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Natural Cures Using Activated Charcoal

Last Modified on May 27, 2015

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Charcoal Feedback   11  0   

Posted by Norman (Edmonton, Canada) on 06/21/2007

[YEA]  Our family has used activated charcoal tablets as a quick remedy for digestive problems for years. In Asia one can buy them for pennies, and with the spicy foods there and possible diaheria at times they are a life saver. Recently I moved back to Canada and feel like I am in a 3rd world country. Anything connected with health and well being is either unavailable or overpriced. How sad that we can not even buy a harmless product that can save ones life when an accidental poisoing occurs. You will only realize how much Canada has peddled backwards in the past 10 years when you visit other countries.

Replied by Connie
Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA
Thank you God for the Internet. Can you ship things like that into Canada?
Replied by Nadia
Nyc, Ny
The more I read about activated charcoal the more I understand that clay as the same effects.. it is excellent for the elimination of toxins.

In France where I grew up clay is a common remedy as well as charcoal, for upset stomach, ulcer soothing, bugs stings, burns, poison, diarrhea, skin problems, etc...

in poultice or ingested..

for infos check out

Posted by Christine (Lancaster, CA) on 11/28/2005

[YEA]  I have been using charcoal for approx 14 yrs. In our home it has been used for nausea/vomiting; diarrhea; upset stomach; belching; heart burn; gas; indigestion; poultices over painful areas on diffent parts of the body; pasty poultice over insect bites, over the stomach in a poultice for fevers. As a nurse, I highly recommend it to all.

Replied by Maeryn
Calgary, Ab
A friend of mine has terrible (TERRIBLE) acne all across his face, neck, shoulders, and back. Its not worms. He cannot take any sort of med because it will mess up the growth plates where his arm was operated on a few years ago. I am currently in the process of compiling a treatment for him based on organic and alternative medicines (cleansing him from the inside out. ) As a nurse, do you have any advice for a facial / skin mask? (I'm getting into nutritional therapy, so this stuff fascinates me)
Replied by Gogopop
Oakland, Ca
I'd be curious if your friend developed the acne after the surgery. I had my wisdom teeth pulled when I was 25 and was under local anesthesia. The next day I woke up with light acne that later turned into bad acne and boils. I saw a couple of dermatologists that all said it was adult acne. I had perfectly clear skin before the procedure. I did many cleanses and juicing a couple years later which helped but finally got rid of it when I did an intense cleanse where I was taking niacin and in a dry sauna for several hours a day for 30 days. Anesthesia stays in your system/fat cells for a very long time. I would think the charcoal would really help but I would also recommend niacin flush and sweating the toxins out.

Charcoal Poultice in a Hurry   1  0   

Posted by Mama To Many
(Tennessee) on 05/07/2015

[YEA]  My three year old came into the house with a really bad fire ant bite on his foot. (It crawled into his shoe! ) I didn't have any poultices pre-made (my bad, especially this time of year! ) and I needed a poultice for him super fast!

I put a paper towel on the counter, put a spoonful of charcoal into it, folded the towel over to enclose the charcoal (like an envelope) and wet it at the sink. I was able to get this onto his foot in less than a minute. I put plastic wrap and a cohesive bandage on it. He stopped crying.

While the method I have described in the past in writing and in my video are ideal (less messy and will hold moisture longer) this method is easier to execute and quicker to make in a hurry.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Meg
Kansas City, Mo
Dear Mama to Many, I am an avid reader of earthclinic and all the helpful comments from everyone and am so grateful to all for their input and general advice.

I want to know your thoughts on using a charcoal poultice in my mouth. I have had an infection in the gum for years; painless unless touched, it is a lump high above the gum line, and oozes out through the gum in tiny lesions at times; hence, no pain.

I have tried swishing with iodine, turmeric, oregano oil, turpentine and currently colloidal silver. Everything helps and the gum looks pink again as long as I keep it up, but the lump remains.

Reading about the charcoal poultice makes me wonder if it would draw out the infection once and for all. My general health is not the greatest and I am sure the infection does not help.

