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Natural Cures for Atrial Fibrillation

Last Modified on Oct 05, 2015

As a potentially serious condition of the heart, atrial fibrillation is concerning; however, the issue is not without natural treatment. While most doctors simply put a “Band-Aid” on the condition by prescribing medication, a number of other factors can be combined to achieve a natural, holistic treatment plan. Caused by a variety of issues, atrial fibrillation typically responds well to lifestyle and dietary changes as well as the addition of certain supplements.

The Problem

Atrial fibrillation is a common heart condition that involves the abnormal rhythm of the heart. It is often called an arrhythmia and causes an irregular, often rapid heart rate that results in poor blood flow to the body. A number of common conditions contribute to the condition including high blood pressure, heart attack, abnormal heart valves, heart defects, overactive thyroid, metabolic imbalance, exposure to stimulants, sick sinus syndrome, viral infections, stress, and a number of others.

The Holistic Solution

With such a wide variety of causes, atrial fibrillation is often best treated using a varied approach. Controlling your lifestyle and diet reduces stress on the body and ultimately the heart. Likewise, a holistic approach helps support overall health while treating the condition at the same time.

Lifestyle Changes

A number of lifestyle changes can be made to help support treatment of atrial fibrillation. Reducing stress is the number one way you can help control your heart’s natural rhythm. Begin by identifying and eliminating common stressors in your life. Likewise, adopt a regular exercise routine, such as yoga, that relaxes and calms your body.

Dietary Changes

Whether you know it or not, many of the items you are consuming are likely contributing to your condition. In addition to reducing stress, limit caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco. You’ll also want to reduce your consumption of processed foods and increase your intake of whole, organic foods. Avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners as well.

Supplements and Other Treatment Options

Specific supplements also help treat the condition. Magnesium, potassium, and calcium are especially important for supporting heart health, so consider taking a daily supplement of each of these.

Whether you have just been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation or have been dealing with the issue for years, a holistic approach to treatment will likely offer you relief and treatment. Begin by making one positive change at a time, and you’ll be on your way to natural health and wellness in no time.

Continue reading below to see what supplements and home remedies our readers recommend for Afib!

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User Reviews

A-Fib or Peripheral Neuropathy   0  0   

Posted by Linda (Washington) on 02/16/2014

I have a question. Is it possible due to an injury to my upper back that there was damage to a nerve that would also cause A-Fib symptoms? I have been studying this possibility because I had an injury a herniated disk with so much pain in my upper back. I am 65. A few months later was doing a lot of scrubbing and general cleaning but was bending over and using my arms and shoulders for lifting as well. Soon after had an attack of a racing heart and shortness of breath. Was rushed to the ER and was admitted to the hospital over night. Soon after admitting the racing heart stopped on its own and breathing was back to normal. They couldn't find anything wrong. I was set up with a Cardio and had all the tests. Wore a monitor over a few days. They could find nothing wrong with my heart said it was A-Fib and put me on toprol and low dose aspirin. Said go home that's all that could be done. If it got worse come back. The only time I have these attacks is when I over do and do too much physical work that involves my back and shoulders and arms. Also I seem to be able to help it to ease a little just by changing position and it only seems to happen after going to sleep. I sleep hard and don't seem to change position and when I wake the back of my head is numb and now I notice that the tip of my nose gets numb at different times depending on how I sit or stand. So does anyone know could this be caused by Peripheral Neuropathy? The Doctors that I question say you have A-Fib live with it. I doubt that. I think it may be something else. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Mike62

Linda: I had the same thing 10 years ago. Good simple nutrients like vitamins and minerals from raw organic whole foods make good hormones that are vasodilators. More nutrients and oxygen get through to the tissues. Bad simple nutrients and toxins from cooked conventionally grown foods make bad hormones that are vasoconstrictors so less oxygen and nutrients get to the tissues. Take a green smoothie made from 1oz organic baby leaves, 12oz water, 1/4g sun dried sea salt, and some organic chili every 2 hours. Eat lots of organic berries. Take 1/2 coconut oil and 1/2 flax oil for fats. Keep oils below 5%/g. Eat 30g non denatured whey isolate or concentrate for protein. Eat a combination of organic bananas including the peel and organic whole sugars for carbs. Take the carbs, proteins, and oils together every 2 hours. Take 2ml skate liver oil/day.
Replied by Sarah
Chicago, Il

Hi Linda, it might be peripheral neuropathy OR you might have a magnesium deficiency and/or potassium deficiency and/or electrolyte deficiency triggered when you exert yourself. I would start restoring your magnesium levels each day to see if this helps. Vitamin C packets with electrolytes might be helpful as well. Just make sure to find ones without aspartic acid, an artificial sweetener which can trigger a-fib. Make sure your diet contains no hidden MSG or artificial sweeteners. Please let us know what your diet is like.

Alternatively, you might have a good chiropractor check to see if a rib or two is out of place.

I have heard Alpha Lipoic Acid is good for Peripheral Neuropathy, so you can research that and see if it works.

Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc

To Linda from Washington,

Do not wish to give you disconcerting information and certainly hope I am wrong but the symptoms you give would indicate you are verging on very serious heart situation.

If this were me...

And I did have a friend a year (plus) ago who asked for advice with many of the symptoms you mentioned. When we was bending over working in his garden, he'd have an onset of symptoms especially heavy feeling in his chest. Etc.

I told him and tell very careful NOT to exert until corrective action is undertaken .... immediately.

He refused to go to Doc or ER having had bad experience with same a few years earlier.

I told him he must get on the following immediately...

Vitamin E (NATURAL E, d alpha tocopherol, not the synthetic dl....) Get the real thing in health food store not drug store. Start with 200 iu daily and increase to 400 in 30 days, then increase to 600 a month later. I take 1,000 IUs daily of dl alpha tocopherol. E will clean veins and arteries and oxygenate the heart (and other muscles).

PS...You do not have PN. Even if you did, it's the least of your worries.

1,000 mg of Arginine

500 mg of herb Hawthorn

1,000 mg of Co Q 10

100 mg of niacin (causes a flush... read about this on internet)

After you start up with the E, get off the aspirin since the E is a blood thinner and you don't need aspirin to thin once on E.

1,000 mg of magnesium

500 mg of potassium...good source is ACV .... one tablespoon in large glass of water...sipped after last meal of day

Remote possibility you have infection in heart...don't think so...but just in case take two tablespoons of colloidal silver on empty stomach for two weeks...will kill infection if any. Important on empty stomach to get into blood stream.

Replied by Linda

To Dave, Thank You so much for your quick response. I will purchase and try these things you have suggested. Anything that will lead me in the right direction is a blessing. You and Earth Clinic are so very important to the well being of people that have given up on conventional medicine. But, still need guidance in how to help themselves. I will report back if I find that this has helped even in the slightest.

Thank you Sarah. At the time this first happened I was on a terrible diet. I m sure I did deplete my minerals. No matter the diet I can't seem to lose weight. So I simply gave up food except for a salad a day with small portion of chicken. Went like this for months and only lost 6 pounds. I don't eat breads or pasta, potatoes or rice. Stay away from sugar and artificial sweeteners. I try to keep up with the fresh fruits and veggies not always successful. I guess some would call it a low carb diet, I gain weight very easily so I just don't eat the way I should. Thank you for your help.

Thank you Mike62. It is good to hear that you overcame this problem and that something can actually be done. I was told to live with it. I have hope now that it can be reversed by means of good nutrition and vitamins. Do you believe that your problem was A-fib or Peripheral Neuropathy?

Replied by Mike62

Linda: I was 50lbs over weight, had many bad conditions, and many terrible diseases. I didn't go to the doctor because I was not able to wait for a long time in a confined space with nothing to do at a free clinic. I studied and tried various natural treatment plans and enjoyed limited success. Then I discovered one treatment plan that changes all the bad conditions to good conditions, cured all the diseases that were causing me so much suffering, and melted off all the fat. Nourishment. Just eating right was the solution that made my body buzz like a bee. I studied what herbivores, carnivores, centenarians, and athletes eat. Organic baby leaves are the best vegetable. The nutrients are locked up in the cellulose so grinding up in the blender is required. I take 8oz/day of the 5 super babies. Organic berries are the best fruit. Activated barley, whole sugars, bananas, and water kefir made from whole flours are the best carbs. They have to be organic. Chili is the best herb. Desiccated liver is the best meat. Non denatured whey and colostrum are the best dairy. Expeller pressed coconut oil is the best saturated fat. Black chia seeds are the best unsaturated fat. The super foods are the best protein. Skate liver oil is best for fat soluble nutrients. I take the carbs, oils, and proteins together and keep fat below 10%/calorie or 5%/g with 1 pint of kefir and water every hour.
Replied by L J
Los Angeles

Hi Linda, about your A fib?? Can you let us know if you tried any of these remedy suggestions and did they work? I too also just started getting those heart problems at nite in bed, I also think it's my bones are out, because when I sleep differently the flutterings , , they stop. I might have a rib out. But not certain..what do you think Linda?
Replied by Shannon
San Francisco, CA

Linda, that is interesting about upper back injury and a fib. I was in fender bender (hit from behind) that caused whiplash and a fib started shortly after. My epsiodes occur like yours: in bed when falling asleep. I got chiro treatment right after accident, and have regular visits. I also had all of the following prior to my a fib, which I heard cause a fib:

hot flashes, had just started menopause.

root canal, just had my 1st and only one.

high doses vit D, had started for menopause.

stress, had extra stress.

