Natural Cures for Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis)

Last Modified on Jun 19, 2014

If you have ever experienced hay fever, you know it is like a cold with no one to blame for making you sick. The itchy and water eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and congestion mimic the symptoms of a cold but are actually caused by allergens. If you are frequent sufferer of hay fever, we suggest trying a few natural treatment options, including both herbal and homemade remedies, to treat your allergy symptoms.

What Is Hay Fever?

Also known as allergic rhinitis, hay fever is a condition that causes cold-like symptoms but is not caused by a virus. Hay fever is actually triggered by an allergic response to both indoor and outdoor allergens. Some of the common causes of hay fever include tree, grass, and ragweed pollen; spores from fungi and mold; dust mites or cockroaches; and dander from cats, dogs, birds, or other pets. Just because it is called “hay fever” does not necessarily mean that you are allergic to hay.

Is There a Natural Remedy for Allergic Rhinitis?

While many people believe that the only way to find relief from allergic rhinitis is to avoid the substances that cause irritation, natural remedies actually work to reverse the allergic reaction and treat hay fever safely and effectively. We like to break the treatment options into two main categories – herbal treatments and homemade remedies. We suggest you try a combination of both.

What Are the Best Herbal Remedies?

Among the best herbal remedies are ginger, turmeric, and garlic.

1. Ginger

Ginger naturally relieves the chest and nasal congestion associated with the condition. It also helps loosen phlegm, strengthens the immune system, and functions as a natural antihistamine.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, so it relieves congestion and alleviates troublesome breathing. It also works to eradicate allergens from the system.

3. Garlic

Garlic is also a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. It contains sulfur compounds that help relieve congestion and treat underlying infectious issues.

What Are the Best Homemade Remedies?

Additional homemade remedies include apple cider vinegar, oil pulling, and filtering indoor air.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV helps restore important nutrients in the body’s system including magnesium, vitamin C, and calcium. These nutrients help regulate the body’s immune response system and relieve allergic rhinitis. It also functions to restore an alkaline pH in the body to relieve underlying issues.

2. Oil Pulling

An effective at home remedy, oil pulling utilizes a system of swishing oil in the mouth to draw out toxins and other irritants. Done daily oil pulling can relieve an array of issues including hay fever.

3. Filtering

A process as simple as filtering the air in your home can also help relieve allergic rhinitis. This practice functions to remove allergens from the air and prevent them from entering your body.

The array of treatments for hay fever are seemingly limitless. Give one of our suggestions a try or add your own favorite remedy to our reader contributed list below.

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Most Popular Hayfever Remedies:

Apple Cider Vinegar9

User Reviews

Apple Cider Vinegar   9  2   

Posted by Frabika (California) on 11/14/2013

[YEA]  I took ACV for several months, every day. I hated it. One teaspoon in water, followed by a full glass of water to drown out the taste. And it did nothing at all for my hayfever. I was miserable, my eyes were watering constantly, nose dripping out of nowhere, completely embarrassing.

So then I thought, if everyone else is raving about it, why isn't this working for me? I upped the dose: yesterday after a particulary awful hayfeverish day, I took three tablespoons of it in water three times. Today, I took it at 6:30 am then again at 9am at the same dosage. And guess symptoms at all. Crazy. I will take another strong dose when I get home and perhaps tomorrow reduce it a bit.

If the ACV isn't working for you, increase it!!

Replied by Vickthechick
San Francisco, California

[YEA]   I, too, have many times found that if I just INCREASE THE DOSE a reported natural cure works FINE. Heck with dilution I started taking a standard shot glass and putting a tablespoon or so organic and unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (cheaper brands don't work as well I've found). Than I just take it DOWN in one shot. Don't even chase it with water but of course you can. 2x per day. HAYFEVER PROBLEM SOLVED WITHOUT DRUGS thank you very much! Nice to know ACV has a lot of OTHER good "side effects" too!