Dentist would suggest oral surgery etc., root canals, and I do not want to go that route. There must be a way to overcome this and I would appreciate any advice you might have. I am now 73, not young, but will not give up on trying to restore my health as far as possible. Thank you so much for your wisdom and experience.

Replied by Mama To Many
Dear Meg,

I appreciate your tenacity!

I think charcoal would be a great thing to try. It may take some persistence on your part, but you seem to be well researched and persistent!

You could make small poultices (I would make a week's worth at a time and keep them in the refrigerator) and use them daily. One way to make poultices that aren't so bulky in the mouth are to empty a tea bag (or buy empty tea bags if you have a source for this, though really, it may be cheaper to just empty some.) and replace the tea with activated charcoal powder (about 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon). Moisten and hold this in the affected area in your mouth. You could keep in in your mouth for an hour or two during the day, even a couple of times a day. Or, you could buy charcoal tablets (not capsules) and each night, put one against the area and let it sit between the gum and cheek all night. It will slowly dissolve. I have done this and still have remnants of the tablet in my mouth when I wake up in the morning. I would try this daily for at least a month. I have read about charcoal drawing out deep infections over quite a number of days. It can seem like nothing is happening for a while.

You could also continue with some of the other things you have tried at other times a day. You have tried several excellent remedies.

I look forward to hearing how this works for you.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Mama to Many, the teabag is a very good idea, but I use a trick I've seen here on EC: cut a small square out of a coffee filter paper. Put a small mound of activated charcoal (or green clay) and fold up. Wet it. When wet, it works like a piece of cloth! One coffee filter lasts for many one- time -use applications.
Replied by Meg
Kansas City, Mo
Dear Mama to Many,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I will begin your suggestions for either a charcoal poultice or tablets immediately. I am so grateful. Thank you again, and I will keep in touch.

Charcoal Side Effects   0  0   

Posted by Newlynatural (Fl, Usa) on 08/27/2013

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Hi. I have a problem. I started taking activated charcoal on a regular basis and now I am bloated and cannot go. My stomach is solid as a rock. I stopped taking the Charcoal of course but what can I do to fix this problem, it's been 4 days?

Replied by Bobbie
Rowlett, Tx
Try drinking Senna Tea. This usually works on the worse cases of constipation problems. Because it's been four days you may need a cup on an empty stomach in the morning and another around noon. You can try a cup before bed and usually in the morning you get relief. I dilute my cup by 1/2 by pouring 1/2 in another cup and filling with water because it usually works when I don't need it to work if I use the undiluted cup. If It's been more than two days, I use the undiluted cup. Put a tea bag in a cup and pour boiling water into the cup and cover it and let it steep for about five minutes. Drink as warm as you can get it. I don't put any sweetner in mine and I don't know if it makes a difference.
Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
@Newlynatural: Three natural remedies for help in elimination are Milled Flax Seed, Vit-C, and Magnesium. The benefits of these certainly go beyond simply elimination. Begin w/ recommended doses and increase until you get results.
Replied by Toourlady89
Ca, Usa
Hi, taking activated charcoal on a regular basis as I understand is not really a good idea. It is used for certain occasions for absorption of bad bacteria from the stomach such as: in food poisoning, abdominal distention with gas, or absorption of excess medication in cases of over dose. It could absorb large amounts of liquid from the stomach and thereby cause constipation. There are many other uses of charcoal but Use it as needed only. Not for regular daily use. You would wanna take it separately from your meds or vitamins as it would also absorb some of those. For constipation, hydration is most important, Milk of Magnesia could help followed by 6-8 glasses of water for the day. Magnesium Oxide daily would help prevent constipation in the future.

Posted by Kelly (Mt. Healthy, Ohio) on 08/19/2009

I have been considering using activated charcoal for multiple conditions, but i'm not sure if it causes constipation, that's the last thing I need right now. any advise and experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Replied by Tina
Toledo, Ohio, Usa
I take a heaping tablespoon of activated charcoal in 2 cups of water and have lots of fiber-foods(vegetable!)during the day as well as lots of water. I don't have a problem with constipation as long as I drink sufficiently and eat fiber-foods.
Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Usa
Kelly from Ohio; I usually do a complete cleanse before introducing my system to some thing new or different;so if the charcoal does block you up, you have enough time inbetween bowel movements to do the charcoal then again work on your bowel movements. I use one of the very best cleanses ever for the past fifteen years, it's a twin pack of multi-herb digestion & detox support the other bottle is multi-fiber cleanse;you take one of each herb(2), morn. Noon & night and this herb will let you know it's time to go potty haha because it's Dynamite, but it's bought in an herbal store & very affordable. Good luck

Diarrhea   2  0   

Posted by Odilon (Palm Coast, FL) on 01/16/2006

[YEA]  Raw Activated Charcoal, works like a dream for diarrhea, in hours not days.

