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Welcome to the newest section on Earth Clinic. Please consider sharing your remedy success stories with our readers. We hope to build up another section on the website, brimming with remedies to cure the common ailments that infants and children suffer from, like fever, acid reflux, allergies, colds & flu, and much more. We'd also like to broach the sensitive subject of immunizations...

Your feedback on children's health and natural home remedies to support it is greatly appreciated!

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Acid Reflux   0  0   

Posted by Liz (Honolulu, Hi ) on 09/19/2011

I was just wondering, my 2 year old has severe reflux that was made worse by prevacid, which he had worked himself up to an adult dose of, and didn't respond at all to prilosec. He now gets sharp pains in the middle of the night while refluxing up to the center of his throat and swallowing it again. He is unconsolable when this happens, and I am desperate to find something to take away his pain. He has had it for a year and a half now (he's almost three). Will this ACV and baking soda be safe for him?

Posted by Mdee
Provo, Ut, United States
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Up front you don't have to trust this but it has worked for severe digestive disorders. First off feed your kid simple sourdough bread... Just flour, water, and sourdough starter... 3 ingredients. Don't make it too sour... And have them eat hot/warm out of the oven. Gluten intolerant people can eat sourdough bread! You can learn how to make it online... Very nutritional food. Don't feed the child high fiber foods... It will aggravate the symptoms. Protein rich foods may also do the same ie meat, pastureized dairy, etc. Also good fat at night before sleeping is very helpful... RAW coconut oil or RAW high cream milk (perferable just cream).

It does work... Good luck!

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Here are two great recipes for sourdough bread. A good article as well. The secret also lies in the long fermenting process of the last "rise" of the bread. You need to leave it overnight or for at least 12 hours.

Posted by Ari
Atlanta, Ga
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Hi Liz: See if you can look into MASTIC GUM in a LOZENGE form! It also comes in capsules that you can open and somehow ( a Miracle probably) find a way to get the little-one to swallow down on an empty stomach. It taste kinda yucky, so get Baby the Lozenges! The capsules definetly worked for me in getting rid of my Acid-Reflux! In less than 2 weeks I was able to actually eat 2 Big soyBEAN based Mock-Ham sandwiches @ 2 a.m. and NOT have any indigestion at all! Beyond that baby could have an allergy to Wheat or Gluten. We eat poorly these days and our bodies try to tell us when something is NOT GOOD for US! Mastic Gum is used to get rid of H. Pylori (see: New England Journal of Medicine article). Blessings!
Posted by Natural Mom
W. Bloomfield, Mi
My 3 month old suffers from gastrointestinal Reflux. She takes Zantac which helps by neutralizing her stomach acid. This helped with the burning but did nothing for the amount of times she spit up. I am using raw coconut oil to help fight a tough battle with thrush in DD and nipple yeast in me. Now that we're getting the yeast under control I've noticed a wonderful perk! DD spits up less when I use the coconut oil! I swab her mouth with it 3 to 4 times a day - especially during bedtime because this is when she nurses the most. I also have noticed that she is problematic when I drink any type of dairy - ice cream is my weakness. So, I've alleviated dairy from my diet. No burning with a small dose of Zantac and less spit up from the use of coconut oil and my diet change. This combo has created a much happier baby and mommy!
Posted by Adrimama
Va, Us
We tried zantac, prilosec, elininating dairy, wheat, soy, and all these things helped but did not completely eliminate my son's reflux. It wasn't until we took him to a pediatric chiropractor who adjusted him several times and recommended infant probiotic drops that he became much better.
Posted by Katrina
Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
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Hello Liz, I have used and seen great benefit from acidophilus bifidus, purchased from the fridge in a health shop. Given to tiny babies & toddlers is very safe. Mixed into luke warm milk or water. Given up to 4 times a day. You will notice a difference within 24 hours. :-)
Posted by Kay0515
Liz, my son has the same exact same problem and has had it since birth. He is 13 months now and even thought he doesn't spit up anymore (it's always been more 'silient' though), he continues to have 'silent' reflux..the kind that swallows and coughs all day. Like you, prevacid made it worse. We took him off of it 2 months ago and he was slightly better without it. For sleeping - we hold him all night long and it barely helps and have tried every position (angled or not) possible to put him in. He's continuing to swallow all night and wakes with horrible gas pains around midnight no matter what we do while swallowing contiuously. Did you son grow out of his problem? Did you try ACV and did it help?
Posted by Mama To Many
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Dear Kay,

What a kind mama to hold him all night in his discomfort!

It is possible that my firstborn son had something like this and it was never diagnosed. The pediatrician we had was never very helpful. (My first born is 20 now.)

Anyway, as a baby he vomited a lot and was also fussy. He was helped a lot when I went off dairy (he was breastfed for 2 years, and had no solids before 16 months as everything made him vomit.) I also didn't give him dairy for a long time. As a child he had a throat clearing issue that resolved when we took him off dairy again. He actually does not seem to have trouble with dairy now.

Some things I wish I had tried for him were: kefir (water kefir or maybe even milk kefir)

Activated charcoal - for the gas pains. 1/8th teaspoon in a little water. I have had babies under a year take a charcoal tablet easily. You could try this at bedtime and see how he does.

And my last baby was drinking my apple cider vinegar water before he was a year old. I have found it safe for my children.

I hope you find something that will help your little guy to be more comfortable and everyone in your house to get good sleep at night!

Keep us posted!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Nola (Otis, Maine Usa) on 05/24/2011

Acid reflux in toddlers: My twin granddaughters have been on prevasid since they were 8 months old. They are now 25 months. How can we get them off it? Do not seem to be able to decrease the dose. Thank you

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Nola, Prevacid is very dangerous for anyone to be on let alone babies and toddlers. Prevacid only masks the symptoms they have it doesn't "cure" anything. Reflux is caused by too little stomach acid in your stomach not too much. Prevacid blocks the stomach acid being produced. Stomach acid is needed for proper digestion.

You can do your own research though. The below from a website.

