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Lymphedema Remedies

Last Modified on Apr 09, 2016

Natural lymphedema treatment requires a holistic approach including diet and lifestyle changes and herbal remedies. Detoxing the body and maintaining a healthy, pure diet allows the body to function at a more optimal level, reducing swelling. Likewise, certain herbs have anti-inflammatory properties that target lymphatic inflammation.

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a term that typically refers to swelling in one of the arms or legs. Generally caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system, lymphedema has crucial connections to both the immune and circulatory systems. An obstruction prevents the regular flow and thus the draining of the system, so swelling continues to build up. Additional symptoms may include a feeling of heaviness or tightness in the arm, limited range of motion in the affected limb, aching or discomfort, repeated infection and hardening or thickening of the skin on the limbs.

Maintaining Function of the Lymphatic System with Lifestyle Modifications

Making certain lifestyle changes and incorporating certain practices into a healthy regimen can help treat, reduce and prevent lymphedema. Regular detoxification of the body by way of Epsom salt baths removes destructive toxins from the body that may be contributing to swelling. Exercise and massage also stimulate the lymphatic system, making flow more regular. An anti-inflammatory diet is another lifestyle option for treating issues within the lymph system.

Using Herbs to Treat Swelling of the Lymph Nodes

Several herbs are known for their medicinal applications, in particular the ability to increase lymphatic flow, minimize swelling and reduce inflammation. Butcher’s broom, ginger and sweet clover are used to treat the associated issues of lymphedema and relieve swelling. These natural treatments stimulate the system and offer treatment of the underlying issues as well.

Butcher’s Broom

Butcher’s broom is used to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. The herb offers a number of benefits including increasing blood flow, strengthening the blood vessels and preventing pooling of the blood. These properties offer relief of swollen lymph glands and reduce swelling.


Typically taken in a tea, ginger improves blood flow and decreases swelling. Composed of gingerols, ginger delivers powerful anti-inflammatory agents, relieving inflammation and discomfort associated with lymphedema. The herb also promotes and boosts the immune system by stimulating sweating and lymphatic flow.

Sweet Clover

Sweet clover ointment is applied topically and works to trigger lymphatic functioning. The clover contains a compound called coumarin that stimulates lymph flow and purports healing. Additionally, the coumarin substances strengthen the walls of blood and lymph vessels.

Lymphedema develops and progresses as lymph collects in the body’s soft tissues. Lifestyle changes as well as herbal remedies improve lymphatic flow, relieve inflammation and reduce lymphedema.

Remedies for Lymphedema

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Posted by Elizabeth (St. Croix, Us Virgin Islands) on 11/11/2013

[YEA]  I developed Lymphedema in my left breast that went undiagnosed for 4-5 months. I started MLD with a physical therapist and read this site. So I did several treatments at once that I believe where all somewhat helpful. Then I had an acupuncture treatment and used a cabbage poultice the same night. The results in the morning were like a miracle. My breast seemed back to normal! But little by little the swelling returned until I got another acupuncture treatment.

So now I have tried only acupuncture and only cabbage poultice and they both work well. But the 2 on the same day produces the most dramatic results. ( I have continued to drink ginger tea throughout.) I prepare the cabbage (a traditional round head variety, preferably organic) by heating a cast iron (optional) skillet and adding the cabbage leaf, which has been dipped in water, then I use another smaller skillet to flatten the leaf for a total of 2-3 seconds or less on each side. This wilts it and makes it pliable. Then I hold it in place with a piece of cling wrap, and a sports bra. This poultice could be modified for a leg or arm and held in place with cling wrap and an ace bandage. I sleep with it for 5-6 hours, which seem to be enough. We used cabbage poultice years ago for a nursing mother with mastitis and it worked well then also.

Replied by Elena
San Diego

my husband have the same problems and his legs swollen but the condition got worse...he started to have skin tear all over and it is hurts! Pls, I need your help, what we should do? what to apply!!!! I don't think in that condition we need cabbage...he is applying neosporin ...this is not much help either.

Replied by Ladybugjustice
San Diego
[YEA]   To Elena, San Diego- 3/1/14

call the Thorton Hospital-UCSD La Jolla, CA-Lymphedema Clinic 1-858-657-6590

They are excellent. Really helped my Mother. Your husband can get infections with open wounds, so needs to get the swelling under control first.

I accidently came upon this site, trying to find a natural herb therapy to try and heal the problem. I am amazed at what I found on several sites. I am trying the "cabbage" wraps for the past three nights. First night used Savoy cabbage, wilted in water, rolled and applied with plastic wrap and leg wraps. Very successful. Second, used Napa cabbage, cold, uncrushed, wrapped with puppy pads, then leg wraps (for lymphedema). Not very successful. Tonight, Savoy on lower leg and foot; regular round head cabbage on upper leg, wilted in water, wrapped with plastic, leg wraps.

I am not sure what kind of cabbage is best or method. Also, my Mother is on Coumadin and most herbs seem to be prohibitive. I am still checking out the sites.

Thank you for this information. I hope mine helps you.


Replied by Valrose
Southern California
Wow interesting "Yea" if you're still responding to this thread, I'd love to hear how the cabbage continued to do for you--What a crazy idea!! Also wondering how your Mom was able to get Coumarin...

Coumarin works so well it's a shame Mayo clinic (purposely, I believe) "killed it" in clinical trials.

But hey! If the cabbage works as well as some say here--an alternate solution!

I've had lymphedema in my R leg--goes all the way up to abdomen--from radical hysterectomy 25 years ago. Best things I ever found for it were coumarin, and circaid legging (now called juxta-fit, I think--gotta get a new one one of these days but my old ratty one still works! It's for while you exercise) and I wear futuro firm compression pantyhose daily.

Never noticed green tea helping but I never tried it so intensively either. Blessings everyone!!

Posted by Amazed (Seattle Wa) on 10/21/2013

[YEA]  I've had Lymphedema in one leg for many years. I was told by a vascular specialist it was because I broke my ankle a couple of times and damaged the lymph capillaries. He recommended a compression sock, but said there's no cure. (When a physician, even a good one, says there's no cure he means, there's no drug or surgical treatment, mainly.)

Then I found my way to some physical therapists who taught me a routine of lymph node massage that works temporarily, by making the lymph flow around my system better. But it only gives temporary relief and I have to do it twice a day. I'm busy and don't have much time for this.

