Needle for Cherry Angioma

| Modified on Aug 22, 2020

Sometimes, in an effort to get rid of cherry angiomas, a needle is used to pierce the cherry angiomas. Sometimes the needle is heated first. Occasionally a paper clip end is used instead.

A benefit of this home remedy is that it is a free thing to try.

Unfortunately, this method does not work for all cherry angiomas.

Additionally, this method carries risk. Even if the needle and the skin are sterilized first, any time there is a break in the skin, there is a risk of infection.

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Posted by Kourtney (Fair Oaks, California) on 12/19/2015

Pricking Cherry Angioma with a needle did not work. Just bleed a ton and then went back to its normal self.

Posted by Gina R. (London) on 06/05/2015


Hi All, I tried the You-tube video where you heat a paper clip and pop them with short little tapping motions on the cherry angiomas. Looked so good I tried it on around 10 on the top of my thighs ranging from small to large 3-4mm ones. The small ones seemed to turn white straight away, so I thought great and continued with them all. The following two days my spots were much larger, swollen and darker, hoped this meant they would eventually scab over, fall off and disappear. 5 days down the line I am scared that I may have made things worse, ones that weren't so small are now double in size and show no evidence of scabbing over at all, they just look like much larger cherry angiomas. A few of the smaller ones have gone really dark almost black in colour and seem to have scabbed over a little, one actually bled a little this morning when part of the scab came off. I am hoping these ones will go after the scab drops off but I am not hopeful considering the larger ones are even larger. - Not happy - try at your peril.

Going to try Apple Cider Vinegar next to see if I get any joy, will keep you posted.

I have so many big and small mainly over my torso and chest, but now on my legs - they are so unsightly. Had two burnt off at the doctors for free as they were causing health problems as they were in my armpit, took ages to heal but now just a small scar where they were, so going to try the doctors again but pay for it this time.

Replied by Sam

I and my sister used a needle. Worked like magic on small and medum size angiomas. Give few days to heal.

Replied by Gina Roberts
(London - Uk)

Thanks for your reply Sam, a couple of the scabbed over smaller ones have had no change, scab came off and cherry angioma exactly the same underneath. Am now trying Apple Cider Vinegar which seems to be working at the moment. A larger sticking out cherry angioma on the inside of my thigh had no change once the scab fell off from burning and it bled a little, so I applied the ACV and it went black and dried up almost immediately. Waiting for the scab to finally come off to see if it has worked, but it has definitely flattened out so worked in one way :-)

Replied by Nina H.


Hi-- I removed a lot of cherry angiomas on my torso about 3 weeks ago with the hot paperclip. The angiomas seem to be gone, however I have red scar like marks now that might be worse than the angiomas! Most of them scabbed over, some still have scabs and I have been trying to treat these with all sorts of natural and store bought products. I have used vitamin E, aloe, shea butter, cocoa butter, calamine lotion (which is soothing and covers them so they don't look so red), and today I bought Cicatricure gel which is supposed to reduce the scars. We'll see. I am not happy with these results and just hope that these red scars will fade with time. I really didn't see many warnings or discussion about the aftermath of using the hot paperclip...Has anyone else had this result? Have the scars gotten better over time?

Aileen T.

DON'T Touch CALAMINE Lotion! It causes scarring!!! That is why we are now unable to buy it in NZ... Yes it stopped itches, but the worsened scarring it caused was too much of an issue.

Posted by John (London, Uk) on 08/14/2012

I've had some removed by what I think is electro-cauterisation (i. E. The doctor zapping it with a small electric current). Its very expensive however if you want a number done. However, I am thinking a home solution MIGHT be a lot cheaper. I've never soldered before, but how about using an electric needle (there's one on Ebay called a 30W Electric solder iron with needle tip)- applied quickly, it might zap away the spot in the same way??? They're really cheap, like only 5 to buy. I might give it a go, anyone else want to try as well? I've tried injecting Apple Cider vinegar, and burning them with pre-heated needles, and these methods don't work.

Replied by Joshua

Much like your electric toaster runs electricity through resistors to generate heat to toast your bread, an electric soldering iron will deliver heat to the tip, not an electric discharge.

