Swollen Lymph Node Remedies

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Posted by Jared (Sherman, Tx, Usa) on 12/01/2010

[NAY]  I recently came across this site looking for some answers. I had a huge knot rising up under my jawbone. I recently quit smoking, so everything I was reading seemed to fall right into place. I started with the ACV, sea salt, baking soda mixtures immediately with the feeling of elation, as if I had just found a miracle cure. In my situation, the knot had started as a tiny little bump, that had developed into the size of a golf ball within three days. The pain I felt was from the swelling and pressure it was placing on the muscles in my neck and not so much from the knot itself, although the swollen area was tender to the touch. After two days of following every little tip I could find on this site, the golf ball had turned into a lemon, and I now had a massive headache, dizzyness and total body fatigue setting in.

I broke down and went to the doctor. Doctor 1 looked at my neck and drew blood to do a white cell count. He concluded, that it was not a swollen lymph node, but instead, an abscess that needed to be drained. Being that it was located where it was, I needed to immediately go see an ear nose and throat specialist to do this procedure. At this point, I was not really happy about the fact that someone was going to stick a needle into my neck, but the relief I was going to get was well worth any misery that it may cause. Little did I know, this procedure would never take place.

I went to the specialist, who came in and read over the referring doctor's paperwork and then looked at my neck, and told me that I needed to just calm down, and don't worry about anything. He told me that it was not an abcess. It was indeed a swollen lymph node, in the beginning. The lymph node had swollen up, and blocked the salivary gland behind it. The huge knot under my neck was the salivary gland swelling up because it was blocked. I was prescribed a four day steriod pack and sour hard candy to stimulate the salivary gland. I am now on day three and the knot is down to the size of a dime. I feel pretty certain that it will be gone by the end of the day. Sometimes, we do just need to breakdown and go to the doctor.

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Posted by Steveplc (London, UK) on 04/27/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  i've been oil pulling for three months now. The lumps under my jaw have swollen and i assume they are lymphs. They started swelling about a month into oil pulling, any clues? Thank you

Posted by Kjirsti
Central Alberta, Canada
A lot of people will get swollen lymph nodes a few weeks into oil pulling, it's usually from lack of water. Are you drinking 2-3 glasses after you pull?

Massaging the area, rebounding and yoga have been beneficial to get rid of the swelling for most people. Some also use detox tea, and/or increase their salt intake by a little bit.

Always remember to drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins :)

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Posted by Susan (New York) on 08/31/2012

Hi Ted, What is your experience with Rebounding on Trampoline ? Is that suppose to be good for lymph system? Flushing the lymph while stimulating the immune system and defending against cancer and other ailments.

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Susan, I'm not Ted but I have had a rebounder for years. They are very instrumental in keeping the lymph system healthy. Even if you aren't super fit, you can do what they call the health bounce and that will be just as beneficial. I know for the rebounder that I ordered, you can even get an attachment which is a handle for those who are older or unsteady so you can gently bounce for the benefits. Hope this information helps. Lisa
Posted by Anonymosaurus Rex
Somewhere, Alone, Listening To Radiohead
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As an addition to Lisa's comment - jogging or skipping (or just jumping up and down on the spot) can also give you the similar benefits without the need for extra equipment.

If you are not in physical condition to do either of those, gently bouncing whilst sitting on a properly inflated exercise ball will help, and it will provide a good exercise to help get your muscles into better condition too.