Replied by Cameron
Brisbane, Qld, Australia
[YEA]   Yes, works very fast. Mix some Activated Charcoal in some juice, about a Teaspoon, let it fall to the bottom before mixing and drinking because it floats and any vigorous mixing bfore it sinks will have it all over the place. Also works for stomach upsets, gas and vomiting. Vomiting may take up to 3 doses but it will work, be prepared as black Charcoal Vomit is awful if you miss the bag or toilet.
Replied by Vandu
Maryland, US
Can activated charcoal be used for small child of 4 who is having diarrhea. He had it all day yesterday, twice during night, woke up from it today. So it seems it continues..

When I called the company for the activated charcoal we have, he said it's only for 12 and above. Didn't explain why. I thought it would be fine for 4 year old just smaller amount?

Replied by Mama To Many

I have used activated charcoal for children as young as 9 months. I give little ones one tablet to suck on or 1/4 tsp. of the powder in juice or applesauce. I repeat in 2 hours if needed.

I actually find turmeric to be even stronger (though still very safe.). I give little ones 1/4 teaspoon turmeric in applesauce and repeat in two hours If needed.

I am guessing the company doesn't want to worry about liability, so they say not to give it to little ones.

I hope your little guy feels better soon!!

~Mama to Many~

Food Poisoning   4  0   

Posted by Ngok Ti (Busan, South Korea) on 05/22/2011

[YEA]  Last may 10, I accidentally drank tea from a restaurant which might not have prepared it clean. Within 30 mins from when I finished drinking, my stomach started churning painfully and I had severe diarrhea for 3 days. Since I was already alarmed that the condition didn't get better even after taking loperamide, I turned for help from the Chinese drugstore which advised me to take 3 activated carbon capsules before bedtime 3 hours after dinner. As soon as I took the first dose that evening, the diarrhea stopped. My stomach was still a bit painful so I took another dose the following evening. That worked great.

Posted by Mitsue (Wishart, Queensland Australia) on 11/06/2008

[YEA]  One late afternoon I bought Sushi with raw salmon in it, it must have been sitting there all day, after eating it I had very bad case of vomiting and diarrhea for almost 3 weeks. I remembered that charcoal helps with the poison, and I had charcoal my mother sent me for purifying water. I just was so desperate I just cracked a small piece and ate it. Surprising as it is, my vomiting and diarrhea stopped almost immediately. I should have taken it sooner.. So I have medicated charcoal tablet in my medicine cupboard now and when I had vomiting the other I took one straight away and I was fine!!

Replied by Yoda
Dubai, Uae
Charcoal is very effective against food poisoning and diarrhea. It stops the vomiting and trips to the toilet in a matter of hours. Several years ago I had food poisoning and diarrhea after having salad. The cream in the salad had gone bad in the summer heat. Soon after having the salad I started vomiting and after an hour diarrhea. I visted a doctor who prescribed me medicine for the food poisoning. However, I was in the same condition the next day and had become severely dehydrated and weak from the diarrhea. I remembered an article I had read in Readers Digest about a certain Canadian doctor Ben Wheeler. He had saved countless lives in a Japanese POW camp by giving the prisoners charcoal made by burning bamboo sticks and water from boiled rice. I found a piece of wood lying in the shed and burnt it on the kitchen stove to make charcoal (much to my mothers dismay). After having a teaspoon of the wood charcoal, my diarrhea stopped in less then an hour. Then I boiled some starchy rice and and drank a glass of water from boiled rice with some salt. In the evening I repeated the treatment and totally recovered in less than 12 hours. In food poisoning and diarrhea, the intestines become inflamed and cannot absorb any nutrition. The rice water contains simple starches which the body easily absorbs and gets nutrition. It is therefore able to fight the illness and recover much more quickly. The salt in the rice water helps in replacing a part of the electrolytes.
Replied by Cameron
Brisbane, Qld, Australia
I must comment on and correct the previous poster. Charcoal works by ABsorbing poisons and is effective from the moment it gets to the stomach, it does not stop ADsorbing poisons until it exits your body through your anus. Charcoal works in the Colon just as effectively as it does in the stomach and for the same reason as an enema. It prevents any toxins in the gut from being reabsorbed by your body from your gut due to a slow or blocked bowel. There are no better alternatives for ERs than charcoal, medical research shows charcoal as the most effective primary treatment for poisoning or drug overdose and is effective until at least an hour after poisoning/overdose. Do not administer Charcoal to a person who is unconsious except in the most dire circumstances.

