful lymph nodes. I have also used small vibrator to help the lymph. It also looks like your body needs detoxing. I hot epsom salt bath plus Dr.Christopher's herbal "red colver combination" would make your immune system happy. good luck.

Replied by John
Sligo, West / Ireland

I have swollen glands under my left armpit. It is like a lump/ball. My doctor said it was a swollen lymph node and subscribed 500 mg of fuicillin. This reduced to lump. However when I finished my dose it came back. I have ised vitamin e since 400 iu and this has helped somewhat. I'm trying to find a remedy as I'm hesitant and worried I'll have to get it cut out. I do not like being knocked out by general anesthetic.. Thanks

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa

John, the Cayce recommended Castor Oil pack would surely help. In my few cases of enlarged lymph nodes, I used Pau de Arco capsules or tea, and message the gland or even use vibrator to help drainage. I have also had very good results with magnet therapy on the swollen lymph.

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand

If the lymph node is black, it sounds like its congested with blood. They are there to act as a barrier to any infection, some times they just swell up. Try Arnica applied topically, or just wait for it to return to normal.

Replied by Kat
Comox, Canada

I had a lumpectomy in May of last year and the margin were close and not as clear as the surgeon would have liked to see, I chose no chemo or radiation, do you think this was a big mistake??? After my reading and research I was so unclear as to what to do. I focuesd mainly on alternative medicine, diet , Ph levels, and sugar levels.

As of October, a new sudden large hard moveable lump has formed in my arnpit 2-3 cm, the ultrasound report called it a " lobular mass lesion", What does this really mean ??? The ultrsound report is very vague, although the breast part where surgery was done with the scar is all fine- seems clear acording to the scan.

Treatment options please!!!! To help shrink, dissolve. Can and will this hard lump go down without surgery, and time , what would be the risks and benniftes of surgery ? I have been doing castor oil packs with blood root, am on various chinese herbs , along with Vit- E, baking soda and Molasses, supplements. Is Mistetoe something that is recommended ? I heard of magnet therapy- where would I get this and how to use?? Should I be doing lugols daily?

Hopefully I did not scatter too much. This is really scary for me. My last visit with the surgeon I was told if I do nothing I will be dead in 6 months. WOW, trying to stay positive, I did manage to find a new MD Doctor that does think outside the box and seems more positive which I really need and believes in alternative medicine. I was told get focused, find something, believe in it and go with it, harder than I would ever imagined. I also need some good advice on meditation, cancer really plays tricks on the mind. I keep saying it's just cells and a word, get over it, not as easy as one would think. Thanks in advance for reading this, Kat


Try Frankincense pure therapeutic grade essential oil both topically and internally under the tongue.

Replied by Natalie
North Royalton, Oh

Research Gerson therapy. Go to Gerson.org Also watch videos on youtube.com about Gerson therapy. Gerson therapy is when you do coffee enemas, juice veggies, eat lots of potassium rich foods to help your body get rid of toxins and cure yourself of cancer. My mom is doing that right now for breast cancer. Look into it and read the book: Healing the Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson. Good luck.

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh

There is a Yahoo Iodine Group that you can join and they can tell you the exact iodine protocol and point you to the iodine for breast cancer site specifically. It may not be the only element in your protocol, but from what I have read, it seems to be important.

Replied by Kat
Comox, Canada

This is such a trying time breast cancer, I too had a lumpectomy done and now I have a large hard mass in my lymph node about 2-3 cm, I opted out of chemo and radiation for now, I am also doing whatever naturally I can do, from baking soda and molasses, to Chinese herbs, I have watched the gerson therapy protocol- it looks amazing I am doing my best to keep my Ph level above 7 at all times , and am reducing myself to a close vegan diet , I am not sure how much lugols iodine to do daily if daily so anything you can share would be so great as well. My heart goes out to your Mom- how is she doing? Kat

Replied by Tina
Houston, Usa

Please read the book 'Knockout' by Suzanne Somers who has managed to pull together a host of doctors who with alternative treatments are curing folks of their cancer.

