Detoxing From Aspartame and Artificial Sweeteners

Last Modified on Jul 13, 2014

Aspartame Detoxification Overview

As health conscious individuals, we are all constantly looking for the best food substitutions to keep calorie counts down and maintain a healthy diet. Out of that desire, a great conundrum has arisen around the use of sweetener substitutes, in particular aspartame. Created as a “safe” alternative to regular sugar, continued research has shown that aspartame is actually more harmful than helpful.

Scientifically speaking, aspartame is the name given to the artificial, non-saccharide sweetener, aspartylphenylalanine-1-methyl ester. As such, it is a methyl ester of the dipeptide of the two amino acids phenylalanine and aspartic acid. With the fairly recent upturn in health concern, aspartame has been and continues to be used in a number of products including many trademark brands: Tropicana Slim, NutraSweet, Equal, diet sodas, condiments, and even some vitamin supplements.

Side Effects of Aspartame Toxicity

Being that aspartame is a sugar alternative designed to be safe and present in so many products, it may seem that little problem exists with the product. However, recent research has uncovered a number of harmful side effects associated with continued aspartame consumption. According to a recent FDA report, aspartame can cause any number of the following:

- decreased vision
- pain in or behind the eyes
- blindness
- tinnitus
- impaired hearing
- headache
- dizziness
- confusion and memory loss
- drowsiness
- paresthesia of the limbs
- shortness of breath and heart palpitations
- nausea
- abdominal pain
- skin allergies and reactions

Detoxing From Aspartame

Whether experiencing those types of effects or not, you should consider detoxing your body from aspartame to prevent further influence of the harmful chemical. A number of natural methods for aspartame detox exist. One effective method for detoxifying is using activated charcoal – ingested orally or applied topically. Additional methods include taking 2-3 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide followed by vitamins such as B complex, E, and C. Amino acid supplements are also an effective route for rebooting the system and repairing the damage of aspartame. In any case, though, avoiding aspartame laden products and eating a clean, healthy diet is the best step toward healthy toxin-free living.

Read below for more tips from our readers!

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User Reviews

Activated Charcoal   2  0   

Posted by John Dinsley, author of Charcoal Remedies on 03/07/2007

[YEA]  I have attached a brief note on the ability of charcoal to adsorb aspartame. Will it help curb some of the withdrawal effects? It should help to continue to detox the body, but there are some other things to consider. When leaving off certain chemicals such as alkaloids (nicotine, caffeine, cocaine,...) if the person is on an animal-based diet (acidic) the body quickly dumps the poisons, sometimes resulting in profound withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand if a person is on a plant-based diet (alkaline) the toxic chemicals tend to leave the system more gradually without the strong negative effects that so often lead the person back to the offending drug/chemical. This way the body tapers off more naturally.

What Regina is describing are classic withdrawal effects from caffeine. It would be best for her to leave all caffeine off as hard as that may be. For one Doctor I worked with it took 6 months before he was free of headaches, but he was glad he persisted.

My personal thoughts would be to:

1. consider a purely plant-based diet for 2-3 weeks until she is well away from the withdrawal effects.

2. substitute the tea for some other herbal hot drinks. The black tea is only perpetuating her craving for caffeinated drinks. She will eventually go back to the pop if she does not make the break. There are plenty of tasty substitutes to choose from. Again, a plant-based diet will dramatically reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

3. taking a warm bath will ease the headaches

4. taking a hot/cold shower, or a brisk morning walk will help with the depression.

Hope this helps. If I find out more info I will let you know. .

Posted by Chrissey
Atlanta, Ga , Usa
[YEA]   Comment about quitting too fast. I am writing for my husband who quit aspartame two months ago but still cannot focus enough to write. He is a doctor, a brilliant man that was working on cleaning up his silent LPR (gerd), stopped the ppi's and the diet soda and two days later lost part of his brain. He feels like he is on LSD... Very paranoid, high anxiety and some panic attacks...

We are following dr blaylocks protocol along with saunas and enema. And enzymes I have seen a little improvement. Trying charcoal right now .. Will update.. Also trying TM.

He did not have any of these symptoms before other then stomach and coughing..Most of the gerd symptoms are gone! But his Brian seems damaged..

He was not eating a lot of animal food other then fish, but his diet may have been acidic from coffee and the sodas...

Any thoughts..but really wanted to warn others to go slow if been drinking aspartame for a long time....

Posted by Timh
Ky, Usa
1302 Posts
Chrissey: I would recommend several known "nootropic" nutrients to support brain health like: Taurine, Triple Strength Lecithin, Acetyl L-Carnatine, Phosphatidl Serine, Vinposetine or Huperazine. Chinese Skullcap herb, Ginko Biloba herb. 5HTP & Melatonin, rotated every other night w/ GABA, prior to retiring.

