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Natural Cures Using Castor Oil

Last Modified on Jun 03, 2015

Castor Oil and Castor Oil Packs

Though we mainly know it as one of Edgar Cayce's most famous remedies, castor oil has a long history of traditional medical use dating back to ancient Egypt. Derived from the castor bean, the oil was traditionally used internally as a laxative. However, now it is primarily used externally due to its potential toxicity.

A castor oil pack is placed on the skin to increase circulation and to promote elimination and healing of the tissues and organs underneath the skin. It is used to stimulate the liver, relieve pain, increase lymphatic circulation, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion.

How Can a Castor Oil Pack Help Me?

Castor oil packs are a traditional natural cure for a range of conditions, such as: cholecystitis (inflammation of the gall bladder), poor eliminations, epilepsy, various liver conditions such as cirrhosis and torpid liver, scleroderma, headaches, appendicitis, arthritis, incoordination between assimilations and eliminations, colitis, intestinal disorders such as stricture and colon impaction, incoordination between nervous systems, neuritis, and toxemia.

How to Make a Castor Oil Pack

Castor oil packs are made by soaking a piece of flannel in castor oil and placing it on the skin. The flannel is covered with a sheet of plastic, and then a hot water bottle is placed over the plastic to heat the pack.

A castor oil pack can be placed on the following body regions:

The right side of the abdomen to stimulate the liver; inflamed and swollen joints, bursitis, and muscle strains; the abdomen to relieve constipation and other digestive disorders; the lower abdomen in cases of menstrual irregularities and uterine and ovarian cysts.

Safety precautions

Castor oil should not be taken internally. It should not be applied to broken skin, or used during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or during menstrual flow.


* Three layers of undyed wool or cotton flannel large enough to cover the affected area
* Castor oil
* Plastic wrap cut 1-2" larger than the flannel (can be cut from a plastic bag)
* Hot water bottle
* Container with lid
* Old clothes and sheets. Castor oil will stain clothing and bedding.

Place the flannel in the container. Soak it in castor oil so that it is saturated, but not dripping. Place the pack over the affected body part. Cover with plastic. Place the hot water bottle over the pack. Leave it on for 45-60 minutes. Rest while the pack is in place. After removing the pack, cleanse the area with a dilute solution of water and baking soda. Store the pack in the covered container in the refrigerator. Each pack may be reused up to 25-30 times.

It is generally recommended that a castor oil pack be used for 3 to 7 days in a week to treat a health condition or for detoxification.

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User Reviews

Castor Oil
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Abdominal Adhesions   2  0   

Posted by Ellie (Durham, NC)

[YEA]  I had major abdominal surgery and a few years later knew I had adhesions as a result. I used the packs for an hour each day for about 2 months. One day I actually felt it break loose! It felt like being hit with a huge rubber band and was painful for only a few seconds before feeling better. No longer did I have the painful pulling sensation in my side. My doctor is from India and agreed with me that the castor oil packs dissolved the scar tissue. This saved me from more surgery, that would have created more scar tissue, and on and on and on.

Replied by Jacqueline
Casa Grande, AZ

Hi I wanted to know more about the adhesions and using castor packs. Has this worked for anyone else?
Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn

To Jacqueline from Casa Grande, Az.

Hi Jackie, You can get a lot of information on castor oil packs, as well as other uses for castor oil by typing "castor oil therapy" in your search window & hitting go. I think you will find it very interesting. According to Edgar Casey, his source recommended this one often because it helps to get the entire body back into balance. You can also get information from Edgar Casey Research Foundation but the quickest route is to use the castor oil therapy for different sites. The chemical breakdown of castor oil is amazing, and so are a lot of our other local plants, especially the ones we usually call weeds, which God grows so abundantly for us to enjoy!

Replied by Pucho
New York , NY

What is purpose of 3 layers of cloth?
Is thick material required?
> Three layers of undyed wool or cotton flannel large enough to cover the affected area

What is best placement of castor oil pack for liver detox?
Does the liver run from the front to rear abdoman on the right side of the body?
What is the best way to hold the castor oil on the side of the body to stop it from sliding off the body?

Thank you.

Replied by Patricia
San Marcos , Tx

Having trouble with Adhesions have had surgery 3 times. I know that I have scar tissue again feeling pain and bloating won't go away. Just wanted to know where you can get Castor Oil Pack.


EC: Instructions for a castor oil pack here:

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA

Patricia, you might also want to use msm both topically and orally in addition. It is wonderful stuff! Just a suggestion. Lisa
Replied by Patricia
San Marcos, Tx

Hello, Lisa just wanted to thank you. I did my first treatment last night wanted to know what I'm suppose to fill and what is msm topically and what is it used for?

