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Colloidal Silver for Sinus Infections

| Modified on Apr 22, 2024

Colloidal silver is a safe and effective alternative medical treatment for sinus infections, with antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. With nearly 32 million cases reported to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention annually, sinus infections can easily be considered one of the most common low-risk health conditions. However, just because the condition is low-risk in terms of associated health effects does not mean treatment isn't warranted or necessary. Because of pressure, inflammation in the nasal cavity and congestion, a sinus infection can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful. Colloidal silver can help.

The Vicious Treatment Cycle

Many people suffer with sinus infections until they begin feeling pain and see a frequent thick, yellow or greenish nasal discharge. At this point, they turn to sinus medication, triggering the onset of the vicious treatment cycle. Most over-the-counter and even prescribed medications provide only temporary relief and actually end up drying the sinuses and nasal passages. This drying effect prevents the draining of mucous, which leads to further buildup in the sinuses, more pain and more congestion.

Colloidal Silver - The Natural Antimicrobial

Colloidal silver is a home remedy that many people rely on. As soon as they feel the first signs of a sinus infection (or similar ailment), they sniff a teaspoon into the sinus cavity or use a neti pot, take a spoonful or inhale the mist from a nebulizer. A natural mineral, colloidal silver is an effective treatment for a wide range of conditions, sinus infections in particular.

How silver works:

Colloidal silver is a very efficient natural antimicrobial, effective at eliminating hundreds of types of disease-causing bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. This home cure is so effective, it is frequently used on wound dressings and has performed successfully in a number of research studies.

How to use colloidal silver:

Colloidal silver is typically used in conjunction with a neti pot. The silver is available in a liquid form which can be dropped into a mixture of warm salt water. After mixing, transfer the solution to the neti pot and insert the solution into the nasal passages using the nozzle. Allow the sinuses to drain.

Potential Side Effects

When used in moderation, colloidal silver is considered a safe treatment. However, the product does present the risk of silver accumulation in the body. Those who are pregnant, may become pregnant, or who are breastfeeding should not use the treatment.

This simple treatment defeats the vicious treatment cycle most individuals encounter when it comes to healing a sinus infection. Silver is a natural antimicrobial that eliminates infection without drying the sinuses to produce the highest degree of relief possible. Continue reading below for feedback from our readers who have tried colloidal silver for their sinus issues!

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14 User Reviews

Posted by Dave (Wichita Kansas) on 04/01/2022

I have gerd and reoccurring sinus infections that turn into ear infections. I started using colloidal silver a couple of months ago and cannot believe the difference in my sinuses it actually helps me control them and keep them at bay.

Replied by beverly

Dave, I have gerd that causes me to get lung and sinus infections constantly....and causes me serious breathing issues. Never know what sets it off. It was green beans last time and cabbage before that. Had to put off back surgery for three years because of constant bacterial infections. I finally got a compound antibiotic and steroid to crush and put in a nasal irrigation bulb. Have not used it yet because I would prefer a more natural method. Taking antibiotics by mouth is a fail. I take food enzymes for dairy, meat, fats, carbs, but recently found a plant enzyme that is in Beano to break down plants like cabbage and green beans so I added that. It is a daily struggle and sometimes takes a lot to keep me out of hot water. Iberogast works very well at times.

Best of luck from Texas

Karen M.
(Western Australia)

You should consider introducing Black Seed Oil (nigella sativa) to your protocol.. lots of studies have been done on BSO, I've been taking it off and on for 7 yrs and its cured my gerd and helped with other issues like prevent colds, allergies etc.

Joy B.
(Lady Lake, FL)

For the GERD, try chewing EVERY BITE of food 40 times. I have had tremendous relief, just doing this simple thing. After a while, it becomes so natural to you that you won't even need to count. :)

Replied by randi

How much do you nebulize?

Colloidal Silver
Posted by IloraDanon (Columbia Falls, MT) on 05/31/2020

BETTER BUT NOT CURED Greetings. I have had a sinus thing going on for several years. My doctor said I have no sinus infection and recommended one of those kits that flush your sinuses with salt water. I started in April, it's now the end of May with no results. I've added CS to the salt water and I've gotten so desperate as to do a fully CS bath! (I don't recommend that to anyone!) While I enjoyed a full week of breathing clear, it's not an experience I would want to repeat. Any suggestions?