My daughter has Leukemia and we were forced by Authorities to submit her for Chemotherapy, she had a severe reaction to a Chemo drug during treatment and eneded up in ICU, then a regular ward for 3 weeks recovering. I use Charcoal to detox the Chemo drugs out of her now to avoid side effects. Recemntly though she had some Doxorubicin an extremely dangerous Chemo drug along with Pegaspargase, we did not get home to administer the charcoal until at least 4 hours after her dose, all of a sudden she was suffering from severe abdominal pain, nausea, joint, bone pain and vomiting. I gave her 1 tablespoon of charcoal in juice and she was in bed asleep less than 5 minutes later with no more syptoms. I am the biggest fan of Charcoal, I have a lot of experience applying it and have done extensive reading about the most amazing and under rated substance I have ever discovered. I never ever leave home without it now.

Charcoal is still the treatment of choice at virtually all ERs that I am aware of, current 2011. Charcoal is the most effective remedy for poisons and toxins of all sorts, it has no known side effects of any sort except to make your Poo go black. Charcoal is not known to ADsorb Nutrients from the body! Charcoal is effective for anything except Solvents, Acids, Highly Alkaline Products or other petroleum based products. Ruling out those few things, it leaves us with an effective remedy for bites and stings of all sorts including spiders and snakes, please seek urgent medical attention for snake or spider bites. To use Charcoal as First Aid for snake or spider bites, apply as a wet Poultice, covered in plastic wrap to stop it drying out. Change as often as possible until you recieve medical help. You can also use Charcoal in a bath, it relieves pain almost instantly.

Diahhrea, Stomach Pain, Nausea, Topical Ulcers and a host of other conditions all can be treated with Charcoal. Nausea can be stopped in as little as 1 minute, vomiting stops in less than 5 minutes, retake charcoal if the charcoal slurry is vomited until vomiting stops, usually less than 3 times. Diahhrea, take a tablespoon in water or juice after each runny stool, your next firm stool will be quite black but do not worry. For Topical Ulcers, make a Poultice with 3 tablespoons Charcoal and 3 tablespoons Starch or Ground Flax Seed (keeps moisture in) and apply this to the cleaned Ulcer site on the back of a clean dressing. Cover the dressing with Plastic to stop the poultice drying out, change every 4 hours to 6 hours.

You may also try Charcoal as a Poultice for Kidney or Liver problems as it will help detox these through the largest organ of your body(skin) quite easily and effectively, change every 4 to six hours, you will notice a urine smell, this means its working.

Replied by Julie
Sacramento, Ca
No, our E.R. told us they don't use charcoal anymore.
Replied by Nicole
New York, US
IF charcoal really works, why would they use it in the E.R. ? ;-) Only palliatives are allowed in a hospital environment, IMO.

Posted by Shawna (Mountlake Terrace, WA)

[YEA]  I have had multiple issues with food poisoning all throughout my life. I had a Naturalpath tell me once to take 3-4 charcoal pills two times a day at the onset of pain and queasyness, then continue the same for 3 days afterwards. You can purchase charcoal pills from any health food store or in some local corner drug stores. I have used this remedy for about 15 yrs now and it's ALWAYS worked. My husband just had it and he took the pills and he felt better right away and was able to keep down food and water.

