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Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt for Sinus Infections

| Modified on Dec 06, 2023
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Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt Sinus Infection Treatment

Many individuals are more comfortable reaching for a factory-manufactured remedy for sinus infections and other common health conditions than they are using naturally-occurring treatments like hydrogen peroxide and sea salt. In reality, the exact opposite should be true. The combination of hydrogen peroxide and sea salt is a safe, effective nasal treatment and remedy.

The Issue with Antibiotics and Traditional Treatments

With the advancement of science and medicine, a wide variety of new remedies has also been identified. The problem is that these treatments don?t necessarily work naturally with the body and could have potential adverse effects. The more frequently people use antibiotic remedies for common conditions, the less effective these treatments are on any condition. Likewise, these treatments often cause additional issues within the body such as prolonged or recurring infection, dehydration, and other problems.

A Natural Solution - Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt

Hydrogen peroxide and sea salt are both safe, natural alternatives to typical sinus infection treatments. These ingredients work together to cleanse the sinuses and relieve congestion safely and naturally.

How the remedy works:

The combination of hydrogen peroxide and sea salt function much in the same way as a traditional saline rinse with a few added benefits. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural disinfecting agent, so it works to eliminate infection that may be associated with the condition. The added salt helps restore osmotic balance in the mucous membranes as well as relieving congestion.

How to use hydrogen peroxide and sea salt:

To complete the treatment, mix six ounces of warm filtered water with 1/2 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of sea salt. Allow the salt to dissolve into the solution, and insert the solution into a nasal sprayer or neti pot. Leaning over the sink, spray the solution into the nose and allow it to drain through the mouth.

Potential Side Effects

While this combination is a natural remedy, there is always the potential for side effects associated with health treatments.

Nasal Irritation

If used too frequently, the treatment may cause nasal drying and irritation.

While some individuals are uncomfortable about trying natural remedies, they are actually doing their bodies a disservice. Natural treatment options like hydrogen peroxide and sea salt are much safer, more effective options than over-the-counter and antibiotic treatments.

Please continue reading below for feedback from over 20 readers who have tried this remedy and let us know what you think!

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Posted by Alyda (Calgary, AB) on 06/09/2023

Thirty years after a botched root canal (dentist punctured my sinus cavity with his root reamer) and a million sinus infections I finally found this website. I was skeptical (and worried) that this wouldn't work for me but I was wrong! I used a cup of distilled water, a packet of saline solution, and a capful of 3% HP solution. No irritation, and my stubborn left side is starting to loosen up. Hallelujah!!

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt
Posted by Barry (Sikeston MO) on 06/12/2020

For the peroxide and sea salt solution, is that 1/2 tsp of 10% Hydrogen Peroxide? The dilution ratio won't be right if I don't start with the right percentage. Thanks.

Replied by Anon

It's 3% hydrogen peroxide.

(Sikeston MO)

Thanks. Is non-food grade okay to use?


Sorry, Barry, I've only used food-grade 3% hydrogen peroxide which I got at the health food store. Perhaps someone else at Earth Clinic can comment on the 3% H.P. drugstore variety. In the meantime, if you read some of the other comments, people have had success just combining salt and hydrogen peroxide (probably from the drugstore) in a bowl of hot water and "steaming" their face with a towel over their head (careful not to burn your skin). Examples on this page are posts from Sarah from Hill Afb, Utah February 8, 2011 / Nicole from Dallas, Texas May 23, 2011 / Shannon from San Diego, CA February 8, 2007. Good luck!

(fema 3)

For all who care, you can cut any percentage of food grade by '' dividing what you want into what you have ''.. cut with distilled water..

example: you have 35% and you want 3%..

3 div into 35 = 11-ish.. 1 part 35 %,, 11 parts water = strong 3%..

'' a part '' is whatever you want to use for the one .. just use the same for the 11 parts..

can also come in handy for cutting down Everclear 190 proof grain alcohol..

