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Prurigo Nodularis Remedies

Last Modified on Apr 08, 2015

While prurigo nodularis is somewhat difficult to treat, many natural treatment options have been identified as effective. Bath soaks, exposure to sunlight and certain dietary changes offer relief from outbreaks of the condition. Certain natural oils, such as emu oil, are effective for softening and relieving the skin.

What is Prurigo Nodularis?

Characterized by firm, itchy lumps on the skin, prurigo nodularis is a progressive skin condition. Lumps generally range in size from 1 to 3 cm in diameter and have a raised, warty appearance. The condition often begins as a somewhat small, red , itchy bump that spreads to include more lesions. The cause of the condition is unknown at this at this point but scratching does exacerbate the disorder.

Home Remedies for Skin Lesions

Eliminating infection, minimizing itching and reducing inflammations are all important factors in treating prurigo nodularis. A variety of home remedies have been identified as effective for treating the condition. Salt baths, sunlight and dietary changes are among the most effective treatment options available.

Salt Bath

A bath in sea salt or even a trip to the ocean is an effective treatment option for minimizing prurigo nodularis. During a soak, the salt water penetrates the pores and is absorbed into the blood stream. This salt helps remove accumulated lactic acid in the body, eliminated infection and dries out sores.


Exposure to the sun also has a rehabilitating effect for treating prurigo nodularis. When exposed to the sun, the skin releases a compound called nitric oxide, which helps stimulate blood flow and lower blood pressure. This compound also functions to remove toxins from the blood as it enhances blood filtration.

Dietary Changes

Dietary changes are another component used to manage this skin condition. Identifying and eliminating trigger foods is the goal for treating the condition through diet. Many individuals benefit from limiting soy lecithin, artificial sweeteners and gluten.

Nodular prurigo is an aggressive skin condition that manifests as very itchy firm lumps on the skin. While it is a condition that is relatively difficult to treat, many natural options offer relief of the condition.

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User Reviews

Anti-Viral Medications   1  0   

Posted by Barb G (Naples, Fl) on 06/17/2014

[YEA]  My PN started with 31 squamous cell cancers over a period of 3 years. Got rid of those with surgeries, radiation and scrape and burn. It stopped for a year after I took Soriatane for 4 months...had to stop that med because my hair started falling out. But no more cancers for a year. The next 7 biopsies came back as PN. I tried a lot of remedies I found in this forum. Got depressed and went to a psychiatrist who gave me amytriptoline and klonopin for the itching and depression. The next visit he said he researched PN and prescribed Valtrex as most of the PN was on major nerve lines and thought this might be a virus related to shingles. First 1000mg then 2000mgs per day the next month. Eureka! No new PNs and all the rest of the 39 I had are shrinking, drying out and turn white and peel off. Most are gone but the larger ones are white and peeling off.

I truly think this is viral. That's probably why tea tree oil helped some people.

As background...I also had MRSA from one of the squamous surgeries...and pseudemonas Aer...something after a MOHs surgery with a skin graft. One Doc gave me doxycycline IVs and I think Vancomycin for one of the infections. I noted several people online had MRSA and had one or two of these drugs. Maybe they set you up for PN...?

Another thing that helped was a chemo liquid for skin cancer called 5 only kills abnormal skin cells and helped stop the itching of PN and dried out the sores.

I recently had a painful reaction to the 5 FU on a fast growing bump. I had it biopsied and it was squamous cell cancer. This happened before I took the anti viral meds. A new dermatologist is going to try acutane next month for the prevention of any new cancers. I hope this helps someone.

Replied by Anelissa

Thank you for recommending valtrex. I will ask my doctor to prescribe that for me, as I have been thinking it is virus related. Eliminated bacterial cause by using three different antibiotics. Virus makes total sense to me.
Replied by Anelissa

I just want to kiss you Barb G of Naples.

I have made an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to receive a script for Valtrex. Let you know how it goes.

Replied by Samantha

Good afternoon Anelissa, I was just wondering if you were able to meet with your doctor and have started on the Valtrex RX? Can you provide any feedback from your experience?
Replied by Anelissa
Brisbane, Australia

Hi, I have completed 2 packs x 30 tablets,

2 x 500mg per day, and after 1 month of use, my NP has reduced by at least 60percent on upper body, and by 70percent on scalp. Continuing the script for another 14 days. Looking very promising. Cheers, Anelissa

Replied by Ng
California, US

So apparently I went to 2 doctors that thought the bump on my elbow was psoriasis. Well it wasn't! It was prurigo nodularis. Steroids creams were ineffective after use for about 3-4 years. Finally went to a good doctor and he used a injection at the site for itch (good for about the month). Within a week...the bump became smooth/flat and it's starting to get better! Wish I knew earlier. I've also been using palmers cocoa butter...which offered amazing itch relief (even better than steroid creams! )..and I felt like it stays in the skin longer.
Replied by Valencia
Atlanta, GA

