Miliaria - Prickly Heat Remedies

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Treatment of miliaria or prickly heat rash includes natural applications that soothe and calm the rash. Naturally, apple cider vinegar is an effective treatment for detoxifying the affected pores. Additionally, organic powders help soak up excess sweat and prevent the condition.

What Is Miliaria?

Also known as heat rash, prickly heat affects individuals of all ages, particularly during hot, humid weather. Characterized by red to white bumps on the skin and an itchy or prickly feeling in the affected area, miliaria can be extremely uncomfortable.

Miliaria develops as the sweat ducts in a particular area become clogged. When this clogging occurs, the sweat does not evaporate as it should but rather remains beneath the skin, causing the characteristic inflammation and rash. Contributing factors may include immature sweat ducts, a tropical climate, physical activity, certain fabrics and medications.

Home Remedies for Prickly Heat Rash

Home treatments for prickly heat include a variety of options to eliminate clogged pores and the associated irritation. Treatment options include apple cider vinegar, castor oil, aloe vera and others. Additionally, keeping the affected area clean and dry helps eliminate the condition.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar treats the underlying cause of miliaria. As he condition is caused by clogged pores, applying apple cider vinegar to the affected area removes dirt and toxins naturally and safely. The vinegar also serves as an anti-inflammatory agent when used in a diluted form.

Castor Oil

Derived from the bean of the castor plant, castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid. This acid penetrates the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it. The oil is also antimicrobial, so it eliminates infection, serves as an anti-itch agent and delivers pain-relieving properties.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a natural cooling agent. When applied to prickly heat, aloe vera relieves itching and cools the affected skin. Aloe vera also helps heal the rash.

Miliaria is an uncomfortable skin condition marked by a red, rough inflamed skin rash. If treated with natural methods such as apple cider vinegar and aloe vera, however, the rash can be not only soothed but also eliminated.

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User Reviews

Apple Cider Vinegar   2  0   

Posted by R (Brooklyn, Ny) on 04/05/2010

[YEA]  ACV for Miliaria (Prickly Heat)

This is completely embarrassing. I'm a woman with large breasts and, unfortunately, I gained weight that I'm now working off.

One day I was in the shower and noticed that the skin under my breast was very itchy. I looked and noticed it was a rash. I'd never had anything like it and, a few days later, realized it was prickly heat because of my heavy breasts. I then looked at pics of prickly heat cases and pretty much my skin looked just like it. :(

I read that apple cider vinegar might help. (It helps with so many ailments that I figured why not try it?) However, I knew my skin was tender, so I watered it down with about 50% water. I got a cotton ball and applied it to the skin under my breasts. There was a little stinging but the itching went away. I treated my skin consistently for a day. Then I went to the gym. I brought some cotton balls soaked in 100% ACV with me and used them after I showered. I've decided that I'll probably be a risk for this until I loose the weight that I need to loose.

Now I apply a little ACV after my showers. I even put a little ACV under my breasts before working out. That might be a bit excessive, but I want to avoid this from happening again. It's just not a good feeling. Also, before getting dressed, I follow up with baby powder to soak up any sweat.

Embarrassing to have prickly heat there, but I have it and ACV has saved me again.

Posted by Stephanie
New Braunfels, Texas
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[YEA]   I tried most all of the Internet remedies for heat rash and thought I'd go insane with the itching. I have been plagued with this for 3 summers which makes living in South Texas no picnic or day at the beach! I have found much relief from making a 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water mix. I put it in a spray bottle and use it as an "after bath splash". I also diligently scrub the area and dry thoroughly but I think the Apple Cider Vinegar is the key. I suspect it is fungal in origin and that the Apple Cider Vinegar has remedied this. Blessed relief!

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Jordan (Houston, Tx) on 12/08/2009

Hi, so far i really enjoy this site with all the testimonials and variety of things to learn about. I was wondering in the ailments page you guys could put a page about prickly heat because I believe that is what I am currently suffering from.

It supposed to be what happens when you cant sweat. I use to sweat all the time before this started like at the beginning of this year i believe. Ever since whenever my body gets heated, I have this horrible attack on my scalp, face, chest, back and sometimes other places. It like Im being pinned with needles, and it is so annoying. I noticed I never sweat anymore but have this feeling. Its horrible, so I just wanted to ask that if you could make a page for this so that maybe their are others with this problem as well. I dont think i found it on here so yeah. Thank you.