A good multivatmin/mineral will also help detoxify the alcohols or aldehydes from the tissues. Extra Zinc & Niacin will also help. NADH would be the best form of Niacin as it is an activated coenzyme that also fuels the brain w/ energy.

Posted by Timh
Ky, Usa
1302 Posts
Chrissey: I forgot to mention Alkalizing Remedies as is evident from your post the acidosis issues which are common in the presence of alcohols or aldehydes. I use 1/2 Baking soda w/ 1/2 Sea Salt 3x day.
Posted by Chrissy Prov
Atlanta, Georgia
2 Posts
Thanks Tim. We are working with Janet Hull, she wrote sweet poison...very slow go... No changes... He is on most of those sopp already. :(
Posted by Chrissy Prov
Atlanta, Georgia
2 Posts
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Back again, we have moved to Houston now. Cont'd to try many things. Now healing the gut lining.... Thanks for all your help. Slowprocess

Aspartame Detoxification Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Crystal (Brooklyn, Ny) on 04/09/2014

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I had to drink something for my colonoscopy and added crystal light because they said it help with the taste. Didn't know it contain aspartame until I finished a gallon in a day started having alot of pain. I have the numbness/tingling in the limbs effect and it hurts bad, can't sleep. Please first time it's the second day of pain. What can I take?

Posted by Kt
336 Posts
Try a TBS of BSM (blackstrap molasses) in 8-10 oz. warm water and drink slowly. Getting this source of B-vitamins and necessary minerals will help replace all that was lost from the prep.

I don't know of any antidote to Aspartame but I can certainly relate to the numbness, tingling and even losing my vision. I don't know how long I was off of it before the toxic effects went away. However, I still use some drops for my eyes when my vision dims.

FYI: Turmeric and ginger are both good for inflammation.

Posted by Timh
Ky, Usa
1302 Posts
Zinc, Niacin, and Molybdenum supplementation will empower the alcohol detox system and prevent the hazards of poisoning.

Calcium   1  0   

Posted by Melissa (Toronto, Canada) on 10/26/2007

[YEA]  I also experienced some withdrawl and arthritic-like symptoms when I reduced my artificial sweetner intake. Aspartame levels of calcium in your system, hence problems with nail growth, cracking/popping noises from your bones ann so on. I found that taking calcium supplements has helped me tremendously.

Detoxing From Chewing Gum   0  0   

Posted by Dany (Toronto, Canada) on 01/07/2014

Hi there, I poisoned myself chewing a lot a gum with aspartame over 1 week period. I stopped the gum and any other form of sweeteners 4 days ago but I still have heart palpitation and shortness of breath. Please help! Thank you,

Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
714 Posts
Dear Dany,

I would try activated charcoal powder. You can get it at a health food store. You can get tablets or powder.

Take 4 tablets 3 times a day, or 1 teaspoon three times a day, always with a tall glass of water. Here is some information about using charcoal to detox from aspartame:

You can also take an epsom salt bath to help with detoxing your body. 1 cup epsom salt in a tub of very warm (but not uncomfortable) water for 20 minutes or so.

I hope you feel better soon.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
Dany, NAC is the supplement that helps with this type of overdose: I hope you fell better soon.
Posted by Beverly
Los Angeles, California
Isn't is strange that the FDA and Health Dept. allow all this on the market and then arrest "TED" for trying to help people worldwide with his knowledge? Aspartame poisoning from chewing gum? How many people have been poisoned?

EC: Note: The Thailand FDA arrested Ted in Bangkok, not the USA FDA!

Detoxing From Diet Soda   0  0   

Posted by Kelly (Idaho Falls, Id.) on 04/02/2013

I have been drinking diet soda for over 20 years. I would drink it all day long. I recently quit drinking. What is the best way to detox from this stuff. Quitting has been so hard.

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
1302 Posts
Kelly: Take a good women's health food store brand multivitamin/mineral, B-12 lozenges 1-5000 mcgs w/ added Folic Acid.

If your having sleep problems try some 5HTP, GABA, or L-Theonine before retiring.

Posted by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West, South Africa
156 Posts
Hi Kelly, Look up ozone/steam portable sauna on the net & decide if it suits your needs. This type of treatment gets rid of chemicals, all the bad guys in your system, heals cancer, CFS, fibromyalgia, CMV, Lyme disease, all auto immune diseases & many more. It is widely used in Germany. It is only one of 3 treatments that I know of that cures type 1 diabetes & from what you mention it should get rid of the aspartame. The steam opens the pores & the body absorbs the ozone. Ozone is also the best water purifier.
Posted by Tamara
Bellevue, Wa
21 Posts
Hi, Kelly. I'm going to suggest a few things that others might not agree with, but they might work for you! I'm presenting this in a step-ladder way that you can pick and choose which rung you could start on to help you kick your diet soda addiction. Take your time, don't beat yourself up if you slip, and find what works for you!