Thank You,

EC: Msm info here:

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA

Hi Patricia, When you say you started your first treatment, did you mean the castor oil or the msm? If the msm, good for you! Castor oil packs are beneficial too and Edgar Cayce channeled that info long ago. I've used them but msm is powerful stuff. I would highly recommend you go on youtube and watch David Wolfe speak eloquently on it in his series of Beauty through mineralization. See part 6 and 7. I could reiterate what he said but he says it so well and to the point that it's well worth watching. Hope it helps and you like it. You can also take it internally because it helps our whole body. Lisa
Replied by Patricia
San Marcos , Tx

Hi, Lisa thanks for the information. What I meant by my first treatment was with the castor oil I wanted to know how long do I have to wait to feel some relief? Also, how much of MSM Do I need to take? Thanks
Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA

It would be good if you go up on this thread and see Joyce's suggestion of going on Edgar Cayce sites that will explain castor oil packs and how to use them and other pertinent info in regards to this. As for the msm, start at about 2,000 mg. and work your way up. I already gave you the place you can find valuable info in regards to this in my last post. Lisa
Replied by Redman
Adelaide, South Australia

[YEA]   Hi this is Dr Red from Waterfall Gully South Australia. You may not know that the A.R.E. of Edgar Cayce Virginia Beach did a study supervised by Dr William Magarey many years ago. They found that 'T' cell Lymphocytes accumulate in the thousands where a castor oil pack is applied. The castor oil does not osmose into the skin, it is too viscous, however it acts as a giant ultra sound unit attracting 'T' cell to the area which do the healing. The A.R.E. have this on record as a double blind study. Hope this helps you all... Dr Red.
Replied by Jeff
Red Wing, Mn

Some good info... However- be very cautious about the use of MSM. I have known people who have experienced severe depression after taking MSM for fitness reasons... Months of depression.
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Hi Jeff, I don't know about MSM side effects, if any, I only know that it has been used for many years by a lot of people and it seems to be ok but I would like to talk about something else which I find worrying: the amount of people who are taking something, then suffer from whatever and immediately think that it is a side effect of whatever they are taking. I see too many posts here like that and people need to be aware that maybe it is a side effect, maybe it is not connected at all. I think that people always have the feeling that anything they suffer from is a side effect from something they are taking. If you are not sure I would say stop whatever you are taking and start again later on but don't always assume that it is indeed a side effect!

The other day after taking a bit more Vit. C all of a sudden I started seeing stars and I thought about people here. I could have thought that it was the Vit. C causing them if it were not for the fact that I have had that before and nowadays know that it is nothing much, just me, for some reason, breathing too much oxygen in. But if I was someone else I would never take Vit. C again and would be swearing that it made me see those lights. The same goes for so many people doing OP. It seems to me that all those side effects are highly exagerated, not that people are trying to mislead anybody but because we tend to worry and want to find a cause for whatever we are feeling.

I am curious as to what Bill will say to the lady now experiencing problems and thinking they come from taking VCO, to be honest, I am not an expert but I don't think they are and the same goes for MSM and depression. We really need to stop and think..... And try again to see whether it is indeed a side effect or only a coincidence! Sorry that I bring this up but it has been on my mind for a while! Sometimes it is easy to see if something is a side effect, like my eyes getting swollen when I rub Castor Oil on them, still I tried again a few days later and the same thing happened so I won't do it again. Now that is clear....

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines

1161 Posts
Hi Francisca... You raise a wonderful point to be sure, whose remedy, all at once, is to trust both the remedy and to trust yourself and take responsblity for your own cure all at the same time.

Too often I read about people who will take, say ACV, VCO or lugols iodine, and claim that they hate the taste or that they have had an allergic reaction to it. But there is a very simple way of checking whether you are allergic to something. Just put a drop of the substance on your arm and see if this area becomes irritated, red or itchy. And if you don't like the taste of VCO, then just add it to coffee or honey. If you hate ACV then just neutralize the acid with baking soda or drink it with organic apple juice. If you don't like the taste of iodine, then add the drops to a glass of ascorbic acid dissolved in water. No more iodine taste.

On the other side of the coin, many people, for instance, have a great fear of taking something such as Hydrogen Peroxide or lugols iodine or Baking Soda. To these people I would say -- research the historic uses of these remedies on the internet to alleviate your own fears. Lugol's Iodine, Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda all have been used for a long time(over 100 years) quite successfully in medicine -- and they are still being used.

