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Aloe Vera and its Wonderful Health Benefits

Last Modified on May 20, 2015

Aloe vera is a unique plant that possesses a number of healing qualities. A member of the lily family, aloe vera is also a relative to garlic and onions. With its unique composition, various parts of the plant are used to treat different health conditions and can be applied both internally and externally.

What is Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is considered a succulent plant species that is found only in cultivation. Frequently used for medicinal care, the plant is often described as a “wonder plant.” Somewhat short-stemmed and shrub-like, aloe vera possesses succulent leaves from which the well-known gelatinous aloe substance is taken.

Aloe vera is comprised of over 200 active elements including a combination of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, enzymes, polysaccharides and fatty acids. All of these nutrients together make aloe the beneficial substance that it is. The plant is also known as an adaptogen, as it boosts the body's natural ability to adapt to external modifications and resist disease.

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe is effective in a variety of ways and can be used to treat a wide range of conditions. Aside from being an adaptogen, aloe is high in important vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, E, B12, calcium, magnesium, zinc and others. The substance also contains a high concentration of amino acids and fatty acids. As such, aloe functions in detoxification, alkalization, oxygenation and immune support.

With its variety of nutritional benefits, aloe is capable of treating a range of health conditions both internally and externally. Acid reflux, acne, cancer, celiac disease, fatigue and gum issues are among the most commonly treated conditions. However, constipation, shingles, sore throat, ulcers, depression, burns and irritable bowel syndrome can also be treated using this compound.

While aloe comes in a variety of forms, fresh aloe straight from the plant is typically best. Aloe can be taken on a regular basis; however, it is most effective when taken for short periods of time as it is needed. With its variety of nutrients and range of health benefits, aloe is one of the most effective health treatments available today.

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User Reviews

Acid Reflux   1  0   

Posted by Zinnia (Wappingers Falls, New York) on 06/04/2007

[YEA]  My daughter Stefanie developed an acid reflux. She was given an anti acid Rx. It temporarily stopped. I researched the wonders of Aloe Vera and found that it treated her. Since then whenever it occurs, I give her juice mixed with Aloe Vera juice. It works wonder.

Replied by Tremissa
Houston, Tx

I read that you gave aloe vera to your daughter and was wondering how old she is. My son (2 months old) has reflux so bad i can hardly keep food in his stomach. I have heard of the aloe vera juice but have read not to give to children under 12 months. I am deperate for a cure for this awful illness so he can be a happy baby once more.
Replied by Yvonne
Philadelphia, Pa.

I KNOW how frustrated you are in dealing with your babies reflux! 11 years ago my oldest daughter suffered from refluex really bad!! To no releif could any body help me! I was very sad and disheartning watching her vomit everything! How on earth is she getting nurished I thought!! Finally I came across a older Dr. whom told me it would go away as she got older it was the rings that seal her stomatch not maturing yet! He suggested having a barrum swallow done .. thats when u drink a fluied that shows on x-ray long story short TRUST ME IT WILL STOP! It's 1 thing I learned later really just about a month ago as a result of reflux asthma can develop because of the stomatch acids getting in the lungs!! I hope this brings u a lil comfort!
Replied by Saints-81
Edmonton, Alberta

FYI for anyone reading the above issues with newborns throwing up. My daughter did this too. After feeding you need to place them on their back and VERY GENTLY massage and pull their stomach down. Think of one balloon inside of another and the inner balloon is balled up and you need to GENTLY work your fingers to drag it down towards the bottom. PLEASE I cannot stress enough GENTLY. Takes just a few minutes and yes they do grow out of it. Of course a visit to the doctor to make sure it's not something else is always recommended.
Replied by Amanda
Pompano Beach, Fl

All Aloe is NOT created equal- first the specie is important - Barbadensis-Miller being the most "nutrient dense" and better yet the Barbadensis-Miller-Stockton specie - being one of the purest varieties for consumption. Stockton Aloe 1 offers frozen aloe - almost as good as fresh from your back yard. It is thick and goopy like the real plant, not watery like the pasteurized, preserved versions. You will not see the ultimate healing power of this awesome plant unless you obtain the right specie - unadulterated by processing. From Acid Reflux to AIDS to Cancer - Aloe is the ultimate healer!
Replied by Curtis
Chicago, Ill