Switch over to regular sodas. Blasphemy, I know! But one thing I've noticed is that people who drink diet sodas can do so all day long, sometimes up to a 24-pack a day! Even those who drink a lot of regular soda don't drink that much. I know, my boyfriend is addicted to Dr. Pepper, and will drink as much as he wants, but it's never more than 4 cans a day (yikes, I know! ) The low or no calorie sodas do not diminish the cravings for sugar and actually can accentuate the "need" for sugar by tricking the body into thinking that it's getting some sugar by the sweet taste. When it doesn't get that sugar rush it was expecting, and had prepared for by releasing insulin, the body puts out the call for some real sugar so the insulin has something to do! Creates a viscious cycle of cravings without fulfillment. I've seen many people reduce their consumption of diet soda by switching to regular soda when their body's biofeedback kicks in.

At the same time, you don't want to get addicted to regular sodas, either! Soda companies like Dr. Pepper have put so much research into getting what they call the "bliss point" of drinking their product that you are pretty much guaranteed to become addicted. They have maximized the flavoring so that your taste buds are never bored and can drink as much as you can handle. What I suggest is to focus on more "natural" sodas. Look for brands that use real fruit juice as a flavoring or real cane sugar. They tend to be less sweet, but can still satisfy that sweet, carbonated craving that you might have. My favorite is a company that has two ZZ's in its name based out of Colorado, or another one from Seattle that only has about 50-60 calories per bottle, but they use real cane sugar to sweeten (they just use less of it! ). That company has "dry" in its name. (I'm trying to respect EC's no brand-name policy)

For more info on the "bliss point", check out this article:

You can then go one step further and make your own sodas by using tonic or sparkling soda water and adding any flavoring you want like cooled teas or fruit juices. If you're worried about calories, this might be your best choice. You can add stevia drops or xylitol to sweeten for a lower calorie hit without the other worries of diet soda. I still prefer to use "real" sugar, so I don't worry about those and just use whatever sweetener I like (honey, BS molasses, brown sugar syrup, agave, etc.)

If you decide you want to keep kicking your addiction down, try Kombucha tea. There are many brands out there with varying levels of sugar added for flavor. It's a fermented tea that has a very tangy flavor similar to vinegar but not quite. If you like the carbonation, this might quench your thirst. If you like it enough, you can make your own at home for pennies!

Another way to get that carbonation fizz is to make your own Vitamin C drink. Take ascorbic acid powder (pure vitamin C) and add baking soda in a 2-1 ratio, add some fruit juice or water and drink down. If you've ever had emergen-c, this is the cheaper alternative without all the weird stuff they put in that. There are lots of recommendations on this site about the power of buffered-C and how to make it. I agree with other poster's ideas about taking extra vitamins and minerals to address this, and this fizzy vitamin C drink is one way to do that.

Speaking of vitamins and minerals, in nature you will find that vitamins and minerals "piggy-back" on sugar on the ride into the body. Just look at molasses or fruit! Take a hint and try eating some fruit when that craving hits. You've probably heard that before, but see how it works for you. Heck, eat an apple WITH your diet soda and see how that feels. If it is going to be too hard to stick to a habit, then you won't stick to it. Find what works for you.

Tea time has been popular in many cultures for many years. Black tea, green tea, herbal teas; find one that you like. This can give you the caffeine fix that you've also been craving. Honey will add that sweetness that you're looking for as well. Try switching over. Some of the benefits of drinking tea also comes from the mindfulness of taking time out of your day to truly enjoy your tea and take a break, vs. gulping down a diet soda while you're rushing to finish something else.

Hope some of these ideas help to curb your diet soda habit. If you need more motivation to stop, search "diet soda" in the search bar and see all of the ailments associated with fake sugars. It's scary!

Posted by Bd
Henderson, Kentucky
You are clever! Very helpful information and advice. I finally understand the dangers of diet sodas. Oh so sinister the soda companies are with their tricky chemical combinations. Mind control in a can! So how about the flavored stuff stuff you squirt in water, would that be ok to put in tonic water to try satisfy a craving for sweet stuff?
Posted by Saw
Toronto, On, Canada
To satisfy your craving for the sweet stuff make friends with the fruit island at your local grocery store, best of health!