Posted by Jennywren (Perth, Western Australia, Australia) on 02/12/2012

[NAY]  NAY - I wish I could make this a Yay, but ACV ingested doesn't seem to help me much with anything. I use _____'s, a tablespoon twice a day and still have hayfever. I've been taking it for 2 weeks. I find ACV mildly helpful with colds/sore throats and have found it works topically best for me. It hasn't helped my rheumatoid arthritis at all either, or with my 5yo's asthma. Darn it!

Replied by Jacquelynna
Cincinnati, Oh

I had a similar experience with apple cider vinegar as some people on here are saying. I took it for a long time but never with any noticeable benefits. However, 3 months ago I became a vegetarian, and since then I am doing great! Mild detoxing effect, weight loss, tons of energy and great mood... I recommend it to everyone. My only explanation as to why it didn't work before is because I was so acidic while still eating meat. Now my body is more alkaline and thus able to really see a difference.... pretty awesome.

Posted by Cheryldelf (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 09/03/2011

[YEA]  After 40 years of suffering hay fever and taking all known drugs on the market without much sucesss. My eye lids would fill with fluid and I appeared drugged from September to March. My sister told me to try Apple Cider Vinegar as a shot or mixed in water twice a day. I did this for the whole season. After a few days my nose and sinus dried up. I had to use honey to stop the throat itch. Success after the season of drinking the ACV I no longer suffer with hay fever and the best part I have not had any asthma either. This was 3 years ago. When I get a little tingle I drink ACV for a week and it's all gone...

Replied by Matt
North Haven, Connecticut, Usa

How can you people tolerate it? I just tried it and I nearly puked. I still feel queasy. I have heard much praise about this treatment and I would like to try it but I do not understand how I can improve the taste.
Replied by Billie
Melbourne, Australia

Hi Matt, I found the best way to take it is as follows.. In a large glass add the below then top up with hot water and let it all brew for a few minutes before drinking.
1 tbsp ACV
1 tsp Manuka honey

half lemon squeeze

1 teabag of peppermint

1 teabag of rosehip

I drink it this and have done for abut 5 yrs... even my husband likes it this way and drinks it all winter to avoid getting sick...

I call it my magic long life potion :-)

Replied by Deb
Vancouver, Canada

I find the easiest way to take it is, put the amount on a spoon, pour it in your mouth but do not swallow, take a glass of water or juice if you prefer and while you still have the ACV in your mouth take a drink of the juice, mix it around in your mouth with the ACV and swallow, voila, done!!! I actually like the flavor so I can take it right off the spoon, but it can burn your throat that way so it's best to mix in some water or juice.
Replied by Henny
Manawatu, New Zealand

Is it safe to take Apple Cider Vinegar during pregnancy? I have a very bad Hayfever for the last 3 years and lost my sense of smell. Had many medication but none work. I am really desperate for cure.
Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Henny, Yes, it is safe to take apple cider vinegar during pregnancy. It can help gently detox and it will keep you alkalized which is a healthy thing for you and the baby. Another problem that can arise during pregnancy is constipation so it can help keep you regular and promote digestion. Another issue during pregnancy is heartburn as the pregnancy proceeds and you get bigger. ACV can help with that as well. You mention your allergies but nothing about actually being pregnant. ACV would be a healthier, safer and natural alternative over medications, that's for sure! Of course, whoever attends to your pregnancy, you can run this by them. Hope this info helps, Lisa

Posted by Daphne (Ashburton, Nz) on 09/02/2011

I also suffered for a long time with the same allergy symptoms to hayfever, itchy eyes, ears, runny nose, eczema but found I have a gluten allergy. If you stop all foods containing gluten for even two weeks you will know after one week if gluten is a problem for you. Manufacturers put glucose in a lot of foods and often don't list if it comes from wheat or corn. I find I am very allergic to glucose from wheat. ACV does not like me either :( but may try the liver cleanse and see how that works for me. Good luck with your search.

Posted by Theo (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 11/20/2009

[NAY]  Apple Cider Vinegar for Hay Fever:

This didn't work for me. All of last year I took ACV every night in hopes that I would beat my hay fever in the summer. Unfortunately, when summer came this year, my hay fever was just as bad as ever.

