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Cherry Angioma Remedies

Last Modified on Mar 20, 2016

While you are probably used to seeing moles in various places on your skin, you may be slightly skeptical of or even concerned about a “mole” that appears red in color. While a cherry angioma may appear more daunting than a mole, these benign growths are actually cause for little concern aside from cosmetic. If you do desire to remove a cherry angioma, though, you typically can do so using natural products like iodine, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil.

What Is a Cherry Angioma?

The National Institute of Health defines a cherry angioma as a noncancerous or benign growth on your skin that is made up of blood vessels. The growths generally appear bright cherry-red, hence the name, and are small from the size of a pinhead to about ¼ inch. Likewise, an angioma may be smooth or stick out from the skin. While the actual cause of these skin growths is unknown, research suggests that they are genetic.

Can You Remove Cherry Angiomas without Going to the Doctor?

In most cases, cherry angiomas cause little actual health concern. You likely won’t experience any pain or discomfort caused by the growth, and they are generally benign, which is why you can typically treat an angioma at home. However, if you do experience pain, excessive bleeding, or a change in the appearance of your angioma, you should consult a doctor. Otherwise, you can use natural remedies, like iodine, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil to remove the growth.

1. Iodine

According to research, iodine deficiency is one of the biggest contributors to skin conditions, including cherry angiomas. So, if you have one of these growths, we suggest upping your daily consumption of iodine. This nutrient helps rid your body of toxins as well as promotes the effective function of cells throughout your body. Begin an iodine regimen by taking 50mg by mouth per day. You can also apply the iodine to the skin tag itself

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural substance derived from fermented apples. The fermenting process yields a high concentration of acetic acid in the vinegar, which has many healing properties. When you apply ACV to a cherry angioma, it shrinks the growth and eventually eliminates it completely. To apply the treatment, simply hold an apple cider vinegar soaked cotton ball over the growth for 20 to 30 minutes a day. The angioma will likely change color and eventually fall off.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Research has identified tea tree oil as an effective antibacterial agent. This oil is relatively powerful, so it also can “dry out” and eliminate angiomas. To do so, combine 1 tablespoon of tea tree oil with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and apply the mixture to the growth. Allow the mixture to dry and reapply it at least once a day until the angioma has disappeared.

Try one of these treatment options or keep reading below for more natural cures for cherry angiomas from our readers!

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Apple Cider Vinegar  
25 User Reviews | 9 YEA

Posted by Cherry (Saskatchewan, Canada) on 12/30/2015

[YEA]  I tried the apple cider vinegar remedy for a 2mm Cherry angioma on my right cheek. It removed the angioma and is still healing, I am waiting to see if any scar is left behind (I am using bio oil daily).

A couple of things I would do differently if I had to do this again is to try in every way possible to make sure the ACV is only applied to the angioma. At the beginning, I was just using a makeup cotton pad under a bandaid and it was touching unaffected skin and it damaged it. What I ended up doing is using petroleum jelly to protect good skin, and also cutting a small piece of cotton pad that was soaked in ACV applying it to the angioma (only the angioma not touching any other skin) and then putting a bandaid over that to keep it in place.

Other than that, the other comments are accurate to what happens: angioma turns black, dries, scabs, scab falls off, it starts healing.

I don't know how people applied Apple cider vinegar for a whole day. I did the 20-30 min. Once or twice a day for a week (pricked the angioma with a sterilized pin on the first application). By the end of the week there was a slight stinging sensation but I'm not sure if that was the angioma or if it was the good skin that I had damaged.

I will try to post whether or not a scar was left behind since not too many posts have a follow up on that.

I'm not saying that people should try this, I just wanted to give an account of my experience.

Replied by Uros

Posted by Georgina (Spain) on 01/05/2015

[YEA]  I wish to thank everyone in this site. I had an angioma growing on my thumb for the last 3 months and was told that it would not dissapear on its own and had to be surgically removed. There was a month and a half waiting list for this operation, so I thought I can not wait around doing nothing as it was a lump the size of two peas, red and painful. Thank you for this site and the use of ecological apple vineger. I went out and immediately bought a bottle. I would protect the good skin with paper band aid and then cover in a generous layer of vaseline so when I applied the cotton soaked in ACV I got no burnt marks on the good skin. I would then cover in plastic cling film as the smell was not one I appreciated and it kept the ACV where it should be and not all over the bed covers. The angioma started to turn black from the first overnight application. At the beginning I only applied overnight but 3 days ago I decided to speed things up and had the ACV on 24 hours a day changing the covers 3 times a day. It turned completely black and started to shrink at record speed and fell off completely yesturday. I was so thrilled, I could not believe it. Now I have a little crater where it was that has new skin underneath and healing. Thank you, you have saved me from an operation that does not guarantee success with all the complications that could have derived from having the thumb cut open to remove it.