Posted by Jordan
Houston, Tx
4 Posts
I posted about this before, but this is like the worst thing EVER. I think my pores must be clogged up or something, when I get hot My scalp, face, chest, upper back and other areas start to have a very bad prickly effect and I suffer all the time. This just started at the beginning of the year. I used to sweat all the time and now almost nothing! Just the feeling of being pinned with needles! I beleive I have dermatitis as well which a doctor told me a while back because my scalp has been flaking which is embarassing. I've been using ACV for a week or two now and I dont know. Also supplementing with Garlic and Acidophilus. Could be a yeast infection? If my pores are clogged how do I get the dirt or sweat out? I've tried using a rag to wipe my body and it helped a couple of times as I did start to feel a little sweat on my legs, upper back, chest, and armpits. My forehead area seems to be really dry and damaged and it becomes really red and itchy when I get hot as well as the sides of my nose area. I was taking antibiotics before for an infection that I had and I noticed during that period the prickly heat went away but i dont remember sweating I dont think. Now its back and It's has been a HUGE burden on me. Im 18 and I just want to not worry about my skin anymore!
Posted by Jordan
Houston, Texas
Alright so I am back again to give feedback. I have been using Castor Oil, however I am still unsure of how it is or is not effecting me. Last week I just thought about just rubbing my whole body bare handed. I saw that there is a ayurvedic way to do, so I tried that. Then I took a warm bath. I applied the Castor Oil before bed on my face, chest, back. Took a Cold Shower in the morning. I noticed on Friday while i was at work that I started to sweat in some areas, the face still got the prickly feeling. My hands have been sweating alot more as well as my feet. Even the it never effects those areas, It feels great to be sweating somewhere. I started adding ACV to my baths and rubbing with a rag the same way as I would before I get in.

I've noticed that alot of the areas on my face, such as the sides of my nose where it would always have a rash look to it has become normal color dramtically. I think this is from rubbing it opening up my skin or something. When my face gets really dry, I rub an Ice cube over it and it does help. The driest part is usually my forehead area.

So this is my feedback so far. Hopefully I'll continue to see more results!

Posted by Jordan
Houston, Tx
Alright so its been a while since I talked last about my issue. All of the remedies i tried such as castor oil, ACV, coconut oil and such made the problem worse I believe. For a couple of days a month or so ago, I believe January, I began to sweat. I was at work and I work outside at a grocery store pushing carts.I was totally happy that i was sweating. I put sun lotion on so i dont know if that had anything to do with it, but i was sweating on the insides of my clothes so I have no clue. Recently Ive still been getting that prickly feeling on my scalp and some areas such as my back. My lower body area seems to sweat most of the time which is great. Now earlier this week, I was playing the "air drums" hopefully Im not thought of as weird, but I would really love to play a real drum set and I was playing like i did. Well while doing so, I began sweating, more so my under arm area and oh my gosh my scalp forehead area! So honestly what i am thinking is that what is causing this maybe dry skin or something. My stomach area feels dry and hasnt been sweating. I've had dry skin for some time so Im thinking this may have something to do with it? Before I sweat i get that prickly feeling so this is what I think is preventing my body from sweating? Maybe I need a good moisturizer that wont clog my pores or something. I mean now when I sweat, I am literally jumping with joy and others are like "Okay..?" Everyone IMO who sweats, DO NOT take it for granted! Im dying to sweat right now and I never used to like it because I sweated alot! I just want all the toxins to leave my body again! So is there any good light moisturizers? preferably natural? Thank you!
Posted by Msg
Somewhere, Europe
oil of ulay (olay), the simplest one.
Posted by Brygivrob
Escondido, Ca
i think you are feeling the prickly feeling because you have toxins in your skin and pores that are struggling to get out...i have had the same prickly feeling when starting to exercise after not doing it for a long time...if you really work out and sweat well, i think your pores will open up and the prickly feeling will be gone
Posted by Jordan
Houston, Tx
Yeah that seems to happen, but i dont want to die or anything..I dont know if i would from doing that. That does seem to happen though is it goes away and then I start sweating. Maybe my pores are clogged?
Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
704 Posts
Hi Jordan, I just read your post and wanted to direct you to this info that may be quite helpful to you. I used this technique long ago but forgot about it over the years. Recently, I was reminded of it and have since begun using it again. Paavo Airola was a remarkable man that introduced some great natural lifestyles during a time when they had all but been forgotten. I gave you this link because it gives you so much info about all the benefits of this dry massage technique and I think it may help you "unclog" this very large eliminative organ- our skin! There is so much info here that I didn't want to have to reiterate it when it was all so clear here. Let me know what you think. You might also want to consider dietary changes.

Peace, Lisa

Posted by Jordan
Houston, Tx
Thank you Lisa! I read over the page and it seems like it could work, I remember trying this some time ago but with bare hands, not a brush. Im going try and buy one because I believe they have those at my job. Did it benefit you at all??
Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
704 Posts
Hi Jordan,

I only just found your post. I wasn't scrolling down far enough to find it. I'm glad you were able to read the info and that it sounded good to you. And yes, I am loving dry brushing my entire body. I do it every morning before I shower and my skin is really responding. Of course, I do a lot besides that such as diet and juicing which help my skin from the inside. Have you been able to get a brush and are you doing it yet? If so, do you see any results? I'll be so interested to hear.

