Spinal Virus Remedies

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Home treatments of spinal virus diseases rely on utilizing the antiviral properties of colloidal silver, herbal treatments and essential oils. Natural cures focus on attacking the viruses while supporting the immune system. Since many diseases can also be caused by bacteria or fungus, alternative treatments that are effective against all of these are preferable.

What are Spinal Viruses?

Viral infections of the spinal cord cause diseases such as viral meningitis, poliomyelitis and myelitis. Many of the spinal diseases caused by viruses can also be caused by bacteria or fungus, complicating diagnosis and treatment. Meningitis, for example, can be caused by either a virus or bacteria; most people recover from viral meningitis, but bacterial meningitis can quickly become deadly, especially to children. Encephalitis is caused by several different viruses, including Herpes and mosquito-borne viruses (which can result in West Nile and other diseases). Obtaining the correct diagnosis is critical to the treatment of spinal cord diseases.

Natural Remedies for Spinal Viruses

Alternative remedies for spinal viruses use the antiviral properties of herbal cures, particularly black elderberry and olive leaf extract.  Lavender and clove oils have numerous health benefits, including antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Colloidal silver is a safe and effective home cure against many viruses and bacteria.

Colloidal Silver 

Colloidal silver has long been used as a safe home remedy for viral meningitis, shingles and many other viral diseases. In addition to colloidal silver’s use as an antiviral, it has also been used for many years as an antibiotic and disinfectant. Many make their own colloidal silver at home so that they are confident the CS is fully effective. 

Herbal Remedies

Natural treatments for spinal virus disease can be found in antiviral herbs.  Black elderberry contains sambucol, an effective home cure against flu virus and believed to activate the immune system. Olive leaf extract is a potent antiviral and antibacterial as well as beneficial to the immune system.  An extract made at home from fresh leaves is best, if possible. Cranberries are both antiviral and antifungal, offering many health benefits.

Essential Oils

Lavender and clove oils are natural antivirals used as a home treatment for spinal viruses. Multiple applications are applied gently to the skin over the spinal column. Lavender has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Clove oil is both an antibacterial and antiviral, but can be irritating to sensitive skin, so test first.

Spinal virus diseases range from mild to deadly and require proper diagnosis. Natural treatments are used to destroy the viruses and support the immune system. Because there are so many possible causes for spinal inflammations, it may be necessary to try more than one alternative cure to determine the most effective home remedy.

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Posted by Gwen (Boulder, Colorado) on 01/31/2010

Dear EC or Ted,

I am just getting myself through a very bad abscessed tooth. I will post my results in that section.....it was in my upper jaw. From what I've read, upper jaw can cause brain fever.

I am in my 3rd day of treatment/recovery & woke up with a headache. I have spinal meningitis about 6-7 years ago which I was hospitalized for. With no insurance, they simply pumped me full of antibiotics for a day or 2 & sent me home......I spent 2 years in bed.

I am now looking for a detox for my spinal/brain fluids. I am doing garlic cloves infused in olive oil & Tumeric infused in tomato juice with black pepper. I am also using Epsom salt to flush toxins out.

Is there other things I can do to detox spinal fluids? Will essential oils rubbed in the neck region of the spine be sufficient? Can't reach my spine, I live alone. Any feed back or suggestions are appreciated. I'm not experiencing SM symptoms, but detoxing body & feel detox of spinal/brain fluid appropriate & way over due.

Many Thanks & May the Blessings of the ONE Be With Us ALL!

Replied by Shawn
Lafayette, La
Olive leaf extract is a natural ANTI, viral, fungal, protozon, antiseptic an all that good stuff, which is actually a detoxificatrion naturally.... Before using please read revelations 22:3 in the holy book on the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the body. Please take the time to study upon Olive Leaf Extract an may u b HEALED in Jesus Name....