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt
Posted by Kevin (Richmond, VA) on 03/12/2020

For the Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt remedy, I would use only distilled water, other water additives would cause a burning sensation.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt
Posted by Tomlin (Frisco, Tx) on 07/01/2017

I am so grateful to have found these posts and my cure. Having used 3%HP for gurgling to disinfect my throat for several years, I don't know why it took me so long to think of looking up HP for my sinus infections which usually last about 3 weeks. When I get a cold which is like 2-3 times a year, the mucus is clear on the first day, then turns to thick and yellowish suffocating globs that drains for weeks. I tried using distilled water with the prepacked salt packets that I get from the drug stores but that only helps to briefly clear the sinus and the yellow mucous keeps coming back. The post nasal drip gives me a frog-in-my-throat feel and causes me to chock constantly. Antibiotics takes too long and who know what else it is doing to my body.

After getting a cold, this time in the middle of summer, I decided to give HP sinus rinse a try. Based on the everyone's input, here are some tips that help cleared up my sinus infection in about two days.

* Always have these supplies on hand so you don't have to run to the market when you feel a cold coming on.

(1) Unopened one gallon of distilled water which is only fresh for about one week after it's opened. (Do not use filtered drinking water, RO or tap water.)

(2) Premixed sinus (salt) packets (they come in 100 packet boxes) from the drug store near the neti pot section. (Do not use cooking salt.)

(3) 3% HP

(4) Baking Soda

(5) Clean disinfected dispenser: neti pot, sinus rinsing bubble or use your nostrils to suck up the liquid mixture from the edge of a cup's edge (a short cut that may require some skills).

* Don't vary too much from 1 teaspoon of 3% HP for 6 oz of distilled water or you risk an ineffective solution or getting your sinus burned. If you are afraid of getting burned, use 1/2 teaspoon of 3% HP and work your way up to 1 teaspoon. Don't be tempted to add more HP thinking it will be more effective. When I tried to add more HP, it stings badly and swelled up my sinus for a couple of hours. Add a pinch of baking soda if you have it in your kitchen and stir to dissolve the solids.

* Get in front of a sink, upon flooding your sinus tilt your forehead down towards the sink drain (watch out for the tap, lol), then turn you right ear towards the drain for a few seconds then your left ear. These positions enable the solution to flood different parts of your sinus. Lift your head and allow the solution to drain drain from your nostrils. Wipe what ever that comes out so you don't contaminate the area near your nostrils with tap water. If you want to blow your nose do not blow hard and do not block one nostril to blow out the other since too much pressure may cause the solution to seep into unintended tubes connected to your sinus. To rinse the area between the sinus and the throat, you should keep an upright position throughout the flooding and keep your mouth open. The draining will gravitate towards your throat so it can be redirect to your month to be spit out into the sink. Do not swallow the solution.

* You might want to do this rinse upon waking up, just before bedtime and optionally an additional rinse in between. You should see the mucus clear up within a day. I hope it works for you as well it did for me :-)

Replied by Rameika
(West Haven, CT)

When using hp only in a nasal spray, it's more effective even when your sinuses is clogged from it, it works better. Big chunks of mucus comes out but yes it does burn sometimes

(New York)

I got rid of my terrible sinus issue from Covid by purchasing a sea salt spray then adding a few drops of 2 per cent of Lugol's iodine. This cleared my problem up quickly. You will use it and your nose will drain, use a tissue to blow out excess.

This works and you can use it if you feel like you are coming down with cold, or virus.

I read about this as preventative for Covid. Was desperate as I was long hauler for 7 months from leftover Covid.

Works for me and it's cheap!

Replied by Michelle
(Salem, MA)

This also kills Covid in your nostrils and throat. I lost my taste and smell after 3 weeks and loosing 10 lbs due to lack of appetite I decided to use my neti pot. After 2 days of using my neti pot 3 times a day both days my taste and smell both started to return.


I've been a little worried as I've been losing quite a bit of weight and a lot of my strength, my friends say that I'm a "long-hauler" (to my knowledge I've never had COVID, I've been tested 3 times and I've always tested negative) and that I will recover, I really don't mind losing the weight but I never feel very good either, I just want to be whole again, do you have any kind of a timeline as to when to expect this to happen if at all? I have felt sick for about 6 months.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt
Posted by Dctorlynn1 (Arizona) on 01/25/2016

As a chiropractor, we generally preach letting the body heal itself. I have to admit that getting adjusted has reduced my sinus infections to once every couple years instead of three times a year.

