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Gas Pain Remedies

Last Modified on Jan 03, 2015

Find a Natural Cure for Gas Pains

Passing gas, or flatus, can be embarrassing, but the average person passes gas ten times a day. Gas pain is associated with constipation, diarrhea, and usually occur if gas builds up in the intestines but is unable to be expelled. If you're experiencing gas pain, many actions can be taken to decrease the amount of gas produced to reduce discomfort or any pain.

Bacterial in the large intestine and colon ferment carbohydrates that aren't digested in the small intestine. While the common causes of gas can be from drinking carbonated beverages and swallowing air, high-fiber foods are the greatest contributors to gas. Fiber is important to maintaining a healthy digestive track, but will also cause gas. Artificial additives or sweeteners like sorbitol and mannitol can lead to gas and diarrhea, antibiotics can disrupt the environment of the intestines and affect gas, and in some cases health conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease can cause gas and gas pains.

Home Treatments For Gas Pains

On this page you will find user submitted home and natural cures for gas pain from our Earth Clinic readers. Some of our more popular remedies are apple cider vinegar, baking soda, coconut oil, dietary recommendations, and a number of other cures and discussions on the topic. Let us know what you try from Earth Clinic to cure gas pain. Know of a remedy not yet listed here, don't hesitate to share your treatment with us.

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Most Popular Gas Remedies:

Apple Cider Vinegar8
Baking Soda5
Activated Charcoal4
Fennel Seeds3

User Reviews

Acidophilus   2  0   

Posted by Lindsey (Columbus, United States) on 04/14/2008

[YEA]  I had horrible gas too for the longest time (since I got married 2 years ago). I do think it was partly because of birth control pills but I took acidophilis and I'm not smelling horrible any more!!

Replied by Ruth
Stavanger, Norway (american, Working In Norway)

Can I ask if you took any special brand of acidolpholus, when and how you took it, and how much? Nothing I have tried seems to help my gas!
Replied by Ti
Houston, Usa

Excessive gas may be due to candida too. So cut out sugar fruits and carbs for a while and see how your body responds. I successfully take Jarrow Acidophilus and Usana Probiotic once daily, and my gas disappears in a few days. Also Apple cider vengar 2 tblsp in 8 oz lukewarm water helps.

Posted by Chloe (Lacey, Washington) on 10/20/2005

[YEA]  I had such terrible gas for 2 weeks straight I couldn't stand myself. I finally humbled myself and asked my midwife what to do and she said to take acidophilous. It worked awesome.

Activated Charcoal   4  0   

Posted by Sl (Ky) on 04/01/2014

[YEA]  I started to take charcoal after reading about it on here. It is wonderful for bloating and gas. Helps every time. I take 2 capsules. If I do not get enough relief I take 2 more 2 hours after first dose. Do not take with other meds or supplements. Thank you earth clinic!!

Posted by Karina (San Francisco, California) on 10/16/2008

[YEA]  For GAS the best thing is to buy CHARCOAL PILLS ..they have coated (pink) and uncoted (black) its not medicine..its staright powder charcoal. take 2 at once. It absorbs toxins in your body gas... they give it to poeple(in higher dose) when they overdose on drugs.

its perfectly safe...but checking with doctor is always good idea...every person is different.

{!!!} ONLY WARNING: if you are taking medicine for something...wait an hour before taking the will absorb ALL Toxins, that includes medicine you have taken.


Replied by Melanie
Kobe, Japan

[YEA]   After checking this site, I purchased activated charcoal for the relief of gas. I've been suffering for months with gas pains in my stomach & colon & activated charcoal is the only thing that has provided me with any relief. I feel considerably better!!! I take 2 capsules whenever i start to feel 'yuck'. Thank you sooo much for Earth Clinic!!
Replied by Crazydogjack
New Castle, Pa

Where can you purchase activated charcoal?

EC: Most pharmacies carry activated charcoal, typically in powder form.

Online sources here:

Posted by Sharon (Santa Fe, NM) on 03/04/2008

[YEA]  After menopause, I seemed to be bloated in my midsection most of the time. My lower stomach was puffy most of the time. I'm a thin person, and thought this was weight gain due to menopause & quitting smoking. Ond day I took 2 activated charcoal capsules for gas, and I ended up spending a lot of time in the bathroom that day. By that evening, I realized that my stomach was flat again! I figured that the charcoal had detoxified my system!! I will continue to take the charcoal once or twice weekly now. I am extremely happy with the results!!

Replied by Annmarie
Brooksville, Fl

OMG I have been looking for an answer for bloated midriff and stomach, I am so going to try this charcoal stuff, OH God I hope it works for me, too.. I'll let u know. Thanks
By the way where do u buy these charcoal tabs
Replied by Jwarren07
Conway, Nh Usa

I have also been dealing with gas and bloating and have also quit smoking. I too am thin and thought maybe I was gaining weight like alot of people do when they quit but was actually having a hard time breathing when laying on my back from the pressure and constant gas that was very smelly (my poor boyfriend). Blackstrap molasses in milk has been very helpful but if I dont take it morning and night the gas and bloating comes back. I will def try the charcoal for a more permanent solution.
Replied by Acvinegar

Please do follow up with your gynecologist and have your ovaries checked.

Anise Seeds   2  0   

Posted by Heidi (Ogden, UT) on 09/07/2008

[YEA]  Whenever anyone in the family has gas, we pop a tsp of anise seed into the mouth and chew it thoroughly, swallow it. It will completely stop the gassiness, and very quickly, too. I don't have exact measurements, but I'd say 1/2 teaspoon of whole seed. Chewing it thoroughly is important, and swallow it.