I've been taking the above supps. for 3 months with no improvement. Stopped the niacin after one day as that is too painful. Was scheduled for ablation but canceled due to stress of blood draws and fear of the procedure. Might sign up for yoga but usually can't stand the classes. Am trying to do deep breathing when stressed.

Replied by Pat

I also was diagnosed while going thru menopause. Try the magnesium (high doses) and taurine and l arginine. Also possible adrenal fatigue from too much stress(I believe I was under extreme amounts). The women's health network recommended. I try a supplement for that called serrinisol. I have been taking that too. They all seem to help. still take a low dose of toprol (half of a 25 mg) to keep my heart rate from going too fast.and also because I am afraid to stop it totally but have gotten down to a very low dose! Good luck!
Replied by James

Pat, I too was on Metoprolol low dose for a time. Side effects were mild as I took at night. Tho it did not keep me in NSR. I just had a slower, yet irregular HR. Since May I tossed all the meds, Flec, Torp, etc and went to supplements. Have self converted twice since then but did notice that Hawthrone berry had the same effect as Met with no side effects in keeping HR low. In AF 15 hours and HR was averaging 72 bpm.
Replied by A Verma

hmmm I too had same experience. after a lot of research found out that my FACET joints in my upper back (right behind the chest) is experiencing problem (due to injury). it caused pressing of the spinal nerves situated behind and around the spinal cord.
Replied by Terry
Beverly Hills, Ca

There is indeed a connection between back injuries, nerve trauma/inflammation and A-Fib. Dr. Joel Wallach speaks about this in interviews and his books. For many people according to him, A-Fib has to do with the vagus nerve function being impacted by nerve issues related to back injury or misalignment. There are some scientific papers looking at this association you can find online.
Replied by Snowbird
Connecticut And Florida, US

For me, Chocolate brings on the A Fib (couldn't resist the Easter chocolates everyone bought me) and then by taking some slow-release magnesium at bedtime, along with one extra blood pressure pill, and the A Fib is gone in the morning. Done this about 4 times now. Yes, I have a Hx of A Fib, have had the cardiac conversion (shock treatment) twice and am on Pradaxa to prevent blood clots. Any stimulant like coffee or caffeine brings it on for me. My A Fib all started after a non-cancerous tumor was discovered inside my heart and it was removed. That was 8 years ago. I'm 67 now.
Replied by Rigger
Northeast, Maryland

Miss Linda, you mentioned your diet and how it isn't working for you. That's an understood, because you're diet is not allowing your metabolism to function. Your diet has it shut down. Once a week, pick a day, eat what you want, Pizza, Ice cream, cake, etc. for just that day. Next day go back to what you've been doing. Your metabolism will kick in from eating what you wish for that "cheat day" and you will start losing weight. But your just not getting enough proper nutrients from what your eating daily. Get more protein in your diet with more chicken and beans, at least 25 grams of protein daily for you gain muscle instead of fat. Better metabolism function will burn fat off, so keep up the good work and I wish you the best.
Replied by Mike
Fairport, Ny

Interesting reads here. I was given an antibiotic a few years ago, and noticed I seem to have a lot of digestive issues since. I also ended up with constant AFIB not long after. Besides all of the nasty associated side affects of having it (anxiety, shortness of breath) I also started having a lot of issues sleeping. Sure enough, I was diagnosed with apnea. I was administered to the hospital for 3 days and given Tikosyn, which put me right back in rythym. Guess what?? Apnea went away. It's not apnea that caused my Afib, it was the other way around!! Hmmmm.......

I'm going to try probiotics and a lot of excercise, I am optimistic this will help and I can get rid of the meds someday. Mike

Alkaline Diet   1  0   

Posted by RON (TAVERNIER, FL) on 03/03/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  As you know i have been here before with many hit and miss theories about what is going on in my body. i have stumbled across some information and compared it to my current conditions aside from the atrial fib and think i have found the key. it is my belief my atrial fib was caused by a toxic substance in my blood. i had been found as having leaky gut syndrome some time ago and having a toxin in my blood by those that do blood work with a microscope. i thought little of it then and now i am starting to put pieces to together. those pieces are antibiotic use in the past, a poor gut flora, fungus under my toenails, poor digestion, malabsorbtion, sinus problems, post nasal drip, blowing my nose after eating, constipation and or diarrea, itchy skin rashes that come and go for no reason, and some other irritaions not enough to worry about alone but then as a whole have indicated i need probiotics to repair the leaky gut that is leaking toxins into my blood stream. and to correct the obvious candidasis in my body.

since taking the probiotics i have noticed some improvements in my body and realize it can take some time to correct the issues but i appear to be on track to correcting what ails me. for the very first time i think i have really hit on the root source of the atril fib problem and that the atrial fib is a symptom of other things going on and not the cause of the off balanced body. my body can not become alkaline with foreign bodies and pathogens living inside.

no chronic condition can be corrected until the body becomes alkaline and that body can not become alkaline if the gut flora is dominated by putrid toxin creating bacteria and that body can not correct itself with candida caused by the medical profession giving out antibiotics like candy. i have found out more and more with each passing day that if one wants to live a good life and a long life they need to stay away from doctors unless they have had an accident or stab wound or something similar because other than that they are pretty much killing us with drugs.

EC: Thank you for the update, Ron!

Replied by Soyjim
East Alton, Illinois

I came across your post under fibrillation. My mother has this condition and is under a medical doctors care. I also thought that fungal infections might have an impact on this condition. She and I have splotches on our skin. My sisters have them also. They all think they are just age spots and I am puffing in the wind when I suggest they are fungal related. The five doctors I have been to for the condition have humored me somewhat giving me some medications that helped some but did not cure me. Antibiotics, prednisone, Lamisil pills, Nizaral pills, and one other anti fungal pill that the name escapes me. I have calloused red feet that I believe is a moccasin type Fungal infection. If I could get rid of that I now think my problem would be solved. For several years nothing has been able to eliminate this but it is not intolerable. I believe your ph balance theory is a good idea. The three things I have done that I believe have been most effective for what I believe is a systemic fungal infection are listed next. started drinking the borax water about a month ago, have used vinegar solution soaks off and on for several years. recently added peroxide to this which I think may be better. Thirdly I grow a pro biotic culture in a warm brewers yeast and tap water solution. I have been drinking this for about ten months. Good luck and post If you find something that solves a long standing fungal problem.
Replied by Ron
Tavernier, Fl



Replied by Ladyliza
Granada Hills, Ca

Some AF is caused my heavy caffeine consumption.. Hopefully you don't imbibe much. Are you drinking ACV daily with water? That will help kill the candida. Also I would suggest not eating any mushrooms, mold, or yeast.. As it contributes to the problem. The ACV will help turn your acidity to alkaline. You need to get off of anything sweet as it is hard to get rid of candida when you eat sugar. I take 3 garlic pills a day and my white coated tongue has improved a lot. Good luck!
Replied by Errol
Fl, Usa

Here is my latest information. I have suggested that my afib was caused by toxic blood and that my PH was off. I have since put it all together even more and have cured my afib with a simply effective therapy. Since it is my belief AFIB is an over acid condition caused by poor gut function, poor adrenal function, poor diet, etc I have addressed those issues. Anyone can see the things I have tried over the years and believe me no one supplement will do it, but a long term therapy will. My final solution to this problem is unique and maybe a bit unusual for those not as familiar with this monster as I am. I take bentonite clay and probiotics as my major therapy. The bentonite pulls the toxins and acids from the body and the probiotics creates healing conditions in the colon. None of this comes in a short time this takes over a year of work. The bentonite is the best thing to draw acids from the body, and those acids create conditIons when the heart surface tissue becomes inflamed and irritated resulting in what we know as afib. I take sodium bentonite in a liquid bentonite from a well known company that supplies the product. First use of bentonite can cause constipation so use should be for 3 days on 4 days off until one gets used to it.Probiotics should be a good brand like Key or dr Ohhiras. If one wants to speed the process a bit diet change can come to play, maybe not a radical as mine since I have become mostly vegetarian. It takes time to heal the monster give yourself a year at least. For more information on this and to get products one can look up unique healing on youtube or simply buy your own wherever you like. It works for me and should work for you
Replied by Linda
Missouri, US

Thank you, Errol, for your post. Very encouraging. I believe the afib is also caused by digestive issues (or surrounds the digestive issues), so I am going to take your suggestion and work on it, and I'll keep you posted.
Replied by Pat
Pennsylvania, US

I too believe that the digestive system is also involved with the afib. I think probiotics are a good idea.I started them, too. Makes sense since every episode of afib usually starts with "noises" in my stomach(gas?) Hope it helps!
Replied by Pat
Pennsylvania, US

Have been taking taurine and arginine for close to a month now and no afib. (unusual for me!). I also started the probiotic every day. Do you think that I can take the Hawthorne with the low dose of beta blocker? Don't know if I should stop it yet. Still feel like I need to keep my heart rate down to stay out of afib., but I think the supplements are keeping me from being symptomatic! Afib without the symptoms (which a lot of people have and don't know they even have it) is better to me than having "symptoms".

