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Oil Pulling for Sinus Infections

| Modified on May 09, 2024

Oil pulling is a safe and effective traditional home remedy for cleaning teeth and gums while detoxifying the body using food-grade sesame or coconut oil. Other oils can also be used. India and Asia have been oil pulling for at least 3,000 years, using this home remedy to treat approximately 30 systemic diseases. Oil pulling has only been popular in the US for about 20 years.

A sinus infection causes a variety of uncomfortable issues. Swollen nasal passages, inflammation in the mucous membranes, drainage and pressure are all common symptoms of the condition and can be difficult to treat. However, oil pulling may help treat this condition while supporting good overall health.

How Does Oil Pulling Work?

In short, oil pulling involves swishing oil in the mouth for up to 20 minutes. Depending on the oil used, this natural remedy functions as an effective antibacterial and antiviral treatment. As such, oil pulling functions to detox the body, cleanse the sinuses, and improve overall oral health.

In essence, the action of oil pulling has a "soap-like" effect on the mouth, reducing the numbers of bacteria in the oral cavity. As oral health is linked so closely to overall health, the treatment is beneficial for clearing the sinuses and detoxing the body of other illnesses as well.

How to do oil pulling:

The process for oil pulling is fairly straightforward. Prior to brushing your teeth and on an empty stomach, take one tablespoon of oil into the mouth. Swish the oil around for several minutes, typically 15 to 20, and spit it out. Rinse the mouth with warm water and brush your teeth as normal. (Do not spit oil into the sink or toilet as regularly doing so could cause plumbing clogs.)

What Oil Should be Used?

The type of oil selected varies by intended use. Sesame oil is typically suggested for most general purposes. However, coconut oil is also effective for removing bacteria and even whitening teeth. The best oils to use are natural plant-based oils. A complete list of oils and their particular benefits was compiled by Sandy, an Earth Clinic reader.

Is It Safe?

As the process uses edible oil compounds, the process is completely safe. While some individuals report greater benefit than others, the practice has done no harm. Avoid swallowing the "used" oil, though, as it contains a high concentration of bacteria and toxins.

While a less traditional treatment option, oil pulling is extremely effective for treating the all too common condition of a sinus infection. The process naturally eradicates the infection and supports good overall health.

Continue reading below to find out how fabulously oil pulling has worked for our readers!

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12 User Reviews

Posted by Mike (Kearny, Nj) on 11/22/2017

I just did the "pulling" method as well as the neti pot rinse. IT WORKS! I've been fighting a sinus cold/infection for the past few weeks. It started to develop into my lungs/chest this past weekend. I was feeling worse. I read about coconut oil remedies on this site and tried it, as I have used the neti pot for years and use coconut oil for other things. I'm in awe how good it worked. For the sinus rinse I added a pinch of sea salt as well.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Andrea (New York ) on 10/10/2017

I was suffering from gingivitis and that turned into a sinus infection. I did oil pulling with coconut oil once a day for three days and am cured. This is really an amazing cure that more people need to know about.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Amarya (Okotoks, Canada) on 09/16/2014

I have actually cured pneumonia in myself with unrefined, pure (quality matters) oil pulling. It took one solid day of this technique to detoxify my body, I could barely get off the couch - so sick.

This is especially beneficial if you have mercury fillings in your teeth (I had 11). Also ice cream has many chemicals added under "natural flavours" like 30 or more, which contribute heavily to sinus infections.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Robin (Stevensville, Maryland) on 04/17/2011

i was a non-believer. I have been suffering with sinusitis for so long, I cannot remember when it started. Orange or yellow-green mucus, stuffy nose, sore throat, always begins around March or April, continues thru to November. I was looking for a holistic fix, and stumbled on the oil pulling site. What a find! I only had extra virgin olive oil, lite, so I thought, why not? I was desperate! This time, the sinus was so bad, I could not talk. I had no voice, and what I did have was a whisper. I swished the oil around for about 1-2 minutes, spit it out, it was white. Then I brushed my teeth, gargled with salt water. After about 20 mins, my throat was not sore, thick mucus was coming out, green as usual, of my sinus, I was coughing up plhem, this went on for about an hour. I did this again in the AM, and now I have a voice, my throat does not hurt, I am breathing clear, my mucus is not as green, I am still coughing up plhem, but the improvement in my throat, my voice, my overall feeling of improvement is unbelievable!

