Chemical Sensitivity Remedies

Last Modified on Sep 15, 2014

Treatment for chemical sensitivity ranges from removing the offensive substance to detoxifying the body and supporting recovery from the condition with supplements. Avoiding plastic and other chemical-laden products is vital for treating chemical sensitivity. Additionally, natural options like hemp seed powder can neutralize the chemical and offer relief.

What is Chemical Sensitivity?

Considered an environmental illness, chemical sensitivity is also termed “sick building syndrome.” The condition refers to the non-specific symptoms individuals experience after exposure to chemical, biologic and physical agents. Common symptoms include headache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, itching, sneezing, congestion, sore throat, chest pain, heart arrhythmia and breathing problems. Muscle pain, stiffness, skin rash, diarrhea, bloating, gas, confusion, memory and concentration problems and mood changes are also common.

Natural Remedies for Allergens and Chemical Toxicity

Eliminating the toxic substance is one of the first steps in treating chemical sensitivity. Additionally, natural substances including hemp seed powder and kelp powder neutralize chemicals in the system. A natural detox is another effective option for treating chemical toxicity.

Avoiding Allergens

A number of everyday products contain irritating chemicals. Avoiding these common allergens is important for living a healthy life. Plastic, cleaning products, perfume, carpet and several other products contain allergens. Eliminating these items from the home and substituting them for other natural options, such as vinegar for cleaning and glass for storage containers, eliminates many sensitivities.

Neutralizing Chemicals

After exposure, neutralizing the chemicals in the system is vital. This neutralization can be achieved using hemp seed powder and kelp powder. These powders contain a high concentration of amino acids and fiber that function to neutralize allergens and restore health.


Removing chemicals and toxins from the body is also important for treating chemical sensitivities. Detoxing takes a number of different forms, all of which are effective for cleansing the body. Clay baths, massage, herbal cleanses and colon cleanses are a few effective options.

Many of the products individuals use every day are laden with chemicals and allergens. Avoiding these substances is the best line of treatment; however, it is often impossible to avoid them all. In which case, neutralizing and detoxing them is important for good lasting health.

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User Reviews

Avoiding Plastic   0  0   

Posted by Kt (, The Usa) on 05/22/2013

Been wondering if a lot of ailments here could be caused by foods and beverages packaged in plastic. I feel we have become desensitized to this possibility. There are toxins in the plastic that can leach into whatever is packaged. Especially milk. We only get milk in glass bottles and have had to convert to 2% because of learning what the dairy cows are being fed. There is "microwavable" plastic (which I have never trusted or used). I've NEVER trusted cooking in the microwavable plastic bags. I always use clear glass casseroles. I would just be guessing that a lot of complaints are really caused by ingestion of the toxins in or exposure to plastic but it makes sense to me. I went to a store yesterday that I rarely go to and could not stay in the corner where they had all of the bread. (I was trying to read ingredients) All in plastic and the fumes were just overwhelming. I left with a headache but as soon as I got outside in fresh air the headache went away. Ingredients bring up another issue. Practically everything contains corn and/or soy two GMO's that could be tearing down our ability to resist environmental factors. Just because something is declared "safe" doesn't make it so.

Posted by Mike Giller
Denver, Colorado
60 Posts
I take 30 grams a day of flax oil ,30 grams a day of coconut oil, 100 grams a day of raw honey, and 2 gallons a day of water all packaged in plastic and I feel great. Herbal companies have tested food grade plastic in labratories and have found no seepage from anything. If you feel bad, try taking the superfoods and juicing raw organic fruits and vegetables. That is what I do. I am 62 and have not been to the doc in 6 years, not even for a checkup.
Posted by Kt
The Usa
335 Posts
I don't feel bad. I just keep reading about many who do and wanted to offer another possible cause. There are many who cannot afford all free-range, organic everything and my minimal experience is that it is not always the safest. Some are able to tolerate more than others but that doesn't mean no damage is being done and sometimes too late to reverse. I'm older than you and I cannot afford the risk.

Chemical Sensitivity Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Rey (Philippines) on 07/10/2013

I have chemical allergy for 4years. I accidentally touch the chemical on the container that contained chemical use for dvd disc. The dVd disc has 2 part the front or data side and back the dummy side so, they use bonding chemical to stick each other that the kinds of chemical I touched. Until now only my fingers both have like Small bubbles and have like water inside and I scrach always coz uncomfortable. I already go to different doctor to check and gave me a cream and medicine it lose for 1week the bubbles but after a week the allergy back again. Ahat I need to do. Please send your reply. Thanks a lot.

Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 05/14/2013

We MOVED and that was stressful and joyous but dehydrating as we worked hard. We got into our new house and my arms and legs were falling alseep with tingling. My brain was foggy and forgetful. I started getting more indigestion and bloating. I thought it might only last a short time so I spread baking soda around and lit some candles, unscented ones. I put a cotton lightweight covering over my head while I slept at night. Days went by as our new home was gassing out from carpets-paint-texture-caulk-plastics-cabinet stains-rubber pad-you name it.

A month later, my tingling was slowing down but my stress was still up depleting my hydration system. My digestion was getting worse and found I had less tolerance to my regular food. Little did I know but it took a tole on my immune system, as sickness in a family can, or even planning a detailed vacation. Nurture yourself, eat right, learn about your body. Water can save you a lot of grief, allergies, sinus pain, body pain, simple truths to be your best everyday and gain some ground on your health.

Love, Joy

Posted by Notdefeated
Radford, Va
2 Posts
Joy, I read your post on MCS but ti didn't help me. I am glad you are feeling better (cleansing you new house) but what about when you go out in public---don't you get ill breathing stuff (as in perfumes) in public? can't even go to church because I smell junk that people are wearing. Now my church chose to put down new carpet. Carpets are loaded with formaldehyde. Do you take any kind of all natural supplements or anything. This MCS that I have has caused Tinnitus really bad and getting worse. Specialists just look at me like I'm crazy and tell me to learn to live with the MCS and Tinnitus. I am soooooo miserable but refuse to be defeated. :-(


Not Defeated

Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
NotDefeated: someone just posted about grounding/earthing. Maybe you can look into that.
Posted by Prioris
Fl, Usa
266 Posts
You mentioned that "specialists look at me like ..."