Wish I can get to that point. And I am not going to take the "rat poisoning" to thin by blood which they tell me I will have to take by age 65 (I am 62)! Will anticoagulate with aspirin and vitamin E which I already do.

Forgot to mention the supplement recommended by the "womens health network" called Serrinisol. I think it helps the "adrenal system". Another helpful site I found since losing faith in our traditional medical system to cure me of this. It is a slow process, but I believe I am finally getting somewhere after 2 years of this! I also think "prayer" has helped me a lot, too! Doctors aren't the only people that can heal us! And I believe God will lead me to cures that will heal me! After all, he led me to this website! Just be patient and the healing will come! Thank you all for your helpful input!

Replied by James

Pat, Yes, stay off Rat Poison! No doubt that mine and many of others AF episodes are "Vagally mediated" from Vagus nerve. Having never had an issue during the day, only at sleep or just before bed late, I'm sure mine is digestive system related and not adrenal. Tis why they test us for apnea Im guessing. Unfortunately, EPs and Cardios still attempt to prescribe meds that don't address the condition, but the symptoms. Beta blockers will NOT work for Vagus initiated AF. Flecainide does, but wow, what a dangerous med that is. Add to the nocturnal AFers, the disruption of sleep from meds, actually contributes to arrhythmia by disturbing REM sessions at night. So then they are quick to put us on sedatives. This Pharma ball just keeps rolling downward. However, Ablation does seem to have fair success with both vagal and adrenal AF.

To conclude all this, I was on Metoprolol for a time, and still got AF. Then switched to Flec. However I weaned off that after 3 horrible months, so I can't say if it would have worked. I did take Hawthorne while weaning off these meds, but not the dosage I now take. I would start with a low dose, maybe 250 mg with both berrie and flower. Last AF episode, HR never got higher than 72, tho still irregular, and I was NSR in 5 hours. Id say that's as successful as any beta blocker. So now, When I get that feeling, flutter, etc at night, I load up on Malate Mag, 600-900mg, and 500-1500 Hawthorne, over a 1-3 hour period before bed. Keep in mind, I did build up to this over 6 months as Mag is tough to assimilate in small intestines. I do carry the Tuarine and Arginine in cabinet for PIP purposes, but will look at adding that in. Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap molasses seem to calm flutter down also. Best wishes.

Replied by Pat
Pa., US

To James.Thanks, I may get the ablation eventually but trying to work with supplements and meds right now. I will try the Hawthorne. I only take 12.5 mg a day of toprol. I really don't think it does anything but am afraid it may keep my HR a little lower so that when I do get afib it isn't quite as fast! But as far as the supplements go, none of them seem to rid me of the afib completely! Sooo, I guess I'll just keep going on my same regimen with supplements and meds. You are fight about the fleccanide, it also didn't prevent the afib so I stopped taking it every day and take a "rescue dose" 400 mg when I go into it, which lately is about every 3 weeks. It still takes about 2 hrs for it to work and even that is too long! Hope they come up with a new cure soon! Hanging in and hope you are too! Pray for us all!
Replied by Pat

Correction to my last statement! The rescue dose is 4 tablets fleccainide which is 200 mg not 400 mg.Sorry! Taken when I go into the fast heart rate which still scares me every time! I never get used to it! Thanks, Pat
Replied by James

Whew, Im glad you clarified that 400mg!! Im a big guy and I was told no more than 3 of my 100mg Flec to get back to NSR. Of course I haven't had the chance to try that because I've converted with Mag and Haw last 2 times. ND says to try the flec to see if that's quicker, but it doesn't sound as tho it is. Don't give up on the supplements and the healing process just yet, it could take 12-18 months to build up the stores of Mag and other good things, not to mention heal the inflammation. Every 3 weeks isn't bad, I'm about 1-2 months, but with the Hawthorne, HR stays low to tolerate. If you're only doing 12.5 of Toprol, you should be ok with Haw. Ablation is not in my thought process right now because you still are bound to Meds after, sometimes forever. One quick hint with my condition, I'm a nocturnal Fibber. So when I get that odd feeling, I load up on Mag, 6-900 mg along with 1 gm Taurine, 500 mg Haw, just before bed. That takes away all the pausing/flutter before bed and I sleep solid and wake up refreshed. Keep in mind that Mag is a blood thinner in its own right, so be careful if you're still on the Decon.
Replied by Pat

To James: Yes I started the Hawthorne. So far just 250 once a day. But for some reason I'm getting alot of intermittent afib which is alot slower than normal but comes more often! As I said, I also take Taurine and Serrinisol. I take 25mg of Toprol split into 2 doses because I can't handle it all together. Makes me feel lousy! I think it's because I have low normal BP and since it lowers my pressure and I really don't need it to, it makes me feel tired. I do seem to be getting the afib more at night now too! It comes in cycles! Wish it would go away for good! But I'll take it on a lesser level, as lately been.Not so fast and scary! I know there has to be a reason for this and sometimes I think they have messed up our electrical systems with all the technology in the world now! All those towers and everything! Some of our hearts are sensitive to it all! They're definitely killing us on this planet! Will let you know how the hawthorne works out.They also gave me Atavan to take for the anxiety I get from it! But only take 0.5 (maybe) a day, if I need to. Don't wanna get hooked on that, too! Don't really like it much. Good luck with yours! Maybe I'll get off them all like you too some day soon!
Replied by James
New Hampshire, US

Pat, Yes, with that on meds, they get you hooked and are not only hard to get off, youre body misses that fix also. But, of the 2, Id say the Magnesium is the most important. Hawthorne does slow rate, but if your doing the Metop, that is already slowing things down. Lowering your HR does not keep you out of Fib, whether its a med or supplement. Mag takes away my flutter or paps in minutes. (No AF this past month) Try loading up on that before bed, start with 300, and get to 6-900mg as soon as you can. It wont hurt you, just will eliminate it next day. Get the oil or gel form also, easier to hold in. Your condition is worse than avg, but Ive seen much worse and heard of successes without surgery. One lady I knew had it every day, for hours. Got on one supplement, and poof, gone and not returned for 5 years. COQ10 once a day was all she took!! I was envious. I take that also, but guess what? It doesnt work without adequate levels of Mag. Obviously she was getting her Mag levels from food sources. Cells towers, micro waves etc, Id believe that, its not like theyve conducted studies and proven any of it is completely safe.
Replied by Pat
Pa., US

Thank you for your advice, James. Am now down to I 12.5 dose of Toprol a day and using hawthorne (500) mg once a day with the mag (maybe 500-800) a day and feeling better. Palps come less severe and slower when I get them. Hoping that takes care of all the fast erratic episodes of AF. Will report back as time goes by.

So glad to have some relief and not to feel so desperate as to get ablation! Talking to you and earth clinic has helped me lots! Just for the record, I also have been taking coq10 and fish oil and a few other supplements for some time now also. Going to pick up the molasses this week and start that too. Even cancelled my appointment for tomorrow! If all goes well, will let the md's know later on. I will reschedule in a month or so!

Your advice about not giving up on the healing helped too! I'm sure this is some kind of deficiency or something and I always have been! Kept trying to tell them that but they have another agenda! Do also take baby aspirin about 4x a week. And when I remember Vit E few times a week also just to let everyone know! That keeps my blood thin! So does at least 24 oz of water a day! Don't intend to take Big Pharma blood thinner! They tell me by age 65 I should be on it! Hope not!

