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Impetigo Home Treatment

Last Modified on Jan 04, 2015

What Is Impetigo?

Several conditions affect the skin in adverse ways. Impetigo is a highly contagious skin disorder that typically affects infants and children. Generally manifesting as red sores located on the face, impetigo usually develops around the nose and mouth. As the sores progress, the lesions typically burst and form a honey-colored crust.

A fairly common infection, impetigo presents characteristic symptoms. The classic signs and symptoms of impetigo involve red sores that rupture, ooze or seep for a few days and then form a honey-colored or yellow-brown crust. While the sores typically develop around the nose and mouth, the lesions can also spread to other parts of the body including the fingers, buttocks and arms. More serious forms of impetigo include bullous impetigo and ecthyma. Bullous impetigo typically features larger blisters that occur on the trunk and diaper area of infants and children while ecthyma actually penetrates the skin, causing deep, painful fluid- or pus-filled sores that may develop into deep ulcers.

Impetigo is caused by bacteria, most commonly Staphylococcus aureaus. Individuals develop the condition by being exposed to the bacteria via the infected sores of another individual. The bacteria is spread by touching the sores or an item infected with the bacteria including clothing, bed linen, towels and toys.

Natural Impetigo Cures

While impetigo typically heals naturally over two to three weeks, treatment can shorten the duration of the condition and lessen the symptoms of the condition. Tea tree oil and jojoba oil mixed half and half treat the condition and prevent spreading. Likewise, manuka honey, olive oil, buriti and rosehip seed treat impetigo and prevent scarring from the sores. Other elements that help heal the skin and diminish the condition include lemongrass, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, ravensara and helychrysum. Continue reading below for detailed remedies for impetigo from Earth Clinic readers.

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Most Popular Impetigo Remedies:

Grapefruit Seed Extract8

User Reviews

Antibiotics   0  0   

Posted by Denisee (Sacramento, Ca) on 07/09/2011

dont worry this too will pass.... You will get rid of your impetigo, try the remedies natural posted and also make sure to take those antibiotics... I had a real bad case of it and half my face was swollen and I went to er and got the antibiotics, after many herbal oil treatments were not working, for it was so far advanced... By the second day on antibiotics it was clearing up.... Your will clear up also, , , , , , staphyloccus aureas is always everywhere and on everyones skin everyday , , , just gets infected when we rub on an area or have a cut or someway it gets in...... You too can be cured dont worry...... And dont keep quiting your antibiotics unless you have a real bad side effect or you will have less antibiotics to work on it in case you ever get it again....... if you dont treat it it just grows on.

Replied by Diana
Standish, Michigan

I have to deal with occasional outbreaks. I haven't figured out what triggers the outbreaks. I use tea tree oil & jojoba oil mixed half & half to keep it under control and from spreading. I never cover the sore up. I use a clean tissue if it drains. I wash my hands frequently and put the oil mixture on it every time I think of it. I have used the tea tree oil enough that I can use it full strength and sometimes this keeps it from flaring up, if I catch it in time.
Replied by Podtree Holistics
London, Ontario, Canada

I use Manuka honey straight onto my face as a face wash and then a salve. It kills the bacteria, sloughs off the scabbing naturally without irritaion and provides a barrier from it spreading. You can get varying strengths of Manuka Honey, I use Active 12

Do not try to use regular pasteurized, store-brand honey. It does not contain the antimicrobial properties that Manuka Honey does and will not work. To boot if you have used antibiotic creams they have a side effect of creating a fungal environment when used too long and regular honey not having the properties to kill this will only feed it and make it worse.

At night I use a carrier oil with essential oil blend in it specifically for Impetigo.

Olive Oil
Jojoba Oil (Close to skin sebum)
Buriti (Use 10% max in carrier mix, as it stains)
Rosehip Seed (Antiscarring)

Essential Oils (Add 4-8drops of each to 50ml of oil):

  • Lemongrass (Antiviral, Antibacterial, Astringent)
  • Tea Tree (Antibacterial, Antifungal)
  • Eucalyptus (Antiviral and Antibacterial)
  • Lavender (Antiviral and Antibacterial, Soothing)
  • Ravensara (Heals Scarring)
  • Helychrysum (Heals Scarring)

Carrier oils that are good to use are Organic Cold Pressed (Use one or all together)