You would consult with a clinical ecologist—a doctor who specializes in environmental medicine. I assume you know about them. That is only doctor I would consider consulting in. Any other doctor doesn't really know much about the problem. I would never accept any doctor who just says I would have to live with it. I like your "Not Defeated" attitude.

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Laura (Ca) on 11/24/2013

Hi -- I'm looking for advice on a kind of space heater that will be tolerable for someone with multiple chemical sensitivities and indoor/outdoor allergies. I recently tried a parabolic heater and it made me light-headed and foggy. Any advice on a type of heater that will not cause these effects would be greatly appreciated. Laura

Posted by Robyn (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/17/2012

Im now on the street with nowhere for food or shower. It is being painted. I don't see too many posts on this site of others with sensitivities so bad they cant go near people, inside buildings because they're so toxic. No detoxing has made a difference. No remedy has. Supplementing my cortisol because my adrenals don't work hasnt made a difference. Severe physical pain is one thing, the extreme loneliness and boredom is another, but being bashed with toxins all day long is just too much. If I havent been able to fix it by now I don't think I have any chance. I still dont know what Im treating. Thank you for the support I have had here because you dont get it anywhere else.

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
704 Posts
Hi Robyn, Did you ever get yourself on the stem cell therapy list? I know you sounded disheartened that you would be the first one being treated for this issue. And you felt a bit like it was experimental. On a certain level it is but they are being used successfully for so many issues. Ask if they are using your own mesenchymal stem cells and can they take them from your blood rather than your fat. In speaking with others who have also gone for stem cell therapy, we felt a lot of trepidation because there isn't a lot of information regarding it. Honestly, I was nervous but took the plunge because my hips were unbearably painful. I don't regret it one bit! I am almost completely back to normal. Carolyn's friend also was successful in his treatment and he was very scared about it and almost cancelled the whole thing. He did it anyway since the doctors said there was no hope for him. It sounds like you are pretty down. And feel rather hopeless. Why not try it. You just might see a turn around. Blessings on you, Lisa
Posted by Robyn
Melbourne, Australia
Lisa, I am on the list. Here in Oz they can only take it from the fat which they take from your belly. I dont know with Addisons that I can do a surgery?? but its awhile away and Im on the street now.
Posted by Lila
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Fresh air and pure organic baking soda absolutely turns my severe itching, head-pain, dizziness and lethargy, etc. (from chemicals)... Off! I absolutely believe that God provides everyone with simple, simple, inexpensive methods to handle anything. This certainly has been true for me. 1)Metaphors in all health issues and 2)I show my appreciation for the gift of Life and freedom and prosperity and every detail in my life by simple, humble, quiet obedience and Gratitude (shown best by being extavagantly generous to the Least of our Brothers 'n Sisters on earth) and 3)ACV & soda & simple diet of mostly raw/mostly vegetables works wonders 4) Learn to control your thoughts & feelings. 5)Patience with the LORD's timing in all things.

I listen for inspiration particular to my situation. The LORD surely takes care of me!

These have worked wonderfully in my life ...

Just some ideas that might ring true for you.

Posted by Rachel
Stanwood, Wa USA
2 Posts
I don't have it as bad as you, but I have a really bad breathing problem from chemical sensitivities and sulfur sensitivities and everyone stinks and I can't go anywhere there are people or in stores either. I have horrible life threatening "asthma attacks" diagnosed as "severe persistent asthma" constantly, like clockwork all day, all night, every few hours. People smell so bad I can't go near them. I don't know how they can stand themselves. What the poor animals must think of stinky humans with their good noses!

What I have learned is that to help the adrenal glands and cortisol levels get better and to counteract really bad inflammation--bee venom. There is an Australian bee venom honey. You could look up "bee venom honey" and probably find it pretty easy. I use a local bee venom honey from Oregon, USA for my lung inflammation, but over the past month and a half I have been using live honeybees because they are more potent and I can't eat that much honey! It is called bee venom therapy or bee sting therapy. It doesn't hurt as bad as the inflammation all the time! It only stings for a minute, and then the pain feels better. Ice before the sting helps. Bee venom is used in MS and Arthritis as well. It promotes the production of cortisol in the body and apparently heals adrenalin glands. I don't think it will help all your problems, as you have a very serious case of chemical sensitivities, but if you have inflammation, it will help lots (unless of course, you are allergic to bees--don't eat the venom honey if that is the case).

I also recommend a very powerful chemical absorbing air cleaner. There are chemicals being sprayed in your country as well as mine called stratospheric aerosol geoengineering chemicals and they are so bad they are making those of us with chemical sensitivities and asthma suffer far worse than we would without them. The problem is everywhere (I believe there was a protest in Australia against the chemical spray recently) and that is why a powerful air cleaner is so important. Since you are not able to go indoors, it would be a good idea to get a gas mask. I wear one to the grocery store, or anywhere else I go, though I rarely leave home anymore, and am lucky to have a home with good air filtration. You may be able to tolerate a home if you use good air filtration in it. A gas mask will help to filter your air atleast some of the time. You'll get funny looks, but who cares what those stinky people think? Get a good gas mask, not a chinsy little thing.

I think detox is the only rout out of this chemical sensitivity horror, and alkalizing your body with very pure alkaline food and filtered water is very important. Lemons in your water may help, if you can get good organic lemons. There is no other way I am aware of, as food is difficult to tolerate, I know. I'm sorry you are suffering so much. This careless human-poisoned world has really destroyed many of our lives.

Posted by Lana
I would recommend 2 things- Faster EFT and Dynamic Neural Retraining System. Avoiding life is NEVER an answer. We were born to live, eat and enjoy life, not hide. Go get healthy and enjoy, have fun, and eat good food. There is a cure. Also, Marshal Protocol is helpful. Good luck from a survivor who now both enjoys perfumes, alcohol and can stand smokey bars (lived isolated for years before..)

Hemp Seed Powder and Kelp Powder   1  0   

Posted by Anon (Anon) on 12/10/2013

[YEA]  I think I inhaled too much bleach fumes one day. After more than a week of coughing and feeling sick, and having really bad breath, I finally took a few tablespoons of hemp seed powder and a teaspoon of kelp powder in water. Doing that once or twice a day for a few days appears to have solved the problem. It's been a few weeks and the bad breath and sick feeling are long gone. It was probably the kelp more than the hemp seed from what I've read about kelp. Aspirin tends to give me bad breath, too, like it's too strong for me.

