Possible Causes of Cherry Angiomas

| Modified on Aug 22, 2020

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Posted by Vincent (Ile De France, France) on 12/30/2011

Hello everybody, I'm Vincent from France.. a 32 years old male with a lot of cherry angiomas on the torso (stomach area, near the umbilicus, on the breasts, arms, etc..).I wear some since a very long time now.

For information, I've tried the freezing method of Francisca too and it's functioning but has leaved a small white scar at the spot where I used to make it..

I'm here to ask you all if you are having frequent long-standing hot baths or hot showers during your life as I've always done during my childhood and until now. Here in Ile de France (40 km north from Paris) is the water largely chlorinated for preservation, and I'm asking myself if this could involved a cherry angiomas apparition. Cause I've got the impression there is a correlation between the lasts hot baths I've taked and the lasts numerous angiomas apparitions...

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt, Us)

That is a very interesting connection that I would never have thought of. I have probably about 3 large cherry angiomas on my head and several tiny ones all over my body. I too love to take hot baths. The only thing is I have well water instead of city water so if my water is chlorinated it would have to be naturally. Not saying it isn't possible but as far as I know my water is fairly hard but does not have a lot of chlorine in it. I have read somewhere that cherry angiomas have something to do with iodine deficiency. I have been supplementing with iodorol for about 6 months now. So far no change with the angiomas but it is still early. If it is an iodine deficiency then the chlorine would make sense since chlorine is a hallogen (just like iodine) who tends to overpower iodine when in over abundance in the body. In my case I have suspected flouride as being the culprit in my iodine deficiency.

Replied by Dolly Mae
(Seattle, Wa)

I have quite a few cherry angiomas.. Have for years, but in the last 6 months several have appeared. I have a Berkey water filter, stand alone system. I have a fluoride filter in my shower and one in my Berkey system too. I love taking hot baths but have not taken a bath, just showers in 6 months... too hot in summer. I've started taking Lugols iodine about 6 months ago. the little red dots keep appearing. I never drink water from the faucet and never swim.. staying well away from the chlorine. The Berkey filters remove the chlorine too. So I just don't understand what's causing it. Perhaps I need to give the iodine more time.

Replied by Nicky

I read somewhere that cherry angiomas are a result of bromine detox. I think you need to make sure that you are taking the co factors necessary with the iodine to prevent them.