I started with a cold last week. (Worse thing ever for a chiro because we have to lean over people.) I even took two days off. I broke down and started anti-biotics 4 days in, which I hate to admit. It got better, but still a lot of sinus pressure. For some reason I thought about HP in a neti pot. Your site was very helpful.

Three capfuls of hydrogen peroxide and saline powder is what I used. I was SHOCKED at what came out. Quite a bit of (this will be gross) very thick rusty colored mucus...more than I ever thought possible. No matter of blowing my nose could get this stuff out. I'll repeat three times a day until completely resolved.

I feel GREAT! Thank you so much. I'll pass this along to my patients.

Replied by April
(Santa Cruz, California)

drlynn1, are you using food grade? I can't even touch a drop to my skin it turns white and BURNS and stings for 1/2 hour or so. Would love to try as I have chronic sinusitis, but food grade? Is there a way to make it not burn?

Replied by Mama To Many

Food grade hydrogen peroxide should not be used straight. It is very strong and dangerous at 35% strength. It must be diluted to 3% (11 parts water plus 1 part 35% hydrogen peroxide.) Then it still needs a lot of dilution again even before using in the sinuses.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Sinunator

Can I use 3% of Hydrogen Peroxide instead of Food Grade which is 35%?

Replied by Jess

Yes, I use just 3% hydrogen peroxide. 1/2 teaspoon off it in 6 ounces distilled water in the netti pot.

Replied by Mary
(St Paul, Mn)

I was thrilled when a friend suggested this, as I'd been using a neti pot for a sinus infections for three days which it did nothing but cause a painful post-nasal drip down the right side of my throat. My Father, who had been pre-med but grown up on a poor farm, always has us gargle with salt and HP when anything was coming on and it usually did the trick ~ but that was 40 years ago! Nevertheless, the combination wasn't foreign to me so I gave it a try (your ratios). Quite an eye-watering fizz but wow, not even the pain caused by just the salt (about 1/4 tsp) in the net pot. I was grateful to the chiropractor, though, as you didn't give any sense of how often to rinse ~ although he didn't give ratios, and I want to know: 3 capfuls (instead of 1/2 tsp) of HP in how much water, with how much salt? This ~ is ~ the ticket, though, and as someone who had almost constant sinus infections as a kid, yes: we all know that when the gross stuff starts coming out (and this finally caused that) wellness has begun. (I've been stuck in the house and my kitchen is being redone so had no access to my water filter. I boiled tap water for 20 minutes ~ as we used to to be able to drink it in the early '70's when living in Indonesia. But not a minute less...) Many thanks!

Replied by Stan J.
(Phoenix, Az)

I've been using hypertonic saline rinse for sinus problems for 40 years (it's very dry and dusty in Phoenix), never heard of adding H2O2 until now. I'll try it!

For application, the easiest method is a rubber ear bulb: fill it and insert in one nostril and lightly pinch both nostrils closed, and squeeze until you feel it in your throat. Lean over and blow gently, then repeat with the other nostril. Turn your head almost upside down to drain the bottom sinuses. Repeat 1 to 2 more times per day maximum.

I have a reaction to chloramines so I never use tap water, only spring water. Distilled water *may* work (there's evidence that distillation doesn't remove all chloramines), but RO won't remove chloramines from tap water.

My hypertonic saline is nearly identical to the original post: 1tsp sea salt to 8oz/250ml water. I add 1/4tsp of baking soda as a buffering agent. You can cut the baking soda in half if it bothers you.

Replied by Jeffrey
(Easton, Pa)


Turning your head nearly upside down sounds like waterboarding. Explain how you do that again.

Replied by Evander
(Maryland, Usa)

You would want to be sure you are using 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide. I see most say mix that down to 1% with distilled water.