Dangers of Prevacid and other Acid Blockers

PrevAcid is a dangerous drug and should be avoided at all costs. It can cause really serious side effects, affecting not only your digestion but your cardiovascular system, your central nervous system, your endocrine system, your musculoskeletal system and more. It has been associated with everything from cancer to heart attacks to diabetes to depression.

PrevAcid also causes a profound and long-lasting inhibition of gastric acid secretion. While the medical literature mentions this because of "the negative impact it may have on the absorption of drugs where gastric pH is an important determinant of bioavailability", a far greater concern should be the impact it has on your ability to obtain any nutrition from your food.

So... By keeping them on the PrevAcid they are being starved of nutrition in their food. Personally I would give them probiotics and digestive enzymes and if you can find some raw milk (as it has enzymes in it). Fermented foods are great as they are easier to digest. Homemade chicken, beef and lamb broths would get calcium and nutrition back into them. Diluted lemon juice is also good as it is acidic. Yoghurt with live bacteria is also good.

I am doing the Gaps diet at the moment with my son. By following the diet you actually repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria. The book is written by Dr. Natasha McBride. You can google her on youtube.

Posted by Katrina
Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
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Hello Nola, I also replied to another lady who has a little one with acid reflux. I have used and seen great benefit from acidophilus bifidus, purchased from the fridge in a health shop. Given to tiny babies & toddlers is very safe. Mixed into luke warm milk or water. Given up to 4 times a day. You will notice a difference within 24 hours. :-) Hope your grandchildren feel the benefits soon.

Adenoids   0  0   

Posted by Joi (Decatur, Ga) on 10/01/2011

My daughter has adenoids that are partially blocking the back of her nasal passages, and it was causing sleep apnea. I tried many natural treatments with no lasting effect. I took her to an ENT that suggested surgery. Her pediatrician suggested trying steroid nasal spray and allergy testing.

She seems to have allergies: dark circles, stuffy nose, itchiness, red eyes. We tested her and she came up with zero reaction to a large panel of allergens.

We tried the nasal spray and it seems to help, but her adenoid is still huge, and the allergist did xrays and also suggested surgery.

Any ideas to help shrink the adenoid naturally?

Posted by Maria
Gippsland, Australia
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Hi Joi, The adenoids are part of the lymphatic system. Their main function is to filter the system and prevent it from any infection. Cod Liver Oil (if your child is under 12 then they need the liquid as they absorb it better this way), garlic and hot lemon and honey (better if local and raw) drinks are what our Grandparents used with success. I would also add a teaspoon or two of ginger juice or pre-steeped ginger to the lemon honey drink for its anti-inflamitory actions. Vit C and zinc are important for immunity. Echinacea and Astragalus are good for the lymph system and I do beleive you need to also work on the lymph for this condition.

It would also pay to check if you have any hidden mold in your environment. If you have carpet lay on it with your nose to it and smell. I have read of a few people who have had success with the removal of carpets when all else had failed. Don't know any personally as the few I know of personally used the cod liver oil, garlic oil capsules (usually squeezed out and not swallowed) and the lemon/honey drink. All the best.

Posted by Joi
Decatur, Ga
Thank you, Maria. We do have mold in our house, but it is systemic (in the drywall) and we cannot begin to tear our house apart to erradicate it.

I noticed a sinus polyp in her nose today. I gave her some ACV to drink, and dabbed the polyp with TT oil. and will do some cold liver tomorrow.

I will help her to strengthen the immune system, lower the inflamation, and hopefully it will work this time!

Posted by Maria
Gippsland, Australia
211 Posts
Hi Joi, I would like to encourage you to seek some professional advice (if you have the finances that is) to deal with what is causing the mold. You may not have a damp course to stop the rising damp or even have an unseen simple leak into the wall. The reason why I want to encourage you to check it out is because we are still recovering from living in a house that had mold. It was unseen at first then became obvious. My husband has nearly recovered but I am now still a ways off. As my blood pressure was so high (220/120 became normal) I went onto blood pressure meds, big mistake, just to live there. Now a few years later am still recovering from the side effects of the meds. Now I use natural remedies for blood pressure issues which happens occasionally. Even family and friends would have sinus problems or get a cold when they stayed with us in that house. It turned out to be a leak into a wall cavity that caused the problem.

If you are unable to fix the mold issue try at least to have your windows open as much as possible (hard I know when your next season is winter). The herb Tulsi, Holy Basil, taken as a tea will also be a help for you all. Add ginger and lemon peel to it sometimes. I'm sure you already know to use tea tree oil diluted but though I'd mention it anyway. The other thing that helped us was some support for our liver. All the best as I know this is not an easy time to go through.

Appetite Loss   0  0   

Posted by Deena (Melbourne, Australia) on 10/17/2012

Hi everyone. My four year old boy has such a poor appetite and not gaining any weight and look tired all the time. He is just 13kg and he will turning five next month. I took him to to many doctors and they all say he is fine and he was a small baby to start with and will be like that. But being his mother my instinct says if somehow I can increase his appetite he will put on some weight and increase height. I have tried giving him iron supplements that did help him a while and then it just stop working.

After trying everything and feel helpless and probably crying everyday and stressing about his health non stop and so here I am asking for some home remedy instead. Every meals times are do stressful and torture for him and myself.

Please help me and I want my child to be happy and enjoy food than hating food. Am begging for help!!!

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
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Deena, at age 4 and a problem w/ appetite and no help from doctors, the likelihood of Parasite infestation is very high, especially if you also have pets like cats or dogs. Check for loose stools or diarrhea and/or anal itching. Look for worms in the toilet or potty. If these symptoms are confirmed, purchase some Mebendazole at the pharmacy or purchase an herbal anti-parasite complex at the health food store (use as directed on labels). All pets must be wormed.

Give the food Pineapple to encourage appetite, or Pineapple juice if it doesn't have too much added sugar.

