Neurofibromatosis Remedies

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Treatment of neurofibromatosis often varies; however, natural supplements and dietary changes are often the most effective, safest treatments available. Avoiding inflammatory and toxin-laden foods including milk, meat, caffeine and sugar is crucial for successfully treating the condition. Additionally, supplements including aloe vera and others help remove toxins from the body and eliminate tumors effectively.

What is Neurofibromatosis?

A genetic disorder, neurofibromatosis is a condition that targets the nervous system. Characterized by dark skin patches and tumors on the nerves, the condition ranges in severity. While the exact symptoms of the condition depend on the type, common symptoms include skin changes, bone deformities, hearing loss, ringing in the ears, poor balance and intense pain.

Natural Remedies for Tumors in the Nervous System

Treating tumors of the nervous system can be achieved by raising the alkalinity of the body as well as removing toxins. Natural supplements are effective treatment options and include such compounds as bee propolis, aloe vera and other supplements. Boosting the immune system by eating a balanced diet and staying active is another important component of a treatment regimen for neurofibromatosis.

Bee Propolis

Bee propolis is a natural compound crated by bees that has been found effective in treating neurofibromatosis. The compound contains a variety of anti-carcinogenic compounds that block and reverse the development of tumors. The compound is also rich in nutrients that boost the body’s immune system.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another natural compound that is found within the aloe plant. The gel from within the aloe leaves is rich with immune boosting nutrients. Additionally, aloe attacks abnormal cells eliminating them from the body while leaving healthy cells intact.


Regular dietary supplements are also effective for treating tumors. Vitamin C, E and B help reduce the size of and eliminate tumors. Colloidal silver is another anti-toxin compound that can treat tumors.

Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder that affects the nervous system and typically manifests as growths on the nerve cells. Natural treatments used consistently can eliminate tumors as well as the other symptoms of the condition and prevent the need for more invasive treatments.

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User Reviews

Aloe Vera, Dietary Changes   1  0   

Posted by Susan (Liv, Ca) on 07/08/2013

[YEA]  So I have long history NF2 with this my mom, her dad, my brother, and now my two boys. So I HAVE AMAZING News please read this. All tumors are created from a over-acidic body. Raise the alkaline. My two boys have been diagnosed with brain tumors and they my oldest has tumors on the outside as well. I heard about drinking Aloe Vera barbadensia using the whole leaf, honey, and whisky. My friend's grandfather had prostate cancer and used this for three months and he was healed. So my kids have been drinking it and one shrunk already all gone and the others are shrinking. It is a true Miracle. I can't believe that this is working. I look up the aloe and it is 8.6 PH which is what you want to have to fight off this demon. I want to help everyone and anyone from this. I bought a book Aloe isn't medicine and yet it cures! For 20 dollars it tells you how to prepare it and what kind of reactions you will have while these toxins come out of your body its so amazing. Their body broke out in boils for 24 hours then they went away. They never felt sick just tired. I believe it is the body repairing itself. It has been shown by so many scientists that this helps so many diseases including cancer and tumors. If you have a loved one and you want to help them do research help your self and save your own life. I seem my mom suffer my brother have surgery and gamma knite. This was not for my children. God Bless I hope you will do the research. Oh look up McDaniel H. Reg M.D. On youtube. He talks about this on his videos.

One more thing: No Milk, No Meat, No Caffeine and less sugar. More Greens.

Replied by Melinda
I am very glad you have been able to get rid of your two boys NF. I would want to know how long it took you to get rid of several tumours. We just give great thanks to the Lord. My friend has this NF disease. She has had several operations but they keep on growing back. Embarassingly, it has spread all over her body. She is at her wits end. She has cuts all over her body. For several years, she has to put up with very rude remarks from strangers. The doctor told her that it is incurable. But I believe with God, the is a solution to every problem in life. Please help her find a cure to this embarrassing illness. It is really disturbing her mental state. Although she is very beautiful, she has completely lost her self-esteem. I need your advice on Aleo Vera herbal plant combinations if any, forms, dosage and safety. Hope to hearing from you soon. Desperate Caring Friend.?Melinda
Replied by Ally
Ks, US
Hi, could you please let me know about your success with aloe vera?