Replied by Jennifer

This is a suggestion for IIoradanon:

I too suffer from chronic sinus congestion ever since I had Covid. Many years ago I discovered that my body chemistry was more amenable to boric acid (an acid) than a base (sodium bicarbonate or baking soda). Still, for years I continued to use sodium bicarbonate as a nasal wash, with or without colloidal silver, with touch and go results. Occasionally, my eyes hurt, undoubtably sinus related, and for relief, I would then use a homemade boric acid eyewash with incredibly effective results. I was always pleasantly surprised at how much it drained and relieved my sinuses as well. So, today, I finally put two and two together and I actually used my boric acid eye rinse solution in my nettie pot further diluted with warm water and a pinch of salt, and was amazed at the results. I blew out and coughed up quite a bit of crazy stuff that I am certain doesn't belong in my head. Mind you, I don't know the long term effects so I caution you to research further, but my head feels much lighter and better than when I use sodium bicarbonate. If you google how to make boric acid eyewash, you will be well on your way. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. It is no fun going through life with clogged sinuses, and I am hoping my discovery brings some relief.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Djsunshine (Seffner, Fl) on 10/05/2016

I've been suffering for days with a sinus infection and came across this post today. I put 1 TBP of liquid colloidal silver in my neti pot along with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. So much was washed out. I will continue this until its all cleared up. So thankful for this information.

Replied by Billie
(Toronto, Oh)

Did you add any purified water to your netti pot? Or just 1 TBS silver solution and a pinch of pink salt?

Replied by Barbara

I do the same treatment. First I pour distilled water into the neti pot, then 1 packet Sinus Rinse pre-packaged salt, and finally 1 tablespoon colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Cyde (New York, Ny ) on 07/23/2016

Had a really bad and sinus infection I have tried organic ACV and lime juice, which was extremely painful and worked a little. Needless to say, after 3 days the symptoms returned. So I decided to try the colloidal silver and within a day my symptoms started to dissipate by the next day I had mild residual.

I used it 3 times a day. Now today is my third day and I am symptom-free. I'll continue to do this for a week twice a day. I think I've found my cure!

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Dusti (Grand Junction, Co) on 07/29/2014

Hello, I have a serious sore throat, my ears are plugged and a bit of a cough. I finally went to the doc today and they said it was a sinus infection. She prescribed me antibiotics but I would much rather go the all natural rought. I have colloidal silver and was wondering what sort of dosage should I use. I've had this for 5 days now! Thanks sooooo much! Y'all are a huge help

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Molly (Ny, Usa) on 07/02/2013

I use Colloidal Silver with liquid Chlorophyll drops, and a pinch of salt in my Neti pot. Cured my last acute sinus infection in 3 days! Usually takes weeks to a month with antibiotics, followed by digestion issues. This stuff is great when stuffy with light sensitivity if I haven't caught it in time.

Replied by Gina
(Fairfield, Ct)

How many ppms do you use and for how long? Can u help me? Really suffering here!

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Gina,

I use about 40 parts per million. But Colloidal Silver can be effective at 5 parts per million. For sinus infection I make sure I get a through irrigation...that's a "snort" up both sinus passages and with ear syringe into ears also. I gargle with it and drink two tablespoons twice daily.

I repeat the irrigation three times a day or more. A stubborn infection (lipid coated) can require a week of irrigations. Sometimes with the sinus part of the irrigation I use an ear syringe to get a good strong squirt deep into the sinus passages because the infection may be hiding deep.

Expect a sting on one or both the sinus passages. Then later when you re-irrigate, the sting will be much less...the infection is being killed.

Make sure you squirt ears also because that will get the CS into the Eustachian tubes which is where an infection likes to hide.


Don't waste it by putting drops in your ears to treat a sinus infection. Eustachian tubes connect to the middle ear, not the outer ear.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 05/18/2013

Concerning persistent sinus infections, all the posts above are enlightening and helpful. But if all else fails by all means don't forget to try colloidal silver. Over many years of fighting sinus problems I know this; when allergies strike and I'm getting stuffy, either a virus/fungus/bacteria is at work or the stuffiness will lead to an infection in short order. I get out my trusty colloidal silver (I make my own) and squirt some into both sinus cavities. One side will usually sting a bit. And poof. Stuffyness gone. Maybe one more application to both sinuses. Caught early enough I can knock out 90 percent of all infections immediately. The other 10 percent I have to keep re applying the colloidal silver over a day or two before being completely eliminated. I went from having four or five bad colds/broncial infections a year to none.

