5 Fabulous Natural Cures for Wrinkles!

Last Modified on Feb 25, 2015

Natural Cures for Wrinkles

You look in the mirror, and what is staring you back in the face but a beautiful smile and bright eyes. Oh wait, we are all our own worst critics, so likely what you’re seeing when you look in the mirror are those fine lines around your mouth that situated themselves there after years of smiling and laughing with family and friends. You might also be noticing some slight wrinkles or lines around your eyes too…

While these “conditions” were once considered the result of a life well-lived, today lines and wrinkles are often seen as the result of ineffective beauty care. With an established focus on perfection, many individuals are turning to Botox to treat these conditions. If you aren’t interested in taking such drastic measures as injecting poison into your face, but you are looking to limit a few of those expression lines, try one of our five natural cures for wrinkles that don’t involve Botox. Just whatever you do, don’t stop expressing yourself (even if your wrinkle-free skin says otherwise).

5 Natural Wrinkle Remedies

While we’d love to diminish lines and wrinkles as much as the next person, we aren’t willing to do so in such a way that will actually cause the rest of our body to age prematurely. To avoid putting additional toxins in our bodies but to achieve the same wrinkle-free faces, we’ve researched and come up with five natural remedies that offer the same results as more invasive treatments.

1. Acupressure

We all know that acupressure offers restorative benefits, and the same holds true when the treatment is applied to your face. This treatment involves massaging the specific acupressure points on your face that are specifically connected to different areas of your skin. Using tiny, circular motions around the face and scalp combined with light but steady pressure, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles in your skin for at least a limited period of time. This option also relieves stress, so you’ll prevent additional wrinkles by relieving anxiety and tension in your body, and you don’t even have to face a needle to do so.

2. Micro-Muscle Tightening

We all know that regular exercise tightens and tones the muscles in the rest of our bodies, so why not apply the same concept to our faces? While we’re not suggesting a regimen of stringent blinking or mouth movements, we have researched the beneficial effects of sound wave therapy. Many different battery-operated devices are available that emit sound waves applied directly to the skin and cause tiny muscle spasms to tighten and tone the skin. A regular “facial exercise session” sounds better than an appointment with a surgeon, doesn’t it?

3. Lifestyle Changes

As much as we know “you are what you eat,” it is also important to remember that the same applies for anything that you do. To prevent premature aging and reduce wrinkle-causing stress, limit sun exposure, avoid excessive alcohol consumption, and limit exposure to cigarettes and secondhand smoke.

4. Flax Seed Oil

A number of natural supplements offer beneficial results for the skin, but flax seed oil appears to be the most potent. You’ll want to work your way up to a regular dosage of 1 tablespoon of oil up to 4 times a day. You’ll notice diminished forehead wrinkles first and experience a number of tightening effects in the skin.

5. Water

No, washing your face with water isn’t an effective anti-wrinkle treatment; however, drinking plenty of it is. As the body is over 50% water, it goes without saying that enough water in the system supports good health. This option has the additional benefit of adding moisture, elasticity, and brilliancy to the skin and the rest of the body.

Whether you’ve experimented with more invasive treatment options or not, we suggest you try one of these 5 natural remedies.  Let us know if you have another fabulous remedy that our readers might like to try to diminish wrinkles!

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Most Popular Home Remedies for Wrinkles Remedies:

Emu Oil and Aloe Vera Gel3

User Reviews

Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E   1  0   

Posted by Harry (Walsenburg, Colorado, USA) on 02/10/2009

[YEA]  Facial Wrinkles: I use enough 100% Aloe-Gel to cover the area that I want to treat then apply enough vitamin E liquid to cover the same area well. (Vitamin E liquid is not an oil and will penetrate the skin well by using the Aloe as the vehicle.) I've been using this combination as an after shave for 18 years and don't have tell-tale wrinkles on my face. I'm 87 years old, and people take me for 20 years younger.

