Mental Illness Treatment

Last Modified on Oct 24, 2014

While treatment of mental illness often involves a variety of treatment considerations, many natural supplements offer extensive treatment benefits. Supplements help regulate mood and affect and prevent the characteristic “highs” and “lows” many individuals with mental illness experience. Additionally, these supplements help eliminate harmful toxins in the body that may be contributing to illness.

What Is Mental Illness?

Mental illness is a term used to refer to a number of disorders that involve mental health. Disorders associated with mental illness typically include those that affect the mood, thinking and behavior of an individual. Several mental illnesses have been identified including anxiety disorder, depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders and specific addictive behaviors.

While specific mental illnesses manifest in different ways, many of these issues share similar traits. Common symptoms of mental illness include a pervasive feeling of sadness, confused thinking, excessive fear or worry, extreme changes in mood, tiredness or low energy, detachment, feelings of guilt, substance abuse and excessive anger. The causes of mental illness vary as well but typically include genetics, environmental exposures, negative life experiences and brain chemistry.

Natural Treatment of Mental Health Conditions

While lifestyle changes and cognitive therapy are often effective treatments of mental illness, many conditions require additional treatments. Common supplements including fish oil, magnesium and melatonin help balance the brain and nervous system, treating mental health conditions naturally.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a nutrient rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These fats balance the serotonin levels, which also helps regulate an individual’s natural affect. Fish oil also helps support brain health.


A vital nutrient, magnesium plays a role in nearly 300 chemical processes in the body. A deficiency of magnesium in the body can be related to high levels of stress and poor mental affect. Using magnesium as a supplement supports mental health and treats a variety of mental illnesses.


Melatonin is a natural hormone that aids in the regulation of sleep. Used as a supplement, melatonin delivers a vital dose of mental health support. Aiding in sleep, melatonin also helps prevent sleep-induced issues.

While diet or nutrient deficiency is usually only one element of mental illness, the appropriate supplemental support offers relief and treatment of many conditions. Fish oil, magnesium and melatonin are three vital nutrients for maintaining mental health and wellness.

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User Reviews

Chamomile Tea   1  0   

Posted by Aimee (Honolulu, Hawaii) on 05/22/2007

[YEA]  I've had sleep problems for as long as I can remember and it doesn't help that I'm also bipolar. I've tried everything from mind tricks and herbal remedies to over the counter pills but one thing I found that seems to work like a charm is half a cup of chamomile tea mixed with half a cup of milk. The drink should be warm, not hot, so what I do is make cup of the tea by heating it in the microwave for about 2 minutes and then adding the milk afterwards allowing the tea to heat the milk. After drinking it, I'm asleep within half an hour.

Cold Showers   2  0   

Posted by Trevor (Cambridge, NY) on 08/04/2005

[YEA]  My hot water tank malfunctioned recently so I had to take cold showers. At first I dreaded the idea but have since found that tepid showers invigorate my spirit and lighten my mood. I'm bipolar and have crushing depressive episodes. Believe me when I say that I feel my cold showers mitigate the effects of my dark moods and project a feeling of well being and joy throughout my whole body and mind!

Posted by Coldwater
West Park, Fl
2 Posts
[YEA]   Cold showers are extremely good for the body. They help to drive a fresh supply of oxygenated blood to the site of infection or blockage. Every single person should finish off a shower or bath with cold water. It is highly beneficial.

Fish Oils for Mental Illnesses   1  0   

Posted by RAquelle (Auckland, New Zealand) on 12/04/2007

[YEA]  I have heard very good things about fish oils! A woman who was severly Bi polar , would go into dillusional lapses for weeks and upon taking fish oils whe has now not suffered these for 2 years now. I also have suffered mood swings ....I link with brain chemical balances (not necessarely Bi-polar) .........I feel 3 Capsules have balanced my mood very nicely. Also I find cutting out suger and white flour also helps. Remember because of what we eat etc..... the stresses in our life are given power in a way , because we get trigger easily. we all deserve lovely lifes and are entitled , and because we have strayed a distance from the natural foods that we used to consume..we have to return and relearn how to be healthy. = )

Posted by Mitch6114
Gatineau, Quebec
4 Posts
I have most of the symptoms for the borderline personality disorder. I will not take any psychotic drugs, instead, I take natural remedies. What really works for me is taking 3 capsules a day (1,000 mg each of Omega 3 fish oil and 1 capsule a day of 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophane) of 50 mg (extracted from the Griffonia simplicifolia seed). I feel so much better and calmer. My mood swings have decreased tremendously and my mind is clearer and more relaxed. When I have problems sleeping at night, I take one (5 mg) capsule of melatonin and I sleep soundly all night and wake up rested, refreshed and energetic. I hope this helps someone with the same problem.
Posted by Anna
London, England
Don't stop talking the fish oil if it's helping, but to get to the root of the problem, you should also limit your intake of omega 6. The ratio of omega 6 oils and omega 3 oils in the body is important. By taking fish oil with omega 3, you are adding omega 3. To stop the problem at its source, lower your intake of omega 6. The body was never meant to consume lots of omega 6, and we didn't until vegetable oils were invented during the last 100 years or so.