Bee Propolis   0  0   

Posted by Michael (Sabinal, Texas) on 07/31/2009

my name is michael martinez and i have neurofibromatosis and i was searching for anything that might help with what i have and i read that bee propolis might help with the tumors -

Replied by Goughey
Queensland, Australia
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   My son as neurofibromatosis (NF1) and he has recently started taking bee propolis, we feel that since taking the product his immunity has been much better.
Replied by Sarah
Greenville, Il
Where do you get bee propolis?
Replied by Tonya
Greenville, Nc
My daughter also has NF1... I want to help her so bad, she is 9 years old. I wish there was a cure for this!

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Teresa (Omaha, Ne, United States) on 03/19/2013

I have Neurofibromatosis and from this I have brown spots all over my body and I am getting small tumors on my body. I have read all the information on your website about this and there is so much to remember What I want to know what would be the best thing to take to get rid of there tumors inside and outside of my body. Please help me. I have been looking for an answer. Teresa

Posted by Yvonne (Spring, Tx, Usa) on 06/09/2010

I am 51 years old and have had the odd freckling in my arm pits, back, shoulders, and torso since very early in my life. My parents took me to a USAF pedi dermatologist and later to a pediatrician. All I remember was being told I have cafe'ole' spots. No other doctor has ever expressed any concern until I went to a dermatologist recently about an unrelated matter. He has suggested that I have NF1. Other than the speckling on the surface of the skin I have no other markers or history, signs or symptoms. Should I be concerned?

Replied by Ncope
Harlingen, Tx
To Yvonne from TX. If you are 51 years old and do not have any signs except the speckling on the surface of the skin, I don't think you need to worry. Most people start developing tumors by the time they reach puberty and it progresses from there. If you had a bad case, by 51 you would likely be covered in tumors. My mom has it really bad and I don't remember her other than being covered in tumors.
Replied by Kyle P.
I also have NF1, im a 20 year old male. My condition has gotten worse since I was younger... Maybe cause I picked up a few nasty habbits like drinking and smoking. I work on my feet everyday and it takes a toll on my body. My flexibility is bad and I'm in pain a lot 24/7 meds don't always help.

Neurofibromatosis Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Cathie (New Mexico) on 09/18/2013

I have a couple of children who have nf (heridetary). How can I help them now at this young age (5 & 6)? Is there any cure for them? Thank you for your time. Cathie

Replied by Isuri
Try for the newzealand bee propolis (liquid). It includes CAPE so it help to block the growth of tumors. For more information follow these links.

Posted by Teresa Larsen (Omaha, Nebraska Usa) on 05/15/2013

I was wondering what is the best remedy to user for Neurofibromatosis? There are so many different remedies to use and I don't know what to do.

Neurofibromatosis tumors   0  0   

Posted by Teresa (Omaha, Nebraska) on 12/23/2013

Please help me and tell me what would be the best natural treatment to get rid of tumors on skin and in the body from Neurofibromatosis. I have a big one on my arm and about 10 little ones.

Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa
Here is a link for some ideas:

I'd look into enzyme therapy. Enzymes are supposed to dissolve tumors. One enzyme that has been used for last century for cancer for instance is pancreatin. The idea is that by taking them with food and empty stomach, this enables the more potent and preferred pancreatic enzyme that your body produces to do its work against tumors in your body and dissolve them. Just an idea.

Supplements   0  0   

Posted by Teresa (Omaha, Nebraska) on 07/17/2013

I have Neurofibromatosis and from this I have brown spots all over my body and some neurofibromas on my body and from this disorder I also have tumors in my body. What would be the best herb or vitamin to take to shrink these tumors or make them disapear especially on my body?