Replied by James

Pat, that sounds great and promising. I like the slow approach of weaning off the "crutches" and building a foundation of healing. You will possibly find that the Metop is basically adding little to your latest success and will feel like a million bucks when thats gone. You can always grab it in a pinch, I have that and Flec on hand as PIP, but have never used.

Thats the thing with Meds vs supplements, we live in a society of having it all now and drugs allow us that instant fix. It can take as long as a year for us to build stores of Magnesium and other minerals. I just read somewhere that women need much more Mag than men. I like that you cancelled you appt, but suggest you do find a good Naturalpath MD. They arent cheap, and most insurance won't cover, but in the long run, they will save you bouque bucks and aggravation. Mine lets me call him for free when I need advice. One thing he added that I have not taken is Lily Valley. Its like foxglove, digoxin natural, but not as strong. Great anti arrhythmia. The thing with blood "thinners" is, they're not! They once again blocked something, just like all drugs do. At 60 I'm not looking to sign up for all that Pharma has in store for us.

Replied by Pat
Pa., US

Now up to 2 doses of hawthorne per day and it works pretty well. Although when I started it I had alot of palps for about the first week or so.they seem to have calmed down. Also pumped up the mag to about 600 a day. And still taking the Taurine and the probiotic with a few additional supplements ( vit C and E). Only taking 12.5 toprol because I believe it does nothing for the afib! Fish oil is another one I started! Will keep going with these for a while.

I can even have 1 glass of wine when I go out (which I couldn't have before) and I don't go right into afib! For some reason the alcohol put me right into afib after the first sip! That really made me angry! No more alcohol ever again??? No fun! Believe me, I was never a big drinker but I do enjoy a cocktail when I go out once in a while!

I'm looking for a good "naturopathic doctor" in the area but not a lot of them around in close proximity! It would be nice to get some advice from them, I agree! Helps having all your input with everyone else! Gives me hope for this lousy condition! I think we can get a handle on it if we try! And I sure wasn't with the traditional M.D.'s! It was just getting worse! I honestly think the toprol at times can cause afib! And the "flec" did too! It was weird.Sometimes they helped and sometimes they made me worse! Very strange! I just couldn't figure it out! But I am learning a lot! Hope our luck holds out!

Replied by James

Too funny on the wine/alcohol myth. After my first few episodes, cardios wanted to sign me up for AA. My friends laughed because Im always a beer or 2 behind them. So I quit for a year to humor them and went into AF still. Sure, throw booze, caffeine, stress, and all the other things that deplete minerals, mainly Magnesium into the mix. I drink 4-6 glasses of wine a week now, no issues, just load up on mag and haw before and after.

12.5 of Metop is such a low dose, I doubt it will put you in or keep you out of AF. If youre staying out tho, just keep taking it for now, not as dangerous as the Flec and others. Yes, the meds do work and may keep you out for a time, but alas, like all meds eventually stop working as they deplete all the good stuff too.

It took me a while to find a good ND who as familiar with AF and cures. Lucky to be near Vt where there are hundreds and found a good one near Burlington. He lets me call him for free advice any time, and only see him when I feel I need to. Some states are a challenge for NDs, only 17 license them. Happy hunting!

Replied by Pat
Pa, US

To James, NH, US: Still hunting for a good naturopathic m.d. but trying to treat myself, in the meantime.About drinking the wine, do you just take more hawthorne & mag when you have a glass? Also stopped eating yogurt. When this all started I was having yogurt every day. So I thought I would stop and just having one the other day brought on the afib about 7 hrs later.After not having any for a while I am starting to wonder if yogurt has anything to do with it! Who knows! Also, how did you go off the metapropolol? I'm taking only 12.5 every other day now.Should I skip 2 days and take one every 2 days?
Replied by Diamond
Ma., US

Your mind/body should tell you how you feel and if it's right to take more or none at all of what your concerns are. Most people follow their gut/instincts. If you feel ok with out what ever you question is, then keep trying that path, then if you begin to feel as though you should go back on previous regiment then do so. But my self// I don't do doctors very well, I came very close to a heart attack because of taking conventional meds..Follow your heart. It has never led me wrong yet. Good Luck.
Replied by James

Pat, yes , mostly take Mag 300mg before I drink and at bedtime take 300 more along with 500mg Haw. Alcohol raises my HR, hence the Haw. My ND told me also to take Alpho lipoic acid before drinking. Supposedly releases enzymes in liver to deal with alcohol, not sure on that one. I havent really tested that one.

Metop was easy, the Flecainide took me a few months. Yes, I think that is a good protocol, one day on one day off etc. I was taking 25mg twice a day, and then went to night only 50mg, then 25, then 12.5,7.5.....stopped. I would say over 3 months is reasonable.

Yogurt has something in that has never agreed with me and I hardly touch the stuff. Curious what it is that would cause AF tho?

Replied by Bee
New York, US

James.. I read your post about getting off Metoprolol so easy.. I have been doing this for about 8 l/2 months now.. I am going by how I feel but wow this seems like a long time..but I read that I could be overly sensitive to this drug or something..

I am down to 25 mgs. now but it was not without a huge struggle and huge side effects and no I don't have any other issues... I couldn't just cut the pills either . I had to extend the time I took them and then cut them.. There is a site I look at where people have had really aweful time getting off and horrible experiences.. I wish I was one of those..but sometimes I feel like I am doing something wrong.

thank You

Replied by Ron

[YEA]   In my search for a cure I realized I was using crutches in the form of many supplements. I have also found the root to all conditions such as afib, or all chronic conditions such as asthma, cancer diabetes etc is either toxicity and or deficiency. I have also discovered that the best way to eliminate the toxic conditions in the body is with bentonite clay, food grade sodium bentonite. Small amounts do not cure, large does. The stools should be massive, and daily, not small and occasional. My AFIB is getting less and less to the point that I seldom have an attack and if I do a large bowel movement usually corrects it. Benonite not only pulls toxins from the colon but also pulls toxins from the organs and blood but and it takes at least 5 tablespoons taken daily to work or in pill form up to 80 pills..

Bentonite combined with probiotics will work for 80% of all afibs.The others are heart conditions mine was a colon condition which most of us have. This needs to be done for a year maybe two depending on the individual. I had all day every day 24 hour afib. I would wake up at night or in the morning with run away heart beating loud and fast. I could feel my heart beat in my ears. It was all irritation of the vegus nerve that also controls the heart, the source of which was inflammation coming from toxic conditions in the colon. Other symptoms were heavy mucous after eating, heavy mucous in the morning upon waking and showering. Heavy mucous coming from my nose when having a bowel movement, tinnitus, constipation or diareaha, in a cycle. The constipation would get better until it losened to diareaha , then back to the constipation. Back and forth and back and forth. Now its all healing up nicely with the bentonite. I also use psyllium and or oxy colon cleanse because the bentonite can bind you up a bit when you take a lot but those massive stools sure move out the toxic waste. If you are not having well formed stools at least once a day you are accumulating toxic matter that could be affecting the vegal nerve that affects the heart. This was the holy grail for me.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.

HI U RON, , , , , , , , good post. The natural folks have a debate as to which is more important ...... the colon or the liver. I say both and treat them equally. As I am on the shady side of the mountain, I am paying more attention to Hulda Clark....... it's a parasite thing. Those buggers will get you in a natural born minute and our MD's have no clue.


Replied by Tony
Windsor, Ontario

Hi Ron, what kind of bentonite clay did you use, what is the dosage and how long? Thnx in advance

Colonoscopy   0  0   

Posted by Marko (Wisconsin, US) on 03/25/2015

I had my first Afib episode shortly after having a colonoscopy. My sense is that the colonoscopy was a contributing factor. I am interested in hearing perspectives from others. Could it irritate the vagus nerve and cause afib?

Replied by Kt

It has been a piecemeal learning endeavor for over two decades that I have become aware of this. I have had four colonoscopies and my heart disturbance was reported while I was under anesthesia. The liquid magnesium citrate had been given prior to the procedures, when this had been reported.

Years later, I can't remember the time frame but I had heard that magnesium citrate was more readily absorbed so I stopped taking my regular magnesium and got the magnesium citrate. I started to have frightening palpitations and "flutters". I was scheduled for a stress test after reporting this to my PCP. It wasn't until I was resting after the test that the rapid flutters began again, right there in the same room. I was then diagnosed with PVC (premature ventricular contraction). I went back on the plain magnesium and they stopped.

Now, I may have a little "rumble" once in awhile. When I look back at what I've eaten, it's always been something in the food or the way it has been cooked. I hope this information will help you. The colonoscopy itself, I don't think would have caused your afib. This is just my opinion and what I have gone through.