I suggest cutting out or reducing your intake of vegetable oils (soybean, corn, canola, margarine, etc.). You can replace them with butter, olive oil, coconut oil, lard. Yes, it goes against what the establishment has been saying, but no veg. oils, with the exception of olive oil were used over a hundred years ago. We can't "need" corn oil to be healthy. Also, all processed food have bad oils. We all know the less processed foods the better, so that's a no brainer.
I often wonder how many people suffering from depression or other mental illness could be helped (not sure about cured, but maybe) by eating a totally natural diet.

Good for you that you found something that helps you. I wish you good health.

Gaba and Lithium Aspartate   1  0   

Posted by Monique (San Diego, California) on 08/07/2008

[YEA]  My husband has bipolar disorder, mostly manic. He has been taking GABA (amino acid), about 3 or 4 per day, which really helps. He also takes lithium aspartate, about 5 per day, 5 mg. each. Both of these are found at our local health store. These are both calming for him, provided he takes enough. If he escalates into mania, he takes a little more GABA daily, until balanced again.

Lifestyle Changes   0  0   

Posted by Taylor (Chicago, Il) on 09/30/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I haven't found any food/substance that helps with my bipolar, but a recent lifestyle change has really helped me. My doctor suggested I track my moods daily, which I do, and it helps me notice patterns and when to expect my ups and downs. Each day, write down a description of how you felt and rate your mood, from -10 being the most depressed you've ever felt, to 10 being the most manic you've ever felt. Also, record how much you slept that night, if you drank alcohol or consumed other drugs, and if you had any suicidal thoughts (no mater how fleeting- as we bipolars know, suicidal thoughts can often be... For lack of a better word... Casual, not of much concern. What matters is that your mind for whatever reason thought about suicide, no matter how severe). Keeping track like this has really helped me. Oh ya: THERAPY. It rocks. Cognitive-Behavioral therapy is ok, but I suggest using that therapy in combination with another. CBT can be difficult for bipolar people because we think abstract. Look for a therapist who's been trained in more than just cognitive behavioral. In therapy sessions, it's vitally important to tell the truth. If you are guarded and afraid you'll cry, tell your therapist, and work out a way to communicate; maybe write letters and bring them into therapy. Insist that you just can't tell the truth in normal conversation and you need to find another way. Art therapy is also great; However, I think that therapy should be more that just art therapy. I think art therapy should be used in combination with talk therapy. Also, don't be afraid to tell your therapist that you think they're wrong, or that what their saying isn't helping. They're not perfect, and you need to work as a team. Also, don't be afraid to switch therapists. Trust your gut. Also, I stumbled across an article called The 7Habits of the Highly Productive Bipolar. I've started to follow these more rigidly and it's helping a lot. Exercise and Sleep make a big difference.

-Eat a proper diet
-Incorporate Scheduled Relaxation time into your life
-Have a morning and evening routine
-Learn to be organized
-Don't take yourself too seriously

I have also found that marijuana kicks me into mania. I was in denial for a while because I like smoking and mania can be really fun, inspiring and significant, but weed induced manic episodes ultimately threw off my routine too much and put me behind in the more important things in life. So, rule of thumb... Be wary of the weed. Its ok once in a while, but the mania can last well past the few hours after smoking. It's kept me up all night and into the morning through the next day. In college, it can often be normal to be smoking 1, 2, 3 times a week- that just doesn't work if it makes you manic. Cut back. Once a month. Once every three weeks.

You get the picture. When slipping into a manic episode, I have found the following tips helpful:

-do not write emails, send letters, leave comments online, or call someone you normally wouldn't call because what you'll end up writing/saying is likely to be unusual, and you will regret it once you come down. If you really want to communicate, write it down, save it for later when you cool down. -don't spend money. Don't go near a store, don't look at any online shopping sites. -stay off the internet, in general

-don't go to bars/parties, and do not have sex with anyone that you're not currently in a sexual relationship with. Just go masturbate if the horny takes over. -be wary of driving, cooking, lighting candles, operating machinery... Anything that could burn down your house, cause an accident, etc. Mania leaves you pretty absent-minded. -occupy yourself with doing something you like! Don't fight the episode and try to function normally through it. Take a deep breath, admit that your manic, then go make some art, dance, sing, hang out with a friend, workout, listen to music/audiobook, etc. Similar tips for if you're depressed. Make sure to call a friend for help if you need it. If you're feeling suicidal, call a friend for suicide watch. They can just hang out at your place/you go to theirs and chill. They just need to keep an eye on you is all. I also find that taking a really hot shower or burying myself in lots of blankets and overheating can help quell the depression, like literally sweating it out. I'm considering eating a decent amount of cyanne pepper next time I'm depressed- seeing as it heats and stimulates- to bounce out of depression I feel like one needs some kind of a kick. It's probably a good idea to pick a few friends you can count on and tell them about your condition and how to handle it if you come asking for help. And something many readers might not agree with:

