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Natural Treatment for Keloid Scars

Last Modified on May 15, 2015

A keloid can be described simply as a scar that does not stop growing. Normally, as the skin is injured, a fibrous tissue, known as scar tissue, grows over the wound to heal and protect the injury. In some cases, though, this scar tissue continues to grow, forming a smooth, firm growth known as a keloid. Keloids are typically much larger than the original wound and are most often found on the upper chest and shoulders; however, keloids can develop anywhere.

As keloids occur as the overgrowth of scar tissue, these growths form at the site of a prior injury. Symptoms also manifest at the injury site and include a flesh-colored area of skin that is pink to red in color, a lumpy or ridged patch of skin, a section of scar tissue that continues to grow and itchiness at the site of the growth.

Keloids develop as the result of the overgrowth of scar tissue at the site of an injury. Most injury types can contribute to or cause keloids including acne scars, burns, chickenpox scars, ear piercings, scratches, surgical cuts and vaccination sites. The exact cause for the development of keloid scarring is unknown.

Natural Keloid Treatment and Keloid Removal

Keloid scarring is common and typically does not require medical attention. However, keloid scars can often be uncomfortable or itchy. As such, some keloid treatment may prove beneficial. Common keloid treatments include the topical application of healing substances. Apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, calendula cream, lavender and salt water can help diminish the symptoms and appearance of a keloid. Keloid removal can also be completed by applying a paste of crushed acetaminophen and water to the site of the keloid of several days. Gotu kola, gum spirit of turpentine and honey can also offer relief and treatment of keloids.

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Most Popular Keloids Remedies:

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User Reviews

Acetaminophen   1  0   

Posted by Paula (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) on 04/11/2013

[YEA]  My daughter pierced her inner ear and a keloid formed and was painful and sore. She tried acv, tea tree oil, calendula cream, lavender, salt water and various other natural remedies all to no avail. She had a roommate who was genetically prone to keloid scarring and she recommended crush uncoated Tylenol with a couple drops of water to make a paste. Leave on for no more than five mins. at a time. Within 3 days and 3 applications later, 95% of the keloid went away. It opened up and stuff came out and than scabbed over.

Replied by Ty
Riverside, California

So was the keloid fairly new? Did you try it right away or no? Also, how big was the keloid?
Replied by Paula
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

My daughter's keloid was probably 6 months or older. Her room mate, as I have stated, was very prone to getting keloids quite frequently. It was her doctor who recommended the Tylenol. It was approx. The size of a dime. She would make a paste of tylenol with a few drops of water and leave it on for a short period of about five minutes. It would start to feel like it was burning but started to immediately feel it changing. The colour went from dark to red to lighter as it started to respond to the Tylenol. On about the third application it broke open and oozed a pus like substance and than scabbed over and shrunk about 2/3s.
Replied by Ren
Vancouver, British Columbia

Can you tell me what king of Tylenol did your daughter use since there are too many kinds sold in the store.
Replied by Keloid Scarred

If some puss came out and it scabbed over and healed, it was not a keloid scar. Keloids are fibrous scars, not infections. I've had keloids for 50 years and the only thing I have found that fixes them is eating soy products, like soy veggie patties over several years.

Doctors have tried a number of things to deal with them, like cutting one off, which only resulted in an infection and a worse keloid when that healed. I also endured 300 injections of cortisone into the scars themselves when I was young, in college. You can imagine how painful that was, with no results.

Vitamin E is the only thing that makes a difference at all. I imagine that the soy patties have a lot of Vitamin E, and who knows what else. But it makes the scars go flat, and has even reduced the discoloration to the point where many of them have become invisible.

Replied by Ben

From my understanding, a keloid scar can form over a site of infection such as a boil on the chest. Could this not be what happened here?

Apple Cider Vinegar   6  0   

Posted by Hydenryke (Mn., US) on 03/25/2015

Hi - I just was reading about ACV as a cure for keloid scarring. I had surgery on my chest 4-5 years ago now. I had massive keloids across my whole chest where the pec muscles lay.

They started out fine and over time got really raised and hurt. I ended up going in to get steroid shots. It helped flatten them 95% from what they were. There are a couple tiny spots that are a little bumpy yet, but I am not concerned about that anymore.

My question is, since they are so pink and have been since I had surgery, would ACV help bring that pinkness down to a more natural skin tone? Or does anyone have any suggestions to make the color fade? I just want to be able to walk around without my shirt on outside, and it's killing me that these scars are so prominent that I am going to get nothing but stares, whispers and points from people.

Posted by Alejandra (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/17/2015

Hello, For the past 2 weeks I've been looking for help to get rid of multiple keloids on my ears due to piercing. I specially want to get rid of one that is the size of a pea, it's really uncomfortable to have it I always have to wear my hair down when I go out so people won't see it. I've had it for over a year in half; at first it started small. I didn't put to much in to it because I had one before and it went away by putting pressure on it using an earring so I thought the same would happen but it didn't. After I let my other piercings close that's when the other keloids appeared. Searching online I found your page and I read others experiences with the apple cider vinegar so I have been trying it for 3 days now. Somehow, the pea sized keloid started at first to turn purple-ish, then it scabbed and I peeled it off. I don't know if I did wrong because some type of pus comes out. I don't know what to do, please help.

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Alejandra,

Perhaps some infection got in during the scab formation? I would clean it with some iodine or hydrogen peroxide.

If you can get some activated charcoal powder, you can make a poultice to put over the area overnight. You would put a little plastic wrap over the poultice and use a bandana to attach it to your head.

Here is how to make a charcoal poultice.

I would use one each night until all infection is cleared. You can use one during the day, too, if you like. The longer the charcoal is on in a day, the more quickly it will heal. Use a clean poultice each night, and a new one for the daytime if you use it then as well.

