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Bentonite Clay for Health: Home Remedies

Last Modified on May 23, 2015

Bentonite Clay Cures
Bentonite clay is a well-regarded natural remedy particularly favored as a detox agent. This includes detoxification of heavy metals.

Bentonite clay is a naturally alkaline substance that has been used medicinally for centuries. Its ability to expand in water and to ionically attract toxins and metallic ions has made it a popular natural remedy for a number of systemic conditions as well as for use as a topical treatment. Different variations of bentonite clay exist, based upon where it was pulled from the ground, with the major difference being in the specific balance of certain elemental components. It is sometimes called Montmorillonite after one of the clay's principle crystalline components.

Natural Cures: For use as a laxative, as a detoxing agent, in heavy metal chelation, as part of a poultice for wounds, and in skin care and treatment of skin conditions. Some studies have indicated bentonite clay as effective against candida infections.

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User Reviews

Abscessed Tooth   1  0   

Posted by Diane (Sacramento, California) on 01/01/2008

[YEA]  Montmorillite form of Bentonite clay. I had an absessed tooth that broke off. The absess was not really painful but my dentist advised a root canal because the tooth was dead. How I wish I would have tried the clay first and just had a temp crown put on. I continued to have a soreness at the root. The pocket of infection had been there for years. I didn't want to do the antibiotic thing or have more work done, so I tried the clay. I simply tucked a pea sized bit of clay with a bit of cotton up at the root where the pain was. The next morning it was somewhat better. I continued for months until every bit of the soreness was gone. It took time but I just know I probably could have healed it without the root canal. I still do it once in awhile because I know dead teeth in your mouth infect the body eventually, per Dr. Weston Price. The one advantage?...It takes almost no effort to do.

Replied by Diane
Billings, Montana

The danger of an abcessed tooth is that the infection can go to the brain and you can die if it is left untreated. The clay may have helped your symptoms, but anything that's rotting in your body should be removed. That's just good sense. Be glad you got the root canal! We need to be aware that natural treatments are not miracle cures; they have limitations just as there are limitations to traditional medicine.
Replied by Evan
Pompano, Florida

It most likely would have been better if you did not get the root canal and instead tried treating the condition with natural cures. Doctors are great for broken bones, cuts, and mechanical injuries but for infection and internal illness they are far more often than not harmful and you end up healing in spite of them. Antibiotics only harm the body and are not needed. There are other natural ways to prevent infection and reverse infection in the body that work as good as, if not better than, pharmaceuticals.

Most people eat so poorly that their bodies cannot fight infection properly. However if one has a diet based upon the primal way of eating, stays organic, and eats raw as often as possible they can (and have over and over) cured themselves naturally without any prescription drugs. The body will heal itself even of dead tissue without a doctor ripping it out of you. If one disagrees with this it is only because of deep conditioning from their past. Learn all you can about natural cures. Look at all sources and come to your own conclusions. Stay natural it will work.

Replied by Gene R.
Great Barrington, Ma, Usa

[WARNING!]   WARNING! You do NOT want to mess around with an abcessed tooth. They are extremely dangerous and must be treated quickly. The infection can, in a matter of a few hours, travel down the neck and into the heart or up into the brain. This is what used to kill people in the old days. DO NOT TAKE CHANCES WITH A TOOTH ABCESS!!! See a dentist ASAP! If you can't afford a dentist, try looking for free dental clinics in your area.
Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York, Usa

I very much agree with Gene R. From Barrington, An abscessed tooth is NOT something to play around with. A good dentist is needed for this potentially dangerous condition and is very treatable by a good dentist. With timely care the tooth might be salvagable. And it may not be. The longer you wait for such care the less likely the tooth will be salvagable. In the GOOD OLD DAYS: the ONLY remedy was tooth extraction and this was what was done. Some conditions DO require timely care by a qualified doctor. An abscessed tooth is one of those conditions....Oscar
Replied by Lisa
Jacksonville, Fl

I had an abcessed tooth - confirmed by my dentist. I couldn't take any antibiotics though so used colloidal silver. It took 2 weeks, but it worked.
Replied by Alli
Kitchener, Ontario

Infection is the "symptom" of an infected tooth. there are many ways (natural or antibiotic) to treat an infection, but unless the CAUSE of the infection is treated.... The infection will return. Removing the tooth will remove the source of infection and antibiotics are not always necessary.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to freeze a tooth when the infection is severe, so the longer you wait to treat an infected tooth the more likely antibiotics will be necessary.