Hydrogen Peroxide, Amino Acids   1  0   

Posted by Regina (Harrisville, West Virginia) on 03/05/2007

[YEA]  Is there any way to help alleviate the side effects while quitting aspartame? I quit drinking Diet soda about 4 days ago and it is harder than I imagined it would be. I have had headaches, muscle twitches, anger, depression and just overall been a different person. My husband is a smoker and I think the comparison of side effects from quitting diet soda is just as severe as quitting smoking. Please help if you have any ideas for me. By the way, I have continued my caffeine intake through drinking tea so the side effects are not from the lack of caffeine.

Posted by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
The issue is not the toxicity of aspartame that kills us. It is the resultant breakdown of aspartame by our own body to form methanol, formaldehyde, and formate which causes headaches and blindness, mostly from these breakdown.

Most drinks with such artificial sweeteners kept in room temperature storage have traces of these chemical. They are even high when the temperature reaches about your body temperature. I read a science fair project where they measured formaldehyde levels from aspartame in cola cans when kept at above 90 degrees fahrenheit (close to your body temperature) and was found to be a level higher than kept in cool refrigeration. Aspartame is formerly used as ant killers, but ants are smart and will avoid eating them.

How I detoxify obviously is to avoid processed foods and artificial sweeteners. But should the body is already high in chemical breakdown to formaldehyde, methanol, and formate, then the issue is to detoxify the blood of the resultant more toxic breakdown of these. It is these breakdown which resulted in agravated symptoms (often worse) with autism, Parkinson's Disease, and Alzheimer's disease. It is known for quite some time that drinking a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% between 6 - 12 drops one glass of water will breakdown the toxic chemical and reduce its toxicity.

What I do to detoxify myself to first take a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% and then after a couple of days I take things that will repair the neural damage such as vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin C sodium ascorbate for at least 2 weeks before I fully recover from deafness or somewhat partial blindness a decade ago when I was accidentally drinking aspartame cola.

Charcoal won't absorb them, but taking amino acid supplements will certainly displace them. I think this is a more practical way to dealing with it. Charcoal is always good in detoxification from other things, and it is best to use them, even if aspartame cannot be adsorbed. What adsorbed aspartame the best in your intestinal tract, I think this is not the best method to tackle in the long run. Getting a diarrhea I think will just clear the 20 feet of intestines of toxic buildup in general is a more practical route.

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Eric (Montgomery, Al) on 09/14/2011

I was shocked to find the information on this site. I've been googling my symptoms to find out what in the world is wrong with me--shooting pains and numbness in my legs; feels like hot "poison" (like the stinging of fire ants) in flowing through my veins, bad joint pain, especially in my ankles, a few dizzy spells if I stand up suddenly, more headaches, some blurry vision at times, etc.

I've been drinking diet drinks for 7 years. In the last 4 or 5 months, however, I've eaten a lot of other "sugar-free" foods (ice cream, atkins bars, etc. ) in order to not take in so many carbs. After reading some of these things this evening, I can only think that my health issues have all been caused because of the amount of artificial sweeteners I've put in my body. MY QUESTION: I plan to stop the sweeteners immediately. Just wondering when you think I might start feeling better? Also, should I plan on going to the doctor to get checked out?

Thanks for sharing this extremely helpful information. I pray to God that He will help my body heal.

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Eric, if you haven't already read "Excitotoxins, the Taste that Kills" By Dr. Russell Blaylock a Neurosurgeon. I have the book but haven't read it yet. It specifically deals with Aspartame and MSG. He has done extensive research on the dangers. There is also a google video by the same author (1 hour) if you want to google him.

I know that Magnesium and tumeric are glutamic blockers so that may be a start for you.

I would also take chlorophyl, which is a blood cleanser, chlorella and spirulina are also good for cleansing the kidneys and liver of toxins, they may help.

I would read the book because there have been some people who have had fatal seizures including pilots.

Stay away from all processed foods in the meantime and do a green juice detox (including what I mentioned above) like wheatgrass juice.

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne , Australia
Eric, I have found a list of nutrients that Dr. Russell Blaylock says will enhance detoxification of Aspartame:

The most important starting point of any detoxification program is to stop exposure to the toxin or toxins. This means avoiding even small amounts, since once sensitized to the toxin even minute amounts can produce full-blown toxicity. This is especially so with accumulative toxins, such as aspartame. It has been shown conclusively that the metabolic products of methanol breakdown, formaldehyde in particular, accumulates on the DNA and cellular proteins. Once you have cleansed your diet of the toxin, removal of the toxin and its metabolic products from your system will begin. Central to this process is the body's detoxification system, which exist in all cells of the body, with the bulk of detoxification taking place in the liver. The detoxification system is divided into two components called phase I and phase II, which work in tandem. Toxins pass through phase I and then pass to phase II where they are further detoxified and made water-soluble for eventual disposal. It is now known that you can significantly enhance the body's ability to detoxify these substances through the judicious use of specific supplements. Of the two systems phase II is most important and most often impaired.