Replied by Andrea
London, UK

Hi, this sounds great - congratulations! :) One question: can you mention something more about your overall life style etc? I guess that has a major impact on the state of your skin. Many thanks, Andrea

Anti-Wrinkle Cure   2  0   

Posted by Georgina (Ireland) on 08/06/2014

[YEA]  I have been working as a beauty writer for years and have come up with my own wonder treatment. Firstly , cover your fashion with olive oil and begin it scrape it... Using something like an old credit card ( I use the edge of a cd , as it gives the best scrape). Scrape with medium pressure for about three minutes until face turns pink... Gentle around the eyes. Rinse the oil off and then your skin is prepped for stage two.

The wonder potion comprises of mostly fresh carrot juice. Retinol , the wrinkle fighting element in all the expensive face creams , is actually vitamin A, which is to be found in carrots. The fancy cosmetic creams you buy in the store are packed with preservatives and chemicals and have been sitting on the shelves for years. The carrot juice is much more potent because it is fresh. Add vitamin c by squeezing half an orange and adding it to the mixture. You can add a Rubex tablet instead if you want a super result. Lastly, add a generous dollop of rapeseed oil... Packed with vitamin e. Freeze in an ice cube tray and use them a portion a a time. The fresher, the better. I would love to hear what you think of this... It's made my wrinkles vanish. I am 45 and most people think I am about 32... Not bad. Good luck. X

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Hi, Georgina from Ireland---- I can visualize ladies all over making carrot juice and getting to work. Indeed, Irish people are very special.

Thank you for the inspiration. Namaste, Om

Replied by Georgina
Dublin, Ireland

So nice to hear back from you OM. This was too good not to share. A few years ago I gave my sister a gift of an outrageously expensive anti-ageing cream. The minute she put it on her skin it became very irritated and she had a massive asthma attack. It convinced me that they are not worth the money and could be potentially best. If you harness your body's natural healing ability and add in natural power packed ingredients - they results are astonishing. Give me feedback - I'd love to know how you get on. Love from Ireland.x
Replied by Corey
Delaware, Us

Forgive me but ... how do you use this? Do you rub the frozen potion cube on your face, or ingest it? Also, how much carrot juice do you use? I would love to try this, but want to make sure I am doing it properly for the best result. Thanks!
Replied by Georgina

[YEA]   Hello here. Sorry it's taken me a while o get back to you. Unfreeze the cube and rub I over your face. They are in an ice cube ray so that hey are super-fresh.

The scraping on its own works wonders when combined with your favourite face cream.X

Replied by Danielle
Ny, US

Okay I really want to try this but I need to know how much Carrot Juice to use? I know I need to use half an orange and a dollop of coconut oil, but how much carrot juice? Or rather how many carrots? Thanks so much Lassie

Argan Oil   1  0   

Posted by Jolene (El Paso, Texas) on 09/06/2013

[YEA]  I have started using organic argan oil on my face and neck about six months ago and let me say, I just love it!! The oil smoothes out wrinkles, evens skin tone and it leaves skin feeling super soft and supple as opposed to greasy like lotion does. I use it in the morning and nightly after washing my face.

Borax   1  0   

Posted by Shell (New Lex, Ohio, Usa) on 09/19/2012

Can borax really get rid of wrinkles? Is it safe to use on your skin?

Posted by Stacey (Abbotsford, Bc, Canada) on 10/16/2011

[YEA]  I wanted to share this awesome discovery I just made. I've been using the borax drink and read that one woman made it into a spray and used it on her face to get rid of moles. Curious, I thought I would try that as well and see what would happen. Amazingly, my big forehead wrinkle almost immediately started to reduce in size and depth. I am not joking!!

I used a small (2 oz) spray bottle, filled it with water and a small amount of borax to saturate, about 1/4 to 1/2 of a teaspoon. I shook it up and lightly sprayed my face. It doesn't irritate the eyes though I'd use caution with the eye area. I'd also recommend removing makeup before doing this. I let my face dry and then sprayed again. (I did this about 5 times over the course of an hour or two. ) It's amazing! My whole face feels like it got a lift and it's only been 2 days!

I'm experimenting with my crows feet wrinkles using cotton balls soaked in the borax water. Will have to report on that later. I'm not 100% sure if this is permanent yet though it feels incredible :). I'll try to update in a few weeks. Good luck to all!