Posted by Lisa (Sweden) on 10/15/2014

[YEA]  Cherry Angioma:

I'm amazed - the ACV actually works. I've had a red bump on my chin for years which I hated and been thinking about getting rid of it with laser. But then I read about using ACV and thought I may as well try - was a bit skeptical because I thought I would've heard about it before. I pricked it slightly with a pin and held an ACV soaked cotton ball on top on and off for like half a day. It turned white, then dark red (thought it didn't work), then black. In the evening it was just a small black scab, and not raised anymore. This was Sunday - on Tuesday evening the scab started peeling slightly and I know I should've left it but I was too impatient and peeled it off. It didn't bleed, and the area is red and irritated but there's no sign of a bump anymore. At least for now, it seems to have worked! It looks bad now because I must have held the ACV on top of normal skin too and that left some "burns", but that will go away soon enough. Remains to be seen if the effect lasts, but for now - wow!

Posted by Rach J (Haldimand, Ontario) on 06/30/2013

[YEA]  I had a big break out of cherry angiomas over this past year, and then when I became pregnant I broke out in hundreds (if not thousands! ) I researched remedies and decided to try the apple cider vinegar.

So day by day, I would take a clean pin and prick the surface of the skin open. Then pour ACV over them with a clear make up pad. Many of them dried up! The larger ones however never did... but considering how many I had I am happy I got the ones that were visible on my arms off.

It did take about two weeks of doing it daily to see them disappear.

Replied by Bry
Hi Rach J,

When you say you poured ACV over them, how did you protect your good skin from acid burns? Thanks!

Posted by Elizabeth (Indianapolis, In) on 02/20/2010

[YEA]  I have a tendency to develop cherry angiomas during pregnancy. I had one surgically removed years ago & have a horrible scar as a result. My latest small cherry angioma was on my inner thigh. It was raised up off my skin almost like a skin tag & got aggravated every time it got bumped. I was always worried it would bleed a lot. I read somewhere that cherry angiomas are like red moles that can be tied into blood vessels. Mine clearly appeared to be part of a blood vessel. I decided to try apple cider vinegar since it has been a miracle in removing moles for me. It took about 2 weeks of constantly being soaked in ACV but it finally turned black & fell off! Yeah! It was quite painful but no more so than the pain I suffered whenever it got irritated. I wasn't sure what to expect but it worked like a champ. The skin underneath is still red but if it heals like my moles have in the past, it will be virtually undetectable in a matter of a couple of months. I hope this helps!

Replied by Nick
Thessaloniki, Greece
Hello Elizabeth, how exactly you did use the apple cider vinegar? Thanks in advance
Replied by Mellowmelanie
Northern California, Ca
Did you put a bandaid over it to keep the apple cider vinegar on it? How did you keep it soaked for two weeks?
Replied by Gilly
Colchester, Essex Uk
Hi, In the UK I have read they treat the cherry angiomas with electrolysis but the therapist must be advanced. Look on Utube.
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Hi, I had cherry angiomas removed here in France and in Portugal by what I believe is laser. The dermatologists put my hand on a piece of metal and then proceeded to burn the angiomas. I could smell the burnt flesh.... It doesn't hurt more than a wasp bite and they heal quickly. I tend to get them all over so every few years I have been visiting the dermatologist.

Still last year I tried to get rid of one with a cryo stuff you use to get rid of warts and it worked as well. I have just been to the pharmacy to buy one again so that I can post the name here as I promised but they had something else with a gel which I want to try just the one I bought doesn't seem to have anything inside. I am going to exchange it today and will start using it. In case it works I will post here the name. In case it doesn't I will go back for the freezing stuff and post here the name too.

Replied by Joanna
Buffalo, New York
[YEA]   During pregnancy I developed cherry angiomas on chest, stomach and face. An especially large one appeared on my chest about 2 inches below my left collar bone about 3mm in diameter. I scratched the angioma open several times and each time it got bigger and bigger and never healed. For 3 weeks I tried to dry out the angioma by applying rubbing alcohol several times a day, neosporin, and salicylic acid. There was no change to the size of this unsightly eruption on my chest.

The last time it bled I decided to apply ACV via Q-tip to the angioma and hold it there for 10 mins. I continued to apply ACV twice a day for 5 to 10 minutes for 4 days. The bloody angioma turned black and appeared to dry up. The black, dried blood scab fell off and underneath I found new pink skin with no sign of a cherry red angioma at all. To aid in healing I continued to rub Bio Oil 4 times a day on the healing skin to prevent scaring. The healing is remarkable and I am confident there will be no scar left behind. TRY THIS, IT WORKS!!!!