He then gives the list of nutrients. Everyone should be aware of the dangers of Aspartame and also MSG.

Posted by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
900 Posts
Eric, you are absolutely right to want to detoxify, no doubt about that! It makes one wonder why all this rubbish is allowed in the shops, it really does but well, in a capitalist society it is all about profits, not about health or wellbeing! The only way is to try to protect ourselves and those around us, not an easy task though..... As far as letting yourself be tested the idea is of course correct but I am not sure you will achieve much with it. I have no idea how things work where you live but I can tell you how they work here and in the countries around us, probably the whole of Europe. Doctors are not interested in toxins and when they test you, you can't trust their verdict as the minimum of maximum limits of just anything are often wrong.

If you manage to find a doctor who tests you for the things you are worried about the thing to do would be to get a copy of the results and check them yourself. In France you get the test results at home so that is easy, in Switzerland, where I sometimes go to the doctor because it is next door to us and have to be insured in both countries the doctor gets them but I intend to ask mine a copy of my last blood tests. After all I am paying.....

How long it will take for you to start to feel better that will depend on your body, I suppose, maybe on your age as well, the condition of your health.... I would say: wait and see! You can only get better! Good luck to you!

Posted by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
900 Posts
As Debbie very well said "Excitotoxins, the Taste that Kills" By Dr. Russell Blaylock is a truly great book. I thought that I had reviewed it here but somehow I can't find the review. Never mind, I will post it again..... It is easy to read and fascinating! He talks about excitotoxins like aspartame, MSG, etc and the effect they have on our health. A very important book! Moreover he is a mainstream neurosurgeon so, if he didn't really believe in what he wrote he would surely not write it because a lot of others wouldn't dare, even if they believe it!
Posted by Scorpioempress
Ridgecrest, Ca, Usa
9 Posts
After I stopped using aspartame, I felt noticeable immediate improvement in a day, but I knew there had to be more to come. Then I felt more and more improvements for several months. I had anxiety, racing heart, horrible palpitations and PVSs, numbness in hands, pain in joints, foggy head, depression... I thought I was going nuts. I eliminated one thing from my diet fora few months until I eliminated aspartame. The improvement was so immediate I researched aspartame. SHOCK! That stuff really is poison. Its been 5-6 years since I laid off aspartame. I never did anything to "detox" but I probably should have. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year. I think the lack of detox contributed. But, now I do so many things (fluoride detox, candida cures, supplements, bentonite clay, exercise, iodine for low thyroid, hydrogen peroxide water), including detox, and I am fibro-free, fit, happy, losing my extra weight, and FULL of energy. Do the detox and everything else as well. Its only your health. :-)

Here's to your health!

R/Y, Jessica

Posted by Mariana (San Pablo, Ca., Usa) on 07/06/2011

I was just wondering how long it takes to detox from abusing these artificial sweetners, like splenda, aspertame, and all the rest? I have been drinking diet sodas since the early 80's. Since then I've gotten epilepsy, memory loss, slurring of words, very tired, aches in my joints, eye sight is worse, sleepless nights, tumors in my throat. Well you get the picture. I since stopped using all artificial sweetners for about 2 weeks now. But I am interested in how long it has taken for any of you. Thank you all.

Posted by Luann
Rapid City, Sd
7 Posts
It has taken me about 1 year to stop aspartame and artificial sweetners, but here real recently I do not consume any, not even a sip. Biggest improvement was my mcs. It will take everyone different amount of time according to how they eat, what they do to detoxify. If I think it has MSG or Aspartame or any other chemical, the answer is NO. I do not ever want to be that sick again.

I kept telling my husband when I was at my worst, it feels like I have been poisoned. Just recently I found out that I was right.

What ever time it takes, take the time to get healthy.

I have my life back. I am so glad I made the changes. Had to do it gradually, but I now am a firm believer that nutrition is the way to go. Don't let anyone fool you. Do the research, and get well again. It can happen, I am living proof. My family cannot believe how much better I am.

Neither can I.

Posted by Luann
Rapid City, Sd
7 Posts
Well, I started on artificial sweeteners at age 9. By 2007 I was very ill, FMS, Candidasis (Systemic), allergies, aches and pains, MCS, Chronic Fatigue. It took me 5 years to research and come back. I am feeling pretty good, but... Have now discovered what I thought was plain old candidiasis precipitating it all, come to realize that my long term use of diet products, from saccharine, to aspartame has caused great suffering. I no longer drink or eat diet products of any kind for the past year and of recent realized that the occassional aspartame I sipped on, is keeping me from moving forward.

