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Peyronie's Disease

Last Modified on Jul 09, 2014

What Is Peyronie's Disease?

A condition that can have a number of negative effects on an individual’s overall health, Peyronie's disease involves the development of fibrous scar tissue inside the penis. This scar tissue causes a curvature in the penis, making erections difficult and even painful. While it is not entirely unusual for a man to have a curved erection, a man affected by Peyronie's disease experiences a significant bend typically associated by pain.

The onset of symptoms associated with Peyronie's disease may appear suddenly or may develop gradually. In any case, the most common symptoms include scar tissue that can be felt under the skin as flat lumps or a band of hard tissue, a significant bend to the penis, problems with erection, shortening of the penis, pain during an erection, orgasm, or anytime the penis is touched. Additionally, Peyronie's disease may prevent a man from having sex and cause stress and anxiety.

The exact cause of Peyronie's disease is not completely understood; however, a number of influencing factors have been identified. Researchers believe that Peyronie's disease is generally associated with the rupturing of tiny blood vessels in the penis, commonly caused by sex, athletic activity, or an accident. As the body heals, blood cells and other cells collect at the site and get stuck causing the development of scar tissue. Inherited traits may also be involved in the development of Peyronie's disease.

Natural Remedies for Peyronie's Disease

As Peyronie's disease is such a troubling condition, finding an effective remedy is important for developing and maintaining overall health. Many natural options offer safe, effective treatment. Castor oil applied topically to the plaque spots or areas of scar tissue dissolves the tissue and offers relief. MSM taken orally is also known for its ability to soften scar tissue. Additional treatment options include acetyl-l-carnitine, vitamin E, and DMSO.

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User Reviews

Peyronie's Disease
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Castor Oil   1  0   

Posted by Twinsauntymom (Ca, U.s.a.) on 11/06/2013

Novel treatment for Peyronies Disease:

Hi, My husband had been struggling with quite severe curvature and indentation of his penis for over a year. We researched all over the internet looking for treatment, relief and hope. All we found at that time were expensive oral treatments, surgery (ouch) or traction devices.

Then we discovered the benefits of using castor oil, topically (that is, rubbing it on the skin) to dissolve scar tissue and ease the pain of arthritic joints - mine. We wondered if castor oil would also work on plaque - which is also described as scar tissue.

My husband had two rather large areas of plaque in the penile shaft which were causing him pain and distress. Knowing that castor oil can do little harm topically, my husband decided to try it. So, for several weeks, before sleep, he massaged castor oil into the areas where he could feel the plaque. He also would apply a cotton bandage to keep heat and pressure on the area overnight.

Within a couple of weeks he started to notice improvement. The indentation lessened. The curvature reduced and he could physically feel the size of the two areas of plaque reducing.

He has continued to use the castor oil 3 or 4 times a week. The scar tissue that he could feel is almost gone, his penis is now almost straight and not indented. The pain is almost completely gone. He is carrying on using the castor oil and we are seeing continued improvement, week by week.

Before you spend a lot of money on proprietary compounds or consider something as drastic as surgery, which may result in having to use a prosthesis to obtain an erection, I would suggest that you invest $5 or so in a bottle of castor oil and try it.

Do some research into the healing properties of castor oil to see why it is so effective. Give it a few weeks and see if it helps you too.

This is not an overnight cure. It will take time, but I would suggest it is well worth trying.

A couple of helpful hints. Cover yourself with a towel or an old pair of pyjamas for sleeping. The oil may well stain your bedclothes.

Make sure that you can get into the bathroom to wash when your hands are oily - finding yourself with oily hands and being unable to open either the bedroom or bathroom doors is a little embarrassing.

Replied by Mike
East Brunswick, New Jersey

Does his penis curve down or up (or at least used too ), And did his penis look inflamated towards the bottom of it? Im wondering because thats how it is all for me and im going to see if castor oil can help me.
Replied by Dave Simon
Miami, Florida

[YEA]   Wow. This is actually working out really well. So I've had this issue ever since I can remember which makes me believe it is hereditary. So anyways, I started applying castor oil every single night since january 15 and than I wrap any kind of napkin around my penis to keep a bit of pressure. For the most part though it's so it doesn't get on my underwear. Its january 26 now and I can already see very good results and my penis is beginning to straighten out. This stuff works great! Also for anyone wondering theres a very good chance you'll see castor oil marketed as a laxative which it is so don't be confused. Oh, and I also apply it all over my penis... no specific reason or anything it only takes a few seconds.
Replied by Twinsauntymom

Hi Mike,

So sorry for the delay in responding.

My husband's penis used to curve upwards and the tightening of the indentation also pulled the head of the penis to the left.

As Peyronie's seems to be an ongoing problem, maintenance of the castor oil treatment seems to be the way to go, for us, anyway.

So we continue with the application and massage, but not daily. More like 2 - 3 times per week to help prevent the plaque from becoming a severe problem.

As for the inflammation, no. There was no inflammation visible on his penis. However, we have used castor oil, topically, to relieve inflammation in other circumstances. For example, I have arthritic hips. Castor oil reduces the pain I have from that. I also have muscular spasms, again, castor oil helps to alleviate that pain. Also, I occasionally get red, inflamed, swollen ankles. Again, castor oil relieves the swelling, the redness and the pain.

We use the EFT mantra, "Try it on everything".

Best wishes.

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Junkman (Cleveland, Ohio, U S) on 02/27/2012

This used to be my problem as a school child. I wore normal old school (white underwear). During puberty and I would get erections in class contantly as normal kids do, well it always went to the left because it had to pick a direction in my pants. Because of that constant happening for me when I was naked and got an erection it would always go to the left slightly in a curve. This stopped when I became more hippie style and stopped wearing underwear. I would get hardons but it wouldnt be so resticted by the underwear and it became straighter and so then I helped it along by trying (not too hard) to straighten by bending it back whenever I got a hardon.


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