Posted by Tia (Spooner, Wi) on 01/08/2010


I have noticed since taking Vitamin C, E, and B that my tumor growths have shrunk. I dont know if it is just me who notices or feels it but I feel it is. Does anyone else know anything else I could take?

Replied by Zachary
Denver, Co, Usa
Ive read that coloidial silver helps.
Replied by Jen
Northern California, Ca
I have NF too. A Dr. told me that "Red Meeker" is known to shrink tumors. I can't find it at any stores though. I'm going to try to get it online. Thanks for the A, C, & E vitamin info. I had no idea.

Supplements and Dietary Considerations   1  0   

Posted by Gregory (Quezon City, Philippine) on 06/02/2008

[YEA]  I have read an article on the web, the remedy in NF1 [Neurofibromatosis -- brain tumor ] , that Vit.E (400 IU) + Vit. C (500-1000mg) with rose hip and citrus bioflavonoid complex supplement; plus dieting by avoiding meat product, especially highly preservative food and sugar will slow down the tumor growth. I have try it over a year and a half. The result is satisfactory.

I wondering from Ted if there another way to reduce the tumor? Also if i can combine cesium chloride+Vit.B complex+ Vit.C+Vit.E and baking soda solution at a same time?Will there be side effect? Thanks...

Replied by Ynnis
Fayetteville, Nc
If you really want a good dose of Vitamin C, there is nothing better than to pick the younger shoots of pine tree needles, and brew them with your favorite tea or alone. Take as many as you like. Those needles have more Viatmin C than any other source of Vitamin C. The tea will taste lemony... And good!!! Instead of sugar, add honey and cinnamon. You cannot drink anything more healthier than that!!!
Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa
[WARNING!]   A word of caution on evergreens.... Please be careful to make sure it is a pine tree, as some varieties of evergreens are not meant for human consumption.

Also - whenever I do yard work trimming up my evergreen trees and shrubs I get raised red bumps on my arms where the plant material has brushed up against them, so I am pretty sure I have allergies to them. (I consider it an allergy prick test at home) ;) so I personally wouldn't drink Pine needle tea because of allergy concerns.

Just a couple of thoughts. :-)

Replied by Opo_tahu
Somerset, Ky
We that have NF is also prone to have a vitamin D deficiency as well... I read this and had my levels checked and was low on D, All my B levels..

Kinda odd here we have a lower D level but yet the sun can cause these tumors to pop out??? Hmmmm

Replied by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West, South Africa
Hi Opo, Sun does not cause skin cancer, it is caused by what you put in your mouth like hydrogenated oils & only then the sun becomes a problem. The sun is your friend not your enemy, that is why it is worshiped, your whole life here on earth depends on the sun.
Replied by Sarahshope
My daughter has NF1 and has had her left eye removed due to an optic glioma. She also has a brain stem glioma. She has one plexi on her shoulder which is being watched.

Vitamin D is very good. She takes 2000 mg, a day, plus curcumin and alpha lipoic acid. On her last MRI, April 10, 2013 the optic glioma on her good eye was gone!!!

This is a rare happening, but it does happen. I find a lot of negativity here. Being pro active and knowledgable about your own condition and seeking answers yourself is the best way to handle your problems with NF. Do NOT count on the medical community for all the answers. Research and research.......

Replied by Brenda
New Mexico, US
Hello Sarahshope, I would love to talk to you about your daughters glioma. My daughter just got diagnosed with one at age 15... she has Neurofibromatosis type I, so far a mild case until this. I started the vit. D3 and the curcumin; what is alpha lipoid acid? I would love to contact you personally to discuss everything! I am researching like mad but get inundated with information. Also need advice on how to get teenager to take it seriously! Thanks so much.