It sounds like you are moving in the right direction. I hope you are all healed up soon!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Missp916
Sacramento, California

I haven't tried it yet, but from what I am reading the pus is normal. It means its working

Posted by Tjgarcia (Orange, California) on 01/22/2015

[YEA]  I found out about using ACV on keloids from this site. I had a keloid on my chest for about two years now, and its been the worst thing. Ive wanted to get it removed but I've been too scared. I decided to try the ACV and it's officially been 4 days now and it has HONESTLY gotten 50% smaller. It's so much flatter and lighter in color and it looks sooooo much better I can't believe it.

I used a tiny piece of toilet paper (because I don't have cotton balls) and put ACV on it and taped it to my chest. If I had a bandaid I'd prefer that because the tape irritated my skin and I'm sure the irritation was from the ACV being on it. It kind of stings and itches when I have it on, but I iced it and put aloe around my keloid to try ease the burning sensation, which worked. I leave on a piece overnight and just whenever I'm home I try to have it on. I'm so happy it's gone down hopefully it'll nearly disappear in the future :) I highly recommend ACV

Replied by Nathalie

Please tell exactly how to apply because I don't understand what is ACV? does it stand for apple cide vinegar?

Posted by Visha (India) on 12/14/2014

Anybody Tried ACV on Chest Keloids that are 15 years older?

I want to use alternative methods for the treatment of keloid...I tried steroid injections and other ayurvedic treatment...which are not so useful. I believe steroid injections gave me another keloid near the old one....since then I stopped injections...

Before taking some aggressive treatments like Cryotherapy or Radaiation... want to try alternate methods... Please post your experience with alternative treatment for CHEST KELOIDS

Replied by Jess

Some people try to "burn" off the keloid with ACV or other acidic pastes, but I think that is a bad idea. I would not recommend ACV for the removal of any keloid, ever. Let me tell you why.

As someone who has keloids and hypertrophic scars (there's a difference, and I have both.), I have studied the formation and treatment of these scars down to the sciences and protein signals that cause them.

Keloids are formed because your body is responding to inflammation. When you are damaged, your body tries to heal. Unfortunately for us keloided folks, our bodies don't know when to STOP healing. Our bodies keep sending out an inflammatory protein even after we're already healed, which is what makes the fibrous, raised, discolored scar tissue.

When you "burn" off your keloid with ACV or something similar, you are re-wounding yourself. Your body will sense the wound and send the signals out to heal. Sure, the keloid may disappear for some time, but there is a huge, HUGE chance that it will return (and probably be bigger than the first time). Think about it: your body over-responds to a wound by forming a keloid. If you try to remove the keloid by creating another wound for your body to heal, a new keloid will form. It has like a 93% chance of reforming.

Those shots that you receive in the keloid are corticosteroids. They are extremely anti-inflammatory. When the doctors give you those, they are essentially trying to send anti-inflammatory signals into the scar so that it will stop putting out that inflammatory protein that keeps telling your body that more tissue is needed.

Radiation is also done because it has the ability to disrupt this inflammatory protein. Believe it or not, the protein responsible for keloids is one of the same proteins that causes tumor growth in cancer--the NF-KB protein. Keloids ARE NOT cancer, but that's why cancer treatments (like radiation) are sometimes done for keloids. That doesn't make them ideal options, though.

I have treated my scars with the use of Serrapeptase. It is an enzyme that I order off Amazon and take by mouth. It eats fibrous, dead tissue from the inside out. I've been taking it for around 7 months, and my keloids are flatter and more blended in to my shoulder. My shoulder keloids are 15 years old, and this is the only thing I do to treat them.

My hypertrophic scars on my abdomen are only around 6 months old. I am currently using silicone gel and/or sheets to treat them (as well as the serrapeptase enzyme, obviously). I've noticed that they are flatter when I eat a high anti-inflammatory diet (lots of fruits and vegetables) and take anti-inflammatory supplements (turmeric, for example.)

A highly anti-inflammatory diet, serrapeptase (and possibly natokinase. It also eats fibrous/dead tissue, but don't take it if you're allergic to soy. I am allergic to soy, so I cannot take this enzyme.), silicone treatments, and/or rosehip oil/lavender oil/helichrysum oil/quercitin. Be soothing, not damaging. Good luck.

Replied by Visha

Are your scars Keloids or just scars or Hypothetic scars? Please respond as you have a good knowledge on the keloids and scars
Replied by Visha

Hi Jess,

Thanks for the information, as you mentioned serrapeptase eats fibrous and other dead tissues, can we combine it with cryotheraphy, like have done cryotherapy and have the serrapeptase along with it for some months it will reduce the inflamation caused by cryo...

Did you know anybody who had done like this? Please respond ASAP.

Posted by Susan (Seattle, Wa) on 10/17/2014

Hi all,

I'm currently using raw apple cider vinegar (actually, it is turmeric vinegar, made the same way as raw ACV but using turmeric root -- it's only available here in India where I'm currently traveling) on my keloids and have experienced the following over the past 5 days:

- burning and itching on the scars when vinegar is applied

- dark scabbing. Some of the scabs have come off, revealing bright pink tissue underneath -- it's still the keloid though, and I'm wondering if it will actually flatten and lighten up with continued application? It's only been 5 days.

I've been putting the vinegar on in 2 ways: (1) made little patches out of a cotton towel and taped them on for longer periods, up to overnight and (2) apply every vinegar few minutes with a cotton swab when I'm not using the patches. The patches keep it on longer, but they're big and inconvenient, and the tape irritates my skin a lot.