Replied by Wendy

Please do not take any type of clay internally! .I have been made very ill taking ingestable green clay.It takes out all the good minerals out of your body as well as the heavy metals which ultimately makes you at lot worse than what you started with.I have been left with servere adrenal fatigue which I had before but 10x worse that's before.I have very nearly had to give up my job but luckly I'm self employed.My husband also took the clay at the same time and made him very ill too.There is also a lot of aluminium in clay.
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Wendy, obviously you and your husband took WAY over the amount that your constitution can handle. How about starting with less than a pinch, only once a day? That's the amount that I can handle internally, but everyone is different.

Acid Reflux   3  0   

Posted by Cc (Atlanta, Ga) on 01/22/2012

[YEA]  Bentonite Clay: Try it for acid reflux, it works! Mix 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon with 1/2 cup of water when you need it. It just seems to nuetralize the acid!

Make sure to take it 1 hour BEFORE you take your prescriptions & drink lots of water throughout the day. Hope this helps.

Replied by Corpore_sano
Nyc, Ny

Hi I'm interested in doing a bentonite cleanse for the first time but I have the opposite problem of LOW to NO stomach acid (hypo- or achlorhydria). I keep reading that bentonite neutralizes overacidity in the stomach etc so I'm concerned that taking bentonite might exacerbate my low stomach acid problem even more, before it even makes it to my intestines. I know that it should be taken on an empty stomach etc, but I'm still worried that it'll interfere with any acid production at all, possibly negatively affecting my digestion the 1-2 hours after the bentonite shake, when I do eat something. and bentonite in capsules is apparently not recommended as it needs to be hydrated so this isn't an option either.

does anyone know about bentonite's effects on low stomach acid and/or if it's safe to take in people with hypochlorhydria? I'd really like to try this due to the rave reviews I'm seeing about its detoxing potential... But I'm first mainly concerned about not messing up my stomach/digestion even more!

Posted by Leelannee (Sussex, Nj) on 09/21/2009

[YEA]  I've had acid reflux for months and while using the "watercure" has given me some relief, if I slack off on it at all I have persistent pain/burning the next day. I have tried charcoal, but it takes 30 minutes or more to kick in, and sometimes I need a second dose, and I have tried baking soda in water, but that seems to last only a couple of hours. Last night I tried bentonite and not only was the relief almost instant, but lasted for over 12 hours. I just tried a second dose and again, instant relief!

What I do is take a small jar (8oz) of warm water and mix in about a tablespoon of bentonite. I then let it sit out overnight so that the clay becomes saturated with the water; this will prevent it from absorbing too much water in your gut and possibly causing constipation. This makes a jelly-like consistency; if it's too watery, then stir in a bit more clay, or if it's too stiff then add more water. Then I keep it in the fridge and use as needed. For the acid reflux I take 2 teaspoons and chase it with water. It does not have an unpleasant flavor or a gritty texture. The coolness from keeping it in the fridge is soothing to the throat, and could also be soothing on the skin for poison ivy, sunburn or cooking burns, insect bites, etc.

Replied by Leelannee
Sussex, Nj

Just a correction and update: it takes about 2 tablespoons of bentonite in 4-6 oz of water to make the "gel". This is still working great for me! In fact, I skipped it yesterday, so it's been a day and a half since I've taken it, and still no acid! Before this I was taking the "watercure" every 2-4 hours, before I tried that I would be coughing & in pain ALL DAY, and I usually woke up already feeling bad.
Replied by Cindie
East Texas, Texas

I found out I do not produce enough acid in my gut. Therefore my food starts to rot and ferment and bubble up (acid reflux). Once I stated taking HCL- Hydrochloric Acid for your gut.. I have not had another problem. It works great.

Posted by GT (Vero Beach, Florida) on 08/24/2007

[YEA]  Used Medicinal grade Bentonite clay for acid reflux,works within a few sips. Get a small bottle of water put in a teaspoon of bentonite clay (PH is 9.1) shake hard so it disolves in the water and take some sips. You will notice within the second sip the acid starts to calm down. A note; People with bad acid reflux have trouble sleeping, magnesium gets depleted when acid is on overload, a few sips of bentonite clay before bed you sleep like a baby. Magnesium' has a 'calming' effect for the mind and the physical muscles. There is magnesium in bentonite clay.