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Posted by Paula (New Zealand) on 07/01/2014

Hello, I'm on here to find some information for my daughter who is an adult living overseas from me, she has developed pus pockets on each side of her throat but no pain with this and she can push from the outside by pressing against her neck and the pus will release from behind the little nodules inside her throat? sorry I dont know if its tonsils or adenoids? that the pus is hiding behind in her throat. She has very bad breath with this. She has told me she had this about ten years ago but thought it had gone away but it has recurred and she has had it noticibly again with the bad breath for several months. She has had a perforated ear drum for the last ten years that has never healed .She has been told it wont heal without surgery as there is to much scar tissue.She suffered with constant ear infections /issues as a child and still occassionally has ear ache flares. She does green juices and eats salads and very healthily she also exercises and looks well. I know she has a root canal in her front teeth which she refuses to have removed as she will have to have her teeth out to do this. I would dearly like to hear any input that may be of help for her. She takes iodine and DE and vit C and several other things.I am sending her some MSM organic sulfur to take also. She lives overseas. Thank you

Posted by Mama To Many
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Dear Paula,

I had a friend who had something similar many years ago. It was related to her tonsils, which she had out. I am not suggesting that your daughter do that, but it does sound like this is related to tonsil infection.

She could try gargling something anti-infective a few times a day. She could do one of the following:

colloidal silver

salt water (1/4 teaspoon in 3 ounces)

cayenne water - 1/4 teaspoon cayenne in 4 ounces water - really burns, but kills infection nicely. Put chap stick on first to avoid burning lips

She could also snort up into her sinuses colloidal silver or salt water a couple of times a day.

Since the ears are an issue, daily colloidal siver or peroxide in each ear a couple of times a day might be helpful, too.

At the same time, taking a clove of garlic, crushed in some honey or on bread, a few times a day, will be anti-biotic in nature.

It sounds like she is already doing some good things. She can up the vitamin C a good bit, likely. She can take it to bowel tolerance to maximize the effectiveness. (Take as much as needed to get loose bowels and then cut back a little.)

I hope she will feel much better soon!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Kat (Campbell River, Bc, Canada) on 01/12/2012

I had breast lumpectomy to remove a large2/3 cm mass in my left breast. I choose not do radiation or chemo, this procedure was done May of last year , now three months ago I have a large hard moveable lymph node in the armpit about 1-2cm , cancer favored according to the ultrasound report- the only recomodation from the surgeon is to remove more of the breast tissue to try to get clearer margins and then remove a lot of lymph nodes followed by radiation and chemo, I am not very willing to do the above.

I believe this lump is from the oringnal lump that was removed and the cells and remaining blood drained into my lymph node. I think, but could be wrong, that my body should be able to rid itself of this. Could this be, or are my hopes too high ??? Has anyone gone through this as well??? or what is a good treatment option naturally, to help shrink this, large lymph node after surgery??? I was told by the nurse in the surgeons office that if I do nothing I will be dead in six months. WOW!!! That was hard to take just before christmas!!! They want me to have a Ct SCAN and BONE SCAN both of these tests are done with a contrast dye and radiation. If cancer is caused by radiation and I know I am battling cancer, what is the benefit- is this a wise treatment option for me to do??? I am seeing a TCM and have been doing many natural remedies, I need help with anything/remedy that would and I should be trying, thanks in advance for you support and knowledge.

Also does anyone know of a MD family Doctor on Vancouver Island or in Vancouver that may think alternatively as well , I am also having a hard time requesting blood tests that my TCM feels are very valuable to help direct a natural remedy, the Doctors I have seen so far feel this is a waste time. Any info and feed back is appricated thanks in advance KAT

Posted by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West South Africa
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Hi Kat, Your best bet to survive is to find a person who does vit c IV. While you are doing that google liposomal vit c & study it very carefully so you know exactly what to do. Please do not ignore this as it can save your life & in the meantime alkalize your body & start taking lugols iodine- you can make it yourself. The formula is in "A Cure for all Disease" (Hulda Clark).

I sure hope for your sake that you will take this advice to heart. Also try to stop worrying as it just makes your body more acidic, cancer is not a death sentence as long as you do not go to drs then your survival rate is 2-3 %. I f you do try this method it is virtually 100%. Good luck.