Does anyone know if vinegar can actually restore the scar tissue to the texture of normal skin, or does it just flatten it slowly by process of erosion?

I'm also wondering if hydrogen peroxide is a good option, and if anyone has done both at the same time (alternating)? How does the hydrogen peroxide work? The vinegar makes sense to me (like a peel facial! ), but the h/p is confusing.

Greatly appreciate any and all responses! I've had my keloids for 15 - 31 years (almost my whole life) and would love to see change. Thanks!

Replied by Stephanie
United States

I was also wondering the same thing. My skin has peeled to the white meat with the Apple Cider Vinegar but it doesnt seem to be doing anything else. I would sleep with the Apple Cider Vinegar on and then in the morning after my shower and when the scabs peeled off I would put hydrogen peroxide on the open sore and cover it with a bandaide. I read this morning that lugols iodine can work too which I had some in my medicine cabinet so now I did my regular routine but over top of the peroxide I put the iodine and covered it with a bandaid. Hopefully this will help dissolve the excess tissue away to completely flatten it. It itches like crazy though. Ive been struggling with this keloid for 9 years and im more than ready for it to be gone!
Replied by Jasmyne
Las Vegas, NV

Hi Susan I wanted to see if your keloid went away yet because I'm at the stage where my keloid opened up and the keloid is still there but it's a fleshy lump. I wanted to know has your keloid flattened since you last posted on here and what stage are you at now; like can you describe what yours look like now? Thanks a lot, hope to hear from you soon :)
Replied by Sky
Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

Hi peroxide and ACV mixture does not work. I tried it. It made the keliod bigger. I never knew I could use it on closed scar. I used it as prevention. Now that same scar that became bigger I'm using ACV only. I spray ACV on a bandage and spray through out day. It's getting smaller. I'm shocked cuz this scar is stubborn. I've tried almost everything for like 5 years.

Posted by Adrian (Ontario, CA) on 08/25/2014

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar is a GUARANTEED natural cure and a major money saver for all those who suffer from Keloids and Scars... It works for even acne, pimples and dark spots over time. Now, like most topical medications/treatments it takes time, and repeated applications. I was skeptical at first but because I had tried surgery twice plus the needles only to have the 3 keloids on my face near my side jaw area return and even bigger after 6 months without needles. I couldn't afford to keep visiting the dermatologist as the consultation fee alone costed an arm and a leg outside of Canada where I'm from (and I was in China at the time).

On my work vacation, I was dreading seeing my friends and family with the keloids regrown and two new ones starting to grow in the same area as one of the larger keloids, so I researched and searched the web for an answer other than surgery which costed so much. I came upon this forum and read all the comments, testimonials, and decided apple cider vinegar might be the first natural remedy to try as it seemed simple and cheap.

I started treating my Keloids w/ ACV on a cotton pad just before my vacation back in Canada started. And as many said, it peeled the top skin and burned at first. After 3 weeks now, my 3 large (1.5 cm) keloids are almost gone/shrunk (80-85% complete so far) and my skin is more radiant, and I'm decently pleased with my appearance. I will continue using ACV until it completely removes any trace of a scar and yeah, it works.

The best method is to apply pressure to the keloid(s)with the ACV on a cotton pad as much as possible and massage around the keloids every 10-15 mins. and let it dry and reapply. I slept with the ACV on my keloids as it burned the top keloid layer in the first two weeks. It was tough, it smelled bad/sour, but it was worth it. Now I know why Dr's/skin specialists say there's no cure... the $$$ they can make, over and over. I'd spent over $1000 getting the keloids treated before trying ACV and then when ready to give up on my face and cave in to a life of surgeries I got lucky w/ the helpful info/testimonials on THIS site.

If you can handle the sour, pungent smell, and have time, try it, give it a month to shrink, have patience regarding the process. The stinging is a good indication it's working to remove the impurities in the skin and activate the stem cells. Most ppl dilute the ACV w water (which is ok) but I didn't, I took the pain while hoping to get quicker results. Please spread the word, and let's help people regain their confidence, self esteem, and improve overall happiness. Thank you Earth Clinic, and all those individuals who posted before me regarding this natural cure.

Replied by Violet

i have a keliod scar from the CS operation to have my son. its so big and ugly that I am so ashamed even to undress in front of a mirror or before my husband. I have had it removed with surgery but it grew back even bigger this time.

I saw your post on ACV and I have decided to use it. after the first day it looked like there was dirt on the scar. I have used it for three days now and today it looks like the skin is peeling off. I am worried cos I dont want anther injury there, but I want to know if its normal.

truly it smells bad. but if it would work I am willing to stick to using it.

Replied by Angel

Hi I have a large keloid(1 yr) between my breast I went through horrible experience of surgery and injections which actually left me with a larger scar. It is flat in areas but others it's not. Will apple vinegar lighten to make scar to blend in with my skin...HELP
Replied by Adrian
Norfolk, Va

What kind of ACV did you use?

Posted by Mark (Cincinnati, Oh) on 02/24/2014

[YEA]  I had a keloid scar on the back of my ear that developed when I attempted to remove a mole some years ago. The scar grew to about the size of a large pea and was painful and unsightly. As time went on I became more and more self-conscious about it. Even though it was on the back of my ear I was always nervous about it whenever standing in front of people.

After reading a lot of comments about different solutions in removing these types of scars (ACV, rubber bands, tylenol, etc) I tried each one. First I tried tylenol. I ground up a pill with a little bit of water to make a paste and put it on the scar. I did this for about a week and it didn't do anything. Next I tried the rubber band method. This was incredibly painful and I gave up after one day. I even contemplated getting the scar surgically removed but read that scars often come back after surgery.

