Meningioma Remedies

Last Modified on Aug 17, 2014

Home remedies for meningioma are particularly effective and include comprehensive treatment regimens. Most home remedies rely on holistic treatment and involve natural supplements and dietary changes. Pairing these treatments with a balanced lifestyle and healthy diet stimulates the body’s natural healing processes and frees blockage.

What is Meningioma?

A meningioma is a tumor that occurs in the meninges or the membranes located around the brain and spinal cord. Menigiomas are often benign; however, these tumors can be cancerous. This type of tumor is most common in older females but may occur in males as well.

The symptoms of these tumors often develop gradually and include changes in eyesight, a worsening headache, hearing and memory loss, seizures and weakness in the arms or legs. The specific cause of menigiomas is unclear; however, researchers understand that something occurs to change the membranes surround the brain and spinal cord. These changes may be tied to genetics or even the environment.

Natural Treatment for Benign Brain Tumors

Typical treatment of a meningioma is dependent on the location and severity of the tumor itself. However, natural treatment options treat any meningioma effectively. Elements of holistic treatment include improving circulation with coconut oil and other natural remedies, making dietary changes for health and getting plenty of carotenoids.

Coconut Oil

A simple and natural remedy, coconut oil is derived from the coconut and used for treating a variety of health conditions. When massaged into the scalp, the oil promotes circulation and naturally dissolves a meningioma. The oil is also good for cleansing the blood and lymphatic system.

Dietary Changes

Eating to avoid toxins and promote nutrients is vital when treating any type of tumor. Avoiding refined carbohydrates helps the body release its buildup of acidic toxins and enables the body to more fully absorb the nutrients it needs. Sugar, white rice, white flour, tea, coffee, alcohol, artificial additives and processed foods should all be avoided.


Carotenoids are found in brightly colored vegetables and can also be found as a supplement. These compounds are powerful antioxidants and eliminate free radicals as well as other toxins. Additionally, carotenoids are often rich with vitamins C, A and E, which improve circulation, boost the immune system and naturally dissolve meningiomas.

No matter what treatment method is used, recovery takes time. However, treating a meningioma with natural elements delivers powerful healing properties and limits the stress on the otherwise healthy cells in the body.

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User Reviews

Essiac Tea, Boswellia, Apricot Seeds   0  0   

Posted by Judith (Noth Bergen New Jersey) on 02/15/2014

I have a benign meningioma of the brain, had a craniotomy in 2009, had partial resection of the meningioma. Started to take Essiac Tea for 1 month, does help with the pain, instead it cured me of the hemorrhoids, lowered my cholesterol level the bad cholesterol, cured me of a small cyst I had in my nose. Started to take Boswellia Serrata 200mg 1 daily, for 1 month the tumor shrank, very little, does help with the pain. Started to take Pau d Arco, didn't work for me. Started to put on my scalp coconut oil and started to drink coconut daily, for 1 month, didn't work for me. Started to take Cantron for 1 month and then started to take Apricot Seeds or kernels, for 1 month been taking 1 seed daily, they are very bitter. Within six months, I will go for an MRI of the brain to see the results.

Posted by Sam
2 Posts
Any updates with your MRI? Also have you tried graviols/soursop, I heard great things about it?
Posted by Sam
2 Posts
I read your post and am just checking in. Any updates?

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Davin (Singapore) on 09/25/2012

Dear Ted, At 2009 my dad was diagnosed with frontal meningioma. He had an operation (craniotomy and debulking of tumor) to remove the tumor. A cranioplasty was done after that.

At oct 2011, my dad was admitted again due to recurrent memingioma. Craniotomy was done again. The cranioplasty metal plate was removed and they found pus. The pus was tested positive of bacteria and was treated with antibiotics. Operation was done after the bacteria was treated. Doctors examined the tumor found it to be in Grade III & malignant.

Feb 2012 an MRI was done and found a recurrent meningioma and 5 cycle of radiation was done. The tumor was diminished but not totally. However right sided weakness was still constant.