Replied by Al
Opelousas, USA
[YEA]   I too had food poisoning so bad that I was sent to the emergency room, during which time, I was given 2 liters of Sodium Chloride(??). Of course the hospital wants you to pass (diahrrea) the poison, so nothing was administered. I sent a relative to the drug store for Activate Charcoal capsules and followed the recommended dosage; 1gm/hour...within 6-7 hours I could eat small amounts and not experience nauseau or diahrrea(sp?)You should keep a bottle in the refrigerator (safely).
Replied by Scott
Brisbane, Queensland Australia
Hi All,

Despite what you read everywhere on charcoal being used in the emergency department, it went out of use about 6 years ago. It showed no benefit to using in drug overdoses as most poisons are absorbed within 20-30 mins from the stomach. This is usually the time frame before the person gets to treatment I.E. In ambulance transport so keep that in mind if you are trying to use it for this purpose. While we still keep it around it was found that the risk of gastric problems GIT blockage / constipation or rupture was too great to any beneficial effect it may have. So in systematic reviews on the topic, the use of charcoal for this purpose is contraindicated.

Also, about 10 years ago they started packaging the charcoal in sorbitol which is a lubricant / apperient that helps with moving the charcoal through the system. I have just been looking at this site as I have just started using it for flatulence control from IBS so will let you know how this goes, but I think as long as you drink plenty of water then it shouldn't be a problem. I remember the patients I used to have to look after in the bad old days who were given charcoal and not much water and they used to have to strain to "shit black bricks" lol. Just wanted to clear this thing up about the emergency room thing. :-)

Hangover Cure   2  0   

Posted by Adrian (Sydney, Australia) on 01/18/2006

[YEA]  When my friends and i used to drink a lot in our early twenties, to avoid hangovers we would eat charcoal after having drank a lot of alcohol. Must be taken with food to work properly. The charcoal would absorb the toxins (i suppose colours and preservatives in the scotch, bourbon etc) and we would not get the slightest hangover!

Posted by Shane (Trail, BC, Canada) on 01/02/2006

[YEA]  I was told that if you want to prevent the unpleasant effects of a hangover you can take an activated charcoal capsule with each alcoholic beverage which will absorb the harmful elements in the alcohol which cause the hangover.

How to Make a Charcoal Poultice   1  0   

Posted by Earth Clinic (Atlanta, GA) on 08/17/2014

Interested in learning how to make a charcoal poultice? Mama to Many shows us how. Just posted on Earth Clinic's YouTube channel. Thank you, Mama!

Replied by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Thanks for the video, Mama to Many (you're so young! ) and thanks to your son for volunteering his arm. I'll have to keep some charcoal poultices in the fridge from now on. (Good way to use up all of those sock tops I've collected throughout the years! ). Cheers, Bess
Replied by Kt
Thank you, Mama to Many...your demonstration cleared up some things for me! The idea of cutting off part of the sock was great.
Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, OH
Hi Mama,

I just watched your video and enjoyed it very much. It is so helpful to actually see how you do this! Thank you for the excellent and useful advice and thoughtful suggestions you give on Earth Clinic. Many blessings to you and your family.

Replied by Faith
La, US
[YEA]   I had a bad kidney infection, I went antibiotics. My ND suggested charcoal poultice over my kidneys to help with inflammation and told me to keep the poultice pretty wet. I made a charcoal poutice into thick paste put on my kidneys and put plastic wrap over it and bandaged in place and put two towels down on my bed and went to sleep the next day the inflammation was gone, but I continued doing this for few hours a day for two weeks.

Posted by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa) on 09/26/2013

Here is a detailed explanation of, "How to Make a Charcoal Poultice."

What you will need:

3 T. Activated charcoal powder

3 T. flaxseed (or cornstarch) optional, but very helpful

2/3 cup water

Spoon (disposable is easier, but not required.)

Cup (disposable is easier, but not required.)

Paper towels (white, good quality - cheap ones fall apart easily.)

Plastic wrap (The kind used in the kitchen for food storage.)