I don't generally respond now to a person who either does not like the taste of a remedy or thinks that they have an allergic reaction to it. People always forget about the Herxheimer or die-off reaction -- which always tends to initially amplify all symptoms for a while because of the die-off toxin effect on the body. I also get the impression, particularly for difficult and complex diseases like fibromyalgia, candida and cancer, that people are sometimes looking for a single and simple magic bullet remedy to cure these difficult problems. This is rarely if ever the case. Multiple cures, when understood, are far better because these problems always have multiple causative and aggravating factors. In William Kelly's enzyme and detox protocol, his cancer patients would take somewhere in the region of 120 - 180 pills a day as well as two coffee enema's a day. In Gerson's Cancer Therapy, coffee enemas were also given throughout the night at 3 hour intervals. These protocols were quite successful at defeating cancer. Who cares about the inconvenience as long as you are cured ?

As well, another reason I don't respond to people who don't like the taste or who claim they are allergic or who are just plain scared of the remedy, is that I believe in individual free choice. Ultimately they are responsible for accepting and using their own cure. Any other approach would seem to be contentious which I always try and avoid. I do become frustrated though, particularly if I think a regimen might well help to cure that person's problem and they decide to give it up. But this is really their own free choice as I see it.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Hi Bill.... Very wise as usual! I agree with you, I don't have a lot of patience with people who want everything to have a wonderful taste. We are talking about getting better, who cares if the taste is not the best? I even get irritated when the doctor or a person at the health food store starts to tell me that this or that doesn't taste too good. I couldn't care less.... If it frees me of my problem then what? The same goes for a mostorizing cream, for example, if I am looking for something to help my skin I don't want to be bothered which parfume is my favorite. To be honest I even prefer products with no parfume at all! It would bother me a bit if I went around all day smelling bad but otherwise I couldn't care less!

And as far as taste goes it is all a state of mind. If like me you are dying to get better nothing will taste so bad you can't take it (well.... I do struggle a bit with raw garlic but that is because it is so strong, still I believe more in taking it than the capsules). Take care.....

Replied by Judy

I like all I had been learning, I have just started using the Castor Oil in face before I go to bed 2times and have noticed a change already. Am gonna go ahead & use it on my legs. Thanks & keep up the good work you are doing.
Replied by Brendan

I don't agree that castor oil doesn't pass through the skin. When I put it on the skin I can taste it in my mouth all day. It does help my sciatica so I put up with the taste.

Abscessed Tooth   1  0   

Posted by William (Plains, Mt.) on 03/18/2015

[YEA]  Castor oil is the best oil ever. I personally have used it for an abscess in my teeth, more than once. I cured an infection in my jaw bone from the abscessed tooth. This was examined by a dentist who wanted to pull the tooth. I did not want the tooth pulled so I used castor oil on my gums and on the tooth. It cured the infection and took the pain away within an hour. I still have the tooth many years later.

Replied by Cindy

to William at plains, mt.

Could you please tell us how you did this? That would be appreciated. Were you able to confirm infection to be gone? Thanks for now

Advice Needed   0  0   

Posted by Michy (Vancouver, Bc Canada) on 04/14/2011

Thanks for all the great info about castor oil! I have found great relief to my many months of dry eyes and hopefully will be seeing some wrinkes disappearing too! I have just noticed that the site says not to use while breastfeeding. Too late! Is this just for packs or any application and why? I was hoping to use some packs to help my liver and gall bladder which are sore. If not this any other suggestions safe for a nursing mom?

Replied by Ll123
Wilmington, Nc, Usa

My understanding of massage from the lymph nodes is actually the opposite. It's from the trunk outward towards limbs, since you are trying to eliminate.. You shouldn't be pushing towards your heart but away. With surgery, you don't want to clump blood towards extremities so you massage toward heart. Not for certain, that's just what I've heard. Either way, it never hurts to massage your lymph nodes at aprmpits/groin/throat on a regular basis to also help breakup stagnant toxins that might be stored.

Posted by Esprit64 (North Yarmouth, Maine Usa) on 03/30/2011

My understanding of castor oil packs is that you should use them on an affected area three days, then four days off. However, since I have multiple health problems and pain sites, can I also use packs in multiple body locations at the same time? Can I stay with one body site for three days, then move to another site for the next three days, etc. ? Every day, having a pack somewhere on my body?

Are packs also effective for upper respiratory and heart problems?

About massage. I understand that castor oil massages can also be done. However, I'm reading the massage should generally be done in the direction of the lymph system. How do I know what direction a lymph system is going?

Finally, does it make sense to massage castor oil into an affected area and then, cover it with plastic wrap, perhaps sleep this way overnight?