Meth Chemical Exposure   0  0   

Posted by 111laker111 (Guelph, Ontario, Canada) on 06/06/2013

Hello all, my wife and I have lived above a Meth lab for quite a while and have finally as of this month been able to move. The reason I write now is that we are still experiencing the symptoms from when we lived above the lab though not as intently. The symptoms were pressure in the head mainly the sinus cavities top of the head, dizziness, disoriented, buzzing in feet legs and chest, headaches, memory loss, a feeling like something has gripped the back of your head where the neck meets the skull and squeezed as hard as possible, and ringing in the ears.

My current symptoms are now pressure in the head (mostly sinus cavities headaches, extreme nausea and ringing in the ears which never goes away just gets lower and louder and it's hard to keep food down. I can still smell the ammonia on some of our furnature mainly leather couch and bed I have sprayed them a number of times with 3 parts vinagar 1 part water (seems to have helped a little) I am now hyper sensitive to ammonia. I can't get near our cats litter box without a headache and we keep it clean. My question is will this go away or is it permanent damage and is there anything that might ease these symptoms? I had been eating 600 mg ibuprophens and aceteminaphen to combat the headaches. we were exposed to this 24/7 for a very long time some of the chems I could identify are: Ammonia, Acetone, red phosphoure, and I am assuming ephidrine and phseodoephidrine since they boiled most of it out of some sort of gelcaps leaving a burning rubber smell.

I forgot to mention we had the runs for months till we were finaly able to move also exposed to ether and who knows what other chemicals. It has been a nightmare. Can anyone give me any advice on setting ourselves on the road to recovery? All answers greatly appreciated.

Posted by Oscar
Syracuse, New York, Usa
Dear laker from Canada, I don`t see how you can go wrong with drinking a lot of good quality water to detoxify you, and your family's bodies. I use distilled water and recommend it. Other than that some moderate use of vitamins and a healthy diet can only help and not harm you. Hopefully you and your family can fully recover from this poisoning by volatile organic compounds of unknown to me types. I don't know what chemicals are used to make these drugs you refered to. I think acetone is one of them. This acetone is hard on the liver as are most of these chemicals. The B vitamins taken in moderate dosages should help with liver damage... Oscar
Posted by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, Usa
707 Posts
I am so sorry about your suffering and so glad you got out of that house!

Activated charcoal powder is very helpful in detoxifying your body from chemicals. You can take capsules or tablets or drink charcoal powder in water. You can put a cup of it into a bath. (Not easy to clean up, but it will let the charcoal adsorb the poisons through your skin. ) Here is a link to how it helps with chemical poisoning. If your symtoms worsen with charcoal use, use less and build up to more. When using charcoal, remember it will get out drugs as well--including over the counter drugs and prescription meds. So, do not take it within two hours of medication.

Another thing you can do to help detox your liver is castor oil poultices. Here is earth clinic's link to how to do that. It really does help!

It is important to drink a lot of water to help your body get rid of toxins. At least a half a gallon day. This could be your charcoal water or you could make a detoxifying drink with raw organic apple cider vinegar.

- 1/2 gallon pure water
- 1/4 cup raw unpaturized apple cider vinegar
- 1/4 cup honey
- 10 drops organic lemon essential oil (Optional but delicious.)

If you mix a gallon of this a day (it will have to start out hot to melt the honey) you and your wife should drink it all during the day.

Eat as well as you can--avoid sugar, aspartame, MSG, etc. If you can juice organic carrots that would be a concentrated addition of nutrients to your diet, as would 1 T. Of blackstrap molasses.

It is important to keep your system moving to keep the toxins moving out. Charcoal can cause constipation if you are not getting enough water. Blackstrap is good for constipation.

Keep us posted and let us know how you are doing.

~ Mama to Many ~

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
1295 Posts
111laker111: Definitely supplement NAC to boost your body's natural Glutathione levels. Also for detox boosting eat liberal amounts of Cabbage, Broccoli, and Brussels Sprouts. Wheat Sprout Antioxidant will help.

It may be necessary to do some body PH buffering (lots of info here on E.C.) as almost every type of chemical exposure will acidify the tissues. In the case of acidosis, detox enzymes get slowed down and sometimes dramatically. Alkaline Water would be advised here as well.

Posted by Tom
Fort Worth, Texas
472 Posts
A well known method for drug de tox is the watermellon cleanse. Only eat/drinking the juice too, and as much of the rine as possible... down into the white.

I remember it was Reverend Lester Roloff, who had a girls home in Texas, used the watermellon method for those who came with an addiction issue. He'd have them on the watermellon diet for three days... only watermellon for three days.

Posted by Trudyg
Waynesboro, Va, Usa
16 Posts
To remove odors from furniture, you can try sprinkling baking soda (maybe under & between cushions). It absorbs odor, also you can try leaving bowls of baking soda around (on a windowsill behind the curtain?). I had a room that had a musty smell and I grated up a bar of Fels Naptha soap, left it in an open bowl in the room and next day the room smelled fresh--like the soap, but fresh and clean. Odor gone and the soap smell also went away once the room was open. I use homemade detergent made with Fels Naptha and it cleans well and leaves no chemical coating behind.
Posted by Kt
335 Posts
I'm not familiar with Fels Naptha. What is it and where can you purchase it, please?
Posted by Trudyg
Waynesboro, Va
Sorry. Fels Naptha is a natural bar soap. You can find it in the detergent aisle at most stores. It will be near the borax and washing soda.
Posted by Kt
, The Usa
335 Posts
Thanks Trudyg. I have some furniture in storage (maybe ten yrs) that I'm sure must be moldy and smell really bad by now. Will I be able to use this soap on that? It was furniture my mother has reupholstered but died suddenly and I had nowhere else to put it at that time.
Posted by Trudyg
Xxxxx, Yyy
I don't see why not. I would grate up the soap and sprinkle it throughout the drawers, etc, then vacuum up. You know, crumpled up newspaper absorbs odors and dampness. Cheap (from Hints from Heloise)
Posted by Kt
The Usa
335 Posts
I was referring to a couch and chairs in storage. Thanks for the H from H tip... We have dresser drawers in the house that have a funky smell and we do have a mold problem. Can I crumple the newspaper and put it in the corners around the clothes? If I don't rotate my husbands shirts and underwear they absorb that smell.
Posted by Sammy
FELS NAPTHA SOAP, Was reading posts here, A year ago someone said this was a good soap to use for homemade laundry soap. DO NOT USE THIS SOAP, THIS is what caused my MCS. My wife made this soap, which is all over the internet about how cheap it is to make, after wearing the clothes for 3 months had a rash break out, This is when my MCS started, now all chemicals mess me up, Been 2 1/2 years, have to avoid all chemicals now. PLEASE DO NOT USE FELS NAPTHA SOAP

Neutralizing a Chemical Environment   0  0   

Posted by Helen (Johannesburg, South Africa) on 03/13/2014

Hi, is there any way of neutalizing chemical exposure in the enviroment i.e. when the chemical has invaded your living space?

