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Baby Shampoo

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Posted by Alex (Los Angeles, CA) on 06/01/2008

I got a nasty sinus infection during the first week of January 2008. I went to my doctor a couple of weeks later and over the next few months I was given a variety of antibiotics, nasal sprays, singular, Claritin and a neti pot. I tried the silver spray and even used grape seed oil, oil pulling and apple cider vinegar but nothing worked until last week when my doctor gave me this simple advice.

She said: "Add two drops of BABY SHAMPOO to your saline nasal spray twice a day." I started that three days ago and I feel a thousand times better!!!!!!!! I am sending her a thank you note next week. Spread the word, use 2 DROPS OF BABY SHAMPOO IN YOUR NASAL SPRAY!

Replied by Jean
(Edwardsburg, MI)

How do I get the baby shampoo into my nasal spray bottle? Can't unscrew top and no other way to get it in?

Replied by Mike
(South Florida, Florida)

The tip on all the ones I have used will pull out with a little force. Currently I have Saline Nasal spray from Publix (3 oz) and it pulled out fine. If you cant get it with your fingers try a small pair of pliers with very light pressure (so you don't clamp it shut). I hope this helps.

Replied by Joyce
(Los Angeles, Ca)

My allergist told me to use 1/4 tsp. baby shampoo in my squeeze bottle that holds 8 oz. with warm water to rinse my sinuses. I had forgotten that until reading these posts. Going to do that now as I feel a sinus infection coming on. Have been recovering from a cold for the last couple of weeks that just never seems to go away.

Replied by Ria
(Seattle, Wa--usa)

I'm in shock. I'm so glad I found this thread. I've had the most stubborn flu this year. I'm a regular sinus rinser...I use NeilMed's packets and squeeze bottle. After my first round of flu taking 11 days to heal, a friend (I could kill him! ) kissed me without permission when he was just starting to get sick...and I got sick again. It was settled into my sinuses for another week, so I start looking for ideas.

Using the 1/4 tsp baby shampoo to 1 c. warm water recipe worked for me immediately! Wish I'd sought more knowledge sooner, but grateful to know this now!

Baking Soda and Salt Water

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Posted by Enigma_aubrey (Portland, Oregon, United States) on 02/10/2011

I recently had a sinus infection, whhile feeling bloated. I was going to do a bit of a detoxing cleanse, and after I drank up the first glass of warm sea-salt and baking soda water my noses started running and I could breathe through my nose again. The entire infection cleared up soon afterwards. The only downside is that the salty water can give people an upset stomach.


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Posted by Daisy (Jacksonville, Florida) on 03/28/2012 8 posts

Oh, wow. The povodine idoine post might be the best tip on the whole site.

I have been using salt/baking soda sinus rinse for years, but never with the "miraculous" success others reported. There was even a couple of times when I felt like the rinse helped push the infection further up and further in. To combat this I have at separate times added either tincture of iodine or Lugol's in it -- very, very little because it has a nuclear sting -- which seemed to work and has helped in severe infections, but still nothing spectacular.

Over the last two or three days I have been building up to a full-blown sinus infection and came here to study the recommendations again when I came across this tip and realized that even though I have tried iodine, I have never tried *povidone* iodine, which is much less irritating to tissue and widely used in wound healing preparations.

I don't actually have any Betadine on hand except for some prepackaged surgical wipes a friend gave me (like wet wipes for your hands, but with betadine instead) but since I'd only need a few drops to try I figured that was enough. I knew the very first snort would tell me all I needed to know. So today when praparing the rinse I was going to do anyway, I tipped a few drops of water into the wipe packet, and then tipped the diluted betadine from the wipe packet into my sinus rinse bottle, added the water and salt/baking soda mix as usual, and had at it.

Oh. My. Gosh. It didn't sting a bit. And what's more, the building inflammation and congestion I'd had when I started was entirely gone by the time I mixed the second rinse only minutes later. (I usually do two rinses at a time. ) When I did the second rinse, instead of meeting the usual resistance from all the inflammation, the water ran out as fast as it ran in! And now, twenty minutes later, the relief is lasting just fine.