Lastly I tried Apple Cider Vinegar (organic with the mother). I soaked a cotton ball with the ACV and held it against the scar for about an hour. I was unable to tape the cotton ball to my ear because of the awkward location so I just held it there. Some people have said they had normal skin 'burn' from the ACV but this didn't happen to me. I merely held the cotton ball against the scar. I noticed after a day or 2 the scar started turning a little bit white and opened up a little. Once the scar opened up I could only hold a cotton ball on it for 15-20 minutes at a time because it stung. The stinging was tolerable though and it felt more like it was healing the scar. After another day or two a scab formed. I'm a scab picker so I couldnt resist pulling the scab off. This was a little bit painful as it felt like it was also ripping part of the scar tissue off.

I didn't put ACV/cotton ball on it every single day. In fact, there were times I would go a week without doing it to let the skin heal a little bit. When I would apply the ACV and hold it on my ear it would only be for about 30 minutes. Each time, a new scab would form a couple days later that I would peel off. After a couple of weeks of this I noticed the scar had reduced in size dramatically.

Now the scar is nearly completely flat and just about unnoticeable. It was a virtually pain-free process and I'm so glad to have found such a great remedy. I am even drinking the ACV twice a day with water now. I haven't really noticed much benefits since drinking it but will continue with it. Thanks EC!

Replied by Rahim
Mo, US

Mark ,

I wanna try ACV on my chest got 5 yr keloids, a little bit worried on applying. Did your keloid go away completely?

Replied by Julie

Hi! I do also have this keloid for 5 years now and im very much self conscious about it. I've seen the recent posts and I've been using ACV for two weeks now. Its also scabbing a lot, also the unaffected areas near the keloid. There also is a white meat I see in CHEST PART where my keloid is. Is that natural or what ? It also stings really hard, its tolerable. Please email me as soon as possible because Im really worried of this situation now if it might be infected. I hope ACV really works. Thanks for the testimonials. I hope and pray that it might get better sooner never later.
Replied by Juliejab
Batangas City, Philippines

Hi ? I do want to ask if Apple Cider Vinegar is really effective for treating Keloid (5 year old) I've been using it for 2 weeks now and there has been a scab, and it stings. The testimonials have been an eager push for me to try ACV. Please email me for more information about ACV's BENEFIT for treating keloids. Thank you. God Bless.
Replied by Mary
Columbus, Hi

Hi I had my keliod occurred when I pierced my ear in high school. The scar grew about the size of a large grape on the back of my ear then grew out the front of my ear the size of a pea. I got the scar removed a year ago and now it's coming back. Do you think these Apple Cider Vinegar treatments will work for me? I want to stop it while it's still small.
Replied by Thaps
Jhb, South Africa

Hi people, I've had my keloids at the back of my head. They started of as little rash but now they've formed a huge scar which at times itches. I've read somewhere where aloe Vera oil and apple cider vinegar helps. Question is do u apply both all at once and taking vitamin E capsules? Ur feedback is crucial at this point (viable options please ).

Posted by Amanda (Usa) on 02/09/2014

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have a keloid on my cartilage from an ear piercing. It is about the size a bean. I have been using ACV for about a month. Sometimes I forget to use it and I only do it at night. It scabs over and It even gave me a black spot on it. It scabs over and it goes away. It creates holes in the places that I have my cotton ball on the most but, I think it is working. It hasn't gone down much (I'm not too consistent) but it has flattened and changed shaped which makes me believe if I continue it will flatten even better. I'm white so my skin seems to have turned a bit redder but it's not too bad. I cover my ear everyday anyways and if it flattens more I don't care if there is a red spot. Hope this helps someone figure out what to do. Goodluck and post your story even if the reply is late because if you found this someone else will too!! Like me!!

Replied by Charmain
Memphis, TN

I had a keloid on both ears about the size of a lima bean from ear piercings. I had them removed, but they grew back and continued to grow larger. Frustrated, I gave up and put on clip on earrings. The earrings stopped the growth and flattened the keloids out. It was a little painful but well worth it after two surgeries on one ear and oee on the other. I think it was the pressure. Probably the same principal of putting a bandage on twice after a shot so that it won't swell.

Posted by Tired Of Keloids (Toronto, Ontario) on 06/09/2013

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hi, I am from Toronto. I have had keloid for many years now (abt 5) on my chest. I used ACV for a mth and noticed scabs on it. It did get smaller also. I stopped using it for a bit because around my chest ACV used to burn on my skin. I have started again but don't see much difference. I will try the tylenol thing tonight hopefully it will work.

I am booked for a surgery for this in August where my doctor will shave the keloid but the products that will be used to prevent from coming has been suggested as cancerous later in life.

I am hoping that the suggestions on this page will work.

Replied by Caitlin
Austin, Tx

My keloid scar began disappearing when I began ingesting ACV and using coconut oil directly on it. It is so flat now and so much less noticeable that I am astounded. But, I ask myself the question, which one was it? The ACV taken daily or cleaning & moisturizing my skin with the VCO? Perhaps a combination of both! The VCO has really gotten my facial scars better and ACV has brightened my face up.
Replied by Nina

Hi, I understand exactly where you are coming from - I am also tired of keloids! I learned to get on with it though! I really hope I am not too late, but having my keloid shaved was the worst decision of my life. It grew back bigger and more aggressive (I currently have a bag of ice cubes on my chest to prevent the itchiness when it gets warm) I wish id left it alone! With research you'll get to understand your keloid and I think diet is the best option in helping it heal from the inside out, sounds ridiculous I know but I have noticed when my hormones change (increase in estrogen) and when I'm not eating particularly well, it tends to feel more sore look more red and feel uncomfortable and itch and when it itches I know it's growing! Cool compress seems to help me ease the pain and keeping my skin hydrated! I hope this has helped x