Asperger's Syndrome   0  0   

Posted by Christine (Melbourne, Fl) on 05/25/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  My daughter has Aspergers Syndrome, a form of autism. I gave her two "00" capsules of bentonite clay every day. She was 17 at the time. In less than a month, she had no more tactile issues (could not STAND the sensation of light touches among other tactile issues) AND had spontaneous empathy for strangers!!!! Something that does not happen with any form of autism that I know of!

The only caution is because she is a menstrating female, if she gets too much bentonite clay, she will occasionally go anemic. Iron, despite being needed by the body, is still a heavy metal. So we cut back when that happens. Now she only takes is maybe twice a week and we have not been having problems with anemia.

Replied by Harvey Pekrul
Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

I just found this information within the last week. It was discovered in 2004, and was only heard of in North America in November 2012. A Russian Neuralogist Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride has cured her severely Autistic son by inventing the Gaps Diet (GAPS). She realized the link between Mental Health disease (and most others) was linked to bad gut flora. This disease called Leaky Gut Syndrome is passed from mother to child. You cannot cure the disease by taking probiotic supplements, you must starve the bad bacteria. YouTube "autism diet" to get the basic concept. Your whole family should do the Diet. Fortunately it is easy. There are 3 nutrition types which depends on your ancestrial origins. They are low protein high carbs, high protein low carbs, or balanced 50/50. Go to and search the topic for a free test to determine your type. He offers her book But it's much cheaper elsewhere. Find the details and title at gaps. Me the doctors site in the UK. Search the title on google to find US retailers. For local support google "gaps practitioners" to find the closest Diet expert for support.

Bentonite Clay Side Effects   0  0   

Posted by Sarah (Los Angeles, Ca) on 01/22/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  OK- I THINK i had a severe reaction to bentonite clay... I was starting a cleanse 2 days ago- so had only juiced and eaten brown rice that day... I had some Bentonite I use for baths, ( I think it's the sodium one- but the person I bought it from claims he takes a tablespoon of it every day w/ no problems)and in the evening as an afterthought I added about 2 tsps. to my protein shake... it made it really thick so I added more water. I downed it and in about 3 hours I came down with the worst stomach cramping, diharea and vomiting I have EVER experienced... I mean tore-the-toiletpaper-holder-off-the-wall violent puking!!! It lasted for about 6 hours that severe- with a fever the entire time. The vomiting/ diharea subsided but my fever remained the rest of the day... am wondering if anyone has any ideas if this could've been severe detoxing, or reaction to the clay or stomach virus coincidence? I called poison control and they scared me to death about possibly rupturing my intestines, so I went to the DR the next afternoon and he basically sent me home with no advice (waste of $!!).

I am weak 2 days later and am still waiting on a bowel movement of any kind...? any input appreciated...

Replied by Sarah
La, Ca

OK- update... I am now wondering if it might have been a gallbladder or pancreatitis attack? Either that or Norovirus ( saw on the news was going around)... but I'm wondering if the clay could stimulate a gallbladder/ liver cleanse that would give symptoms like what I experienced...
Replied by Bella2718
Richmond, Virginia

You used the incorrect form of bentonite clay. There are two types of bentonite clay, sodium and calcium. Sodium Bentonite clay should not be used for internal use because of its extreme swelling properties and it is geared towards commercial use. Calicium bentonite clay is the form that is used for internal use. It absorbs but at a lesser degree vs. sodium. Calcium bentonite is not used in industrial applications.
Replied by Rsw
Canton, Oh

[SIDE EFFECTS]   I took it last week, 1 tablespoonful, and had the exact reaction! I bought it already mixed in a bottle with directions to take it by mouth. I apparently doesn't agree with some people because I rarely get sick, much less to that degree. I might put it in my bath but no more ingesting it for me.
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Will the clay stop up the drain in the bathtub?
Replied by Natalie
Sydney, Nsw

I had that reaction as like you said intense "detoxing" after I had been healthy for about 4 months - it was a disgusting experience but it cleared my body, it was actually very good for me. And... I lost 2 kgs... in a weekend.
Replied by Jesse
Washington, Dc

From what I believe I have learned, some of you are wrong. The two types of clay are both ingestible. The Sodium is best because it absorbs the most toxins. The Calcium is not so good because it won't absorb much but I have seen it stated that the Calcium is better suited to enter your blood stream and cleanse that part of your body. So they both have a purpose. When people have problems it is proably because:

1.They aren't using food grade clay.