Posted by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West South Africa
156 Posts
HI Kat, Seeing that you live In Canada look up Rick Simpson & THC oil because that is guaranteed to cure you, it cures just about any ailment so stop worrying.
Posted by Kat
Comox, Bc
How do you you make these remedies at home? Thanks for your help- do I ingest Lugols or just put on topically? How much do I take and how often to take? I am already using baking soda 2/3 times a day to alkalize my body along with no sugar. Can the Vit c be taken internally and get the same benefits? Thanks in advance, Kat

P.S. do you think this lymph node will go down on its own in time w/ remedies, what are your views on a CT scan? I am so so confused- thanks again

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Kat, here is the iodine protocol for breast cancer. I hope it helps you.


Posted by Joyce (Nakuru, Kenya/rift Valley/kenya) on 11/30/2011

I have a child who have lymph nodes that grow on the neck and at the lower chin. She has been medicated without response and I am worried so much. Please assist me in way. Thanks

Posted by Caroline (Cork, City, Ireland) on 09/23/2011

Hello, I have discovered 2 swollen lymph nodes on the left side of my middle and lower neck, they're very, very small and soft and mobile, can't find them sometimes when I move my neck. have no sickness or effects from them- thank god not visable, but don't want them there. I slept for many years on this side of my neck, and often my neck and shoulder suffer discomfort over this, got an ear piercing on the right that hurts still since it was done in 2007, can't sleep on my right, can anyone help me? I haven't been to a doctor since I was 11yrs old, I believe in mind over matter and home remedies... would love some home cures please.

Posted by Crb (Bangalore, India) on 07/06/2011

Hi, my lymph nodes is enlearged on left side of neck for years which is non calcified is a lesion deep to left sternocledomastoid muscle. Please let me know how can I cure this. Also let me know the ACV procedure.. like how much vinegar, how much salt, what is sea salt etc.. crb

Posted by Liz (Vernon, B.c.) on 05/24/2011

I am writing regarding my spouse, for about three months now he has been suffering with swollen lymph nodes around his neck. Doctors had him on so much antibiotics which did not work and then we went to a healer who put him on a ton of probiotics which started to help however he is great pain and is scheduled for a biopsy next thursday. The doctors have tested for many things and had us scared maybe it is cancer, but his blood tests come back fine. Can you please reccomend a formula for us to try, I am desperate to help him and should we get iodine to rub on his neck? Any advice is helpful to us. Liz

Posted by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa
HI Liz - I can not recommend a vitamin formula, other than 3,000 of vitamin C a day - but please look up "rebounding" and "lymph".

I have been using a rebounder for a few months now. Lymph does not drain on it's own. The lymph glands only have one way valves. BUT - the G force of rebounding drains them. I can't explain it as well as some of the internet articles.... You need to read about it. It is excellent all around low impact aerobic exercise as well.

I started out with a cheap $30.00 rebounder from Wal-Mart... And once I knew I loved it and would actually use it I moved up to a pretty spendy $250.00 unit that has bungees instead of springs. Trust me, the difference is WELL worth the money if you find that rebounding works for you (and your husband).

Oh, and you can also go to youtube. com and put in the same key search words and see videos.

Best of luck!

Posted by Bob
Visakhapatnam, Ap. India
You can try Health Bouncing on a Rebounder. It clears the Lymphatic congestion. Google for more info.
Posted by Kat
Comox , Bc
Hi I have a swollen large hard lymph node in the armpit Cancer Favored. I am rebounding- how long do you rebound for and what else did you do to help reduce and drain the lymph? I have also read that once a lump swells it never really gets down to the regualr size again. Your thoughts? thanks, sounds like you know a great deal about the lymph node thanks, Kat

Posted by Wonka (Uk, Europe) on 05/20/2011

I am in so much pain I can barely move. I was rushed to hospital with suspected hernia and scan confirmed it was actually a swollen lymph gland in my groin. They gave choice of removing it now or waiting to see if infection went away. I opted for latter which was 2 days ago but each day seems more swollen and more painful. They gave me co-codamol for pain but they are not easing it as much as previously and do make me feel a bit nauseas. Struggling to sit up/move now with constant pain. They did not give me any antibiotics as they do not know what caused the infection however it may have come from a small cut on my foot I had recently which was pretty painful for a couple of weeks which may have been infected without me really paying attention to it. I read a bit about apple cider vinegar on this site but is that just referring to glands on neck? I really hope someone can advise of anything I can try. Many thanks.