Ted's Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Hollie (Youngsville, North Carolina, Usa) on 01/15/2010

Ted, I absolutely was glued to your post on viral spinal infections and their remedies. I have been having weak legs (both of them), muscle twitches, and have "brisk" reflexes from what the neurologist told me. I would love to explain the order of events as to how all of this came about, but my main question is this: The remedy you mentioned to the man with a spinal infection, is all of it safe to consume while breastfeding? I was told by a naturalist that I am low in magnesium and he told me to take 6 or more red raspberry leaf capsules a day, since it has so much magnesium in it, but I have had no improvement. I know I need to take magnesium, but don't know the dosages that are safe while breastfeeding. I also avoided milk altogether while nursing, so I need some calcium dosages to take as well as magesium that are all safe for breastfeeding. I feel as if my body has this vibrating sensation inside, as if the nerve endings are tingling. Please help me in any way you can. I had a baby 5 months ago and have a three year old as well. I am really in need of a clean bill of health so that I may care for my little ones, as well as just wanting to feel better and not worry. Thank you so much!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
685 Posts
The magnesium I always used that get results typically do not come from fruits such as raspberry. I basically used two forms, but I tend to use magnesium chloride. The dose is typically before meals 30 minutes, usually 100-250 mg in a half glass of water, or I can prepare a solution of magnesium chloride and prepared as a dropper.

For the last couple of weeks, I was not able to have time to answer earthclinic questions as I am currently dealing with ALS (Amylotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - or Lou Gehrig's disease), which is typically a virus (usually enterovirus, or adenovirus) that is found in most of the people who died from ALS, which is 15 out of 17 patients. They also have higher percentages of mycoplasma, but not along the spinal column, which typically lowers the immune system.

The viruses of the spinal column works like a polio viruses (I am referring to the ALS case) which effects the motor neurons, which is how they are infected. When I first got the case of a woman at a local Thai hospital, she was already in coma, non responsive to any stimuli. Therefore to get her out of the coma, clove oil was first applied near the lower neck, which is where the cerebellum is located. It's ideal to apply thinly clove oil, at least diluted, to the spinal column as it is antiviral.

As mentioned before BHT was taken at once a day. However, ALS is scary in that the patient has no energy to speak or even breathe, - that's the hard part. It works its way up the spinal column (the virus) and eats away the cerebellum, thus killing the patient by respiratory failure or heart failure.

The one I got had both, interestingly her relatives, who also live in the same house, two of them in fact also had the ALS, which is viral and has a relatively low infection rate, but is very high if the house is very old, musty, near a sewage, high in mycoplasma and fungus which lowers the immune system allowing either the enterovirus or adenovirus to enter the system.

As for the woman I have met, it started entering her system (the virus) through either the nose, or the mouth, and somehow showed up as a cyst on the shoulder or growth, before going into the spinal column, going down to lower back, causing a weakening of the legs the moving up the spinal column, affecting the breathing, heart and the speech (she has no control of the upper lips) and you can't hear her talk, there's not enough energy.

The supplements I used to kill the viruses in addition to those mentioned as she also had a fever, was an hourly dose of 600 mg of lysine for 24 hours, plus in addition L-threonine, which are both antiviral in nature. Methylene blue drops of 0.1% concentration 2 drops was given every four hours to get her out of the coma too. I overshot myself and the woman did wake up but was unable to sleep for the next 48 hours and hence the dose was lowered to just 2 drops twice a day, before increasing further to 2 drops three times a day when the condition did not improve.

The most interesting discoveries out of all this, which could potentially help other people with motor neuron disease such as those found in Stephen Hawkins, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, polio was the powdered humic acid, which I obtained from a certain Chinese supplier that I used as a cure for aspartame poisoning that caused urinary urgency in both men and woman from consumption of Sweet n' Low, Coke zero, pepsi max, and MSG consumption which tends to make ALS deadly.

What's so interesting is that the N Acetyl Cysteine sold in Thailand typically do not label that they added the aspartame in many of the effervescent medicines, but I found out because these products cause extreme urinary acid pH typically at a pH 5.5 or below, which is metabolic acidosis caused by aspartame broken down into methanol poisoning. Typically these virus breaks down the nerves by producing some sort of aspartate or glutamate which kills the neuron cells and for some reason or another the humic acid, which is 1/8 teaspoon of humic acid in 500 cc of water actually improved the conditions dramatically overnight.

