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Natural Cures Using Castor Oil

Last Modified on Apr 07, 2016

Multiple Cures  
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Posted by Ed (Dayton, OH) on 12/17/2008

[YEA]  Near Miracle Cure: I tore my right rotator cuff a few years ago, and the surgeon recommended three surgeries for the damage, and told me I would be lucky to have 20% mobility of my shoulder (range of motion), and that I'd never be able to use it for any strenuous activity. A second opinion was needed in my mind, and a coworker recommended Deb, a massage therapist that specialized in sports injury who was helping her with her Fibro-mialgia. I decided to give Deb a chance, and she talked to me while working on my shoulder with some almond massage oil, and in 15 minutes she asked me to stand up and show her my range of motion. Amazingly, I was able to hold my arm all the way vertical, albiet with much pain, which meant that I really did have 180 degrees of mobility, though it would not be permanent without some maintenance and healing. She told me at that point that if I wanted to heal the shoulder, come see her once a week for two months, and rub a table spoon of castor oil on my shoulder morning and night with heat whenever possible, and to do the 'wax on / wax off' exercise against a door each day.

4 months later, I started lifting weights again with my shoulder, and it's as if it was never damaged now. The castor oil got rid of the inflammation, the massage kept the muscles and tendons in the right places, and the exercises brought blood and healing to the joint. I have to say, the castor oil was the hero here, as Deb said it would not have been possible otherwise. The body's self healing was able to take place (the true miracle) thanks to the lack of inflammation!

Since that time, I've used Castor Oil to heal back injuries, nasty scrapes (my 240 lbs supported by my shin as it raked across a 2x4 board in the attic!), inflammed eyes, skin softening, hemorrhoids!, and much more, and in all the times I've used it in a heat pack, the results are dramatic and instant, as in next-day you can't tell you were injured! For doubters, just try it, you will no longer doubt it.

Posted by Cassandra (Dundas, Ontario, Canada) on 09/19/2008

[YEA]  I have been on a castor oil patch on my back where I had surgery (4 years ago this past August 18th) for my ruptured disc for over 1 1/2 years now. I have found it very benefitial for my back and most excellent for keeping the toxins out of my body. I tend to wake up in the morning with loose or liquid stools if I eat processed or "bad for me" foods the day before.

At the beginning of this year I decided to increase the times I put the patch on to every night. The damp and cold weather plays havoc with my back. The pain, decreased mobility, increased sciatic problems, etc. are enhanced by the cold, damp weather (basically the end of August to May). Thus why I hate 8 months of the year here.

Using the castor oil patch (cotton flannel swatch with a piece of plastic between the cotton and a hot water bottle, with a quarter size drop of castor oil on the flannel - flannel soaked with castor oil is the best - laying the castor oil against my scar area) has helped reduce the pain, increase my flexibility and mobility (when I first wake up and throughout the day), which is a BIG YAY for me!

But this summer I have found it has helped in other areas, too!

1) I have been working in my parents garden quite a bit (for me) seeing as this would be year 3 that my mother hasn't been out there working in it due to her Alzheimers. The mosquitos have been horrendous and I have been bitten like crazy. Normally I end up with tons of mosquito bites from head to toe and I scratch them like a raving lunitic. This year I think I have had less than 10 bites stay, with only a couple getting even the least bit itchy. I've even rubbed a bit of the castor oil on the ones that do itch and they stop itching!

2) I have had etopic eczema since I was a youngster. Doing dishes has had to been done with rubber gloves on. Leaking rubber gloves causes a burning feeling on my hands, then itchiness, followed with my hands either going raw, cracking, loosing their finger prints, or a combination of all. Sometimes I get lazy, forgetful or I don't have any to put on but I need to do the dishes and end up with this within minutes of my hands being submersed into the dish water or touching the soapy cleaning cloth or sponge. Well, I was at the Community Centre where I work and no gloves were to be found, so I went ahead and washed, anxiously anticipating the outcome but nothing happend! Hours later I still didn't have any repercussions!!! I now sometimes wash dishes without gloves, but I try to make sure I still use them because I am so concerned that the spell will break! lol!

3) For the last while... long while... I have had yeast infection after ever period cycle I get. Monostat, etc., etc. doesn't do a thing for me. I've tried putting yogurt up there. I've tried changing my diet. I've tried adding cottage cheese to my diet. Nothing helps. So one day I decided to use some castor oil up there. Within 2 to 4 days later it's gone!

A couple of weeks ago I told one of my friends I see at our Senior Centre about castor oil patches as he as M.S. and it causes him a great deal of back pain. He used it for 4 days (without the hot water bottle because being hot is something M.S. patients find hard to handle), but couldn't use it any longer because with M.S. he tends to get loose bowels, and the castor oil was cleansing the toxins out of him so much (he smokes) he couldn't handle it! He said the pain was easing, though, before he stopped using it.

Tonight I am going to use it on my throat as my throat is raw and I have laryngitis. I am praying it works well!

This stuff is AMAZING!