Then late night surfing I ran across the idea of cabbage wrap. Nothing had worked for about 10 years and the condition seemed to slowly be getting worse. I've seen no explanation for why it works, but decided to give a cabbage wrap a try, if for no other reason, I believe cabbage is very healthy and a cabbage wrap sounds ridiculous. I stuffed some cabbage in my compression sock. Lo and behold! Dramatic improvement in 2 days! Reduction of about 50% of the swelling. I'm keeping this up! Will it be permanent? We'll see. Does anyone have a reasonably rational theory for why this would actually work?

Replied by Frances
Missouri City, Texas
My husband has lymphedema in both legs. He also has congestive heart failure. His cardiologist recommended a triple dose of fluid/heart medication to cure the lymphedema, however this negatively affects his kidneys as his kidney function is already at 35%. Triple medication is not good, but it is all that we could figure to do. The medication does help, but his legs are still swollen, not as badly.

Will the cabbage poultice work with raw cabbage? It would seem that boiling the cabbage would dilute its power, but I am just guessing.

I would like to try the cabbage poultice on his legs overnight. Is there a standard recipe for the poultice? I would appreciate any positive response from someone who has actually used this. Thank you very much.

Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Frances from Missouri City, Texas

European Natural Medicine uses cabbage leaves raw. There are many testimonials as to complete cure when allopathic methods were unsuccessful.

The cabbage leaf has to be flattened well with a cookie roller so that the veins in the leaf made more pliable. Then, it has to be fastened around the area without air pockets. What to use I cannot find out but I imagine it as pure cotton gauze type of fabric and DEFINITELY not plastic. No one in Europe who uses natural medicine uses plastic. The reason being that during application emanations from the sick tissue must be able to dissipate, not forced back into the body. The final cover, pure wool.

I hope this helps. I must mention the incredible cures achieved with this method and within a short time. Om

Etobicoke, Ontario
To Om, Hope, BC Canada, the way I use the plastic is first apply the softened cabbage, then wrap with cotton, then ace bandage, then cover everything with plastic to keep the wet from the cabbage from seeping through. Also it keeps the cabbage from drying out too fast and it likely reduces some of the cabbage smell. After all that I put on socks to keep it all from unravelling. I do know from experience that the plastic does not interfere with the cabbage doing its job! I agree with you to not put plastic directly over the cabbage.
Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc
Hello Frances,

You ask for the correct formula for the Cabbage Poultice...

I think the best authority is Jakobi Jakstein...Google the pdf: "Wonder Drug Cabbage"...Jakstein wilts her cabbage leaves one second in hot water.

Posted by Susan (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/29/2009

[YEA]  Following mastectomy, have had persistent lymphedema on my side. Tried elastic bandages, no help. Read about cabbage leaves for breast engorgement, why not try it? Both conditions caused by excess fluid with nowhere to go. Put crushed cabbage leaves over the bulge, held in place with elastic bandage. Significant improvement overnight; after three nights the swelling has practically disappeared.

Replied by Benita
Cleveland, Ohio
What kind of cabbage did you use???
Replied by Roy
Ofallon, Missouri
Totally outrageous sounding remedy, but 15 years of a leg that gets swollen to a point that's tight as a drum head is now reduced to half the size and flexible again after only 24 hours of a cabbage wrap. What a great find. Thanks everyone for the comments. O.K., so it sounds silly, but you can't argue with success. What a relief! Roy
Replied by Rrcruse
Vero Beach, Fl
I am suffering with Swelling and Burning and Redness in my Left foot and lower leg, My Heel and the bottom of my foot burn. I was treated by the doctor for 20 days for Cellulitis on strong antibiotic and it is back. What type of Cabbage leaves can I use and how do I do i? I really want to try it. Please.
Replied by Layla
Palos Hills, Illinois, Usnited States
Do you use raw cabbage or do you do anything to it first?
Replied by Amy Jo
Phoenix, Arizona
Please provide more info re: type of cabbage, was it cold/warm/cooked/raw??? Also the green tea... Can it Be iced green tea? Any details would be appreciated. Going on 2 years of unilateral swelling in my left leg w/no answers. Bandaging reduced some but compression hose did not keep it down & it's swollen worse now than ever. Just got a pump which seems to help reduce at night but day time use, on my feet a lot, & heat of Phoenix brings the swelling back by end of day. Need a cure desperately so I can enjoy & keep up w/ my kids!
Replied by Anon
Hi, I've read here posts from ladies with lymphoma as a result of having lymph nodes removed after breast surgery, they reported just drinking green tea all day, as long as you make it correctly with boiling water in the first place I wouldn't think it matters if you drink it hot or cold.
Replied by Antoinette
Cleveland, Ohio
Hi everyone! I have lymphedema in my left leg and also a large fibrosis on my left thigh. I would do just about anything to get rid of both of these conditions. I have the cutest jeans hanging in my closet that I desperately want to get back into. I will definintely be trying the green tea and can anyone PLEASE tell me how I would do the cabbage wrap. What type of cabbbage... Should it be raw... What do I wrap me leg with... As much detailed information as possible. And if anyone has any suggestions on how to soften the fibrosis as well I would so greatly appreciate it... THANKS IN ADVANCE!
Replied by Maureen
Ontario, Canada
To Antoinette and Amy Joe. Here is a link to a free PDF download which I got from Earth Clinic a while back but I can not find the post now. You will learn a lot about cabbage uses from it.

I have used the cabbage leaves successfully but still need to do it again. This is my version of what the book said about how to use.

The best type of cabbage to use is Savoy cabbage. The dark green outer leaves that usually get thrown out is the best part to use as it is the most potent. Wash the leaves and remove the thick stems. Boil a large pot of water and drop the leaves in for one SECOND (although I put the leaves in then turned them over and removed immediately). The book says to roll the leaves with a rolling pin, instead I lay them on a clean tea towel and rolled them up then twisted the towel to crush the leaves. Then place the softened leaves on the area needing treatment and cover with cloth then wrap with ace bandages. Cover ace bandages with plastic wrap or plastic bags to help keep moisture in. Leave on 12 hours or more. Repeat as often as needed.

So you know, you will reek of cabbage and so will every room you spend time in. You will leave a trail behind you, but it will be worth it. It is best to apply the leaves in the evening then sleep with them on overnight. I hope you both have success with the cabbage. Please let us know how you do.