-Take your medication as prescribed

Now I know, no one wants to be taking pharmaceutical mind control drugs- eek!! BUT... I find that with the right medicine, taking a pill can make life a lot less stressful, traumatic, hectic, wild, depressing... Etc. I don't plan to stay on my medicine indefinitely, but I consider medicine a valuable tool to help keep you stable as you learn life skills and find a living situation that works for when you go unmedicated. I view it as the lesser of two evils. Medicine helped clear my mind, helped me in therapy to work out all the demons my mind was plagued with from years of my body kicking me with depressed phases. (self confidence, self hatred, negative attitude, etc. )

BUT.. Its very important to find the RIGHT medicine. Thats where tracking the mood becomes vital. I went through a roulette of antidepressants, anti anxiety and add drugs because I didn't have a clear picture of my own situation. Bipolar people, as a rule of thumb, are NOT supposed to take antidepressants. You can get away with a mix of a mood stabilizer and an antidepressant, but if you don't have a mood stabilizer, the antidepressant can kick you into a crazed, off the charts manic episode. Which happened to me. Not to mention that starting the antidepressant can make you uber depressed and suicidal too. Bottom line: track your moods, be wary of ANYTHING other than a mood stabilizer. ***

Love to all the bipolars out there- they say it's a "disorder", but no one has the right to label you in any way. So forget the negativity. Accept yourself and appreciate the fact that most of the general population will never know the depth of emotion that we do. For all the depression we suffer, a good day means more to us than most. For all the mania, we brim with life and energy unlike most. I consider myself blessed.

Posted by Jasmine
Budd Lake, Nj
2 Posts
So true your article was. I just wanted to say that I appreciated it. I am bipolar as well. I am an artist and a musician and mechanic and a cook and so on and so on. I have learned to embrace my multi talents and my deep emotion. Like you said most of the world will never feel as we feel or be as talented and interesting as we are. Well said!
Posted by Marcia
Elkhart, In
I just wanted to say this article explains soo much! I am bi-polar and some of this stuff I just didn't understand such as the effects of things on someone who is bi-polar. WOW! It is finally nice to meet someone who knows exactly how I feel. Its just hard to describe to someone who doesn't have to deal with this stuff how I actually feel. Thank you for your article!
Posted by Russell
Tyler, Tx, Usa

I was hoping to speak with you regarding this thread you posted. I won't take much of your time. My profile sounds similar to yours and I was wondering what medicine you are taking (and have taken) for your bipolar problems. Although I HATE prescriptions, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to resort to something and just thought I'd get your feedback.

I greatly appreciate any time you might have.

Many thanks, Russell

Magnesium Glycinate   1  0   

Posted by Doris (Murfreesboro, TN) on 12/05/2007

[YEA]  My son suffered from anxiety and depression after his divorce. I read an article by George Eby about Magnesium Glycinate for depression. I bought my son some of the magnesium and after a few days he started feeling better and talked about having more energy and concentration. He took 800-1000 mgs. for a few days to build it up in his system, then backed down to 400 mgs. The Magnesium Glycinate really changed his life.

Megavitamin Therapy   1  0   

Posted by Pete1844 (Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom) on 12/02/2010

[YEA]  I suffered with intermittent and sometimes severe psychiatric symptoms for 33 years, and was prescribed psychotropics such as Modecate, Depixol, Carbamazapine, Depacote, Epilim Chrono, Risperdal (Risperidone), Amytriptoline, Quetiapine (Seroquel), Abilify (Aririprazol), etc. The side effects were sometimes severe, suicidal thoughts, sedation, dry mouth, flat emotions, dulled intellect, twitching muscles etc.

After just 3 years of orthomolecular medicine through megavitamin therapy, through studying the books of Dr Abram Hoffer from Amazon, all this mayhem has been swept away. Dr Hoffer's research in Canada in the 1950s has apparently been suppressed for 60 odd years, but seems from my personal experience to hit the nail on the head, whereas the quack remedies of the UK NHS do nothing but mask and suppress the symptoms. My daily dosage from Lamberts Healthcare. Co.Uk is 6000 mgs C, 3000 mgs B3 as niacinamide, 4000 iu of D, 40 micrograms of B5, 2200 mgs of fish oil and a single B-100 complex tablet. As yet not one doctor with any authority over me in the NHS is prepared to even DISCUSS these findings. What's going on? Don't they WANT people to be healthy?

Posted by Mary
Buenos Aires, Argentina
18 Posts
please Pete 1884 from england, could you contact me fro information on megavitamin therapy for my son, I really need guidance on this. Thank you Mary
Posted by D
Tampa, Florida
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I can vouch for the effectivness of this therapy, especially in conjuction with a gluten-free, raw vegetarian/vegan diet. While I still suffer from mild episodes, the harshest symptoms have substantially dissipated. I've been on the therapy for a year and a half, so if what the above poster stated his experience as accurate, then I can look forward to significant changes in the coming years.
Posted by Consius
Amsterdam, Holland
2 Posts
I am searching info about abram hoffer and B3 and others for 3 months now. I have schizo-affective with a touch of schizophrenia perhaps. Not sure. I would love to know more about the vitamins you take so that we can share. DO you also or took zinc and selenium and vitamin 3 or folic acid?
Posted by Winnie
Hampshire, Il, Us
9 Posts
Hello Consius from Amsterdam, hopefully you will find the material you're seeking.
A bibliography of Abram Hoffer's books and papers:

Melatonin, Chamomile Tea   0  0   

Posted by Jeremiah (San Diego, California) on 07/19/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have Bipolar Disorder characterized most by Manic episodes. Some are not all that bad; they're just a pain in the ass when I have something to do or someone to meet/people to be around. Anyways, I have noticed that when I can't get to sleep at night because my Seroquel doesn't seem to want to do its job, I take Melatonin, usually at 3 mgs. to start off with, then another 3 mgs., which usually knocks me out.