2.They are using too much to start off with.

3.They are using Sodium clay, which expands a lot, and not giving it eough time to absorb water and expand fully before drinking.

4. They aren't drinking lots of water after ingestion like recomended.

Try mixing it with water and letting it sit for hours before drinking. Afterwards drink a whole bunch of water.

Replied by Robin
Calais, Me

For those that don't know what kg is in weight, as I have seen a person post they lost 2kg = 4lb 6.5479oz
Replied by Tomeka

Sounds as if you used bath clay which is for external use only. You'll need to find the water-based clay which is for internal use.

Boils   1  0   

Posted by Liz (Scranton, PA) on 03/02/2008

[YEA]  I am definitely alkalizing as it makes perfect sense. Also using turmeric, Celtic sea salt, and greens. Internal health may take time to achieve, but Ted's lemon/ ACV and baking soda really works for so many problems--quick too. ' I have boils for the first time. I have been mixing several teaspoons of bentonite clay with water, placing a glob over the boil and spreading it thickly over the surrounding area, then covering it all with gauze or a clean cloth. Last, I wrap securely with plastic. Keeps the area moist and the clay off sheets and clothes. This has worked wonders in only a day. Boils are no longer sore or swollen and the whole area is healing and drying beautifully. Change the poultice every 8-12 hours. I will keep it up for a week to make sure the infection is gone. Also will continue internal alkalizing. You do not have to spend a fortune on bentonite clay. I got mine on ebay from a company that sells it for fish ponds. It does keeps my pond water clear--probably for the same reason it heals people. Once on ebay search with words "clay koi" and that will bring you to a great inexpensive product-- 20 lbs of it! Thank you Earth Clinic, contributors, and especially Ted! Great info! Really helped me and others with so many problems! Liz

Replied by Karen
Lawrenceburg, Ky

Hi Liz,

I wanted to know if this type of clay is ok for internal use. Like the above poster said, its ok to take inside if it is the calcium kind, but not the sodium. Just wanted to know if you have any idea which one this is. Thank you! ~Karen

Replied by Citygirlluv
Southern, Virginia

I just did the search on eBay myself and it's calcium bentonite :)
Replied by Alohamyfriend
Whittier, Ca

What is Ted's lemon/ ACV and baking soda recipe? Thanks.

Burn Wound   1  0   

Posted by Angela (Antwerp, Belgium) on 07/17/2011

[YEA]  Ted is absolutely a genius. I really don't know where to begin about the calcium bentonite clay he suggested.

My fiance suffered a chemical burn wound years ago that resulted from exposure to Pregan Paste. After hundreds of skin grafts (and decades of suffering), the doctors could not seem to stop the burn wound from creating painful skin necrosis, over and over again. Her hand seemed to be sensitive to everything from sun to dish soap to topical ointments designed to stop burns, not create them.

Well, Ted suggested calcium bentonite clay as a topical clay paste to apply to her skin. Needless to say, we were terrified because it seemed that everything that touched her hand would cause necrosis and with every recurrence of necrosis, she risked amputation of her hand. I hate to admit that fear caused me to wait on trying this solution, but it did.

So, I opted to try it first on my acne. I have never had a chronic problem with acne, but over the last year, it had become a nighmare. Blemishes became open wounds, my face was covered in black heads and white heads. Aesthetically, it was awful. Physically, it was extremely painful.

I suppose I should have tried it in one place, but I placed 1 T. of the powder in a plastic bowl, 2 T. of water and another T. of clay on top. I did not mix it, but let it sit for 2 minutes. It formed a clay quickly and easily on its own.

I spread it all over my face and allowed it to dry. It was itchy and I could see my face turning quite red. I was a bit concerned, but trusted Ted's advice to leave it on until it dried and to apply it twice a day.

It's now been 48 hours and 6 mosquito bites disappeared from the evening before. No itching and no redness. Four significant wounds closed and I've not seen a new blemish appear, which has not been the case in months. It seems that calcium bentonite clay not only removes excess oil, dead skin cells and toxins, but also increases circulation, which speeds healing.