I followed your instructions for cabbage wrap but took a really bad reaction when I took the bandages off :-(

My skin was really red in places, not sure if reaction was to the cabbage or to the ace bandage :-(

Has anyone else taken a reaction?

Etobicoke, Ontario
To PMS Scotland, after I did quite a few cabbage poultices on my ankles, I got a rash type reaction across the front of my foot where the meets the leg joins the foot. It lasted about two weeks or so. The I had flexibility in that area the I never had before! It felt great! So I would say you are getting some old stuff out and getting a great result from the cabbage. I always hope for the same reaction again so I can get more relief but have not been so lucky. Maureen
Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
To Maureen and all re cabbage application; or to find the pdf since the link didn't work on your post, at least didn't for me: Google "Jakobe Jakstein cabbage pdf" and the site will be the first to pop up.

Yours, Dave

EC: We fixed the link on Maureen's post so it should now work!

Replied by Antoinette
Cleveland, Ohio
Thank you Maureen from Canada! I will give it a try. I pray it works as well for me as it has for others. Does anyone have any suggestions at all about how to get rid of the fibrosis that sometimes occurs with lymphedema. I have a large mass of fibrotic tissue on the back of my thigh and it is so unsightly and it keeps me from sitting and lying down comfortably. I would appreciate any suggestions at all.
Replied by Tamara
Tried first the white cabbage, then savoy..... Will try again, but so far did not see the difference.... Although I did not dip the leaves into the boiled water; instead, I poured water over the leaves.... I did not bandage the leaves - they were just held by my undergarments (I put them on my belly) - maybe there is a problem there... Like I said, I'll try again.... I hope this will work for me - I hate my swollen belly and the hip!

Cabbage, Green Tea  
8 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by Darnell (Chicago) on 09/11/2013

[YEA]  Hello everyone,

I am so greatful for coming across this site.

I have Lymphedema in my left leg calf area. Has had it for about 15 years now. The swelling started after treatment for a blood clot. Long story short, every year it seems to get bigger and on top of that, it don't help that I'm 460lbs. Anyway I come across this site full of good info because I was told as others were that there is really no cure.

I am doing the raw cabbage wrap every 2 days and drinking green tea 3 times a day. Every time I re-wrap, I tape measure my leg, in just 1 week and a half my leg have come down six and a half inches.

To God be the glory. I give all thanks to God. The Bible says my people parish for the LACK of knowledge. This web site has blessed me with knowledge that no medication could fix. Funny thing is, I'm not sure if it's the cabbage rap or green tea. Nonetheless after 15 years, it's working.

Replied by Grannyguru
Oro Valley, Az
I sure hope the cabbage wrap works. I found it next to impossible to use it on my feet, but I tried anyway.

I put the crushed leaves and my foot inside a plastic shopping bag, tried to cover the foot as best I could, tightening the plastic bag to help hold it all in place, then shoved everything into a long sock, repeating for the other foot. If someone has a better idea on how to accomplish this for feet, I'd be grateful to know it.

I feel as if it's really a test to see how gullible I am, but I am really desperate, and I have seen sillier things work just fine, while the stuff the doctors push on us doesn't work and has awful side effects. I will let everyone know how this works or not . I am also drinking green tea.

Replied by Andrea C
When I had Edema in my feet and legs, besides drinking plenty of water which is vital, I used to lay on my back on my bed, and put my legs upright against the wall as straight as was comfortable. And do this four times a day and keep them there as long as I could, half an hour or longer, and read a book or listen to music on headphones or speakers to break the boredom and make the time pass. This worked beautifully quite quickly as it helps the Lymph glands drain the fluid away as well. And walk around my home as much as possible until I could walk outdoors. Hope this helps as much as it helped me. Love Andrea C xxxxxx
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Andrea C: I would do the same with wonderful results. But ever since I did a small version of Inclined Bed Therapy, meaning I only raised the head side of my bed 2-3 inches, I never had a problem again. And if my feet did get a bit swelled, it was always gone by morning. And yes, drinking water is key.
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
*swelled = swollen :)
Replied by Bvigorda
St. Augustine, Fl
Thanks for the info on the cabbage wrap. I tried it last night. I took it off only after a few hours because I couldn't sleep. I still saw some improvement. I can tell a difference between the majority of my arm that was wrapped and the shoulder that wasn't.

I've also learned red root is helping some people with lymphedema. I just ordered Eclectic Institute red root tincture on iHerb to try. Not very expensive at all.

Some people are helped by castor oil packs.

There is a facebook page called "Lymphedema - Support, Awareness and..." I learned there that applying Eucerin cream blended with lemongrass oil on the area helps. They also say it could irritate at first use as it is removing impurities. Eucerin contains castor oil. Since it has ingredients that aren't natural, I'm going to try blending castor oil with lemongrass oil in virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil has anti-viral/anti-septic qualities that should help and it softens the skin, which should help.

Thanks again on the cabbage leaf wrap. I'll keep using it.

Replied by Bonita
Houston, TX
I am going to try this. How long do you wear the cabbage wraP ?
Replied by A. White
Nacogdoches, Texas
I'm just like you 447lbs and 5'4 wanting to know how you arranged the cabbage what leaves real green or what? And green tea what do you put in it is it hot or cold...please tell me all that you can...have a blessed day.

Castor Oil  
1 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by Moppsy (Palmdale, Ca) on 11/04/2014

[YEA]  Thought I'd add my experience. I have lymphedema in both legs, but my left leg was the worst by far. About a month ago it swelled to a tight drum again, was fiery red, incredibly painful and the skin felt scalding. I could barely walk. I was desperate. I tried the cabbage poultice, but it caused fierce itching. I mean FIERCE! I managed to keep it on for about 6 hours 2 days in a row, but I thought I would go out of my mind if I had to endure that daily.

I saw mention here of someone who was going to try castor oil. I thought I'd give it a try too. I soaked paper napkins in the stuff, wrapped them around the leg. Then I wrapped plastic wrap around to cover and duct taped it in place. I covered that with dry napkins and taped in place. Then I got a disposable hand warmer and strapped it to the most swollen, painful part of the leg. After about 7 hours I took it off and noticed an improvement and a lot less pain. Now I do this every other day and every time I'm happy with the results. At the same time I started taking Doctors Best Vein Formula because it contains diosmin. Now, my leg is almost back to normal size. I can move around and it only starts getting painful if I'm on it all day. Even then, it's not too bad.