Replied by Pachi
Miami, Fl

My 3 year old has just been diagnosed with impetigo. Although I've been constantly touching the rash and cleaning it and doesn't seem to be contagious at all. He doesn't have blisters either. He just has like 4-5 red little dots on his cheek/chin and now on his knee. The dr prescribed an antibiotic ointment but doesn't seem to work. I don't want to take him back because they keep saying the same thing. Is there any other skin rash similar to impetigo but with these differences? I'll start trying the natural remedies posted here. Thank you.
Replied by Lee

Go to the supermarket or chemist and buy a bottle of phisohex. Use it as a wash to wash the entire body in the shower or bath. It can be drying on the skin so take note. It's not a natural remedy but a dr suggested it when I had impetigo and it dried up all the sores within a week or two. Hope this helps.
Replied by Sls
Wayne, Pa

I am 15 year old female and have been suffering from impetigo for about 6 years and since last year I have just been thinking it was acne. So I went to many doctors that could not figure out what it was so finally one doctor I went to came to the conclusion of impetigo and they gave me mupirocin. This helped it only a small amount but it makes my face look incredibly greasy (the impetigo is all around and in my nose) and makes it unbearably itchy. So usually it just runs its course then goes away for a month or so then comes back. Now that I'm in high school I can't have this all around my nose! I cover it up with makeup everyday it's so embarrassing even though it takes a lot to get it just barley covered I keep doing it so it's not as red looking. I don't know why it keeps coming back. It is usually worst after I kiss my boyfriend but he does not have it on his face or body, but every time after we kiss it becomes horrible and recently nothing is working to make it better. I just found this website and it has good suggestions but everything I try doesn't work. How long is it supposed to take for the GSE to start woking I have been putting it on for about 3 days now and have not noticed any change at all. Should I be putting it into my drinks? I have also tried coconut oil which takes away the itch but thats it and tea tree oil and it just burns like crazy, I have also tried hydrogen peroxide and that also does nothing. I really need help I don't know what to do and my mom refuses to take me to the doctor because we already know what it is but this time it's not going away I've had this outbreak for about 2 weeks now and nothing is working. Please help, I'm completely lost on what to do.
Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Dear Sls,

So sorry! Six years is a long time to be dealing with this!

Impetigo can really hang on, but you should be able to treat it naturally. I have treated this a couple of times in my children.

Take turmeric, internally. 1 teaspoon twice a day. You can take it in milk or take 4 capsules twice a day. This helps so much! Even when you notice improvement, continue taking for at least a week after it is healed and even keep taking it a few times a week as a preventative after you heal.

You can continue using the GSE. It may just take a little longer to work.

Did you use the tea tree straight? If you haven't tried diluting it in the coconut oil, try that. Get a little dab of coconut oil and add just one drop of tea tree to it. Use this several times a day if it doesn't bother you.

We used a colloidal silver spray topically on the impetigo, several times a day. (Not at the same time as coconut oil, though.)

Your make up could be reinfecting you, depending on how you are using it. (If a brush touches your face and you put it back into the make up.)

Garlic, internally, is a great help, but not great when you are going to school...on the weekend if you will be home, you can take 1 clove of crushed garlic in some honey 3 times a day.

Plenty of water will help your body eliminate infection better. Avoiding soda and white sugar will help your body to heal faster.

Please let us know how it goes. I hope you are healed very soon.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mike62

Sis: Rub the area with the peel of an organic banana and search raw food for impetigo videos.
Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn,sc

To Sls from Wayne,

Re the Impetigo: You report the infection has been with you for six years and only recently diagnosed as Impetigo...which is either staph or strep in causation. I read that a MRSA form can also cause Impetigo which is more stubborn. If the current antibiotic fails to work, I'd consider using Colloidal Silver topically and the herb Echinacea. There are other anti bacterias; tea tree oil, olive leaf oil also.

But one note of caution; If I'd had this a long time, as you report, it may be in your system, if this were me, I would take oral Colloidal Silver for six months, orally...two tablespoons a day. I'd also keep applying topically for many months.

I ran across a recent case of a person who was hospitalized and as a normal precaution the hospital did a swab of the nose and the patient did have MRSA in her sinus cavity. She was not in the hospital for that but the nurses took extra caution after discovering that she was MERSA infected. The hospital did not treat the MERSA and a day later she went home and began swabbing her sinus cavity with Colloidal Silver. A follow up visit to the hospital a month later ... same hospital.... and another MRSA swab, found NO MRSA. She concluded the CS killed the MRSA.