I just finished reading the book and a MUST read for anyone who is suffering from or aiding someone with cancer, or for anyone who proactively wants to take steps in their life to keep it at bay.

Replied by Mainsail06
Katy, Tx

You could try applying castor oil packs to the mass every day for 60 minutes per session (Edgar Cayce), and jumping on a mini trampolin several times a day to get your lymphatic fluids flowing.

Replied by Lisa
Rabat, Morocco

Kat, good for you for choosing not to do chemo. I think it is only asking for more cancer down the road. Look into using Lugol's/Iodoral for your tumors. I believe it is recommeded to take from 50-300 mg daily, the more the better, plus there are supporting supplements that you need to take with it. I would second the recommendation to join the iodine Yahoo group. There are many wonderful and supportive people and you will find lots of good information. Iodine is an important part in your health, but not the only one. Best of health to you.

Replied by Natalie
North Royalton, Oh

Hi, Also I'd like to add that you cannot have any contact with fluoride. My mom is doing Gerson therapy and they are very specific about not even showering in fluoride treated water. So my mom buys distilled water and cooks food with it, washes dishes with it and warms it up and washes herself with it. Its very difficult but fluoride is a big no, no on Gerson therapy. She started the therapy about 3 weeks ago and shes still trying to get used to it. Not only do you do coffee enemas but you also take castor oil enemas. Its a grueling process to detox, detox, and more detox. She drinks 13 juices a day and does 5 enemas a day. She also takes the Gerson specific supplements to help kill the tumor. If you read the book that I mentioned previously, it will explain everything. My mom had done the DMSO intravenously and then she moved on to drinking it for about 2 years, but her tumor still grew. She also did b17, laetrile, and artemisisnin, but nothing helped and the tumor kept growing. So we decided to do Gerson therapy. Hopefully, it will be the one that works :) Good luck on your research and finding the right path for you.


Hows your mom doing would love to know is she doing better

Replied by Cameron
Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Hey Kat, Look at the Cancer replies on this site, they all apply for you.

Hydrogen Peroxide injected into the mass kills it or you can dilute it and drink the diluted mix. Look online for Black Salve, if the lump is close to the surface it will draw it out, this is very painful for large lumps and you will need pain medication and your co-operative GP/MD for pain medication.

Go to cancertutor.com

Spirulina and Chlorella. Paw Paw Leaf tea. Organic Juice Diet. B17 found in Apricot Kernels, Red Grape seeds. Colloidal Silver. I will start posting now about H E M P oil, the spacing is so the F e d s do not snoop the post, sorry about that. Amazing cure for hundreds of conditions including Cancers.

If it were me I would not have a biopsy as that makes a neat little hole for any Cancer Cells to escape and make new homes somewhere else and make any further treatment hundreds of times harder and lower your odds of survival dramatically.

Stay fit, stay happy and keep positive.

The people I see survive always stay positive and follow their treatment exactly.

Best of luck to you. BTW Chemo always destroys parts of your brain affecting logic and memory. I would never ever have Chemo.

Replied by Kat
Comox, Bc

Thanks for all your info, and suggestions greatly appreicated, dealing with cancer is not a easy space place to be, everyday I thank the Lord that I am still hear and have two legs and heart beat, I am learning so much , has anyone out there used poke root and blood root , I do externally but not sure about the saftey internally , if so how much do I take daily, I hear and had read this is a really herb tintcure as well as good for tumors as well, the tumor in armpit is really sore not sure is this a bad sign or good- could this be a sign healing as well, ???? It seems inflamed a bit more than usual, I am doing rebounding and silver and castor oil packs as well, I think I will start mistletoe as well. I figure the more the better chance I have , is taking large dose vit C the same as doing the IV treatment vit C? Can it be effective? Has any one heard of IPT therapy its a insulin low dose chemo therapy, I really need to learn relaxation, vision therapy, meditation, seems so hard when Cancer is with me daily and my day is just taking, mixing, reading interneting and taking care of ME, I feel so absorbed on most days and out of control. Once again thanks for being out there and understanding. Keep the postive post coming it's a time I really need them, Kat