Cellulitis, Lymphedema and Strep Bacteria Connection  

Posted by Denise S (Milwaukee Wi ) on 12/29/2013

I am looking for advice for a friend with Lymphedema. He started with Cellulitis, which progressed to Lymphedema. I have read that Cellulitis is caused by Group A streptococcus bacteria. Isn't it possible that this may have also entered the lymph system and causes the Lymphedema? And, if so, what would be remedies for the bacteria?

Replied by Cyndi
This completely makes sense. I have had Cellulitis a few years back and I have had Lymphedema since I was 25. In 2012 or so I learned that I have strep infection in my body when I was tested. I wasn't sick or anything but had special testing from a naturalist because I had no energy and weight gain. I'm hypothyroid and am wondering if there is some connection with the lymphedema and the strep infection. I'm always trying to find out what the "real" source is of the problem. Thank you for your thought.

General Feedback  
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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn ) on 04/21/2014

HI U DAVE, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Been wanting to respond to you about my Lymphedema. I am doing what you suggested and my feet and legs are almost back to normal. I read the e-book about Cabbage compresses and have started doing that. That is one heck of a story. I spoof my therapist about the cabbage thing and he has no clue. He is a good guy, but like all medical folks , they don't want to hear about a short cut using natural means. We got to draw all these things out. My spine guy says I will need rehab when I get out of this back brace. Why? They just need to send me a video of what I need to do and I do it or I pay the price. No sir ree. We got to have a mentor that is paid by our Gov or an insurance company.

My therapist spends half his time on the computer satisfying BIG BROTHER instead of tending my ails.

Welcome to BRAVE NEW WORLD AND 1984 all at the same time. Amazing how this has turned out. In 1954 it was one or the other, now it's both at the same time.

======OLE ROBERT HENRY===============

Posted by Lara (Lufkin, Texas) on 02/18/2009

I was reading responses to lymphedema on your site. Info seemed good. However I am new to this problem and did not quite understand if there was fairly immediate answers to the swelling. I had lymph nodes removed in my pelvic area following a full hysterectomy about 5 months ago. I am experiencing swelling in my left leg and it seems to be worsening. I am an MDA patient and will consult my doctors there next week. However I was just looking for some ideas for what to do until then. Thanks! Lara

Replied by Sandy
Madison, Wi Usa
[YEA]   I have suffered with Lymphedema for 26 years. It mainly affected my right leg however, a few years ago my left leg started swelling also.

A month ago I read online about an anti inflammatory diet. I ordered the book, The Anti- Inflammatory Diet & Recipe Book by Jessica Black. I have been following the book and WOW! What a difference it has made in my health. Within two days of starting it I felt incredible. My legs looked almost normal within a week. I cried. I have had some swelling yet. The diet eliminates alot of foods I was eating so I eliminate it a few at a time, gradually. Please try it. I pray that you get great results also.

Replied by Faith
Dallas, Texas
POSSIBLE HELP FOR LYMPHEDEMA... For 15 years my Mother suffered with lymphedema in her arm after breast cancer. Her arm was so huge she had to wear clothes 1-2 sizes larger so the sleeve would fit.

I watch all the doctor shows I can, and one day a doctor said green tea would help drain your lymphatic system. Those were magic words to me, and I got excited! Then I saw Dr. Oz talking about green tea as a superfood. It is a anti-inflammatory, a cancer fighter, and a diuretic. So, I tried drinking 1-3 cups a day and my legs and feet stopped swelling every day. I told my Mother she had to try it and within 1 week we started seeing a difference in the swelling in her arm. It starting with her wrist getting smaller. Then within a few weeks we were truly amazed as we watched her arm shrink. We were so thankful, I hate to say it, but I got angry. 15 years of terrible pain and suffering and drinking green tea was her answer... That was about 3 years ago and her arm has not swollen again, or my legs and feet. It also cleared up a tooth infection I had for a long time.

I have told every doctor we have seen about the amazing things green tea has done. And several were oncologist, but they looked at us like we are crazy. GREEN TEA? Today I saw a article about lymphedema and there is no cure. Please help me spread the word that green tea may be able to help others, just as it helped us! We just used plain cheap green tea bags and sometimes added some frozen blueberries, or a little fruit juice like Pomegranate or cranberry juice for flavor. I pray this may help someone else...

Replied by Heather
Hi, that's amazing, thanks for sharing I'll tell my Aunt who has suffered with this for over 10 years since her breast cancer. X
Replied by Heather
Pasadena, Texas
I had to do a gluten free diet for my lymphedema. Not only did it stop the swelling but I lost weight too. I also make a tea from ginger root and honey for sweetener. that makes me excrete a lot of water the natural way.
Replied by Patti
Greensboro, Nc Usa
How do you make the tea from Ginger Root and Honey. It sounds good. I am willing to try anything. Mine is getting worse and I have nodules that come up on my leg , redness and the leg is worse at night. Any one else experience these things?
Replied by Mary
Fife, Scotland
I'm so glad I stumbled upon this webpage. I'm going to try green tea - I've had lymphodema since having breast cancer. Thanks so much for sharing this valuable tip. Mary
Replied by Layla
Palos Hills, Il
Does it matter what type of green tea you use or is the lipton green tea fine?
Replied by Lou
Elk Grove, California, Usa
No, do not use those packed green tea bags, like Lipton, but get the loose green tea, that you can buy fron any Asian market. Any green tea will do, just get the loose green tea, it is about $12 to $15 a pound and a pound will last several months. This is what I give to my sister, a tablespoon of green tea along with a capsule of green tea extract in the morning along with breakfast and then just another cup of green tea around 2 pm. Do not take green tea latter in the evening or will have trouble sleeping. Hope this helps.
Replied by Anon
To be honest green tea is all the same- tea bags are fine- just drink all day and see for yourself.
Replied by Jane
Alameda, Ca
I have to disagree! Not all green tea is alike. I would recommend organic green tea over Green tea by Lipton any day. Rishi green tea is among the best in my opinion.
Replied by Layla
Palos Hills, Illinois, Usnited States
Thanks for the help! I have had swelling in my legs since I was young and I was recently diagnosed with lymphodema but I was discouraged when I was told that there was no cure so hopefully the green tea works for me!