Posted by Mike62
Helen: Enzymes neutralize environmental toxins. The nutrients in food have more protons than electrons. The nutrients in enzymes have more electrons than protons. The electricity reduces complex toxins to simple molecules that are inert. Activated barley has enzymes with the highest energies, followed by home made sprouts and ferments. Raw organic produce has enzymes.

Plastics   0  0   

Posted by Francisca (Zug, Switzerland) on 02/16/2012

Maybe some of you are interested in this article.... this has been known for a while but only the risk of cancer, not diabetes and obesity!

But the bottom line is: the risks are everywhere! We can try to minimize them but it is almost impossible! Maybe you would be interested in reading a book I am reading at the moment: The Great Food Gamble by John Humphrys. The author is British so the book is more about the British reality but in the end the British reality is nowadays, in the globalized world, the reality of many other countries! The book is very well written and will give you a fright, trust me..... Worth reading if you care about the food you eat! Many times I had tears in my eyes! Read and weep.....

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Sally (Newhall, California) on 01/15/2013

I am looking for any info re: chemical sensitivities. I want to clean out the chemicals. Thanks.

Posted by Leisa (Sydney, Australia) on 06/06/2011

I just want to die everytime I smell any fragrance, washing powder, petrol. That means I cant go anywhere or near any people. I have got better with trees and a little better with animals since following remedies on this site but oh!!!! Im allergic to the 21st century. Its such a strong reaction, you wouldnt wish it on your worst enemy. Anybody else like this? Any remedies?

Posted by Pat
Bloomingdale, Il
7 Posts
Ignatia amara is a homeopathic remedy that you can take for your problem. It should be taken for 10 days in decreasing amts.
Posted by Beth
Philadelphia, Pa
Leisa, so sorry. I have the same.

Pat: What dose do you recommend of Ignatia Amara?

Posted by Janine
Green Bay, Wi, Usa
Plz, do not use that stuff. The only true remedy to MCS, in my own personal experience, is fresh air. And the cost is usually lower than living in a city.


I went from growing up in a suburb of 15,000 people to living in NYC. I worked in the photo industry in the 1980's. 1990's, those chemicals ruined my life plans.

I now live in the northern woods of Wisconsin, (USA), just to have fresh air to breathe....yet, I knew once I made this move I could not go back. Lived here now for 6 years and now anywhere near perfume, hair spray, soap, deoderant, laundry detergent, gas, and many others it is a one off stop. My face goes pure red, it burns, dizzy, cannot breathe well, headache, bodyache... just feels like I am goona collapse.

I go for 3 - 4 hours shopping for the toiletries, essentials for the month and that is it. People think that I am rude, standoffish, even "weird". I never was and am not. Yet thank GOD they made smoking illegal in public places. That was a HUGE help for me.

Then they added ethanol to gas. Total headaches with it. It even varies from stations.

HOWEVER, keep your chin up, feel free to write me or whatever may help you, good luck! ...

janine tomus44(AT)

Posted by Debra (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) on 04/27/2010

HELP! IM DESPERATE..... this is not a life, its hell all day long, the longest, most agonising death you can imagine, every day, for decades, Im in crisis all day every day, running for my life, severely allergic, dirt, grass, trees - severe reaction, very bad mcs so if anybody comes anywhere near me severe body pain, become very weak, often fall down, knives in my stomach, immediate migraine, one small exposure affects me for hours, cant go into shops, buildings, peoples homes or cars. My home made me so sick I abandoned that years ago. Diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, went to a support group meeting and passed out. I cant go near people or into buildings. I have been living in an old well taken care of car and mostly outside for over 3 years the pain is SO bad when I go inside. cfs, mcs people offered me a room but even in their places at best I would fall down with the worst case of the flu and couldnt move or (Im sure it was the paint on their walls) it would burn my nerves so I was screaming in pain.
It seems to attack the nerves inside my nose first, then my whole face, head caves in, like knives, being stabbed in the head, then lights up all the other nerves in my body and Im screaming in pain. Sometimes it feels like a plastic bag over my brain. At other times like Im standing in a fire, all my tissue is being burnt. HELP!

Food allergies as a child undiagnosed and untreated. Had never heard of anything like food allergies & had disinterested parents. Im 49. 17 yrs ago contacted ross river, glandular fever, barvon forest, kept on working, pushed on through, I dont get sick but the pain was unbearable. Took 10 yrs for fibromyalgia diagnosis, the key then was seratonin so trialled all the antidepressants. Of course, only 1/2 tab would cripple me in pain for days. Used to be locked up, muscles like concrete, physio at the pain clinic said I had the worst bound up thorasic shed ever seen but life got much worse when the chemical sensitivities kicked in 5 years ago. Cant understand how dumb I am for not recognising how much worse the pain was when I ate.

Ive tried different diets, supplements, herbs, fms drugs, my hormone count is nil so to supplement hormones - everything made me ILL!!! as ill as ill as you could ever feel THE PAIN! Anything that passes by my lips, it seems like all food and inhalants....

Hair analysis says ca, mg, most metals poisoning my tissues, sulfur, zinc, c, e, efas deficient, anemic due to cu poisoning. Blood levels show high lead, ca. Brain scan shows very advanced calcium blocked arteries & depression of course & small aneurism.

I have a lot of trouble breathing but its the smell of everything.... if it blocks my nose and caves in my head then Im in real trouble. The fatigue is unbearable and indescribable but of course I cant sleep because of the pain. Theres not much I can eat.