Posted by Bee Sting (Chicago, Il) on 08/23/2010

I am a 52 year old male with a fair number of small and large hemangiomas. Last summer I was stung by a honey bee serendipitously exactly into one of the larger hemangioams (~ 4mm diameter raised papule). Needless to say, the sting was painful. However, the hemangioma changed color from bright red to milky/cloudy. After about a week or so, the hemangioma turned dark and flaked off along with some of the surrounding skin. For a period of a month or so, the skin where hemangioma used to be had some hyperpigmentation, which has since cleared. There is no scar or any other trace of hemangioma left. I plan to repeat this process, - deliberately this time on other hemangioma lesions.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Please, keep us informed. I am a woman of 53 and I have a lot as well, mostly small but they do grow. Once every few years I go to the doctor and have them burned which is quite painful but gets rid of them for a while. I wish there was a way to prevent them as well.... Someone talked here of them being caused by pregnancy (in women, of course) which I believe to be true because I have three children, was pregnant 5 times and I have had them from quite a young age after my children were born.

Replied by Caitlin
(Brooklyn, Ny)

I have a lot of these little guys. I was trying ACV but my boyfriend hates the smell of it so I decided to try to scrape one off with a needle. It went away but I don't think I'd do it again. I'm going to try Francisca's freezing method and go back to ACV. Anyone know anything about Tea Tree Oil?

Replied by Yamahdi
(Edinburgh, Scotland)

I was researching for a home treatment for cherry angiomas and read all of the comments with interest. I noticed that a number of people were using the wart freezing treatment. I saw that you said it hadn't helped your warts. I too had a few warts for a number of years that had resisted this treatment, (carried out by the nurse at my local surgery on at least 4 occasions. )I bought B12 cream (vitacreme) as I thought it might help a few small patches of eczema that had develped on my foot. I started to rub it on the warts (just to see if it would do anything) and they started to disappear. The smaller one is gone and the larger one is flush with the skin and almost imperceptible. I put a little vitacreme on them loads of times a day and rubbed it in well to the wart. Within a week they looked quite different but you have to keep going to get them to go. It was like they were shrivelling up. Might be worth a try if the other stuff still hasn't helped. Certainly less painful than freezing other than having to pay for the Vitacreme! (it didn't help the eczema though...)

Replied by Anon

There's a YouTube video where you put a pin into a cork, heat the bare end of the pin with a lighter, and when it's hot, poke the angioma.

Posted by Helpful Hannah (Ft. Lauderdale, Fl) on 08/03/2010

I have had cherry angiomas on my arm and chest since I was a child. I did prick the one on my chest with a needle and it got bigger as it bled under the skin's surface. I won't try that again. I don't want them bigger!

Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 06/21/2009

I have a yeast problem, and also these Cherry Angiomas. As gum disease is characterized by "pockets", these kind of remind me of that. Empty pockets in the skin filled with blood, that never seem to heal, and eventually get bigger. Two days ago, I pricked a couple of these with a sterilized needle, in hopes to get them to scab up and heal. Unfortunately, it is too soon to post results, but I figured somebody else might get this same idea, and have some interest in this experiment.


6/28/09 Update

Tried the Needle on 3 red spots.

Results: One spot is cured, two look the same as before the experiment.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi Gene, I have had a lot of cherry angiomas since I was quite young. Some years ago I had them removed with laser and again a few last year and this year. I can live with them but it would be better if they went away. My temperature is always quite low, around 36°C while the normal temperature seems to be 37°C. I have heard that this also may mean problems with the thyroid. I have never heard of Bromine but I will check to see what it is. And as far as Celtic sea salt I will have to see if it can be bought here in France. And taking iodine, would that help? I am eating a lot less bread after reading two of Barry Groves books. Thanks for the tips as there is very little about cherry angiomas. I have read quite a few books on health issues but they never mention this and doctors don't know either.

Replied by Msg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Celtic sea salt - sel marin de guerande - is from france. Google "lepaludier".

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Thanks for the information, I had no idea that Celtic salt is sel marin de guerande, which one can quite easily find here in France. What I need to know now is how much to take in order to get rid of the cherry angiomas, could you please tell us that Gene? And why does it work better than other salt or why does salt work at all?