Posted by Lissa (Amelia Island, Florida, USA) on 01/11/2009

My mother has lymphedema, or as often referred as "elephantitis" she is 4'11" normal weight 89-105 pounds her whole life (7 children) She has had a heart condition since age 12 (scarlett/rheumatic fever was the cause) and has had lymphedema conditions in her arm since she was about 63ish...undiagnosed as a beneign at 78 she has deformed limbs, both arms and legs....she suffers great discomfort and much pain in her knees, she can hardly walk. She needs knee surgery...according to the doctors, but cannot have it due to risk of infection. She is a vibrant 78 year old, mind and general health of a 50 year old...but the lymphedema disables her...she walked 3 miles a day, gardened and every other normal activity. It is sooooo sad that my mothers' condition has fallen through the cracks, medicaid will not pay for any treatment....because it is not a prescriction "fix". Any help and advice I can get for her is worth gold to me....thank you for this site. My medical doctor told me about your site ...she is trying some of your remedies!

Replied by Cindy
Mesa, Co
Dear Lissa,
I am a massage therapist that specializes in lymphatic decongestive therapy. Please research this therapeutic device. (The Lymphstar Pro produced by Arcturus Star products). I have been certified in its use and I have seen first hand how it can reduce lymphadema. I know that there are trained therapist in Fl. Go to the web to research or for more info you may contact me via email and we can exchange phone numbers to talk more about lymphedema therapy. Best Wishes, Cindy
Replied by Lynette
San Clemente, California 92672
Dear Lissa:
I've been looking into Lymphedema. I was given Spironolactone two months ago, lt caused a huge weight gain. A natural enzyme has been recommended to me, it's called Wobenzymn, you'll need guidance on dosage. Also l just read a site that recommends lithium carbonate or lithium citrate 5 mg. Potassium if taken more frequently makes stool more fluid thus reducing fluid retention. Also, l read the worst thing for edema is Chlorine, stay away from swimming pools, use a filter on shower head. If you'd like the site l got some of this info from let me know l'll send it. Good Luck, Lynette.

PS Has you mother had lymphatic drainage massage? lt's essential for her condition, my insurance paid for it, l learned how to do this on myself twice daily, VERY IMPORTANT.

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia
Hi Lynette, Would you mind posting the site as I am also interested in this info and I suspect there may be others as well. Thanks, Maria
Replied by Lynette
San Clemente, California 92672
Hi Maria from Gippsland, Australia:
The site is actually the one your on, it's ll/l3/08. l've discovered more information since then. VitalzymeX is even better l've been told. Another person who cured hers used Wheatgrass Juice Daily, Fresh Celery Juice (organic only), Spirulina and fresh Parsley Juice.

Also, a must is a Rebounder use daily, don't buy a cheap one look into them thoroughly. A free health newsletter l get called Natural News has information on the best juicers, ones that don't kill enzymes etc, etc, when juiced, cheap ones lose a lot of nutrients. An aquaintance of mine just uses fresh celery juice with a little carrot juice for taste. I'm constantly researching this l'll put my new discoveries on this site, you can e-mail me too. Mayolynette(at)yahoo(dot)com. Take care, lynette, san clemente, ca.

Replied by Debbie
Oviedo, Fl, Usa
I just wanted to know how much of the juices did the person take daily to cure her lymphedema. I have it in my left arm and hand. I would appreciate any information on reducing or curing the swelling.
Replied by Paula
Orlando, Florida, Usa
Dear Cindy:

I have had lymphodema in my right leg for over 10 years, I weekly have MLD and wear compression garments, and bandage. You are very informed, I visit Colorado often, we have a home there. I would love to schedule a treatment with you. I am also very interested in the device you mentioned, the lymphstar.

Please let me know how I may contact you.

Thank you!! Paula


Replied by Cyndi
You said your mom is 4'11 and up to 108 well I join the crowd. After baby #4 I got down to 96 which was my normal weight. At 21 I was 90. After my last 2 little ones was 115 the weight stayed on and my ankles and legs got worse from a C Section Spinal tap at age 25. Now at 55 and menopause my fluid is in my abdomen and my legs bad. I have to wear tight strong knee hi support socks but they still get tingly but hardly swollen at least I haven't done anything for it since I like to do things naturally and I had heard it couldn't be healed. Now I don't have energy etc. at 125#. I even had a horrible leg condition called B? where my leg got real angry red and super duper painful when put pressure on it. Has anyone tried Manual Lymphatic Massage or MLD Therapy and it helped a lot or someone tried to do it self Lymphatic massage. I will look here more for ideas.

Thank you.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Cyndi, you might want to read up on:

1. The yoga pose of simply putting your feet straight up a wall, making an L when you are lying flat.


3. Incline bed therapy. (as odd as it may seem, it does help drain).

Green Tea  
2 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by Renee (Phoenix, Az) on 10/19/2012

[YEA]  I have not suffered as long as most but I have been experiencing exscrushiating pain from the swelling of my legs ankles and thighs from third trimester of pregnancy until now. I kept being told by everyone including my doctor to just keep them elevated well with 4 kids and a new born on the way that was almost impossible to do all day. Well luckily I called my pharmacist for some possible natural relief and he said green tea. wow I can walk again green tea works.

Replied by Layla
Palos Hills, Illinois, Usnited States
I also have swelling in my thighs and ankles, its not that bad, but it just looks swollen and puffy compared to the rest of my body. I heard that green tea helps with the swelling but I am not sure what kind to get.

Juicing, Epsom Salts, Trampoline  
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Posted by Kokila (Roslyn Heights, New York) on 06/10/2009

[YEA]  HI,
I had a terrible case of A. Lymphedma in my legs and B. Ringworm there as well.
Cured both.

Here's how:
Lymphedema: got this during my pregnancy and continued for almost 2 years thereafter.
I believe from Adrenal and kidney depletion...pregnancy is hard on the glands...adrenals control fluids in the do kidneys.
Anyway..tried everything: Lymphatic drainage massage MLD, acupuncture, herbs, compression stockings, you name it.
Here's what worked: a. Wheatgrass juice daily and fresh celery and spirulina and parsley juice.
b. Epsom salt baths (1/2 pound in the hot water with some bubble bath ,,,natural of course). Soaked 20 minutes a night before bed.
c. trampoline work.

Guess what? I'm cured...the massage therapist said I'd never cure it...that there is no cure. Oh yeah?
I sure hated those compression stockings. UGLY!