Edgar Cayce once mentioned that the long term causes of MS, but this includes viruses along spinal column and ALS, also that certain nutrients, to be lacking due to digestive problems, incomplete, as in autism and ADD and ADHD, poisons the system and the humic acid helps digesting more complete thus neutralizing the aspartame and other excitotoxins via that pathway.

In any case, the client was most helped with humic acid, lysine, clove oil, l-threonine, which quickly improves day by day. The breathing also improves, but currently still need a respiratory whose frequency of breathing was initially 6 breaths per minute, increasing to second day to 8, then 10, 12, then it jumped to 16 with the humic acid. Hence humic acid can be safely used to detoxify but also help digestion more complete and is used relatively safe. I can't say for other sources of humic acid since I never tried, I only tried this particular one because it worked so well against urinary urgency (pee every 15 minutes) for both unknown reason or even from aspartame caused urinary urgency, but it helped tremendously improved ALS, and I am currently testing on Parkinson's disease. Interestingly all these motor neuron disease typically respond well to antiviral remedies such as lysine and l threonine, and both of these are involved in immune system.

One possible supplements to do against viral spinal column of course is the L arginine, but I believe the L citrulline may work better, but I can't obtain that one and currently looking for a complete cure against viral infected spinal column. Hence most amino acid mentioned here are considered natural supplements and I believe it can be safely used during pregnancy. As for magnesium, if it is normal dosage, and proper form this may also be taken safely also.


P.S. I am trying to get the woman out of the ICU right now. Her breathing now is 21 breath per minute. Tomorrow the hospital is going to remove the respirator machine to see if she can breathe on her own. Her two relatives already died of ALS, and I am hoping so far so good, that her ALS will be cured or at least extend her life considerably.

Replied by Patricia
Roxboro, Nc
My granddaughter, who is 7 months old, just had an MRI and was diagnosised with fluid around her spine. Please tell me what we can do to make it go away.

Posted by Leisa (Bribie Island, Australia) on 10/30/2009

Wow amazing what can happen when you follow your intuition. My daughter has on 2 occassions has had episodes of a very painful back, on inspection the first time we noticed a round scab that looked like a cigarette burn, when questioned how she got it she thought she had hit her back on a bolt at a playground as that's when her back began to hurt but there was no bruising and the scab looked pussy. I was suspcious of some sort of viral thing so put some grapeseed extact on it and gave her warm baths and masages for her back ache. Today 7 months later coming home from school she has been complaining of back ache again,and another round scab has appeared but lower to the first one, she also expressed while dancing today her legs seem to go the wrong way and were wobbly.Slightly panic stricion but trying to think clear I realised that she has some sort of viral thing in her spine, I rubbed it with an immune blend of oils and rather than see my MD who would run a gamet of tests, all likely detrimental to her health, I google for hope of insight and confirmation of my intuition and your web site comes up and the article about the gentlemen with the viral infection attacking around his c6 c7 spine. I am confident now with your information and more consultation with some alternate health practioners I can confidently assist my daughter to rid herself of this little nasty. Thank-you, having this resource online has saved me much anxiety and given me alternatives to that mad machine could modern medicine. Leisa

PS. The remedies you suggested for the gentlemen, with doses adjusted accordingly, are they appropriate for a 9 year old child?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
685 Posts
Since lavender oil and other essential oil is applied for the back and it is external application, it is most often used for a child due to its inherent safety.

Posted by Anonymous on 11/20/2006

I forgot to ask a few other questions in my last note... I have been doing research for over 15 years. I rather enjoy reading articles I find in main stream journals. The information reveals terms I transmit to the net and to alternative medical journals from around the world. Through this process, I can find other ways to help me and others heal rather than take medications with all their unsavory side effects. Do you disagree with following through on the medical journal's articles with alternative journals that use scientific methods of research to validate holistic remedies for many ailments instead of the studies that are becoming more biased as time goes on?