Would any aloe work from the juice to the gel?
Replied by Orion
Hillsboro, Or

For those of you suffering, or have children suffering, with Acid Reflux (or even cholic) - I would STRONGLY suggest finding a Chiropractor (if you have tried physicians, drugs, herbs - and nothing works for very long). These diseases can be caused by lack of nervous signal due to compression of the nerve root at the spine. These diseases have been known to "spontaneously go into remission" after a very few or even just one chiropractic treatement.
Replied by Lak
Nb, Nj

I am very despearate for my daughter 7 years. She has this issue when she was 3 1/2 years. I heard that chiropractic treatments are not good for growing kids. Is it safe and should we go to pediatric chiropractor? Please let me know the details. I would really be very thankful to you.
Replied by Anti-Meds
Los Angeles, California

HELP! I've been taking meds, currently 20mg omeprazole, 1-2 per day for a few years(1st took pepsid). I need to STOP! I'm very concerned about the side effects and have been reading about aloe vera cure. A pure aloe extract sells online --very costly! I have been using Lilly of the Desert aloe vera gel, inner fillet for my skin for years, never really drank it. Is this a good brand to drink and how much should I have daily and can it be mixed in juice, etc since it is not very tasty!

Thanks, "anti meds"

Acne   2  0   

Posted by NADIA (LONDON, UK) on 03/24/2008




Replied by Bret
Phoenix, Arizona

[YEA]   Maybe! Try taking 1/2 doses orally and then at night actually apply the aloe to your scalp. Massage aloe and let dry. In four to five days your hair loss should be noticably less. I've been an aloe freak for two years. Trying and experimenting with different brands, different preparations.
There is a company the hand fillets their aloe and uses less perservatives. E-mail me if you are interested in that company. I had started Male pattern hair loss ten years ago. My grandfather was bald at 53 years old. I started using aloe in 2000. Externally I put in on my face and scalp every morning. Started oral consumption two years ago. I have a full, curly, healthy head of hair. My hair loss does come back if I use too harsh of products. Sprays, conditioners can be hard on the scalp although they appear to do wonders for the hair itself.
Replied by Claudia
Manchester, Pa

In response to Bret's post, I am interested in the company, that hand fillets their aloe, and exactly how you used the aloe, to decrease your hair loss, as well as for your face. I am in my late 50's, and have considerable hair loss, that has not improved, with use of bioidentical hormones. I also have acne and Rosecea. Do you know if I could use the Aloe Vera Gel that I get at Swanson Vitamins online?


Replied by Rajeanne
Glendale, Az

Swanson Vitamins does carry aloe vera. The brand I like is: LILY OF THE DESERT, ALOE VERA JUICE--INNNER FILET. Contains 99% organic ingredients. I drink 1/2cup in the morning, and also before I go to bed. I also rub some on my right shoulder, at night. I LOVE IT, AND HOPE YOU WILL TOO!
Replied by Lauren
Paris, France

[YEA]   To prevent hair loss. I strongly suggest you try Kombucha tea. My hair has regrown a lot since I started using about 3 months ago. I was not bald by my hair was getting really thin on the top of my head. It is still thinner now than the hair on the back of my head but looks quite normal.
Replied by Mary
Regina, Saskchewan

That sounds great!!! How much Kombucha tea did u take every day?
Replied by Chitra
Buckingham, Va

Dear Bret, could you please send me some info. On where to buy good aloe? I am looking for a liquid I can put in a tick repellant I am making to add some cooling and moisturizing benefits. I need a brand that doesn't use any preservative.