Replied by Lalaboo
Navotas, Manila, Philippines

Hi! I'm a 32 year old female and amother of 2 wonderful kids. It's been 12 years since I had my first excision biopsy in my left collar bone. and it's been 6 years since I was first diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma.

the wound fromy first operation is (the result according to my first doctor was non specific lymph adenitis) still swollen have hole and there's still fluid coming out of it. The second was done july 2006 on my right shoulder. The wound healed after 3 days. But the result was devastating! I was positive for hodgkins lymphoma. I underwent chemo for 7 months for 14 sessions and 1 month radiation. all the mass shrinked its big sizes, but theres still a few left in my neck and in my left underarm.

3 years after, I got a miracle from heaven. I got pregnant again which I didn't expect anymore because my doctors said that I can't be pregnant again. But I did. and thankful for my healthy baby boy even though I had gone hysterectomy after giving birth to my 2nd child.

i thought everything is going good, even though I still have my wound in my neck that sometimes heals but most of the time is open and secretioning fluid (like right now).. Until I decided to have it removed again january of 2010. The result was like the 2nd result to my biopsy. I got my hodgkins lymphoma back again. I undergo with chemo again, but this time just for 6 months and 6 sessions only.

My wound in the neck closed during and after the chemo but march last year it was open again. And the lymph node in my underarm grew even bigger. And I got new mass again the middle of the collar bone, even in my left breast. I still haven't gone to a doctor since last year. I have my kids to feed first through the help of my mom because I couldn't find a job because of my scary looking neck.

I'm afraid my doctor would tell me to go through chemo again. I don't think I still can make it anymore. Right now I am taking herbal medicines but I think they don't work for me anymore. I just think they're all making all it even worse.

Reading all your feedback/comments makes me really wonder. You're still all lucky you didn't go through what I've been going through. Be happy and be thankful. I am thankful still. Because god gave me 3rd life, a daughter and a baby boy and a supportive family and friends. I still feel good because of my love for them. I don't want to let them down.

I will fight cancer until the end. And while I am having a battle with it, I'll just smile and still give thanks to the lord. God bless everyone! : )

Replied by Raw
Uniontown, OH

I am so sorry to hear that the cancer has returned. Please see if you can get some low dose naltrexone and take 4. 5 mg. of it each night. It helps many people with cancer, along with alkalizing the body with lemon and baking soda, twice a day. Take good care and know that the prayers of many are with you. Maybe you could find Bill in the Phillipines to help you?

Replied by Louisa
Wichita Falls, Texas

You may try Castor oil packs, it should cleanse the lymphatic system. Also look into IC VALVE sometimes it's open or close and that can cause a lot of problems. A good chiropractor can help you, it's rubbing motion on the right side. The IC VALVE, between the belly button and the right hip bone, draw an imaginary line, and half way go down 2 inches and there is where the IC VALVE is. GOOGLE it. Hope this helps. It really helped me, I had clear liquid coming from my belly button and had a lot of issues with my health, two day later when I adjusted my IC valve my belly button completely cleared up, but I had to Detox several times, because I was Toxic. By the way I'll be 65 and I don't take any medicine only supplement, teas , clay, castor oil, ACV, baking soda and I sometime Fast.

Replied by Patricia
Knoxville, Tn, Usa

Lalaboo, I once did these things when I was quite ill as did a friend who was as ill as you. That was just over 20 years ago and we are both well. Eat totally organic, and eat no red meat, no white flour, and no sugar. Take high doses of vit C and take pancreatic enzymes. Eat green and drink green drinks. Drink a tea called Essiac. It has four herbs that aid in killing off the bad guys in your body and it also helps in the de-toxing of your body.

You are de-toxing and rebuilding your immune system. Stay away from chemicals in the home and on the body. That means the fingernails as well.