Replied by Haarp
N/a, England
My experience using ACV on Cherry Angiomas has been quite good. It's gotten rid of one entirely however there are others it just won't remove. It's strange how it works so well on one but not the other.

I decided to try and remove a Wart using ACV, it worked amazingly well and it has gone completely.

I love ACV and will keep trying on the other Angiomas.

Replied by Val
Seattle, Wa
I have a cherry angioma on my chest that I would like to try to remove using ACV. Is it necessary to prick it open before soaking it in ACV? Furthermore, if opening it is necessary, should I do that every day before I soak the area with ACV? Thanks so much for your time and input!
Replied by Joanna
Buffalo, Ny
Hi Val, Yes, I prick the angioma open for the initial ACV treatment. However, I do not prick it open for follow up treatments. I find that when the angioma/scab turns black in color, I am my way to a dried out red cherry. Hope this is helpful.
Replied by Teresa
Hoover, Alabama
What type/strength of ACV? Will the regular ACV you can get from the grocery store be strong enough or does it need to come from a healthfood store?
Replied by Kc
Portland, Oregon, Usa
What I find interesting is that people with French/Italian descent are more prone to this than any other... I am both.
Replied by Heather
Bellingham, Ma
[YEA]   I have been testing this on one on my leg. I have been using ACV. It turned black and fell off. It seems a bit inflamed so I'll put some cortisone on for a few days. Stay tuned...
Replied by John
London, Uk
I've had some removed by what I think is electro-cauterisation (i. E. The doctor zapping it with a small electric current). Its very expensive however if you want a number done. However, I am thinking a home solution MIGHT be a lot cheaper. I've never soldered before, but how about using an electric needle (there's one on Ebay called a 30W Electric solder iron with needle tip)- applied quickly, it might zap away the spot in the same way??? They're really cheap, like only 5 to buy. I might give it a go, anyone else want to try as well? I've tried injecting Apple Cider vinegar, and burning them with pre-heated needles, and these methods don't work.
Replied by Julia
Winchester, Hampshire
I tried the ACV on my angioma (which is under my left eye! ) but nothing happened :( When do you start noticing the blackening? To those of you who have used laser treatment in the UK - how much does it cost? Thanks - Julia
Replied by Iansko
Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
[YEA]   I studied the videos on youtube removing moles with ACV and I decided to try it on a large cherry Angiomas on my leg (I was unsure about doing this until I came upon this page..!! ) I'm soo happy, the top part of the angiomas has turned black when I checked it this morning. This is my 3rd day of soaking cotton wool in ACV and applying on to the area with a sticking plaster, some of the videos on youtube take up to 10 days for the mole to fall of.... I don't care.... It's working...!!! Yippeeeee...!!!
Replied by John
London, Uk
Replied by Sarah
Washington, Dc, Usa
[YEA]   I'm going into gross detail, but this post is for those dealing with the large cherry angioma:

Thanks to my dad's side of the family, I am prone to developing cherry angioma. Among the many tiny tiny red dots that only I notice, there are two large ones on my chest the size of peppercorns. They have been there for about fifteen years. My father has the exact same sized cherry angiomas in the exact same places. It's pretty nuts. I've done my best to ignore them, but I'd be happier if they were gone.

Anywho, I started the pricking/ACV regimen about a week ago. I'll prick the angioma a couple times in different spots, wait until it bleeds, take a cotton ball soaked in ACV and use a bandaid to keep the cotton ball in contact with the angioma. I'll wear it as long as possible, most of the time overnight.

The slightly smaller of the two has turned completely black, and the edges have pulled away, revealing pink clear skin underneath. One more treatment, and I'm positive it'll fall off.

The larger one is fighting the treatment, but it's getting there. I prick the large one every time I put the ACV on (the smaller one only needed to be pricked one or two times). The center has finally turned black, with a white ring around it, but the edges in contact with the skin are still red. Fingers crossed this one dies off too.

Replied by Lucia
Seattle, Wa
Hi, what is ACV?

EC: ACV is Apple Cider Vinegar.

Replied by Sam
Miami, US
The best solution for small cherry angiomas is to burn them with a needle tip. Instructions are on youtube. A tip: insert the needle into a cork for a better hold. We got rid of all small and medium size cherry angiomas this way. Easy, fast and free.

Bromine Poisoning  

Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 10/17/2011

I have been searching for solutions for cherry angiomas. Quite awhile ago I posted a suggestion here of treating them with cryotherapy which I had bought to treat warts. It did work but only on very small ones, bigger ones are still there after the frozen skin falls off no it is not really a great remedy. Once in awhile I go to the dermatologist and he lasers them. Although this method makes them disappear it doesn't cure the problem.