I have also tried Chamomile Tea with positive effects, but since I suffer from enuresis (bed-wetting), I have had to discontinue, because even if I take my medication for enuresis, I still go, which normally wouldn't happen otherwise.

That is not to say that I don't recommend Chamomile Tea. I would actually highly recommend to anybody, except if you have enuresis, even if you take medication for it.

Posted by Pluto
8 Posts
Have you tried just chamomile tincture? Or a homeopathic? Maybe it's just the extra liquid at bedtime that makes you go.

Oil Pulling   1  0   

Posted by Arlene (Findlay, Oh) on 07/16/2007

[YEA]  I have been using extra virgin olive oil (Walmart brand). My psychologist told me about this after studying Native American history. I am bipolar. I have noticed increased metabolism, teeth tightening, weight loss of 12 pounds since starting the oil pulling June 1, 2007. I have so much more energy, teeth seem to be whitening. A clearer mind. The weight loss has been the best for me.

Ortho Molecular Medicine   0  0   

Posted by Willow (New York) on 08/20/2011

Hi, I have been reading the comments about mental illness and some people curing themselves with Ortho Molecular medicine.

I have a 10 year old son that is on Risperdal. He has been taking this for 2 years. We just did some blood test and his prolactin levels are very high. This is a direct cause of the medicine and can be a sign that there is a tumor on the pituitary, thyroid problems. If he remains on this drug he will develop breasts and it will lactate. Needless to say I am desperate for help to get him off this medicine.

He suffers from mood disorders and has anger issues. He is brilliant at school (a year ahead) He is not violent at school but can be at home. He says he holds in his anger until he gets home. Anything can make him angry. It is not alway rational.

I wanted to try the Ortho Molecular Method to treat him. However, I do not know the correct dosage of medicine (Niacin etc.. ) to give him. Can anyone suggest anything. We have spent all of our money on expensive drug pushing psychiatrist.

Thanks in advance for your comments, Willow

Posted by Mary
Buenos Aires, Argentina
18 Posts
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Hello Willow, In response to your question- I took my son off all the medicine he was put on by his doctors. It was slow, scary and a lonely road. He is now free of his medication but on several vitamins. Mostly b3 (2000mg) vitamin c (4000mg) l-theanine once at night. Gaba. Egg lecithin. Fulvic acid. Everyone around me was telling me to medicate.... I just will not again. Somedays are better than others.... But overall he is much better than with the medication. Sometimes I try omega 3 oils and b vitamins like once a weel. Also when he allows me I give him apple cider with baking soda. Hope this helps....

Love, Mary

Posted by Silvermist
Downeast, Maine, Usa
7 Posts
Please also consider homschooling. School makes teens angry because it is prison- even if you enjoy your class, the bell rings just when you're getting into it. You must act as a group and never question authority, and be graded like meat, by someone who may know less than you. You can't even obey your your bodily signals- you must pee and eat when told you may, with a special pass. I recommend the book, "The Underground history of American Education". I was labeled bipolar at age 19 due to anger, and took those meds for 12 years w/out missing a dose. Got off them to have children and my coworkers said, "something about you seems different. We don't know what it is, but we like you better now. " My husband says I'm much easier to be around off the meds. Multiple docs have told me I was probably not bipolar. Bottom line- do not let anyone put kids on meds. Listen to your child and follow their lead. I also recommend, Raising the Explosive Child, but it's not for everyone. I DO recommend taking him out of school and asking him to please learn on his own- follow his interests and become an expert at it- computers, gardening, plumbing, writing, whatever.
Posted by Happytohelp
Manhattan, Mt
My heart goes out to both of you and your children. I suffer from severe anxiety and have found relief finally. I am able to perform muscle testing to find exactly what deficiencies I have. I am able to help others as well. I am not a doctor I just like to help. Once the deficiencies are found the idea is to build up the nutrients in the body so one does not have to take supplements again and the body is healed. Our innate intelligence is incredible we just have to give it the tools. I know this is a long shot but I hope somehow we can get in touch. The Mood Cure by Julia Ross is very insightful. This was recomended to me by a doc. She does not go into muscle testing and all the vitamin, mineral, amino acid and fatty acid deficiency testing but it is helpful. My guess is your children are deficient in the natural mineral lithium that our brain needs to function properly. I hope they have found relief since this post. Best wishes and love.