Posted by Waycool
Modesto, Ca/ Usa
Deena-- My son and I began vegetable juicing (even beets! ) together at about this age. It was fun! We made good juice, and enjoyed making faces together if it was not so good tasting. Better add pineapple or apple or it will be bad! And never add garlic. Blech!!

I would do your best to get some Vit C in him, as this could really help, and you would know if it worked very quickly. Scurvy has loss of appetite, lethargy and depression as it's earliest symptoms. Failure to thrive can be from the same cause.

Did you know that raw milk is as good a source of Vit. C as an orange? Pasteurizing alters almost everything good about milk into something bad, like it sucks calcium out of your bones. Can you get him some real milk?

So much can be addressed by diet. Try letting him choose between two or three healthy choices, or even offer a trade if he eats something healthy first. Make it a fun time to share, and less about the food needing to be eaten. Hope that helps.--T.

Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Deena, kids will survive no matter what, G-d willing, so take the pressure off of yourself, and mainly off of him. You might have to go to the opposite extreme for a lil' while to balance out your attitude. If you are worring about his height, it is useless worry (and may I say selfish worry - WE want them to be tall.... ), he will grow as tall as he will grow.

Next: kids eat when they are hungry. Your job is to offer the food, then bite your tongue and look the other way. Whatever he won't eat in one meal, he will usually make up his needs in another meal. Meaning that within a week's time, he will probably be getting all the nourishment he needs.

One more thing: have him help you (if you can do it pleasantly! ) in the kitchen here and there. Simple things that might be fun for him, or even only watching you once in a while.

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
704 Posts
Hi Deena, It is, I think, normal for us as new moms to be concerned about our child's growth. As a matter of fact, all my sons were very small through their childhoods. I would even have rather insensitive comments made to me by other moms about how small my boys were. It upset me with my first son but, he was also my first child so, I was sensitive due to that. My second son was even smaller but by then I was stronger regarding comments. And my third, well, let them say what they will...

My first son had a huge appetite! Didn't seem to make him grow any faster! Second and third sons, hardly any appetite at all! What Mmsg says, they grow anyway is so true. I was not the type to run my kids to the Dr. at all so, didn't care about the growth charts, curves, etc. At any rate, each one of them hit their own stride. The two oldest not until after 18 and my youngest shot up this year and is now 16. Over the spring/ summer he grew 6 inches! And he still doesn't have a great appetite, always very picky and hates vegetables which I practically live on!

Sometimes, none of it makes sense. So, I would say, offer him good wholesome food, don't make too big of a thing of it, relax and enjoy your life with him, he'll grow in your love and remember it all goes by in a blink of an eye! Most importantly, enjoy sharing time and food with him and remember it's all going to be fine! Hope this eases your concerns. Lisa

Posted by Waypossible
Modesto, Ca/ Usa
Hi again Deena! Though you said nothing to indicate a problem at the kitchen table, I thought I would share this experience, anyway. My son's step-father was a bit of a rule-master, which came out a lot at the dinner table. Lots of judgment about eating.... He was passing on what he had lived... So, we started eating together, just my son and I, earlier in the afternoon. We stood in the kitchen the whole time, and it became a time of getting some good strokes and positive attention and making gags together. Like, a safe time to stick carrots up your nose... I once went to a psychic, and she said a strange thing: 'Give yourself permission to not sit at a table to eat. ' I had also been given the third degree at tabletime, as though a time to attack a captive audience. Just something to consider. --T.
Posted by Aldina
Saint Louis
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Hello I read about earth clinic online. I have a 8month old son and weighs 12 something pounds, very little, the drs are conncerned about him not eating enough. We had all blood work and test done eveything came ok he just eats how much he wants. I need help and I am worried please.
Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
631 Posts
Dear Aldina,

Hi there! Is your baby breastfed or bottle fed? Does he still nurse or take a bottle during the night?

What was his birthweight? Was he born near his due date?

Is he taking solid food? What kinds?

Is he crawling and sitting up?

I am asking these questions, hoping to get a better picture of things and hopefully will have some ideas to help and encourage.

Have a great day! Hope to hear from you soon.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Aldina
Saint Louis
2 Posts
Mama to Many, my son was born 6 pounds 3 oz he was always a bottle fed baby I couldnt breast feeds he only takes 3 oz every 4 hours sometimes 4 oz. Yes, he will eat some solids to 3 or 4 oz of a gerber jars his fav his sweet patotes I try to switch to so many formuals but no luck his weight gain has been so slow and he is so so tiny. He is not sitting all by him self yet and no he is not crawling. He plays in his jumper and active he is been teething no teeth yet. We been at the hospital for 7 days to do all kind of test blood work and all of them are ok. They put him on a feeding tube but he throws up any extra food given thru the tube and plus he pulls the tube out :( I really dont know what to do or what it can be
Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Aldina, 1. try feeding him tiny bits but more often.

2. RELAX! When we were dealing with a similar situation, we were told by a wise woman: as long as you see progress, even if it's slow, he will be fine. As a matter of fact, in our situation, the "baby" in question is now a big, husky father!!!

Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
631 Posts
Dear Aldina,

Well, it seems good that nothing has shown up. Hopefully that means it is just that you have a petite baby, at least for now. My firstborn was 6 lbs 5 ounces at birth and 18 pounds at a year. He only gained 4 pounds during his second year, and if I recall correctly, he went 9 months in his second year with no weight gain. Like Mmsg, my little one turned out to be taller than average after all. Not that the height really matters if he is healthy.

I wonder if you could try 2 ounces of formula every 2 hours instead of 3-4 ounces every 4 hours? I would try and get a feeding in at bedtime and first thing in the morning to maximize the number of feedings in a day. If he still takes a bottle in the night, that is great. Try to keep feedings a pleasant as possible...if he likes it, you can still rock him to give him a bottle and it might maximize his intake.

Mashed avacados are a great baby food that are high in fat and calories.

You could also add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil to his baby food, to increase calories.

Egg yolks are another high nutrient and calorie food for babies. (I believe no egg white for the first year.) You can cook the egg white and mash it and add it to other foods. (Don't give cooked egg yolk straight as it can be a choking hazard.