This is definitely a keeper, and not just because of povidone iodine's ease on the tissues and nasal mucosa. I have long had troubles with yeastiness, and am convinced that a lot of my sinus troubles are due to yeast... And as it happens, povidone iodine is active against fungi as well as bacteria. (I don't know about viruses, sorry. ) And if I had to place a bet, I'd say the near miraculous relief I got today was because it hit the yeast as well as whatever bacteria was trying to get a hold up in there.

Thank you so much for posting this little tip. The only thing I would add is that whoever tries it needs to make sure that they are using POVIDONE iodine (Betadine solution or its generic equivalent) and not tincture of iodine, or even a Betadine lotion/cream/cleanser/scrub, because it's not the same thing and there are a lot of products labeled Betadine. The ingredients in Betadine Solution are Povidone-Iodine 10%, Pareth 25-9, Purified Water, and Sodium Hydroxide, and that's it. If you put some other form of iodine in your nasal rinse, I'm going to bet that you come away sincerely wishing you hadn't, because I've tried them all and never found one that didn't sting like a mother until this.

Thank you again for posting this!!!

Posted by B14a3w3 (Stewartstown, Pa) on 03/20/2011

For 2 years I have been using a capful of peroxide, premeasured NeilMed salt, 1 cup of warm water and 3 drops of Betadine once a day to prevent allergy sinus infections. I use a NeilMed squirt bottle to shoot the solution into one nasal passage and it comes out the other... Like a netipot would do. Instead of 2-3 infections a year, I have none. It has also prevented cracked skin over the cartilidge on the inside of my nose from post nasal drip irritation. My doctor said it was safe and to keep doing it since it helps. I have had infections for at least 20 years prior to trying this solution.

Replied by Mike
(Surrey, England)

So pleased I noticed your post here. I have suffered from sinusitis and post nasal drip leading to chest infections for many years. This followed a nasal operation which I was told would eradicate the problem. It made the situation much worse! I had been washing out my sinuses with premeasured NeilMed salt which was very helpful. However, I have been adding 3 drops of Betadine in the salt solution for about 3 months and the difference is amazing. Far less nasal congestion, post nasal drip almost gone and no chest infections! I find the salt solution a little drying inside my nasal passages so I apply a small amount of coconut oil inside my nose on a cotton bud a little time after the morning sinus rinse. I have benefited greatly from your own findings. Thank you so much.

Replied by Colette
(Marin County, Ca)

Yes!!!! The capful and a half of peroxide and salt saline rinse changed my life. I have not had a sinus infection or ear infection for years. Caution!!!!!!! There is a reason drs tell people to stay away from this treatment. If not used very carefully conservatively you could break down your silia. Without your silia your mucus membrane can't protect itself. The reason I tried it was unbelievable high pain level. Within 10 mi of my first treatment I knew it was going to help. Stop using as soon as the sinus swelling pain is down. Never use this as a daily rinse. As always just my experience. I am not a Dr.

Posted by Sabrina (Denver, CO) on 09/24/2007

Add 2 drops of Betadine (Povidone Iodine) to the NeilMed sinus rinse bottle along with the room temperature boiled water and salt packet. Betadine is an antiseptic. I tried this solution at the advice of a family physician, and it's the first thing that's ever worked. I did this rinse 4-6 times per day while I had the infection, and it got rid of it within one week. It's the first time I have kicked a sinus infection without antibiotics, and I usually get 4 sinus infections per year. I also added 1/4 tsp of hydrogen peroxide for good measure, but that's something I did, not the doctor's suggestion.