Now for the ringworm: AGAIN! Tried everything!!! Spent lots of money on creams, etc. tried herbs, etc. NOTHING! WORKED! The itching was driving me crazy ugly oozing sores on my legs. In desperation I tried: YES! Calamine lotion. IT WORKS FOLKS!
In a few hours I found relief and now it's gone. Try it. The lotion cost me $1.99

Best of luck.

Replied by Julia
Colorado Springs, CO
Thank you for posting your success! Are you juicing the wheat grass yourself? I ask because I think it requires a particular kind of juicer. If you are buying powder, know brand names and web sites cannot be posted here, so have included my email. Also, are you using spirulina powder? I don't think I have ever seen fresh spirulina in the store. Thanks again! Julia
Replied by Zonahead
Allentown, PA
I would like to know the amount of each thing you juiced. did you just put it all together and juice once a day or more? How long did it take before you seen some kind of results?
Replied by Yajaira
South Gate, Ca
Hi i was wondering has the lymphadema came back or r u totally cured?? im trying to get better please write back
Replied by Hubbli
Melbourne, Australia
Hi I was very interested to read the posts on lymphodema, and I will be interested to give a few of them a go. But it is important to remember that what many people are talking about is odema or lipodema not lymphodema. My mother and I both have lymphodema, hers is extremely serious such as the last blog. She also can barely walk and is in extreme pain.We have tried the compression stockings the massage, the bandaging you name it - to no avail. So if just one of the remedies works, I am in your debt.
Replied by Steve
Merrillvile, Indiana
Kokila from Roslyn Heights I have lymphodema real bad in my legs pls help
Replied by Christie
Hebron, Me
For the Lymphedema did you do a, b, c all together to see results? Did you mix and juice the wheatgrass, celery, spirulina and parley together? How much of it? I've had Lymphedema since my second child and it worsened after my third and continues to get worse little by little.
Replied by Sherry
Pleasanton, Texas
Hi, I am wondering if I could get specifics on Kokila's cure for Lymphedema. Are you using fresh wheatgrass or the powder? How much? How much celery and is the spirulina fresh or powder? Do you use fresh parsley? How much of each? Specific recipe of ingredients would be fantastic. I recently purchased a trampoline and am willing to do whatever it takes to get my lymphatic system cured. I too hate the compression stockings and with the heat and humidity here in Texas wearing them daily is just not an option for me. I appreciate any specific details you can offer.



Replied by Tracy
Bardstown, Ky
Would like to give this a try. Please send me exact recipe for juice.
Replied by Kokila
Roslyn Heights, New York Usa
My recipe for the juice is as follows:

1bunch celery

1bunch parsley, flat

2 Tbls freeze dried wheatgrass

3 teas. spirulina

scoop of red desert clay powder

Mix in 20 amp blender or juicer, and strain through nut milk bag.

Use within 1 week, drink 2 cups a day.

Good Luck!

Replied by Linda
Rochester Hills, Michigan
Kolika -- Did you add enough water to make your recipe equate to 12 cups of liquid (you say 2 cups per day, I am assuming you mean that literally... I. E. 16 ounces. )? Or is your recipe only enough for 1 day? When I followed your recipe, uing 1 full package of celery (2 full stalks) it came to only 16 ounces of liquid).

Please advise. Thanks! Linda in Michigan

Replied by Mina
Hi, How long did it take to cure. And can you be more exact about juice quantity and for how long did you take,? Epsom salt bath for how many days to cure? Thanks
Replied by Mina
Thanks. Useful tips. I have calf swelling for 5 months. I am taking lymphatic massage but doesn't seem to work. I tried Epsom salt, but did not work. how much salt exactly needed in how much water ? Can you tell.
Replied by Susan
How much of each do you use? Do you mix it all with water?


Posted by Jogzy (Tao, Niger) on 08/13/2012

Hi , I have had lymphedema for almost 8 years after developing hyperthyroidism. Nothing seems to work for me. I am very much interested in your juice but I dont know where to get the freeze or powdered wheat grass.

I also want to know how to apply the desert clay. also where can I get the rings? Thanks for your useful contribution.

Posted by Michelle (Charlotte, Nc) on 10/16/2011

How can I get the specifics on how to mix the kokila cure for lymphedema? Should I use fresh, frozed or powdered wheatgrass? Is it possible to use the pill forms and get the same results?

Replied by Kokila
Roslyn Heights, New York Usa
Hi Folks, Just stopped by here and saw ALL the posts regarding my treatment for Lymphedema! Sorry I didn't know sooner, as I would have immediately posted.

What has amazingly helped are the juices. Especially the celery, wheatgrass, parsley, spirulina juice... I also add red desert clay powder.

Also there is herb: fennugreek that is good.

Red clover has helped me too.

I take the juice once a day these days in an 8oz glass. I make it fresh once a week in a 20AMP blender which maintains the integrity of the enzymes! Very important. Don't use a regular blender.

The trampoline I do every night, as that is when I notice there might be a slight swelling.

What has REALLY helped recently as well is: Light Life Rings by Slim Spurling. I distribute them now as I'm a believer! I sleep with them around my leg and upper body, and I really see it keeps the swelling away beautifully. Something about the sacred geometry of the copper rings really helps the cells/energy of my leg. I use the large rings.

Hope this all helps you my friends. I know it is a terrible condition...

Replied by Kokila
Roslyn Heights, New York Usa
I also want to mention that I use powdered, freeze dried wheatgrass.

Also what helps emormously is bio-identical hormones (thyroid and adrenal)

I've noticed that I can pretty much say the swelling is gone, only slightly at night at this point, and improving even more.

Replied by Billie
Queen Creek, Az
Kokila, exactly how much do you consider 1 bunch of celery and parsley, I made it with a stalk of celery and it only made about 10 oz.
Replied by Mary123
New York, Ny
I saw your posting and plan to try your suggestions. I notice that you say to use a 20 amp blender. Can you explain? I found one on-line "Blendtec" - but it is very expensive. Would a 13 or 15 amp blender be okay? If not, I'll go for the expense since you are one of the rare people who seem to have recovered from this awful condition and it would be worth it - I'd just like to understand what the difference in amps means. Thank you.
Replied by Jen
Kelowna, Bc, Canada
Hi Kokila, Hope you are still checking this site. My mom is trying to use your recipe and is having difficulty getting enough juice out of it and it is very thick, any suggestions? She is suffering badly with swelling below the knee and is desperate for something that works.
Replied by Kokila
Roslyn Heights, Ny
Hi Folks, Stopped by here and wanted to answer the lymphedema question about the juice.