I tend to wait a while to give my children dairy products, but if your baby is able to have them, cheese and full fat yogurt would be good. Just be sure they are not constipating him.

Avoid juices unless they are fresh juiced. Juice for babies tends to fill them so they take in less fat and protein.

It is great that he is playing and active. Try to get him out in some sunshine each day the weather is nice. Playing outside and sunshine seem to increase appetites in my children.

Keep us posted on how he is doing! I know you are doing your best for him and he is blessed to have such a caring mama.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
631 Posts
Dear Aldina,

I wanted to pass along a recipe from Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions.

She recommends egg yolks for babys 4 months old and over.

Here is what she says to do:

1 organic or pasture fed hen egg

pinch sea salt

Boil egg for 3 1/2 minutes. Place in a bowl and peel off shell. Remove egg white and discard. Yolk should be soft and warm, not hot, with its enzyme content intact. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt.

I have never tried this or even heard of this, but recently was at a friend's house and there she was cooking an egg yolk for her 6 month old.

Anyway, egg yolk is a good source of nutrients and fat.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Mothusi (Randburg, Gauteng) on 09/07/2012

My nine month son has suffered from diarrhea, cough and vomiting but now he is stopped since I change formula( recommendent by Dietian). He does not have appetite and he weight 6.3kg. How can I give him to like food?

Apple Cider Vinegar   4  1   

Posted by Lynsey (Atsugi Ja) on 01/01/2014

What age is ok to give apple cider vinegar? My EBF [exclusively breast fed] 6 month old son has had a runny nose with chest congestion and a cough for over a month now and I'm wondering what is safe. It doesn't seem serious but he's had it so long now.

Posted by Taram7
Cincinnati, Oh
10 Posts
Try Hydrogen Peroxide in baby's ears... do each ear twice. 60 seconds each time... it will be a little uncomfortable... but try warming in a shallow pan of water to make it room temp for baby first. Do it in each ear twice. Pour a few drops in and let soak for 1-2 minutes (easier said that done) then drain... try this 2-3 times a day. My son was EBF until 14 months and I used this with him all the time- we never had issues longer than one hour after use. I am not sure how this works, but it always does. Also helps with other illnesses (our whole body is connected).

But I am sure that ACV would not be harmful as its a food, but I am not a doctor. Just a mother :) Also Chiropractors are great, if you have ever taken your little one to one. They can adjust their ears and prevents lots of illnesses as mine told me many illnesses are connected to our ears.

Posted by Ed2010
Hi Lynsey from Atsugi Ja. No, don't give ACV to 6 month olds. See if you are giving any other supplemental milk products that can cause congestion. Also, you can try changing the diaper brand. Wetness in the diaper can also cause mucus and congestion. Good health
Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Linsey, we always used lemon. As much as you can take (do NOT overdo anything), with or without tea and honey. He will get it in the milk. In really bad cases, we give a little bit on a spoon to the baby himself, and surprisingly they like it when they need it (when they don't, they loudly complain :)).
Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
631 Posts
Dear Lynsey,

My children have had some of my Apple Cider Vinegar drink perhaps as young as 9 months old, but only sips here and there just because they wanted to try what mama was drinking. I don't know that I would give it to a 6 month old...thought it would be safer than most over the counter meds.

For chest congestion, you could try garlic salve. We have found it to work very well. Here is a link to the recipe. I would use 6 cloves garlic and not 8 for a 6 month old. And using this may clear up all of the congestion. Your baby will smell like gourmet pizza!

You could also try taking milk out of your diet, if you consume it, and see if that helps him. I found that consuming dairy products while breastfeeding did not agree with most of my children. (I usually did not have access to raw dairy, so that might have been different.)

Let us know how he is doing!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Kuldeep Kaur
Los Angeles, CA
For the six month old baby who has runny nose. Taker one clove of garlic, use only quarter of it, mash little. Put it in the milk bottle, give the milk after one hour, within a day the baby will be fine. Give next day also. That's it your baby is fine.

Posted by Vid (Ashburn, Va, Usa) on 05/11/2012

Dear Ted, I have been reading a lot and I must say that I am unsure about the dosages to give to my children. My daughter is seen by ped endo for possible early puberty. She is a Leukemia ALL survivor, was diagnosed at age 2.75 years and went through treatment and in remission for 5 years. She is in excellent health and doing good at School. However she started developing breasts early and that is the reason we saw the endo. They did ultrasound and some blood work, the results of ultrasound reveal a small cyst and the doctor reassured that it might go away and nothing to be concerned. While we are waiting for the blood results, I thought it would be a good idea to try ACV. Could you please suggest the dosage for a 7.5 year old girl child. My almost 10 year old son suffers from eczema especially around stomach, shoulder and groin area. Kindly share us the children dosage.

Thank you, Vid

Posted by Nycbgirl
Las Vegas, Nv
First of all I am not Ted.... but I used the ACV on my niece since the age of 7-8 I used to make a hot cup of tea, whatever I had and added 1 teaspoon of ACV and honey to taste she'd drink it and feel better if she had a tummy issue.
Posted by Vid
Ashburn, Va
Thank you-started this morning ACV dosage!
Posted by Jackie
Brookfield, Ohio
Vid from Ashburn, That breaks my heart! Children that young should not have to deal with anything except playing & learning. Anyway, have you ever read about excitotoxins? I believe this is a big reason why things like this are happening to our children. Here is a video it is long but worth watching. They even put these things in baby formula & baby food. You should try & keep her away from any food with this in it & meats with hormones which I'm sure you probably already know. I am currently looking for a better option to store bought formula for my 6 month old.

Some more good links Explore the other links at the top of the web page too!