Posted by Nicholas
Edison, N.j. Usa
15 Posts
This is best done with a doctor skilled in orthomolecular medicine. In 1976 I had a severe clinical depression that was healed in 7 weeks with OM by an M.D. skilled in nutrition. Doctor will have you take tests to determine your body chemistry, and then determine what diet and vitamins to take. Canadian psychiatrist Dr. Abram Hoffer started OM, and published books on it. Here is the site for the OM journal:

My doctor is Dr. Warren M. Levin, still practicing...

Posted by Sue
Hi willow,

My son has Bipolar. He has seen tremendous results through ortho molecular treatment. I was introduced to Dr. Prousky of Toronto by Rosalee Roscoe. Please goggle Dr. Johnathan Prousky, he an author of numerous articles in the Ortho molecular journal and a student of Dr. Hoffer's. Please go to the U-tube video by Margo Kidder titled "the mask of madness"

You could get in touch with Dr. Prousky at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine at Hope this helps. Wishing you all the best. Sue

Posted by Mkpc
Hello Willow,

My daughter is trying to get better herself. She is suffering with PMDD, severe PM symptoms, and keeps spiraling downward. She is very stubborn and does not want our help. She was on Ablilify which made her livable and coherent, but causes great leg pain, weight gain, etc.

She is 35 and has lost her Registered Dietitian career due to anxiety, days missed etc. It is affecting our entire family.

Please can you share the regiment that is helping your son.

I take alot of vitamins and supplements because I have had similiar problems as my daughter and they have greatly helped me. She has been completely turned off because of my large vitamins consumption..... But it works!

I take St. John's wort, B complex, B 12, Calcium Magnesium, Flax oil, C, E, Zinc, Chromium Picolinate......... sometimes MSM, alpha lipoic acid, etc.

Please let me know what helped your son so much so I can show her your response. THANKS!

We cannot find an Orthomolecular Doctor in Chicago/Wisconsin area or for my daughter who lives in South Carolina/Savannah, GA area. THANK YOU FOR YOUR POST!!

Remedies Needed   1  0   

Posted by Ghawell99 (Milton, US) on 10/03/2014

Seeking help with son mental illness cure:

About 2 years ago my son smoke some marijuana. After smoking the marijuana he had a bad trip afterwards. He begin to hallucinate, manic, and other strange symptoms. After about 2 days the episodes were down but not totally gone. But it appears that some strange behavior begin to display in my son. As if he is bipolar disorder or schizophrenic. He speaks really fast, often confused, sometimes perhaps once a month hallucinates. I have taken him to three doctors and they all have prescribe about four or five different medications and about 2-3 different diagnosis. I am at my end with this because I know it is some type of chemical imbalance. I'm thinking something in his blood from that first marijuana episode and it has not left his system to this date. Is there anyone out there that can help me, I beg I pleaded. I'm trying to find a cure for my son. The doctors want listen to me because I have told them from the start, this happened after a bad marijuana trip. But they say well in their 20s and is usually when mental illness start. My son was fine before that marijuana episode, whatever was in that marijuana went into my son system. All the doctors want to do is give him prescription medication.

Does anyone know anything I can do? Does anyone know a cure? Or naturopath or holistic path I can now take to treat my son.

I thank all and appreciate any help and Ted if you know of a path I can take please offer. What test and vitamins will he need? Help! Thank you

Posted by Mama to Many
714 Posts
Dear Ghawell99,

I am sorry your son is having such a hard time...

There are likely many different things you could try. A couple of things I would start with are:

Activated Charcoal Powder - 1 teaspoon in 8 ounces of water twice a day on an empty stomach (away from any medications.) Charcoal helps to remove toxins from the body.

Epsom Salt Baths - 1-2 cups in warm/hot water for 30 minutes twice a week.

How is his nutrition? Is he at home so you are able to help him a lot?

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
968 Posts
Hi Ghadwell99...If you believe that your son is suffering from schizophrenia or is bipolar then you should research the work of Dr Abram Hoffer on the internet. Just type "Hoffer schizophrenia" or "Hoffer niacin" on google search. Dr Hoffer did a huge amount of successful research on mental problems and he also used psychotropic drugs like LSD in his research. He has cured thousands of schizophrenics during his lifetime using his own special but simple nutrient protocols.

After Dr Hoffer passed away in 2009, other brilliant doctors -- such as Dr William Walsh -- carried the torch of both Dr Hoffer and Dr Pfeiffer and their research has moved on. Dr Walsh has identified that many illnesses -- including autism, ADD, PDD, Schizophrenia, bipolar etc are indelibly linked to the mis-operation of the body's Methylation Cycle. All these mental and physical problems are caused by either under-methylation or over-methylation. Schizophrenia and bipolar problems are usually symptoms of over-methylation issues. Under-methylation and over-methylation usually arise, for different reasons, because of what's called Methylation Cycle Blockades -- where the body is missing a nutrient like vitamn B6 or folate or B12 or DMG which then inhibits the production of proper catalytic enzymes for proper Methylation Cycle operation. The Methylation Cycle is hugely important to the body -- it governs the operation of the Homocysteine Cycle, Tran-Sulfuration Cycle and Folate Cycle in the body. This means that if these associated cycles are inoperative or below par, then there might be a possible huge lack of glutathione, zinc, taurine and cysteine in the body and high levels of homocysteine. So the key detox pathways of the body become very inefficient and incapable causing imbalance, high accumulation of heavy metals in the body and therefore high oxidative stess and inflammation.