Replied by Carol
Bridgetown, Barbados

Stacey could you please tell me where can I buy borax from?
Replied by Ingupo
Manchester, England

One place definitely would be amazon.com (or amazon. Co. uk if you're from England).
Replied by Ivonne
Frisco, Tx

I had NEVER heard of it before... and SURPRISINGLY I have found it on the laundry detergent area in almost all of the grocery stores around.
Replied by Gita
Ottawa, Ontario

Stacey, I would really like to know how your experiment with Borax turned out. Did you find it to be a temporary measure or are you still using with positive results?
Replied by Raniya
Syracuse, Ny

Borax is found in the detergent aisle in grocery store and also wal and kmart but I didn't know they drank it


Has anyone tried the borax wrinkle treatment and does it really work? I have heard and tried so many things that don't work so I need some feed back please.
Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

No worries. Borax is a mineral additive, and has no soap or fragrance in it. "Laundry' aisle is just how it is marketed, despite numerous (! ) other uses. Some of the newer boxes do have a "scented" version so watch out for that. Check ingredients for fragrance if unsure.
Replied by Vreed27
Edmonds, Wa

Borax is relatively cheap at Walmart for just over $3.00.
Replied by Jennifer
Eugene, Usa

Are you sure that it is safe to use Borax Detergent on your face from the laundry isle? Laundry borax had detergent additives. You can get cosmetic grade borax( sodium Borate) from suppliers such as mountain rose herbs that do not have detergent additives and is specificly for use in cosmetics that will be on the skin. I use the cosmetic grade borax in lotions that I make and it isn't very expensive.
Replied by Jami
Birmingham, Uk

Any updates? YEA? Anybody? Does this work?
Replied by Linda
York County, Southern Maine

Hi Jami - I can say that I've sprayed the borax/water on my face but cannot say I saw dramatic results, and that's probably because I didn't do it five times! I did, however, feel a tightening of my skin.
Replied by Kyrstn
Kent, Ohio

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]   I have been dabbing borax and water mixture on my forehead with cotton balls nightly 2-3 nights, 3-5 times every 3 weeks or so. I allow the mixture to dry and re-apply. I notice the face tightening up, but not permanently. I will continue to do this!
Replied by Michael
Cal., US

How'd those facial treatments ever go for ya? :)

Castor Oil   2  0   

Posted by Mary (Moreno Valley, Ca) on 02/04/2013

[YEA]  Hi! I have been using castor oil on my wrinkles and let me say WOW it is working wonderfully. My crows feet are almost gone. I have had several people notice the difference. I have been doing this for 2 weeks. I love earth clinic ...

Posted by Ergo (Concored, Nh Usa) on 07/27/2011

[YEA]  It takes a while but it *does* work!

I've been using this for about 6 months now for treating wrinkles and, surprinslgly, it has worked: the lines around my eyes are essentially gone and the ones on my forehead have substantially softened (they were much deeper than the baby crow's feet I had), so maybe there's hope that, eventually, they'll go away, too.

The only downside is, as noted, is that it took 6 months to see any real results, but, man, if you're in no rush and want something that is dirt cheap (it's about $2 for a bottle that will last you months at Wal-Mart) this will, eventually! , do the trick.

Replied by Linda

I have also been learning of amazing health and skin benefits of castor oil. However I did read a caution that buying the " cheap stuff in the brown bottle" was not a good idea. Of course, that was what I had in my cupboard. The cold-pressed and cold-processed is the superior oil, which you find at health food or vitamin stores. It costs more, but lasts a very long time.

Posted by Sherry (Caldwell, Idaho, Usa) on 03/29/2011

I LOVE THIS SITE.... I HAVE DEEP WRINKLES AROUND MY EYES, WILL THE CASTOR OIL TREATMENT REALLY HELP, PLUS WILL IT TIGHTEN MY NECK AREA ? I can leave it on at bedtime and wash face in the morning and apply the C.O. for the day right ? I am sooo excited, someone please make me a believer and get back to me......thanks...

