Bromine Link to Cherry Angioma

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Posted by David (British Columbia, Canada) on 09/10/2013

Cherry Angiomas are caused by BROMINE poisoning.

Bromine is found in:

  • Soft drinks (including Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Sun Drop, Squirt, Fresca and other citrus-flavored sodas), in the form of brominated vegetable oils (BVOs)
  • Bakery goods and some flours often contain a “dough conditioner" called potassium bromate
  • Pesticides (specifically methyl bromide, used mainly on strawberries, predominantly in California)
  • Medications such as Atrovent Inhaler, Atrovent Nasal Spray, Pro-Banthine (for ulcers), and anaesthesia agents
  • Bromine-based hot tub and swimming pool treatments
  • Fire retardants (common one is polybromo diphenyl ethers or PBDEs) used in fabrics, carpets, upholstery, and mattresses
  • Plastics, like those used to make computers

When you ingest or absorb bromine, it displaces iodine, and this iodine deficiency leads to an increased risk for cancer of the breast, thyroid gland, ovary and prostate — cancers that we see at alarmingly high rates today. This phenomenon is significant enough to have been given its own name — the Bromide Dominance Theory.

Aside from its effects on your endocrine glands, bromine is toxic in and of itself. Bromide builds up in your central nervous system and results in many problems. It is a central nervous system depressant and can trigger a number of psychological symptoms such as acute paranoia and other psychotic symptoms.

Please read up on Bromine Poisoning, it can save your life.

Remove Excess Bromine
Posted by Dorch (New Braunfels, Tx Comal ) on 08/16/2012

I have had angiomas for over 40 years, and have been watching to see what was making them increase, by what I ate or drank. For me, it was wine, red or white. I think the sodium nitrates in deli meats also encourage them to surface. My angiomas are mostly tiny or small and well spaced on torso and lower legs. I also see they will pop out with the enhancements (vitamins)on cereal boxes. I only eat hot oatmeal now.

I haven't tried any treatments yet, but I believe the ACV may be a good start.

Replied by Gary

Cherry angiomas are caused by bromine poisoning, as one person mentioned, which also causes a problem with assimilating iodine, so you might consider supplementing with an appropriate form of iodine. I'm not claiming there are not other causes, but this seems to be the major cause. I know Swanson Vitamin Co. has some really impressive reviews on their iodine supplements. They were very surprising to me when I read them because, like most people, I naively believed the claim that we get enough iodine and until I searched for what I had (I didn't know that it was called a cherry angioma or what caused it). I didn't realize until I read about the cause, that I knew immediately what caused it. I used to drink Mountain Dew, which had brominated vegetable oil in it and I loved bread and grew up on "enriched white flour." Bromine is added to bread and a number of sodas. Beware and do an Internet search. (Thank God for the Internet! )

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Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 10/17/2011

I have been searching for solutions for cherry angiomas. Quite awhile ago I posted a suggestion here of treating them with cryotherapy which I had bought to treat warts. It did work but only on very small ones, bigger ones are still there after the frozen skin falls off no it is not really a great remedy. Once in awhile I go to the dermatologist and he lasers them. Although this method makes them disappear it doesn't cure the problem.

In the meanwhile I am in contact with a natural practician in England who called my attention to cherry angiomas and bromine poison. Could this the real cause of cherry angiomas? It sounds plausible.... In any case I do suffer from dry mouth with a metal taste, I had sinuses problems for quite a while (which now are gone), my eyelids occasionally twitch, I have aching hips, etc.

Maybe this helps us find some simple cure while at the same time helping our health because toxicity of any kind is never good! In the meanwhile I am going to the dermatologist one more time because we are moving to Switzerland soon and I prefer to have it done here. Still I will go on trying whatever I can, right now it will probably be Vitamin C and Iodine. I do use Nigari in my bath occasionally but it is too expensive to use too often. Still, maybe I could make a bit of Magensium oil using Nigari and water in order to apply to one or two angiomas and see what happens!

Replied by Resilience
(Cottonwood, Ca)

According to Dr Brownstein, Bromine is found in many food items such as bakery products, some sodas, some sports drinks, many prescription items, fire-retardant chemicals added to furniture, carpets, etc. And sprayed on crops as a fumigant.