Acne Scars   2  0   

Posted by K (Chicago, IL) on 07/02/2009

[YEA]  I have been using fresh aloe juice/gel/flesh topically overnight on my chest and back to try to heal scarring due largely to acne. I had been dealing with acne and scarring for months now. Just two nights of applying aloe liberally and directly onto my skin, letting it dry a bit, and then putting on a pajama top overnight has produced surprisingly good results. I am so relieved and amazed. I recommend this very simple, inexpensive, and natural method to everyone.

Replied by Dianne
Houston, Tx

[YEA]   I use the aloe vera on my face in the morning. It is a great moisturizer, is not greasy, and tightens the face as well. I cut about a 2" slice and then half it like an apple and rub the pulp on my face until there is no juice left in the pulp.

I have been trying to figure out how to make it into a juice, but haven't tried it yet. Now I will. It tastes so bitter, if I get it on my lips that I was afraid it would taste horrible. But I do believe it is a gift from the Gods, so I will try to juice it also.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA

Hi Dianne,

I too have started using fresh aloe from my plant starting a week ago. Go on youtube and watch Daniel Vitalis speak about it on elixer craft. I am not sure what part (there are a few) it's in but it's like #6 or 7. He specifically speaks on aloe but it must be fresh and how you can ingest it. It heals the whole body and can regenerate the intestine. Actually, I would suggest you watch all of the series as it is fascinating and chock full of nutritional info and healing our bodies. He even demonstrates how to open the aloe leaf and that it can last a long time because it heals itself! I am still on my first leaf and it's still full of juice in it. I just tightly press it back together again when I'm done using it. I find it so amazing that we are planning to plant several aloe plants in our yard. It is a gift from the Gods! Let me know what you think of the video. Lisa

Aloe Vera Oil   1  0   

Posted by Earth Clinic on 07/12/2011

Hello Everyone,

Ted is writing a lot about Aloe Vera Oil lately, so we decided to do an internet search to see if it is available and where it's sold. Here is it on Amazon, selling for $6.45 a bottle:

According to 1 reviewer, "This is Aloe Vera Oil - Which by my understanding is a carrier vegetable oil in which mashed-up aloe Vera has been soaked. Then it's separated and you get Aloe Vera Oil. It comes in a flip-top squeeze bottle labeled "Pure Aloe Vera Oil."

If anyone on Earth Clinic has located additional sources, please post them in this thread! Thanks.

Replied by Cookie
Nashville, Tn

[YEA]   I've been drinking Aloe Vera Juice for the last 2 months. 4oz in the morning and 4 oz at night, it has helped with my weight loss, heart burn, and energy. I recommend it to everyone and love the benefits of it!
Replied by Rick
San Diego, Ca


I just purchased some aloe vera oil from this site that you recommend and it came in a small blue bottle, but it says on the bottle that it is for external use only... Do you know if this is still safe to consume?

Replied by Grannyof2
Texas, Usa

This message is for Ted: Searching the internet, the only aloe vera oil I have found is aloe vera gel mixed with different oils like almond oil or safflour oil. I haven't found a way to extract oil from the aloe vera plant. I grow aloe vera and would rather make my own aloe vera oil, but I don't know which oil to use. Ted, can you please clear up which oil to mix with the aloe vera gel to get the aloe vera oil you recommend? Or a source for the aloe vera oil? Thank you.
Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand

388 Posts
There IS aloe vera oil. It is found in Australia suppliers and Texas where they make aloe vera oil. My friend also sells aloe vera oil here in Thailand. No oils is mixed in, only aloe oil. Ted

Aloe Vera Preparation and Recipe   1  0   

Posted by Frank (Perth and Mindarie, W. Australia) on 06/07/2013

I am a big believer, use Aloe Vera for years already, and do not understand why would anyone use/trust any Aloe product, when it is so easily available in its God created natural form? One can easily grow it in the garden, or in pots. It multiplies endlessly. Every year at least double the amount you've planted. I do one 4 to 6 weeks course 2x a year. To increase its benefits and to prevent/heal other problems I have, I use it in the following manner:

I take one stick of Aloe, wash it, gently cut the thorns off and slice it into the blender. Add 1 washed sliced lemon (all included), add 4 sticks of asparagus, 10 flowers of Dandelion, 1 banana and a tbs of honey, (for taste). If you find it too strong, you can thin it up with water or milk. I use it first thing in the morning, my wife after a meal. It is our most important home remedy.