But what is more miraculous? My fiance's hand began to turn dark purple the same day I used the clay for the first time. This happens every few months and needless to say, we became terribly concerned. This color change usually signals the beginning stages of necrosis.

We kept an eye on it and the skin on her hand turned gray (her hand is the only place where there has been necrosis and her hand has been subject to hundreds of skin grafts and 2 skin flaps that were rejected). To say we were alarmed would be an understatement. We had to do something and do something fast. Until now, hyperbaric oxygen treatment had been our only option and it isn't easy to get an appointment within 24 hours, which is how fast we need for her to get the treatment.

Because we knew the impending future, we took a BIG chance and applied it directly to her hand. Normally, trying to put any kind of topical product yields painful, dreadful results. She gave it 30 min to an hour to dry and then we washed it off. Nervously, we checked her hand closely for the result...

Circulation returned, her hand became very red and she had no pain (usually she has a painful, tingling sensation that she describes as "something eating away at her hand from the inside"). Within an hour of washing the clay away, her normal, healthy skin color had returned and now, 24 hours later, she still has no pain and her skin is still the healthy, pink color it is supposed to be. Just one application of this simple clay, used AT HOME, kept her out of the hyperbaric chamber and more importantly, NO surgery! Necrosis reversed completely!

Ted, words really cannot express our gratitute. Calcium bentonite clay was something we'd never heard of and it has quickly begun to heal my acne, open wounds and reversed the onset of her necrosis by either removing toxins or increasing circulation, but probably the result of both.

We have decided that calcium bentonite clay is something we will always keep in the house. For bug bites, acne, wound healing, toxin removal, improvement of circulation - it's a must have for any household. I ordered it here from Germany, but it is available from many sources from the United States and around the world.

Here's to everyone's health and healing!

Replied by
Long Beach, Usa

I'm no genius but. Bentonite is suppose to bind with heavy metals. And iron is one of those heavy metals. When the skin turns red seemingly like magic, it is because I believe the bentonite clay attracts the iron rich blood to the surface. And interchanges with any toxins available to be absorbed. I love using bentonite clay on my skin. Internally. And in baths. Very great product made by mother earth!

Calcium Vs Sodium Clay   0  0   

Posted by Stacey (Greensboro, Nc) on 08/04/2009

Calcium Montmorillonite clay v. Sodium montmorillonite (Bentonite)?

I've been considering taking bentontite clay, but realized there are 2 different types: one dominant in sodium and the other calcium. I know that Bentontite is the "product name" of the clay, and I've seen respectable companies selling one or the other, but attributing the same properties to each. Is there a difference between the two if you want to take the clay internally?

Replied by Summer
La, Ca

The really important thing to consider is how your body's digestive system works. Even if a Sodium Bentonite had the right balance of minerals, and had the right particle size to be absorbed into your bloodstream, and had good detoxification power from its ionization properties, you should not ingest it.

In your stomach, it will break apart with the acids and other liquids, but as it moves from the small intestine to the colon, it will become dehydrated by your body and it will clump back together. You will then have the unpleasant task of eliminating it. Or worse, it could become part of a constipation problem. In contrast, when you put a teaspoon of Calcium Montmorillonite clay into a glass of water, about half may fall to the bottom and half will stay suspended as a colloidal cloudiness. It will look milky. There is no clumping to worry about and stirring with a spoon is easy.

Another consideration with Sodium Bentonite is hinted at by its name...sodium. As if we don't get enough salt in our bodies, this clay is introducing more. In contrast calcium Bentonite has 2 or 3 times the calcium as sodium, and other pH balancing minerals such as potassium and magnesium to help your blood balance its electrolytes and keep you healthy.

Finally, Sodium Bentonites come from industrial producers. Their processing often introduces problems. They may claim to have sterilization processes, and they sometimes do...with irradiation, a process that reduces the ionic electrical potency of the compound. Irradiation is not acceptable for organic and holistic uses. Regardless, their operations are geared for commercial not natural or health products and contamination is always a possibility.

Sodium Bentonite may be a fine product for acne treatment or a poultice because of its absorptive properties. But why buy different clays when one source can be trusted to perform well for all needs.