Posted by Perev (Toronto, Ontario) on 08/20/2012

Dear Ted, I have used the ACV solution on my keloid for about 5 days where I soaked a cotton with ACV and keep it on my Kel'd from the time I wake up, the entire day until I go to sleep, now I have noticed it has scabbed, turned very red, feels warm to the touch and there's a blue bruise type, like a thread form on it. I have stopped for a day to using ACV, just wanna ask if its okay and if its normal. What do I do next... Just nervous if its goin to have any reactions and turn my scar even bigger.. Please help me thanks

Replied by San
Houston, Tx

Please keep us posted on if ACV removes the redness of the keloid. I have around 30 keloids, I have used Kennacort injections to great success, applying Triocaine makes the process painless. The keloids have flattened but the redness is still there, I am wondering how can I get rid of that. Thanks!
Replied by Puggle
Beaumont, Tx

consider sauna or read up on it......
Replied by Sania
Toronto, Ontario

It's been a month since I have been using ACV and I have about 4 scabs (bruises) on my keloid. For those who have used ACV, does it remove the keloid?
Replied by Stacy

I would like to know much better about ACV.. And I want to ask, what type of ACV can I apply on my keloid?is it ACV with mother and organic or ordnary ACV?I just wanna know.. Thanks.

Posted by Marcelopassos (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil) on 04/09/2012

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Hi, my name is Marcelo and I`m from Brazil. I have a 2x0.5 inch keloid. Last night I applied Apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball and left it on the scar during the night. The next day there were two open wounds on my scar... They scabbed but it got even more red. Should I continue to use the ACV?

Thanks, Marcelo

Replied by Michelle
Vancouver, British Columbia

I started using ACV on my 5 year old keloid today. Over this period, it has grown from about 0.5 cm to 2 cm in length. I have tried steroid injections which were extremely painful and the effects did not last. Using the ACV, I applied it every half hour or so with a Q-tip, and used the Q-tip to rub and put pressure on it until the ACV was pretty much dry. Then repeated that process for about 10 hours, every half an hour. I could immediately see that the ACV was working, the keloid was flattened and the colouring was almost like my normal skin. Other than some redness from the ACV that I accidently must have applied to my healthy skin around the keloid, there were no side effects. I've read some other people's replies on here and they seem to have pussing and pain. However, I found no sensation to the area.

I would really recommend to try ACV with the applied rubbing and pressure ( read that it helps to break down the keloid in addition to the ACV) I will continue to try this method and see what happens and keep you all posted!

Replied by Tj
Nashville, Ar

Hey what was your effects with the steroid injections?
Replied by Getwell
Glasgow, Uk

Hi Michelle, Did the ACV work? How's your keloid now?

Posted by Grim (Chicago, Il) on 01/16/2012

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  I have a keloid on my right ear its on the front and it is about 1/2 inch. Well I started putting ACV on it about 1 month ago and I could see that it was going down it immediately. It started to pus up and bleed and scab. Now the skin around it is grey and pussing. I am nervous but I am going to keep at it and hopefully by the summertime it will be gone. I will keep you all posted on my results.

Replied by Charlotte
London, Uk

I've just got myself some ACV and will start applying it tomorrow. Please do keep us posted on how your keloid is doing, because it will be helpful to see how other people are progressing so we can compare results!

If anyone else has any stories about using ACV on their keloids please post them! I have found all of the posts very helpful and extremely heartening so far!

I have a keloid on my arm from an injection at school, and one on my right ear lobe from a piercing. I have had them both for 5 years. The one on the back of my ear got surgically removed because it was getting very large. It has grown back slowly over the 3 years since it's been operated on, it isnt as large as it was but it is still itchy and I worry it will carry on growing. The scar on my arm stopped itching after a couple of years and seems to be quite stable with no noticable change in size.. I would just love to get rid of the one on my ear!

Thank you, I will keep you posted on my scars!

Replied by Amy
Warwick, NY

Hello Ted and any other affected readers,

I am thrilled to find this forum and to hear similar stories of people with keloid scars. However, most peoples scars I've read seem to be small. I'm interested in treating mine with something, but I was wondering if these treatments are effective on larger keloid scars as well? I'm quite nervous to begin. My scar 4 inches by 1 inch. It was originally much smaller, the size of a nickel. However, it has a cyst inside of it and it was quite painful, so I tried steriod injections. They were so painful! I then had surgery to remove the entire thing. Now I have an even bigger longer scar from the incision. Will any other these home remedies work for me? I'm sick of having to buy high necked shirts and having to have a custom made wedding dress.

Thank you.

Replied by Rachel
Reinholds, Pa

Keloids - often respond well to treatment topically with comfrey dalve or Complete Tissue Salve (contains Comfrey)

If you cannot find either of these email me at myronweaver2(at)gmail. com and I will suggest a source.

I help treat burns and serious wounds outside of the hospital whenever possible and we were working on a 2 yr old who had been burned over 30% of his body. When he was released from the hospital, the concern was the serious keloids he had that covered his whole back. These would not stretch as he grew. I have a huge bed of comfrey so I blended comfrey root with olive oil and mixed it with another salve and applied it daily to his back and his keloids nearly disappeared over a few months of time. We were very grateful.

Since our family takes comfrey internally (though FDA warns against it) we have had good success with a 6 inch by 2 inch keloid shrinking to an almost flat surface. My husband was drinking comfrey green smoothies for some intestinal trouble he was having and one day he noticed, to his amazement that his keloid on his arm was 50% gone.

Comfrey is a skin miracle worker.

We had a friend who had serious scarring in his throat from a tracheotomy site. It affected his voice big time. On hearing what comfrey could do he began drinking green smoothies of comfrey.