Dental Issues   1  0   

Posted by Errol (Miami, Fl, Usa) on 08/05/2012

[YEA]  Well it has been over 72 hours since my root canal infected teeth were pulled. The dentist showed me the pus that was festering in my gums and had to scrape pus and dead tissue from my bone, do a bone graft and fill a big hole where tissue had died. The other dentist really did a number on me. For years this infected mess called root canals that was suppose to safe was pumping toxic waste into my body affecting heart, my sinuses, and possibly my colon and liver. I was a toxic mess. I am sitting here still with the sore mouth the swelling has almost gone away, the afib is not being noticed at all. I have a bridge in my mouth, not as comfortable as the other teeth but not as deadly either. I suspect it will be much more comfotable when the stiches are pulled on the 15th of Aug. 2012. Any with afib should look up the dangers of root canals and you will see the most affected organ from root canals is the heart. I am sure I have cured my a fib and am continuing with my life as a juicer, a faster, and an aloe vera drinking man knowing now I will hit at least 100 years unless I go by accident.. Those years will not be sick years they will be healthy and wise years. The human body has the capacity to live 120 years yet almost no one in this country ever comes close while persons of other countries those that live in high fertile areas do. Maybe its because they drink that dangerous raw milk every day or eat that unpasturized deadly raw yogurt this sick and stupid country bans.

Replied by Kevin
Brooklyn, Ny

Thanks for sharing.
Replied by Donna
Ct, US

Just wondering how you are doing after the extraction? Did it cure your afib? I am contemplating getting the 3 root canals I have removed as I believe it may be causing my afib also.

Detox from Chemicals   0  0   

Posted by Kathryn4 (Maryland) on 09/13/2013

Just to mention that Afib can be caused by chemicals that have gotten into the heart that you have been exposed to. Clear out those toxins and the heart could be better.

Replied by Pat

How would you suggest detoxing the chemicals from the body? Is "detox" tea once a day sufficient, do you think? Or supplements? Garlic? Thanks.

Foods to Avoid: Worchester Sauce   0  0   

Posted by Heather (Miami, Florida) on 12/04/2009

[WARNING!]  Over the summer I found a great turkey cumin burger recipe online. We made the burger at least once a week and I always used soy sauce even though the recipe also called for lea and perrins worchester sauce (1/2 soy, half lea & perrins). Towards the end of the summer I finally bought a bottle of lea & perrins to test out in the recipe. Well, within 10 minutes after eating my burger, my heart started to beat erratically. A loud thump and then rapid heartbeats. I figured it might have something to do with the L&P, but to make absolutely certain, I added it again to the recipe a week later. Shortly after eating my burger, my heart started the same erratic racing. I didn't add it to the recipe after that and I had no more issues. Well get this...Today my mother calls me and tells me that she was in the hospital yesterday and they had to restart her heart twice because of atrial fibrillation issues which were triggered shortly after eating. I asked her to go over what she ate shortly before the meal and she said, "scrambled eggs with salt, pepper, milk and a very small amount of lea & perrins". I screamed when I heard that and told her that the sauce had to be the culprit. We went over the lea & perrins ingredients...vinegar, molasses, high fructose corn syrup, anchovies, water, onions, salt, garlic, tamarind concentrate, natural flavorings, chil pepper extract. I jumped online and researched "natural flavorings" and what do you know, it is often a cloaked term for MSG!!!

Anyone with erratic heartbeat or a racing heartbeat should carefully examine the ingredients in the food they ate shortly before the episode. Maybe with the Lea & Perrins it was a combination of the MSG plus the corn syrup that caused a problem with the heart. Who knows. They now want to put a Pacemaker in my mother. Wow!

Replied by Kathleen
San Antonio, Texas, United States

While I would never defend MGS as a good thing, it may not be the culprit in this case. Unless you and your mother have a known problem with MSG, it is not likely that you have only had an issue with it in this one product (unless the MSG level is particularly high in this product). Unfortunately MSG and high fructose corn syrup are added to MANY products. You might want to consider some of the less common ingredients such as the anchovies or tamarind, maybe even the chili pepper extract.
Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA

I do understand you are not defending msg, on the other hand I find it highly unlikely that anchovies, tamarind or chili pepper would be that offensive. These are all foods that are good for you. MSG is well-known to have lots of side effects and many people don't even recognize that it is one of the causes of their certain problem, whatever that may be. I, as a child, used to have a severe reaction to it whenever we would visit a particular Chinese restaurant. I would go extremely dizzy, my heart would feel faster, my body would feel numb and I would feel very strange and out of control. I was a very slight child so perhaps my size even contributed to the extreme reaction. My dad would always say I was over exaggerating. That was looong before they began to publicly inform everyone about msg and it became a practice for many Chinese restaurants to state in their menus that there is no msg in their food. I would have to say that I think Heather is onto something in this case for her and her mom. Kudos to you Heather for sleuthing this out!
Replied by Heather
Miami, Florida

Thank you Kathleen and Lisa for your response.

To respond to Kathleen, I don't know about my mother, but I eat tamarind, hot peppers and anchovies without a problem.I have been researching this subject the past couple of days and have found some interesting links......

Atrial Fibrillation and MSG

Here's a good page on MSG:

I also found references to corn syrup and racing heart on Earth Clinic! and

Replied by Jane
Passadena, Ca

Interesting links, thank you Heather. I found one of the website's you linked to about MSG and Taurine Deficiency very insightful.

"Taurine is the body's heartbeat regulator. Deficiency states can be induced by MSG because glutamate competes in the body with another sulfur-containing amino acid - cysteine. The body uses cysteine to make taurine - another sulfur-containing amino acid used as a neurotransmitter. A major complaint of MSG symptom complex sufferers is irregular, fast heartbeats, - atrial fibrillation. The same symptom also occurs from taurine deficiency."

Maybe you and your mother can try supplementing with Taurine?

Replied by Ron
Tavernier, Fl

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

I was just intending to post a question asking people here how they feel about it. I have just read a very interesting book about MSG and Aspartame written by an American neurosurgeon: Excitotoxins: the taste that kills, and am now in the process of adapting to a life without MSG (I don't drink fizzy drinks anyway so I guess that I don't need to worry about Aspartame). It is not easy as it comes under so many names and then there also the additives that sometimes have it but sometimes not and the ones that often have it but sometimes not! I have come to the conclusion that if you really want to ban this stuff you can hardly eat anything you buy in the shops. But why have things come to this point? Is the quality of food so bad that otherwise nothing tastes anymore?

The other day someone here was saying that it is even injected in chickens and turkeys.... I have heard (maybe not true) that they spray it on fruit and vegetables and that medication contains it as well..... Right now I am using a specialized toothpaste for my gums and I suspect that it might contain MSG too! Why on earth is it used everywhere? Even stuff you buy in the health store contains it!

Now I am reading another book, about E numbers (the additives they add here in Europe) and there the author tells you that there is nothing to fear about MSG and how good all the additives are, only to go on about all the bad side effects! It is a mess........ I used to be a keen cook but right now I don't have the desire to cook at all anymore. Am I overreacting...

Replied by Leslie
New Castle, Pa

You think it's bad now... Wait until they pass Senate Bill 510 and the FDA has complete control over all of our food and supplements. Very scary.
Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa

Hello Francisca, No, I do not think you are over reacting, I also feel the same way about SOY products being in all the foods, even tuna, it is called vegetable broth and it is GMO. I make my own bread, and cook all my food myself, and wash the vegs good but it is impossible to find totally all clean and healthy foods and water, at all times, but keep trying, we must not get lax in our efforts.

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Errol (Miami, Fl, USA) on 07/31/2012

I have recently read where doctor weston price years ago found out that root canals were responsible for many diseases. his work was overlooked and buried for over 70 years. it seems that these things leak bacteria with no apparent symtoms for years. only when the gums become inflamed and sore does one realize root canals are not what they appear.

then it dawned on me, the fact that shortly after getting 2 root canals in 1995 i started getting afib and tinnitus. could that be the hidden cause of my afib the doctors are clueless about? could that be the one thing all doctors overlook and all dentists say no way? could it be dental procedures are as deadly and dangerous as the poison drugs doctors give us? could it be the entire medical proffesion is out to kill us? i think maybe so. i will know tomorrow when i have these yanked out and replaced with implants. i will post any changes.

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks   1  0   

Posted by Rick (Long Beach, Ca) on 05/25/2013

[YEA]  I have had arrythmia (atrial fibrillation) for many years and discovered certain procedures to stop the attacks.

Drink Ice Cold Water
If you experience these super rapid heart beats (approx. 180 per minute) you may find relief by drinking ice cold water. Sometimes just a few swallows will do the trick within a minute but drinking a large glass and then lying down maybe required at other times depending on your condition.

