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Thrush Remedies

Last Modified on Sep 29, 2014

Thrush, or oral candidiasis, is a not-uncommon fungal infection that typically appears in the mouth, its mucous cavities, and on the tongue. It may also present itself at the nipples of nursing mothers. Thrush is a form of candida and as such is a result of the overproliferation of naturally occuring yeast strains in the human body. A whitish film on the tongue or elsewhere is an obvious symptom of thrush and may be accompanied by sores and bleeding.

A compromised immune system, excess sugar intake, diabetic condition, or other immune-suppressing conditions (such as taking antibiotics) can lead to the development of thrush. However, it is also common in babies, who simply are feeding all of the time, have underdeveloped immune systems, and may not thoroughly clean out their own mouths in between feedings.

Natural Cures: In babies, thrush is often allowed to resolve itself in a week or two. For adults, reducing sugar intake and using 3% hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash can bring a quicker remedy. Vinegar or any other antifungal food can also help to counteract the yeast overgrowth.

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Most Popular Thrush Remedies:

Milk of Magnesia6
Gentian Violet4
Coconut Oil3

User Reviews

Apple Cider Vinegar   0  1   

Posted by Marilyn (Oswego, Il) on 10/31/2009

I am in such pain with this thrush. My question is is it at all possible that the apple cider vinegar is making it worse?

Replied by Melissa
Summit Point, West Virginia

[NAY]   I had Thrush last year and the vinegar made it worse, very painful thing to deal with. I could only eat ice cream and yogurt.... Applesauce , it really burned my tongue and cheeks and gums.
Replied by Ladyliza
Los Angeles

Never, ever drink vinegar straight! It will burn your esophagus and may cause a lot of damage, not to mention it will take the protective layer right off your teeth. Always dilute it with water. You might even need a 50/50 portion.

Baking Soda   1  0   

Posted by Judy (Meldrim, GA) on 03/07/2009

[YEA]  Baking soda quickly took care of a case of thrush my less-than-a-year-old son had. All it took was about one teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a small cup of water, swabbed inside baby's mouth 4 or 5 times a day with a Q-tip that i dipped into the mixture. It vanished in about 48 or fewer hours. It's been many years ago, but I think this is the amount of baking soda relative to water. I definitely remember that it worked very fast. This seems to be a simpler method than any of the others here.

The pediatrician (I've since learned to avoid such unnecessary licensed quacks :)) had recommended "a new drug" being used at the teaching hospital where she worked.

----Please be aware that teaching hospitals are notorious for using patients as guinea pigs: read the book, "Confessions of a Medical Heretic," to find out this and many other fascinating/horrifying facts about doctors. The physician who wrote it says to avoid doctors as much as you can!---- I called the local La Leche (breastfeeding support organization) to see if they knew something less toxic, and that is where the baking soda and water remedy came from.

Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Usa

Judy;you were very fortunate to have cured your little son of thrush. But as an older adult such as my self this thrush was not noticed as a young child therefore was never treated, again it has progressed where it has deeply affected my whole system. Generally if the whole body(system)is not not treated it does great damage to the whole being it spreads like fire/feels like fire. While growing up I was on the wrong diet where thrush (which is the tip of the iceberg)is generally mold or fungus and got much worse

It causes many, many diseases(too many to mention).......

I agree that doctors are quacks, but the government controls these sad people including vets. As does all clergymen, where animals/people are being used as needless and very painful experiments and many years later have yet to prove any thing of value. All I can say is: what can we expect from Corrupt America?Thankfully I am not one of the quacks but just a victim of circumstances. Thank you so much for your input it has helped me along the journey of healing through natural causes.

good luck & god bless

Replied by Ruby
Gloucester, Ma

Baking soda is excellent. I have what may be thrush and I'm concerned because I've read that healthy adults normally do not get thrush. As far as mold going through your system. I've read that only Borax tablets (ingestible) can rid the body of mold. Also I would do an anti-parasitic and toxic cleanse for a month. I do the colonix (Dr Natura) cleanse every year on my birthday, sometimes twice a year to maintain my health. You may want to do 3 months.
Replied by Haleyk
Hackberry, La, Usa

Thanks for posting this. I always use natural/home remedies for myself (i.e. An adult) when possible, but have trouble finding them for our children (5mo & 1.5yrs). Our 5 mo old daughter has already had thrush 3 times and I just noticed it again this morning. Giving the BSW a try! Will post a follow up with results.