Posted by Sue (Oregon) on 09/20/2006

[YEA]  I have been using a Castor oil pack for years. I just apply the oil to my stomach area and cover with plastic, then put a heating pad, set on low, over the area for 1/2 hour a day. I have gotten relief this way for hiatel hernia, indigestion, and constipation. I have also used this method for for healing joint injuries and to gain relief and healing in arthritic joints.

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Posted by Mallory Heartsong (Cleveland, Oh) on 02/19/2016

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hello and thank you for all of your informative answers! I learned about Castor oil packs from a local massage therapist who practices Mayan Abdominal Techniques. I finally began using them in the past few months to increase fertility. Meanwhile, I discovered how helpful they can be for joint pain. I have had migraines since I was a child and have had tests, including an MRI, and seen several chiropractors, spending hundreds of dollars each month on treatment for a torqued atlas and alternately rotated axis in the upper cervical region. The last two mornings I have woken up around 5am, removed the pack from my lower abdomen, folded the cloth in half, added a little oil to the pack and placed it over the back of my neck instead. I really believe it is helping with my neck pain, although it hasn't ended completely in the 4 hours of application. Still, if it can offer some relief between adjustments, that is something! I have not taken prescriptions or any pharmaceuticals since high school. They stopped working, and long before I learned about toxicity, I knew they just weren't natural. Perhaps they work for some, but they were not for me.

I am wondering what the procedure is typically in using castor oil packs for headaches and migraines. I am also wondering, when we succeed in conceiving, will it be safe to continue to use a castor oil pack to help with joint pain and muscular tension in the neck? Or would it be safer to stop using them altogether?

Thank you for all of your help!
Blessings and Light,

Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Dear Mallory,

Regarding the use of castor oil on your neck during pregnancy...personally, if it were me, I would be comfortable using it during pregnancy on my neck, at least in the beginning.

The concern with castor oil is that your body absorbs it and it could get to the baby, causing a laxative effect and release of meconium, which ideally won't happen until after birth. But that isn't going to be an issue early in pregnancy.

Perhaps with regular use of the castor oil on your neck regularly, by time time it wouldn't be a good idea for the baby's sake, it would no longer be necessary.

I am sorry about the migraines. You have tried so many things. And you will have less options during pregnancy. I am not sure of the procedure for castor oil packs for migraines. But maybe you are discovering it yourself with these packs on your neck! Let us know! :)

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Merilee (Guelph, Ontario, Canada) on 07/03/2009

I have a Castor Oil application idea that I would like to share:

I have suffered from pain for years - first endometriosis, and now full-blown fibromyalgia, neck (both muscle and lymph), gall, and kidney pain (which I now know all stems from Lyme infection of 15 years...). Ever since using a heating pad for the debilitating monthly cramps in my teens, I have found heat to be an aid. In addition to the over-used hot water bottle, I also use a _____ heat lamp that a Chinese Medicine Practitioner gave me, which I place over whichever organ/area I wish to treat (he uses one to increase the effectiveness of acupuncture). Is's about 8-10" in diameter and has a swing-arm stand, which holds the light about 8-12" from my body, resulting in an approx. 12" treatment area.

This has been very helpful to me. Apparently the ___ wavelength of light penetrates a couple inches into the body, vibrating at a wavelength that resonates with fat cells (the water in them?), and can cause them to mobilize and excrete toxins (much of our toxic load is attached to fat cells, and hard to remove). It has a greater impact on my pain than the water bottle (greater muscle relaxation, I think), and I find it soothing, especially as it does not have to be particularly hot to work (it works because of its particular wavelength of light, not just the heat).

The reason for my post: I have recently been using the lamp as a means of Castor Oil application, with the thought that it might produce deeper penetration (and much less mess) than simple Castor Oil packs. I just slap some on my skin and apply the light for 20min-1hr, then wipe/wash it off. I have nothing to compare its effectiveness to (I never tried castor oil packs after a few messy, unhelpful PMS cramp-releif attempts in my teens), but it does seem to ease my uterine and gall bladder pain, and my sore/swollen groin-area glands. As both therapies are purported to mobilize toxins, I'd like to think they potentiate each other, and together pull out some of the stuff that is giving me trouble.

I would be interested in hearing what someone with more Castor Oil know-how thinks of my practice, and perhaps other ____ lamp owners could give it a try.