Replied by Rosanne

You've had some great responses, but I just wanted to add one more thought - are they truly sure it IS Impetigo? I wonder if it might be perioral dermatitis, especially since you say your boyfriend is not affected by it. I'm sorry you are struggling with this, and I hope you figure it out and get healed soon.
Replied by Tracy

Hi, my daughter has had impetigo for about 5-6 years, she gets it when she is run down, long flight, cold etc. and it used to last about 2 weeks. She has cream from the doctor which she applies to the affected area and nostrils; however I have found if you boost the immune system the healing process is a lot quicker. She now uses a combination of the cream, effervescent multivitamin daily and actimel drinks (or similar), I have also given her manuka honey (teaspoon on a small piece of bread). I am going to start her on coconut oil (which helps the immune system). Using the combination it reduces the symptoms by about half.

My question is, will she grow out of it?

Antiviral Medication   1  0   

Posted by Sara (Grand Rapids, Michigan) on 04/08/2014

[YEA]  I wanted to write about impetigo: I experienced what I thought was a cold sore on my lip and then I noticed blistering on my chin. I was then diagnosed with impetigo on my chin with blistering, inflamed skin, oozing/leaking yellow liquid and then crusting and scabbing. This recurred 4 times over and over.... and took over a week to move through the stages with each occurrence. I was put on the topical Mupirocin... which worked but then it came back. I tried other antibiotics such as Doxycycline, Batrum and Keflix which also worked to some degree but then it came back. I also tried Grapefruit Seed Extract (GFSE) which worked as well or better than the antibiotics and drew out the yellow liquid and resulted in shorter time with scabs. I was very impressed with the GFSE.... however it came back again!! I was sent to a dermatologist who said that it might be a combination of impetigo and herpes simplex 1/cold sore virus as the infection kept returning in the exact same place on my chin every time. She put me on an antiviral, Valtrex. I also started to take large amounts of Lysine and limited my foods that contained arginine. It finally went away and has not returned!

I share as I wanted to let others know if you have what looks to be impetigo that keeps recurring in the exact same place it might be both impetigo and herpes simplex 1!!!!!

Thank you for this awesome website!! Sara

Replied by Shellie

Hi Sara, I had recurring impetigo on my cheek and was referred to the dermatolgist who says that it's herpes. I just started treatment I was wondering how long has it been since u were told it was herpes n impetigo? If you're on valtrex suppressive therapy and if so for how long? or if you only take it when you get a flare up? And are you taking lysine everyday and if so at what dosage? Also have you had an outbreak since you started treatment? Thanks in advance.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Dietary Changes   2  0   

Posted by Healthier (Austin, Tx) on 01/07/2013

[YEA]  I use apple cider vinegar applied directly to the impetigo infected skin and it kills the bacteria. It eventually heals in a few days and the recovery time is so much faster than any prescription I have ever taken for it as well as any other topical treatment. I have also changed my eating habits to eating more vegetarian/vegan options and noticed that I dont have as many yearly flair ups as I used to when I ate meat.

Replied by Samantha
Louisville, Kentucky

How often do u apply it? My son has been dealing with it since football season. He has been on oral and topical antibiotics and it just won't go away. The topical somewhat keeps it under control. But just seems like a never ending battle. He also has eczema on his face so I just don't know if that could be effecting the healing and how do you treat both.
Replied by Peter S.
Diamond Bar, Ca

The eczema does effect the healing. Because the dry skin, I too am struggling to keep it under control. I've had it for about a yr now on and off with the topicals, but one day the infection went bad and the topicals didn't work as effectively. Got to go to the derm soon.
Replied by Margaret
Knoxville Tn

[YEA]   ACV compress followed by pure coconut oil cleared impetigo up in a matter of days.

Black Walnut   1  0   

Posted by Herbal (Cedar Rapids, Iowa Usa) on 08/12/2012

[YEA]  Black Walnut tincture works very quickly for impetigo. I learned this from other herbalists. You can use the green or black hulls, infuse them with alcohol (vodka works well) and then apply twice daily. You can also purchase it in health food stores. It appears impetigo is making the rounds again and very common.