Replied by Rebecca
(Ontario, Canada)

What is the recipe for Colloidal Silver?

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Rebecca,

I think that was me you were addressing the question to...the reciple for colloidal silver.

First, if you are just starting out trying CS, consider buying a few different brands form the Health Food Store. That's where I first got mine...actually a friend bought it for me. I was very sick at the time. That was 20 years ago.

Please consider looking at the "Remedies" section on EC and look at the article called "Colloidal Silver, Blue Man or Miracle Cure".

If that is not what you are needing, please write back and I'll certainly try to help.


Replied by Gina
(Fairfield Ct)

How many ppms do you use and for how long? How many times a day? Can u help me? I am desperate for a cure. Thank you

Replied by Donna

How often during the day would you use the Neti pot with colloidal silver?

Replied by Dee Milstein
(Denver, Co)

I have questions re concentration of colloidal silver with a neti pot.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by J D (La Canada, California) on 01/30/2013

I came across your website and thought I would get some advice on how to use colloidal silver for a sinus problem.

Eight weeks ago, somehow a sinus pressure behind the eyes, forehead, radiating to the temples began. It seemed kind of sudden, like 1 hour I was normal, and then wham this sinus problem landed in my head.

I have seen my regular physician, took two rounds of some powerful antibiotics, nasal steroids. And no help. She sent me to the ENT, who prescribed be an oral steroid (prednisone) which did not work (only caused me anxiety and depression). I received my results back from the CT scan and they came back pretty much clear. No blockages, no major mucous, no signs of infection. He said I don't have chronic sinusitis.

But the sinus pressure is still there, heavy headed behind the eyes, fatigue, ears full/plugged and I move my jaw around to try to relieve the pressure. I only have sinus mucus (sometimes yellow, sometimes green) in the mornings. Could the CT have missed an infection. I mean I saw with my own eyes, no fluid or blockages????

I read a lot about colloidal silver and purchased a nasal spray. I did about 5 sprays in each nostril this morning and put some in each ear and let sit for 5 minutes. But now I feel more congested in the head, behind the eyes, fatigue, as though as it has back fired on me. Did I do something wrong? is this common or are the results immediate? Should I continue to use the spray in the nostrils. ( the same thing happens when I use neti pot, or a saline nasal spray)

Also, for the past 1.5 weeks I have been on pretty much no carbs, all health greens, cooked and consumed properly.

Any advice on your techniques would be much appreciated, I feel horrible.

Replied by Ed2010
(Oakville, Canada)
Replied by David
(Saginaw, Tx)

Have you seen yoir dentist about tmj problems? It sounds like that could be a part of your problem if your nasal/sinus passages were all clear.

Replied by Silverdude
(Vermont, US)

What you are experiencing is common and is a die off reaction. Also known as a Herxheimer reaction. This is caused by the toxins released by the dying infection. When this happens, people tend to stop their treatment, this is the wrong thing to do. Stopping treatment will cause the infection to get worse because it senses its dying and will do its best to come back stronger. The best way to neutralize the effects of the die off is by using ozonated water. The oxygen in the water neutralizes the toxins in the body from the dying infection. I would like to take credit for this information but it was discovered by Bob Beck. You can by a cheap water ozonater online. Drink the ozonated glass of water 3 times a day while on your treatment and it will neutralize the die off.

Replied by Phyllis
(Tuscumbia, Alabama)

Have you ever tried using a neti pot with neti salt? If not, try it. Make sure to use neti salt not table salt which can irritate the capillaries. I also use colloidal silver taken orally and with a q tip in my sinuses and ears. It's the only thing I've ever found to knock out sinus infections which I rarely have anymore. All antibiotics do is strip your immune system.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U SILVER DUDE, , , , , , some may not appreciate your post, but I do. I just finished a tall glass of Ozonated water and was not aware of this effect. I do it to keep my oxygen blood level up. Now, I just need to learn how to get this oxygen into my cells.

I am not there yet and solicit this information from folks smartern me. When we learn this trick then cancer and chronic disease is a thing of the past. If we ever learn how to keep our cells enriched with Oxygen and our pH alkaline, then we have found the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.

I challenge this site and people of the world to take this solution on. There has got to be a simple way to accomplish this. It's a S+2=8 thing. We just have to find it.



