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Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt for Sinus Infections

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt
Posted by Xlntmommy (Palm Beach County, Fl, Usa) on 08/21/2011
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I see people writing about a sinus infection "for 6 months" or "the past year".. Whereas I hav had sinus pressure/problems for over ~20~ years. I tried the antibiotics that dry out the nasal passages, I hav been prescribed the daily "allergy" pill(s), I regularly put a cold soda/can from the fridge each morning to alleviate the swelling and headache I hav for several hours after I wake up.. I even drink copius amounts of (any) drink filled to the top with ice as the coldness would also help my constantly-swollen throat, because of the drip-that-never-ends. It has been years and years and I hav even had procedures done, and noticed a gradual improvement (which took months to notice) but was minimal and didn't last. I had resigned myself to just having to put up with this, until I happened upon this site.

I didn't try the ACV remedy. I tried the H202, baking soda and salt irrigation. I lighten my hair sometimes so used a smaller, pointy-tipped bottle from that. I also did not mix the h202 in a 50/50 ration, but instead used:

one cap-ful of h202

2 pinches of baking soda

1 pinch salt

in about 4-6 oz. of warm tap water. I hav a worse hedache after doing this, hence I only hav done it once/day, in the AM. I get no "flooding" but do hav a drip still at the back of my throat, but it is different now, and the biggest thing is that I can breathe! For the first time in decades I can inhale and exhale almost completely, through my nose. I hav only done this "irrigation" for about 4 days now, but again, I notice more of difference than ANY of the things I hav tried for over 2 decades. The H202 "burns" a little, and I don't get "blood". My right nostril was clear after the second day, and I am continuing until my left nostril (the worst one) is clear. I plan on doing this in intervals whenever I feel a "flare up". I am sure this is the answer for my problem and I am SO GRATEFUL for this site.

~MOMMY, Palm Beach County, FLORIDA