Ted's Remedies   1  0   

Posted by Patricia (Montreal, Canada) on 08/24/2007

I am 22 and have membranous glomerulonephritis. I have had it for 6 years. I have been on TONS of different medication and nothing has worked. Recently I decided to go off all of my medication, since it wasn't working anyways I figured whats the point of me being on it then. I see a naturpath and homoepath and am very into natural health. My protien levels in my urine are the problem, I am now at around 3 mg protein a day in my urine. Over the past few years I have gotten better and better with other symptoms (water retention) and the oil pulling which I started about a month ago has really helped my energy. I am now able to work part time. A couple of years ago and I was taking 2 naps a day. It is just the darn protein! I had severe stress in my life before I got this, for sure this was the cause. Do you have any advice to get my protein in my urine down? Thanks! I love your website!"

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Patricia: My own experience of high protein in urine is due to infection usually of bacterial origin, and indicates bacterial colonies or that the body is having an infection. Therefore zinc gluconate 50 mg/week, magnesium citrate 250 mg 5 days out of a week would increase the body's defenses against these bacteria, thus reducing the high protein in the kidneys.

Also whenever urine pH is acid, which means the pH of urine is below 6.5 (usually infections exists whenever urine pH is about 5.5, which is quite low). In which case raising the body's alkalinity would increase the immunity and reduce bacteria colonies. In which case a Apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoon plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, taken twice a day, once in the morning and once before sleeping should help. Lime (lemon) of 8 teaspoon (or 2 tablespoons) plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day could also help too. But this is often done on alternate days.

Adding 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in one liter of drinking water will raise the salinity of the urine somewhat so that the antibiotic effect of some salt, would reduce the bacteria thus reducing the protein buildup in the urine.

My own experience with "cloudy urine" usually from weaknesses can also lead to protein buildup in which case it helped me a lot to take vitamin B complex for a couple of days. The urine will often clear up and reduces the protein buildup from my own experience."

8/24/2007: Ted adds: "One more thing, the membranous glomerulonephritis may be related to heavy metal toxicity which is why oil pulling works, although a proper oil pulling should be done between brushing of teeth, I believe taking some granulated lecithin would also reduce excess fatty liver and reducing the liver's congestion while the addition of one drop of close oil in one liter of water does help too but its mechanism is more in killing the bacterium in the liver is usually how the clove oil works in reducing the excess urinary proteins too."

EC: *** Ted's Remedies Reader Feedback here. ***

Posted by Nag (India) on 03/01/2007

Hi, i have been told by my Doctor that i have "Multiple Neurofibramotosis", he said there is no cure instead stop it to grow further with some E-Vitamin capsuls and B- Vitamins. I have this lumps on my both hands, some of them on my legs, stomach and on back so please tell me if you have any cure with detailed process to follow. And i have another problem that on pimples on my scalp itching and irritating sometimes it has been there for some 7 years and it is coming sometimes heavily and iam losing my hair aswell so please let me know the cures...Thankx in advance

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand685 Posts

And i have another problem that on pimples on my scalp itching and irritating sometimes it has been there for some 7 years and it is coming sometimes heavily and iam losing my hair aswell so please let me know the cures..

Try a three times a week iodine foot painting and take plenty of 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda three times a day. Once or twice a week evening primrose oil plus freshest flaxseed oil you can find also. Some vitamin C sodium ascorbate and cod liver oil taken 5 days out of a week.

The fibrosis condition, regardless of whether they are grown along the nerves or on the skin, causing thickening of skin or other issues too me appears to be an iodine issue PLUS zinc deficiency. Zinc acetate (or citrate, gluconate if you have trouble finding) 25 mg. taken about twice or three times weekly or two months. Selenium supplements, 200 mcg, taken 3 times a week will help with skin condition.

You should notice "remissions" on the second month at the longest. It must be noted that 80% of the diets is vegetable and whole fresh fruits only. For protein source, fish and chicken are generally safe. Some omega 3 supplements was mentioned.

I think there is a good chance for improving with sensible diets and supplements and some improvement can be seen on the second week. Keep your urinary pH within 6.5 - 7.35 and you should do o.k. If it is not high enough just take more ACV + baking soda or lemon + baking soda formula.