Replied by Tx Mom Of 3
Fort Worth, Tx United States

Have you tried this before with good results? My four month old has had it for about two weeks, so we're switching methods for recovery!
Replied by Papaya

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Hi, thank you very much for this advice. I applied it only once undiluted and observed astonishing results. Scabs which formed ceaselessly for two months and were wet, started to dry up and fall off and these weeping sores/ ulcers begin to heal. I continue to use this tincture but I wonder whether or not it should be diluted and in which proportions if applied directly on these open raw red sores.
Replied by Jenn

Reading your post about scabs, impetigo etc got me wondering about leg ulcers. I have had Cellulitis for quite awhile now and this continually causes ulcers to break out on the surface of my skin, even though I take supplements, which eventually heal the surface of the skin on top.. Where would I obtain Black Walnut tincture from?

EC: Hi, see various black walnut tincture brands on Amazon here.

Replied by Papaya
Warsaw, Poland

Hi, I'm using NOW Foods Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormood Complex. Could you tell how have you been managing ulcers until now? Have you tried pouring sugar on them? Maybe this drawing salve will help prevent these ulcers forming.

Chlorine Water   1  0   

Posted by Help (Sadville, USA) on 06/11/2013

does it work?? I am trying this afternoon. I have to get rid of impetigo because I am traveling to indiana soon and we dont my old grandma get:/ HELP!!

Posted by Divinity (Colombus, Georgia) on 11/14/2011

[YEA]  I'm twenty years old and I have been getting bursts of Impetigo since I was five, I don't get them as often anymore but I do on occassion the fastest way for me to get rid of them was to go swimming for an hour or so in a chlorine pool. The chlorine turns them white and it just falls off after an hour or so. then just keep it clean and bandaged.

Replied by Mike C
Waterford, Ireland

You might let us know where you swim, I wouldnt like to be next into the pool after you!
Replied by Mountain Mama
Jasper, Alberta Canada

Are you kidding me? This is why all these kids are getting it!! You should be reported!
Replied by Motherof2
Happy, Ky

She probably has her own. This isn't the worst thing in public swimming pools. Chlorine kills a lot of it!


That's disgusting! Get some help naturally!
Replied by Rambogoddam
Los Angeles, Ca

oh please, you aren't going to catch it in a chlorinated pool.
Replied by Xgrioux
Denver, Co

That's how I first caught it 5 years ago! After I went swimming is when it all started! I had no idea what it was for days! Through a pic I sent, My aunt is the first to diagnose it, my uncle who was a doctor thought it was herpes. Then he agreed it to be impetigo. I was relieved at the time because it was only a bacterial infection. However, I don't know if its any better than herpes, it comes back every 3-4 months and I clean it with anti-bacterial soap, put 90% rubbing alcohol on to dry it out, then I put Mupirocin on it, sleep, drink water, wash my hands constantly, don't itch it, have minerals and vitamins all day, (bee pollen is a good source of this). It seems to go away in aprox 3 days. But don't swim in the POOL!!! This is how I caught it!!!!
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Xgrioux, as they say: the "terrain" is everything. Why are you "catching" the Moluscum and other might not?

Coconut Oil   1  0   

Posted by Sarah (Monrovia, CA USA) on 12/29/2008

[YEA]  Coconut oil work wonders for impetigo. My daughter had impetigo. her doctor prescribed iodine and Bactroban cream which worked well. But recently she has break out on the lips inside the mouth. I tried the cream for a few days, but it does not help much because of the saliva. So I tried coconut oil. Wow, it works so fast! I appllied VCO on her lips just like applying lotion before sleep and the next morning the lesion became black and dried up.

Replied by Andrea
Ridgefield, Wa

How old was she when you used it? I have a 5.5 mo old, and he has it all over his ear/cheek. Started last night with the CO and haven't noticed a difference.
Replied by Chema
San Diego, California

Thanks! I went and bought some worked fantastic!
Replied by Jgs
Indianapolis, In

Maybe a dumb question: but where do you get coconut oil?
Replied by Jimmie

Coconut oil can be purchased from a health food store and I have seen it in some markets out west but def. a health food store.... it is used for cooking and what not...
Replied by Podtree Holistics
London, Ontario, Canada

Make sure its is non RBD (Refined, bleached, deodorized) :) Love Coconut oil!