Boiled Onion, Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Mommabetty (Cape Cod, Ma) on 01/08/2012

Sinus Infections: My grandfather was an herbalist during the early 1900's. His remedy, which I've always found effective, was to boil a large sliced onion with a tablespoon of coarse salt and enough ACV to cover. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer got 20-30 minutes. Breathing these vapors will sting a bit but is helpful. After cooking you can use 1-2 Tbs of this in warm water to drink or simple sip the straight concoction once cooled. It keeps well for a few weeks when refrigerated. Onion juice contains a natural antibiotic which compliments the mucolytic effect of the vinegar.

Borax Solution in Neti Pot

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Posted by Shelley (Indiana) on 05/08/2017

I put 1-2 tsp Borax in my 16 oz nasal wash bottle along with 1/2 my regular tsp of salt/soda/xylitol mix (because borax has sodium in it and too much sodium can burn). On the 2nd day and for the first time, ever, my clogged side of my sinuses is open and my other side is not as open (which is normal for them to switch, in healthy sinuses, but mine never do). I noticed right away my sense of smell was so much better and can't wait to see more improvement over time! I suspect a fungal sinus infection which my doctors never cared to properly diagnose and being over-prescribed antibiotics which lets fungus grow in the body like crazy, so also taking a good probiotic. That's always a must!!!

Buteyku Breathing Exercises

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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 12/04/2016 488 posts

I accidentally cleared up a sinus infection. I'd let it go and was looking for something new to try, because I hadn't had a sinus infection for a long time. But I got sidetracked by something very interesting - namely, the Buteyku asthma exercises.

The Buteyku method is based on the Bohr Effect, discovered by Dr. Christian Bohr - way back when. Christian was Neils Bohr's father which is neither here nor there, but interesting.

What Bohr discovered was the role of carbon dioxide in the body which is to break the bond between oxygen and hemoglobin so that the oxygen can be distributed to the cells.

Apparently, many people walk around in a chronic state of hyperventilation which makes sense because many people eat carbs and sugar which triggers adrenaline which causes hyperventilation which interrupts the carbon dioxide mechanism so that the muscles are flooded with hyper-oxygenated blood which the muscles are able to use because muscle cells are "different" than other cells.

The point is, after recently embarking on a zero-carb diet, I realized that I didn't actually feel as good as I thought I did. And Buteyku was of the opinion that his "pause test" could inform regarding the state of one's health and I scored quite low, despite feeling good - or so I thought. With zero carb, I've felt REALLY good so what I thought was good was, apparently, not all that good. LOL!

Anyway, I've been playing with the Buteyku method - which is based on restoring the pause in one's breathing in those who exhibit chronic hyperventilation. Breathing is supposed to go - a light breath in, a light breath out and then a pause. So, with the method, you pause consciously by holding your nose after you exhale.

It turns out, I don't like holding my nose so I've been practicing simply consciously delaying my inhaling for a couple of days, forgetting all about my sinus infection, except I no longer have a sinus infection which makes sense because correct breathing is done through the nose which plays some part in the carbon dioxide cycle so, voila, no more sinus infection BECAUSE

When you hyperventilate - I.e. breathe without pausing - the blood can't let go of the oxygen so the cells don't get oxygen which is what prevents disease and pathogens from taking up residence in them because pathogens and oxygen can't coexist.

So, basically, if you're sick, then you'r chronically hyperventilating. Otherwise, the "germs" can't stick due to the oxygen content in your cells.

So, my sinus infection is gone. The breathing practice was designed for asthma sufferers who are all chronic hyperventilators but a cell is a cell and if it isn't getting oxygen, the pathogens are going to move in which basically covers nearly all disease and symptoms.

One further note - Buteyku correlated the "epidemic" of chronic hyperventilation with man's modern, chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, obesity etc., which also corresponds with the timeline of ever-increasing sugar consumption which makes sense because sugar/carbs trigger adrenaline production which is fine, if you're out in the wild, weak and starving to death - you eat some vegetation, get some adrenaline flowing, hyperventilate and get a dose of oxygen-loaded blood for the muscles so you can hop up, hunt and run down prey but for everyday living, it is not a good thing.