Posted by Holly (San Dimas, California, United States) on 12/31/2010

I am only 17 years old, and I have a swollen lymph node. Its been swollen for a few days and only has begun to actually hurt aside from being irritating. How much ACV should I take for it? And what if it doesn't work? I really would just like the swelling to go down, so it doesn't interfere with schooling.

Posted by Dawn (Terry, Mississippi) on 09/01/2010

My dr told me that I have lymphadenitis, so I would like to know what remedies for Thank you, Dawn

EC: lymphadenitis=inflammation of lymph nodes

Posted by Rebel
Somewhere, Usa
[YEA]   Hi Dawn. I don't know if it was my lymph nodes or my tonsils, but my neck was sore and swollen ( around my throat area ) What I did was to cut up raw garlic cloves and ate about 6 tablespoons full a day. Two in the morning, two mid afternoon and two at night before bed. In less than a week all the swelling and soreness were gone. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and works faster than any antibiotic a doctor may prescribe.
Posted by Frie
New York, Usa
can anyone help me I have an swollen lymph node under my arm for 9 years still getting bigger I haven't use anything the doctor said I have to do a biopsy I am very scared is there anything I can do naturally to reduce swelling please help.
Posted by Roni
Charlotte, Nc
Hi I am a 20yr old female. I have a lymph node and use plenty of at home remedies. Here is a few for some that need a little help to REALLY MAKE IT GO DOWN. YOU HAVE TO CONTINUE THE STEPS DAILY AND TAKE CARE OF IT.

Drink plenty of water. At least 6 cups a day.

Warm cloth with pressure. (Only put pressure when your using the warm cloth never just on the regular. Bothering it when your just sitting or things like that actullly make it bigger.

I also found that masturbating or reaching a climax also increases size.

Warm to hot bath help.

That is what help me. Good luck everyone.

Posted by Josh ( Columbus, Ohio ) on 07/08/2010

Hi, I'm a 17 year old male, and I've been having problems with this since I was 14. They started off easy and never popped, but over time, they keep getting worse, bigger and leave scars. I get them in between my upper legs, under my arms(none lately there)and also on the back of my neck and my groin area. The ones on my neck get big- 2 inches or larger and they never pop. They stay for 1-2 months then go down and new ones come. The ones on my groin area is the worst. They get big, tender and the skin gets thin and loose and it gets red/dark reddish color. After a while they pop and leave a hole for a bit and it just keeps repeating itself. I went to the doctors for it before I knew what it was. They gave me an anti bacterial scrub that didn't help at all. Just wanting some tips and advise to help control and fix this problem, Thanks. And am I able to get my whole lymph node removed?

Posted by Melanie
Clayton, De
Garlic and onions are sulphur. So is DMSO, which I bought at the local harness shop. I have had swollen lymph nodes for 15 years and a stiff-neck. I painted my whole neck with 5% iodine solution for a week with unbelievable results to my brain and spinal cord. But the day I stopped the iodine and painted my neck with DMSO.......... after 15 years, the nodes were 3/4 size the next morning! check out this website http://members.tripod.com/mueller_ranges/links/compendium/iodine.html
Posted by Passion For Health
Paradise, Australia
[NAY]   Hi Josh from Columbus, you cannot just have a lymph node removed (surgeons will remove just one to check for existance of cancer), it is not the nodes that are causing the cysts that you have. If you have EVEN ONE node removed, a whole new line of problems come into play, the removal of one lymph node can cause a life time of pain and anguish due to incorrect levels of lymph flow, you may end up with lymphodeoma and that will be worse than the pain of the cysts. Try castor oil for the cysts - EVERY day - not just when you remember. Natural remedies dont work because people stop using them because they take longer to prepare and use than a pill that can be popped within seconds.
Posted by Leslie
New Castle, Pa
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I had an enlarged lymph node that was wreaking havoc with the left side of my throat and my face. It would enlarge and then cause ear, face and throat pain. An ENT doctor removed the lymph node. This was 20 years ago and I've never had an issue again.