Exhale Through Nose
Another technique I discovered was to inhale through the nose to the count of 4 and then exhale through the mouth for a count of 16. You may have to purse your lips to slow the exhalation sufficiently. Do this 4 times and then wait. It may take several minutes before your regular heart rate suddenly kicks in

Stretch Arms Over Shoulders
Lastly, sometimes just stretching your arms and shoulders over your head as far as you can as if to touch the ceiling and holding it for 10 seconds or more can do the trick. This can also be done lying down.

Another variation of this would be to hang on to something like the molding over door way and stretch. Keep your feet on the floor.

Take Fish Oil
I have had little or no problem with arrythmias when I started taking a good quality fish oil for several months. I don't think I can recommend brands here but it should be high in EPA and DHA and you should take the maximum dose.

Hope this helps.

Replied by Pat
Pa, US

can you tell me the maximum dose of fish oil you recommend?
Replied by Artemis

Don't know how valid this is, but my Cariologist just the other day told me NOT to take "fish oils". I said to him, but I eat skinless/boneless sardines and, he said, no, that's OK?I mean the fish oils like the Omegas 3,6 etc. I was recently hospitalized twice with pneumonia and now am told I have AFib. Well, they totally destroyed my body and health in the damned hospital with the thousands of drugs they had me on 24/7. My hair has been falling out like crazy?I have sores all over my body and other damage to my health. I stopped taking all but 4 of the drugs and am trying desperately to develop my "natural remedy protocol" in addition to the drugs. Just wanted to tell you what he said about the fish oils. But of course I will research this and also see a more well informed doctor who also has knowledge with natural remedies. They are killing everyone in this freaking country with drugs?and our damned government is all paid off by Big Pharma and lobbyists. Sorry - my apologies for my ranting but it makes me crazy what I see every day and now I am a victim also?but not for long.

This site is a god send - blessings of the Universe to you all for all your support, advice and for just being there.

Replied by Bee
New York


I am sorry you went through this but you will no doubt be healing yourself and yes I know about big pharma ; doctors and their pills.. I was diagnosed with hbp two years ago and was put on pills but none of them worked. I didn't know what to do and I wasn't educated about it at the time.. then they gave me a beta blocker and it worked a little but then I started to get smart and found natural remedies and a better diet and sun and grounding and exercise.. well they wouldn't get me off the drug and so I weaned myself off but it was a small nightmare. I was confined to my house for about a year with horrific side effects.. I had every side effect in the book .. I am off the drugs now and using all natural things and I am so greatful that I am okay.. I am still learning and tweaking as I go.

Good Luck

Replied by Mat
Brisbane, Australia

Doesn't surprise me that a Cardiologist would say something like that, let alone any doctor. They generally have no idea! There's clinical data to back up Omega 3,6,9 supplementation and the benefits of diets which in them from natural sources. Don't be afraid of questioning your doctor. I did, and found an excellent holistic gp who is switched on!
Replied by Frances
Cabarlah, Qld.

Mat (Brisbane, Australia), I would be interested in knowing the name of your holistic GP.
Replied by Mary

I think the drug Levofloxacin after a bout of pneumonia brought on my a-fib. The pharmacist verified that she has many clients that have reacted the same. She said sometime it is permanent and sometimes not. I just hope it is temporary. A-fib started April, 2015 .. It is August now and the attack frequency has lessen greatly. It has been 2 months with no attack .. and then 2 a.m. this morning ..I had an attack. I have avoided the drugs much to cardiologist's dismay. Magnesium works.. cold water works... and the breathing exercises. but scary every time. I do take the krill oil, coq10, R-Lipoic Acid and other stuff.

Several ER visits and one overnight at the hospital. Scary stuff. Feels like a heart attack. My throat gets tight and pressure in my ears and of course all the rest that goes with it. I will get more regular with the bentonite clay to get rid of toxins. So Thankful for this site. Thank you all for your input. Don't take Levofloxacin or any of the Levoquins if you can avoid it.

Hyperparathyroidism   0  0   

Posted by Nancy (Woodstock, Ga) on 12/17/2014

Thank you all for your great suggestions and encouragement. I had an irregular heartbeat for about ten year before it became a-fibrillation. Since then, I have a-fib several times a week, sometimes lasting for three or four days. Calcium Channel and Beta Blockers made my a-fib worse, as did magnesium.

A-fibrillation can be a symptom of hyperparathyroidism, a (supposedely) rare disease. The only connection with the thyroid is that these four glands are located on the thyroid. Have your calcium serum tested and if it is high, even a little bit, check out for more symptoms and info. Mine had been high for over ten years; several doctors told me it was nothing to worry about. They were wrong! If it is high, insist on getting your parathyroid hormone tested. I found this out for myself after my doctor told me that my high calcium was nothing to worry about and that several other symptoms I have been experiencing were due to my age (57). It turned out I had a huge tumor.

Most of my symptoms are gone and the a-fib and irregular heartbeat were gone for the first few weeks following the 20 minute surgery. The a-fib came back when my cardiologist scared me into continuing my medicine. I took it for another couple of weeks, the a-fib returned, and I stopped it. I'm better off the medicine than on.

I am still working on getting this under control and have taken note of your suggestions. I tried the 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper this evening and it worked! Thanks everyone for your comments. I am encouraged and will not take the new, even scarier, meds my doctor has prescribed.

Infection   0  0   

Posted by Denise (Oceanside, Ca) on 01/13/2013

I have been doing research on Arterial Fibrillation for my Father. He has been healthy and strong his whole life and a few years ago was diagnosed with AF. He came back from a trip from Africa with a blistering rash on his mouth and chin. He also had toe nail fungus and had them removed. Then he was diagnosed with AT. He had that heart reset procedure that would correct the problem for a while then lapsed back to AF. I found an obscure French study that stated that ALL AF patients they tested also had H. pylori infection. I have had a feeling there may very well may be a connection of some type of fungal and bacteria infection affecting the heart. Parasites can also disrupt the heart rhythm. I will start him on Olive Leaf and Iodine and Selenium, B 2 , B 3 , Coq 10, Milk Thistle supplements and see what the next EKG says. I will let you know.

Replied by Timh Donate

Louisville, Ky, Usa

Denise: if I am not mistaken, I wathced a YouTube video of the author of this study; a scientist with high degrees and a nobel to boot (if I'm not mistaken). He had enough clout to publish the truth and facts of a common health problem. Dr. Sinatra highly reccomends supplementing Carnitine in combo with the CoQ10 as they commpliment each other in a much better heart health result (he published a book on this but I don't know the title. He also has a youTube page). Also, supplementing the Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 is also reccomended. Also, Vit-E (mixed tocopherols and tocotreinols) work very well w/ Ubiquinol and Selenium. For pathogens, Grapefruitseed extract and Neem will work well in combo or rotate with the Olive Leaf. Oregeno is also indicated.
Replied by Anne
Beaverton, Or

Denise, are you able to post the study information for us to locate it? I've been searching, but don't seem to find that one. Thx.
Replied by Andrea C

About PACE MAKERS and atrial fib...

My father's side of the family all have bad hearts, except for his youngest brother who did, and still does, EVERYTHING wrong health wise. He smoked has been a big drinker from really young, always in bed, or over the pub. My Father, who did EVERYTHING by the book health wise, died young from heart problems and his Mother as well. There were 9 children in his Family of them and only 3 now alive. My uncle his second youngest brother, was told weeks after my Father died he urgently needed a pacemaker or he'd be dead very soon.

My cousin, his eldest daughter, became ill on the day he booked into the hospital for his operation, and he asked the surgeon could he reschedule the operation as his child was ill. The surgeon refused and told him if he left then he wasn't responsible for his death and refused to put him back on the waiting list. LUCKY FOR HIM!!!! All his siblings had heart operations and all ended up with worsening heart problems followed by multiple operations.

HE'S NEVER HAD A HEART ATTACK AND IS STILL ALIVE AND FIT AS A FIDDLE!!! That was 14 year's ago and he's now in his late 70's and no problem's and never been near a Heart Doctor, or his own Doctor for any Heart complaint since that day.

Love Andrea C xxxx

Magnesium   2  0   

Posted by Hwkmn05 (Nh, US) on 06/23/2014

[YEA]  If I had one supplement to suggest someone with Atrial Fibrillation or any heart condition for that matter, Magnesium would be that. It took me 4 years to figure this out, but for some reason certain individuals deplete Mag levels in our bodies more than others. Possibly stress , or diet, but there are days I can t keep enough in my system. Ive dealt with Tachycardia several times and a high dose (800-1200mg) of Mag and Hawthorne (2000mg), gets me in NSR. I have not used it yet to get me out of full AF, but I am more confident now than I have ever been on Meds. Hope to never take Meds again.