Look at hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). You sit in a pressurized chamber breathing pure O2.

Replied by Sweet Pea
(Somewhere, Usa)

Greetings Robert Henry - Please search reconstructed water and vitamin O online. You should have your answers. Reconstructed water is also called hexagonal water, it is the crystal form of water. There are books on the this subject that are fascinating. Happy learning! Sweet Pea

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U SWEET PEA, , , , , , , , , I learned about water from ice and it's benefits from my Russian author. That's not an easy way to go, so we drink ionized alkaline water which we also ozonate.

The O vitamin is new to me. I think I'll defer to what Dr Shallenberger tells me later this year. I do appreciate folks that think and that includes you.

I also want to give a shoutout to Dave as today my eyes were burning like fire. I have sprayed them with Colloidal Silver twice and things are much better.

Guess all have seen the latest news that our wheat is now going the GMO route. It is difficult to believe how corrupt our country has become in the last 60 years. It all began on Jekyll Island, Ga. where the Eastern Capitalist all had vacation cottages.

This group too began the coupe to take over our medical colleges with what is now known as allotropic medicine and destroy anyone or any thing that promotes natural healing.

They have done a dang good job.


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

DON'T GET OLD, I meant to say allopathic instead of allotropic. Will promise to do better in the next life if I don't come back as a goat.


Replied by Darryl
(Lansing, Michigan)

I would suggest using colloidal silver with a netipot; this relieves pressure and build up of mucus. Works for me.

Directions: (Netipot w/ colloidal silver)

  1. Put seasalt (iodine free) into netipot
  2. Add purified or distilled water
  3. Add 1 to 2 tsp (depending on potency of colloidal silver) into netipot.
  4. Mix with spoon.

Replied by Col
(London, UK)

hiya, thanks for your post. I was wondering what PPM colloidal silver I woud use. I currently has some 12 to 14 ppm. Do you think that wouldbe ok..? thanks, Col

Replied by Blue Moon

Colloidal silver has been found effective at 1-3 ppm. Much over 5 - 10 is wasted and more likely to be harmful if taken internally.

What is most important is the particle size and you want a "nano" colloidal silver; smaller the better.

Lots of products claim to be nano but few supply the testing evidence for it.

So far, I've been using it orally for cellulitis and intranasally for sinusitis. It hasn't been long -- about 2 day -- but the cellulitis *seems* to be improving. The sinusitis? Not so much. Since cellulitis comes and goes, I'm not ready to give credit to cs, yet but I haven't given up hope for either. Time will tell.

Replied by Blue Moon
([email protected])

Forgot to include the link for the dosage. It's from a BYU study here

CS killed every bug studied at no more than 5 ppm. That's *every* bug studied -- aerobic AND anaerobic -- including the nasties like h. flu, e. coli, strep, k pneumonia, and others.

The reason it works is that it causes the little buggers to rupture; their cell walls just start leaking and they die off. That's true of ALL living organisms -- including us, presumably but the dose is much lower for single-cell organisms. That's also the reason that it *should* work against fungi as well, or so they say. Haven't seen any medical studies on that.

You can imagine the pharmaceutical industry isn't too pleased with studies of this kind and since they control the purse strings, not too much is being done on it.

Replied by Keeliey

After adding a few grains of salt to your Ag + H2O, if the solution stings, add a tiny amount of baking soda to your Ag + H2O. It bumps ph to more alkaline and buffers the solution and will no longer burn. Don't go crazy with the baking soda just a scant "pinch" to 8 oz. of Ag + H2O.

Replied by Cynthia
(Chandler, Az)

I would like to try it, and it is connected to my neurologists office. I had to have brain surgery in July. I am still suffering with sinus infections. I started drinking cayenne pepper oil yesterday. I still feel headachy but not as severe as yesterday it was totally debilitating and has nothing to do with my brain. I broke my nose in a car accident years ago. I also am incorporating black seed oil into my morning regimen.

Replied by Wally
(Little Rock, Ar)

It sounds like you have the Shingles to me. I break out inside instead of outside. It sounds just like me.

Replied by Carolyn

What brand of colloidal silver do you use & where can I buy the correct colloidal silver?

Thank you

Replied by Carolyn

What brand of colloidal silver do you use & where can I buy the correct colloidal silver?