My adrenals have failed. I dont make any cortisol. My thyroid is sluggish but not bad enough to need any medication. Blood tests show first signs of kidney problems.

I take MS contin - just 1 a day, I hate drugs but Id jump off a bridge, & I have to take the cortisol to replace what Im not making which hasnt done a lot to help & asthma med. to try to make up for my deficiencies Take B, C, E, zinc, iron, enzymes, probiotics, b6, p5p, selenium, Im really low in potassium so that, niacin & gingko because my circulation is so bad, couple of things to help me detox, nac, carnosine, for energy; acetyl l carnitine, beta glucan, used to take anything that was supposed to be an immune support. phosphatidylcholine and flaxseed oil.
the being sulfur & enzyme deficient & not being able to absorb proteins, I have degenerated/bulging discs, viruses & metal poisoning, this theory sounded good - I thought this was it but protein powders make me ill & increasing my protein & enzyme intake hasnt made any difference.

Have you heard of anything like this? Paper makes me ill. Of course, electricity makes me ill, mobile phones, computers.

I cant study your web page because of the electricity. Im in more pain and lose any ability to comprehend anything.
My doctor is suggesting brain inflammation is responsible for the wrong gating information about all the smells etc and pushing me to take lyrica to slow down the nerve impulses. Of course, it put me in great pain.

Do you have any advice for me?

Posted by Debra
Bribane, Australia
fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivity

Ted, All your treatments seem to be around becoming less acidic. SEVERE PAIN but my hair analysis shows my tissue to be too alkaline. My stomach is too alkaline. Taking bicarb, lemon juice etc would be a disastor. My arteries seem to be clogged with ca but Im only young. Did I say the pain is extreme. And have become SO ALLERGIC. Seem to be copper poisoned too, adrenals have failed. Im doing your borax treatment but what else can I do?

Posted by Faithinhealing
Forest Park, Ohio
Hi Debra, I had a hair analysis done too which showed high levels of alkaline minerals. However, there was also high levels of metal, etc., and my liver is sluggish. So if your liver is sluggish then those minerals will build up in your body and metals, I think, because the liver can't get rid of them and other toxins.

I also found out that I have gallstones which means my liver isn't working properly. I use the alkaline methods just fine, including lemon, I would recommend you follow what Ted says because he's right.

I would also suggest that you start doing enemas to detoxify your liver, coffee enemas, and eating kefir to add good bacteria to your body to help rebuild your immune system!

I also have chemical sensitivity and chronic fatigue and a host of other problems, but after four months of cleansing my liver, things are better, although the chemical sensitivity remains but I think after a year things will be better...especially once I get rid of the gallstones and candida that are blocking the liver.

I can tell you of a cleanse that I have been using successfully, liver/gallbladder cleanse. Two egg yolks (lecithin) at room temperature, three limes softened and juice squeezed into the egg mixture, and 1 T. of olive oil, stir and drink. This will help to cleanse your liver, do it on a day you can stay near the toilet. Then one hour after the drink do an enema, preferably a coffee enema. I add probiotics to my coffee enema which are calming, I also add plant aloe sometimes. This cleanse will help you to get rid of ALL KINDS of bacteria that may be congesting your liver or gallbladder, trust me I've seen some awful stuff come out! Right now I'm doing this once a week and it's the best cleanse that I've done!!! I also drink acv in lots of water..32 ounces, 3 T., the day before doing this cleanse because it softens up the gallstones!

Posted by Catherine
Wellington, New Zealand
58 Posts
Reply to Debbie, You are certainly suffering badly. For my own pain levels which had become chronic I finally discovered the blood type diet..believe me it really works. By sticking religiously to the "medicine" foods the improvement in pain began for me within 48hrs. Transgressions can lead to the pain coming back ( again with a 48hr lead time) but as long as you stick with it the pain stays away and lots of other ailments disappear as well. I'm sure it will help you.

Other remedies to try are borax and sodium thiosulfate for heavy metal detox. I must add one more and that is "the water cure". I have had some amazing results using this therapy also. Kind regards.

Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
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Hi Debra...Your issues with high magnesium and high calcium might indicate very low potassium levels or very poor mineral regulation by the kidneys. Also your ADHD in the past could indicate low iodine levels and you may have heavy metal as well as fluorine issues.

Here is what Ted says about adrenal fatigue:

"Adrenal fatigue: There are a couple of supplements that help adrenal fatigue, and calcium is not one of them. They seem to worsen the condition and promote blood clotting, but also restricts blood flow from that also. The other supplements besides vitamin C, magnesium, is the vitamin E, chromium 1000 mcg, and DHEA. Tin deficiency tends to occur with adrenal, but the dose is very low, usually 2 mg-5 mg of Tin chloride. I doubt they sell that, but it seems to help depression that goes with it. The iodine supplement is taken along with the vitamin C 500-1000 mg, 1-2 drops for lugol's solution. During the afternoon, a quick pickup, might be taking some betaine HCl, which adds energy to the body if taken during that time. If there's still problem I have other remedies up my sleeves also. It's important to eat lighter meals during lunch and drink plenty of water during that time, so that the energy of digestion is not depleted from lack of water. It requires the body less energy if water is drank during the lunch hour plus lighter meals. Water acts as a catalyst and allow the food to be better digested."

Judging from your history of ADHD, allergies and excessive calcium in the brain all these would indicate excess fluorine(as calcium fluoride). There are many ways to get rid of fluorine besides borax.

* Methylene Blue(MB) has been mentioned by Ted as a good agent to get rid of calcium from the brain, also helping greatly with Altzheimer's. It is also a super mitochondrial anti-oxidant at the cell level so will give you much more energy as well. It is also an effective anti-fungal that has been used for over 100 years as an anti-malarial. You must also take Vitamin C when using MB -- otherwise it turns the whites of your eyes blue and your urine green. You can buy MB at any aquatic store. Just dilute it down to 0.1% and use 2-3 drops a day in a glass of water.

* I think you need to supplement iodine also. This will leech out and remove fluorine, bromine and chlorine as well as lead and mercury from your body. Iodine is also a mainstay support for your immune system. You can take iodine as kelp tablets, lugol's solution, Iodoral tablets or simply paint the soles of your feet with tincture of iodine(I do this) twice a week. If you start sweating more and your nose runs constantly, then cut back on the foot-painting to only once a week.You should also take Vitamin C with iodine, this tends to activate the iodine and make it more useful to the body.