Replied by Sue
Michigan, US

What type of Magnesium are you taking?
Replied by Hwkmn05
Nh, US

I use a few different types of Mg because it can be difficult to contain in your small intestine. Mg Citrate is good, but I have recently switched to Mg Malate and find I can retain it longer. Also, Mg Oil. which you can apply topically near your heart, and assimilates quickly. I just used that and Hawthorne, 4-5 times the dose to get out of AF this month. Took about 5 hours, but it hasn't come back.
Replied by Bruce

Hi all, I came across this site and posted on another thread before I fould this afib thread. Thought I'd repost it on this thread.

Anyone hear have afib that their hr gets slower? Any runners with afib and slower heat rates?

Here's my post on another thread:

Posted by Linda (Washington) on 02/02/2014

[YEA]   A-Fib: Two years ago I started having problems with heart palpitations they got so severe at one point I was hospitalized. Thinking I was having a heart attack my Doctor set me up with the usual tests. Holter monitor, stress tests all of them. They decided in the end that it may be the beginning of A-Fib. Not ready to start me on all the meds since I was already taking high blood pressure medicine and a low dose aspirin and 1200 mgs. of calcium. I had been taking potassium as well but after blood work my doctor stopped them saying I didn't need them. The cardiologist decided to put me on toprol too. I didn't like the way they made me feel but, believing in Doctors as all knowledgeable I continued on. I kept having less severe attacks that I learned how to ease somewhat until they went away. I was trying to lose weight and I was on pretty much a starvation diet for a long time after having tried so many things and couldn't lose any weight. My Doctor was informed of this, he ignored it. My friend suggested I try some magnesium so to humor her I went to the grocery and bought a bottle of magnesium. Didn't seem to help much. But then last summer my sister introduced me to Calm and some literature by a naturopath. I read and then read everything I could find on the subject it explained so much about my symptoms and I was shocked so decided to search the internet and found Earth Clinic you are a life saver thank you so much for being here for us. I discovered due to my bad diet I had depleted my mineral stores and my heart was reacting to the loss of them. I started back on potassium and took the Calm magnesium every day in the high dose recommended. I read Dr. Carolyn Deans web page and stopped the calcium. Since that time I have not experienced another A-Fib attack or felt the least bit of a problem from my heart.

Sorry to be so long winded but, I wanted to be clear on what the cause was. That magnesium works wonders and to keep learning and to Thank all who send their information to Earth Clinic for the good of us all.

Replied by Theresa

Very interested in your post about afib. Would like more information on the dosing of magnesium because I was in ICU for a week with afib - first time ever got it. I don't want to have ablation operation .

Molasses   2  0   

Posted by Joan (South Riding, US) on 10/09/2014

[YEA]  Over the years, I have found that coffee (more specifically, caffeine) causes me to have irregular heartbeats. Now, every cup of coffee contains a bit of organic Blackstrap Molasses. No longer do I experience heart beats that feel like my heart is flopping around. No longer do I get that shortness of breath feeling. In fact, all I have to do, if I haven't had BSM in a while and experience an irregular heartbeat, is dip my finger into BSM and the irregularity subsides.

Replied by Bee
New York, US

Hi Joan

I am weaning off some beta blockers and finding ways to keep my heart rate down. I tried the BSM and it kind of calmed my heart down a bit.. I put a teaspoon in some organic herbal tea... Not sure its working totally though..It does have sugar also.

But what is in that slows down the heart? Is it the minerals.? Potassium??

Replied by Hwkmn05
New Hampshire, US

Bee, I'm betting it's the Magnesium in Blackstrap Molasses that may be regulating HR. Not a huge amount per Tbls, 15mg maybe, but possibly gets into your system faster than a capsule.
Replied by Bee
New York, US

Hi, Hwk

I already do about 500 -900 miligrams a day of magnesium citrate so not sure. Have to experiment some

I just need to keep this heart rate down so I can keep weaning off. Doing a bunch of things so far but would like to find one thing that works the best..

Thank You

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Bee, My experience has been that Mag does not lower your HR but works as an anti arrhythmia. I use 3-900 mg per day/night depending on the vices/feeling that day. Big coffee or wine day, double down on Mag. If youre looking to lower your HR, Hawthorne works well. I use about 5-1500 mg and last 2 AF episodes HR stayed under 75. Rate control will not necessarily keep you out of AF, but you will function better until your back to NSR. Ive been Metop/Flecainide free 5 months now and increased exercise 4 times the amount due to more energy level. When the Meds are gone, youll feel like you just lowered your age 10 years.
Replied by Bee
New York, US

Hi Hwk,

Here is the kicker.. the doctor gave me meterprolol two years ago for high blood pressure and anxiety.. I was taking 100 miligrams and now have gotten down to 37 miligrams but that has been since last March.. I don't have AFib and never had a high heart rate until I started this medication so I am getting off of it.. I have asked, double asked doctors and read about it all and I am highly overly sensitive to this stuff .. Anyway; I would love to take Hawthorne but it interferes with Metropolol or so I have asked read and studied.I don't know now... I would love to keep my heart rate down as I wean but some days if I just walk down the stairs or a few feet with doing nothing else My heart rate goes up and it is too early to take the medication... not even sure I can exercise too much as this point. I have also cut out caffeine, alcohol and sugar.. I was thinking I might have too much cortisol and adrenaline rushes. Thank You.

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Hope, Bc, Canada

Dear Bee

That medicine is not good for you nor will it make you better. As it is said "if the disease is not killing you, the medicine certainly will".

In Europe, for a long time, Hawthorn has been used without "side effects" . Online you can read up on it. When, for a brief time, I had irregular heartbeat because of stress, Hawthorne corrected it and I am fine . It is useful to combine it with Coq 10 with Ubiquinol. H. is going to strengthen your heart within three months. Your body cannot cope with the poison that "doctors" give you. It is designed to keep you dependent and to need more of allopathic poison drugs. Because it is disease mongering and nothing else.

Maybe a naturopathic doctor could help you with this even with one consultation.

Wishing you well. Namaste, Om

Replied by Bee
New York, US

Dear Om

Didn't you read what I wrote.. I know all about beta blockers and that is why I am GETTING OFF OF THEM.... and all that I read about Hawthorn but it is contraindicated with beta blockers.but I hope to take it one day ... and no I DO NOT HAVE AN IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT but I have bad side effects from the beta blocker and yes I take COQ10, magnesium, B complex, C, D, E, Taurine, L-Carnitine, olive Leaf extract and some other things ...

The last doctor I went to was a naturopath and she yelled at me and didn't believe a word I said (long story).. so I wont be going back to her.

Thank You

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Bee, 37 mg is a pretty low dose and depending on what time of day you take it, H should not interfere with it, if it does at all. Beta blockers limit and weaken stress hormones, while H improves circulation expanding blood vessels. New medical studies have now shown how vital stress is to our hearts, calling it "good stress". That fight or flight hormone being blocked should tell us something as naturally beneficially to us eventually will fail. Lets say you take 250 mg H in Am, and all your Metop at night, your HR at the worst will go down slightly and you can adjust the H the next day. By doing this, I weaned off 200 mg of Flecainide, a much more dangerous med, in 3 months, using H right along with it. This isnt rocket science here. No one ever died from a Drug deficiency, but plenty get sick from nutrition/mineral deficiency.
Replied by Bee
New York

Hi Hwk,

Thank you but I am not sure what you are trying to say.... I got myself down to 37 miligrams from 100 which wasn't easy and I want to get off completely... I believe I have a high sensitivity to it or that is what I read and have been told that some people have a harder time. Yes I will def. try the Hawthorn very soon.. Wow, I can't believe you weaned off of that drug in a few months..

Replied by Hwk

Bee, when I say I got myself off meds, dont think for one second that I just woke up one morning and threw them in the trash. It was under the care and guidance of a couple of Doctors and others. Much depends on the length of time and dosage taken to transfer to natural supplements with no set time table for doing so. If your'e at 37 now, then I would say good job, and with support, it won't be long.
Replied by Bee
New York, US

Hi Hwk;

I have been taking the natural supplements for awhile now since weaning off the meterprolol .. been on the M for two years and was at 100 mgms.. It has not been easy for me as I have read many people are overly sensitive to this drug.. I have many side effects and it has somewhat stopped my life in some ways.. I just tried to go down to 25 miligrams and too many side effects so I opted for 31 mgs. I have been doing this for 8 months in which four doctors told gave me the generic one size fits all formula.. they were all wrong. the last one said I could be off of this stuff in a month or two. I said No that won't work for me. She said some nasty things to me and only gave me a two month supply.. I wont be going back to her.. So I so far am getting no help from doctors plus I have no medical insurance . so glad you got the help you needed and are doing well...