What to do:

In the cup mix the charcoal powder and the flaxseed (or cornstarch. ) If you do not have these on hand, just double the amount of charcoal powder. Add the water carefully (charcoal “poofs” and can be messy. I do not wear white or light colored clothes that I care a lot about when I make a poultice. ) Lay out several paper towels on a counter. (I actually put the paper towels on a piece of waxed paper as the charcoal can seep through some, and I have a wood countertop that stains easily. ) I cut the paper towels into appropriate sizes. (Small squares – maybe 3x3 for insect stings or bites. ) To cover larger areas, like the liver, gall bladder or kidney, I cut the towel in half or just use a whole towel. You will quickly get the hang of it. Stir the mixture again. After a few minutes it should seem jelly like (unless you are not using the flax seed. ) You can add more water or charcoal to get a good consistency. Spread the charcoal onto the towels, about as thick as you would peanut butter on a sandwich. Leave several inches around the edges of the towels with no charcoal (3/4 inch or so for small towels. ) Now place a second towel the same size over each. Now you have a charcoal sandwiched between two paper towels, also known as a poultice. If you get the charcoal too close to the edge, it can seep out and make a mess.

You lay this poultice right on the skin. There is a layer of towel between the skin and the charcoal, so unless it leaks, it doesn't get too messy. Place a piece of plastic wrap over the poultice. This keeps the charcoal moist. It is active when it is wet, so you want it to stay moist. Use an ace bandage or cohesive bandage to attach it to the body. (Many times I have used a generous amount of plastic wrap to attach to an area and then used lots of masking tape to secure it. Sometimes you just have to improvise with what you have on hand! ) You can use a poultice overnight on a sting, over the kidneys, ovary, gall bladder, liver, etc. It will draw out poisons, reduce inflammation and swelling, and decrease pain. With a very serious acute problem (like a snake bite) you must change the poultice very often at first – like every 15 minutes. But usually, every couple of hours is fine and overnight is fine. I wouldn't leave one on longer than that – the plastic wrap can cause some sweating. That is why a poultice with plastic over just the poultice and then an ace bandage is best for overnight.

The amounts given above will make 4 or so large poultices. You can make more or less as you need. I store extra poultices in a zip lock bag in the refrigerator for a week or two.

I have used charcoal poultices for many condition for years. I hope you find them as helpful as I do!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Sp
Wb, Nj
Hi Mama to Many, I just wanted to thank you for your very detailed instructions on how to make a poultice.
Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

This week I have been using some charcoal poultices made with white paper towels on a family member, and it appears that the paper towels are causing a reaction on the skin. (The reaction area appears to be the shape of the towel and not of the charcoal within it, so I do not think it is the charcoal.)

So, I have been looking into chemicals in paper towels and it appears that they do use chemicals in paper towels to make them stronger and to bleach them. (Things like dioxin and formaldehyde.) So, I am looking in to "organic" or "green" paper towels, and see that some are "80%" post consumer waste. Well, that doesn't sound great either when using for medical purposes.

I hate to be so picky, but when using things for medical purposes, I want to find the safest thing possible. (And if something is causing a reaction, I want to avoid it altogether.)

So, instead of paper towels I am now using an old, clean, white cotton sheet cut into squares for poultices.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas or thoughts about something that would be safe and disposable for making poultices. This may also be applicable to using paper towels to deliver DMSO.

I want to make an addendum to my "How to Make a Charcoal Poultice" post to make the process the best it can be. I am not sure paper towels are the best option now.

Thanks all. I appreciate your feedback.

Have a super day!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

This week I have been using some charcoal poultices made with white paper towels on a family member, and it appears that the paper towels are causing a reaction on the skin. (The reaction area appears to be the shape of the towel and not of the charcoal within it, so I do not think it is the charcoal.)

So, I have been looking into chemicals in paper towels and it appears that they do use chemicals in paper towels to make them stronger and to bleach them. (Things like dioxin and formaldehyde.) So, I am looking in to "organic" or "green" paper towels, and see that some are "80%" post consumer waste. Well, that doesn't sound great either when using for medical purposes.

I hate to be so picky, but when using things for medical purposes, I want to find the safest thing possible. (And if something is causing a reaction, I want to avoid it altogether.)