Bentonite Clay   1  0   

Posted by Michale (New York) on 03/16/2012

[YEA]  I ate 1 teaspoon of Bentonite Clay (diluted in a glass of water) the first day, then 1 tablespoon and brushed my teeth with it 3-4 times a day - horrible dry mouth and thrush gone! After just 2 days!

Black Seed Oil   1  0   

Posted by Deborah (San Diego, California) on 12/24/2013

[YEA]  Take 1-3 teaspoons of Black Seed Oil for a few days and your thrush will be gone and you'll have a nice pink tongue!

Replied by Keru
Saudi Arabia

Does Black Seed Oil have to be swished in the mouth, or just simply swallow it.Thank you.

Calendula Tea   1  0   

Posted by Mayari (Candler, NC) on 12/05/2007

[YEA]  Calendula tea helped my newborn's thrush. I brewed it for four hours and then applied it with a q-tip and gave her a little in a spoon about 8 times a day. It had an immediate effect, and after a week, her thrush is nearly gone.

Coconut Oil   3  0   

Posted by Serena (San Diego, Ca) on 05/23/2013

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Coconut oil is an incredible remedy to cure thrush. BUT you have to use it in the wrong way. If you take too much, it can exacerbate your symptoms. Through much trial and error, I have learned the importance of GOING SLOW!! When I took a tablespoon, and even a teaspoon of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, my thrush got so bad I could barely swallow - my mouth got so incredibly dry. Coconut oil is SUCH a potent detoxifier/antifungal - if you already are having a problem with yeast, you must go slow! I started taking just 1/8 of a teaspoon of coconut oil for about a week (even that tiny amount initially caused detox reactions in me) and then all of a sudden the thrush that the coconut oil had in the past cleared right up!! GO SLOW AND START WITH TINY AMOUNTS WHEN IT COMES TO USING COCONUT OIL AS AN ANTIFUNGAL! Good luck!

Replied by Jamie

I would like to use the coconut oil for oral thrush, how many times per day do I use it and for how long ?

Posted by Jade (Dallas, Tx) on 09/08/2011

[YEA]  While I was nursing my baby we both got thrush. It was very painful to nurse. I started just pumping and bottle feeding. A friend of mine said thrush is a fungus and to try extra virgin coconut oil. I put it on as a topical on my affected area. And after a few minutes I would nurse. Not only did the oil add more relief than the lanolin during the actual nursing, but within days the thrush was gone. I continued to use it for my mosturizer and we never had thrush again.

Since it helped there I suggested my husband use it on his toe nails. He had 2 that I was guessing were infected with fungus. They grew so thick I would file the tops of them so they looked less gross. It took awhile because the nails had to grow out. One was completely healed and one still looks a little funky but is half the size. I think he stopped using it too early on that toe (it was worse than the other to start with).

I have also used it on diaper rashes as sometimes those are caused by fungus. It had helped several times on those.

Posted by Rodney (Delaware) on 04/18/2006

[YEA]  I suffered with thrush for 9 mos. Tried Nystatin and several other RX meds. Tried all of the popular probiotics and even tried the expensive Three-Lac. Three-Lac did offer some relief but could not completely get rid of the problem. One week of extra Virgin coconut oil from GNC, Emerald labs did the trick. I had several days of pure hell from upset stomach, loose bowels stomach pain and so on. This eventually subsided and the benefits have been nothing short of miraculous. I wish I had known of this product earlier, it would have saved me a ton of misery and saved me a boat load of cash.