Posted by Thomas (Columbia, SC) on 11/14/2006

The only thing you got right was what causes Neurofibromatosis. I have NF1, and I know for a fact that it cannot be cured that simply. If it were that easy, them the doctors would have found out years ago. If anyone else with Neurofibromatosis reads this, please don't try it expecting it to work, because it will not happen. However, we would love to have you join us on the NF web site. We have a Bulletin Board and Chat Room both open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hope to see you there.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand685 Posts
If someone wants to do nothing and doesn't want to give natural therapy a chance, just don't read this or even give it a try. And don't complain! Just go conventional medicine, get chemotherapy, or surgery, depending what the doctors say and follow his/her advice.

If you want to do something other than this, which may or may not work, or "unproven" therapy, then read on!

Recently I found that cesium chloride also helped. Apparently the potassium is replaced with cesium as the molecules of cesium is alike in a cellular respiration process and this particular disease seems to prefer potassium.

When cesium enters the cancer, the glucose metabolism is dissuaded, thus weaking the cancer cells. The usual dose is about 50-100 mg/day of cesium chloride mixed with plenty of water. There is some mention in other websites about the use of cesium for cancer therapy, but for this condition seems especially suited since it goes along the nerves where potassium is used as a conduction.

Glucose metabolism of the cancer cells was related to as mentioned in last postings to vitamin B complex, but zinc, chromium chloride, sodium vanadate to also slow down such tumor growth.

Cancer cells need anaerobic respiration via glucose metabolism to survive. These minerals as mentioned simply blocks it. The cancer of this nature where clove oil and lavender oil plus camphor powder is also peculiar interests if it is applied topically to possibly reduce the tumor.

Posted by Steph (TX) on 09/15/2006

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I have been taking the said things and its making feel a little ill, is this suppose to or is there something else I am suppose to take with it.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand685 Posts
Consider taking plenty of vitamin B complex. Where Vitamin B1, B2, B3 (niacinamide),B5, B6, for example are at 100 mg. each, while B12 is at 100 mcg. Take some inositol and choline barbitrate are important. These feeling of illness is a sign of B deficiency. To help with the other missing B complex, taking about 1000 mg of brewer's yeast should round off the problems. Often the feeling of illness has to do with the immune system issue, but in this case of neurofibromatosis, vitamin B is implicated. If you are still feeling ill, consider raising the immune system by taking zinc acetate and magnesium citrate.

Posted by Mary on 10/16/2005

Is there a cure or remedy for nf1 (Neurofibromatosis) brain tumors, skin tumors and the other illness's from nf1?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand685 Posts
I speak a very minority opinion that certain genes even they are in error can be hidden or not activated if given the right kinds of nutrition. Also in some cases there are research that shows if given the right activating factor, genes can also be self-correcting. As to the remedies, due to limited time I have I can give you only a small portion of the remedy, try to take just sodium ascorbate 500 mg. + 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda + 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid. And take only 2-5 mg. of lithium orotate or lithium carbonate per day or every other day your choice. Take a lot of brewer's yeast, 10-20 tablets per day. Your conditions at least the symptoms should diminish within about a month. Brewer's yeast contains RNA/DNA which will supply the needed nutrients for the body to have sufficient needs to correct itself somewhat. Take 500-600 mg. of Kyolic garlic/day as there is a possibility that the said conditions might be of viral origin which may interefere with the said conditions.
Replied by Keisha
Mo Bay, Jamaica
i start take all you remedy 3 days now so i will contack you sa soon as i see any result i really want you remedy to work for me becauce i getting vert angry when i look at my self somtimes my skin i have neurofibromatosis for the past 32 yrs now. i love these treatment to work for me but why i have to take so much brewer yeast 20 10 a day tell me y
Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
[YEA]   Brewer's yeast has very small amount of selenium. If it's too much I believe just one to three tablet of selenium yeast supplements at 200 mcg would be fine.

As to questions relating to brain tumor it is extremely necessary to avoid all aspartame products hidden in chewing gums, effervescent tablets. The remedy I used against brain tumors in general is 1000-1500 mg of BHT a day, plus carbicarb with potassium and some clove oil.


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