I have gone from rolled up in a ball in bed and not being able to function to back in the ball game again.

I still suffer from MCS, but not as bad. FMS seems to be very little effect on me. I have changed my diet, but now see that I have to be very delingent and get totally detoxed. I am starting on food grade hydrogen perioxide. I can sleep mainly well with exception of maybe a little toss and turning, and allergies to coffee, caffeine, and mold foods. My candida is under control. I do not eat sugar at all. I lost 140 lbs since 2007 and holding.

I am going to try to do some of the detox suggestions and really step it up. Wow, the interent saved my life literally.

Spread the word about excitotoxins. We need to stop buying the products they are offering that are killing millons of people slowly.

Remember if you don't buy it, they can't sell it, which means they will try to make better products that are safer. Consumers can speak loud in large numbers.

Posted by ru2el (New York, NY, USA) on 06/21/2009

So, is there any remedy from Aspartame caused ailments besides stopping to use it?

EC: A few remedies already posted on this aspartame detox page...

Symptoms   0  0   

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 08/03/2011

[WARNING!]  Many on this site may be eating and drinking things that have what is actually a poison in them without knowing it.

It is in most diet drinks, some hot chocolates, even cookies (biscuits). We need to be aware of what we are eating when we eat processed foods. Nutri sweet (aspartame) is poison. It is in most processed foods.

Here is a video from Dr. Mercola. There are 91 symptoms... No 1 symptom is headaches.

Posted by Malibudoll35
Los Angeles, Ca
[SIDE EFFECTS]   I am barely getting over my detox of aspartame - about 60 days since I stopped diet coke and sugar free products about a 12 year habit. It has been scary. I had been drinking about 5-6 diet cokes per day. When I'd wake up, during every meal, after work, before and after exercise, and before bed! It was controlling my life, I swear.

One day, I decided cold turkey I needed to give up this addiction knowing that this just isn't right. The 60 day withdrawal was horrible for me and it literally lasted 60 days. I had headaches, sleepiness, muscle pain, joint aches, muscle spasms and twitching, stiff neck, and some of my hair came out. It was so scary I was beginning to think it was permanent. I went to the doctor 3 times to get blood tests because I was convinced that I was coming up with an auto immune condition, either Lupus, Rheumatoid athritis or multiple sclerosis!!

Well, it turns out, that all of my symptoms were related to artificial sweetener detoxification! Whew, I WILL NEVER put the substance or serve anything with this poison again! I also put in a complaint with the FDA. I am not understanding why The Health Watch would allow this killer to be on the market....

Posted by Luann
Rapid City, Sd
7 Posts
[WARNING!]   I too, have just realized that all my 100's of symptoms now can be related to long term aspartame use. What a difference it has made in my life. I am spending the rest of my time, spreading the word that we need to demand that THEY stop putting poisons in our foods. Children are suffering, people are being diagnosed with MS, and other chronic diseases that could be blamed on toxins in our food. I have not had a migraine for months, nor any sinus infections, I immediately can tell if something I ate has caused me a problem. Listen to your body and give it what it needs and not what it doesn't.

Has anyone tried Asxanthine? What a difference in my eyes for sure. Anyone out there who is suffering with MCS, MS, FMS, Chronic Fatigue, and other issues like lupus and parkinson's, GET OFF ASPARTAME and ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS AS SOON AS YOU CAN. You will be amazed how your health will change.

Posted by Eldubb
Hobart, In
@ Malibudoll35 I too have recently had various symtpoms that led me to believe that I had one of the diseases that you mentioned in your reply. I had blood drawn and I am waiting for a response. I drink about 4-5 diet pepsi's a day. I decided that yesterday was my last day drinking a diet pepsi. I went to church yesterday and received prayer from one of our pastors.
Posted by Sue
Houston, Tx
Wow! I love reading other's experiences and realizing all these symptoms I have been telling my husband about are REAL. I quit diet coke (over 20-year habit) right after Christmas 2011 and am almost one-month DC-free! I have had shakes, muscle spasms, twitching, and extreme moodiness. I also feel like I have had some depression, but this seems to be brought on by the stress of worrying that I have a chronic illness such as Parkinsons or ALS. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. It helps to know others are going through the same thing. I will never drink another diet coke in my life!!
Posted by Pat
Marion, Wi
2 Posts
After consuming multiple two liter bottles of diet coke daily for 30 years, it was suggested to me that my pain symptoms could be aspartame poisoning. I quit dc within a day and for a while everything was improving... My mind was clearer, the pins and needles in my face are gone, I could stand longer, and I could go on. However, two weeks into detox and I am having serious muscle spasms, confusion, and red ant sting after effects in my legs. I must say that my desire for real food is coming back. I do have two questions: 1) Are there any recommendations besides a good multiple vitamin and 2) how long does withdrawal take?
Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Aspartame is a poison. Rather than taking a multivitamin you would be better to start juicing with organic green vegetables to detox your body and get real vitamins into your body. Many multivitamins are just synthetic copies of real vitamins and they contain minerals which are not organic so your body cannot assimilate them. Minerals in plants are organic and the body can use them. Wheatgrass, chlorella and spirulina are all excellent to detox your body as well.