More to the point, if the Folate Cycle or Homocysteine Cycle are impaired or blocked, then this can cause aberrant low-grade gene production in the brain cells and in the immune cells.

For now, your son should simply take this protocol every day which is basically Dr Abram Hoffer's simple protocol for people with schizophrenia or bi-polar symptoms:

Niacinamide(or niacin) -- 1 gram 3 times a day. Niacinamide does not give the niacin flush.

Pyrridoxine(Vitamin B6) -- 200 mgs once per day with meals

Zinc Gluconate -- 50 mgs daily with meals.

Vitamin C -- 1 gram with water 3 times per day.

The niacinamide will act to greatly reduce your sons anxiety, calm him down and will give him energy.The zinc and B6 will help to resolve possible other methylation cycle problems such as pyrroluria which commonly occurs with schizophrenics. And the vitamin C is there for faster healing.

I would also urge you to seek out a methylation-literate doctor for your son. I am not sure whether you live in Milton, MA or Milton, GA -- so here is a complete list of methylation-literate doctors in the US:

Methylation Literate Doctors in US

if you just go to a regular doctor -- he will probably give your son dangerously high doses of lithium carbonate and anti-depressants that will probably make his condition much worse and he will never recover. On the other hand, the methylation-literate doctors will actually try and cure your son of his problems using more healthful and beneficial nutrients and the most current research.


Dr William Walsh -- Schizophrenia

Dr William Walsh -- Over-Methylation

Doctor Yourself -- Schizophrenia

Posted by Meeya
Sunnyvale, Ca
36 Posts
It sounds like there must have been one or more chemicals in the marijuana. Some growers use all sorts of chemicals to kill and control insects, mites, fungus, etc. I would bet that he ingested a high concentration of chemicals. And if the marijuana he used was in a concentrated form, then he would have taken in concentrated chemicals as well.

If this is the case, he would be greatly helped by doing an internal cleanse. This would need to involve clean eating, followed by intestinal sanitation, antimicrobial therapy, and a heavy metal detox. This could take months to complete... so have faith and be patient. For more information, I would recommend Walter Last's Ultimate Cleanse Program (Toward Radiant Health).

In the meantime, Mama to Many had an excellent idea of taking activated charcoal and epsom salt baths, which will help a lot with detoxing him. Try that right away.

And definitely also go with Bill from San Fernando's advice... It sounds like a relatively easy protocol for profound results.

Have faith. I'm sure he will get better... especially with a wonderful mother like you to help him. Keep us posted on how he does.

Posted by Prioris
Fl, US
266 Posts
Everything that is described in the post seems related to the mind. No physiological symptoms are described. There is a strong cultural bias to assume the problem is physiological. There is a suggestion that it could be from some pesticides but that is just grasping at straws. Pesticides would go much further and effect someones body (not mind).

Hallucination implies that something is not there and somehow we should just ignore it. Human senses are generally very limited in what they can sense.

All medical problems aren't just physiological problems. They can have spiritual causes. You need to look at all angles. I would suggest you contact a competent healing Medium (not psychic or channeler) and see if they can look at the problem from a different perspective. It has been suggested that many schizophrenics are just people whose psychic ability has gone wrong. Maybe there are other third party entities I.e. attachments involved also.

I've given you another possible option.

Posted by Meeya
Sunnyvale, Ca
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I agree with you Prioris, it could definitely be a spiritual cause... psychic ability gone wrong... entities, attachments, etc. If I were the mother of the boy I would surely explore that possibility. And perhaps, this would be the first and easiest place to start. But if that didn't help, it is possible that toxic chemicals- if ingested- could only show up as neuropathies, I.e. symptoms of the "mind"/ nerves being poisoned. And perhaps the boy has other symptoms, GI upset, for example, that haven't necessarily been linked?

I do want to say though, that I have a friend who owns and operates a laboratory that serves the medical cannabis industry. They test for the presence of these pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, other chemicals, etc in the herb. From what he's told me, there are so many chemicals that can and are being used when growing the cannabis these days (not all... some grow all organically). There is one chemical, for example, that when ingested shows no side effects on the person, shows up as small side effects in their children, and shows up as sterility in the grandchildren. So its effects take a few generations to really manifest their devastation. He has also told me about how many of these chemicals are designed to be neurotoxic to insects (which is how they go about killing the insects). Unfortunately, they can also have neutrotoxic affects on humans. And those effects are even worse on children's /teens' brains who are still developing. Sometimes the damage is permanent / said to be irreversible. Although, I believe in the amazing healing power of the body, so I would never give up and settle for "irreversible."

Ghawell99, if you're reading this, I forgot to also add that Zeolite powder is great for getting rid of toxins, heavy metals, etc from the body. But if there is actual damage that also needs to be repaired, I'm not sure about that. I would do an internet search on "pesticide poisoning" or "toxin induced neuropathies" which could give you more information and a direction to take in your search for substances that can help heal him.