[SIDE EFFECTS]   Thank you so much for posting. I have been using a topical steroid for my Pruigo Nodularis and have developed severe skin damage -- yet another skin issue! I will talk to my doctor about Valtrex immediately. I have been taking Prednisone on and off for the last year and that provides temporary relief. As soon as I come off , I start the burning and itching again. I am also taking 150 mg of Imuran since the middle of August. I don't see any difference.
Replied by Scott
Naples, Fl

I also have PN. It started 15 months ago and has not improved after months of mirtazapine to reduce itching and soaks followed by Triamcinalone application. You have mentioned "5 FU". I am wondering if you are referring to Efudex. Please clarify this for me. Thanks.
Replied by Mary
Naples, Fl

Hello Barb G. I have an almost identical situation; multple MOHS and I had a Staph infection which preceeded a bad case of PM. I have tried everything my Dermatologist has recommended though I haven't tried Valtex. May I ask if the Valtrex continued to clear up the PM? I have had this for over 18 months now and will try almost anything. Thank you.
Replied by Maria
New York, US

HELP! I Was recently finally diagnosed w PN. although Ive had it on /off for about 18 months. I went to 5 diff dermatologists who all told me I have dry itchy skin, never diagnosed me last april I went to a derm in NY known for eczema cures, he did a biopsy found nothing. I suffer from eczema/dermatitis time to time over the years so this was caused by and eczema breakout which I believe happened due to my allergies. Now I just went to another new dermatologist, who has diagnosed me with this . All he has me doing is using to diff topical steroid creams switching every two weeks and cerave cleanser and moisturizer. I've noticed an improvement but it hasn't fully gone away. I have been put on predisnone time and time again on /off which I hate. As soon as I stopped the predisnone I had a breakout w / vengeance like not other on my upper arm this time. Before my PN was only on my forearms. Now my whole upper arm is covered, and there must be at least 20 on my upper arm. The steroids are not working that well. I've decided to try cryotherapy. Hopefully it works , my derm wants me to stay on the steroids for amonth then consider light therapy. I need to be over with this.

Nodular Prurigo   0  0   

Posted by Anelissa (Brisbane, AU) on 08/10/2014

The home remedies you list for Nodular Prurigo are pretty useless. In fact, sunlight made my rash worse. Doxycycline dispelled the erythema, but didn't overcome the NP.

I am glad for your webpage, because I was running out of ideas and one of your posters has led me to try Valtrex anti-viral medication, so I'm feeling very excited about this. My condition was misdiagnosed by at least 5 doctors and two specialist since January 2012, only 1 GP was adamant about NP. Finally a third biopsy in March 2014 came back with NP as per Pathology Lab result. Consider if this is a virus, how it may be transmitted via blood transfusion - I'm no expert in immunology, so it's more of a query than a caution. Number of cases of NP are springing up all around me. Just saying, if a virus, then we should be so lucky as to know of one anti viral med that was a success in the cure for NP. Regards Anelissa (pseudonym)

Salt Baths, Sunlight   0  0   

Posted by Louise (New York) on 03/21/2013

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Remedy for Prurigo Nodularis:

I have had this skin disease for years. The only thing that has worked for me is a combination of salt baths and sunlight. During the winter months, when I can't get to the beach, I put sea salt in my bath and soak in it. It clears up infected sores and dries them out and they form a crust which can be pumiced off with an emery board of callus pumice. It also helps to decrease the itching and therefore the scratching as well. When the weather gets warmer, I lie in the sun. Sun exposure is the best treatment. I have gone from approximately 200 sores on my arms and legs to about a dozen.

Replied by Cathydinmo
Blue Springs, Mo, USA

I've had Prurigo Nodularis 27 years now. I had read something interesting. Have or do any of you had throat or tonsil conditions?
Replied by Mm
Virginia Beach, Va

I seem to have this skin condition. I have hyperthyroidism. I went through a very stressful situation when I started getting the itch. It started on my arm. Initially the itch looks like a bug bite. It was very itchy. The more I scratch, the itchier it gets until it turned to be an open wound. Then I started noticing that the top portion of the itchy wound is filled with fluid. The itching didn't stop. I was placed on Prednisone for 10 days and the itching ceased but then I started to develop itch on my legs and lower back. I need the itch to go away. Dr don't seem to know what it is.
Replied by Lindab
Vancouver Bc Canada

I've had Pruigo Nodularis for over 3 years now on my cheek, started after a bout with shingles followed by 3 years of extreme stress.......I just came back from a dermatologist who told me to keep Vaseline on it...I've been doing that for 10 days now, I put a bandaid over the Vaseline at night & during the day if I'm not going out anywhere. End result is that it's looking much better! .....Don't know if anyone has been able to get any of the nodules out but I have and thought they were tiny cysts.....I have a family history of asthma and hay fever, but don't have that myself....I also have hypothroidism.......I'm hoping that the Vaseline treatment will help in the long run. Before I saw the Dr I had started putting on Nivea Q10 nightcream which also helped....seems these things need a good heavy duty moisturizer which seems to keep the itch away.