* Supplement once a week with with 6-10 drops of Sodium Thiosulphate(ST) in a glass of water once a day. ST has been used for years by the medical profession to remove heavy metals and chlorine safely from the body after cancer chemotherapy. You can also buy a plain 10% solution of ST from any aquatics shop.

* Drinking Green Tea 3 times a day and eating Cilantro or Coreander leaf 3 times a week in a salad would also be very effective at removing heavy metals from the body.

I'm over sixty and I still use every one of these remedies and can vouch for all of them. They have helped me alot. I also still take Ted's lime/lemon plus baking soda remedy regularly. I had candida and Lord knows what else wrong with me and got rid of it all, and now no more aches and pains, no more low energy, and I'm healthy again. You have plenty of effective options here. I would also recommend borax as a good idea, I also use this regularly to both remove fluorine and as a very effective fungal killer and general hormone balancer.

Posted by Bill
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Hi Debra...Best to buy the Sodium Thiosulhate from an aquatics shop, this chemical will have to be pure from this source -- otherwise it would kill the fish.

You don't have to use Sodium Thiosulhate if you don't want to. You could also use Green Tea or Cilantro, as suggested above. Chlorella will also remove heavy metals from your body and do the job well.

Posted by Debra
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I have used all of them, supplemented the potassium, iodine, sodium thiosulphate, green tea, cilantro, coffee enemas, acv, vco, charcoal, antioxidants, everything except the methylene blue - not so easy to get, vitamin C, mg, vitamin E, chromium 1000 mcg, and DHEA as you suggested. borax, h202, staying away from flouride, liver flushes make me too sick but take milk thistle. Dont eat fats. Not sure if I should be having some flaxseed oil since Im in so much pain. Could we be looking at the wrong thing? What about intracellular bacteria? Im in severe pain. trying to dampen down phase 1 liver with real grapefruit juice, sulfur pathway is way open (maybe because I was drinking a little dmso as a trial) but other phase 2 are low. I take glycine, glutathione - even though I know it doesnt absorb well.

I was a positive person but this is 18 yrs, the pain is too much for me, I may have been permanently damaged, such long exposures to things I couldnt tolerate - especially food. I cant bear listening to anymore new age people - choose fun or choose morphine.

Posted by Emi
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Debra! You are supplementing WAY too much - your liver can not detoxify and your MCS worsens - STOP! Take iodine, NAC and vit C, or whatever, don?t take it all at the same time! Gosh!

Posted by Harmonious1 (Alamogordo, New Mexico) on 09/29/2009

Hi Ted

I was confused by your discussion of PHOTOsensitivity, since I came to this page searching for info on CHEMICAL sensitivity. This is where perfumes and strong chemical smells can make you very ill. I have no problem with going out into the sun.

I do however have to stay at home a lot because the people and places in the world are all full of FRAGRANCE. Perfume, cologne, aftershave lotion, hair spray and gel, cosmetics, bath products, shampoo, deodorant, laundry products, room and carpet freshener, scented candles, cleaning chemicals, dry cleaning odors, paint, new carpeting and upholstery, the glue used to put down tiles and carpeting, and on and on and on, ad nauseum, all gang up on me and make me feel I'm going to die.

Do you have any ideas about that kind of sensitivity?

EC: Ted does discuss remedies for chemical sensitivity in his post:

Posted by Harmonious1
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Thanks for putting up my comment, but now I am more confused. The chemical sensitivity I am talking about is also known as "MCS" Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, or "EI" Environmental Illness.

There are not usually any skin problems. Brain fog, confusion, disorientation (getting lost on the way home) fatigue, depression, lethargy, headache, joint pain, emotional upset, hysteria, sight problems, digestive upset, bloating, swelling, dizzyness, hair falling out, itchy eyes, sinus pain, and more. You just want to lie down wherever you happen to be, even on the floor, curl up into a fetal position and die. Your life becomes very isolated and lonely.

But I have never talked to anyone with MCS who has skin problems from chemical exposure. Maybe that is an oversight on my part, but I don't think so. I think Ted is talking about a different problem here, and maybe that is what it is called in Thailand.

Anybody else out there experiencing chemical sensitivities like I detailed?

Ted, could you comment?

Posted by Nearing
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I agree with Harmonious1 from Alamogordo. Photosensitivity may be one symptoms of a chemical sensitivity but MCS is usually a more all-encompassing disorder with all of the symptoms he/she described after inhaling perfume or diesel exhaust or cleaning with bleach, etc.

So, are there any natural remedies for MCS and/or for man-made chemical detoxification?

Posted by Emerald
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Hello to the person with chemical sensitivities, I also suffer from these chronically, paint, perfumes, cleaning products etc. If I inhale these (they seem to replace oxygen via my lungs) I go extrememly weak and my legs are like lead. I can do nothing, sometimes I fall into a deep sleep and can do nothing for a few hours. I have never found the cause, nor how to treat it. I have tried every rememdy known. To no avail. But No-one seems to realise how ill this makes us. Usually others don't see it, or only for a few mins. I don't go out much as everyone is wearing deadly chemicals on their bodies!!! I could go out but may be taken ill, or my heart will start racing. I am also allergic to any grains, which makes life difficult. Just a message to the person who wanted to know if there was anyone else like them. Yes, me. Good luck.
Posted by Tom
Regina, Sk

Some good work has been done by several USA MDs who deal with other chemical systemic poisons such as the neurotoxins released by moulds and dinoflagellates, and industrial chemicals for example. They use a prescription product called cholestyramine in some cases to bind and pull out these circulating toxins in the gut when they are dumped in with the bile during digestion. But the MCS person must be removed from further exposure to the offending chemicals, of which there are tens of thousands! Also, I recall him saying likely in one of his books that many times after a long exposure to noxious chemicals, the cholestyramine might still be pulling out the toxins but the patient does not get better. The pioneer in this field is Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, who has several websites. I don't see 'MCS' specifically in the sidebar, but I know he treats it:

There is a 'Email us' link at the bottom left. The idea is to get his protocol and wave it under your doctor's nose in the hope he/she will go with it!