Thanks for any clarifications.

Replied by Phoenix23002
Amelia, Va

Esprit64.. Hi. I have been using castor oil packs for going on 30 yrs now and.. They are great for lots of things. The instructions for use are.... You should only use pure wool flannel (no polyester or nylon) and fold it so you have 4 - 6 thicknesses... Soak the thicknesses with cold-pressed castor oil, but not so it is messy. Cover with saran wrap then cover with heating pad.

Ck the heat from time to time (if you combine oil & heat.. What do you get?? possibly a burn). Cut it off or lower heat temp every 10 mins or so to make sure it is not too hot, then cut it back up. Try to give yourself an hour or two with the pack.

The packs are good for so many things. If you use it on your abdomen, it helps activate some immune factors that are in your intestines. Normally you use the pack for 3 - 4 nites per week. You reuse the packs and keep them in a zip-lock bag between uses and don't share the packs with anyone else. Everybody gets their own packs.. Lol. You never wash them. Cayce's instructions say to follow use after a week or so with a dose of olive oil. I can honestly say I have NEVER done that. Just thinking about it gags me... Lol.

I don't know about keeping this on all night long. I am just going by Cayce's original instructions. He never advised wearing for that long. I have no idea how helpful it would be if you don't wear the heating pad but it certainly can't hurt. Massaging with it won't hurt either.

As for the lymphs.. Just massage up to the body from the extremities. On the arm, push up to the elbow from the wrist, from the elbow up to the shoulder, etc. Same with the legs.. From the bottom up. I broke my shoulder and the therapist massaged my arm that way so I wouldn't develop edema in my arm. Must of worked because I never had any swelling.

Be sure and use old, old towels. I use a large plastic yard trash bag, cut so it lays flat and cover that with a large old towel. I put all this under me so none of the oil gets on my bed linens or recliner. I prop up on pillows and I use an old, small hand towel to wipe off excess oil and wipe my hands after use. You can wash these towels but save them & use them just with the packs because the castor oil smell gets in them & never comes out, even after washing.

You can use the packs all over your body if you like. It sure won't hurt anything but, it is messy. Multiple sites might be hard to manage, logistically.

I get my supplies from Baar and they have a great book on Cayce's cures... "The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy". Cold pressed castor oil is recommended but, before the internet and health food stores, my only access was the drug store variety of castor oil and it worked just fine. I do use the cold-pressed oil now.

I broke my back in 5 places in an auto accident years ago and wouldn't allow the drs to fuse my spine. The castor oil packs were a God-send for pain relief when I would occassionaly throw out my back. Over the years, I have used it for sprains, strains, sore throats... Just about any pain concern. They shouldn't be used in lieu of a dr for serious concerns but for run-of-the-mill aches/pains, the packs are great. Good luck!!

Age Spots   3  0   

Posted by Alyson (Plano, Tx, Usa) on 08/26/2009

[YEA]  I'm in my late 30s and a few years ago, after my first pregnancy, I started get a number of small sun/age spots/freckles on my face. About a year ago, I got two on the top of my checkbones under my eyes, where my glasses rest. They are big in comparison and made me look much older than I am (at least to me!) Ive been very hesitant to use any medical or chemical procedures - prescriptions, laser treatments, etc. I read here and on one other site about caster oil and thought Id give it a shot before spending way too much money on natural beauty products on the market (one was for over $40, vs the $5 castor oil!). Its been a little over a week now, dipping a cotton swab into the oil and applying twice daily after washing my face. I rub it in a little and wait about 10 minutes before applying daily or nighttime lotion. The spots have lightened DRAMATICALLY! I barely have to use any coverup on them when before I had to cake it on. I cant wait to see what they look like in a month! My skin where i have used it is looking much better, too, although I cant quite pinpoint why - smaller pores, tighter, fewer lines...not sure yet. Ive started using it on my "worry crease" between my eyebrows and have also noticed a difference!

Thanks, Alyson

Replied by Alyson
Plano, Tx Usa

Update to my post: The dark age spots I started using the castor oil on are almost completely gone! My skin looks so much better - my mother and father when I showed them thought I had been wearing extra makeup! Such a god-send - thank you for the tip!!
Replied by Linda
Fort Worth, Tx

Replied by Reina

[YEA]   Castor Oil "palma christi" cold pressed is the best, took care of my melasma also.
Replied by Bill
Philly, Pa

How long did you use the castor oil for age spots. I've been using it for age spots on my face and hands for almost a year (10 months)and don't see any difference.Thanks-Bill
Replied by Soohoo
Camarillo, Ca

Reina, how did you use it to take care of melasma? I have horrible melasma. thanks
Replied by Kayla
La, Ca

[YEA]   My ND wanted me to using organic cold pressed castor oil packs on my abdomen for assisting in herximer effect. So, after a shower in the evening I would rub castor oil on my abdomen and put a hot pad on my abdomen for an hour or two. In less than six weeks I noticed a scar on my abdomen disappeared! So I started castor oil on my face. I let the steam do the work while in the bath tub or shower I rub the castor oil on face and let the steam send it deeper into the skin and just leave it on overnight.. I've seen a remarkable decrease, in age spots.