SO - for infection of any kind, assuming you don't want to quit carbs, appears to be consciously inserting a pause between exhaling and inhaling. If you hold your breath while you walk around the room, you can also deplete the adrenaline that's making you hyperventilate in the first place.

That's it! My discovery of the week! YEAH!

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, Usa)
488 posts

I won't go into detail but suffice it to say that the Buteyku breathing exercises are a pretty intense detox. Which stands to reason, considering the oxygen going to cells that haven't had much of any for quite a while due to my former high-carb diet and state of chronic hyperventilation. So, be warned. I should have put 2 and 2 together and expected some detox but it caught me by surprise.

Bonus! Carbonated/seltzer water (I used Perrier which was the only one they had that didn't have a bunch of other stuff in it) will provide an instant boost of oxygen to the face if you're a chronic hyperventilator and splash and massage and generally stick your face in it. Plus it just feels SO good after! And I read where they are experimenting with topical application of carbonated water with regard to leg ulcers in diabetics overseas somewhere...I don't remember. I've read so much over the past couple of weeks about adrenaline, carbon dioxide, hyperventilation and tracking down the nature of their relationship to one another that my head is swimming.

Replied by Nancy

I am glad you are feeling better but the notion of hyperventilation and oxygen starvation etc is non-sense and not physiologically sound. If you chronically "hyperventilated" you would pass out from low carbon dioxide levels. Think panic attack and breathing in a paper bag.


Several years ago I was researching the anaerobic nature of cancer and breathing which led me to the concept that modern breathing is too frequent (too many breaths per minute) and I came across this valuable resource.

I had forgotten how much of Dr. Buteyku's work was referenced here and was grateful to be directed back to it by this conversation; so, thank you!


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Posted by Christie (Thunder Bay, Canada) on 12/14/2007

I was 4 months pregnant and got a sinus infection. I couldn't take medication for it, and after 5 weeks of not being able to TASTE, I heard that carrots (beta-carotene) would help. I ate one carrot per day for about three days, and on the 4th day my nasal passages started "letting go". I blew my nose for about a week straight! But it worked!!!

Replied by Beverly

Antioxidants help sinus infections.

Bright colored vegetables and fruits such as berries, kiwi, pumpkin, papaya, sweet potatoes, and pineapple are all rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Pineapple also contains enzymes that break down the buildup on the sinuses and reduce inflammation.

Check for Infected Teeth

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Posted by Mensasnem (Missouri) on 04/24/2017 1 posts

Sinus Infection -- smell of death in my nose. 30 days of antibiotics didn't help. 3 10-day courses with an immediate return of the smell of death at the completion of each course. Doctor recommended a CAT scan. Decided to try other remedies. First tried, salt (hypotonic), vinegar, and oregano oil in a nasal spray -- seemed to work for a while, but the smell of death returned. Tried peroxide and salt (tonic) didn't work. Went to the dentist for a cleaning. X-rays showed an abscess on tooth 14 -- no pain or symptoms other than the "sinus infection." Had a root canal today. Can already tell the difference.

Chronic Sinus Infection Remedies

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Posted by Gary (Mesa, Az) on 05/13/2016

For chronic sinus infections try the following:

Buy a garlic press. Press 6 cloves of garlic, multiple times (taking the pulp and putting it back in again).

  • Add garlic paste to 4 ounces of 100% olive oil.
  • Add 4 drops Eucalyptus oil.
  • Add 3 drops Oregano oil.
  • Add 1 drop white thyme oil.

Sip this throughout the day.

This is a very powerful Candida killer, as well. So, if you have a problem with intestinal yeast... you might experience extreme problems with headaches, gas, bloating, severe mood swings, crying jags, anger attacks, panic attacks, etc. about the third day of doing this.

I would not recommend doing this unless you have already been doing things which kill candida and know you don't have a yeast problem.

You should also take about 1 cup of plain yogurt and add Multidophilus powder to it, then eat it after you've used the powerful garlic oil as I suggested.