Replied by Stacey
Greensboro, Nc

Thanks for the response, Summer. I do use the sodium clay for acne externally. I thin coat of clay really helps my oily skin. I've tried it internally, but I really didn't feel it was benefiting me in any way other than it did help stomach acid problems. I suppose I will invest in some calcium bentonite and see how that works. Thanks a bunch!
Replied by Nita
Victoria, Bc, Canada

To my knowledge, Sodium Bentonite was formed when volcanic ash landed in sea water and then turned into a clay deposit over time. It is not from industrial producer, but is simply formed naturally.
Replied by Anna
Philadelphia, Pa

i agree with Nita. If vulcanic ash falls into sea water it is sodium, into fresh water- it is calcium. That's what I read anyway.

i was taking ca-bentonite tablets but now I'm changing to sodium-bentonite gel. Good company, founded in 1946! And after few days I feel great!

Candida   0  0   

Posted by Joanne (Northville, Mi) on 04/25/2010

I have been battling candida and leaky gut most of my life and have just started using clay in conjunction with antifungals and other supplements for a few months now and have felt great improvement from it. I am sure that my daughter has severe candida since she has suffered many symptoms of yeast such as rashes, allergies, sinus, eczema,stomach problems and yellow vaginal discharge. My question is it safe to give her Bentonite Clay since she is only 8 yrs old. I was thinking it might be helpful for her since noticing she is very acidic and has shown reactions such as itching,hives or red spots to giving her low dose grapefruit seed extract or antifungals.

Cold Sores   1  0   

Posted by Drew (Columbus, Ohio) on 08/29/2009

[YEA]  A buddy of mine turned me on to calcium bentonite clay for my overall health. the stuff is amazing. you can bathe in it, cook with it, eat it, brush with it, clean your hair with it. its mainly used in spas and things of that nature. anyways, I got the worst cold sore I've ever had. the entire left side of my upper lip, a little one on my nose, and a little one on my bottom lip. I've been reading this website and I remembered the clay I had. I added some water and made a paste out of it and I smeared it on the sores and went to bed. I woke up the next day and the pain was gone and the swelling had dropped tremendously. I washed it off and saw that the sore had diminished in size considerably. it feels really good on the sore and it really cleans up the sore. I use this overnight and it really helps. using it with other remedies, I find the sore heals much quicker. plus it feels GREAT

Constipation   2  0   

Posted by Vladimir (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) on 12/31/2007

[YEA]  Hi. I started taking Bentonite Clay after reading about it on the internet and especially on I don't know whether it is because of it or because of the other supplements I take but I am less constipated and sleep better. I also believe it contains many minerals and they're natural (not processed). I am taking a table spoon of a very dense Bentonite Clay and water solution every night before going to bed. I would recommend it. It would be also interesting to hear other people's experiences with Bentonite Clay.

Replied by Sonya
Philadelphia, Pa

I just started taking bentonite as I am searching for a nearly lifelong problem involving elmination. I took one tablespoon full yesterday on an empty stomach and had my first bowel movement this morning after not having one for five days. At the begining of this month (September) is changed my diet to raw food but allowed oats for breakfast and rice occassionally for my dinner. I have had three bowel movements this month. Things I've tried in the past work for a little while then I go right back to maybe having one bowel movement a week. I know this is terribly unhealthy. Currently, I'm unemployed and can't afford to see a professional.
Replied by Mimi's Mom
East Coast, Usa

Sonia, I too struggled with constipation for a time. What helps immeasurably is to drink daily (on average) 4 to 6 glasses of pure water. But you may be magnesium-deficient like 80% of the U. S. Population. (I'm currently reading a fascinating book by Dr. Carolyn Dean which contains a wealth of information to assist the female body using magnesium). I take magnesium-calcium supplements every day (along with a multi-vitamin and probiotics) and since I've started this regimen I haven't had ANY problems with constipation; matter of fact my bowel movements are regular (daily, sometimes twice a day. ) You may wish to look into this vitamin deficiency. All the best to you.
Replied by Tina
Houston, Usa

Please try these cheasp remedies for constipation...

Magnesium upto 1000mg daily (pref bed time) since it will make you very relaxed.

Vitamin C (upto 5000mg daily) which is brilliant to reset the body and allow your bowels to move.

Prune juice 1/3 cup upto 2-3 daily.


Spirulina and chlorella which clean out the toxicities in the liver and allow bowels to become regular.