In one week he told us that his voice was 50% better and the scarring was going away.

Replied by Joseph
Murfreesboro, Tn

I don't know where to find comfrey but I have a keloid on my chest and shoulder could u tell me how u got rid of the keloids and what u used and also where to get the items. thank you so much.
Replied by E

I've had a massive amount of keloids (genetic) since I was 8 years old. I'm 17 now and all the doctor has done is given me painful steroid injections. So far my own naturally made concoction has sort of helped but only with making them lighter, not making them go away. So I'm going to try ACV along with my spray (pure fresh lemon juice, grape seed oil, lavender essential oil, frankincense essential oil, tea tree oil, fresh aloe gel, and olive oil) I'll definitely keep all of you up to date on how it's working and what the effects may be etc.
Replied by Gh
Ca., US

I have a small raised scar, I am caucasian and have seen large keloids. I'm using emu oil. I think I confused the asprin/tylenol and am using saline wound cleaner mixed with baking soda, I made a paste and caked it on. Mine is from an anchor piercing removal, the rest are flat and healing well but he really dug into this one and it is raised and red. It's been over 2 months. I want to keep things natural since it is relatively small, but I can see it in the mirror. I think I'll try the ACV since I have it and virgin coconut oil, its really hard and waxy so I'd have to really have to work it in.
Replied by Ad
Ct, US

Have you tried ACV yet. If so what are the results?

Posted by Deb (Manchester, Uk) on 08/02/2011

[YEA]  Thanks to the comments on this site I began using Organic Apple Cider Vinegar on my Keloid scar which is aprox 4cm x 1.5cm on my arm. My scar got to this size from an original keloid (which formed from an injection given to me at school) that I stupidly got surgically removed - this was a huge mistake as it only grew back much bigger. I applied the Apple Cider Vinegar on the scar at night, reapplying once dry then I would dab a bit of cotton wool with ACV and taped it to the scar over night. Some nights I would hold off taping the cotton wool with Apple Cider Vinegar to my arm as it would sometime irritate but I knew the irritation was from the scar being destroyed so I kept at it. Eventually the ACV ate away at the entire keloid scar, amazingly it never destroyed the healthy skin. This took about 3-4 weeks for the Apple Cider Vinegar to break down the keloid, I now have flat pinky skin surrounded by healthy skin so I have stopped using the Apple Cider Vinegar and I am now using natural oils to promote healthy skin to grow.

I have read that some people have similar success with Tea Tree Oil but I only applied this to the area once every morning after a shower. It took about 4/5 days to notice that the ACV was working. It did seem like it was getting worse as the scar would swell and start to pus in different places on the scar but this would scab and fade in the shower.

I tried everything from silicone sheets, scar removal surgery, laser treatment, steroid injections and expensive topical creams nothing worked, the injection helped to flatten but eventually the keloid would grow and expand a bit. I lived a life of wearing silicon sheets every night just to prevent it from growing any further. Nothing has been able to get rid of my keloid. I have always heard stories of people with keloids on ear lobes/nose being able to tie thread around the keloid to eventually cut of the blood supply leading to the keloid dropping off but I couldn't do that because my scar was on my arm - impossible to tie anything around that. I thank God that I stumbled across this website and discovered how others were using ACV, I only wish I discovered this earlier in my life!!!

Replied by Gb
Montreal, Qc, Canada

To Deb: Hi, may I ask how old your scar was, and what color it was originally? Thanks for your help!
Replied by Deb
Manchester, Uk

Hi GB, the keloid that formed from my last attempt at keloid removal surgery was about 5 years old and I have black skin so it was slightly darker than my skin tone - as the Apple Cider Vinegar ate away at the keloid it showed the pinky flesh until it eventually healed.
Replied by Max

To Deb: Can 3 years keloid be able to work without any surgeries in the past??
Replied by Julypen

[SIDE EFFECTS]   hi.. I'm julypen.. I am applying ACV on my keloid but it was very painful because ACV create a wound on my keloid.. Could you please advise me if it is normal or I would stop putting ACV on my keloid.. Please thanks:)
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Julypen, dilute the ACV, of course.
Replied by Getwell
Glasgow, Uk

Hi Deb, I am extremely happy to hear tht a person got cured with Keloid. I am also in a pathetic suitation where a small wound on my neck becomes a keloid scar and grown huge. As it got infected, I had undergone surgery with out any other choice.. Bad luck.. Now surgery scar is 5+ inches long and started growing.. I am thinking of applying the ACV diluted. Your post gave me some hope. Thanks for sharing.
Replied by Royal

Hi, am Royal 4rm Nigeria, from all d commnts postd it seem Acv has helped many but am in Africa and I dnt knw wat an ACV or tylenol is. My keloid is over 5yrs nd is on my breast. Wat can I find here dat wil b useful
Replied by Enya

I can't wait to tell my daughter about the acv. She did remove one large keloid from her ear with the rubberband, with much pain involved. She still has others on her other ear, now she wants surgery, I think it's a waste of money, knowing it will return.
Replied by Kim
York, PA

I am 51 years old and dealing with keloids since I was vaccinated as a baby. Rule #1. Do not have surgery or injections. Very painful and only makes the scar return larger. I have tried so many things along the way. Mixing crushed aspirin with real lemon juice into a paste and applying has helped, but only 30%. The apple cider vinegar helped, but again only 30%. After reading the posts I will try that again for a longer time period. Press on friends!
Replied by Deborah
South Carolina

Royal from Nigeria. ACV is Apple Cider Vinegar. If you can't get it I would try any good vinegar with some water so it does not burn. Tylenol is the brand name of a head ache medicine whose drug name is acetamenophen. Best of luck. I hope that helps.