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Hi, be careful with Castor Oil on your eyes. Although quite a few people here have had good results my eyes got swollen over and over again, no idea why as I put all kinds of other creams on them without a problem. I never noticed any difference with wrinkles but then maybe I didn't try long enough. Drinking a lot of water may help to reduce wrinkles (although I don't notice much difference), taking MSM or Hyaluronic Acid which are both very good for the skin, VCO (although again I haven't noticed any difference), not using soap often, even moisturizing, natural ones.... Eating healthy food, plenty of fresh air, exercise, happy life.... All this will make you look healthier, even if you still have wrinkles! And make sure that you eat enough fat! A lot of people have been made afraid of fat and that will be a problem in the years to come as our body needs good fats like VCO, animal fats, olive oil, butter...... At 53 I don't have many wrinkles and I have just discovered that I have no gallbladder stones. I think that the reason is that I have never been afraid of eating fat! One more thing.... Get enough rest!
Replied by Dove
Earth, America

Water, without question, is the best wrinkle remedy--at least 8 to 10 cups of filtered (or spring) water per day, throughout the day. Try a cup before and after meals. I usually drink this much, and in just skipping a day or two, bam, wrinkles are more noticeable. Remedy? Get back to drinking my water :-)

If you get swelling of the eyes, especially reeeeally bad swelling, from using certain oils in that area, it's likely mites/demodex/Morgellons. It's the mites reaction, going for the eyes to escape the oil. They especially seem to dislike Vit E oil, but they'll go for the eyes every time (will also cause blurred vision in those moments) when something is put on the face they don't like. Once the mites issue is addressed, and the mite numbers are at least reduced significantly, you won't get the swelling anymore. They're tiny (microscopic in first stages), but in large numbers, it's understandable it would cause swelling in the eyes. Get a lot of "sleepy stuff" in the corners of your eyes?... Yeast, mite goo, melted mites


Replied by Dee
Portland, US

Hello -- in response to your question about using castor oil around the eyes. I have used virgin pure castor oil (this is the only kind you should use ... you can find it at your health food store for a low price) on my eyelids each night. It helps me sleep. I also use an eye mask that keeps the oil warm on my skin and probably helps with absorbtion. I have never had a problem, even after using this remedy probably more than a hundred times in the past year. Even if I apply too much oil, and I wake up the next day with oil in my eyes, it clears up quickly. My lashes have grown longer and my brows are back to the way they looked in my 20s, no kidding (I'm in my 50s). Before using castor oil, my brows had grown progressively thinner and sparser, to the point that I was using makeup to fill them in. This just isn't needed any longer.

Try getting a good padded eye mask that you won't mind getting the oil on. I have a brand that I got on amazon which is called D***y. For about $18, this mask will last you years. Don't launder, but hand wash. The mask really helps the eyes relax with the castor oil and helps the oil to absorb well.

Finally, check out facial smoothies products. These are strips that you apply to your wrinkles. They smooth out the wrinkles over night.

My protocol for wrinkles now is this: I apply pure hyalauronic acid with a drop of castor oil over all my skin, let it dry (the hyaluronic acid dries quickly), then apply facial smoothy strips over my laugh lines and over my frown lines. Then I apply pure castor oil to my eyelids and smooth it up into my brows and down so it hits my eyelashes. I put on my facemask and slumber. The next morning, I have no wrinkles.

Once a week I will begin to use the derma rollers. There are several brands of these. You must go gently with these, but these have really worked, too, when I have tried them on my deeper laugh lines, but you must use them as instructed, I.e., no more than once a week, no more than four or five swipes across the wrinkles, and then cover with a good healing serum (or castor oil).

I hope this helps. In short, I have had no problem using pure unrefined castor oil around my eyes at night.

Replied by Sandy

Hello Dee,

Thank you for sharing. Can you please tell what is facial smoothies and what kind of facial mask you use and where to by them. Also want to know what is rollers and what kind we should buy. Waiting for your reply eagerly.

Replied by Liz
Boston, Ma

Hi Sandy,

I am familiar with the items Dee spoke of. I've used both myself.

The "smoothies" she referred to are called "Frownies". I get them via Amazon. They'll help with wrinkles, but you have to use them faithfully, otherwise the wrinkles will reappear.