Replied by Jessica
Albuquerque, NM

Hi iv been suffering from thrush for three months and I am wondering how much of the oil did u take and how often?
Replied by Melanie
Rochester, Il

[YEA]   Both myself and my infant suffered horribly from thrush. I breastfeed and had it on my breasts, baby had it on genital area. It was miserably itchy. I began consuming 1 TBSP coconut oil daily, as well as applying it topically to myself and my baby. I also would use tea tree oil/alternate 2-3 x daily,it also helped considerably to avoid sugar, and breads. A few things happened, I noticed right away my asthma improved and was able to go off my meds! I lost 8 lbs the first month, and a total of 30 in 5 months consuming the coconut oil. It took about 3 weeks, but the thrush was totally gone, with no reoccurances!
Replied by Momof8
Los Altos, Ca

Thank you for sharing your remedy! I'm trying to cure my breast and infant's thrush!

Colloidal Silver/Molecula Silver   1  0   

Posted by Ted (Seattle, WA) on 08/13/2014

[YEA]  Swishing Colloidal Silver/ Molecula Silver around in my mouth a couple of times helps clear up thrush instantly. Taking some orally could help as well.

Fennel   1  0   

Posted by Donna (Janesville, WI) on 06/27/2008

[YEA]  I used Fennel Powder in warm water to clear up my baby's thrush (a white coating on the tongue). A German Woman told me about it. It was amazing. In a day or two it was all clear. You can us it imbetween baby's formula. From 2 weeks and older. It is so cheap too! Go to any health food store and buy as much as you like! Use a coffee maker, put in about 1/2 c. fennel to 12 serv. of water. Add less water if you find it isn't strong enough.

Replied by Pearl
Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada

How much is a 'serving' of water to mix with the Fennel?
Replied by Trudy
Burton, Mi

I would think a 'serving' is a cup of water. I also would like to say I love earthclinic. com what a great resource.

Gentian Violet   5  0   

Posted by Diane (Lake City, Ar) on 05/08/2011

In 1982, my newborn had thrush in his mouth. The doctor advised swabbing his entire mouth (NOT to be swallowed) with a q-tip dipped in Gentian Violet. After a few swabs, it was cured.

Replied by Julie
Virginia Beach, Virginia

from wikipedia- Precautions

One study in mice demonstrated dose-related carcinogenic potential at several different organ sites. [25][26] The Food and Drug Administration in the US has determined that gentian violet has not been shown by adequate scientific data to be safe for use in animal feed. Use of gentian violet in animal feed causes the feed to be adulterated and is a violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act in the US. On June 28, 2007, the US food and Drug Administration issued an "import alert" on farm raised seafood from China because unapproved antimicrobials, including gentian violet, had been consistently found in the products. The FDA report states:

"Like MG [malachite green], CV [crystal violet] is readily absorbed into fish tissue from water exposure and is reduced metabolically by fish to the leuco moiety, leucocrystal violet (LCV). Several studies by the National Toxicology Program reported that the carcinogenic and mutagenic effects of crystal violet in rodents. It has also been linked to increased risk of human bladder cancer. The leuco form induces renal, hepatic and lung tumor in mice. "[27]

Gentian violet's common side effect is the staining of skin and cloth, but it can easily be washed off skin with a solution of bleach and water. However, if used on ulcerations or open wounds it can cause tattooing. It is generally considered safe for use on children and breastfeeding mothers. It has even been applied to the mouth and lips of premature infants, and has a long history of safe use. La Leche League recommends gentian violet for thrush on the nipple. [28] However, in large quantities, gentian violet may lead to ulceration of a baby's mouth and throat and is linked with mouth cancer. [29] Gentian violet has also been linked to cancer in the digestive tract of other animals. [30]

Posted by Laurel (Lake Forest, California) on 01/22/2009

[YEA]  Gentian Violet is AMAZING! When my son was 2 months old he came down with thrush due to some antibiotics I was taking for complications of my C-section. Our lactation consultant said to use GENTIAN VIOLET 3 times a day and in about 2-3 days the baby's Thrush should be gone. It worked. just don't plan on going out for about a week. It stains the skin for several days. Your baby's face will be purple everywhere depending on how messy of an eater they are and the size of your nipples.