Posted by San (Pasadena, Ca) on 12/19/2011

Hi, My 3 1/2 year old has seasonal Asthma. I'd like to give her the ACV, but not sure how much is safe for a 34 lbs...firecracker...

thanks, San

Posted by Ccnavin72 (Atlanta, Georgia) on 01/03/2011

I have an 8 year old son, and would like to try giving him ACV for his allergies and asthma - but am unsure of how much to give him daily. Can children have the same amount as an adult, or should I give him half? Can ACV cause a reaction with prescription medications?
After 4 years of allergy treatment (2 for asthma) and many medication adjustments later, he still isn't getting much relief. I have read so many good things about ACV, on your site, I think I am going to start giving it to the whole family. Thanks!!

Posted by Stefani29
Douglasville, Georgia
my daughter has eczema..... What I find that really works is Austrailian Placenta Cream. Also if it helps my daughter is extremely fair skinned and has very very sensitive skin.

Posted by El (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 04/18/2010

[NAY]  ACV for infant eczema: My daughter is now 9 months old. She's had eczema since she was 2 month. I tried almost everything on her, prescribed drugs too. Nothing has worked so far. I read from this website that ACV seems to help a lot of people with eczema, so I tried it on her as well. Apply directly to skin after bath (diluted with 2/3 water), followed by moisturizer and Vaseline. It did help with the itchiness for the first two days. However, starting on the third day, her skin became extremely dry and flaky, so she started scratching again. We did not try anything new in between, so I assumed it must be ACV. I have stopped using ACV on her since, and her skin is getting better (dryness) but still covered with eczema. Am I using it right? If this is working for many others... It really breaks my heart seeing my daughter suffering from it on daily basis. I would try anything given the situation. Please help!

Posted by Selena
Chula, Ga, Usa
34 Posts
To El from Toronto. Eczema can be caused be an essential fatty acid deficiency. You can try massaging evening primose oil, borage oil, etc. directly on the areas. Zinc also helps with eczema. If you are breastfeeding you can apply breastmilk to the area as well as adding the zinc and EFA's (Essen. fatty acids) to your diet. Hope this helps.
Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
704 Posts
Hi El, I just wanted to recommend using Irish moss as it is known to relieve eczema and help soothe it. If you don't know much about it, do a google search to find out more. I'm sure it is heartbreaking for you to see your baby suffer with this. I would ask that you look into her diet as well and see if she is eating foods that may be contributing to this. Remember, alkalinizing foods can help clear it up and also remove dairy and see if that results in a positive effect. You can try eliminating foods and then adding them in to see what could be causing this. Wheat and gluten are other factors that could be wreaking havoc. Look to what is the cause internally as well as relief to the skin itself.

I wish you the best, Lisa

Posted by Amanda
Hot Springs, Ar, Usa
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my three year old daughter had it very bad (it was all over her face and it would ooze)when she was an infant and what got rid of it was a very high quality essential fatty acid blend, 1 teaspoon daily by mouth; i know i cannot mention the name but it has all unrefined: olive, flaxseed, sesame, and english borage oils. my second daughter also started to get it and i started giving her the same thing and she is also eczema-free. i also only use a homemade oatmeal soap i get online for them.
Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
704 Posts
Hi El, I was going over latest posts and as I read yours again, I realize your baby is young enough that you may be only breastfeeding. If that is the case, you might also want to check what you're eating and how it can affect your daughter since what you eat affects your breastmilk. This is in addition to my last post to you if this applies.

Hope you see changes soon!

Posted by El
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Thank you both for your suggestions. I have tried taking out and adding back foods in her diet. (dairy, fish, egg yolk) The change in her condition is minimal. I missed wheat cereal through the trial, so I will sure give that a try and see if her condition improves. I was told dust mite might also be causing it. So I try my best keeping the house dust free, and now am considering replacing her bedroom carpet to hardwood floor. Thank you again for the tip on primrose oil and Irish moss. I will give them a try and report back! Thanks again. This really means a lot!!
Posted by Connie
Escondido, California
I have had eczema all my life (I'm 61) and I've been on the quest of causes and solutions through natural methods and have avoided going through doctors. For soothing baths for your baby try Epsom salt baths and get in the bath with your baby and you'll find it soothing for YOU and your child. Try and spend about 30 minutes every night in the bath and if you like use some Lavendar Essential Oil which helps calm both you and the baby. Eliminate wheat, dairy, soy and sugar. People with eczema need good oils (Lemon flavored cod liver oil is wonderful, Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Oil is good as well. I have eliminated grains and eat a lot of fats vegetables and protein (avocado, butter, and coconut oil). I hope this helps!
Posted by Maya
Shohola, Pa
2 Posts
When my son was about 4 months old he had red and dry skin almost everywhere. Then I cooked old fashioned oatmeal, strained and I kept washing him in that (diluted with water). Do not use soap, unless it is necessary. After a week or little longer it disappeared.
Posted by Adad
Colombo, Sri Lanka
to El from Toronto, Canada.

Aloe vera gel applied directly on the rash will have immediate effect on your child. U also can use some form of mild eczema cream.
good luck.


Posted by Wendypape
Blah, Canada
21 Posts
[YEA]   "I have listened to hundreds of mothers over the last 9 years in regards to their childrens eczema.

it is either milk or gluten. Almost always the dairy but might be a combination. Remove them completely and the eczema will go away.

I was covered in it as a kid at 9. My parents took me to a naturopath (thank God) and then a homeopath... Who 'cured it'... However it would flare up once in awhile as an adult. Until I read about the connection between parasites and eczema (as well as the dairy and wheat). I have been completely free for 12 years but I am dairy, wheat, yeast, corn and gluten free 99% of the time ;-) and all my other ailments including low back pain, chronic migrains, shoulder pain abdominal pain, leg cramps, moodiness, anger, brain fog - is ALL GONE ;-) I see the same symtpoms in my kids. If I did not feed them a healthy diet free of dairy and wheat and do regular parasite cleanses... I am sure they would have eczema! It is not tht hard - there is so much available now for allergy free living and you know, we just go back to the 'basics' of eating like grandma would have... Brown rice, meat, potatoes, veggies, salads, whole cereals like millet, quinoa, oats, buckwheat, fruits, smoothies, almond milk and other nut milks, veggie juices, nothing from a can, leftovers, etc. It is much cheaper in the long run and crockpots are awesome for those with time issues ;-)

Posted by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
900 Posts
How do you do the parasite cleanses Wendy?