Replied by Mary
Chicago, Il

Did you try organic ACV? I find that the organic type that has not been filtered works really well. You can find it at a health food store, but often regular grocery stores will carry it as well.

Posted by Cameron (Riverside, CT) on 05/31/2009

[YEA]  I've been suffering from allergies for 12 years now. I finally went to a doctor this year to have the doctor take a look (I actually looked went to two docs). The tests they took showed I was allergic to almost every airborne allergen (95% of most airborne allergens, yikes!) I was seriously a running faucet and sneeze machine. I'd wake up sneezing, burn through toilet paper for wiping my nose. Basically, i was disgusting and I was completely bogged down for hay fever season. I started taking 3 shots of ACV a day. The first 10 days nothing and then all the sudden, on the 11th it was like a light switch. Everything stopped. I continued taking 3 shots a day for about a month and a half and am now down to 1 shot a day, which I am taking basically as a "just in case" shot. My allergies are completely eliminated. Not even a sniffle. I'm not sure how it works, but it 100% worked for me. Like a veil being lifted, a light turning on; it was a complete life change to be able to enjoy the seasons again :)

Posted by Cassey Ming (Singapore) on 11/22/2008

[YEA]  I used to suffer from hayfever when I was studying in Perth, Western Australia 10yrs ago. At that time, I took Horseraddish supplement for 1 season and it helps stops hayfever. I moved to Singapore recently due to work and woke up with runny nose and unstoppable sneezing for at least 1 hr every day for the past 2 mths. Taking horseraddish supplement doesn't help anymore, maybe my body is immune to horseraddish supplemnt! I was researching the internet for Hay fever remedy and read that raw honey helps. While researching further for raw honey benefits, I stumbled into this site and read that ACV helps with hayfever and decided to give it a try. I found that any brand of ACV is equally effective. I put 1 teaspoon ACV, 2 teaspoons honey and 1 glass of water. Drink it 3 times a day for a week, it cures my hayfever!! No more sinus, sneezing or runny nose within a week! I continued to drink the mixture after my hayfever's symptom is gone thinking to use it my daily drink for health, but I found that drinking ACV when I didn't have anymore hayfever actually irritates my throat passage and caused whizzing cough. I stopped taking the drink. No more whizzing coughs, plus my hayfever has not returned since. I am so gladed that I found this site and would like to share how ACV cures my hayfever!

Posted by Mary (Munson, PA) on 06/24/2007

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar. Periodically, I have trouble with an allergic symptom that is similar to Meniere's Syndrome symptoms, however Meniere's Syndrome has been ruled out by my doctors. The specialists determined that it was "some kind of allergy." I have not had an attack in two years, but did yesterday after spending a several days outside in very windy weather gardening. In frustration, I looked on the internet for a "natural allergy cure," and found the apple cider vinegar one. I tried it. Within an hour, I was feeling better, not perfect, but definitely BETTER. I will continue to try it and encourage my husband, who has hay fever, to try it also. Thank you so much, as I was desperate to stay off of medications!

Posted by Susan (Tampa, FL) on 01/03/2007

[YEA]  2 tsp honey, 2 tsp apple cider vinegar in 8 to 16 ounces of water 3 times a day cured my arthritis, back pain and allergies. I was in so much pain for many many years with severe back problems, and then 2 years ago was diagnosed with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. The dr. prescribed steroids, and 2 different immuno suppressant drugs and the side effects were horrible. I could hardly get out of bed in the morning, my joints and muscles hurt so bad, i also have fibromyalgia. I started this regimen about a month ago and saw immediate results. My hay fever has cleared up also. My sinuses are dry, usually I always have a bad post nasal drip problem. I feel more energized, and my body just feels good, like it is getting what it needs.

Posted by Jack (Baltimore, MD) on 07/01/2006

[YEA]  Raw Apple Cider w/water 16oz 4-5 times day for 6 months. Half your body weight in ounces of water per day. Before meals and at bedtime. This concoction cured Hay fever I suffered from for 30 years, also acid reflux. My urine is mostly clear. No symptoms of allergies even if I miss weeks of the tonic and drink only clean water instead. No Acne break outs. Everyone can save so much money that they would spend on allergy pills if they would do this simple and cheap method.