Dr. Titelbaum site:

Biomarkers (blood numbers, etc. ) for MCS:

Posted by Amazinggrace
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Ted did cover a similar problem that didn't involve the skin at this link:

Posted by Debra
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For mcs - Dear Ted, bar the methylene blue I have tried all these remedies for a year with very little improvement. I dont go into a painful coma under a gum tree anymore, just a headache but still the coma situation exists with all chemicals, fragrances, carpets, wall paints etc. I can read some peoples frustrations here with people not understanding. Meeting more and more people becoming like this. My phase 1 is too high, phase 2 is too low except for the sulphur (been drinking the dmso - is probably why). Many of our lives consist of curled up in the fetal position screaming in pain.
Posted by Faithinhealing
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LIVER FLUSHING... The problem is a bad liver and kidneys. Do liver and kidney cleansing, starting with the kidney cleanse, and the liver cleanse, and do these once a month. However, when you do them you want to drink FRESH DARK GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLE JUICE BEFORE AND AFTER. You also want to supplement more minerals like calcium, and magnesium. Calcium and magnesium will help with alkalinity and will help increase the minerals in the body. Kelp and unsulphured blackstrap molasses also help to increase minerals in the body.

The liver and kidneys are not detoxifying well, that is the reason for the MCS. Whey isolate protein powder helps to increase glutathione levels, and we have to increase our glutathione levels in order to help the liver and kidneys detoxify themselves.

Doing these flushes and supplementing minerals and using the protein powders to help with increasing minerals, as well as glutathione levels has greatly helped with MCS.

I also eat a more alkaline diet, higher in vegetables and fruits, and organic proteins.

Another thing that has helped is sinus cleaning, via a Neti Pot and a solution of 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt, and 1 teaspoon of epson salts, and 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, 3%, in about 2 cups of warm water. I irrigate my sinuses not regularly, but I had to do it twice a day for a while because NOTHING was flowing out but mucous... I also rinse my mouth out afterwards, making sure that I hold my head down on the floor so the peroxide can get up in the roof of my mouse and back of my throat, I then hold my head the opposite way over the bed, this makes sure the peroxide gets in there and kills the bacteria. Initially, this was very strong but I kept at it, nothing would come out of the other nostril, now it flows out. My sinuses are much better, and MCS, improved even more.

Cleaning up the air in your home is also very important, get a ozone air purifier and filter the air well. You make take more than once unit, I purchased mine on ebay, not affiliated, but I have three now, one in the basement, and one on the 1st floor, and one on the second floor.

Other things that help purify the air are oil nebulizer/diffusers... I use thieves oil, peppermint, and eucalphytus in my diffusers in each room, as well as other scents. But those three will help purify the air and get rid of mold and viruses and other bacteria...

You also need to check for mold and get rid of the damp areas and the mold. Mold can be cleaned up with hydrogen peroxide, thieves oil, and grapefruit seed oil...

It's a process, but in a year I have seen great improvement, and better improvement after flushing my sinuses and filtering the air...


Posted by Lou
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People using neti pots and Ayr saline bottles need to boil the water and let it cool down a bit. The reason is the brain eating amoeba that is getting into the water supply (moreso in the south, although someone in Minnesota recently got it from a pool). I think it's called Naegleria fowleri, or some such name.

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Posted by Ted (Bangkok) on 06/07/2008

The present medical practices of classification of a condition is faulty and are often by named appearances and symptoms when the cause is unknown or presumably unknown.

The problem is the cause is known and they continue to name these condition again based on appearances. However, my own classification system in naming the disease is based on triggering factors, then how that triggering factors causes this, and what is present when it does happen. It sounds like a mouthful, but I simply called it photosensitivity induced by chemicals or chemical photosensitivity. Another type is induced by fungus leading to photosensitivity from the mycotoxins present in our food supply from peanuts, potatoes, wheat products, moldy bread, moldy houses, vegetarian foods, etc.

Whichever the cause, mycotoxins induces an immune suppression, which triggers autoimmunity, again a misnomer to keep us off the track in finding proper remedies! Autoimmunity is often the result of fungus (such as the U.S. military patent mycoplasma now found in vaccines) attached to cells causing white blood cells to attack our own cells.

The chemical induced photosensitivity triggers two major events, one is to cause liver autotoxification or simply liver congestion, and lowered immunity of the body in general, where localized photosensitivity takes hold in area in which the oinment was applied. Eventually it may spread if the condition was ignored in some cases. So the opportunistic infections occurs causing skin rashes in that area, where a fungus takes hold of that area to form colonies.

I have seen this quite often in localized photosensitivity in lupus people and the remedy was treatment of liver and reduction of fungus by borax remedy and alkalization using either baking soda or carbicarb remedy.

I always suspected that based on skin condition of photosensitivity is often fungus opportunistic infection where deficiencies and toxicity were usually from vaccination, dietary, that triggers immune suppression.

As a case study humans are not unique in photosensitivity, but our present medical system of overspecialization prevents us from knowing that veterinary medicine always knew the cause of photosensitivity based on their autopsy studies in animals.

Therefore in real life case example, this also happens in kangaroos raised domestically and were dying from an unknown source. The diagnosis was photosensitivity, never mind about fancy names such as Poikiloderma of Civatte! lol. Therefore the kangaroos had to avoid the sun, but other symptoms were apparent, just like humans, lost of fur (sounds like alopecia), opalisation of the eyes (sounds like cataracts in humans), ear problem (ringing of the ears?), skin rashes, dry flaky skin begin to fall off, oozing pus (also found in lupus of humans), for example.

The Kangaroos had to be put to sleep and an autopsy were performed and revealed liver damage. The cause came from the use of ORBENIN ointment (found to cause liver damage in human studies), hence the triggering factors inducing photosensitivity.

They cured one kangaroos with vitamin B injections but other Kangaroos eventually died and vitamin B complex were not helped because there were other triggering factors, which were again traced to fungus found in Signal grasses.