Add enough water to almost fill the blender after cutting up the celery, parsley and wheatgrass powder(or fresh grass: I use the grass too, but sparingly as it can damage the blender).

Then drink right away.... A couple of glasses a day!

Good luck

Lymphatic Filariasis  

Posted by Robert (Cleveland, Ohio, Usa) on 10/29/2011

Since acquiring lymphatic filariasis [nematode bancrofti variety] [elephantiasis] from India travels in 1989, I have suffered repeated periods of severe "bloating" in not merely the legs and abdominal areas but systemic body wide. Weight gain has happened to 120 US customary pounds, filling up as quickly as in 35 days.

Hospital treatments endlessly employ harsh diuretics without even an attempt to supplement with herbal aids. I chose to investigate in the chinese herb direction and found TienChi Radix pseudo-ginseng to be very effective coupled with the diuretic: Bumex (bumetanide) a loop diuretic, available as scored tablets, 0.5 mg (light green), 1 mg (yellow) and 2 mg (peach) for oral administration.

Prepare TienChi Radix pseudo-ginseng as tea or lightly watercooked powder [rounded teaspoon in 8 oz standard serving oatmeal - sweetened to taste or mixed with peanut butter after cooked 10 minutes @ min. 100 degrees C [boiling@ sealevel] eaten once daily with usually breakfast.

It costed me USD $85 per US customary 16oz pound. The origin / source: PRC Yunnan Province; do not replace it or confuse with Korean, Japanese, American or Panax ginsengs as these are less or ineffective although cheaper. Pre-made extracts and teas are notably weak.

I eat raw fennel stalks and leaves [anise], parsely juice, alfalfa sprouts, baked or boiled unflavored red beets, fresh or canned asparagus, raw or boiled spinach, cultured probiotic milk foods and chicken livers with eggs; this constitutes most of my diet.

Results: under Nursing home oversight and full documentation, I have shed an average of 400ml of fluid hourly, more when the regimen began. I drink 51 fluid US customary ounces of direct oral water - roughly 1500ml restricted intake. I decreased from October 12, 2011: 469 pounds to [so far] 364 pounds on October 28, 2011, treatment is ongoing now as this is written. This heregoing I testify as a true report. -RSA 10-29-11 You may reply or inquire directly to me at: RobtSAllen(at) as I do not consult or review this website regularly.

Multiple Remedies  
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Posted by Jodi (Roslyn Heights, NY) on 12/02/2008

[NAY]  Hi, I have developed a painful case of lympedema, and arthritis with cysts around my ankles and up into my legs from an injury 2 years ago that wasn't treated for a long time.

I've been trying various things, but have not seen a reduction yet in swelling...the swelling is awful...I have to wear compression knee highs, etc. I've been doing Manual lymphatic drainage massage, taking ACV and other natural cures.

The ACV has helped the pain from the cysts on the back of my foot...I think that it might be helping to dissolve it, but there is a lot of tissue under the skin that is swollen and hardened into cysts or like tracts of tissue...weird stuff!

Any ideas from people on natural stuff to help this? I feel a lot of pain recently from other lymph nodes too...feels like fluid is not moving correctly through them.


Replied by Vivienne
Paia, HI
Hi Jodi, I have lymphedema of my left leg (30% larger than the right). The only thing I know of that definitely helps is MLD (manual lymphatic drainage), which especially helpful when used in conjunction with Kinesio taping (the tape acts as 24/7 massage) and it has helped me, so I can recommend it first hand. You mention you wear support hose, do you also bandage at night? There is also a support non profit site for lymphedema sufferers

I wrote to Ted at Earth Clinic recently... Here's what I wrote and his reply:-

Please could you possibly help me? I developed Lymphedema after having lymph nodes removed from my pelvis in 1989. I massage daily and wear support hose during the day and special low stretch bandages at night. My left leg is 30% larger than my right, the swelling is mostly from the knee to buttock area and pubic mound, there is also minimal edema in my right ankle. The swelling results in cellulitus once every 6 weeks or so, which is why I take the 7-Keto DHEA to boost my immune system, it has not completely stopped the cellulitis, but makes it much less severe.

For the swelling I take:
Horse Chestnut 300 mg 2 x day
Rutin 500 mg 1 x day
Triple Chlorophyll 60 mg 1 x day
Alfalfa 2000 mg x 2 day
Vit C 1000 mg x 1 day
7-Keto DHEA 100 mg 3 x day

Since reading the earth clinic site, I am now also taking ACV 2 tbsp., 2 x day, VCO 1 tbsp., 2 x day, Blackstrap Molasses 1 tbsp., 2 x day and a Cayenne & Garlic capsule 1 g garlic/500mg Caynne. But I have not been doing this long enough to see a result.

Ted's reply:
I am personally against removal of any organs because the resultant effects are often more severe down the road. In any event the removal of lymph node could have been avoided if potassium citrate, camphor, and sodium bicarbonate were supplemented or perhaps the use of castor oil hot packs (with camphor added) to assist lymphatics clearance. Quite often high protein diets, high heavy metals, thick plasma (where clotting sometimes occur), excessive virus, vitamin C sodium ascorbate and bacteria buildup are common ones that clogs the lymphatic system. I agree bandages is useful also as is raising legs higher may help a little.

Anyway even with such removal, there might be some lymph nodes leftover but is obstructed or the veins has to overtake the missing lymphatic system. In this case, a removal of lymphatics will result in excessive fluids along the veins, called venous insufficiency, where excessive fluids accumulate. When this happens, pine bark extract is often used as a supplement to reduce this issue.

While it is true that DHEA does indeed help reduce the cellulite, some people prefer DHEA, or other people prefer 7 Keto DHEA. It all depends on the result. Some people have low hormones of the other and DHEA would work well there. However, some has sufficient hormones with exception of DHEA, so 7 keto DHEA will work for him.

There are other cellulite reducing supplements besides DHEA, although DHEA is best known, but I have found quite a few of the others, namely taurine, l-carnosine (500 mg x 3)are the best ones I know of, along with chromium supplements. Most chromium, if they are water soluble worked fairly well, I used chromium chloride to save costs compared to chromium picolinate for example. The dose of taurine is taken 30 minutes to an hour before every meals, such as 2000 mg. This will prevent negative reactions between sugar and proteins, which result in cellulite. Chromium further lowers blood sugar spikes and the common dose I used to get result is about 1000 mcg, chewed, or powdered, dissolved in a glass of water.