The "Derma Roller" she mentioned is also something that I've purchased via Amazon. It's a little wheel with hundreds of tiny needles on it with a handle similar to that of a shaving razor.

They come in different sizes and speaking from my own experience, I would recommend starting with the .5mm needles. Once your skin has adapted to the .5mm (I would estimate that to take approximately a month or so)you can increase to the 1.0mm version if you'd like.

Take some time to read the Amazon reviews. You'll see that many skipped the .5mm and went straight to the 1.0mm with good results, while others started at .5mm and stayed there - they were content with the results and felt they didn't need to increase to 1.0mm.

I, too, am an advocate of hyaluronic acid serum. Of all the products I have tried (and I've tried dozens and dozens over the years), the serum, by far, provided the best results.

You'll still need to moisturize, though. The serum sinks right in and doesn't leave the face moist/dewy. That's where either castor oil or whatever moisturizer you typically use, comes in. You apply it a few minutes after the serum is dry.

If you're reluctant to go the Derma Roller/needle route, I also highly recommend dry-brushing the face as an alternative. The same principal as the roller applies - it roughs up the skin's surface to stimulate collagen production. It works quite well! I dry-brush much more often than I Derma Roll.

A natural bristle brush is very inexpensive and the method itself is very simple and less time consuming than the rollers. In a quick back and forth motion (similar to polishing shoes), you brush each section of your face in different directions. For example, starting with the forehead, you would brush one side of your forehead in an up and down motion for a count of ten. Then in that same spot, brush in a side to side motion, also for a count of ten. Then you do the same in both diagonal directions (like an X).

Do the same to each section of the face, except the under eye area. I brush all of my neck as well.

When you're done, just as with the roller method, you apply your HA serum, then moisture, etc.

Good luck! It's certainly a process, but the results are worth it.

Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Hydrogen Peroxide   1  0   

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 03/01/2012 | 1067 Posts

[YEA]  For the past month or so I have been testing a simple alternative remedy for wrinkles around my eyes which are substantial. This problem goes back to before I had candida, where I had rather large bags under my eyes which usually indicates insufficiency and problems with the kidney or liver in the body. Since curing my candida (and resolving the kidney/liver issues), my eye bags have become rather pronounced and wrinkly empty sacks!! This is quite annoying and looks awful. So I had to consider how to revive and tighten all that loose skin back to normal again.

So what I have done to cure this wrinkling and loose baggage around my eyesockets was to use the following simple protocol:

* Tip a bottle of castor oil against my left middle finger. Tip another bottle of VCO against my right middle finger(ie use a 50-50 mix of castor oil and VCO). Then mix both the oils together by rubbing the middle fingers against each other.

* Apply this mix thoroughly to each eye socket, including eyelids and eyebrows so that there is an even coating of oil that is not so oily.

* You can use and apply this remedy at any anytime, but I did it in the evening before sleep. I applied it 3-4 times a week. I used breaks in the protocol in order to allow the skin around the eyes to oxygenate, revive and heal.

* After showers and cleaning the eye sockets throughly, I also dabbed 3% Hydrogen Peroxide carefully around the eye socket and eyelids (don't get it in your eyes) to both help kill bacteria etc and to also help oxygenate and revive the skin in that area.

I have used this simple remedy for only about a month with very good results. Not only has it greatly reduced the wrinkling around the eye sockets but this remedy also seems to tighten the skin, such that my empty bags look like normal skin under the eyes now. I also noticed improvement in my eyelashes -- longer and thicker now. It also cured something which affects older people -- which can only be described as the "hollow looking eye socket problem" that normally occurs and is noticed first thing in the morning when you look in a mirror.

My interest and reasons for using such a remedy was spurred for several reasons. First, I've recently read some disturbing research that has confirmed that particularly fungi and yeast can exist and indeed can proliferate, unseen and unnoticed, in the sub-epidermal layers of the skin without detection. I further reasoned that, because so much gunk collects around the eyes, that the skin around the eyes was therefore a perfect feeding environment for proliferation of bacteria as well as fungus and such.