The problem is that domestically raise animals don't survive well because they were given limited choice of the food for them to graze (and to think we eat domestically raised animals!), apparently Signal grasses contain high amounts of fungus, which contains mycotoxins. In my opinion both chemical oinments enters transdermally and damages the liver which causes the body to be photosensitive. Once the immune system is lowered because of low immunity, especially localized skin area, fungus opportunistic infection sets in in areas where fungus love - the areas where you get most of the moisture for them to grow - the neck and chest area, for example. People might wonder how photosensitivity occurs if the liver is damaged. The reason is really simple: the liver is the organ to detoxify, and if there is damage, the liver cannot detoxify to toxins accumulate and the body can no longer absorb the toxins and leave the toxins where the source was applied causing that skin area to be toxic leading to chemical photosensitivity. Obviously a skin preparation to detoxify these are possible with a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution mixed with a saturated amount of borax to that skin area. This is neutralization of chemical toxicity in the skin area by oxidation.

The remedy therefore appears obvious. I would detoxify the liver, kill off the localized fungus, and reduced the inflammation of the skin, and avoid mycotoxins and fungus from food and environment.The only thing this remedy won't help is discoloration of the skin from chemical toxins in which conventional therapies would do fine.

To reduce the chemical photosensitivity or fungus photosensitivity I would probably take 1 tablespoon of granulated lecithin before meals three times a day, take some 10 drops of 3% H2O2 food grade in a glass of water, mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda twice or three times a day. Skin problems in reduction of inflammation is helped mostly with omega 3 fish oil, not cod liver oil, usually once a day. There's a difference. Some evening primrose oil 1000 mg. taken three or four times a week. Vitamin B complex will also help restore some liver function such as B50 or B100 once every other day. Other supplements include milk thistle, for example.

However most of my the problems appear to helped is the carbicarb remedy, which is 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate and 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in 1 glass of water (if some people have problems of too much water, then 1/2 glass at least). It is taken twice a day, if possible and can also be taken at home early and late evening if it is inconvenient, and also promotes sleep as it has an alkalizing effect on the brain and skin areas. Increase alkalization will reduce both skin inflammations and fungus opportunistic infection that occurs often are localized.

Taking a bath with borax or the use of borax remedy also has antifungal properties and are often synergistic with the alkalizing remedy, where the borax I used can be 1/8 teaspoon dissolved in one liter of drinking water taken 4 days out of a week.

Skin condition will lessen at least from my experience of some sodium ascorbate vitamin C, 200 i.u. of vitamin E, 25,000 i.u.Vitamin A, and fish oil having omega 3 (DHA and EPA) were most helpful.

It takes about 2-3 weeks for rashes to notice some reduction. However if the skin is always moist or that the body is generally is moist often supports opportunistic fungus and some zinc gluconate 50 mg, twice a week can reduce some excessive oils and reduce moisture from the skin, but also I have found 1000 mcg of chromium polynicontinate to be helpful too, at least the reduction in blood sugar to more normal levels from chromium were helpful.

To round off everything a once a week or twice a week mulitvitamins and minerals I think is more than sufficient then taking everyday. I prefer liquid vitamins and softgel capsules because liquid version were more bioavailable than the tablet version because they sometimes cannot be dissolved in the stomach and sometimes the tricalcium phosphate and waxy magensium stearate prevent their absorption.

Certain foods, especially needs to be avoided that are high in mycotoxins and are very acid foming, in particular is wheat products, dairy products, and high mycotoxin foods, which are peanuts, potatoes, all sweet products, vegetable oils used in cooking and high temperatures, common table salt, mushrooms, all yeast products, peppermint oil found in toothpaste. The other thing I found in UK to cause some liver damage is the fluoride and chlorine found in the drinking water. Therefore reverse osmosis water with added 1/4 teaspoon sea salt plus 1/4 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate in one liter of drinking water were most helpful, especially if kept overnight (it's the ORMUS effect, or superconductivity of monoatomic elements that is why it was kept overnight) which helps strenghten the immune systems.

Again it is quite difficult to cover every aspect of photosensitivity, but it is often induced by chemical and fungus, and hence detoxification of chemicals by hydrogen peroxide, lecithin, and sea salt for example is possible, and the fungus photosensitivity can be reduced with antifungal remedies such as borax, hydrogen peroxide, fungus products (yeast, mushrooms, peanuts), avoiding sweet foods and sour foods, as well as chromium to reduce blood sugar are some possibilities. Obviously the major organs we need to protect is the liver where both mycotoxins from fungus and chemicals is what damages the liver.


P.S. As a footnote, some people are taking diuretics which causes depletion of potassium as a result the sodium bicarbonate or sodium carbonate isn't going to work unless 1/8 or 1/16 teaspoon of potassium citrate or potassium bicarbonate was added everytime the remedy is used. I suspect magnesium may be low too whenever electrolytes are imbalanced and some magnesium citrate supplements such as 250 mg on a weekly basis.

Posted by Cyro
New York, NY
Just curious, regarding Ted's cure for photosensitivity, why no cod liver oil?? thank you
Posted by Denise
Bothell, Wa
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I enjoied very much what you wrote. I'm suffering from chemical allergies and I'll try to do what you wrote. Thank you so much for taking the chance in helping us. Have a nice day.
Posted by Denise
Bothell, Wa
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Dear Ted, I have an untreated streptococcus problem. It happened in March, when I had a very bad sore throat but was afraid going to the doctor. Now I'm having very bad allergies and cannot even dye my hair anymore. Please, I need your advice. Thank you so much!!!

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Posted by Organic Gardener (Louisiana, Usa) on 01/21/2014

During renovation of an adjacent apartment, I was recently exposed to extremely high levels of a VOC, specifically toluene. Prior to this incident, I was very healthy. The exposure occurred over a period of four days. I am now experiencing dizziness, wheezing, nose bleeds, burning inside nostrils, tightness in chest, frequent urination, diarrhea and kidney pain. Any advice will be appreciated.

Posted by Timh
Ky, Usa
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Organic Gardener: I would recommend Lipospheric Vit-C between meals fallowed by NAC 1grm 1hr latter daily for at least 2 weeks. During meal take a Broad spectrum Multivitamin/Mineral plus Multicaroitinoid Complex supplement. Drink much Green Tea. Pine Bark or Grapeseed Extract will also help. Detox Foot Pads are very effective in removing Zenobiotics and Heavy Metals. I would recommend a 50 pack from whole-sellers on

It appears as if you may have already had some preconditions going on so do be committed to this detox as your health could easily spiral downwards. Here is a link w/ lots of info.

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