Posted by Al (Collinsville, IL) on 06/13/2008

[YEA]  Call it what you wish, Voodoo, Witchcraft, "BS", whatever, but it DID work for me.
Having recently torn the cartilage in my left knee, simultaneously diagnosed "with a little arthritis" in the same, and swelling behind the knee. My Sport's Ortho said that the swelling was common with the torn cartilage but should go down in time. I began searching on the Web for a magical pain relief remedy (other than my already supplementation of Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondrotin, Taurine, Collagen, HA, Cats Claw, Bromelain, MSM, etc., etc., etc - .all of which I have been taking for years due to 27 yrs of cycling but at almost 68yo, something had to give). One subject that kept surfacing on the Searches was an old time remedy of Castor Oil. I'm not in terrible pain, but it is a 24/7 aggravation, as anyone who has similar discomforts can attest to. I decided to give it a try; purchased a package of ladies' cosmetic, cleansing pads (~3"x4") and a small bottle of Castor Oil (CO), I placed a pad on a saucer, saturated the pad with CO (not dripping) and popped it into the microwave for about 35 secs. I, then placed the (105F) warm pad on my knee; wrapped my knee-pad with plastic wrap (to keep the CO from staining the heating pad) and then applied a heating pad, set to Med. heat. I left it on for about 1 hour and when I removed everything, I did a "test walk" -not only was my knee not stiff, and the swelling was 95% GONE!! I could walk with 100% less discomfort and this was 10x more effective than the Cortisone or three Hydraluronic Acid injections I had received in a two months period. The other nice thing, is that you don't have to throw the saturated pad away; place in a Ziploc bag for the next application and just add a little more CO.

I generally apply this treatment daily, each time the knee feels better - I know it's not going to remedy the situation 100%, but has made my life much better.

EC: More Knee Pain Remedies here.

Pink Eye  
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Posted by Merk (Seattle, USA) on 01/26/2008

[YEA]  I have used Castor Oil many times for treating Pink Eye, put 1-2 drops in each eye two times a day, eyes will get better with in one day but keep using for 4-5 days. Always treat both eyes. After putting in eyes they will blur some from oil but will not sting at all and will be very soothing, castor oil is antimicrobal and a very healing oil.

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Posted by Angie (Sparta, MO) on 08/21/2007

[YEA]  I have been taking the herb vitex for my pms and it has helped so much. I used to get severe pms. recently in the past couple of months the pms has acted up again. It has made me feel to so bad thats its been hard to think&function. I wondered what was going on. One night it dawned on me that my liver may be congested, so I got out a piece of flannel and soaked it in castor oil and applied it over my liver area with a heating pad. My pms improved greatly, so it hardly bothered me. Then yesterday it happened again, I did the same thing again with the castor oil pack and the pms has went away again. I hope this testimony will help someone else too going through the same problem.

Puffy Eyes  
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Posted by Toourlady89 (Ca, Usa) on 08/26/2013

[YEA]  I discovered on accident that cold pressed Castor Oil will relieve puffy eyes / eye bags. I apply it to both eye lids with my ring finger.

Scar Tissue  
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Posted by Kayla (La, Ca) on 06/05/2012

[YEA]  My ND wanted me to using organic cold pressed castor oil packs on my abdomen for assisting in herximer effect. So, after a shower in the evening I would rub castor oil on my abdomen and put a hot pad on my abdomen for an hour or two. In less than six weeks I noticed a scar on my abdomen disappeared! So I started castor oil on my face. I let the steam do the work while in the bath tub or shower I rub the castor oil on face and let the steam send it deeper into the skin and just leave it on overnight.. I've seen a remarkable decrease, in age spots.

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Posted by Junglegirl (Haiku, Hawaii) on 08/11/2009

[YEA]  Shingles treatment: My mother used a high quality pure castor oil slathered on the worst spots. She applied it most heavily at night and wore old pajamas because it's messy, but it worked immediately for her. We found the remedy somewhere online, years ago, so I can't reference it. But it worked.

Sinus Issues, Loss of Smell  
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Posted by Nizar (Toronto, Canada) on 07/13/2014

[YEA]  I am 70 plus, and had sinus issues for the last 50 years. A couple of years back, I read about castor oil, and I put in 5-6 drops at night before going to sleep, and thanks God, after about 7 days, sinus disappeared.

Posted by Gautam Desai (Vadara, Gujarat, India) on 03/17/2009

[YEA]  i had severe problem of sinus coupled with loss of smell. Doctors suggested this is dsue to polyps and i had them removed about 5 years.

this surgery has given temporary relief but the loss of slell continued.

some of my friend suggested use of castor oil.

i put one drop of luke warm castor oil in morning and one drop before i sleep.

this i am doing for last 10 days and to my surprise i got rid of my sinus problem and smelling sense is gradually coming back

EC: Thank you for this feedback! We take it you mean 1 drop of warmed castor oil in each nostril?

Skin Cancer  
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Posted by Lynne (Sedona, Arizona, USA) on 01/12/2009

Skin cancer of the lip: Has anyone ever heard of using Castor Oil Packs on skin cancer???

Replied by Carolyn
Northwest, OH
[YEA]   Yes, use castor oil on your lips! It was a major ingredient in lipsticks for years and years and is perfectly safe. As for it's effect on skin cancers, one case was specifically mentioned in the book, "The Oil that Heals" where a man had a tumor on his ear which disappeared after using castor oil topically daily. I always keep a bottle on hand and never ingest it--just use it topically.

Sore Feet  
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Posted by Diabetesguy (London, United Kingdom) on 12/26/2011

[YEA]  Castor Oil really works on Sore Feet and Burning Feet - I am diabetic and I massage Castor Oil into the bottom of my feet when sore after walking or exercise.

I also massage Castor Oil at nights to stop BURNING feet - It really works- Hope this helps.