So I simply combined two well-known anti-fungal and anti-bacterial oils plus HP (for skin oxygenation and as a broadband pathogen killer) to get rid of the wrinkle problem and it all seems to have worked quite well and is a very economical way of resolving these problems. I'm still using it.

Replied by Lily
Dunkirk, Ny

Hi, Bill does VCO stand for Virgin Coconut Oil? and thank you for sharing with us :)
Replied by Susan
New York

Bill from San Fernando, How often do you recommend to dab 3% Peroxide?

* After showers and cleaning the eye sockets throughly, I also dabbed 3% Hydrogen Peroxide carefully around the eye socket and eyelids (don't get it in your eyes) to both help kill bacteria etc and to also help oxygenate and revive the skin in that area.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

1067 Posts
Hi Susan... It's best to just lightly dab and spread the hydrogen peroxide in and around the eye sockets with a fingertip after showers with your eyes closed or do this when you are taking breaks from from the oil application. I did it about once or twice a day roughly. I just rubbed HP lightly over the area, making sure not to get any in the eyes.
Replied by Francisca
Zug, Switzerland

Sounds promising Bill.... Did you dilute the HP? I have tried the VCO with the Castor oil and actually it works great because the Castor Oil becomes easier to spread. I have tried the cling film on it as someone suggested it. I will see how it progresses. I look quite young, a pity these bags under my eyes! I read it can be a result of dry eyes, also iodine deficiency.... My eyes don't seem to be dry anymore and I am taking iodine.
Replied by Baldev
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Hi Bill, Your opinions are highly appreciated. On this subject, my questions are, to start with is it advisable to mix equal quantity of VCO and castor oil in a small bottle and use one finger after shaking the bottle and doing what you have done by mixing on the two fingers. Secondly the castor oil which I have is refined and says not for medicinal use, is it ok to use. Then, H2O2 which I have is not the food grade and has stabilizer in it, is it ok to use.

Also I would like your opinion on H2O2 which is not food grade and has stabilizer in it, should it be used for internal purposes since the food grade is not available.

Thanks a lot. Baldev

Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

I have an empty dropper bottle I got at the health food store for like $2, and have filled it 50-50 with VCO and castor oil. I shake it before use, and have begun using it nightly around my eyes. First few days skin seems a lot softer, but bag and lines are still being worked on. If this can work, I will save myself literally thousands in eye creams over the coming decades!
Replied by Dym

Bill, I'm curious about how you resolved your kidney/liver issues as it relates to your eyebags. Did you resolve it naturally? A simple detox? What did you find the problem to be?
Replied by Maria
Houston, Tx , United States

Hi Bill, My mom was born in San Fernando. I have read that Castor Oil is also a good remedy for skin problems and a host of others. x

Deep Wrinkle Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Wieas (London, UK) on 02/25/2015

I am in my mid 50s and need help with deep wrinkles around the side of my mouth. A couple extend down to my chin and the others extend just across to my cheek almost in a puckered up, raised, sort of way.

I have been using a Vitamin C serum with hyaluronic acid in it on my face for the last month or so. I use virgin coconut oil on top of the serum. I have used coconut oil on and off for about a year before the wrinkles appeared. Additionally, I also take 2 hyaluronic acid tablets and one biotin tablet daily. I can't see any positive results yet. Maybe I'm impatient and expecting a miracle too soon!

I used to be a 20 a day smoker but stopped that 2 years ago. I also used to drink alcohol but have not drunk for over 5 years now. For about a year I have been drinking about 12 cups of water a day.

My main concern is that these wrinkles might be hereditary. When my mother was alive her face was, for many years, leathery-looking and completely lined with deep wrinkles. She looked at least 20 years older than she actually was. She was a heavy smoker for over 50 years so that may well have been the reason. I think her skin started the wrinkling when she was in her 50s. I don't really know why her wrinkles were so bad because other people who were her age and smoked equally as heavily had nowhere near the amount of wrinkles she did. Also her brothers and sisters who smoked never had that amount of wrinkles. She did however have mental health issues which gave her irrational thoughts and she spent much of her life tormented with irrational thoughts running through her head. Whether these thoughts may have contributed to the wrinkles as well as her smoking habit I don't know.