April 2012, another MRI was done and found out that the original tumor was gone but there was new tumor 1.67 by 2cm found at the frontal lobe. Doctor said that it wasnt affecting his movement and decided to treat it conservatively.

June 2012, another MRI was done and that new tumor had increased to 3.5 by 3cm. On the surface of the sculp the were numeral tumors growing. 15 cycles of radiation was done for the surface tumors.

However he was weaker after the radiation in August. In september, he vomitted and was admitted in hospital. He detiorated in hospital and was semi unconscious. MRI was done again and the tumor increased to 7.4 by 7cm.

Doctor adviced to manage as conservative as the tumor will grow again if operation was done. He was on hydrocortisone 4mg 4 times daily and phenytoin 500mg on night.

Please advise.

Posted by Wayseeker
Modesto, Ca/ Usa
Not advice, but just read research on Lypospheric Vit- C, and could clearly help to resolve this particular issue quite rapidly, and do no harm, according to what was said. Worth a try? --T.

Posted by Friend (Houston, Texas) on 02/05/2011

Dear friends! Last month I wrote inquiring about if anyone knew any natural ways to treat benign meningioma. Did not get many responses except from K. From Houston, Tx. Thanks K. Information was helpful. Thought I would just put it back out there again in case I did not submit enough information. Last month I was diagnosed with frontal meningoma which was detected when I had a small seizure and confirmed with a CT/MRT. Presently taking anticonvulsant medication to help reduce chance of another seizure occuring. Doctor suggest removing it, but will wait a couple of months to see if it grows any more. Reasonly, I read that a diet that included more fruits, vegatables, and vitamin e, helped to shrink meningoma. Any information on the subject matter of natural ways to help shrink meningoma would be much appreciated. Thanks again K. From houston and God bless you all!!!

Posted by Dan
Clearwater, Florida
I have a friend who has a golf-ball sized, benign meningioma who's not on the Internet, and I've been researching things that he can do to prevent further growth and hopefully come up with something that will help it shrink.

He has had a few incidents where he has had seizures, and it appears that in each case this has happened because of an acute swelling of the tumor based on MSG (or natural flavorings) exposure.

I've been passing along some of the ideas that I've found on EarthClinic and he's tried some of them.

He's kind of in a holding-pattern, waiting to see if the meningioma is going to grow any more, and going back for additional MRIs every now and then. The radiologist who examines the MRI's says the analysis is accurate to 1/32nd of an inch, so the question is how long does it take to grow another 1/32 of an inch or to shrink by that much so a comparison with the prior MRI shows a difference one way or the other?

This kind of tumor is inside the skull but outside the brain. I think this means that it's not subject to the blood-brain-barrier so some remedies that would not work if it were actually in the brain might be used, however it's still inside the skull, so my understanding is that it can press on the brain and cause problems that way (and it's my assumption that this is how MSG in the diet provokes a siezure. ) Please don't take this as a fact, as I'm making educated guesses on this -- if anyone has references which show more about how this works, I'd love to see them.

I haven't been able to find many ideas on alternative remedies that will safely (i.e., without swelling) help discourage the tumor back into nothingness, so once again if you have any info on this, please post.

Posted by Tina
Houston, Usa
Please try googling 'pranic healing'. It has been a blessing in curing my benign tumor in the head region.

Good luck

Posted by Dud
From The Woods Of, Wv, Usa

First, stop the cause;

1.] take his cell phone [microwaves emmitter] away from him.

2.] take his "cordless" phone [microwaves emmitter] away from him.

3.] buy him a "land-line" phone to use. [no microwaves]

4.] disable his computers wireless devices [microwave emitter] and use cables instead.

5.] put metal shielding on the interior house wall that the power company electric "smart meter" [microwave emmitter] is attached to. (His analog electric meter was swithced to a emf radiating meter a couple of years ago. ) See if he is sleeping near this radiation source. Lobby your congressman to force the power company to replace it with the old analog type meter.

6.] Then try to treat the symptom [tumor].

Posted by Judith
North Bergen, New Jersey
Essiac tea it is proven by a human, to shrink and dissolve meningioma tumors, research it.


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