Posted by Clare C. (Bristol, England)

[YEA]  I've been taking 2 teaspoons of Cider vinegar 3 times a day for my hayfever and I am amazed to say that I am almost symptom free, I now do not take anything else but the unpasteurized cider vinegar... I managed to get hold of some unprocessed honey and took that with the vinegar but the next day I sneezed really badly and my eyes were itching! so I stopped taking the honey and so did my symptoms.

Dietary Suggestions   1  0   

Posted by Lisa (Satellite Beach, FL) on 03/17/2008

[YEA]  The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health allowed me to stop taking all prescription allergy meds after only 3 days. (Allegra, sudafed, eye drops, etc.) Symptoms still remained but are diminishing significantly, the more I follow the program to get well. After 30 years of allergiest/ENTs/surgeries/shots and drugs I am amazed that "hay fever" is diet/digestion related! Never did a doctor imply there could be a food link, especially since shots seemed to help. This diet is the only direct link I've found to cure my allergies.. so test your ph and give it a try if indicated. Amazing.

Garlic   1  0   

Posted by Haywood (Arlington, VA)

[YEA]  I cut up cloves like the size of pills, and took them with water. I did this treatment at night so I could go through the next day without being bothered with hay fever.

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Hotice (Blackburn, United Kingdom) on 09/08/2011

I suffer from year round hayfever (and hayfever induced asthma) and have had no sense of smell since I was 16 (which, I admit, is 14 years ago). Lately the feeling of having a head full of cotton wool and the pressure in my head is just driving me up the wall. I have no energy, I only sleep for an hour at a time and generally am not impressed. I tend to pick up every cold going and given I feel this bad in summer I'm very concerned about winter this year!

I've read the site and I'm really hoping this works. I'm nervous in case of gagging and the worsening of the symptoms but the doctors remedies only served to destroy the lining of my nose more. If this does work then I'll be touting it as a miracle cure - I'll be using it in conjunction with a Sinus Rinse so hopefully the two of them together will sort me out. Fingers crossed and thank you for everyone who has written about their experiences - it helps simply to not be the only person going through this.

Ginger and Chamomile Tea   1  0   

Posted by Kin (Auckland, New Zealand) on 02/04/2009

[YEA]  Ginger with Chamomile tea really really really works!!! It cured my Hay Fever.

Before Earth Clinic I had chronic sinusitis for over 6 years, I used 2 types of OTC nasal sprays every single day for 6 years. I was a very miserable person by then. Last Year I found Earth Clinic (lucky me) and started using ACV and was able to stop using the nasal sprays for a few days (a remarkable achievement I felt at that time). I then started oil pulling with sesame seed oil, something extraordinary happened; after 3 days of oil pulling, the symptom got worst, I had the worst sinus congestion ever, it felt like my body was going to give up. I had to resort using the nasal spray again..I was very disappointed but the next day my sinus was cleared, I continued OP and with the help of ACV I managed to stop my nasal sprays addiction completely -- I remembered vividly I visited a park after that and for the first time after 6 years I was able to breath freely and experienced the raw smell in the air.

Months passed and life without nasal sprays was indeed wonderful, (still got mild sinus congestion from time to time) doing OP daily helped me going through winter months, until beginning of this summer when all those big trees started flowering, I get very bad sinus congestion again. I had for weeks bad allergic and congestion, itching eyes with unpleasant discharges. Hay Fever ..I read Earth Clinic every possible cures ..I tried ACV, Turmeric, Olive leaves extracts, Castor oil pack, Garlic, snorting Cayenne pepper, Noti Pot ..none of them worked for me even Oil Pulling did not help. I started using nasal spray everyday again otherwise I could not sleep or do any activities, but the spray has actually worsened the congestion and the relief period got shorter .