Include veggies like cucumbers and celery to diet which help with retaining water to avoid dry stools.

Chia seeds

Aloe vera juice

(You will become regular in no time).

I went through several MRIs, colonoscopies and traditional meds, but the above intake along with daily exercise (1 hour brisk walk) eliminated the constipation completely. Please ask if you have any specific questions, since I am well versed with this topic.

Replied by Jen
Bozeman, Mt, Us

My poor 10 year old has been going through the same thing as you for almost 10 years now. We have tried every perscription, massage, chiropracter, and exercise to try to help her become regular. Some of the things we have tried will work for a few weeks and then sadly she will go right back to being constipated for 1 to 3 weeks at a time. I am hoping and praying that we have finally found a cure for the problem now with enzymes. She takes 2 per day and has had a bowel movement at least once a day for 3 weeks now. That is better than anything else we have tried. I believe she is missing some of the stomach acid in her digestive tract which causes the problem of not enough enzymes to break her food down. I am hoping this will be a cure for her but if not then I plan on adding HCL to her supplements list as well. She is taking a probiotic, iodine, enzymes, multi vit, vit C1, and magnesium (200mg 2x per day). I agree that the magnesium is very important for anyone with this problem.
Replied by Andoy
Boise, Id

Sounds like alkalinity problem.
Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia

[YEA]   Magnesium is great for constipation, it can also be cheap. Start at a lower dose and gradually increase it till you have loose bowel movements then back the dose down until they are not loose. You will probably need to go back and forth to find the dose that is right for you. For some reason some of us have greater needs for magnesium and I have found most people I know who deal with long term constipation issues (often from childhood) have a much greater need for it. Magnesium chloride made into magnesium oil is great, but I and many others have used with success epsom salts. Used because of its availability and price. We started with 1/4 teaspoon first thing in the morning and also in the evening and generally taking it up to 1 teaspoon then lowering it. Have a chaser of water with lemon juice to follow for the taste. Currently I'm using magnesium citrate as I was able to get it for a good price at the time.

If your feces contains undigested food you need digestive enzymes. As these can be expensive you could first try ginger, taken as tablets or powdered ginger in hot water (ginger tea) with each meal. For some people the ginger works, after 3 - 6 months use, better than the enzymes. Also make sure you drink enough water and eat plenty of veg for fibre.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

Sonya, probiotics (the ones that need to be refrigerated) and digestive enzymes will help your problem. Spirulina and chlorella are also good for digestion. On waking in the morning drink about 1/2 to 1 litre of water.

My son had terrible problems in the first few years of his life due to antibiotics and the probiotics and digestive enzymes stopped his problems.

Replied by Baldev
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Sonya, for your acute constipation you can try Magnasium Sulfate (Epsom salt) half a tea spoon either in some juice or in water before going to bed. If it does not help then you can try taking it twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening. It may not taste very well, but it will surely relieve you of the constipation.


Replied by Helpyourself
Houston, Texas

Try this: 10 drops of Tabasco in 4 oz of water and drink. It would be 20 drops for Adults. Do this a few times a week, then use as needed. Do not do this everyday. Cayenne is something like a rotor rooter, so many uses. My 14 yr. old uses it too for many things.

Tabasco, I believe is the best/it has only three ingredients: Cayenne, vinegar and salt.

Replied by Jay
Orlando, Fl

Take some unsulfured blackstrap molasses. I started with 3 tablespoons twice a day increase amount if necessary.
Replied by Tina
Princeton, N J

Chia seeds are very good in curing constipation, since they are full of fiber. It is also the richest and only unprocessed whole food source of pure Omega 3. Chia seeds 'scrubbing' action also help remove toxins from the small intestine. Plus they are high in protein, so they keep you feeling full longer and make you feel so energetic! Best of all, they are quite inexpensive and can be found in health food stores. Remember to drink lots of water when you eat chia seeds, as they absorb ten times their weight in water.

I soak about two scoops (from the scoop provided in the container) in water overnight and the next morning it is almost a jelly consistency. Eaten with some organic raw honey and fresh lemon juice, it makes a delicious and filling breakfast. Read more about all the good things chia seeds can do at Best of luck!

Replied by Maeryn
Calgary, Ab, Canada

To Jen from Bozeman, MT: Was your child C-sectioned and then vaccinated?