Clean the colon with high enemas or colonics often. Research with books to know what to replenish as I can not tell you everything here. When I became seriously ill, I read many books and found a doctor who helped me with all labs. If you are vit D3 deficient, a doctor can tell with blood work and guide you on the amt to take. Vit D3 is important for the immune system just like vit C. My thoughts are with you. Read books on this!

Replied by Patricia
Knoxville, Tn, Usa

Lalaboo, So unsatisfied with my first note and I am not sure it was even acceptable. I have never written on a forum before. Please find the books to read on curing the body of cancer. You must go at it 100% which means no cheating even for one cup of coffee or a glass of wine. One must become total in the journey of adding no more toxins to the body. James F. Balch's book has needed information for you on coffee enemas for example. (organic only, of course) Some things have to be replaced in your system and this book will guide and educate you. He has an M. D. And nutritional background. There are many other good books as well.

Read Ascorbic Acid Flush in his book and Blood Purifier drinks as well. Drink only pure water. Our problem with tap water here is chlorine and fluoride. Again, High doses of vit C and pancreatic enzymes as directed. Brew and drink essiac tea morning and evening. Do not get confused with all the information out there and become overwhelmed. Do the major basics and help your body heal itself. I did 20, 000 vit C a day and it did not come out in my urine. My body used all of it. When it started appearing in my urine, I cut back. I was recovering at that time and after a year, my blood work showed normal. I do 3, 000 a day now per Linus Pauling's research.

De-tox, rebuild immune system, and eat only pure food with no red meats. Macrobiotic food is good for the healing of the body. Do colonics if available.

Think of chemicals, where they are and do not use them. Nothing on your nails ever. I was ill with this disease (breast) and a friend of mine was stage 4. She did what I did and we are here and well and it was over 20 years ago for us. She did surgery and chemo once and I did neither. We both denied radiation.

Coconut oil (unrefined and organic) can be used on your skin and nails. I also put it on my veggies and I give 1 T to my 70 lb. Dog on his food twice a day. (per my vet) Blessings to you.

Replied by Patricia
Knoxville, Tn Usa

Lalaboo, Please go to www.cancertutor.com and read, read, read. Start nourishing your body with the cancer diet, de-toxing quickly by cleansing the colon, and drinking the essiac tea morn and eve. This web site will help you and if you could find a holistic Dr. or other experienced practictioner for guidance, that could help you move quickly. If not, move forward yourself and do not waver.

These wonderful web sites are linked. I found this cancertutor.com because of earth clinic. You are on the right track! When you heal your body of cancer, your open wounds will also heal. ( I'm sure you know this... ) Could you let us hear from you again?

Replied by Suzanne
Pittsburgh, Pa, Usa

Thanks for recommending the cancertutor.com site-----I will check it out. I have to mention that I tried the essiac tea and it tasted so horrible that I couldn't continue with it.

Replied by Patricia
Knoxville, Tn

Suzanne, I used organic (of course) essiac. I just wonder if you had these directions. You have prepared a large amount refrigerated. Each time shake it to mix well. Add 2oz to 2oz of fresh spring water. Drink daily on an empty stomach before bedtime. I did it morning and bedtime. It would be too bitter full strength. Some say 2-4 oz added to equal amts water. I did the 2-2 ratio as did my friend who had stage 4 breast cancer.

Replied by Mary L.

Hi there. How are you doing now? I have your same issue and prognosis from my oncologist 3 months ago. I went on full gerson therapy and it seems to work.

Posted by Phil (Pittsburgh,pa, Pa/usa) on 09/28/2011

I was out mowing the lawn three days ago and I just got stung by two bees or wasps. I got stung on my right arm and also on my left ear. there were no stingers present, but there was pain and itching. There was a slight rash on my right arm but I treated it with baking soda and the itch is gone.

But two days after I was stung, I felt a slight lump on the right side of my neck. It's painless, but I was wondering if it is a swollen lymph node or just a reaction from the stings. After reading the posts on this site on swollen lymph nodes, I just started taking apple cider vinegar. I wonder if it is going to work or should do something else with it?