Costochondritis Treatment

Last Modified on Jun 18, 2014

What Is Costochondritis?

A number of heart conditions and causes of chest pain are known today and can be particularly difficult for the affected individual to identify. Costochondritis is one such condition. Inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the sternum, costochondritis causes pain like that of a heart attack and may mimic symptoms of angina and other heart conditions. Known several other names including chest wall pain, costosternal chondrodynia, and costosternal syndrome, costochondritis coinciding with swelling is denoted as Tietze syndrome.

Much like symptoms of angina, the symptoms of costochondritis are fairly typical of any chest or heart problem. Common symptoms include pain and tenderness of the chest cavity, localized pin on the left side of the breastbone and worsened pain when breathing deeply or coughing. While not typical, some cases may also cause nausea, fatigue, and sweating.

User Reviews

Herbs, Grapefruit Seed Extract   1  0   

Posted by Jennifer (Atlanta, Ga) on 07/25/2012

[YEA]  I have had a struggle off and on for years with this malady. I do believe in most cases it is the result of an infection- viral or fungal. The things that help me most are antiinfective herbals. I usually take three capsules of goldenseal and olive leaf TWICE a day for several days. If it is severe, I add six - ten drops of grapefruit SEED extract in water ( chased with juice as it tastes yucky ). These all target a broad variety of infections and usually make a noticeable difference. I also take aleve or ibuprofen, but the herbs seem to GET rid of the problem a lot faster.

Excellent herbal antiinfectives : andrographis, grapefruit seed extract, cat's claw, and olive leaf extract . If you have an infection and want to avoid antibiotics, these are scientifically legitimate and have been studied. I usually have good results with three capsules TWICE daily ( six total ) for several days. For colds, flu, viruses, etc.. These are safe and QUITE helpful!!

My doc has said he thinks costo is usually a viral infection, and these herbs are effective for many bacteria, viruses and fungii. More info on these can be found at Sloan Ketttering Memorial website or Pubmed.

Replied by Mike
Morrisville, Nc
Hello - you shared that you usually take 3 capsules of goldenseal and 3 capsules of olive leaf TWICE a day for several days, And then if it is severe, you add six - ten drops of grapefruit SEED extract in water.

Question: What is the dosage of each goldenseal capsule and olive leaf capsule that you take?

Also, are you taking 3 capsules of goldenseal and 3 capsules of olive leaf... twice a day? That would mean you are taking 12 capsules in one day, correct?

Has this been working for you? You can send your response to my e-mail if you want: mjhoner (at)

L-Lysine   1  0   

Posted by Luz (Anchorage, Alaska Usa) on 01/03/2013

[YEA]  I take two tablets of 1000mg the first day and than 1 every day until the pain is gone normally 3 days, but it comes back after stress or heavy lifting.


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