To keep it interesting please spend a few minutes and search the healing effects of Aloe Vera, Dandelion flowers plus roots (it grows wild in any part of the world), Asparagus. Like I mentioned banana and honey I add mainly for better taste. It has a bitter taste, but remember! Anything good in life tastes bitter.

Replied by Franko
Perth, Mindarie, W. Australia

Like I said I grow my own Aloe Vera, it is as organic as possible. I just can't go wrong in there. On the other hand I've noticed, if I use/add other goodies from unreliable sources my body indicates/protests nearly immediately. The same applies if I eat something good, with healing qualities, my body indicates/communicates "keep doing it, I love it". Therefore keep communicate/listen to your body/organism. It is the very best indicator, your best advisor. No Doctor can beat that communication/advise. Unlike medications herbal/home remedies act pretty much immediately, and unlike medicatios/drugs have no or minimal side effects. Probably the biggest problem with the common use of everyday medications is the fact that they damage your bodies/organisms capacity to warn/communicate/indicate you are on the wrong path. In conclusion try to selfeducate yourself and use herbs, home remedies wherever and whenever possible. It might be time consuming, but extremely rewarding. "Its about your health! " Just about anything could be grown in your garden or in a pot. Good luck, Franko from Perth
Replied by Franko
Perth/mindarie, W/australia

Franko again! Do not be afraid to experiment. I never ever follow anything blindly any longer. Things have to be adjusted to YOU! . Your body/organism communicates with you, so listen to it. When you try anything with Aloe Vera, first try it only simple! - like 1 stick of (I use a large/old) Aloe Vera, 1 banana, some lemon juice, (maybe half of a lemon), and a tbs of honey. It adds up to around 1/2 litres of drink. I drink it all at once. My wife drinks only a small glassful. And finally the benefits: Makes me feel full of energy. There are lots of necessary/beneficial minerals in Aloe, just like in Lemon, Dandelion, Asparagus, other herbs you can add, you may experiment with. Cleanes my digestive system out! Although I didn't check, but my bloodpressure isn't bothering me any longer. I was diagnosed with chronic gastritis, suffering from heart burning, (all this as the consequences of the drugs/medications I was given, never even slightly improving whatever it was given for, but causing a truckload of other complications), dissappeared, or eased up to a level that I live a pretty normal life. My body totally rejects even the simpliest medications. In contrast to my problems caused by medications, I do tolerate all the above mentioned, in spite of the bitter taste etc. I am also a huge believer/user of Kefir. (See my comments on Kefir). You can become "with an ease" your own very best DOCTOR, as long as you are willing/learn to listen to the needs of your body, and not to someone whose existence dippends on you being sick/treated and never ever cured. The less Doctors you see the less problems you have. The only time my grandma was seen by a Doctor, when she died in the arms of my grandfather. The only person who could give him a Death Certificate was the Doctor. My grandma always managed to cure/treat herself with simple herbs, home remedies she made at home. She had no medical training or education of any kind. Used only her simple/pure logic/honesty in approaching anything in life. Always worked!
Replied by Sunny
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa

Can any kind of Aloe vera be used? is there one that is better/ more potent than the other? Does aloe vera have any negative side effects? Thanks!
Replied by Sunny
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa

Dear Franko from Perth who wrote: "The same applies if I eat something good, with healing qualities, my body indicates/communicates "keep doing it, I love it". Therefore keep communicate/listen to your body/organism. It is the very best indicator, your best advisor. No Doctor can beat that communication/advise...."

Totally. Who knows how something feels better than you, right? So true!!! Thank you!!!