In the meanwhile I am in contact with a natural practician in England who called my attention to this site: and to bromine poison. Could this the real cause of cherry angiomas? It sounds plausible.... In any case I do suffer from dry mouth with a metal taste, I had sinuses problems for quite a while (which now are gone), my eyelids occasionally twich, I have aching hips, etc. Funny enough I had just ordered the book about Iodine they suggest and... they give a link to the Earth Clinic.

Maybe this helps us find some simple cure while at the same time helping our health because toxicity of any kind is never good! In the meanwhile I am going to the dermatologist one more time because we are moving to Switzerland soon and I prefer to have it done here. Still I will go on trying whatever I can, right now it will probably be Vitamin C and Iodine. I do use Nigari in my bath occasionally but it is too expensive to use too often. Still, maybe I could make a bit of Magensium oil using Nigari and water in order to apply to one or two angiomas and see what happens!

Replied by Eileen
Sumter, Sc
I started getting cherry angioma in 1993. I am now covered with them from pin point size to about 1/4 inch. Actually can not count them all, probably thousands. Would love to get rid if them since they seem to be reproducing as rapidly as rabbits. My arms have more. It is embarassing and I do not like to wear short sleeves. Love it when I can wear winter clothes again. I have never consumed very much bread so do not think that is the reason. Is there any hope of getting rid of these or at least some of them naturally?
Replied by Pam
Chicago, Il Usa
Eileen, I wish you well in your search for a cure, or at least a successful removal therapy for your cherry angiomas. I also have several from head to toe. (Maybe 100 at the most) I have had them for as long as I remember, though I seem to have more popping up now that I am getting older (40's).

I plan to start trying ACV or an OTC wart remover on some of the angiomas on my torso, if it's successful I will then see about treating the ones on my face. Good Luck!

Replied by Resilience
Cottonwood, Ca
According to Dr Brownstein, Bromine is found in many food items such as bakery products, some sodas, some sports drinks, many prescription items, fire-retardant chemicals added to furniture, carpets, etc. And sprayed on crops as a fumigant.
Replied by Sandy
Silicon Valley, California, Usa
Consider that estrogen-mimicking and endocrine-disrupting chemicals have been implicated in the formation of angiomas. A good detox and some lymphatic-cleanse tea, combined with avoiding soy and other estrogen-mimicking compounds, and BPA and other endocrine disruptors, and you may never have to worry about angiomas again (not to mention a host of other maladies).
Replied by Renee
Melbourne, AU
The bromine poisoning thing sounds great, but I have major reservations because I have lived a very "organic" lifestyle for the past 7 years. I've done heavy metal detoxes for months and fasting for a month, I don't ever have any bread (due to gluten sensitivity), never have sodas or soft drinks, I only use organic makeup etc, never have soy, removed any cleaning agents that might have endocrine disruptors, use biodynamic and organic practices in the garden - the only thing I haven't totally got rid of is all my furniture and I still get them in abundance, so either the small amount of furniture I have left is poisoning me majorly (more than most) or there are other causes/factors involved with cherry angiomas.
Replied by Midaisy
Last week we were at a vacation resort. The hot tube had a sign outside that said the water was sanitized with bromine. Seems to be in a lot of places we don't suspect.
Replied by Simone
Fort Lauderdale, Fl
I started having cherry angiomas at the same time I became intolerant to gluten. I removed the gluten and they stopped. Now, I have them every time I eat sugar, like chocolate for example. I will try ACV though!
Replied by Todavy
I'm 41 years old, normal weight, rarely takes medicine (just some acne medicine in the high school and a few courses of antibiotics during a recurrent quinsy (refused to remove the tonsils though). I have had hormonal problems (hot flashes, acne, difficult to sleep, headache) since high school and though the acne is much better now (because of vitamin/mineral/omega3 supplements strengthen the immune system) the rest of the symptoms have been the same or getting worse during the years. I've been exposed to stress all my life since bullying in school, to other reasons now.

For 3-5 years ago I had a stressful period with an outbreak of hundreds of small Cherry Angiomas mainly on the stomach, upper arms and a few on the scalp and face. It seemed that most of them turned up in just a few days! The doctor said it was nothing to worry about, but I was terrified, how was I going to look like if they would keep coming in the same rate!!! So, intense research led me quickly to the site: which clearly states that research conducted by Drs. A. D. Cohena, E. Cagnanob, and D. A. Vardya concludes that CHERRY ANGIOMAS ARE CAUSED BY BROMINE POISONING. Actually they are a way for the body to get rid of the poison by creating new blood vessels that will transport the bromide out to the skins surface.