Colloidal Silver   1  0   

Posted by Markell (Provo, Ut) on 09/25/2012

[YEA]  I used a silver solution gel (ASAP) on my spreading Impetigo. It worked immediately and effectively. I applied it nearly every hour or whenever I thought of it. Essential oils did nothing for the rash. It only took two days for it to dry up.

Colloidal Silver, Aloe Vera   0  0   

Posted by Cameron (Brisbane, Qld, Australia) on 03/07/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  My 5 year old daughter started coming out with several large weeping sores, I didn't know what they were so simply reached for the Colliodal Silver just in case they were Bacterial and to stop an infection if it wasn't. It turns out they are probably School Sores as they have spread quickly and look and behave exactly like Ulcerative Impetigo. I covered the sores with a waterproof dressing and soaked the dressing with Colliodal Silver, this killed the Infection in about 2 days without any itching or side effects. We then used Aloe Vera to help the healing process and covered them with dressings or bandaids. Unfortunately my wife left some of these sores uncovered early on which left my little girl able to scratch and spread another few sores around various parts of her body. Expect the whole process to take about a week and the light scarring to fade slowly depending on where the sore was. Because of the infection she has now come down with a Cold or Flu, beware of this also.

We have had a few illnesses in the family but my 2 children have not yet had to visit a Doctor except for a dislocated elbow, even Whooping Cough for them both was uneventful if you can believe that. My first stop is always right here :)

Thankyou Earth Clinic!

Dietary Changes   0  0   

Posted by Misfit (West Coast America) on 11/10/2014

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I'm going on 20 years with impetigo. And though it hasn't ruined my life, its definitely sucked all the joy out of it and robbed me of many good years. Mine is so bad that merely looking at cell phones causes me to break out in my eyelids or around the bridge of my nose. I've been to 100 doctors, both Mayo Clinics and Johns Hopkins. Everyone just gives up on me. With me, I've had to cut out cell phone use completely and can only use an IPhone with Siri. You need to buy yourself a yearly dayplanner and keep notes on what you do and what you eat. I've discovered a few triggers over the years. I've had to cut out fruit completely. Here I was drinking orange juice and stuff to boost my immune system, but all it did was make orange ooze come pouring out of my skin. I found chocolate and yogurt and licorice were triggers. Also, heat is a trigger. I can take a hot shower, but any type of radiant heat like from a furnace or oven will cause a breakout. My life is almost liveable because I can dodge some triggers, but I have at least 2-4 outbreaks per month. I'm convinced this will be the rest of my life and when it comes to die, I'll give a sigh of relief. Nonetheless, I push on. What else can you do? Doctors laugh at me when I tell them I'm allergic to looking at cell phones.

Replied by Timh

You would surely improve by doing any number of "Detoxification" and "Cleansing" remedies found here on E.C. This process of total body detox/cleanse will take up to 1 yr. Fallowing these remedies, you will be feeling much better but need to also boost your antioxidant status thru supplementation.

Echinacea   1  0   

Posted by Annie (London, Uk) on 10/04/2012

[YEA]  Hi, I would like to tell you that I find that echinacea taken in tablet form, as soon as I feel it starting(often with a chronically itching inside of the nose, similar to the feeling of coming down with a cold), or under the skin swelling, has worked wonders in stopping it in its tracks. Its stopped it actually appearing anywhere. I take up a large dose(6-8 tablets) straightaway. Keep taking it, paying attention to diet, early nights and rest. Echinacea tincture/vodka sterilises the site of it. Make sure you wipe vodka inwards. It works just as well as fucidin. Although, that helps to soften the lesions. I strip off old dead skin, with tweezers, applying more vodka/echinacea tincture. It stings but its works. Lots of sterilising needed throughout the day of skin, hands tweezers etc.

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Ashanti (Malaysia) on 07/31/2013

My son was infected by Impetigo 3 weeks ago after getting into contact with a child with Impetigo but after doctor prescribed him with antibiotic, it healed but 3 days ago it started to come back and this time doctor asked us to observe just by applying antiseptic cream that was prescribed earlier when he had this. My questions are:

1. Since he has taken full course of antibiotic, does he need to take it again? (am not keen on antibiotic and moreover, he just took it in April, then again end June and now looks like he needs again).
2. Does taking antibiotic frequently will create resistancy for body to fight against bacterial infection?
3. Will the bacteria causing Impetigo stays in his body even after he has healed completely?