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Gene from Seattle, could you maybe tell us how to use the Celtic salt? I understand that it has to be dissolved in water but how much water to how much salt and does one drink it or rub it on the angiomas? I would love to try it...

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Switzerland)

In the meanwhile, I asked my cousin who also has many angiomas if she takes hot baths but no, she doesn't, she always showers and never with hot water. Our grandfather seems to have had them as well as well as her mother, my mother's sister, so it might be genetic!

As far as the bromide goes I am now going to explore detoxing with iodine but first I have to find some iodine which also contains iodide. Here in Europe they tend to sell only kelp and I don't know whether that would help. I took kelp a while ago but didn't notice much difference. I have other symptoms of low iodine like hair loss, dry skin, puffiness under my eyes, insomnia..... As my angiomas have been lasered now it is the time to try something as it will be easy to see whether they come back or not!

Replied by Lindsey K
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hi all- I recently had my first one pop up right in the middle of my chest. It was raised and bright red. The other night when drying off out of the shower, I scraped it and it bled a bit. I have a product by called "drying lotion" that is a miracle worker for drying up pimples. I decided to try it on the angioma. The next day, it was smaller and darker in color. I have repeated this for three days now and it is currently much smaller and has turned into a black scab. I'm hoping it falls off and clears up. Will update with final results. The product is $17, much cheaper than the doctor and seems to have worked much faster than other remedies posted here. Hope it works for you guys too!

Replied by Haarp
(Uk, Sussex)

It's not water related as in the water you use to wash yourself. It's diet related. I'm pretty sure flour has a lot to do with it and like people mention the Bromine. Not just that but lack of exercise and weight gain. I went for a period of 8 months of eaching nothing but pasta, white rice and chips. No vegetables at all and no excersice. At the end of the 8 months I had loads of these things pop up.

I've used ACV over a period of several days and it got rid of one, I'm going going to prick the ones that didn't disappear with a needle then use ACV with a plaster and see if it can work more effectively.

Replied by Jules

Hi, just found this thread. To anyone who has hundreds, or thousands of these pop up ...have you got any of these symptoms too: burning hands/feet, headaches/migraines, IBS-D -like symptoms, neuropathic pains, vertigo, chronic fatigue, flu-like pains, kidney pains/issues, heart issues such as arrythmias and palpitations, high history of early strokes, kidney disease, heart disease and early deaths....see a Dr about the possibility you might have a genetic disease called Fabry Disease. In Fabry Disease, you get these spots called angiokeratomas...they can often look like cherry angiomas.

Replied by Cherry

Hi! Got some hundred of those, most are smaller then 1 mm. 95% broke out after stressfull period 2011 just during a week, What a shock! Suspects brominated flameretardents from long term computer usage in bad air conditioned room.

So I made a fan ventlilated wardrobe for electronics (fan pushes air OUT ouf house), got an air- (BlueAir) and water purifyer (Microspiral), flourfree toothpaste - all to minimize all exposure to bromine and other halogens (chlorine, flour) , took 5-10 kelp tablets a day (Great Earth) plus detox regime including lots of water, vitamin C, Epsom salt baths, better sleeping habits etc. Now I can also recomend pH raising supplements (bicarbonate, coral calcium) and MSM (detoxifying).

New cherry angiomas stopped coming just after a week! The ones I got are still there, a little darker. A skin clinic told me they are easy and pretty cheap to remove (about $200 for ca 100 dots) with freezing machine without leaving any scar.

YES, I had long time migraine-like-headaches, hot flashes, sleeping disorders, hot feeling, fatigue, palpitations, nightly cold sweats, palpitaion (low BP though), acne, dry skin, sebum overproduction.

I suspect the cherry angiomas has something to do with hormonal imbalances (many people in the forum, and other forum, talk about simultaneous hormonal issues) - mine possible cause by long term iodine deficiency along with long term heavy stress and sitting still (Im normal weight though).

An iodine (Potassium iodide) skin test shows iodine is absorbed totally within 12 hours when other people has the iodine spot still there after 48 hours! Very good indicator!