Can I suggest you read Excitotoxins, the Taste that Kills by Dr. Blaylock, a neurosurgeon. MSG and Aspartame both kill brain cells. In his book he says that magnesium will protect you from the effects of MSG and aspartame (magnesium is found in green vegetables).

Another good author is Dr. Norman Walker who has some good books on juicing. He lived to about 109. Juicing is the fastest way to get nutrients back into the body. He also says that tap water is bad for us because it contains non organic minerals, again that the body cannot assimilate. We should all be drinking distilled water.

Posted by Pat
Marion, Wi
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Hi Debbie in Melbourne: Thank you for your reply. I got some green vegetables and real fruits and am endeavoring to get these into my diet. Eating real food is going to help. I don't think I'd get a green shake down but also invested in a solid shake with vitamins and protein, as well as a free radical aid. I also got some Gatorade with electrolytes to be sure I am not flushing my system with too much filtered water and losing electrolytes. I am going to beat this aspartame poisoning!
Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
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As for mineral sources from veggies, we are told that most commercially grown foods, including organic, are depleted. Another warning is the phytates found in veggies, especially legumes, which bind what little minerals we do get from plant sources. Solution #1, consume much sea veggies as possible as they are much higher in minerals than land V's. Solution #2 supplement w/ broad-spectrum digestive enzymes to ensure maximum absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

As for distilled water, am I incorrect in assuming it is stripped of minerals thru distillation??? Jon Baron recommends distilled water as the purist, but one must add minerals (preferably ionic trace).

Posted by Jenny
Columbus, Oh
This site has been a Godsend to me over the past week. About a week ago, I began worrying that the muscle spasms and difficulty swallowing I had been having was related to MS. The next day, I went from drinking 5-6 diet cokes a day to drinking 1. I have been a very heavy diet coke drinker for many years. The next day, I began having even more symptoms. I began having heart palpitations, shakes, dizziness, insomnia, etc. I plan to stop the diet coke altogether later this week and I am scared to death I will have more symptoms. I feel I need to do it though, otherwise I really will make myself sick.
Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
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It's been reported that the big champion MS promoter Michael J. Fox was once awarded a truck-load of diet cola for doing a commercial for the manufacturer way back in the day when he was in good health, which really helped launch the Aspartame - MS connection. This observation has been disputed and I haven't researched it, but have little doubt because the profit industry always does the cover-ups and MJF seems to intentionally indulge and exaggerate his condition while on camera. MJF associates have reported this while saying he's just fine most-times.
Posted by Travis
Northern Ky
I just found out about this website a week ago. Some of the stuff seems pretty far fetched but some hits the nail on the head. This being one that I truely believe. I quit smoking about 3 yrs ago and started chewing gum to get over that habit, so now thats my habit mainly cause I feel I have sour breath. I am going to try the peroxide mouth wash method to remedy that. But back to my point I have been chewing the crap out of gum with aspertame in it and have been trying to cut down/stop and noticed that I have been getting some of these symptoms but most people have wrote about diet soda but havent read much about it being in gum, I guess the amount in the gum could cause the same effects?. Hopefully I kick this habit and these side effects roll out with the habit.
Posted by Alison
Dallas, Texas
I'm a chronic gum chewer and Coke Zero drinker or I can now say I WAS since I kicked those a few days ago. I'm having muscle twitches and extreme fatigue so far. After reading the above comments I guess I can expect to feel that for the next 55 days? Great! It will be worth it though. After only 5 days I haven't needed to sleep with my humidifier and my husband said I haven't snored the last two nights! I'm looking forward to feeling better and better each day. For those looking for healthier alternatives to make detoxing from aspartame easier I have switched from Orbit gum to Pr gum which is aspartame free. I switched to Zevia diet soda which is sweetened with stevia and it is better than I thought it would be. Amazon offers a rainbow pack where they send a case that includes 2 cans of every flavor they offer. I now use monk fruit sweetener to sweeten my coffee in the morning. The only other sugar free item I used sometimes was sugar free maple syrup. From now on I will just use regular maple syrup. This has made my transition easier even though the detox side effects have been rough. Reading the posts here was very helpful as I thought I was getting some form of facial bells palsy with the muscle twitches on one side of my chin! ?! Crazy that one chemical can reek havoc on your system and the FDA allows it. I will be filing a complaint as well.
Posted by Kathy
the USA
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Hi Alison, Before you file your complaint I thought I'd share with you why I feel the FDA does not care.