Posted by Timh
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One more possibility is the occasional lacing of low grade Marijuana w/ the common livestock medication PCP (tranquilizer). The drug mixes very well w/ the herbal medium that can be smoked or ingested orally w/ pronounced effects including hallucinations that can last for many days.

I worked w/ a guy once that told me he died from a PCP overdose. He and some friends were partying one afternoon and preparing to go to a rock concert. They added the drug to the marijuana and got very high and somehow made it to the show. They also brought some bottles of wine and added the PCP to it. The guy started going in & out and suddenly vomited all over everyone in front of him. His friends dragged him to the rest room where he continued to expel the contents of his guts with barely a chance to breath air, where the paramedics soon found him but it was too late. He left his body and floated upward and watched the medical team try and revive him. He soon reentered his body and miraculously made it back home. But that was just the beginning. He confessed to be very ill for nearly two weeks unable to eat or drink hardly anything. Could not smoke tobacco or be around tobacco smoke without getting sick.

Fast forward several yrs and read yet another account of a similar Marijuana laced PCP overdose NDE by David L. Oakford titled Journey Through the World of Spirit God, Gaia, and Guardian Angels.

Supplementing NAC and Calcium d-Glucarate will speed the removal of this or any other type drug or poisen from the body.

Posted by Timh
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Ghawell99. Please respond to all these great suggestions which have big potential in helping your son. Your follow-up will help others in times forward that may also experience similar symptoms.

As a correction, PCP has not been used in veterinary medicine for several decades but was once popular.

Another treatment option is "Cold Showers". This remedy "shocks" the body/mind back to normalcy kinda like rebooting your computer, reinstalling operating system software, or reformatting a hard drive.

Posted by Ghawell99
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[YEA]   Hello to all that replied with help, "I am so sorry for just replying". I forgot to check the box to receive replies in my email; I thought no one wanted to help. I was so bombed! Tonight I decided to come on the site just to search again. I found I had lots of help!!! Thank you for all the help because I feel so lost!!

To Mama to Many, I will try the Activated Charcoal Powder to remove toxins from his body and Epsom Salt Bath. I believe there are toxins in his system. Thank you and I will keep "you posted".

Bill, Thanks for the information on Dr. Hoffer, I will read up on this research. Thanks for the link to the methylation-literate doctors. These physicians are experienced in diagnosis and treatment of methylation imbalances. I never heard of this type of treatment. You are so right, regular doctors don't care I feel. Just prescript the next big medication and it does more harm than good. I will seek out Methylation-literate doctors if they seek out a cure and try a more healthful beneficial nutrients it would be awesome. Thank you for this reply.

Meeya, I will try the Zeolite powder. I will do research on "pesticide poisoning" or "toxin induced neuropathies". I think something in his system. I will keep the faith and thank you for your kind words. I awake everyday with my son on my mine, I not going to give up. I got some great advice here!

Prioris, I haven't thought about that spiritual cause. But it is an angle I want rule anything out! Thank you

Tim, you put in words what I have thought all the time. The initial trip was as if he was on PCP or some type of chemical as Meeya wrote.

I just everyone to know thank you so much for your help. This is a "WEALTH" of awesome information and treatment. I am so grateful to each of you and your help. You are are so kind. "Thank You" I will keep you posted.

Posted by Meeya
Sunnyvale, Ca
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Glad to hear back from you! You have an amazing attitude, and I'm sure you will be able to help your son find some relief! Good luck and keep us posting on his progress. I'm sure it will help lots of others out there who may be going through something similar. Meeya

Posted by Mary (Argentina) on 05/12/2014

My son had an psychotic episode. Is being given 5 mg olanzepine and 2mg lorazepan…he is on the 10th day…anyone know how I can get him onto something natural before he get addicted? Thank you…Urgent!! Please e mail me: miferran(at) hotmail(dot)com

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
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Mary from Argentina,

Google "Niacin Dr. Hoffer Schizophrenia" especially the "doctor yourself" site for lots of information on the use of Niacin for psychological disturbances.

Posted by Marss1 (Bristol, Uk) on 08/02/2011

I was wondering if there are any recommendations for herbal remedies fro Sociopath that may relieve symptoms while having psychotherapy treatment. I am pulling my hair over my son. I have read on the net there are no cures, but there are herbal remedies that may help to suppress his Sociopath tendancies, any help would be wonderful.

Posted by Courtney
Granite Bay, Ca
There really isn't any treatment for sociopathic behavior other than therapy, as sociopathy is a personality disorder, not a mental illness. There isn't a medication (natural or pharmaceutical) that can give someone a conscience, or make someone feel remorse. Therapy is typically the course of treatment.
Posted by Sue Ellen
Los Angeles, Ca
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You have my deepest sympathies. Sociopathy is a terrible disease for a mother to have to cope with. While there is no cure yet for sociopathy, there may be some things you can do to make his and your life a little better.

First try not to blame yourself. Sociopaths have different brain function from "normal" people. A sociopath's amygdale (the region for emotion in the brain) is shrunken and doesn't communicate with the orbitalfrontal cortex ( the region fro logic, reason and daily function.