As far as dairy I can say that I have the opposite experience. I never, ever drink milk, hardly ever eat ice cream or eat cheese but now I decided to buy a yogurt machine and I am enjoying making my own yogurt even if I don't like it unless I mask it with fruit or something. As someone who hardly ever ate any dairy products and always had allergies I suppose eating a few yogurts won't do me any harm!

Two of my daughters used to have eczema though but back then even natural doctors in Holland never advised a different nutrition. They are ok now they are adults! The other one never suffered from it at all!

Posted by Quinn
New York, Ny, United States
2 Posts
Please describe a parisite cleanser in detail. I have major issues with a rash called lichen planus and believe it is based on the same... That is diet and parisites. My diet is very clean, mostly low fat raw and void of all meats and dairy. I really need to do a parasite cleanse and trust you may be of some assistance?
Thanks, Quinn
Posted by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
900 Posts
I asked the same question about how to get rid of the parasites but no answer yet! I do have some recipes in books I read but I was interested to know what Wendy tried!

As far as a low fat diet I think that you should maybe seek more information because it is not as healthy as people think it is. If you are interested I could recommend a few books.....

Posted by Karen
Keswick, Ontario
Hello I have a 2 1/2 year old son and he has had severe eczema since 2 months old. and it ended up being causes by food he was allergic too. It still has never gone away but we can now get it under control. I would stop breastfeeding and get your baby tested for allergies at 1 year old!
good luck! :)
Posted by Mellyg
S Jordan, Ut
I have triplets and am always excited to share my eczema story! I had one of my 3 covered in eczema at 4 months. My pediatrician suggested I see a specialist. Well my MD who uses natural medicine suggested probiotics. I used 3 pills a day of a 16 strain probiotic and within a month and a half he was cleared up! I wish my mother had known about that as I suffered greatly from it as a child. Had lots of food allergies. I now take probiotics everyday!
Posted by Woogiewee
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia
Just curious to know if your son received the Hepatitis B vaccine?
Posted by Blomma
Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand
I have twin adopted infants, one of them developed severe allergies to soy, cow, goat, rice, almond... I tried every hypoallergenic milk formula available too, but his severe excema persisted. Upon a friends suggestion I gave him probiotics and within a couple of days he was able to tolerate soy formula... He had been on antibiotics as a newborn... I have not introduced him to other milk products yet.
Posted by Lanos
So California, Usa
Blomma, Please research very carefully the outcome of feeding an infant or child a soy formula.. From personal experience, I've known a male infant who was fed a soy formula due to allergies and then later in life developed feminine hormones.. And I do not mean he had homosexual tendencies... His orientation was completely male. However he actually became somewhat of an eunich. This is too serious to take lightly. Do some more research.
Posted by Lanos
So Calif, Usa
Blomma.. Sorry forgot to mention The infant I mentioned, was on antibotics at birth also, and developed eczema, and then asthma at a very young age. God bless you.
Posted by Heidi
Sierra Nevada Foothills, Ca
3 Posts
To all of you that used probiotics for their children's eczema, you are absolutely correct. However if your child is having an allergic reaction to a food such as soy then that probably means that they should not be eating it or tolerating it. The body is reacting for a reason. Soy formula is bad for babies on many levels. To learn why, you should go to and research soy and why babies should not eat soy.

More importantly regarding your child's allergies and digestion I would recommend watching Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's "Gut and Psychology Syndrome" conference and reading her book. I think that this very good information for all people even if they are healthy.

Good luck to all and if you research this now you will be happy that you did not put it off and it will mean many more healthy years for your family.


Posted by Nicole (Nahunta, Ga) on 01/25/2010

I was wondering if there were any posts of other parents of toddlers (age 3 or 4) that gave their tricks on how to get a toddler to drink a ACV mixture?? Mine won't drink it, but I did add it to his bath water and put it on his spots.

Posted by Nicole
Fairmont, Mn
I always had a hard time getting my six year old to drink ACV. Someone told me to mix it with purple grape juice and apple juice. It does take away alot of the harsh taste. I experiment with the right proportions before giving it to him. Hope this helps.
Posted by Ag
Toronto, On
We would "hide" the ACV in my toddler's sippy cup. About a teaspoon of raw organic ACV, 2 tablespoons organic apple juice, and filled up the rest of the way with water. Went down without a problem!
Posted by Erin
Sandy, Ut
I put one capful of ACV in a cup of orange juice. My kids drink it right down. Orange juice already has a bit of a bite, so they really don't notice. You can also try mixing the ACV in warm water with a couple tablespoons of honey, but the OJ works best for us.

Posted by Aggieized (Clovis, Nm) on 11/05/2009

I was wondering if anyone has tried this remedy on infants. My 8mo old is falling off the growth charts and we're looking into causes for his low growth. One thing is that he's had reflux from birth, and at about 3 mo he started taking Zantac. I'm not convinced it's done anything for him, and recently heard of this cure for reflux. Our pediatrician was curious too when I told her about this, but just said she didn't know anything about this cure, and said she's never heard of vinegar being harmful to babies.

Has anyone out there tried this with their babies or children? Any luck?

Even though my son is falling off the growth curve, his developmental abilities are right on track, and even ahead of his age in some areas.

Thanks for your help.


EC: Hi Julia. You didn't specify which type of vinegar, so we 're guessing you mean apple cider vinegar (acv), the most popular remedy for acid reflux.