It should be noted that in event the blood becomes too thick, the ability for the blood to flow back through tehe veins is obstructed. This is true for high fat products, sugar, and acid forming foods. The diet is replaced with high enzyme foods, such as raw vegetarians and enzyme supplements taken three times a day. In this case, EDTA is important, but I prefer a much lower dose of EDTA, in the form of disodium EDTA as means of reducing blood obstruction and lower the blood thickness so if the blood is a bit more watery, the ability of blood flow and plasma is not hampered. EDTA also removes certain free heavy metals that tends to cause the blood to be thicker. It is also true of high fats, high sugar, high fructose, and high protein diets. However certain amino acid is useful such as carnosine and taurine.

Estrogen is the major problem causing cellulite, and perhaps natural progesterone cream will keep the ratios of progesterone: estrogen in check, such as applying on the area might also help.

Some vitamin E is also useful in reducing blood thickness that prevents blood clotting as is also true that magnesium is antagonistic to calcium and may also help. The other supplements that also reduce some cellulite is the alpha lipoic acid, taken along with food to prevent stomach upset. It also helps if plenty of water is taken to further reduce this problem.

Chlorophyll tends to give the body more blood, so its a matter of debate whether that helps or not. However, chlorella is a heavy metal chelator and may reduce obstruction by further helping the circulation. Fluid retention is the other thing that caused it, so diuretic products may further help if taken in moderation such as green tea. Some other things that reduce kidney obstruction from uric acid, or if body is a little high in uric acid may lead further to swollen legs. In this case a very low dose of lithium citrate or lithium carbonate such as 5 mg may help the body rid of excess fluids. Some additional taking of potassium citrate (technical name is tripotassium citrate) taken at 1/4 teaspoon plus 1/2 teaspoon of sodium carbonate may help normalized bowel movements, especially the potassium and if more frequently it is taken, the stool becomes more fluid, thus reducing the fluid retention that way.

The major enemy in the cause of fluid retention has always been the chlorinated water. It works by increasing the blood pressure, due to its effect on the body to cause metabolic acidosis. It works like this, whenever there is a free chlorine in the blood that comes through taking shower, the free chlorine dissociates to react with the free hydrogen that is involved in the NAD to NADH, to form HCl, or hydrochloric acid deep within the mitochrondria involved in the Krebs cycle. So this reduces the mitochrondrial activity. I suspect the same reaction to also occur in presence of Fluoride. This doesnt happen with iodine because it's a required mineral. This also explains why legs are swollen or the body becomes much more swollen after swimming in highly chlorinated water as well as being fluoridated from the public water supply.

This also explains why people feel much weaker after the shower. It's the effect of chlorine interfering with the mitochrondria that helps with our energy level. If energy level is low, the ability of the body to maintain normal fluids is not possible, so the body becomes highly retentive with fluids. Therefore chlorine and fluoridated toothpaste has to be removed. Any thing that disturbs the neuroendocrine system, includes hydrocarbons, and aspartame. Aspartame in presence of body's enzyme converts into a free methanol alcohol so that's avoided, because further oxidation it becomes formaldehyde and results in fluid imbalance from destruction of the neural centers responsible for equilibrium of body fluids -its the line of communications that tells each organs what to do becomes impaired in presence of them.

In any event, I think disodium EDTA, at 25 mg x 3 mixed with plenty of water (maybe taken for a couple of days, out of a week such as 3 or 4 days), and taking plenty of enzyme supplements taken three times a day before every meal should help most the circulation, Enzymes help digest obstructions and foreign pathogens which tends to cause the clogging of the lymph node, while prevention cellulite formation is helped mostly with taurine, DHEA, alpha lipoic acid.

Certain dietary changes to more vegetarian less protein, but taking some amino acid supplements instead, less fat, less sugar, and less exposure to fluoride, aspartame and chlorine should generally help the most. Diuretics such as green tea, lithium citrate for example are helpful in reducing fluid retention, but lithium further removes excess uric acid that obstructs normal kidney functions too.

Water suana, without chlorine, and hence sodium thiosulfate dechlorinator, one size rice grain of the crystals mixed in a liter of water may also help reduce fluid retention. Initially the sodium thiosulfate will cause watery stool, but once the body get used to it after usually three days, it will further neutralize the negative effects of chlorinated water from showers.

Apple cider vinegar should add some baking soda, such as 2 tablespoons of apple cider viengar plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 glass of water for example. The body tends to swell when eating mushrooms of any kind, including reishi mushrooms as well as many yeast fermented product, such as yogurt. This includes wheat products too in swelling but whole rye and millet won't generally cause swelling. Antibiotics promote swelling because of the mycotoxins, since mycotoxins and antibiotics are produced from fungus.

Replied by Vivienne
Paia, HI
Jodi! I just noticed a posting on Earth Clinic that might help you in regard to the cysts. Check out the posting 10/25/2008: l from Sandusky, Ohio on this link...
Replied by Catherine
Wellington, New Zealand
Hi Jodi, may sound trite but are you sure you are getting enough fluid daily? If you check up on you will find you need half your bodyweight in ozs of water per day. eg. weight 100lbs needs 50ozs water to be divided into 5 or 6 servings. I have been using the watercure for the last few weeks and swollen ankle from 30yr old injury has finally subsided! Other benefits as well. Increased water does not make you retain fluid (provided your kidneys are in good working order) Body is 70% water of whick 25% is used by brain.. if you dont get enough water for the rest of your body to be properly hydrated then things start to clog up. And ONLY WATER can hydrate properly, contrary to the popular belief that other liquids will also suffice. If you are interested in trying this you need to check out the website to get ALL the relevant information BEFORE you start. Hope this helps you it has been a wonder cure for me. God bless.
Replied by Siberianwolf
Havelock North, New Zealand
This message is regarding Lymphedema and is for Catherine in Wellington NZ. Hi Catherine. You left your message here two years ago. I know everyone's problems are different, but as a matter of interest. . . How long did it take for your swelling to disappear having begun the drinking water regime?
Replied by Davee
Try kidney and adrenal herbs. Kidneys control elimination of lymphatic fluids. Also try castor oil packs and cabbage leaf packs to pull fluid out.