If at all leery about what I just said, try using the garlic oil one time in the morning and one time at night for three days. If you have no strange symptoms, try increasing the number of times-per-day.

Because of the powerful essential oils in this, you will feel a slight burning sensation as you swallow. This is caused by the white thyme oil, which is a very powerful antibiotic, antifungal, anti-yeast and anti-viral.

I also mix up an expectorant drink. It, also, is anti-candida, anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial.

To one liter water add: 1 teas. turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon galangal or ginger powder, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, 1/4 teaspoon red pepper, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/8 teaspoon clove oil, 8 drops peppermint essential oil, 4 drops eucalyptus oil, 1 drop thyme oil.

This will loosten up the phlegm and get it to come out. It will also help raise any phlegm that might be in your lungs.

Realize that you might have a GERD condition. Sometimes GERD causes phlegm because as you sleep the stomach acids raise in the esophagus and irritate the skin. The body tries protecting the mucous membranes and thus forms.

Try raising your bed's head higher than your feet or buying a GERD pillow if you know you also have this problem.

Cinnamon, Clove and Oregano Oils

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Posted by Albellha (Stonewall, MS) on 04/26/2009

I have been sick with allergies for 3 weeks, it went into bronchitis, clogged head and raw throat. I took antibiotics and other assorted medicine, the latest to help calm down my cough. Nothing seemed to work.

I did a search on Earth Clinic and found your letter. I only had the oregano essential oil, but I had powdered cinnamon and a bottle of cloves. I put in a tablespoon of cinnamon, about 20 cloves and one drop of Oregano Essential oil. I boiled it on the stove until it blended and then inhaled it for a few minutes.

My cough stopped almost immediately. When it came back I went and inhaled more. Cough left again. This works 100 times better than the cough medicine my physician gave me. Thanks so much.

Cinnamon, Clove and Oregano Oils
Posted by Ellen (Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Currently livin) on 01/07/2009

Essential Oil Inhalation cure for Bronchitis, Sinus Infections, Pneumonia

I regularly get sinus infections due to a deformity in one of my sinuses. Until a few years ago when I found this cure I had regular bronchitis and lastly in 2005 I had serious pneumonia. I opted out of health insurance years ago so I had to take responsibility for my own health.
I got onto one of those $39.95 sites with the magical cure but this one WORKED! So here it is for all of you.

The following essential oils are 89% antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal. Cinnamon, Clove and Oregano. First, get the best quality you can.

These oils work magic together BUT, you can use just one or a combo of two if that is all you can get. Put 2-3 drops of each oil in a steamer or a steaming pan of water. BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET THE OILS ON YOUR SKIN...They burn. Cinnamon and Clove burn. (Cinnamon Oil is the main ingredient of all those lip plumpers :-) Now, inhale the steam with your eyes closed and take it in as deeply as you possibly can, breathing through the nose and the mouth alternately. When I did this with my pneumonia, I felt a kind of crack in my lungs after three or four breaths and everything started to come loose. I coughed up all the guck and was completely well in 5 days. I was so sick that I had bruised my ribs from the coughing and I was very, very weak. Now at the first sign of anything respiratory, I do this. I have never had a reoccurence of bronchitis or pneumonia and very seldom get any sinus trouble anymore. How happy I am that we can all share these wonderful old rememdies with each other! Thanks to this site and all of you.

Coconut and Oregano Oils, Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Posted by Mike P (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/12/2016

Long story short... After a week of one antibiotic and 14 days of another, my sinus infection persisted. After three more days of no relief and coming across this site, I picked up some coconut oil, oregano oil, and grapefruit seed extract. Using one tbsp coconut oil with food or hot tea, two drops of oregano oil under tongue (great in salad too! ), and 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract in fresh juice three times a day, all major symptoms are gone. Thank you all for sharing!

Cod Liver Oil

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Posted by Sue (Chesapeake)

Take one Cod Liver Oil softgel everyday. I have been doing this since September 1998 and have only had one sinus infection since then. I use to get one every spring and one every fall. This works for me.

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