For you, taking l-theanine twice a day will ease anxiety without any side effects and I would strongly urge you to join a support group for those with troubled children

Though sociopaths lack empathy, they can be taught to behave towards others kindly. Sociopaths are strongly motivated by greed and an overriding need to win. Help them see that treating others well will get them what they want and encourage them to go into fields where their tendencies can be of great benefit to society like science and engineering. I personally have have a few brilliant scientists who I believe have this disorder.

Currently the only known substance to positively effect the amygdale is oxytocin. This hormone when present helps people create emotional attachments to others. This hormone is also responsible for labor and lactation so must be used with caution. A common side effect in males is enlarged breast tissue or what we used to call in high school "stoner boobs"

Oxytocin is not digestible so must be used sublingually or nasally.

The following is a list of herbs that encourage oxytocin production each has side effects so use with caution.

In order of oxytocic strength:

Blue Cohosh


Cotton seed/root


Start with small doses.

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Marrs1... Never listen to anyone who says nothing can help your son.

Here is an article from Dr. Hoffer.

The United States Patent Office delayed issuing a patent on the Wright brothers' airplane for five years because it broke accepted scientific principles. This is actually true. And so is this: Vitamin B-3, niacin, is scientifically proven to be effective against psychosis, and yet the medical profession has delayed endorsing it. Not for five years, but for fifty.

Google Dr. Hoffer.. Or. Orthomolecular medicine for more information.

Posted by Maria
Gippsland, Australia
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I agree with Sue that you can teach your son to act kindly, I am assuming your son is still a child. Consequences to actions and use rewards to good actions. Sue is so right in that you also need to look after yourself as this is stressfull and can be exhausting.

You could look into metal toxicity by having a hair analysis done. There is a theory that metal toxicity can be part of the cause. Then do a detox if neccessary. Here is a link but unfortunately not a quick read and not easy going.

Personally I also believe B-3 may be of benefit taken alongside a complete B supplement.

If it is at all possible try to have a healthy diet as things such as pesticides and lack of nutrients can affect our brain function.

Brahmi (also know as Bacopa or Indian Pennywort) is a good herb for brain health.

All the best with your journey, it only takes one step at a time to get somewhere.

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Here is a wonderful youtube video taken of Dr. Hoffer who successfully treated many thousands of patients with vitamins and minerals and cured them.

There are many youtube videos that are by Dr. Hoffer. Well worthwhile spending a few hours and listening to them.

Maria, I agree it is important to try to teach children to act kindly, but with a developmentally delayed chlid myself, it is hard to teach a child who is lacking reasoning ability right from wrong. I have had amazing results with nutrition that I could never achieve with just reasoning with him. It's like the brain just clicks into place. Mind you I have a way to go still.

Posted by Carrie
Los Angeles, Ca, California
I would consider melatonin. The theory is that the Pineal isn't producing enough.

Teaching doesn't help with anti-social; such children are characterized by no fear of consequences. Punishment doesn't work and they don't much care about reards, either.

However, he is no doubt a perfectly bright boy. I would consider educating him about his differentness. It is not that he is bad or evil, it's that he is not guided by consequences, which he can't foresee or "feel. " But surely he is logicial, and can be taught how to cope in society. This is an interesting topic...

Posted by Sunny
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I agree with Debbie from Melbourne, Australia. Do not give up! Try and try and search and search!

Rhodiola   1  0   

Posted by Jane (Bloomington, In) on 12/19/2011

[YEA]  I have had anxiety, manic depression, and an array of other mental and emotional disorders and I have been trying different kinds of meds for a long time and, honestly, I have discovered NOTHING like this. Rhodiola has not only given me more energy and skyrocketed my mood, but I has also decreased my appetite, medicating a binge eating disorder that I struggle with and kept my fingers and toes warm and active despite my stuggles with poor circulation. I am so ambitious and I feel like a new person. I don't know what more to say about this magic supplement, other than it reminds me of the effects presented in the movie, LIMITLESS.

Posted by Gean
Salina, Ks
What is the dosage of rhodiola that you are taking? Thank you. Please email me at geandraget(at)gmail(dot)com.

Yoga Breathing   1  0   

Posted by Nicholas (Edison, New Jersey, Usa) on 09/03/2011

[YEA]  I was emotionally unstable for 8 years running from one therapist to another getting no results. In 1984 I discovered yoga breathing and by my second session I was HEALED... No more emotionally unstable. This kind of breathing has many different names: rebirthing, conscious breathing, connected breathing, cosmic breathing, vivation, and psychiatrist Stanislav Grof named it holotropic breathwork.

As a yoga breath therapist I have recently healed a young lady of bipolar disorder. My site is .

Posted by Silvermist
Downeast, Maine, Usa
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I will try this. I looked at your website and it does feel like I'm being my true self, living from my soul instead of my ego. Then I get scared that I'm not acting conventional enough, (see the helpful post above where he says don't email or write letters to people you normally wouldn't because they would be unusual), so even though I was acting from a sense of love, living and breathing love, I retreat. I don't want people to think I'm weird.


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