Please advice. Thanks, Ashanti

Replied by Mama To Many
Middle Tennessee Usa

Dear Ashanti, If he has impetigo again, he needs to do something, but antibiotics is probably not the best option, and yes taking antibiotics over and over can create resistance, plus they will hinder his immune system.

The bacteria that causes impetigo (usually staph) generally lives on our skin and doesn't cause harm. But, if immunity is low, the bacteria is more likely to cause trouble. A cut in the skin can let it in. (That is why it is common for children to get it under the nose--from picking there and breaking the skin.)

There is a lot of info on the Earth Clinic's Impetigo page.

We have successfully treated impetigo in our family with garlic and turmeric internally and colloidal silver externally.

Hopefully we will be reading your success story there, soon! :)

~Mama to Many~

Grape Seed Extract, Garlic   1  0   

Posted by Island Mommy (St. Thomas, Vi, Usa) on 04/07/2013

[YEA]  Wow, I'm such a scatter brain! I was reading the results with Grapefruit seed extract, and I misread the posts and thought it was Grape Seed extract, but hey, it worked. I'm not sure if it was the GSE, or the Garlic oil that I mixed together with it, but hey, it worked! They ony had GSE in powdered pill form, so I cut open the pills, and made a paste with garlic oil, and I was definitely happy with the results!! My 19mnth old had gotten impretigo 2 times before, and I used antibiotics both times, but when he contraced it again, I was totally fed up, and didnt want him on the meds anymore, especially since his teeth were browning from them. I also bathed him in a bath with tea tree oi drops. I am soooo grateful to Earth Clinic for finding alternative remedies for my children!

Grapefruit Seed Extract   8  0   

Posted by Rosanne (Toronto) on 02/15/2014

My son had a few spots of impetigo around his mouth and nose. I swabbed them three times a day with Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) in water. I use a solution of 1 tablespoon of water and 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract. I was really pleased with how quickly it worked.

Posted by Charlotte (Toronto, Canada) on 02/13/2013

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hi Guys, I am a 25 year old female. I recently came back from a backpacking trip in South East Asia where I believe I somehow contracted Impetigo on my face. At first it was dry, even if I'd lotion repeatedly. Then, it became raised and then eventually started weeping yellow crusts.

Over the next few weeks, in and out of different doctors offices, I tried an anti-biotic course, some cream, and finally Fucidin. Fucidin seemed to work. I also want to note that during the time it flared up, I would avoid make-up. Well, a week or so after it would disappear, it would return again. Slowly. With redness, then warmth, then itch and finally small, barely noticeable 'weeps'. I would go back to using Fucidin but as a female, its difficult, because its extremely shiney, oil-y and embarassing. I also have adult acne, so oil was not helping. I would treat the impetigo, and develop more acne.

After weeks and weeks of this back and forth reccurence, I found this forum which led me to a CURE - Grapefruit Seed Extract. I bought the pills and started taking 2 pills 3 times a day. As soon as I ran out, I wanted to see if it would come back, and it HAS. That is how I know Grapefruit Seed Extract was really working. I have not tried topical, but I will this week. My only question is what makes it flare up? Do you think eating foods with yeast, drinking alcohol, using make-up, make it worse?

Replied by Mom Of 2 Year Old
Dallas, Tx

Hi, I'm glad to hear the grapefruit seed extract is giving you some relief. As to why it keeps returning, have you considered that your make up or make up brushes may be infected?
Replied by Charlotte
New York, Ny

Hi! Thanks for your reply and support. Yes I have thought about brushes but not my make-up specifically. I will definitely look into it.

I have found that alcohol consumption produces flare ups. Perhaps I have a sluggish liver and this further weakens it, making me more succeptable to skin issues. Also ties in possibly with yeast overgrowth and candida. If anyone has any other ideas about what causes flare ups, please do share.

Thanks again.

Replied by Sky
Boston, Ma

I had a yeast infection and was prescribed Diflucan. As soon as I took the pill I got a reaction on my upper lip which quickly turned into Impetigo. I had chronic Impetigo outbreaks between 2007-2009 and now wonder if it is tied to Candida? (Which has always been problematic for me.) I've stopped drinking alcohol as well as eating sugar and wheat to hopefully starve the Candida. The Impetigo has to unfortunately run its course, which is 2-3 weeks for me. I will try the Grapefruit Seed Extract asap..

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