Though they seem to be difficult to remove naturally, the key is body detoxification. Use iodine, Epsom Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar and Tee Tree Oil for example (See also I suspect my bromine source was a long time exposure to brominated flame retardants from computers, combined with long time of sitting still at work plus mental stress. I would be happy to know how the hormonal piece fits the puzzle because I suspect it has something important to do with this (other people here talk about associated hormonal problems).

So I put all computers and electronics in a fan-ventilated wardrobe, I bought a BlueAir air purifyer, Microspiral-based water cleaner, changed to fluorfree toothpaste started taking lots of iodine in the form of kelp tablets from Great Earth (225 microgram about 5-10 daily I don't remember exactly) and drinking lots of water to help the detox process. I can also recommend MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) but I dont think I had it then.

After just a week the angiomas stopped coming! The magic bullet is: REMOVE ALL TOXINS FROM YOUR ENVIRONMENT (medicine, water, air, food etc). Keep ventilated 24 hours a day. Detox, detox, detox! Water water water!

They have never disappeared from my skin (I guess blood vessels are blood vessels), but look a little more dark in color nowdays. A skin clinic told me it was standard procedure to remove cherry angiomas with a freezing technique, without any scars. One treatment for about $200 could remove a hundred of them. I havn't tried it yet though but it feels good to now.

I would like some persons here to contact me to start a new active site/blog to get to the bottom with the cherry angioma syndrome. We have to make people participate in advanced polls so we can find all pieces in this puzzle. Anyone that feels dedicated to this task is welcome to contact me at todavy (at)

Cherry Angiomas and Bromine Poisoning  

Posted by David (British Columbia, Canada) on 09/10/2013

Cherry Angiomas are caused by BROMINE poisoning.

Bromine is found in:

  • Soft drinks (including Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Sun Drop, Squirt, Fresca and other citrus-flavored sodas), in the form of brominated vegetable oils (BVOs)
  • Bakery goods and some flours often contain a “dough conditioner” called potassium bromate
  • Pesticides (specifically methyl bromide, used mainly on strawberries, predominantly in California)
  • Medications such as Atrovent Inhaler, Atrovent Nasal Spray, Pro-Banthine (for ulcers), and anaesthesia agents
  • Bromine-based hot tub and swimming pool treatments
  • Fire retardants (common one is polybromo diphenyl ethers or PBDEs) used in fabrics, carpets, upholstery, and mattresses
  • Plastics, like those used to make computers

When you ingest or absorb bromine, it displaces iodine, and this iodine deficiency leads to an increased risk for cancer of the breast, thyroid gland, ovary and prostate — cancers that we see at alarmingly high rates today. This phenomenon is significant enough to have been given its own name — the Bromide Dominance Theory.

Aside from its effects on your endocrine glands, bromine is toxic in and of itself. Bromide builds up in your central nervous system and results in many problems. It is a central nervous system depressant and can trigger a number of psychological symptoms such as acute paranoia and other psychotic symptoms.

Please read up on Bromine Poisoning, it can save your life.

Duct Tape  
1 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by Betty (Dunlap, Illinois) on 09/30/2013

[YEA]  I discovered a very painful small cherry angioma with a small stalk on my torso two days ago. Previously I had had some success treating sebborheic keratoses by using duct tape to cover them. After several days, some keratoses came off on the duct tape in a marvelous way; some did not. (Some use this same remedy for warts.)

I covered the angioma with duct tape. Today, two days later, I examined the site, discovered a soft blackened mass which just painlessly came off. I am delighted because the angioma was very painful when touched.

11 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 04/21/2011

[YEA]  I found a solution for cherry angiomas without even noticing. Quite a while ago I decided to freeze a little wart I had on my arm with a over the counter device. Because I had a cherry angioma near to it which irritated me I froze it as well. The wart never really went away although I burned badly around it and the spot became light brown but I forgot all about the cherry angioma because it disappeared. Only recently did I think about it again, so it worked. Normally I wait for many to appear, go to the dermatologist and have them lasered, not very expensive here but this way I can treat each one when they start to show more. I have thousand little ones all over my body but most take years to develop.

Replied by Tracey
Gainesville, Fl
Please explain what you mean by "froze" & with what "device" are you talking about. Is it available in the US? I'm glad you found a cure, but others would like to cure there problem as well and if you could be more informative as to "how" you cured it that would be helpful.
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Sorry Tracy, I thought that everybody knew the stuff you buy in the pharmacy nowadays to freeze warts with. Whether it is available everywhere I don't know, I think you can buy it all over Europe. It is a tube with some freezing stuff inside. Actually not too different from what the doctor does when he freezes warts. Then there is a bit of sponge you attach to the end, when you press it it gets impregnated with that stuff, you take it out and apply it on the warts.