I am going to continue doing " the pull" as I now call it. I am so happy I found this site. if you have any information about what oil would be best for my sinusitis, or what would be best for a type A negative blood person, please let me know. I am going to try coconut oil as soon as I can get to a natural food store. I have read alot of the testimonials, and I cannot hit on one type of oil. I am looking forward to better sinus health.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Sorry to ask but what is olive oil light? I thought that oil was oil.......

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

"virgin olive oil" is the the oil that comes out of pressed olives. "pure" olive oil, is refined olive oil. and "light" is even more refined (mainly for the american public) so that it doesn't smell of olives and has a lighter color.

Replied by Carrie
(Bryan, Texas)

This is what we've found: the best oil for pulling is organic coconut. This particular oil has added nutrients that help deal with pulling out toxins and aid the healing process.

It is usually solid or semi-solid at room temp. A teaspoon, swishing (should be quiet) in your mouth for 10-15 min in the morning before you eat or brush is apparently the most effective way. Be aware that, when solid, your teaspoon is not heaped! Otherwise you will have a huge amount of oil in your mouth.

Something else I've found: things taste more intense after pulling. Even my toothpaste seems sweeter. I've become more sensitive toward sugar. It's almost like pulling is a "reset" button for my taste buds.

hope this helps. Happy "pulling"!

Replied by Lacton
(Winnipeg, Mb.)

I've been doing oil pulling for about 5 months now best information for it is at the results are amazing. Another very important site is solar gazing and the expert on this is HRM he goes by those initials all kinds of videos on you tube for both of these subjects. One more is grounding / earthing.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Monij (St. Louis, Mo) on 10/23/2009

I was miserable last night with an obvious sinus infection and I decided to google natural cures for it and found this wonderful website. I tried the oil pulling technique with extra virgin olive oil and about 35-45 minutes later, the mucous began breaking up and I was able to cough it up and blow my nose! I've been telling everyone about it. Thanks so much!

Oil Pulling
Posted by Simon (Panama City, Florida) on 09/13/2008

Yea: I was suffering from intense sinus head ache pain from a prolonged sinus infection. I read about oil pulling and tried it twice the first day I felt better that day. The next day I felt like a million bucks. I had been suffering with this for two weeks. I couldn't believe how quick this worked for me. I had tried antibiotics,the netty pot,and decongestants but they did not relieve the symptoms. It is now the third day and I still feel better. I can smell again.YEA! I will continue oil pulling once in the morning.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Steve (Tacoma, WA) on 04/20/2008

I was reading about home remedies for a nasty sinus infection from CPAP machine I use for my sleep apnea. I read about the Apple Cider Vinegar and then about oil pulling. I just finished going to the store and getting both. I did the sesame oil and my non-stop nasel dripping ceased before my 15 minutes were up. Coincidence? I'm pretty excited. Also, I couldn't even breath through my nose because it was too painful, and that dissappeared at all. So cool. Thanks! (I have some ACV with tea coming up next. :)

Replied by Diann
(Tt. Worth, TX)

Sinus Infection Remedies: Please...will someone tell me what oil pulling is!!! The vinegar and water is clearing my head, but I would like to understand how to do this other remedy, which no one seems to be explaining, except to say how well it works. How do you pull oil? Thankyou, diann.

Replied by Keri
(Dallas, TX, USA)

What kind of oil did you use? I want the best results and would like to know which one you prefer.

Replied by AmyPW8
(Joplin, Mo)

The most suggested is unrefined, organic sesame oil. I used this one, as long as it isn't the roasted kind, it tastes o.k.

Replied by Jaybesq
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

I used Pomace/virgin olive oil, cottonseed oil, and now sesame oil, all to no effect. (Though the sesame had a pleasant taste) I am exactly the way I was when I started. I tried distilled ACV (it's all I had), nothing. Trying the unrefined one from B---- now. We'll see how it goes.

Replied by Julie
(Saint Louis, Mo Usa)

Can someone please explain WHAT you do when you oil pull? How do you do it?

Replied by John
(Newcastle, Australia)

I use unrefined coconut oil. Place it in your mouth and simply swish it around like you would with any dental mouth rinse. Do this for about ten minutes and build it up til about 20 minutes per day!