Application Tips   1  0   

Posted by Maureen (Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada) on 09/12/2010

[YEA]  Castor Oil Use during Work-Out

A few months ago I decided to experiment and apply Castor Oil to my face, neck, torso and legs before starting my work-out. I figured since I sweat profusely the oil would absorb into the skin as the pores opened up. I find that it does completely absorb into the skin with the exception of my legs. They feel tacky since they do not sweat as much as the rest of my body. I do not use a towel as I would normally do to dry my face and neck as I begin to drip, instead I rub my hand over the area as little as possible but as needed because I do not want to rub off the oil. Clothing will get stained slightly but tends to come out in the wash because it is watered down with sweat. To be safe, do not use "good" clothing. I work-out (jog) at home not outside. Getting greased up to go outside may not be a good idea although by the time you are finished there is no grease to be seen. So start making your work-out do double duty with the use of Castor Oil or any other oil for that matter! I have not noticed any benefits I just do it because the oil is good for the body in general. Maureen

Replied by Maureen
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Castor Oil Use in Infrared Sauna

I have an Infrared Sauna and decided a few months ago to experiment and apply Castor Oil to my face, neck, torso and legs. I figured since I sweat profusely the oil would absorb into the skin as the pores opened up. I find that it does completely absorb into the skin. The legs take longer to absorb the oil. Use your hands to help rub in the oil only after you begin to perspire. Just stay in the sauna long enough for the oil to absorb (you will not be sticky) because after that your body will be flushing out your pores and likely the oil as well. Towels/robes will get stained slightly but tends to come out in the wash because they are watered down with sweat. To be safe, do not use "good" towels/robes. Other oils will soak into the skin much faster than Castor Oil. Maureen

Replied by Miriam
Miami, Fla

Castor oil... I use packs and use it on eyelashes small amounts here and there but one time thought more is better and applied liberally over face torso and ended up with an allergic reaction itchy rash all over. I still use just liver packs and a little on face just not total body lotion.

Arthritis   1  0   

Posted by Liza (Sydney, Australia) on 06/28/2014

I suffer with arthritis in both thumbs. This is quite painful. I rub daily with peanut oil but still the pain persists. Has anyone had relief from caster oil or can offer pain relief advice? Thank you

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc. Canada

Hi Liza. This was my experience years ago and the terrible, searing pain in my thumbs has not returned. I learned that arthritis is caused by a lack of minerals, a mineral deficient disease.

I took organic blackstrap molasses, at least two tbsp. twice a day as I enjoyed the taste, too. It has to be diluted in some hot water and taken with a straw to protect the teeth or rinse teeth, not brush, after taking without straw.

After three months no more pain for years but I still take a smaller quantity almost daily. There was a small pain sometimes, but with regular intake of BSM, all is well.

All the best, Om

Posted by Carolyn (Inverness, FL) on 02/27/2007

[YEA]  Castor oil packs driven in with heat. Arthritic condition (back out). Will cure various problems. Famous Edgar Cayce cure. Look at Una da Gato a Peruvian rain forest herb -- other name Cats Claw. Also for arthritis and other ailments, Edgar Cayce said 'Castor oil will leave the body in better condition than it found it.

Beautiful Skin   12  0   

Posted by Tricia (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ) on 10/21/2010

[YEA]  After reading many articles on the wonders of castor oil, I have started using castor oil (neat) to spread on my face. My goal is to improve my sun damaged skin (large brown spots and red around the nose area). I am also acne prone although it's been much better than when I was a teenager. My skin is so greasy you could fry an egg with the amount of oil that comes off it by the end of the day. I have been using Proactiv for years and it works for the acne but leaves my skin dry and oily at the same time!