Sorry if I can't be more technical but English is not my mother tongue! Maybe someone who knows what it is can explain this to you..... As I have a few more cherry angiomas I might buy more soon. You can use it quite a few times as it brings many of the sponge applyers. It is not really expensive. You have special ones for plantar warts as well. I find they never worked well for my warts because mine are very flat. Actually the lady at the pharmacy told me exactly that. If you have those that stick out it seems to work quite well. I also find that it is not as strong as the stuff the doctor use. There is also a liquid you can apply and which could maybe work for the cherry angiomas as well but so far I have never tried.

Replied by Kelly
Cambridge, Ma
Tracy - It's called 'Wart Freeze'. (It's a Dr. S's product. ) You'll find it easily in the foot care aisle of any of the big pharmacy stores.
Replied by Robert
Bruxelles, Belgium
Francisca: could you please tell us what the exact product is called that you used? I live in Belgium and think I could also buy it here in the pharmacy if I know the exact name that it is sold by here in Europe (I assume you live in France). Thanks! Robert
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Hi Robert, yes, I live in France. I don't have the product anymore but if you go to the pharmacy and explain what is all about I am sure they will get you the right stuff. Here in France it is available everywhere. There one for normal warts and one for plantar warts but they are basically the same thing. I had two bottles but I threw them away when they finished. I am thinking of buying it again soon as I have a couple more cherry angiomas and when I do I will post the name here. Annoying stuff the cherry angiomas.... Before that I used to go to the dermatologist once in a while to have them lasered, which works quite well but this is more practical.
Replied by Firekitty
Hartford, Ct, Usa
Did the cherry angioma bleed a lot when you used this freezing method? I only ask because I have read that trying to remove these on your own can cause a lot of bleeding and pain. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to have it surgically removed so home remedies is my only option.
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Hi, no the angioma didn't bleed at all, it was just like freezing a wart. Actually I read here awhile ago that warts are frozen with liquid nitrogen, I think that this is what I bought in the pharmacy. The pain was the same as freezing a wart. As soon as I buy the stuff again I will post here the name and what is in it but names vary from country to country. If you explain in the pharmacy that it is something to freeze the warts they will know what it is.
Replied by Muriel
Charlotte, Nc, Usa
I'm going to try Francisca's solution and will post the result. I'm also living in the US and I saw a dermatologist yesterday. Removing this is "cosmetic", so not covered by the insurance. I have 1 of these on the nose and would really like to get rid of it. The quote from the dermatologist was 150$! Just for that one!! I cannot believe this, so I'm going to try and freeze another one I have on my leg, and if it works, I'll do the same on the nose...
Replied by Rick
Key West, Florida
The wart remover is carbon dioxide packaged in a convenient container. Has nice applicators. Be careful though if you leave it on too long it will scar your skin. It will burn a liitle bit but only do it once. Wait about a week and see what comes of it.
Replied by Simon
Duendin, New Zealand
I to have been searching for a remedy for this skin issue. I bought some of the freezing solution to attempt this and hopefully rid me of the largest one which is a bit unsightly on my chest. Here is a link {EC: link removed] to the manufacturer's website with the product that people are discussing, and the product I have purchased.

I will update any progress I have on here as I hope we can find something that works! At this point in time I have just applied the product and I felt nothing initially, then a slight sensation of burning that I would describe as very minor. I also advise applying a protective jelly (Vaseline) around the cherry angioma to protect the skin you don't want treated.

Updates soon, good luck people!

General Feedback  

Posted by Dorch (New Braunfels, Tx Comal ) on 08/16/2012

I have had angiomas for over 40 years, and have been watching to see what was making them increase, by what I ate or drank. For me, it was wine, red or white. I think the sodium nitrates in deli meats also encourage them to surface. My angiomas are mostly tiny or small and well spaced on torso and lower legs. I also see they will pop out with the enhancements (vitamins)on cereal boxes. I only eat hot oatmeal now.

I haven't tried any treatments yet, but I believe the ACV may be a good start.