I also just found out today that I may be detoxing and that is why I am so darn exhausted. My husband and I are following your suggestion about the alkaline drink, but with a few variations:

-12 oz. water; add ½ tsp. baking soda, 1/2 tsp. citric acid and I add a whole lemon to the mix.
-add 1 tblsp. Organic vinegar
-now after a month, I am adding 1 tblsp. Hydrogen peroxide 3%, though not food grade to the mix.
-I add 1 tblsp. Unsweetened organic cranberry juice concentrate and 1 tblsp. Organic Black cherry concentrate, which is naturally sweet to the mix.
-I split this drink between me and my husband and I add some aloe vera to both drinks.

My husband and I are seeing an improvement in our breathing capacity and our ability to concentrate, but I have been hurting in most of my major joints as if it is arthritic in nature. The chiropractor said my muscle and joints are so tight they won't move and he thinks it is some of the ingredients that are causing me to detox rather quickly.

Am I doing things right or am I off the mark?

Is it okay to add more than the few drops of hydrogen peroxide to the mix or is this the wrong thing to do?

We seem to think that we might have mycoplasms in our systems and they could possibly be dying off and are trying to pass out of the system. Is this assumption wrong? Can our bodies handle a quick detox like this or are we going too fast?

My husband had 2 bouts of mononucleosis in college and a number of strep throats until we started using some supplementation. He also had bronchaletis when he was little, making him susceptible to bronchitis in his teen age and earlier adult years. He doesn't get bronchitis anymore. He use to have gout attacks in the past seven or so years, but with the detox foot machine, that doesn't occur anymore either. As for me, since being on immuno suppressive drugs, I have become more susceptible to the shingles, though since we got our foot detox machine, neither of us are having these problems. I would appreciate direction if you are willing to help. I don't want to take advantage of your kindness. Thanks again.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand685 Posts
use scientific methods of research to validate holistic remedies for many ailments instead of the studies that are becoming more biased as time goes on?

Most biasness occur when there are corporate sponsors, regardless of whatever the journals. Corporate sponsors require you to follow their procedures, which often more than not, will get you a twisted outcome, otherwise they will not fund your research. Maybe you might be aware that those procedures are improper and result in errors, you have no voice.

I also just found out today that I may be detoxing and that is why I am so darn exhausted.

It is not the detoxing it is the sugar that is being introduced from your concentrates. Just check for your blood sugar, it may be going higher and this may cause exhaustion issues rather than detoxing issues. Vitamin B complex and vitamin B5, and some clove oil will usually resolve the exhaustion issues.

but I have been hurting in most of my major joints as if it is arthritic in nature. The chiropractor said my muscle and joints are so tight they won't move and he thinks it is some of the ingredients that are causing me to detox rather quickly.

Tight muscles are due to excess calcium. Taking more magnesium will lossen up the muscles. Try to avoid fruit juices and its derivatives. Take more magnesium. Joint issues, vitamin A, evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil taken weekly should be helpful. Often joint issues is due to bacterial/fungus problem, so taking some zinc supplements, vitamin B complex, and a some aspirin (it kills the fungus) will often help, especially vitamin B5 and B8. The use of immunosuppressive drugs will often cause arthritic flare ups worse. You need to raise the body's immunity, rather than suppressing. The body's doesn't really attack its own cells, it is the mycoplasma problem, so if you take plenty of zinc, selenium and sodium ascorbate, that should help.

that are causing me to detox rather quickly. Quick detox often shows itself with a flu like symptoms, Herx effect, however, taking some peppermint oil internally will reduce it.

You need to be very strict with sugar and this includes fruit juices, cranberry, honey and molasses. Do not take it. Adding a pinch of borax to your drinking water will reduce the negative effects of sugar and some exhaustion, and so will taking of chromium, vanadium, supplements logically will help too.