So, instead of paper towels I am now using an old, clean, white cotton sheet cut into squares for poultices.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas or thoughts about something that would be safe and disposable for making poultices. This may also be applicable to using paper towels to deliver DMSO.

I want to make an addendum to my "How to Make a Charcoal Poultice" post to make the process the best it can be. I am not sure paper towels are the best option now.

Thanks all. I appreciate your feedback.

Have a super day!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey MTM!

No ideas for safe paper towels for you, however you might consider paper coffee filters. They make them out of "green" materials these days, and there are many types to choose from.

My other thought: hit the laundro mat and nab up all the single socks that folks toss away ;-)

Do let us know what you find that fits your need to a "T" please!

Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Mama to Many --- from Om

In the past I have been lucky to find pure cotton material, pure wool material, etc. at second hand charity stores.

Some can be boiled as is done in Europe as long as I can remember.

My problem is, I can't use feminine napkins, so called cotton underwear, even bra anymore. I have become allergic to them. I know in Europe they still have Egyptian cotton for underwear but here items become rags in no time and have to contain petrochemical substances which are unkind to the skin. When I checked online for no nonsence underwear, only Ladies of the Night items came up. I am in a fix. Regards, Om

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
Dear Theresa and Om,

Thanks for writing and sharing some good ideas! I will post an addendum to that post sometime soon.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mama To Many
I am finally updating the charcoal poultice post with further materials suggestions. (Thanks again for your ideas Om and Theresa! )

I am still using paper towels sometimes. I have used Bounty and Brawny for years with no problems. I am pretty sure the towels that cause a reaction had been the Walmart version of Bounty towels, so I avoid them. At the same time, I have been experimenting with other materials and have been pleased with the results. I had an old white sheet that I was no longer using. I cut it into a variety of sizes of squares and kept it in a cabinet. I cut up some old white t-shirts and did the same thing. I LOVE using these for charcoal poultices. (Great also for salt poultices, herb poultices, makeshift bandages, etc! ) They are softer and obviously sturdier. If I run out of old stuff here, I could find something secondhand I am sure. One sheet would last most people a year! I do find that things I buy at thrift stores need to be washed many times to get out whatever smell is in them. Perhaps it is just other people's detergent, but it smells kinds of chemically to me. Before using them for poultices, I would want to wash them many times (us use a vinegar soak or something and then wash.)

Let me know if anyone finds any other alternative materials for poultices!


~Mama to Many~

Replied by Kt
Hi Mama to Many--I just scanned the three pages of posts here because I was sure I replied to your post about your son's reaction to the paper towel you used on him and your request. I cannot find it so probably it was before I had been here for two years.

Anyway, when I wore contacts it was recommended to use Bounty or Viva because they were lint free. I thought things sold mostly at Walmart were either part of recalled items for faulty manufacturing or had some sort of defect, much like the dollar stores. Not everything sold there, but I think a lot could be.

I think some could be an overproduction of a product.

IBS   1  0   

Posted by Annabell (Bakersfield, California) on 08/04/2008

[YEA]  Irritable Bowel Syndrome: I am 33 years old female with a sensitive stomach..Almost everything I consume always result in heavy gas and bloating. A friend recommended to take Charcoal pills..I have tried almost every prescription medications there is and was excited that charcoal is an old asian alternative medications. I take 1-2 capsule 1-2hours prior to eating..I make sure to have water intake at least 8 glasses a day. Within 1wk I felt immediate results, less bloating, irrability and back to having a regular bowel movement.

Happy stomach.

Replied by Isabel
Edinburgh, Scotland
Activated Charcoal Tablets worked like a miracle for me last night. Thank goodness I had them in the cabinet.

For the first time in ages, I landed up with such a painful, swollen, distended stomach, tender and painful to the touch all over so much pain and gurgling noises. Then diarrhea, then feeling sick and woozy. Don't know if it was too spicy a dinner, food poisoning, just an allergy/intolerance or what. But at midnight, what can you do?

These trusty, simple, old-fashioned charcoal tablets (made from coconut shells, I have read) sorted me out COMPLETELY in less than ten minutes. What a miracle cure, when used to treat the right ailment.