Posted by Integra (Singapore) on 04/22/2010

Hi, i have been suffering from this pain from the swell on my right neck which i believe is the lymph nodes.

whenever i touch it, i can feel the pain right under my tongue and when i push my finger under my tongue, i can feel an ulcer and it is painful too. i read about tonsillitis but my ucler is not on the tonsil but deep under the tongue. i tried rubbing on the swollen lymph nodes on my neck and i can feel this secretion of liquid from under my tongue which tastes a bit salty, almost clear in colour when i spit it out. Does anyone knows what happen to me?

i tried the baking soda with sea salt but it only helps for awhile. i tried the ACV with honey mixture too with only having the swell subsided for awhile.

i need help if anyone is suffering from the same symptoms as me?

Posted by Kay
In The Valley, Ca
It sounds to me like you may have a clogged salivary gland. Does it hurt when you eat sour things? If you suck on a lemon and it hurts really bad, it's probably salivary and not lymph. You might want to get a diagnosis from a doctor before you decide your plan of action. My daughter gets these because she has sjogren's syndrome and all she can really do is try to stimulate the gland by eating or sucking on sour things and by massaging it. It hurts! I wish you luck.
Posted by Gab
Solna, Sweden
I used to have this a lot when I was younger. I discovered later that the easiest way to treat it by using your tongue to push the soft tissue (joint) under your tongue till the liquid gets released. It is that thick salty liquid that causes the whole pain. I think ones gets it if one tries to chew something really large and hard, like meat (in a wrong way, I can say :))
Posted by Petunia
Warrenton, Or, United States
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Several years ago our adult daughter had this. Her doctor diagnosed it as a clogged salivary gland (sorry, I don't recall what his remedy was); when she ate she would get a huge swelling under her chin that would gradually subside. Obviously, the saliva created when chewing could not release into her mouth under her tongue. One day she was looking under her tongue at the small opening where saliva comes out and noticed a white bump, she said it was hard and looked like a grain of raw rice. She took some tweezers and was able to pull it out and she said the build up of saliva was so strong a stream shot out all over the bathroom mirror. Never had anymore trouble after this. I presume something in her body created this "stone" similar to gall bladder or kidney stones. Good luck, bless you!!
Posted by Steve
San Angelo, Texas
Most parodid stones are due to iodine deficiency, take some iodoral (12.5 mg) every 2 days or 1000 mg of kelp or seaweed. Dr Steve
Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
I saw a youtube video that says drinking lemon juice (or sucking on a lemon as he said) will unblock the salivary gland. It could even be a pickle (something tart). You may need to do it for a week but it will definitely clear it.

Posted by Jenifer (Booneville, Ms Usa) on 12/04/2009

I have knots on my scalp and they are very painful. I have at least four of them and I was wondering if they were swollen lymph notes.

EC: If you do a google search "painful lumps on head", you will see some interesting answers. Here's one: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_multiple_painful_bumps_on_the_back_of_the_head

Also, here's a good medical illustration of the location of lymph nodes located on the head and neck. Another illustration here.

Posted by Txu
Sausalito, California
I am looking for someone similar to Edgar Cayce in USA. There was one in Colorado but left for Europe, I was told. I had one like him in Peru but he is almost retired. I do believe in keeping the body alkaline. I will take the Remote Viewing class again, what Cayce did can be learned and we can self diagnose... It wiil be like this soon.

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