Replied by Richard
Williamsburg, Va

[YEA]   When my children were newborns and they had gas, we would put a little anise seed into some water in their bottles to settle their tummy and de-gas them. It worked every time.

Apple Cider Vinegar   8  0   

Posted by Marshall (Berkeley, Ca, Us) on 01/15/2010

[YEA]  I've been having some horrible digestive trouble for weeks, and most recently began experiencing horrible gas pains every 15 minutes. The gas was trapped and would not come out either end. After 3 days of suffering, I decided to give ACV a try at this website's recommendation. GAS PAIN GONE! Almost instantly, the gas pains disappeared and I began farting and burping. I have never felt so grateful for flatulence! :-D Thank God for Apple Cider Vinegar and this website!!!

Replied by Ms. Cynt
Chicago, Il

I have the Apple Cider Vinegar pills. I stopped taking them because they made me go to the bathroom. But as some of you said, Apple Cider Vinegar helps remove the toxins from your body. So I will try to use them again. Thanks.

Posted by javaid (Manama, Bahrain) on 02/27/2008

[YEA]  upon ur suggestion i have tried the organic apple cider vinegar.well it seems it has started I dont feel lots of gas in my stomaach.although some of it still remains. I think it will go too. thanks to the acv but it should be organic. dont drink neat. it will harm ur throat. mix with quarter glass of water or juice. drink afater having ur lunch and again after dinner.

Posted by Rozita (Mitchellville, Maryland) on 12/29/2007

[YEA]  I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux August 2006. I was subscribed Nexium, which I used for over a year until one month ago. I found your website through an employee. I can't believe it but ACV healed my reflux and gas problems. I take 1 to 1-1/2 tablespoons of ACV with water every morning before I do or eat anything. I don't have any problems anymore. I can sleep laying flat now. It is wonderful. I will use this for the rest of my life.

Posted by Tracy (Delray Beach , Florida) on 11/13/2007

[YEA]  ACV took away my (gas) pain! I, too, suffer from terrible gas -- just about everything in my heathy diet gives me a problem. Have tried many other things, such as Beano, Gas-X, etc. Nothing really made much difference. Decided to try the ACV, and have noticed a remarkable improvement in just one week: hardly any gas pains, rumbling noises, bloating -- just a little amount (normal) of flatulence in the a.m. I take a couple of tablespoons after meals, straight out of the bottle.

Replied by Delila
Tel Aviv, Israel

Be careful when drinking Apple Cider Vinegar neat as it can ruin the enamel of your teeth. Drink it with a straw so that it does not touch teeth and after that rinse teeth.

Posted by dj (perth amboy,NJ) on 10/20/2007

[YEA]  Apple Cider vinegar remedy cured my gas in 10 minutes.

Replied by Cougarmutt
Atlanta, Georgia

I will be giving it a try this evening.

Posted by Kat (Arlington, Texas) on 02/03/2006

[YEA]  I suffer from very bad gas. I used to be a fast food junkie and now eat lots of fruits veggies, and whole grains. I started using apple cidar vinegar to help with digestion since some of my gas didn't go away with cutting back the fast food. The Apple Cidar Vinegar really helps with these symptoms. I take 2 tbsp in the morning after breakfast, 2 after lunch and 2 or 3 tbsp before bed. I know it's alot but I now don't have strange noises coming from my stomache region while out in public.

Replied by Karen
Clarkston, Michigan

I am going to give this a try too. I have switched over to an all natural vegan diet and heavens to besty, I cant stop the band... They keep tootin all day!

Posted by Denise (Brooklyn NY)

[YEA]  I have been taking ACV (2 teaspoons ACV and maple syrup) for almost a week. I have been having problems with gas--terrible gas. Everything that I ate gave me gas. I noticed in the very same day that I took the ACV my gas pains have disappeared. However, one of my tooth that has multiple fillings is hurting me. Now I understand why. I will just use a straw. I love my ACV. I am trying to loose weight also.

Posted by Mom (Collierville, TN)

[YEA]  I was curious about ACV and decided to take a 2T shot of it. Yikes! I thought I had poisoned myself. It burned my throat, my esophogus, and stomach sooooo bad! After I realized I wasn't going to die (ha ha) I started to relax. Later in the evening I kept thinking...What is this feeling I'm feeling? I realized it was what I wasn't feeling...heartburn, gas and muscle pain. I might try it again...this time diluted of course.

Replied by Hia Ama
Miamisburg, Oh

I loved your post. I too have used ACV with no pleasure to my tastebuds. Thanks Mom! However it has eliminated dibilitating menstral migraines. I have one more thing to add to the list of things to try for healing and well being. Stop referring to ailments as "yours". So many people claim illness as thier own... My headaches... My ulcer.. My PMS. Stop!
Replied by Magergenu1
Upper Marlboro, Md

Thank you for your reply! Correct, TRUE sicknesses are NOT ours! Don't sit back and accept it.

Baking Powder   1  0   

Posted by Danielle (Winnipeg, Canada) on 06/05/2008

[YEA]  Baking powder instantly took away the pain from bloating caused by gas.It really works. After trying several things and feeling so nauseous with pain, I finally tried taking 1 tbsp of baking powder with hot water. Within minutes it took the pain away. It taste really awful, but works like magic.

Replied by Lori
Dania, Fl

Please don't take baking POWDER..... Not powder. It's baking soda... Soda... Soda. Most people get it- I don't know where this guy is this mixed up.

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