Posted by Jo (SF, CA) on 05/04/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  i have been using ACV for the keloids for the last 9 months .. and it has helped in the sense that i dont see the growth as before where i had to go for injections every few months . so thanks for the suggestion ..

However, some of the keloids even thought kinda flat look pretty red.. copped peptides were suggested to remove that and flater them .. but isnt that going to do the reverse by generating extra collagen .. i am confused ..

PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE HELP .. what other remedies would remove the redness .. and make them flatter?

Thanks a bunch ..

Replied by Jennifer
North Bruwswick, New Jersey


I just wanted to let you know that i had a hypertrophic scar which is same as keloid but doesnt extend beyond the site of injury . i used tea tree oil on it (100%), please be patient and you will see results, it took two weeks, when you first start using tea tree oil you will think that nothing is happening but after a couple of days, the scar starts to shirnk and scab. Just exfoliate when that happens and keep putting tea tree oil. Tea tree oil doesnt burn healthy skin as bad as apple cider vinager, turns the hypertrophic scar into a white color after it has healed OR if you dont put too much of it. I put too much of it because i wanted to get rid of it, so it shrunk it then scabbed and peeled , now i have lighr pink color that im sure will feed with time and constant honey and aloe vera application. Try it and let me know how it does. Soak a cotton ball , the size of your scar in tea tree oil, put it on your scar and keep it over night then remove it the next day , if there is too much irritation, take a day off or continue if you want results faster. I hope it works for you, i tried everything from ACV, to scillicon sheets, nothing worked except tea tree oil. Use aloe vera once the scar scabs and falls to minimize the burning effects.

Good Luck to you

Replied by Linda

I have been taking 1000 mg of flax seed oil and/or fish oil three times a day which seems to help keep my keloid flatter and less red.
Replied by Sasha
Harare, Zimbabwe

I am a female 43years of age and I am proned to keloids. I have approximately four keloids one being about 9cm long and 1 1/2cm wide. After reading your article I have just started applying Tea Tree Oil I hope it works. It is drying some part of it. Some of it has become very raw. It is irritating
Replied by Jo
Sf, Ca


Let me start off with thanking Ted , thank you so much for giving us alternative remedies to take care of ourselves.. I refer friends to this website all the time.

I had written on this site a few months ago .. see above.

I since then started doing the Baking soda with Hydrogen peroxide and it has also kep the keloids soft and under control. However, some of them are still kinda red or dark (interstingly , only the ones on the arm). Isnt there anything to actually reduce the redness (if not the actual keloid size)?

Ted i read about aspirin masks and tea tree oil.. given what has worked for me in the past, what remedy do you think is best?

I am getting married in a few months and it would be great to just have some small scars which can be covered with some makeup.. pleaseeeeeee let me know .

If anyone else has any experience, please let me know.

Ted, what do you think about coper peptides??

Replied by Michelle
Berkeley, California

[YEA]   I have been using ACV on a keloid scar that formed 13 years ago after surgery. I had no idea it could be removed until reading the comments on this site.

It was about 4 inches long and a good inch wide, very thick and lumpy. After more than a year of applying ACV on a cotton ball to it over night, it is nearly gone.

At times the ACV irritated my skin. In that case, I let up at night and dabbed ACV on it 3-5 times during the day. A scab would form that would exfoliate off in the shower. The cycle repeated until the scar got smaller and smaller. My skin was more irritated from the tape holding the cotton ball than from the ACV.

I waited this long to post because I feared the scar would somehow reappear. Happy to say, it is 90% gone.

I tried silicon sheets, over the counter scar treatments, and nothing was effective. ACV works, but you must be diligent in applying it every night or daily. I would have preferred something that worked quicker, but after living with the scar for 13 years, what was one more year.

Replied by Km
Allegen, Michigan

I tried the apple cider vinegar too, and the tape that I used around it irritated my skin as well! It did scab once but I stopped using it, I'm just afraid of making it worse.. did it look worse before it got better? I would just like to know what exactly to expect, Thanks@
Replied by Michelle
Berkeley, Usa

Reply to Kim: Yes, the scar will look worse due to the scabbing. When a scab forms, it usually will fall off in a day or two. You can stop the ACV periodically so the skin has time to heal. The scab will naturally exfoliate in the shower or you can rub it off if it is ready to fall off. You can also just keep the cotton ball on the scar for a short period so scabbing doesn't occur. The scar will turn white and get softer over time. The skin will also begin to exfoliate.

You will notice the scar getting smaller and smaller over time. The surrounding skin that once was part of the scar will no longer be affected (scab) by the ACV. The ACV will bring the healed skin to its normal color but will continue to eat away at the scar.

Replied by Cay
Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines

i had a bad case of keloid on my upper arm which started to grow since i was 7. i had it after a routine vaccination at my school and that's 25 years ago so you can just imagine how big it is now. it can be so itchy at times and so painful when i bump it on something sharp. added to it are pimples on my chest and back and a minor surgery scar which also became keloidal. that's why i'm always on the look-out for possible remedies and all that was available were injections which they say is so painful and those expensive ointments which proved to be ineffective anyway. until i stumbled on this website and i am amazed that it can be cured by using natural ingredients. i can't wait to try some of it soon (acv and baking soda to start with). i promise to write again as soon as i get positive results. thank you so much for creating websites such as this. MABUHAY!
Replied by Sphinx
Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines

hi! i have acquired keloid on my upper arm when i was 7 from a routine vaccination (of i don't know what vaccine) in school. it appeared as a small pustule then and after 26yrs, is now around 2inches long. it can be itchy at times and very painful when hit by sharp objects. pimples on my chest and back and occasional boils also tend to grow into keloid so i have more than 10 growths around my torso by now. i always search the net in hope for possible prevention, if not cure. at the start, it was discouraging because i read that creams and ointments does not give good results and injections are way too expensive and also very painful. that's why just last week, it seemed like hope finally shone on me when i stumbled upon this website and read the articles most especially that of ted's. i didn't know keloid can be cured with just baking soda and acv! but when i read the foods to be avoided, it saddens me to know that i eat almost all those on the list at a regular basis. take for example wheat. of course being asians, rice as staple food is being served at least twice a day but we snack on bread, cookies, cakes, pastries most of the time and they're all made mostly from wheat flour, sugar and milk. and i happen to like tomatoes and citrus fruits as well. starting my regimen of drinking alkalized water (w/baking soda), i try to steer clear from eating those on the list as hard as i can but i just can't really help it sometimes. is it possible to up the detoxifying action of alkalized water by drinking it more often? like, mixing baking soda into the water i drink all day? i mix 1/2 teaspoon in every 500ml that i consume. would that still be ok? i mean,would there be any side/adverse effects if i take in too much baking soda? i also started applying cane vinegar (the only kind available in our kitchen) to my keloid and it was a bit painful everytime i do, so i guess it's working. but i'm planning to grab a bottle of acv next time i go to the grocery. pls do answer my querries. i really hope i will be keloid-free someday. thanks and more power! MABUHAY!
Replied by Daviegirl
Davie, Florida Usa

which one would you say is the least irritating ACV or tea tree oil, my keloid is in my chest and the skin gets extremely itchy and irritated, usually after taking a hot shower. Which one of the two mentioned above should I start using first ? I have given up, tried everything including surgery (twice) and radiation, and nothing. Thank you
Replied by John
Overland Park, Ks

[YEA]   I read this thread a 4weeks ago coz I have three keloids on my chest.

I'll be as truthful and honest as I can be:- At first I was skeptical about ACV kept asking myself why do Dr. not recommend this, But I took a shot since I tried cortisone injection which I must atest it's expensive and painful to get those injections!!!

I have been applying Organic ACV on two of my Keloid coz the 3rd one is larger(2inches long and 1inches wide).


They're gone!!!


1) What ACV does it denatures the Epithelial tissue(top skin). It kills it, making it a dead skin therefore it peels off one layer at a time.


1) Skin irritates for 5min while applying(ACV)

2) Makes the skin really dark i.e. Dark spots are visible.


For me;

Applied every night:- Pour ACV on cotton swab then dress it with Band Aid and slept.


If you got Small keloids use this coz it rips the skin open i.e. like an open wound. I won't recommend this for larger keloid it would be torture.

I am going next week to remove the larger Keloid (3rd keloid) then I monitor it, I might apply ACV on it while its still flat so that it doesnt grow again!!!

I will keep you guys posted. I have pictures from day 1 so I will post them ASAP

Replied by Amanda
Columbus, Oh

My husband suffers from keloid scars and it such a devestating condition. They are not only itchy and painful but also cause the sufferer to assume a disturbed body imagage. He is currently on a vitamin E oil regimine, the keloids have softened and has noticed a great reduction in itchiness. We are dedicated to finding a method of diminishing the keloids, hopefully getting rid of the altogether.

Please visit our site at

Thank You

Replied by Kass

Hi, I've been doing the ACV on a scar (I'm not sure if keloid or hypertrophic) but it turned the dark pinky/brown skin thats was on raised part into a scab that fell off in shower and its white underneath. My skin is still raised, I am not sure if I should continue with ACV or not.
Replied by Avis2972
Allentown, Pa

Hi, I recommend you try Potassium Iodine.. It is heaven sent!! I have been on it for 2 weeks now and the results have been amazing. I can literally see the scars receding and flattening right before my very eyes!! The one thing about Keloid scars that most people don't understand is- they formed because the area at some point became infected. The Keloid forms as a result of our bodies trying to protect itself- thus trapping the infection in place. Iodide/Iodine (google it) not only makes the skin tissue regenerate but it cures the infection altogether!! I recommend supplementing with Lugol's iodine and applying Potassium directly on the scars twice a day. This double threat will make sure that you are attacking the infection both internally and externally! Another good thing about it is that onece the Keloid is gone.. It will never come back.. How good is that?!?! ? Good luck!!
Replied by Komal
Mumbai, India

Avis, will you please explain how to use Potassium, how many applications in a day is advisable, where to get it from, it comes in which form.
Replied by Baldev
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Hi Komal, Firstly, have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar that should help you else you can try Lugol Iodine. It contains Potassium iodide also. Otherwise if you want to use potassium as such then it comes as potassium bi carbonate or Potassium Citrate, which you should be able to get from any chemist's shop, make a saturated solution and can apply. It is in the form of a white powder. Baldev
Replied by Tsering
Shillong, India

Avis2972 Is it potassium Iodide or Iodine and is it for internal use or external? pls let me know soon..thx
Replied by Roosevelt Walker
Auckland Park, Gauteng, South Africa

I have started using this last night this is how applied it:

  • Poured AVC on a cotton ball and rubbed all over the keloid

  • Repeated The process

Then soaked a cotton ball in the Vinegar and held it down w/ a band aid on my keloid! And woke up this morning, Nothing happened! What did I do wrong you guys? Really need his keloid to just pack and go!

Replied by Adeleke
Osun State, Nigeria

Hi, I have tiny keloid on my breast its really annoying and itchy. I am in nigeria, osun state to be precise. All d drugs mentioned here can not be found in our store so I retired to aloeve gel natural. so my ques is that how long will it take this keloid to dissapier cos amreally worried. I hv being using d alloe vera for 2weeks now day and nyt. Thanks

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