Apple Cider Vinegar for Cherry Angioma

| Modified on Aug 22, 2020

Apple cider vinegar can be used to treat cherry angiomas naturally. Apple cider vinegar is effective for a number of skin problems and complaints. When you use apple cider vinegar for your health, you should choose raw and organic apple cider vinegar.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Remove Cherry Angiomas

First you will want to protect skin that is not affected by the angiomas. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter etc. to coat skin around the angiomas before applying apple cider vinegar.

Ideally you will treat the cherry angiomas twice a day. You can use a q-tip or cotton ball to apply the apple cider vinegar. If you use a q-tip, you may be able to avoid contact with healthy skin. If so, you can skip applying a barrier oil around the angiomas before treating them.

With the apple cider vinegar treatment, the angiomas may dry out, turn black and eventually fall off. Do not pick them off prematurely, as this will increase your risk of infection.  Because the angiomas may look worse before they look better, if the agiomas are on your face or other noticeable area, you may wish to do this treatment during a break from school or work, or at least, not right before a special occasion.

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Posted by S (Pdx) on 10/05/2019

I just did a one day test with some of the most often recommended natural solutions: tea tree oil, clay, castor oil, iodine and acv. I covered them with bandaids except the clay. I have several tiny cherry angiomas on my arms. The only sample to noticeably change after a few hours was the acv!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Nik (Sydney) on 01/16/2017

Brilliant! I've always had a small Angioma on my chest which got a lot bigger during pregnancy and would often bleed. It ended up being larger that tip of a cotton bud. I had gone to doctors to get it checked out and she confirmed just an Angioma, but she wasn't really sure how to go about removing it without excessive bleeding or scarring! I put up with it for a couple of years, never wearing low cut or strapless tops as it was very noticeable and impossible to cover with concealer! A few weeks ago I came across the apple cider remedy and thought I'd give it ago.

I pricked it with a needle and applied apple cider vinegar with a cotton bud for around 15 minutes 3 times a day. The Angioma started turning black and dry looking after 3 days then by 1 week the whole thing was black and starting to lift up at the sides! By day 10 the scab fell off revealing a small patch of flat red irritated looking skin. No more Angioma!

I've been using coconut oil on scar everyday and it's practically gone! Amazing, I should of done this years ago!

I did spill the apple cider vinegar onto the surrounding skin which made it a bit burnt and irritated but that went away after a few days! I'm glad I persisted with this treatment as I was worried when it started to turn really black and scabby and wanted to stop the treatment.

This really works and I'm so happy to feel less self conscious and able to wear strappy tops and swimmers again!

Replied by Patti
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Thank you for your encouraging news about healing your cherry angioma the natural way. I'm in the same boat, except my angioma is raised. It's diameter is probably no larger than that of a clear push pin, it's raised off the forehead, about 3/4-1mm. It's located above my left eye on my forehead. I've always had bangs to cover it up. I cut my bags and knicked it, it bled. It was now an open wound just starting to scar. I began reading about home treatments and came across this site. I thought, let's give this a try. I have, doing the application now for about four days. It feels like it's getting smaller, it's starting to darken on the side where I knicked it. It's a darker red now. What more can I expect. Is this really going to eventually die and fall out with raw apple cider vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kirsten (London ) on 10/01/2016

I recently started getting brown spots on my trunk and one was raised and particularly big, about 4 mm across like a brown wart. I was not sure whether these were really cherry and angiomas as they were brown and not red but decided to try the apple cider vinegar anyway. Each night before bed I took a small piece of cotton wool, soaked it in apple cider vinegar and placed it over my wart holding it in place with a sticking plaster. Within 3 nights the wart/angioma had gone hard and crusty and darker in colour and within one week it just fell off! I now have pink skin underneath which is still healing but looks a lot better. I did not apply during the day.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cherry (Saskatchewan, Canada) on 12/30/2015

I tried the apple cider vinegar remedy for a 2mm Cherry angioma on my right cheek. It removed the angioma and is still healing, I am waiting to see if any scar is left behind (I am using bio oil daily).

A couple of things I would do differently if I had to do this again is to try in every way possible to make sure the ACV is only applied to the angioma. At the beginning, I was just using a makeup cotton pad under a bandaid and it was touching unaffected skin and it damaged it. What I ended up doing is using petroleum jelly to protect good skin, and also cutting a small piece of cotton pad that was soaked in ACV applying it to the angioma (only the angioma not touching any other skin) and then putting a bandaid over that to keep it in place.