Posted by Gean
Salina, Ks
99 Posts
My friend's baby had very bad acid reflux. She was breastfeeding. They finally figured out the baby was gluten intolerant, so when the mother stopped eating wheat, the problem stopped. The child had to continue off wheat for a few years. She took juice plus for a few months at age 2 or 3. At about age three she could tolerate some spelt, and now she eats everything (she's 5).
Posted by Christine
Surprise, Az
Regarding your infant who has acid reflux and is falling off the growth charts, does your family have any history of allergies, asthma or eczema?You might consider eliminating foods that typically cause food allergies, this helped my children when they were infants, for 2 cutting out milk was enough. For my 3rd I've cut out quite a few foods from my diet. dairy, soy, and wheat are a great place to start.
Posted by Cb
Blaricum, Netherlands
Hi, any person big or small with stomach related problems should check if they have a vitamin B12 deficiency (the 'biggest' vitamin). This vitamin is needed for the growth of children! When the stomach and/or the intestinal tract isn't working as it should it can not make an acid which is needed to form B12 called the intrinsic factor. Look up the internet for further info, there are a lot of symptoms caused by this deficiency which can be misdiagnosed! My mother had B12 shots as she lost her hair and teeth after giving birth, if the mother is deficient maybe her children are too. The best way to take B12 is by taking a tablet under the tongue together with folic acid (also good to take before getting pregnant). Regards Carolin
Posted by Ang
Las Vegas, Nv
2 Posts
I have acid reflux, so I can sympathize with your son. My daughter also has it, and slid off the scale too.

I wouldn't recommend Zantac or ACV. Instead, ADD FOOD ENZYMES and PROBIOTICS. This literally cured my Acid Reflux. The other cures either burn your throat (ACV) or suppress your production of acid (Zantac) which makes the problem worse.

Also, you might find he is more comfortable sleeping as a slight angle. I've seen both triangular pillows, or propping up one end of the bed about six inches (you can use blocks or something secure to rest the legs of the crib on).

But I will emphasize again that the only thing that has cured my acid reflux is taking food enzymes and probiotics every day. You also want to make the diet more alkaline (healthy). Things like sugar and chocolate will be hard on him.

Posted by Ac
Great Lakes, Il
Has your child been checked for achalasia? Both my children had chronic vomiting which started around 3 months of age. My daughter eventually fell off the growth chart. Both were referred to a GI specialist and after endoscopy diagnosed with achalasia. After undergoing surgery to repair the narrowed esophagus, my daughter continues to have issues with reflux. She was on Prevacid. That was changed to Nexium, but she can't stand the taste. I was going to try ACV but I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do. I have started giving her a probiotic to see if this will help.
Posted by Darlene
Kewaskum, Wi/usa
When our daughter was small I mentioned to the chiropractor that she would always spit up after every feeding. He said that was an easy fix. One adjustment to her pyloric valve between the large and small intestines was all it took. He said that most often boys experienced this immaturity in the valve at birth, but sometimes the girls do as well.

This chiropractor is also skilled at reflexology to test for food and environmental allergies; mold and fungus issues; even can test for heavy metals. It is a painless procedure that only takes seconds, much less involved than scratch or blood testing!

Posted by DeeAm (Islamabad, Pakistan) on 06/05/2009

Hello! I am a 30 year old mother. My baby is 7 months old and I also feed her. I used to have an amazing skin earlier when i was in my early 20's but now its dull and have black spots. I have tried using different products but nothing works for me. I have visible pores but i try not using soap because i have found that it makes skin more sensitive. i have also gained tremendous weight after i got married. I am Asian.

I would like to know if i can take ACV as i am feeding baby for weight loss as i read on this site...also what is the best quantity of baking soda that i can use on the skin in form of scrub as i have sensitive skin.

Waiting for a reply...

Posted by Ann
Brooklyn, NY
Hello DeeAM, In regards to your question about breast feeding and wanting to try ACV with baking soda. My answer to you is that you should not try to diet while breast feeding. You will deprive yourselve of nutrients and also your baby who needs all the nutrients from you. If your are breast feeding every three hours the pounds should fall off naturally. Unless, you have an underlying problem; you should consider checking with your doctor and having your thyroids checked. Also in regards to dark spots on your skin, that's from the pregnancy (hormones) and it will fade slowly. You can use cocoa butter oil or cream all over the body 2x a day. Also use an astringent such as witch hazel or a toner to minimize pore size after cleansing the face. Good luck.
Posted by Monsoon
Pune, India
Hi DeeAm, Please do not take the ACV while you are feeding your baby. It has worked wonders for me, but i read somwhere on this site itself that the milk production stopped for a lady who took ACV. Your skin can wait until you need to feed your baby or you can look for other external remedies until you can revert to ACV. ACV is the best for sure but it can wait. Take care
Posted by Laura
Orlando, FL
I am nursing my 8 week old baby and taking ACV with no problems. I took it when I nursed my two year old also, and nursed him for 15 months with ease. I don't take it every day, though, and especially not for weight loss (don't try to lose weight while nursing or you may lose vital nutrients for yourself and baby). I use it if I feel a cold coming on or I need an extra energy boost. I put one tablespoon in a mug of hot water and add some local honey to taste (usually about one tablespoon). I usually limit myself to one ACV drink a day. Also, try ___, ____coconut oil on your works wonders for mine!
Posted by Amd
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Hello Everyone! The place i come from has problem with water as it is hard water. My hair and skin are now in terrible condition. I also have a daughter who is 9 months old. I wanted to know if ACV and baking sida can be of some help or is there any other natural product that i can use for myself and later for my daughter too to make our hair and skin better?

I tried taking ACV but it dint suit me. Got yeast infection and i read it online that one of the side effects of Apple cidar vinegar is yeast infection. I am also feeding my daughter so i stopped taking it.