I then read on latest posts about green tea and ginger root (I read Earth Clinic latest posts everyday), I didn't have green tea at home but I had chamomile tea bags. So I cut very thin slices of ginger (about 8 to 10 slices) in a cup with one chamomile tea bag, add water and micro waved it for a minute or two, and started snipping it that evening, added water reheated it in microwave again when it was not hot enough or empty did not give immediate relief of course, but I realised that the pressure on the nasals eased a little. The next day I did the same. On 3rd day something miracle happened, it started to cleared that morning my sinuses.clearing steadily..eyes stopped itching and no unpleasant discharge. 36 hours on the ginger/ chamomile tea, I stopped using the nasal spray. It is now 25 days since I last used the spray and no signs of Hay Fever. 6 - 7 years of Hay Fever was gone, you can imagine how happy I am now. Yes I am still drinking yummy chamomile and ginger tea everyday.

A lady at work got bad hay fever, recommended her to try it, one dose (yes just one cup 7 days ago) cured her Hay Fever completely, 7 days since she has not got any symptoms. (Magic!! 2 yes posts for Earth Clinic)

I was once told by medical professional there was no cure for Hay Fever, now I believe there is always a cure for everything.

Before I started on the ginger / chamomile tea remedy, I was determined to go "cold turkey" on the nasal spray (Yes Nasal Sprays can be addictive). In order to get temporary relief, I microwave some ACV in a cup, inhaled the ACV steam, it immediately cleared the nose but as soon as I stopped, the nose was blocked again, but it at least provided temporary relief. I also tried chewing piece of ginger, but unfortunately it did not work for me. How strange a combination of ginger and chamomile tea can work miracle.

Caution -- first few days on the tea I had a mild detox experience, loose motion, rash, and headache.

Unexpected benefits -- clean and soft skin, hair seems to grow faster

To earth clinic -- ginger and chamomile tea remedy was not listed on any of the sinus/ allergic /congestion cures, but if search under ginger cure you will get lots of cured allergic postings, it is possible to add ginger/chamomile tea as one of the cure on the Allergic page? I could not and therefore would not be able to know about this cure until I read it on latest posting pages. just a suggestion and Thank You Earth Clinic and Thank You all those who put in their efforts posting their remedies and experience.

EC: We searched but could not find any other ginger and chamomile tea posts on the site! If you know where they are, please let us know and we'll cross post it to the allergy remedies page. Thank you!

Replied by Kin
Auckland, New Zealand

Hi EC, It was posted on EC originally as Ginger with Green Tea , under Ginger page (for example posted by Shira from Green Cove Springs, FL). Chamomile and Ginger Tea is my own modification, most likely the first post in EC. Hope that helps. Think it will help many if this can be listed under Hay Fever page, because the sinus congestions I got at different time of the year reacted to different remedies. Only Chamomile and Ginger Tea works for Hay Fever. Hope I am not creating too much work for you. I want to thank Earth Clinic from the bottom of my heart.

EC: Thanks for clarifying, Kin!

01/16/2008: Shira from Green Cove Springs, FL writes: "I want to shout this from the roof tops!

My husband has had terrible sinus congestion for months! Because it felt as though he had some sort of barrier in his left nostril, even his CPAP machine wasn't allowing him to breathe. Sleepless night... tons of money on meds... countless nosebleeds because of all of the nasal sprays... he was miserable and feeling a little desperate.

Then, as the last resort, I searched and came across your ginger root remedy. $2.00 for a huge ginger root that I peeled, cut into chunks and steeped for 4 hours in a pot of water with 2 green tea bags. Dan sipped on the surprisingly yummy tea all evening, and for the first time in MONTHS, he's completely clear! There wasn't a dramatic loss of mucus, but for whatever reason, I believe it shrunk the swollen nasal passages, and for the last 3 nights in a row, he's slept ALL night, clear as a bell! He didn't even snore! I can't even begin to tell you what a HUGE blessing this remendy is for us."

I work with a Japanese woman who told me that ginger root also helps digestive issues and menstral cramps. We've decided to make ginger root tea part of our daily routine. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!"

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