Replied by Gary Sellars
Cherry angiomas are caused by bromine poisoning, as one person mentioned, which also causes a problem with assimilating iodine, so you might consider supplementing with an appropriate form of iodine. I'm not claiming there are not other causes, but this seems to be the major cause. I know Swanson Vitamin Co. has some really impressive reviews on their iodine supplements. They were very surprising to me when I read them because, like most people, I naively believed the claim that we get enough iodine and until I searched for what I had (I didn't know that it was called a cherry angioma or what caused it). I didn't realize until I read about the cause, that I knew immediately what caused it. I used to drink Mountain Dew, which had brominated vegetable oil in it and I loved bread and grew up on "enriched white flour." Bromine is added to bread and a number of sodas. Beware and do an Internet search. (Thank God for the Internet! )

Heating Paper Clips  

Posted by Gina R. (London) on 06/05/2015

[WARNING!]  Hi All, I tried the You-tube video where you heat a paper clip and pop them with short little tapping motions on the cherry angiomas. Looked so good I tried it on around 10 on the top of my thighs ranging from small to large 3-4mm ones. The small ones seemed to turn white straight away, so I thought great and continued with them all. The following two days my spots were much larger, swollen and darker, hoped this meant they would eventually scab over, fall off and disappear. 5 days down the line I am scared that I may have made things worse, ones that weren't so small are now double in size and show no evidence of scabbing over at all, they just look like much larger cherry angiomas. A few of the smaller ones have gone really dark almost black in colour and seem to have scabbed over a little, one actually bled a little this morning when part of the scab came off. I am hoping these ones will go after the scab drops off but I am not hopeful considering the larger ones are even larger. - Not happy - try at your peril.

Going to try Apple Cider Vinegar next to see if I get any joy, will keep you posted.

I have so many big and small mainly over my torso and chest, but now on my legs - they are so unsightly. Had two burnt off at the doctors for free as they were causing health problems as they were in my armpit, took ages to heal but now just a small scar where they were, so going to try the doctors again but pay for it this time.

Replied by Sam
[YEA]   I and my sister used a needle. Worked like magic on small and medum size angiomas. Give few days to heal.
Replied by Gina Roberts
London - Uk
Thanks for your reply Sam, a couple of the scabbed over smaller ones have had no change, scab came off and cherry angioma exactly the same underneath. Am now trying Apple Cider Vinegar which seems to be working at the moment. A larger sticking out cherry angioma on the inside of my thigh had no change once the scab fell off from burning and it bled a little, so I applied the ACV and it went black and dried up almost immediately. Waiting for the scab to finally come off to see if it has worked, but it has definitely flattened out so worked in one way :-)
Replied by Nina H.
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   Hi-- I removed a lot of cherry angiomas on my torso about 3 weeks ago with the hot paperclip. The angiomas seem to be gone, however I have red scar like marks now that might be worse than the angiomas! Most of them scabbed over, some still have scabs and I have been trying to treat these with all sorts of natural and store bought products. I have used vitamin E, aloe, shea butter, cocoa butter, calamine lotion (which is soothing and covers them so they don't look so red), and today I bought Cicatricure gel which is supposed to reduce the scars. We'll see. I am not happy with these results and just hope that these red scars will fade with time. I really didn't see many warnings or discussion about the aftermath of using the hot paperclip...Has anyone else had this result? Have the scars gotten better over time?

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Posted by Renee (Bergen Co., Nj) on 03/26/2013

[YEA]  I read several comments here associating bromine toxicity with cherry angiomas and suggesting the use of iodine to resolve. My husband used to have LOTS of cherry angiomas on his chest and back. He started taking 6.25mg of iodoral/day at least six months ago, and I just checked and now he only about 5 total. Iodoral comes in 12.5mg tablets and he splits them in half (they are scored). Order online. It is a great supplement that I won't go without, as it helps detoxify bromine (bread, flour); fluoride (water, toothpaste); and chlorine (water); and it protects against breast & testicular cancer and thyroid issues. You may want to start taking iodine drops, measured in micrograms, and over several months increase the dosage gradually to prevent any detox effects (or skip days at first). I've had no side effects of any kind, taking up to 50 mg/day, personally.

Replied by Jasmin
New Delhi, India
I have many of these and are increasing. I get conscious of these spots and feeling stressed now. Please suggest what shall I try - ACV or iodine tablets.

Also from where can I get these iodine tablets. Please help me out. Thank You in advance!

Laser Vs. Surgery  

Posted by Mrtx77 (Brooklyn, Ny.) on 05/16/2011

A tiny cherry angioma appeared on my forehead, in 2007. I pretty much left it alone for a year or so. A few years ago I decided to poke it with a needle. It bled profusely, but eventually became flat. I went two years leaving it untouched. Most of the time I'd forget it was there. Often I would cover it up with makeup when I was filming.

This past December I went to the Dermatologist to have some moles removed. I figured, while I was there since I had some extra money, I would have him zap the cherry angioma off with a laser. After, my forehead was horribly bruised and the angioma turned black. I had to keep it covered with a bandaid if I went in public, which always caught attention ha. It took about two weeks for the bruise to fade away. But the angioma did not. It became bigger and dome shaped. Now I had to worry about covering it up for auditions and camera tests. But no makeup can really hide it, because it's raised. It's quite awful. It looks like a big zit.