Replied by Sandy
(Silicon Valley, California, Usa)

Consider that estrogen-mimicking and endocrine-disrupting chemicals have been implicated in the formation of angiomas. A good detox and some lymphatic-cleanse tea, combined with avoiding soy and other estrogen-mimicking compounds, and BPA and other endocrine disruptors, and you may never have to worry about angiomas again (not to mention a host of other maladies).

Replied by Renee
(Melbourne, AU)

The bromine poisoning thing sounds great, but I have major reservations because I have lived a very "organic" lifestyle for the past 7 years. I've done heavy metal detoxes for months and fasting for a month, I don't ever have any bread (due to gluten sensitivity), never have sodas or soft drinks, I only use organic makeup etc, never have soy, removed any cleaning agents that might have endocrine disruptors, use biodynamic and organic practices in the garden - the only thing I haven't totally got rid of is all my furniture and I still get them in abundance, so either the small amount of furniture I have left is poisoning me majorly (more than most) or there are other causes/factors involved with cherry angiomas.

Replied by Midaisy

Last week we were at a vacation resort. The hot tube had a sign outside that said the water was sanitized with bromine. Seems to be in a lot of places we don't suspect.

Replied by Simone
(Fort Lauderdale, Fl)

I started having cherry angiomas at the same time I became intolerant to gluten. I removed the gluten and they stopped. Now, I have them every time I eat sugar, like chocolate for example. I will try ACV though!

Replied by Todavy

I'm 41 years old, normal weight, rarely takes medicine (just some acne medicine in the high school and a few courses of antibiotics during a recurrent quinsy (refused to remove the tonsils though). I have had hormonal problems (hot flashes, acne, difficult to sleep, headache) since high school and though the acne is much better now (because of vitamin/mineral/omega3 supplements strengthen the immune system) the rest of the symptoms have been the same or getting worse during the years. I've been exposed to stress all my life since bullying in school, to other reasons now.

For 3-5 years ago I had a stressful period with an outbreak of hundreds of small Cherry Angiomas mainly on the stomach, upper arms and a few on the scalp and face. It seemed that most of them turned up in just a few days! The doctor said it was nothing to worry about, but I was terrified, how was I going to look like if they would keep coming in the same rate!!! So, intense research led me quickly to the site: which clearly states that research conducted by Drs. A. D. Cohena, E. Cagnanob, and D. A. Vardya concludes that CHERRY ANGIOMAS ARE CAUSED BY BROMINE POISONING. Actually they are a way for the body to get rid of the poison by creating new blood vessels that will transport the bromide out to the skins surface.

Though they seem to be difficult to remove naturally, the key is body detoxification. Use iodine, Epsom Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar and Tee Tree Oil for example (See also I suspect my bromine source was a long time exposure to brominated flame retardants from computers, combined with long time of sitting still at work plus mental stress. I would be happy to know how the hormonal piece fits the puzzle because I suspect it has something important to do with this (other people here talk about associated hormonal problems).

So I put all computers and electronics in a fan-ventilated wardrobe, I bought a BlueAir air purifyer, Microspiral-based water cleaner, changed to fluorfree toothpaste started taking lots of iodine in the form of kelp tablets from Great Earth (225 microgram about 5-10 daily I don't remember exactly) and drinking lots of water to help the detox process. I can also recommend MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) but I dont think I had it then.

After just a week the angiomas stopped coming! The magic bullet is: REMOVE ALL TOXINS FROM YOUR ENVIRONMENT (medicine, water, air, food etc). Keep ventilated 24 hours a day. Detox, detox, detox! Water water water!

They have never disappeared from my skin (I guess blood vessels are blood vessels), but look a little more dark in color nowdays. A skin clinic told me it was standard procedure to remove cherry angiomas with a freezing technique, without any scars. One treatment for about $200 could remove a hundred of them. I havnTMt tried it yet though but it feels good to now.

I would like some persons here to contact me to start a new active site/blog to get to the bottom with the cherry angioma syndrome. We have to make people participate in advanced polls so we can find all pieces in this puzzle. Anyone that feels dedicated to this task is welcome to contact me at todavy (at)

Remove Excess Bromine
Posted by Gene (Seattle, Wa) on 10/06/2010

CHERRY ANGIOMAS are from too much bromine in your system. Bromine overtakes Iodine in your system. Try stop eating breads and see the difference. Use celtic salt in warm water to move the Cherry's. Check your body temp when you wake up... It will be low. Gene