Anyway, in only three days, the castor oil has already smoothed out my skin, made it LESS oily and seems to have dissolved the flat skin tags that I had on my cheeks near my nose. After cleansing (still with my Proactiv cleanser) and toning with alcohol-free witch hazel, I put the castor oil on my cheekbones (where the brown spots are), around my nose and on my chin. I massage it in for 5 minutes to work it in, then pat the excess off with a Kleenex. I do this in the morning too and wait 10 minutes before putting on makeup on my face. My pressed powder seems to glide on now. The makeup stays on my face ALL day with only one touch up necessary in 10 hours! My skin looks AIRBRUSHED! This is only after three days!! I'll be trying the Oil Cleansing Method next. I want to give up using commercial cleansers altogether.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Tricia, like you I also want to stop using all kinds of commercial chemicals on my face. As a cleanser I use undiluted ACV and it works fine for me (I am 53). I am going to try the Castor Oil. A while ago I went to a health shop where I hadn't been in 5 years. When the young guy looked at my skin he said that I should go on doing whatever I am doing. It is true that I look very young, some people would swear that I am 20 years younger than my real age! Sometimes I say that I am 35 which people are ready to believe.
Replied by Tricia
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

[YEA]   Wow, that's amazing! I have also been putting undiluted ACV on my blemish-prone areas (chin, right cheek). It stings a little but it's really shrunk all the blemishes to almost nothing. However my bathroom smells awful if I leave the cotton pads soaked with ACV in the garbage can. I'm still loving the castor oil. The dark spots on my face (sun damage)are starting to fade visibly. The red areas around my nostrils have almost completely faded. I've had these red areas around my nose for years, most likely also from too much sun and in less than 2 weeks the castor oil has taken it away. I started the Oil Cleansing method so I've stopped using Proactiv and soap. So far so good but we'll see what happens in a month - I've heard that people can get bad breakouts from this. I only do it three times a week though.
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Hi Tricia, I haven't tried Castor Oil yet but lately I clean my face twice a day with ACV. What it has done to me is that any skin problems seem to disappear fast and for some reason I have had a little kind of insect bite next to my right eye (looks just like a mosquito bite) which I now think was causing a lot of itching in my eye (sometimes also the left eye but mostly the right one). If I scratched the eye the bite would get bigger although it was never the "bite" itself that itched but inside the eye. Now I use ACV the "bite" has disappeared completely and so far my eye has been free of itching. It is strange to look at my face in the mirror and not see the "bite" there anymore because although at normal times it was small I always saw that little bump there. Although I am 53 my skin hasn't got dry because of using the ACV and I don't dilute it, just use it on a cotton pad.
Replied by Risa
San Francisco, Ca, Usa

Hi Tricia,
Congratulations, and thank you for letting us know how the castor oil has improved your skin. I have a question regarding the usage of castor oil on the face. I have read that castor oil promotes hair growth. So doesn't castor oil when applied on face promote facial hair growth? What was your experience?
Replied by Brooke
Montgomery, Tx, Usa

I have been using Castor oil on my face for 20 years and have never had a problem with facial hair growing.
Replied by Risa
San Francisco, Ca, Usa

Thank you for the reply, Brooke. I was concerned about using castor oil on my face since I have light hair on my upper lips and thought that the castor oil could promote the growth.
Replied by Len
Seattle, Wa

[YEA]   I used to use proactive years ago and I didn't like how it seemed to bleach all my pillow cases. If it was doing that to my pillows, what was it doing to my skin? I now have a very simple skin regimine: I cleanse my face at night with grapefruit seed extract (I wet my fingers a little, put 4-5 drops of GSE on my fingers, rub it on my face and rinse. I started doing that because I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis and GSE not only took care of that, it's taken care of my acne problem as well. )

After cleansing, I use my homemade lotion of aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerin, shea butter and lavender oil.

Before going to bed, I apply castor oil around my eyes and on my forehead. When I wake in the morning, my skin is glowing. I don't even usually wash my face in the morning (though I used to be adamant about it) because I don't feel like I need to; it feels very clean when I wake up. I do get the occasional zit here and there but it is nothing like it used to be. There is also a product called Naturally Clear that is a great, natural alternative if you want to get away from chemical-based products like proactive. Hope that helps!

Replied by Pam
Groveland, Fl

[YEA]   Castile soap is an awesome face and body wash! Among other uses for it! It acts as a natural degreaser, without drying out, then I put caster oil as a bedtime moisterizer while my face is still moist with water for easy application. Yes I do have a fresher look in the morning and also have noticed the little fine lines that started appearing by my eyes have disappeared! I feel so wrong if I miss a day without my castor oil. you'll learn to love its thick viscosity.
Replied by Patti
Seattle, Wa

[YEA]   I am 69 and just started using castor oil nightly. My skin has never felt this good. I am so amazed! Why spend money on expensive cosmetics when this works wonders. I add a little sweet almond oil to thin the castor oil a bit.