Funnily enough, I don't really have any other bad wrinkles on my face. A few crow's feet (or laughter lines as I prefer to call them) and a couple of faint ones under my eyes but these are nothing really. It's just that every time I look in the mirror at the deep wrinkles I imagine my mother's face looking back at me!

Even though I have described my mouth wrinkles as deep and they are, they are also kind of bunched up and raised, if that makes any sense. Maybe it's because some of the wrinkles are close together and pushing the skin upwards?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

DMAE   0  0   

Posted by Tim (Cincinnati, Oh) on 03/23/2013

I have been reading reviews of the supplement DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) and wanted to know if anybody could share their experience with it. It is supposed to increase attention and short term memory as well as help reduce wrinkles. I have heard many different recommendations for dosages and I'm sure that everyone is different but I wanted to read what worked for you if you have used it.

Replied by Cecilia
Deerfield, Ma

[SIDE EFFECTS]   I tried it for the reasons you mention but it gave me a terrible headache at the back of my head and down my neck. It took me a few days to figure out that it was the DMAE. Once I stopped taking it, the headaches went away. I was taking 250mg, one time per day.

Dry Brushing for Wrinkles   1  0   

Posted by Mary (Arcadia, Ca) on 01/07/2015

[YEA]  For wrinkles I got this method from a lady in France many many years ago.

Excellent for smoothing out wrinkles: ***Ninon E'nclos** Looked extremely young for her 85 years! Her method:

Daily friction of the skin with a natural goat hair brush. (Hard to find)

Face and neck removing wrinkles is to rub the face and neck with the palm of your hands with a rough mitten (goat skin), rough terry cloth, or other natural hair brush. Then follow with a tepid bath mixed with borax. You can use Mink Oil.

I started doing this just a few days ago. Recently I had to take the bus and the driver quoted me the price which was too much for regular passengers. I said, but I'm a senior?

He looked at me very hard. I thought oh that's just an accident. A little while later I had to transfer to another bus and that driver did the same thing. I thought maybe that rubbing really works! I will keep doing it and let you all know how its working. Good luck to you all.

Replied by Corliss
Union, Missori

How much borax? And just the face or whole body bath with the borax.

Emu Oil and Aloe Vera Gel   3  0   

Posted by Anonymous on 03/24/2006

[YEA]  Emu oil and Aloe Vera Gel cures wrinkles, pimples, dry skin, flaky complexion, dull-appearing skin etc. 100% pure emu oil and concentrated aloe vera juice/gel moisten the epidermis of the skin and really make one's skin glow, the aloe tightening the pores and diminishing wrinkles. the EMU OIL has a very small molecule, almost identical the body's own sebum, which can reach deep within the epidermal layers and plump skin. both impove skin tone and overall texture.

Replied by Giny
North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Do you mix them together or use them separately?
Replied by Sirra
Cairns, Qld. Australia

[YEA]   I do the same by mixing it but don't use a electric blender. It will give you great results. Been using this mix for 15 years.
Replied by Joyce
Lansdowne, Pa

What are the proportions when mixing the emu oil and aloe vera gel? Thanks
Replied by Lorraine
Littleton, Co

[YEA]   I LOVE Emu Oil. Also fantastic on zits. Mine are nearly gone the next morning if I apply at night.
Replied by Mel
Pioneer, Ohio

Where do you get Emu oil?

Facial Yoga   0  0   

Posted by Rosie (Santa Cruz, Ca) on 01/03/2014

Here's a random question: does anyone have any experience or tips on how to do facial yoga?

Replied by Cheryl
Newcastle, Australia

There is a website and YouTube of Facial Yoga Method.. the ladies name is Fumiko - she is very good.

Flax Seed Oil   0  0   

Posted by Justin (Toronto, Ontario) on 04/30/2011

Do you have to rub flax seed oil on your face? or take it in your mouth to help get rid of forehead wrinkles? and how long until you see results, will rubbing it on your face harm it in any way (clog pores) please respond to the email provided.

Replied by Anna
Ottawa, Canada

Oil pulling with flax or taking it orally. Adding it to smoothies or oatmeal is an easy way to take it.

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