When children are c-sectioned they do not recieve the beneficial bacteria and flora from their mother on the way out the birth canal. Vaccines just make it worse. Try Kefir and/or Kombucha, it will help to restore the flora in her gut. Very cheap as well.

Replied by V
Oak Run, Ca, United States

For constipation, I suggest you start juicing. For constipation, try carrot apple and beet juice. Beet juice is very powerful and should be used sparingly at first. Go on to the internet to some juicing sites and you will find some great recipes. Poop might be red. Not to worry, it's the beet juice. Good luck!
Replied by Cc
Bris, Qld Australia

Are you depressed? This seems like a silly question, but your gastro-intestinal tract makes 90% of the body's serotonin... Which it uses to regulate peristalsis. Release of serotonin is what causes diarrhea. So if you're constipated, you might need to look at a shortage of serotonin.

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Posted by Jrc (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/20/2010

I have used bentonite clay in detoxes primarily geared toward colon cleansing using Dr. Bernard Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care and I have only seen positive results. This system uses various herbs and supplements, including psyllium husks and flax seed water to detoxify the body, get rid of old fecal matter and basically rid the body of many toxins over a period of at least 2 to 3 cycles of the program [this can take a year to complete them all.

I would suggest contacting a natural health practitioner or even your MD (the latter may suggest not doing it at all-often they can be wrong), but use your judgment since if you are already on various medications you may need to adapt this program or only use it if you are in fairly good health, but never stop taking your medication when on this program; however you may need to adapt it slightly. Why? This program has no food for about a week and your medication may require food. Additionally, if you take bentonite clay alone or without the proper amount of water it can have a negative side effect. This program mentions clay water which indicates it is water based or has added hydration which is completely necessary for this clay.

Posted by Jane (Durham, Oregon) on 10/26/2010

I am titrating down off diazepine- would bentonite clay help or hinder the process? I'm ready to give up on medicine but don't want it to leave me with cravings or further witthdrawals. Jane

Posted by Matthew (Brisbane, Qld) on 09/06/2008

[YEA]  Bentonite is fantastic for internal cleansing but like everything you must tailor the quantity to your own digestive system. I have been taking it for 4 years with positive results and have learned that regular intake of even a small amount is beneficial. It is a bacteriacide absorbs toxins and raises pH

Here's how I take it:

Add 1 liter of water to your blender.
Mix 100g of bentonite (approx 4 dessert spoons)
Blend for 1-2 minutes.
Pour 90% of this mix into a resealable food grade plastic or glass bottle. Discard the residue.

Now you have a smooth pourable base mixture. Add 50ml to 100ml* of this to a large glass and top with warm water. Warm water makes it easier to take. So you have a light clay drink 250ml - 300ml

Drink one glass in the morning and one afternoon or night. At least 30 - 40 minutes away from main meals.

DO NOT take it close to life sustaining medications as it could lessen the effect of the medication.

Take for a number of consecutive days. there is no magic number of days but generally it is beneficial when taken for a few days on a regular basis. It can be continuted for weeks at a time if so desired. I suggest starting at the lower level and increase if things are going ok. in other words if bowel movements become too slow or constipation occurs then cease the intake until you clear and resume if you wish.

Make sure to include plenty of fibre and water in your diet.

Personally I don't like to include psyillium husks with it. I find it a bit much for my system when combined & I get good results with the just Bentonite.

Initially it may make your bowel movement a bit sluggish or perhaps you'll eliminate later in the day but i have never experienced constipation from it as described in some posts. If you find the amount suggested above is still too much then lessen it until agreeable. it will still be working just a bit slower.

* 50ml - 100ml of this mix converts to 5 - 10gms of clay . It is not very much. The most I have taken at one time is 300ml (30gm of clay)of the mixture without diluting it. It was a bit hard to get down but I had a lot of energy all day. I have not repeated that amount as I would have to force it down and don't care to. Gentle persistence pays off.

Good Luck!

Replied by Codysmom
Alexandria, Va

[YEA]   I have been taking bentonite clay for detoxing and really love it. I tried drinking it mixed with water but couldn't stand the taste. I now eat the clay with applesauce (1-2 tsp clay with 1 cup applesauce). I have also eaten it with yogurt. I found the applesauce with clay will make you very full for several hours, almost like an appetite suppressant, which is great for those that are dieting or cutting back.

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