Posted by Olivia (Brooklyn, New York) on 06/23/2008

[YEA]  I had hated castor oil for many years because growing up in South America it was a quarterly cleansing ritual by my mother and many others. This website has helped me to see castor oil in a new way. I have been applying it occasionally to my face at night. Every time I do so, I absolutely love the way I look in the morning. My skin looks toned and fresh. Yesterday I attended a function and saw a woman whom I had not seen for about two years. She kept saying "you have to tell me what you are doing, you look ten years younger. I have also been doing facial exercises. She asked her daughter for my number because she said she is determined to find out what I had done to my face. Many people were in the room and she was quite vocal so I just replied that I had been taking care of myself. I will tell her privately. I think the castor oil definitely helped my skin plus the facial exercises helped tone the muscles under the skin. I used to hate the mirror, now I glance at it ever so often. Thanks for the castor oil tip.

Replied by Hazelnut
Phoenix, Az, Usa

[YEA]   I absolutely agree that castor oil is great for Beautiful skin... I started using castor oil on my face every night after bath 1 week ago and today only 7 days later my face somehow looks at least 5 years younger and flawless and more toned... I am thankful for Earth Clinic or I never would have tried castor oil on my face.... From Hazelnut
Replied by Tina
Princeton, New Jersey

[YEA]   I agree that castor oil is an amazing face oil. I have been using it as a night-time treatment for nearly two months now. I use a tiny amount which I thin down with a few drops of almond oil which makes it easier to pat onto the skin, since castor oil has a thick consistency. I have also noticed that my eyelashes are growing longer!
Replied by Christelle
Windhoek, Namibia

Will this caster oil not give you blackheads?
Replied by Len
Seattle, Wa

[YEA]   No--the castor oil will not clog your pores. In fact, it has made my pores clearer and smaller. I was very leery about using an oil on my face (I thought I'd break out terribly) but after the first application, I realized that it helped get rid of any blemishes or inflammations not caused them. And I have less clogged pores.
Replied by Paula2613

What name brand are you ladies using? I have melasma on my forehead n cheeks n would like to start this castor oil treatment. Thank you, Paula
Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Dear Paula,

I have used Heritage Store and Home Health castor oil. Both are cold pressed. I have been happy with them. Now sells one that is expeller pressed. A little goes a long way! Hope you find it helpful. I love castor oil and have used it for many things.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mary
Saskatchewan, Canada

To Mama To Many: Hi, does the castor oil make you break out? Do you mix it with anything? Thanks
Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Dear Mary,

I have not had trouble with castor oil causing any type of skin outbreak on me or my family members. We have used it on faces, necks, backs, feet, etc, with no problem. When I use it on my face, sometimes I put a few drops of Rosemary Essential Oil into it (a few drops in an ounce of Castor Oil.) But lately I have just used it plain. (At first I had added the Rosemary because I didn't care for the smell of castor oil, but I guess now I am used to it.) Sometimes I mix castor oil into homemade salves or oil blends for various purposes...I have mixed it with olive oil, coconut oil, and/or almond oil. I have always been happy with castor oil however I have used it.

I hope it will work well for what you need, as well.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Brooke (Montgomery, TX) on 03/02/2008

[YEA]  I have religiously used castor oil for over 22 years on my face. About three times per week, I put it on my face and neck and go to sleep! It has continually given me a fresh look, and I have no wrinkles. I also rub it on my elbows and knees. I wash my face with Dr. Bronners Castile Almond soap. The castor oil is a little thick, but keep on trying it. You will get used to it.

Replied by Xandz
Ibaraki Ken, Japan

hello ms. evita. im also here in japan but i dont have any idea where can i buy castor oil packs here to use for face. everytime i tried to ask in a drug store they couldnt understand what im looking for. hope you can help me thanks in advance!

EC: Hi Xandz. It would be easier to find castor oil by itself rather than castor oil packs (castor oil plus a piece of wool flannel, preferably undyed). Drugstores and health food stores should carry castor oil. You can always buy the piece of flannel at a fabric shop.