I decided to return to the Dermatologist to have him laser it again. He zapped it twice that time. The same results followed. So now, almost $1000 later, I am experimenting with a $4 bottle of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar). This is my third day applying it to the angioma. I forgot to add Vaseline around the angioma the first time I applied it, so now the skin around the angioma is burnt and looks awful. Generally, I started out by taking a small piece of cotton from a cotton ball, soaking it in ACV, and bandaging it over the spot. I did this two days. Now I'm just applying it on with a q tip whenever I feel like it. It's too early to know if it will work.

I am scheduling an appointment at the end of the week to have it cut off, if the ACV doesn't show signs of working soon. I'll keep you posted. In hindsight, I would have never had the doctor laser it. It only turned something I never really thought about into a huge problem. Which is only really an issue because I'm an actor and it's on my face Anyway, it's a nightmare! Wish me luck.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
I wish you lots of luck. I have to say that I have never had a bad experience with having my cherry angiomas burned with lase. I have had three on my forehead as well but I have them all over my body. A while ago I posted here about a little success I had treating one myself with something you use to freeze warts. I haven't bought the stuff again in order to see the name but I suppose they come with different names. Anyway, any pharmacy will know it, a metal tube with some chemicals inside, you apply a little sponge on the top which gets drenched with the chemicals, apply it on the wart or in this case the cherry angioma and let it burn for a few seconds. Mine disappeared and I actually only noticed months later when I remembered that I used to have one near my wrist. I forgot all about it. I know have a bigger one on my back and I intend to try the same thing again as I have no reason right now to go to the dermatologist (here you don't pay extra if you go there for something else and he lasers the cherry angiomas as well).

Multiple Remedies  
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Posted by Erin (Tacoma, Wa) on 01/14/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Cherry Angiomas

I started developing these in my teens - just a few here and there. In my 30's, they have taken over most of my body, and are slowly working their way onto my neck and probably eventually onto my face. Some are more than a millimeter or two; most are pinpricks but their sheer volume makes them easily visible. I hate them so I launched a crusade to figure out my options, and here is what I found:

First of all, cherry angiomas are not to be confused with petechiae, which can be quite similar looking skin spots but petechiae will fade momentarily if lightly scraped with a fingernail. Petechiae are often associated with injury or a long list of pretty bad illness. The only reason I bring it up here is because for about 2 months, I did not know this tell-tale difference between petechiae and cherry angiomas, and I of course convinced myself that I was indeed dying of some horrible disease. I went to my doctor and he said I definitely have cherry angiomas/

Cherry angiomas generally appear in individuals around 40 years of age, but I have read first-hand accounts from lots of different age groups and ranging in severity. Western medicine regards these as hereditary and benign. Alternative medicine believes that they are indicative of toxicity* - either emotional or physical or both. Systemic toxicity diagnosis and therapy can slow or stop the appearance of the spots, but the closest thing I have so far found to a "cure" is Rich from Boca Raton on this website. It seems that once the spots are present, they can only reliably be diminished by expensive medical procedure (last year I was quoted $100 for approximately 30 spots). And even then, they "will probably come back" according to the laser dermatologist I saw.

Alternative therapy results seem to be highly individualized. I saw a definitive slowing of spot appearance with acupuncture, dietary change, and prescribed vitamins and enzymes. I have a yeast problem and was a moderate drinker for many years, and took a few different prescribed medications starting in 2001 (can anyone say "toxicity"?). Incidentally, it was during the time that we were experimenting with meds that I noticed an influx of spots although at the time I did not connect the two. (I have since discovered holistic diet and alternative therapy and am proud to report I am better now than I have ever been!)

Anyhow, I hope this helps!

*toxicity - one recurring specific I found was high estrogen levels, either naturally occurring or while on the pill.

Replied by Erin
Tacoma, Wa
An update: I have been seeing a homeopath who seems to think that it will take a while, but the spots may eventually go away with the treatment I am on. Watching and waiting!
Replied by Suzanne
Alexandria, Va
Erin from Tacoma - I am curious about your progress. Is your treatment helping? If so, I would love to hear more about it. Is it related to high toxicity? Or liver/kidney? Thank you!
Replied by Kate
Alberta, Canada
Petechiae will not blanch when pressed (or 'scraped' by a fingernail).

Pricked With a Needle  
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Posted by Kourtney (Fair Oaks, California) on 12/19/2015

[NAY]  Pricking Cherry Angioma with a needle did not work. Just bleed a ton and then went back to its normal self.