Anyway; I am going to try the Hawthorne at the low dose ..I get most of my advice from people who work in the health food store or people I meet along the way on this journey..

thank You so much

Replied by Pat
Pa, US

To Bee in New York: I also am on beta blocker (toprol) and have started Hawthorne.Am now down to 12.5 mg a day and take H. 2x a day (morning and evening ) with no side effects. Was actually on a higher dose of beta and have weaned down to 12.5mg and am weaning to every other day now.I really believe it has been the Hawthorne. I also take other some other supplements and feel much better than I felt on more beta blocker and fleccainide.Hated that stuff! They even wanted me to go on another more dangerous drug after that! I only wish I could find a good "naturopath m.d." to help guide me a little.Thank God for "earth clinic" and all their advice! Try out the H. I think you will be O.K. even on it with the beta blocker. You just don't need as much beta has been my observation! I am my own guinea pig! Good luck and God bless!
Replied by Bee
New York, US

Hi Pat

Yes I read your other posts about the AFib and all. I am down to 25 mgs. of Metropolol but I was given it for high blood pressure and anxiety. I was getting side effects and palpitations as I wean down so was looking for something to make it easier. It has been rough but yes I am feeling a lot better and I my brain fog is gone . I am not sure what Hawthorn to get. The liquid or the tablets.. Looks like the tablets all come in a high dose as I want to start out small.....will keep checking around.

Yes I would love to find a good naturopathic doctor but haven't yet... the last one cost me 150.00 and then another 50 and did not help me at all........................I even ask around the area and neighborhood and no one really knows anyone worthwhile.

thank you for replying and for the help..

Replied by Pat
Pa, US

Yes, Bee I believe the lowest dose I found of Hawthorne is 500mg but I only take 1 in a.m.and 1at night The directions on bottle say 2tablets 3x a day! Didn't want to take that much with the beta blocker.But I am really feeling like I don't need the toprol much at all anymore. Also tried the BS molasses.My palpitations seem to have completely disappeared.Amazing! Think it is a combo of the H. and the BS molasses! Would have never gotten this much better listening to what those M.D's wanted me to take! I want to go back and tell them, too! But they won't listen or believe! I am taking 12.5 mg beta blocker every other day, now. Afraid to stop it completely! Don't want to get the afib back! I will continue and report back how it goes. Try it out! May help!
Replied by Mama to Many Donate


Dear Bee,

Another option for the Hawthorne is to make your own capsules. Then you could control exactly what is in each capsule. I did this for my husband. I made him a mix of 2 parts Hawthorne and 1 part ginger and one part cayenne. I bought a little capsule maker and empty capsules. It is a bit of an investment at the beginning but a big savings in the long run, plus you have control over the amounts. My husband took these for his heart irregularities and they worked! I get the Hawthorne powder from Mountain Rose Herbs. They sell the empty gel caps, too. I think I got the pill maker on Amazon.

Thanks for sharing your journey here. I am enjoying following your progress.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Bee
New York, US

Hi Pat

Yeah; wow 500 Hawthorn might be too much for me right now but a friend of mine suggested to break the capsule if possible and put a bit on my tongue and wait a few hours and see if any side effects.. I have to keep searching for a lower dose and maybe online.

So glad to hear of your progress..but you are right.. doctors will not believe you as they never believe me.. or if you have a doctor who listens to you then great .. I have not found one yet and don't plan on seeing doctors much if I can help it. I am also taking other natural supplements.

I guess I was looking for something to help me in the weaning process as I am highly overly sensitive to (M) and have taken the weaning very slowly .. It hasn't been much fun..with the side effects and going by how I feel and not the one size fits all the doctors give us.

Replied by Earthling

GNC has standardized Hawthorn (<--no 'e' at the end) in 150mg capsules.
Replied by Hwkmn05

"Solaray"tm makes a 100mg Haw flower extract/ 225mg Haw berry capsule that I found to be excellent. I find it works best with 300mg Mag and 100mg COQ10. I've used 3000 mg Hawthorn to get back to NSR. It doesn't hurt and won't kill you! The low dose of beta blocks is equivalent to strong aspirin. Love the BSM with my Mag/Haw also.
Replied by Bee
New York, US


You say that the beta blocker is equal to aspirin. I have not found that the case as I wean off of it. Its been a small nightmare.. so many side effects but I did read that some people are highly allergic to this drug.. I am happy though that I got from 100 mgs. down to 25 and did it slowly but I still had side effects. This stuff has messed up some of my life. I now have nightmares, panic attacks and other things in which I never had before and no its not all in my

Now I feel I am addicted to it but I want to stop taking it.....I am on another chat board where people have had much worse things happen when they tried to get off of it.. Maybe because it was Metropolol.. who knows??

thanks for the feedback

Replied by Hwkmn05

Bee, possibly what you should be doing while on the 25mg of meds is take a good COQ10 Ubiquinol, 100mg , am and pm, along with xtra Magnesium, 400mg twice a day. Walking fast and getting your HR to 120 a few times will go along way towards success. I walk every day at least 30 min. I used to jog 1 hr 4 times a week, but thats out now. Betas block stress hormones, good and bad. They also block melatonin, affecting sleep patterns, nightmares. Perhaps theres more from others here that can be added. All and all, great job getting down to that low dose, commendable.
Replied by Hwkmn05

Bee, you have those effects when you try to stop beta blockers? I guess everyones different. You will need to get off them gradually I would say. Evidently you system has grown accustomed to them and is fighting back. My switch from Flecainide to Hawthorne was pretty smooth, 3 months. Some nights I skipped the meds and doubled the minerals. Had some rough nights where I woke up and took the meds early am. Eventually, I just hung in there and never went back to them. That was 6 months ago, and Im so much better off without them now.

Posted by Xylnx (Smithtown, Ny) on 02/29/2012

[YEA]  I have atrial fribrillation for 10 years and have tried virtually all health foods. Molasses (3 tbl/day) appears to have a major difference so far but I will have to wait a couple more months to be sure. It has also lowered my pulse.

Replied by Pat
Pa, US

To Xylnx:I, too have started taking molasses and it has really helped me with the afib too. Seems to be safe enough I guess. I only take 1 tbsp.every other day. Was taking it every day for a week or so. And all palps seemed to go away. Lowered the dose, then. Although I did have an afib episode one night and didn't have to medicate, though. Went away on its own. Fell asleep so don't think it lasted too long! Also am taking Hawthorne and some other supplements that friends on "earth clinic" recommended. Think they help, too. Anyway, I'm much better than I was when I was listening to the arrythmia doctors and taking their meds! Hope it keeps up!

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Posted by Paul (Metamora Michigan) on 08/15/2013

I have had an irregular heart beat and Atrial Fibrillation for some time. I have taken L-carnatine magnesium and acupuncture. Could you provide any further non drug help? Paul

Replied by Carly

Dear Paul, Re your AFIB - some suggestions - try to stay away from anything with MSG in it. MSG sets off afib in my husband if he ingests too much of it. Last year he had to have his heart stopped and restarted in the ER to get it back in rhythm. This cost over SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS, not to mention the stress of it all. Scary stuff.

After that I read everything I could about afib.... And attempted to figure out why he had it, and then moved on to figure out what he needed to take (and avoid! ) to keep it from happening again.

It is important to keep your electrolytes in balance. My husband now takes daily magnesium 400mg, calcium every other day, 600mg, potassium daily 99mg, and taurine daily 1000 mg.... If he goes into afib, he immediatly takes an additional 1000mg taurine (taurine competes with and takes msg out of the body) and another magnesium and potassium also.

Additional vitamins to think about taking daily would be 1000mg vitamin C, 400mg vit E ( to keep blood thin.... Say no to the rat poison Coumadin that your Dr. will try to put you on! ) a good B complex, zinc, and 100-200mg of CO-Q10.

Thus far we have avoided a return trip to the hospital, knock wood. Hope you can do the same.... good luck.

Replied by Timh Donate

Ky, Usa

@Paul: Maybe no quick fix on this one; but here is a list of supportive nutrients for heart health other than you mentioned. CoQ10 or Ubiquinol, Taurine, D Ribose. You may also consider an herbal combination supporting the entire cardiovascular system, which would include: Hawthorn berry, Gingko biloba leaf, White Oak bark, Butchers Broom, Horse Chestnut, Cayenne, Ginger, Garlic.

You may also consider recommendations by Dr. Sinatra. He has a YouTube channel and two very helpful books on heart disease/health.

Replied by L

Has anyone suffered a first time attack of Gout when taking a combination of the above stated supplements?
Replied by Kt

Dear Rigger, The way you worded your measurement for the BS confused me. You use an upper case "T" which represents a tablespoon but your instructions could be read as "teaspoon". Would you please advise about this?

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