Posted by Anonymous on 10/18/2006

Dear Ted, I know you probably receive an extraordinary number of emails, but this one is different. I would like to know if you have written any books on home remedies, or if you would like to. I have been so fascinated at your knowledge and helpfulness.

I have a serious problem with no real solution yet.

My husband woke up three years ago, totally numb from his neck down to his little toe on the right side of the body. Slowly the numbness spread to the right side. Doctors suspected a stroke, did two CT scans, blood work, but all were negative. He is diabetic, but his sugar was near normal. His blood pressure was normal as well. The doctors sent him home on aspirin and Plavix. These caused this strapping Italian guy to bruise easily. I have been doing research on holistic topics for over fifteen years since I took four mini strokes at thirty-five. Since Plavix is nothing more than a glorified aspirin and there were no conclusive results regarding a stroke, we entreated our primary doctor to let my husband get an MRI.

The MRI results showed a swelling in his spine between C-5 and C-6 on the left side of his spine and C-6 and C-7 on the right side. Spinal stenosis had set in from two car accidents. We took the test results to a neurologist who said my husband did not have a tumor or multiple sclerosis, but that it was a viral infection that appeared somewhere in the body and went right to the injured area of his spine. When I asked if the doctor would do a PCR test to try to identify which virus that hit my husband's spine, the doctor said no because he would treat him the same way.watch and wait.

Since nothing more was done, I came home and studied the issue, called a well trained herbalist and then gave my husband olive leaf extract, elderberry extract, and cranberry extract plus a private labeled viral product with some Chinese herbs. Thankfully, this regiment took care of 90% of my husband's problem, but he still has numbness from the elbows to his finger tips after three years. He is being treated by a chiropractor which helps but the numbness gets worse with his working at his computer and when he gets very tired. I would appreciate help if possible and thank you for being so patient.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand685 Posts
olive leaf extract, elderberry extract, and cranberry extract plus a private labeled viral product with some Chinese herbs.

Obviously your herbalist had advanced knowledge of antiviral herbs. Sambucol, the active components of black elderberry is already being used against the H5N1 bird flu virus.

Olive leaf extract, while impressive could have worked better in its original form of fresh olive leaves but of course are some of the most powerful antiviral compared to most antiviral drugs.

Cranberry's true antiviral and antifungal component is actually the benzoic acid, but obviously a common food preservative of both benzoic acid and sodium benzoate would have worked better in synergy. The future of antivirals and antibiotics while it might lay with limited number of herbal extracts including licorice extract could have been expanded to include food preservatives in general, including the metabisulfites, polysorbate, fulvic acid, etc.

The problem about this form of treatment is while it did kill the virus, this is a good thing, my approach has always been to solve the cause. The cause is yes, a virus, and we have to kill it, but another cause which we ignore so easily, is his suppressed immune system, which notably the minerals that we should include in his regimen such as zinc salts, magnesium, vitamin B complex, and kelp, which contains glyconutrients. A simple thought to use zinc, is not to use them as a mere form of minerals needed by the body, but to think of them as an antiviral and to reactive the immune system. A simple zinc salt can easily kill a serious foot and mouth disease, herpes simplex viruses, and the common cold.

As a result, the fact that he is numb might have to do with dormant virus still in his body. A virus can sit along the spinal column and lay dormant for years before his immune system levels are down, the stress levels are up, and the conditions worsens.

Very few people know that zinc salts combined with chelators, and certain food preservatives such as BHT, benzoic acid and other fat soluble food preservative could go much deeper to kill those viruses that lay dormant in the spinal column, which is one probable cause of his numbness after a long work on the computer.

The fact that he is diabetic but blood tests say he is not, the truth of the matter is most people in their adulthoods are low grade diabetes not yet recognized until it is too late. The blood test are less sensitive indicator, brix refractometer gauge between 1-10, or 1-25 where a urinary brix of 1.5-2 will tell you much better story.