Posted by Karen McSpadden (Virginia Beach, Virginia) on 11/29/2008

[YEA]  Natural Breastfeeding Thrush Remedy

In response to the issue of persistent thrush while breastfeeding, I would strongly recommend Gentian Violet. You can pick it up at most drugstores for a couple dollars and it's one of the most effective remedies in my own (frustrating and painful) personal experience with thrush. My daughter and I passed it back and forth for a while and Gentian Violet was the thing that cured it most efficiently.

You paint your nipples and the inside of the baby's mouth three times a day for three days. It's safe to use frequently. Be forewarned-- your nipples (and your baby's mouth) will be a very bright purple so plan to wear breast pads or an old t-shirt during the treatment. Also, I found that once my daughter was older-- over a year, I believe-- she wouldn't nurse from my breasts if they were purple. She didn't seem to be bothered by it when she was younger.

Whenever I have used this remedy, I have had relief from thrush and the accompanying nipple soreness.

Good luck!

Posted by Debbie (Cambridge, Canada) on 06/07/2007

[YEA]  Two of my sons had thrush as infants and I got it on my nipples too. I was told by a friend that if I did not mind a bit of mess to try gentian violet. I went to Ultra Food and Drug and got a bottle and painted his mouth and my nipples with the stuff and it cleared right up. Use old clothing and sheets though as it does stain everything purple but was worth it.

Replied by Dawn
Portland, OR

[YEA]   My pediatritian recommended trying Gentian Violet when my nursing 6 month old had thrush that would not go away with Nystatin. I just put a little on a q-tip, swabbed his mouth and it quickly went away. It should be noted that his lips turned purple and his drool discolored anything he put into his mouth. This was a small price to pay to cure his thrush and relieve my pain.
Replied by Angela
Vancouver Island, Canada

[WARNING!]   Nay

Gentian Violet contains mercury so I would strongly reccomend against using this for Thrush in babies
Here is a link from the government of canada

Replied by Lori
McKinleyville, CA

[YEA]   This is in response to the negative feedback for gentian violet and thrush. Look up the website in Canada and look up any possible name for gentian violet on wikipedia and you will find the person who left that feedback is misinformed. Gentian violet, or any of the other names it goes by, are not listed on the website the user mentions.

I used gentian violet--one time--for my baby's thrush. Painted my nipples and she sucked. Within a day, the white spots in my infant's mouth were gone and she was back to eating normally.

Replied by Anonymous
San Francisco Bay Area, Ca

[WARNING!]   In response to Lori from McKinleyville, CA regarding mercury in Gentian Violet. Angela from Vancouver Island posted this link: because she wanted readers to see the toxicity of mercury. You can confirm that Gentian Violet contains mercury on this site:
Replied by Jemi
Fort Collins, Colorado

[WARNING!]   Gentian Violet is extremely damaging to the ears/hearing cells. I would not use gentian violet on an adult, much less a baby. Any of the gentian violet systemically absorbed can damage your baby's hearing. Look up "Gentian Violet" and "Ototoxicity" for more information.

Grapefruit Seed Extract   1  0   

Posted by Cheryl (Sturgeon Bay, Wi) on 08/29/2011

[YEA]  For over a month I had a white coating on tongue diagnosed as thrush. Was given 2 doses of nystatin. Didn't work. Was told to get Grapefruit seed extract as acts as antifungal. Took internally for one week. The next week I emptied the capsules and put it directly on my tongue. After 3 days the white coating was definately better. Been 6 days now & almost completely gone. Will continue for another week to take internally & put on tongue to make sure gone.. Notice I feel better now also. Not as tired & my bowel constipation has cleared up. I think this is a wonderful cure & it works!!!

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