Take care,

Posted by Jordan
Houston, Tx
Alright after a little over a year of horrible prickling pain I no longer have it i believe and I sweat almost normally! Im not sure what has helped reverse this problem, I havent used soap all over my body when showering...

A month or so ago, I ordered Maca powder online because I read all the wonderous effects of it from libido, energy, stress, and balance. I was amazed at how much this plant reduced my stress! I felt alittle high the first time i took it. Ever since I've been using it, 3 tablespoons each day in water...I've sweat more and more and no prickly feeling! I really think it has something to do with reversing my problems! Its supposed to help the endocrine system and many other things. Its an adaptogen with no know side effects. This Incan superfood is amazing! Oh and it tastes kinda nasty at first but you get used to it, it reminds me of dandelion tea taste. This should be a remedy on this site!

Posted by Rick (Vancouver, Canada) on 03/31/2009

Is there anyone out there dealing with prickly heat? and if you are or know how to get rid of it, could you PLEASE help me out. I've been dealing with prickly heat off and on for about 20 yrs and currently this bout of it has lasted a year.

Apperently it's some sort of bacteria that blocks your sweat glands causing a painfull pricking sensation when you sweat, but the sweat never gets to the surface of the skin, it gets trapped under the skin causing painfull tiny blister like bumps all over the body.

I'm not overweight and considered pretty healthy for 42, but when I try to do something active, for eg/ hiking, running, and biking I'm not able to sweat and have to deal with first the prickly heat then I overheat because of the lack of sweat to cool me down and eventually get very weak,dizzy and tired. This is a scarry feeling because I could be out in the middle of nowhere and not have the energy to get back. Doctors say its an allergic reaction and prescribe a antihistimine. THIS DOES NOT WORK!!!. I'm still dealing with this and I want my active life back, I shouldn't have to live my life looking for water in rivers, lakes, hoses on houses to cool down when I over heat. Please help if you can!

I want to sweat again! I've seen a few remedies on the net, but not sure if I want to give my money away to an unknown source. Do they work?


Posted by Barefoot Allen
Welaka, Florida
Drink More Water. I'm not kidding. If I feel a small itch, I drink 16oz. & it will go away. I drink about 8 bottles a day, more in the summer. Sometimes I take magnesium & calcium tablets so I don't get leg cramps, caused by drinking too much water.
Posted by Jordan
Houston, Tx
4 Posts
recently ive started pouring water on me whenever i work out o whatever, it seems to help the needle sensation. I think exfoliating the skin might help, when i took a shower a couple of weeks ago and noticed that after using a wash rag i started to sweat alittle latter at work. This is the most annoying thing, I wish i could have my life back to where i can just enjoy things more. Begging for a cure! Ive recently started oil pulling, so we'll see where that goes.. Also I think peppermint tea helps.
Posted by Whispergently
Timmins, Ontario Canada
7 Posts
To Jordan from Texas and Rick from Vancouver, you will need to read Dr. Williams newsletter in regards to Castor Oil and in his letter he explains the lymphatic system which has not been researched very much by the medical profession. He writes this sentence: "The capillaries then gradually become larger and form veins through which the unoxygenated, waste-carrying blood returns back to the lungs and then to the heart to be recirculated time and time again". Do a search on Wikipedia about capillaries and you'll see that they write that it enables the exchange of water, oxygen, carbon dioxide.

Therefore given that one sentence and the explanation of capillaries I believe you'd benefit from Castor oil.

Please email me at and I'll forward you the rest of the information, I will be infringing upon copyright laws if I post his newsletter. It has a wealth of benefits and information.

Posted by Jordan
Houston, Texas
So I have been using Castor oil on all the areas that i usually get the prickly heat in. I honestly still havent seen a change yet. I also tried raw honey on the spots to see if it would clean out my skin. Im still using the castor oil so I guess I'll give it more time. Since prickly heat is usually caused by pores being blocked shouldnt I use something to try and clean them out? I've been using ACV. I noticed on my chest that when I get warm I see little white bumps on areas of my skin..Is this sweat that has been trapped under my skin? I want these things to open up or something so that I can be relieved when I get hot. I also read that a clay mask could possibly be used?
Posted by Rob
Vancouver, Bc
Prickly Heat Powder from British Dispensary in Thailand is the BEST. I have never had anything work as good as this product. Classic is good but anit-bacterial is better. Both work!


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