Replied by Franko
Perth, W Australia

Dear Sunny from Los Angeles - the Aloe I am using is called Aloe Barbadensis in some places also called The Medicine Plant. It can be easily recognised, it is very commonly grown all around the world. I was being diagnosed with Chronic gastritis, meaning the moment I eat anything that doesn't agree with me, my body immediately start protesting. I do not have any short or long term complications with Aloe. I consume it before/with/after meal. My body/organism tells me with no hesitation in which order to consume. If I can advise! Start with small quantity, and after or with meal, to get used to it. The best to use it as prevention. To get more scientific info, try to use a reliable source! If you are interested in home remedies please read my comments regarding "Kefir - culture that ferments the milk", everyne should have it in their household. Good luck!
Replied by Bachcole
Colorado Springs, CO

Not everyone lives where aloe vera will grow, and a lot of other things. My winters are bitterly cold and the soil is sandy.
Replied by Jo
Abq, Nm

[YEA]   High in the mtns of NM, can't grow it outside, but keep great pots of it inside. Have to throw it on the compost, it multiplies so fast.

Aloe Vera Side Effects   0  0   

Posted by Sunny (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 06/29/2013

Does Aloe Vera have any negative side effects?

Replied by Sara
Sacramento, Ca

You cannot take Aloe Vera for a longer period of time because your body will be depleted of Potassium.
Replied by Bachcole
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Where did you hear this about potassium?

Cancer   1  0   

Posted by Shaila (Kerala, India) on 02/16/2008

[YEA]  Remedy - Aloe vera, honey, alcohol. Ailment - Cancer -- Please look up this link and similar info. If you think it's reliable please put in on your website. A friend's friend used this combo and was cured.

Replied by Punit
New Jersey

Hi, In the miracle cure for cancer thru aloe vera, someone name shaila from kerala india mentioned about a paste formed by mixing aloe vera with honey and alcohol - we do not drink alcohol - is there any other alternate for this? it was prepared by a Franciscan who lives in Bethlehem.
Replied by Gean
Salina, KS

I had a question about this recipe also, as I need it for a friend with ovarian cancer. When it says 2 large aloe vera leaves or 3 small, I am wondering about more specific size or weight. I have a small aloe vera house plant, but I know they can grow quite large. So, how large is a large leaf, I guess is what I'm asking. This lady has five young children and I want to do it right.

Celiac Disease   1  0   

Posted by Eileen (Monroe, NY) on 11/16/2007

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Aloe vera - been using for 3 weeks now to heal from celiac disease - helped soothe and along with diet I'm seeing improvement.

Replied by Susan
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

[YEA]   Before I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I suffered a terrible bout of hiatal hernia with acid reflux (my dr. calls it GERD). He put me on a presciption to deal with the intense discomfort and I took it faithfully for a month with very little relief. Finally in desperation I bought a bottle of aloe juice, took it and within a day I was markedly improved. Within a week the aloe vera had virtually completely healed my stomach and intestinal problems. I use the juice from fillet and it is not as bitter. Now, years later, I still keep a bottle on hand to help me if I accidentally ingest gluten - it helps with the discomfort until the gluten is worked out of my system.

Energy   1  0   

Posted by Amber (Portland, Oregon) on 03/28/2009

[YEA]  Aloe Vera is an amazing energizer. It revitalizes the entire system. It is not a stimulant type of energy, you will just feel great, and begin to realize that your energy level just won't quit. Fresh aloe vera is best; if you live in a cold climate, house plants work well.

I take Aloe Vera often for it's overall health benefits, but especially if I am super tired or have had a very late night with perhaps a bit of drinking, and know that my energy is not going to get any better. It's a healthier feeling than just drinking a bunch of coffee, though I admit that on such a day I probably would add a bit of that too. I find that if I am super tired that drinking Green Tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, and/or taking Aloe Vera is best to do first, because these things help your body to truly be reenergized, while Coffee just pulls you up and wears your system out.