Oil Pulling
Posted by Gislain (Phoenix, AZ) on 02/26/2008

Recently, I developed a nasty Sinus infection which was my first. I was on antibiotics at the time but they didn't help my Sinus headache, watery eyes, and horrible congestion. It got worse each day. I was just suffering at work! I read about ACV on this site and tried it. It helped instantly, and I thought I was cured...but the symptoms returned within an hour of each dose. ACV helped but I needed something to completely make this Sinus problem go away. Upon reading about Oil Pulling, my first reaction was, "Pulling what?" It sounded really easy so I thought I'd see what happens. After my first OP session, I immediately blew out loads of "stuff" from my nose and felt relaxed. Slept great that night! By the next morning, I felt significantly better. I was planning on going to the zoo and wanted to be able to go without suffering. After 5 OP sessions and two days later, I have no more pressure in my head and my chest feels a bit heavy, but I know it's a sign my body is healing. I feel better and my glands aren't sore anymore. I just know that within a few more days, I will be cured! In the U.S. "cures" don't exist. Medications have taken over over the Health industry here! All the pills we get just treat the problem(s) and creat more. Who wants to just treat?! I want a cure! In addition to my Sinus relief, my hair is shinier, my skin feels a little smoother, and I have had several bowel movements lately (much more than usual). I'm sold! Now, I just need to sell my girlfriend on OP because she has bad Eczema and has tried all the topical creams/medications that only treat her condition. She laughs when I Oil Pull my toxins away. It does make me sleepy at times after I do it, so I'll have to only OP at night. I don't see any reason to stop. I will do this the rest of my life. Also, I was a massive cheese-aholic. I cut that out of my diet completely! That is not easy to do.

Replied by Richard
(New York, New York Usa)

I am new to this website, and I tried the Vinigar and Water, along with Saline Nasal Spray and baby Shampoo and found relief and I am willing to try all. I would like to try the Oil Pulling and would like to know where I would could find it at the vitamin store? Thanks, and thank you for this website. Please RSVP

EC: It's not an item you need to buy at the health food store, just an oil from the grocery store! Read more here...

Replied by Veebee
(Louisville, KY)

What type of oil pulling are you doing for your sinuses? Can someone please explain? My husband and I both suffer.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Angel (Troy, USA) on 01/07/2008

I have been oiling pulling for 3 weeks now after accidentlly coming across this web page. I was suffering from a sinus infection for 3 months and taking dayquil everyday just to get through the day. After one time of OP my sinus drained imediately, I did't have to wait. I stopped the meds that day, continued to OP, mucus pulled out everyday. I am amazed. Also my teeth, gums, and tongue are cleaner than ever. A couple of things I did't expect: My energy has skyrocketed, even in the morning (its been at least 20 years I have had energy like this without caffine). Also I don't crave caffine, sugar, salt. I sleep restful and don't need as much sleep. My skin is as soft as a baby. I was hooked on monster energy drinks, I drank at least 3 aday, but none since OP. God gives us the tools to heal ourself, we just have to use them. Thank-you.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Michael (Bowling Green, Kentucky) on 11/13/2007

Oil Pulling, Ok so it got so bad I turned to the internet. I was sitting at home suffering from the worst sinus infection I have ever had. So I thought I would google my problem and this website popped up first. This was the first time that I had ever heard of oil pulling. Honestly I have to say I thought it would be disgusting. However I was at the point of no return, I had to do something. So I was willing to give it a shot. At first I could not notice any effects of the oil and by the second time I tried it my symptoms were worse. But as the website said I continued and by my third time I was feeling 10X's better. It not only cured by sinus problems but made me feel more relaxed all around. Thank you so much for the info.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Tricia (USA)

I've had a cold that wasn't going away, and seemed to be getting worse, if anything. My congestion, and the amount of mucus that was coming out when I blow my nose has been alot. I started wondering if I might have a sinus infection, so I thought I'd try oil pulling. Did it once in the afternoon yesterday, and once in the evening, and suddenly realized that, for the first time in a week, I could breathe clearly. Have done it twice today, and have just experienced a strange thing: I blew my nose and the mucus came out bright yellow, like egg yolk. I have never seen anything like this, and was wondering if Ted or any readers could comment?

Replied by Diann
(Ft. Worth, Texas)

In response to Tricia...I too oil pulled until results happened. My sinus infection, which I wasn't even aware was a sinus infection, had been untreated so long my lungs had filled was green mucous, which didn't even start blowing out of me for about a week and a half...needless to say, it took me a month and a half of vinegar drinking and oil pulling, but I am cured forever, and like everyone else on this site, am not going to stop oil pulling or drinking the vinegar mixture...God bless all of you, and this site. diann