Other than that, the other comments are accurate to what happens: angioma turns black, dries, scabs, scab falls off, it starts healing.

I don't know how people applied Apple cider vinegar for a whole day. I did the 20-30 min. Once or twice a day for a week (pricked the angioma with a sterilized pin on the first application). By the end of the week there was a slight stinging sensation but I'm not sure if that was the angioma or if it was the good skin that I had damaged.

I will try to post whether or not a scar was left behind since not too many posts have a follow up on that.

I'm not saying that people should try this, I just wanted to give an account of my experience.

Replied by Whatisthekalergiplan

Just want to let anyone reading this know that Bio Oil has a high (bad) rating for harmful ingredients, as seen on EWG's Skin Deep:

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Georgina (Spain) on 01/05/2015

I wish to thank everyone in this site. I had an angioma growing on my thumb for the last 3 months and was told that it would not dissapear on its own and had to be surgically removed. There was a month and a half waiting list for this operation, so I thought I can not wait around doing nothing as it was a lump the size of two peas, red and painful. Thank you for this site and the use of ecological apple vineger. I went out and immediately bought a bottle. I would protect the good skin with paper band aid and then cover in a generous layer of vaseline so when I applied the cotton soaked in ACV I got no burnt marks on the good skin. I would then cover in plastic cling film as the smell was not one I appreciated and it kept the ACV where it should be and not all over the bed covers. The angioma started to turn black from the first overnight application. At the beginning I only applied overnight but 3 days ago I decided to speed things up and had the ACV on 24 hours a day changing the covers 3 times a day. It turned completely black and started to shrink at record speed and fell off completely yesturday. I was so thrilled, I could not believe it. Now I have a little crater where it was that has new skin underneath and healing. Thank you, you have saved me from an operation that does not guarantee success with all the complications that could have derived from having the thumb cut open to remove it.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lisa (Sweden) on 10/15/2014

Cherry Angioma:

I'm amazed - the ACV actually works. I've had a red bump on my chin for years which I hated and been thinking about getting rid of it with laser. But then I read about using ACV and thought I may as well try - was a bit skeptical because I thought I would've heard about it before. I pricked it slightly with a pin and held an ACV soaked cotton ball on top on and off for like half a day. It turned white, then dark red (thought it didn't work), then black. In the evening it was just a small black scab, and not raised anymore. This was Sunday - on Tuesday evening the scab started peeling slightly and I know I should've left it but I was too impatient and peeled it off. It didn't bleed, and the area is red and irritated but there's no sign of a bump anymore. At least for now, it seems to have worked! It looks bad now because I must have held the ACV on top of normal skin too and that left some "burns", but that will go away soon enough. Remains to be seen if the effect lasts, but for now - wow!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rach J (Haldimand, Ontario) on 06/30/2013

I had a big break out of cherry angiomas over this past year, and then when I became pregnant I broke out in hundreds (if not thousands! ) I researched remedies and decided to try the apple cider vinegar.

So day by day, I would take a clean pin and prick the surface of the skin open. Then pour ACV over them with a clear make up pad. Many of them dried up! The larger ones however never did... but considering how many I had I am happy I got the ones that were visible on my arms off.

It did take about two weeks of doing it daily to see them disappear.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sarah (Washington, Dc, Usa) on 06/24/2013

I'm going into gross detail, but this post is for those dealing with the large cherry angioma:

Thanks to my dad's side of the family, I am prone to developing cherry angioma. Among the many tiny tiny red dots that only I notice, there are two large ones on my chest the size of peppercorns. They have been there for about fifteen years. My father has the exact same sized cherry angiomas in the exact same places. It's pretty nuts. I've done my best to ignore them, but I'd be happier if they were gone.

Anywho, I started the pricking/ACV regimen about a week ago. I'll prick the angioma a couple times in different spots, wait until it bleeds, take a cotton ball soaked in ACV and use a bandaid to keep the cotton ball in contact with the angioma. I'll wear it as long as possible, most of the time overnight.

The slightly smaller of the two has turned completely black, and the edges have pulled away, revealing pink clear skin underneath. One more treatment, and I'm positive it'll fall off.