Thank you

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 10/04/2012

If other remedies should fail, consider colloidal silver. My sinus congestion usually is due to infection and silver solution is easy to try. I put it in the palm of my hand, maybe a tablespoon full and sniff up sinus on both sides. Sometimes it sings more on one side. I re apply ten minutes later and more as needed if infection is persistent. I am prone to infections and this remedy has worked for me for over ten years.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Ally (Benicia, Ca) on 04/28/2010

I have tried several remedies over the past year, the apple cider vinegar cure and also the Grapefruit Seed Extract for my sinus infections. It absolutely does not work! I just got some colloidal silver spray from the local health food store and in less than one hour I am having relief. I would suggest looking into the very long history of colloidal silver - it also cured a respirtory infection of my husband. Thank you.

Replied by Southernarc
(Durham, Nc, Usa)

The combination of colloidal silver and oil of oregano has done wonders for not only curing sinus infections but also preventing them. At the onset of the infection, where the mucus first starts turning green (indicating infection) I'll not only ingest the liquid colloidal siver (as silver protein, 3ppm) that I get from my local healthfood store, but I'll also put a few drops up my nose while lying on the bed with my head back. For extra measure, I take oil of oregano caps. I have wiped out sinus infections within just days of this treatment.

Replied by Lisa

Silver and oregano work great for me also. I would not use a silver protein though, as they contain salt or other additives that can contribute to argyria (turning blue). Mesosilver is the best I have found so far. Look at the testing on the website - type in Silver Colloid.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Jonathan (Orlando, FL) on 03/17/2008

I have terrible sinus infections every year... I usually just beg for antibiotics because the pain is horrible, and I am a pilot and can't afford much time off. I went to the local health food store and was rummaging throught he shelves and came across this sinus is a nasal inhalant of elemental silver and some other stuff. Used it per instructions every 15 minutes it didn't seem to work for about 6 hours, then over the next 2 days I got better and better. Doc explained that silver was a germicidal agent that kills the bad bacteria, while body does the rest... interesting and would recommend to anyone, I have horrible sinuses and this stuff worked faster than antibiotics about 2-3 days total then keep sniffing it for about 1.5 weeks.. stop to soon and it comes back

Replied by Albellha
(Stonewall, MS)

I bought a bottle of a well known nasal spray, poured all the medicine out, washed the bottle and refilled it with colloidal silver, 4 or 5 grains of salt, and a little water. To use lay on bed, lean head off side, squirt into one nostril, holding the other side of your nose inhale as much as you can. Then do the other side.

It will make your nose dry up and if you feel it burning, you know you had an infection and it is busy killing the germs.

Repeat as often as necessary.

You can take this to the office with you, use as if a regular nasal spray. It will still work. The laying off the bed it to get it into sinuses above your eyes.

Replied by Gina
(Fairfield, Ct)

Can u let me know what it was called? I am desperate for a cure. Thank u.

Replied by Tres

I ve been using Colloidal Silver for a few days now and definitely had the "Stinging" in my right sinus cavity. After a day or so I also noticed my right ear also started to hurt. I'm assuming its just helping everything . My wife says I shouldn't sniff the Silver deeply into the nasal cavity. She thinks it'll cause an ear infection. Is there any truth to that? Seems like you should get it back there as far as possible right?

Replied by Betsy
(Quincy, Il)

I have struggled with sinus infections my whole life. Went through a terrible sinus surgery and I still get them. Do you think your nasal spray can be used as a preventative or do you have to wait for the infection to onset? Do you have allergies? Just wondering if this might help.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Jim (Klamath Falls)

I have long used ACV for various cures. However, I have also used colloidal silver [which I make myself] or some may call it "ionic silver" in a nasal spay. Several applications of this remedy has always been effective for me in quelling sinus infection.

Replied by Brenda
(Guntersville, Al)

I have a "fungus ball" in the sphenoid sinus, found by CT scan. Surgery is the "only" option. I have had reconstructive jaw surgery and the thought of facial pain is too much to think about. PLEASE advise if the sphenoid sinus can be cleaned by silver spray, neil med flushes, or if surgery might be the only option. Thanks

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Brenda,

It sure seems like it would be worth it to try colloidal silver to avoid surgery. It is common to find cures here at EC that medical professionals said did not exist!

If silver doesn't work, there are many things that might. You could check out the nasal polyp page for ideas on what people use in the naval cavity for different issues. Also the sinus infection pages....

~Mama to Many~