So you would have 2 parts distilled water and 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide. It is available on amazon-just type in "3% food grade hydrogen peroxide". It is important to not use strong hydrogen peroxide without diluting it with water. I saw some have made themselves sick or very sick by not knowing this. Very strong % hydrogen peroxide is rocket fuel- you wouldn't want to drink that.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt
Posted by Bill (St. Croix, Virgin Islands) on 10/18/2015

Peroxide Sinus Rinse:

Does it burn? If yes, you are using too strong a mixture. I use 1/2 teaspoon of salt - 1 teaspoon of 3 percent peroxide in 8 oz. water. WORKS GREAT. With only a very mild sensation, not a burn at all.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt
Posted by Robb (Los Angeles, Ca) on 09/02/2015

Wow, when I first read about using peroxide for sinus infections I laughed. Having been operated on 4 times, the Caldwell Luc is an uncomfortable procedure and your face swells like a balloon.

So, I still get sinus infections but at least I can breathe out my nostrils! That is what the operations did.

So, yesterday, after going thru another 110 days for antibiotics which is the MD's answer, I followed the "saline filtered water - with 3:1 water to 3% peroxide.

My head began clearing within an hour and this am, I could breathe and actually smell again, somewhat!!! I am going to continue for 4 days and see if it continues.

Remember it is key to use filtered water, or boiled water. There is some bacteria - especially in the South, that has been fatal, when inhaled.

Great site and articles!!!! Thanks much, Robb

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U ROBB, , , , , , , , , my man, I challenge you to back up your post about the South and bacteria being fatal here. Since I live here and will be 79 in a few months, I want to know where you get your facts.


Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt
Posted by Faith (Pdx) on 05/04/2015

My medical doctor could not figure out why my sinus infection was not going away. Finally he figured it was biofilms. He put me on chelating agent with atomizer 3x a day then I would wait 15 minutes then use a capful of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide with pinch or two of sea salt in my neti pot filled with distilled water then I would tip my head down towards the ground while on my knees and just hold it for 10 minutes. This cleared my sinus infection straight away.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt
Posted by Jessica (Oklahoma) on 12/29/2014

Thanks. This really works. But being that it is allergy season I am using it twice a day, sometimes with just the salt in a netti pot. Not sure how often I can use the hydrogen peroxide in it but will read all of these posts to see if anyone knows.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt
Posted by Miek (Texas, US) on 12/19/2014

Outstanding. Works when prepared and used according to the instructions. Too much salt or hydrogen peroxide and you're going to irritate your nasal passages.

- M

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt
Posted by Joanna (Minneapolis, Mn) on 04/08/2014

I recently tried your hydrogen peroxide and sea salt in a nasal pot for a sinus infection that had just started. It was amazing! I admit it did sting for about 10 minutes after the rinse, but felt immediately better. I did it 3 times the first day, 2 times the 2nd day and 1 time the third day. Cured!

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt
Posted by Joe (New York, Ny) on 06/05/2013

I use the hydrogen peroxide netti pot irrigation remedy for my sinus infections and it works great. I alternate with salt water to wash away any remaining hydrogen peroxide. I'm going to add the ACV as a supplement as well. My sinus infections won't go away with antibiotics but this does the trick. a few words of caution. It doesn't take much hydrogen peroxide. I use a small amount from a dropper and that is powerful enough once mixed in with a netti pot. Be careful over doing it because I think you can end up irritating the sinuses rather than healing them. Also you want to use filtered water as some parasites live in tap water and while tap water is safe to drink, these parasites can get into your body via the nasal passage. There are cases of this and those parasites are dangerous, even if rare.

Replied by Len

HI Everyone!

I have gone thru 3 operations for nasal polyps and the procedure was with laser so there was no pain at all. The last one I had was 3 years ago and they have started coming back in full force! The home remedies are working and I can feel the change but you need to be very careful with the amount you use. I tried applying the hydrogen peroxide directly with a dropper and it stung like crazy which should have told me it was too much. I started experiencing real stuffiness as a result and just laid off for a day. The same with tree tea oil which is very effective in small amounts in a netti pot or using a q tip and working it in for a few seconds on each side. I put 2 drops once on each side of my nose and it was like a major blow out. I got teary eyed, and so congested I could not go to bed for a few hours. The q tip and a few drops (2 or 3) in a netti pot with a few drops of eucalyptus oil and a few drops of grape seed extract are very good. I like the tips on just a capful of HP and a pinch of sea salt. I'm going to try using that. If you are getting strong stinging sensations that is your body telling you to lighten up and it could have the reverse effect on inflamming your nasal cavities.