The larger one is fighting the treatment, but it's getting there. I prick the large one every time I put the ACV on (the smaller one only needed to be pricked one or two times). The center has finally turned black, with a white ring around it, but the edges in contact with the skin are still red. Fingers crossed this one dies off too.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Iansko (Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland) on 08/27/2012

I studied the videos on youtube removing moles with ACV and I decided to try it on a large cherry Angiomas on my leg (I was unsure about doing this until I came upon this page..!! ) I'm soo happy, the top part of the angiomas has turned black when I checked it this morning. This is my 3rd day of soaking cotton wool in ACV and applying on to the area with a sticking plaster, some of the videos on youtube take up to 10 days for the mole to fall of.... I don't care.... It's working...!!! Yippeeeee...!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Heather (Bellingham, Ma) on 08/07/2012

I have been testing this on one on a cherry angioma on my leg. I have been using ACV. It turned black and fell off. It seems a bit inflamed so I'll put some cortisone on for a few days.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Haarp (N/a, England) on 02/25/2012

My experience using ACV on Cherry Angiomas has been quite good. It's gotten rid of one entirely however there are others it just won't remove. It's strange how it works so well on one but not the other.

I decided to try and remove a Wart using ACV, it worked amazingly well and it has gone completely.

I love ACV and will keep trying on the other Angiomas.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Joanna (Buffalo, New York) on 09/07/2011

During pregnancy I developed cherry angiomas on chest, stomach and face. An especially large one appeared on my chest about 2 inches below my left collar bone about 3mm in diameter. I scratched the angioma open several times and each time it got bigger and bigger and never healed. For 3 weeks I tried to dry out the angioma by applying rubbing alcohol several times a day, neosporin, and salicylic acid. There was no change to the size of this unsightly eruption on my chest.

The last time it bled I decided to apply ACV via Q-tip to the angioma and hold it there for 10 mins. I continued to apply ACV twice a day for 5 to 10 minutes for 4 days. The bloody angioma turned black and appeared to dry up. The black, dried blood scab fell off and underneath I found new pink skin with no sign of a cherry red angioma at all. To aid in healing I continued to rub Bio Oil 4 times a day on the healing skin to prevent scaring. The healing is remarkable and I am confident there will be no scar left behind. TRY THIS, IT WORKS!!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Elizabeth (Indianapolis, In) on 02/20/2010

I have a tendency to develop cherry angiomas during pregnancy. I had one surgically removed years ago & have a horrible scar as a result. My latest small cherry angioma was on my inner thigh. It was raised up off my skin almost like a skin tag & got aggravated every time it got bumped. I was always worried it would bleed a lot. I read somewhere that cherry angiomas are like red moles that can be tied into blood vessels. Mine clearly appeared to be part of a blood vessel. I decided to try apple cider vinegar since it has been a miracle in removing moles for me. It took about 2 weeks of constantly being soaked in ACV but it finally turned black & fell off! Yeah! It was quite painful but no more so than the pain I suffered whenever it got irritated. I wasn't sure what to expect but it worked like a champ. The skin underneath is still red but if it heals like my moles have in the past, it will be virtually undetectable in a matter of a couple of months. I hope this helps!

Replied by Gilly
(Colchester, Essex Uk)

Hi, In the UK I have read they treat the cherry angiomas with electrolysis but the therapist must be advanced. Look on Utube.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi, I had cherry angiomas removed here in France and in Portugal by what I believe is laser. The dermatologists put my hand on a piece of metal and then proceeded to burn the angiomas. I could smell the burnt flesh.... It doesn't hurt more than a wasp bite and they heal quickly. I tend to get them all over so every few years I have been visiting the dermatologist.

Still last year I tried to get rid of one with a cryo stuff you use to get rid of warts and it worked as well. I have just been to the pharmacy to buy one again so that I can post the name here as I promised but they had something else with a gel which I want to try just the one I bought doesn't seem to have anything inside. I am going to exchange it today and will start using it. In case it works I will post here the name. In case it doesn't I will go back for the freezing stuff and post here the name too.

Replied by Val
(Seattle, Wa)

I have a cherry angioma on my chest that I would like to try to remove using ACV. Is it necessary to prick it open before soaking it in ACV? Furthermore, if opening it is necessary, should I do that every day before I soak the area with ACV? Thanks so much for your time and input!

Replied by Joanna
(Buffalo, Ny)

Hi Val, Yes, I prick the angioma open for the initial ACV treatment. However, I do not prick it open for follow up treatments. I find that when the angioma/scab turns black in color, I am my way to a dried out red cherry. Hope this is helpful.

Replied by Julia
(Winchester, Hampshire)

I tried the ACV on my angioma (which is under my left eye! ) but nothing happened :( When do you start noticing the blackening? To those of you who have used laser treatment in the UK - how much does it cost? Thanks - Julia