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Posted by Anon (Chicago) on 09/25/2013

To Mama To Many from Tennessee:

My wife is currently on dialysis, does activated charcoal filter out the toxin with the kidney also ? How do you do it ? Plus she received some blood transfusion also. She is currently on liquid restriction diet with potassium and phorphorus restriction and has a high blood pressure. Do you have guidance on diet? Their guidance is white flour diet mainly. Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks.

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
Dear Anon from Chicago,

Yes, charcoal will filter toxins from the kidneys. Here is a very encouraging story about the use of charcoal for kidneys.

Also, on that website, if you type in the search box "kidney dialysis" you will get a number of other pages that mention it. You may have to scroll down to find the part about kidney problems on each page, but there are many exciting stories of charcoal being used to treat kidney problems.

Basically, your wife can take charcoal internally and use poultices over the kidneys. Internally, she would want to take charcoal 2 hours after or before prescription medication. You can get charcoal capsules or tablets, or just put 1 t. Of activated charcoal powder into a glass of water. If you can time it properly, you would do this twice a day. But once a day is good to start and see how that goes.

I know a man who used a charcoal poultice over his kidneys overnight and by morning the poultice was soaked with urine! it was definitely drawing out from the kidneys. And I believe the charcoal helped him, but I can't recall the details - it was a long time ago.

To make a charcoal poultice, you will mix 3 T. activated charcoal powder with 3 T. ground flaxseed (you can also use cornstarch, but I prefer the flaxseed. ) Mix this in a paper cup. Add about 2/3 cup of water and mix with a plastic spoon. (You don't have to use disposable, it is just easier than cleaning up the charcoal. ) Let it sit a few minutes and it kind of gels up. You may need to add a little more charcoal or water to get a good consistency. You will get the hang of it quickly. Spread the charcoal over a paper towel. Top with another paper towel. (Try not to let it get to the edges--it is messy if it comes out. ) This will make about 4 poultices. (Not sure if you will need one or two at a time. Keep extras in the refrigerator for a week or two. ) Place a poultice on the back over the kidney area. Cover with plastic wrap. Use an ace bandage to attach to the body. If you could do this over night, that would be ideal. You can do this as often as you like. You may need to do it very often - maybe 4 nights a week.

Be aware that charcoal has been used to lower blood pressure. (I believe charcoal baths were used for this. ) Anyway, it is something to be aware of.

Regarding diet, I am assuming the "white flour diet" is to keep it a low protein diet as protein is hard on the kidneys? I don't want to suggest anything that would counteract what your doctor suggests. You might ask him about fruits and vegetables that would be okay for her to use. I think the nutrients in those would be important. Also, plenty of water is important.

Also, read through Earth Clinic's kidney page and you may find some ideas for diet and other things to help your wife. She is blessed to have you as her advocate!

Please keep us posted and let us know what helps your wife!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

I realized I suggested plenty of water for your wife and you had said she was on a fluid restricted diet. I had thought you meant she was restricted about types of fluid and not quantity. So, scratch that recommendation as I realize you mean quantity.

If she is allowed to have fats, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent fat to have. It is very good for the body and nutritious. If apples and berries are okay for her, organic apples are an excellent food (The old adage, An apple a day keeps the doctor away really does have some truth in it! ) and berries are antioxidant.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Blanche
Iberia Parish
Sorry, but I have a real hard time imagining that urine could travel directly from the kidney to the surface of the skin.
Replied by Anon
Mama to Many: Thank you Mama for your response.

Currently she has high blood pressure 150, it will be great if activate charcoal could help since she already on medication.

Should I put the poultice on both kidneys?

The reason I asked about the diet guidance because to see if anyone you know from practical experience what diet do they follow that been helpful?

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Yes, you can put a poultice over each kidney. Even if one isn't as affected, it is fine to use two and may have extra benefit.

Hopefully someone who has been through this will have some thoughts regarding diet. Otherwise, if you read around on Earth Clinic, you will probaby get some ideas for good items in the diet that are within your wife's diet that will be helpful to maximize her nutrition and health.

May God give you great wisdom in taking care of your wife!

~Mama to Many~

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