There are some wonderful homeopathic products for bacteria, fungus, virus and inflammation that really work. Another neti pot solution is colloidal silver drops with a few drops of HP. Very warm water is excellent or even hotter that your nasal passages can take without burning are good to use in the netti in comparison to a cooler or just light warm. All the best! Len

Replied by Patrick


I was getting desperate. I tried the Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt remedy and it worked great the first attempt. I used 1 part HP 4 parts boiled water in a sinus rinse bottle with one packet of salt. It cleared everything out and I could breathe freely. I was on cloud nine! It stung like a bad word though. Soon after I began to have symptoms again but this time my nasal passages were pretty clogged. I tried again and this time without as much luck. The sinuses clogged due to swelling after my first attempt. When I did the rinse this time, some of the fluid went down my throat and into my stomach. If anyone has ever ingested HP they will know how I felt. I used 3% HP concentration and diluted it so it wasn't necessarily harmful to my health but it caused a lot of gas and pressure. All very concerning when you can't breathe from your nose. Either way if you want to try this method I highly recommend sticking with very small amounts of HP and slowly work your way up as you feel comfortable. If you have clogged sinuses please use lower concentrations of HP and rinse more frequently. The suggestion on this site was half a teaspoon with 8 oz of water. I wouldn't start with any more than that.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt
Posted by Katie (Westport, Ct) on 12/24/2011

Hydrogen peroxide and sea salt in a neti pot - A big YEA for me!!

This remedy is fantastic and gave me immediate relief! Thank you to all who posted their sinus infection remedies. After trying out a bunch of remedies without much luck, this one cured my sinus infection very quickly. I also took grapefruit seed extract as well and I think that helped as well.

A neti pot (or the plastic kind you find in the pharmacy, which is what I used) filled with:
1 teaspoon of sea salt
1/2 teaspoon hydrogen peroxide (3%)
and warm water

cured my sinus infection in a few hours. I did this twice a day and continue to do it at least once a day for my remaining sinus congestion.

I am grateful I didn't have to resort to antibiotics!!!

Replied by Lecialee
(Kingston, Jamaica)

This remedy is awesome...... I was tired of my sinuses been blocked and causing my stomach to undergo pressure when breathing so I went on the internet seeking home remedy for this situation and I saw this one which was stunning so I tried it and in a few seconds I was relief of my stuffiness.

Replied by Kayla

If you make this mixture too strong, it will irritate your nasal passages and make them swell up you might feel congested. I always half the recipe and see if that feels okay then I add a little more next time. But less is more in some cases!

Replied by Michael

Yes worked. Perfect. Thanks

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt
Posted by Decolia (Oklahoma City, Ok, USA) on 07/25/2011

I'm currently pregnant so I'm really limited in what I can take medication wise for any colds, allergies or infections. I recently tried the Peroxide, Salt, and saline wash method. So far it's the only thing that's really done much at all to help with my sinus pressure and pain. I am also drinking Apple Cider Vinegar at each meal. I feel that between the two it is really helping and there's nothing in either of these things that will adversely affect my baby. I love home remedies!

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt
Posted by Nicole (Dallas, Texas) on 05/23/2011

I have been miserable with a sinus infection for about 8 days and found relief when I tried the Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt steam. I hadn't been able to breathe through my nostrils and I had enough so I google home rememdies for sinus infections and came across this amazing website! I boiled a small pot of water and poured the water into a nice size bowl. I added 2 tbs of sea salt and hydrogen peroxide. I used a towel to cover my head to make sure none of the steam escaped. The first minute of holding my head in the steam I felt movement. My nose started dripping and my left nostril opened. I could breathe! I couldn't handle the steam for more than 10 minutes. I tried the steam again later in the day and my right nostril opened. I was able to breathe! Love love love love love this website!

Replied by Larry
(Fairfax, Va, Usa)

Very encouraging results! What were the specific amounts of sea salt and hydrogen peroxide added to bowl? Was the H2O2 a 3% solution; was it food grade? I'm looking forward to trying this steam therapy.

Replied by Vj
(Bangalore, India)

Hi Nicole, Doing this are you completely out of Sinus problem now. Bec I am going do this ..

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