Replied by Dianne
Tampa, Fl

I take the entire leaf and chop off a couple of inches beginning from the base and peel (discard the peel) and blend it, etc. I take the remaining Aloe leaf and just set it on the counter on some paper towels. Don't peel it or put any plastic wrap on the cut edge or anything. The Aloe will heal the cut on its own and the next time you need some more Aloe, just cut off that thin slice that looks yucky and then slice off another piece to consume. Since I generally take the Aloe everyday, it seldom tends to go bad. I did read that you could put it in the refrigerator, but make sure you wrap it in paper towels as the cold will create some condensation and that will make it go bad a lot quicker. As for the size of the Aloe I read in several places that the smaller leaves don't generally have all the beneficial componenets. It could also be that you have a different species of Aloe. The Aloe that is therapeautic is Aloe Barbadensis Miller. There are many different species of Aloe, but not all therapeautic. Check the internet for the other therapeautic ones.

General Feedback   2  0   

Posted by Lynn (Nv, US) on 01/18/2015

I follow and use your site often, for myself and dogs. My question to you is, why isn't aloe vera ever reported on this site? It seems to me that some people would think it is good for skin problems, even if nothing else. Do you know any reason why it doesn't show up here?

(Not a complaint, just wondering why.)

Thanks for everything you do, Lyn

EC: Lyn, you will find information on aloe vera in the Remedies section. Aloe vera has also been recommended numerous times for many ailments. We like aloe vera also! Thanks for your nice comment.

Posted by Wayout (Motown, Ca/ Usa) on 10/25/2012

Aloe vera is an incredible plant. It has not often been processed carefully enough to retain its full healing elements. It is now being discovered to have a critical role in the diet, a previously unrecognized "neccesary nutrient" status. As such, it is being branded a "Nutraceutical, " which could too easily become, food that needs a prescription.

Real aloe vera with the mannose molecules still intact, gathered and dried right, can then tell the body when to stop inflammation, and blocks or connects proteins to cells, thus modulating against auto-immune (self-fighting) conditions. And most conditions are being found to be such, as inflammation is the root of disease. This could literally prevent and heal many diseases, which is why it is becoming the "point man" for the battle to control the health of mankind. And unfortunately, I suspect there are some, who simply do not want to see everyone be well, but would rather make profits.

And a quote:

"Mannose molecules are components of the surface membranes of cells and are responsible for essential complex biochemical activities of cell life."


Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky

Good news, one can grow many of the common medicinal herbs for personal use OR can order the herb in "raw" or "bulk" form as it is not a controlled substance. The diet herb Ephedra Senica got pulled from the market as an ingredient for energy and weight loss. Manufacturers cannot add this herb to products but it isn't a controlled substance (not illegal) so one can buy the raw herb. As a side note the herb Bitter Orange (isn't "banned") is very similar to Ephedra Senica as it contains the alkaloid Synephrine slightly less harmful than the Ephedrine in E.S. For those of you out there not getting the necessary boost from caffeine products, add a little Bitter Orange and you will feel the difference (and lose weight).

Posted by Mary (Albany, Ny Usa) on 10/07/2011

How do you make tea from the aloe vera plant? A woman I work with has mentioned this and was wondering how to do it.

Posted by Peter (Chicago, Il) on 07/19/2011

To Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA ,

Do you put the unused plant in the refrigerater ?

Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 06/27/2011

Hello, In one of Ted's remedies is aloe vera oil and I have been looking for it but all I can find is a 30 ml (1 oz) bottle but it is sunflower oil with safflower oil and aloe vera gel. So it is mostly oil and both oils are not even cold pressed. If someone knows what the real aloe vera oil is and where I can get it could you reply please? Thanks.

Replied by Blkmanchcgo
Chicago, Il

To Maria,

If your looking for aloe vera gel or other quality oils and herbs you can check out I dont know if you can post websites here but....

Posted by Alfred (Rangsit, Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/04/2011

[YEA]  Alo Vera is an amazing plant.. It grows like a weed.. Easy to grow inside your home as well as outside..

I have it growing outside my home.. Every day cut off one the the arms.. Rub off spines on side.. Wash, cut up and mix it into what your eating.. Do not peel.. Its all good .. the skin and inside .. just eat, eat, and get healthier..


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