Replied by Gosia
Edmonton, Ab, Canada

Castor oil is also known as a Ricinus Oil. I think, that name can be popular in Japan.
Replied by Alexis
North Charleston, South Carolina, Usa

I just love this website after stumbling upon it a few months ago when I had a terrible staph infection and learned all about the wonders of turmeric. Now I have found this part of the site about castor oil, which I also love. But I have a few questions. I have been applying castor oil on my face before bed (and eyelids it really helps me sleep) but I'm afraid I'm not seeing any results. I just started maybe a week or two ago, how long does it take to notice a difference? Also, I sleep with a towel on my pillow so I was wondering if the cotton towel was just rubbing off all the oil as I slept and maybe thats why I'm not seeing any results? Because when I wake up my face has little traces of oil left on it except for my eyelids, my nose, and a bit on my forehead. If anyone thinks it may the towel that could be the cause of my problem then what would you suggest me sleep on? Wouldn't the oil just get all caked up and nasty in a pillow case?
Replied by Carolyn
Canterbury, NZ

I only use organic cold pressed castor oil on my face with a little aloe gel to make it go on smoothly...great results. I tried the stuff from the pharmacy and it caused problems with my skin and lips. My lips swelled and got very dry. There is a huge difference between the two kinds. I will never buy the kind for the pharmacy again as the processing is very different and not as clean as the organic cold pressed castor oil.

Posted by Evita (Chiba City, Japan) on 09/07/2007

[YEA]  Castor Oil removes crows feet and wrinkles on the forehead. Mine is not about illness or disease being cured by the castor oil packs. Mine is more of a mundane matter that concerns women about their facial beauty. The tale tell signs (wrinkles) that gives a woman sleepiness nights, avoids facing the mirrors yet counting out the crows feet and how many more lines crisscrossing the forehead. i advise my facial rituals to anybody who is interested to try and apply this very simple application.

Firstly....wash your face with lukewarm water. gently soap the forehead and around the eyes area. Wipe the face with clean towel and let it dry for a few minute. second... into your palm pour a little amount of castor oil. Dab a little amount of oil into the forehead enough to cover the whole area and massage. repeat the ritual around your eyes and be sure the crow's feet get enough of the ointment. If after the massage , you skin is still oily, just press the area with a soft facial tissue. Do not wipe off the ointment.

Do this ritual every night before bedtime, once a day only. It makes you look 15 years younger and you can save money by avoiding botox implants.

Replied by London
Sandusky, Ohio

[YEA]   My Mother uses Castor oil on her skin and she looks great, her skin glows. She uses it at night.
Replied by Lady Mc
Durham, Nc

I need more information on how to use the castor oil for stomach adhesions.

Bells Palsy   1  0   

Posted by Virginia (Cushing, OK) on 08/08/2007

[YEA]  I successfully used castor oil packs for Bells Palsy which my co- worker contracted. I was beginning to have double vision and my eyes were inflamed. I used the pack on both eyes one hour nightly for 3 nights but the directions called for 4 nights. Well, I got busy and didn't do the 4th night and the symptoms returned until I completed the 4 nights in a row...No more problem at all.

Also, for me the packs are a great pain reliever. I used just the castor oil right on my cheek when I had an infected tooth. Still had to go to a dentist but CO stopped the pain immediately!

Also, used it to remove a wart on my son's toe. Each night applied CO put a sock on him until the wart was gone which was less than a week.

Replied by Flower
Fullerton, Ca

Bells Palsy is not contagious.
Replied by Rose
Gaithersburg, Md.

Hello, I have a friend who has bells palsey, can you tell me how you took Castor oil, did you rub it on your face?? Thank you.

Burning Eyes   0  0   

Posted by Hiten (Calgary, Canada) on 10/04/2014

Hello, I had an issue with burning eye since long time. May be the dry weather of Calgary. I tried lots of artificial drops. Can someone suggest castor is good for human eye? or any other safe home remedies.

Replied by Prioris
Florida, US

Castor oil is perfectly safe on the eyes. Many people put it on before bed to remove cataracts. I used to think my burning eyes was due to either dryness or fluids too acidic. I came to the conclusion it was due to alkalinity from taking magnesium. Whatever it really was, I just take a 2 or 3 grams of vitamin C with Rose Hips and the burning goes away.

Calcified Bursa   1  0   

Posted by K.C. (Portland, Oregon) on 06/25/2007

[YEA]  I had a calcified bursa on my right shoulder that had become so painful that, after six months of physical therapy, it was no better and I was scheduled for cortisone shots. I did not want them because of the immuno-suppressant tendency of cortisone. One night I had the impression to try a castor oil pack on it, just out of the blue. So I did. I wrapped my shoulder and underarm (after washing it) and left the pack on all night. In the morning the problem was 95% better. I did it four more nights and have not had the problem since. About five years now.

Replied by Jillery
North America

That is a wonderful application of castor oil for your bursa problem. I had a frozen shoulder and I had a chiropractor mash his fist/fingers into the frozen area really really hard and in a circular motion for about 2-3 min. Bam... my frozen shoulder was gone in about a week. I had had shots and PT prior to that!!!

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