In 1991 I sent certified letters complaining about the toxic effects of MSG and Aspartame to the F(ool)and D(eceive)A(gency). I had to follow up with tracers on both. I then sent a restricted letter to the commissioner (David Kessler at that time). I never received any signatures even though the envelope was repeatedly stamped with requesting a signature. I did not receive any response other than some propaganda.

In 1993 I gave testimony to the FASEB committee(Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) along with MD's, a PhD. And several others to no avail. We are all on our own, to do our own research in order to protect ourselves because the FDA is not doing what they were established to do. This site is our lifesaver.

Posted by Christine
Shoreline, Wa
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To Timh of Louisville, KY: Actually, Michael J. Fox has Parkinson's, not MS.
Posted by Timh
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Thanks for the correction Christine! If I am correct, both Parkinson's and MS or Multiple Sclerosis are neurogenerative disorders.

This reminds me of the basketball player and HOF'r Magic Johnson and his big HIV positive announcement many yrs ago. No chatter for some time and Magic is living the big time instead of wasting away somewhere. There are so many factors in the AIDS thing that people who obsess HIV as the only cause are obviously fulfilling an agenda.

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
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Hey Timh,

Really loving your posts lately. The neurodegenerative diseases are neuron (brain) disorders like Huntington's, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's...good article on Wiki (under neurodegenerative).

MS, on the other hand can have lesions in the brain but often the starting place will be in the vertebra. My wife's MS started with two lesions in the dorsal of the spine. Suddenly one morning about 18 years ago she could not walk after awaking from a night's sleep. MRI demonstrated the lesions and she was diagnosed with on set MS. In the case of MS, what I did immediately was to get the mercury out of her system (MS often associated with mercury and virus) ...she had just had a lot of dental work performed four months or so earlier. AND kill the virus...I used colloidal silver in large quantity. And supplemented with AEP to help rebuild the nerves and sphingolin (to rebuild the myelin sheath). After about six months she never had another MS issue.

Posted by Timh
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Dave: So glad to hear the success in your Wife. Early detection is so very important.

Yes, I have finally improved enough to post w/ some efficiency lately. It is very slow going and am still in the trenches. For the last 3 yrs I have spent 75% time in bed. I really don't know how I'm still here. At the end of many days I say to myself "well, I've lived thru another day". My most objective explanation was something on the order of your post about the infection as I have major chronic viral, bacterial, and fungal w/ the addition of 2 species parasites juveniles and cyst or eggs. My guess would be running a high fever, going to dr or hospital, then a coma, then death. Thru major intervention I have obviously avoided this outcome. The recharge batteries was definitely a wise investment as the zapping has been extensive and w/ 3 zappers and 3 frequencies.

I have been Nebulizing the C.S. on a regular basis as I am certain this kills the Ascaris eggs which I have read prefer the lungs. I have just recently killed adult Ascaris in one of my kitties as is evident from purged food. He has a very bad cough/lung infection which is improving although I may need to do additional treatments. I saved the little feller about 2 yrs ago from near death from the worms.

As for the neuro, I have made major improvements in this regard beginning w/ zapping the spine. From my estimation, the fungal issues that have been plaguing my intestines was the spores being released from my spinal fluid; and this has been going on over 15 yrs. I had the brain pain; used Magnets and zapping on w/ temporary success, but now since zapping the spine, that is a problem no longer, although the gut is still populated w/ pathogens.

The Calcium AEP was like a miracle when I was going down for the out count; but not enough as I leveled and began descending again, then the miracle of Hemp Oil/CBD. Now, the social instability in the country. There are cures for those ills, but as the singer says "I've been singn', but no one's listen' - their all lost in a world of their own" -C.G./GCS.

Did you see my request as for inquiring about the possibility of augmenting the C.S. w/ oxygen like Leonard Horowitz has done w/ the product "OxySilver". It's some kind of hydrolysis where oxygen radicals are not a produced. Also, have you ever chelated your Silver w/ Glycine? It is my understanding that many manufactures' do amino chelation w/ their C.S. and thereby greatly increasing the PPM. I am drinking two cups C.S. daily w/ seeming little effect, so I really am looking to make improvements upon the concentration.


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