Whatever the case, your husband should be helped greatly with some vitamin B complex, only 50 mg./day for most of the Bs should help him, with some small push of taking some vitamin B1 might help. Eat plenty of granulated lecithin along with food of every meal as lecithin is an effective antiviral too. Little has been mentioned about lecithin in most literature, but a variation of it has actually been done in a fight against AIDS in the early 1980s, but it is much more than just solubilizing oil soluble virus. Most food emulsifiers and food surfactants have these properties anyway, including turkey red oil.

In case of a virus in the spinal column, in my own personal observation, this will not help, it damages the oral damaged spinal column and allows the dormant virus to spread. A much preferred way to kill albeit somewhat effective is a very light application of clove oil and lavender oil along the spinal column at intervals of 15 minutes for up to 30 times. It should be mixed with some small amount of ethanol, if possible, to enhance transdermal delivery, but not really a requirement. Both lavender oil and clove oil are quite well known antivirals, and I will not go in the nitty gritty details of this, but what I can say is especially clove oils, has been very effective spinal antivirals especially of those dormant ones. It is quite hot, mind you, so if you are not used to, just apply it lightly.

This is just a brief overview of your husband's condition

Replied by Katalina
New York, NY
I just read Ted's response to this woman with her husband that suffers from some type of viral infection. This is very informative. I love that you go for the cause and not just the symptons because a lot of times we quickly brush things under the rug when it doesn't appear to bother us anymore. In regards to the zinc salt recommended with chelators, could you please explain how that works and where you can find zinc salts? Thank you so much for your feedback, it's very much appreciated!
Replied by Ellen
Sherman Oaks, California
Hi, is it possible that i can speak to the person who found this remendy. I have had a spinal virus for close to 2 years which i think came on after having mold in my house. I very much appreciate you putting me in touch with them.... thank you so much!!!'' it was for 10/18/06
Replied by Nancy
Buffalo, Wy
Ive had multiple symptoms which has really messed up quality of life for me for the last couple of years. Ive seen several doctors, had numerous tests with no answers or diagnosis. After reading this thread, I can't help but wonder if (a big part) of my health issues might be spinal virus, so Im thinking it surely can't hurt to give these remedies a try. I have some questions, though, before I obtain the items and start the protocol, and Im hoping Ted and "Anonymous" still check in here so I may receive answers before long:

@ Anonymous 10/18/2006:
I am very interested in the protocol you used on your husband:
Olive leaf extract, elderberry extract, and cranberry extract..... Would really like to know what form you used these in (capsules or liquid), and what dosage you used. Also, the 'private labeled viral product with some Chinese herbs'... Was this something the herbalist you talked to mixed up for you? and do you know if such a product can be purchased at a health food store or elsewhere?
How long did it take before your husband started noticing improvement?

@ Ted:
I thought of doing the above protocol along with your suggestions of clove or lavendar oil applied on the spine. I already have lavendar oil, and would like your opinion if you feel the clove oil is more effective than the lavendar? If you feel the clove oil is best, I will get some..... You mentioned mixing it with ethanol. Because of the strength and heat of the oil, I think I would like to dilute it with something , would a dilution with olive oil be just as effective? and what ratio of dilution do you recommend?

I already take a heaping Tablespoon of granulated lecithin a day, after reading of the benefits on this site, and I plan to start taking 50 mg./day of a good B complex. I also purchased magnesium chloride bath flakes & have been doing the foot soak about every other evening after reading of this in the transdermal magnesium therapy thread. Also can you tell me where I can purchase the zinc salts you mentioned? I have searched and come up with zinc supplements. Are these the same thing? And what dosage do you recommend?

Many thanks to both of you for your response, and Ted..... Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us here. I have learned so much from reading your (and others') posts and it is very much appreciated.

Tropical Spastic Paraparesis   0  0   

Posted by Y (Laurel, Md) on 10/31/2012

I'd like to know if you are aware of any natural remedies for tropical spastic paraparesis. My cousin has been diagnosed with this disease and I would love to find something to help with her condition.


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