Is there any other way i can take Apple cidar Vinegar once i stop feeding my daughter?

take care

Posted by Wendy
Orillia, Canada
First off, I am always shocked when people pass on incredibly bad information that they have no way to verify... "I heard that someones milk dried up when they took ACV"... are you KIDDING ME???? Unless you have information to back up what you are saying or its first hand info, people have no business spreading stuff like this. And for anyone reading stuff on the internet RESEARCH EVERYTHING YOU READ!!!! make an inormed choice. Secondly ACV is VINEGAR people - it's not some magic potion, pink pill, drug or cure all! Dieting??? you call taking ACV DIETING???? so you mean I should throw out all my salad dressings with ACV in them??? use your heads people. It amazes me that people are told not to drink wheatgrass or green smoothies or ACV while pregnant or breastfeeding (all FOOD) and yet antibiotics, flu shots and every other lethal form of pharmaceutical drug is supposedly ok because someones doctor said it was fine. OMG!!! wake up. Should you go out and drink a bottle of ACV? no, should you drink 12 ounces of wheatgrass? no...common sense still has to prevail. Gee not ok to acv, or drink greens because my body 'might detox' but women should just continue eating at McDonalds and taco bell until they are done breastfeeding? Total nonsense.

In regards to the baby with digestion issues, I agree with the other poster. Take out the gluten/wheat. I am a breastfeeding mother of 3 and a total of 7 yrs of breastfeeding. I am now gluten/wheat/dairy/eggs/soy/caffeine and yeast free and my 3rd baby has no colic, no digestion issues, no rashes and is happy ALL the time, never cries etc. UNTIL I experiment and eat a slice of bread, a piece of cheese/dairy etc. My first baby was all of those things until other breastfeeding moms educated me about my diet! My 2nd baby was much better, only fussed once in awhile, slept great, but i hadn't figured it all out yet. We were meant to eat clean diets, not processed crap. Breastfeeding mothers these days are trying to still drink their coffees, lattes and eat processed foods and shockingly the babies have problems. Not rocket science. happy healthy baby = diet adjustment and awareness.

Want to get your figure back while breastfeeding so it falls off without physical effort? Don't eat any junk, no sugar, no bread or dairy or baked goods, only whole foods, juicing, green smoothies, LOTS of foods with nutrients in them, and practice food combining. look it up. no proteins and starches together. ie. brown rice with steamed veggies and a salad, potatoes with steamed veggies and a salad, burger (no bun) with steamed veggies and a salad or green smoothie, steak with veggies and a salad etc. do not put rice and chicken together, no meat and potatoes together. The weight will fall off without excercise because your body will be functioning optimally and digesting properly. I gained between 25-40 lbs with each of my pregnancies. It was gone in 4 months-no effort no magic potions or pills. I am not a special case, there are lots of others. No junk, no crap, no processed foods, no take out, make our own french fries at home if you crave greasy food (cheapy french fry cutter potatoes olive oil in casserole in oven 400 til they are done). If it's important enough you will figure it out...

ps. i take acv everyday while nursing this baby, he's 9 mo) it and i add baking soda too as per Ted. I am breastfeeding exclusively AND i'm 41 ;-)

Posted by Sarah
Sterling, Il
I agree with you 100%. I just learned about the importance of diet 3 years ago. I am having a hard time eating healthy and making my kids eat healthy. I have severe RA and I get tired easily. How do you get your kids to eat right? Do you have any recipes that I could have? anything will help. Thanks
Posted by Casey
Norwalk, Ohio
I tried taking ACV to improve my joint pain, and was also exclusively nursing my 9 month old son. Nothing else in my diet had changed, and he had never been affected before by anything else I ingested until I started using the ACV. He was fine before I started and after I stopped, but while I was taking it he was very fussy, gassy, and didn't pass bowel movements very well. He also started spitting up and seeming to have a sore stomach almost constantly. Nothing in his diet or mine had changed. I would most certainly NOT take ACV while breastfeeding!
Posted by Wampids
High Point, Nc, Usa
[YEA]   "Me & lots of other people I know have used ACV for colic in babies and works every time. Thanks
Posted by Plexguard
Brooklyn, Ny
4 Posts
Wendy from Orillia, Canada: I was reading about your diet up no wheat and dairy. I told my wife about it and she said she always thought your supposed to have dairy because the baby needs calcium. What do you have to say about that?
Posted by Mel
Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
2 Posts
To plexguard - a diet rich in green vegetables will yield more calcium than consuming dairy products. Milk's available calcium is cut in half through the process of pasteurization. Low-fat milk makes calcium unabsorbable because fat is an essential part of the transportation and absorption of calcium. Refined sugar increases the amount of calcium lost through urine. The absorption of calcium in the intestine is diminished in the presence of sugar. Both cow's and mother's milk are high in enzymes. There is an enzyme which separates calcium and phosphorus, allowing the calcium to be readily available to the body. Pasteurizing milk destroys these important enzymes. I would encourage you to do some research about milk and the myths surrounding the dairy industry/ bone density argument etc.
Posted by Lily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
108 Posts
Hi Plexguard, I am of the belief that we should get enough calcium from fresh vegetables and nuts and seeds and fish. I often wonder why we are the only 'animal' on the planet that drinks another animals breast milk. I think we should stop drinking milk when we are weaned. I also believe that if you like dairy then you should have it. Cheers Lily.
Posted by Doddie
Lawrenceville, Georgia
23 Posts
I know all the good foods to eat but as far as putting the meals together like breakfast, lunch and dinner I have a problem of being creative with my meals and making it interesting for my family. I also do not know what spices and herbs to use.
Posted by Liz
Boston, Massachusetts
There are a ton of websites out there with great (and delicious) recipes using healthy ingredients. Google is our friend. :)
Posted by Jay
Toronto, Ont, Canada
64 Posts
To Doddie from Lawrenceville, Georgia who wrote: "I know all the good foods to eat but as far as putting the meals together like breakfast, lunch and dinner I have a problem of being creative with my meals and making it interesting for my family. I also do not know what spices and herbs to use."

Doddie, one of the best sites on the web for information on food, food nutients, and ways to chose and prepare things nutritionally into meals is "the world's healthiest foods" at

Posted by Doddie
Lawrenceville, Georgia, Usa
23 Posts
Jay, thank you so much! I will check it out. I love this website
Posted by Wendi From Az
Mesa, Arizona
Wendy from Orillia,

I would love to see what your means look like! I'm GF, SF, CF Yeast free! I always am scared of the day when my next baby is born and I can't cook.. What are good wholesome freezer meals that don't have junk??

Posted by Tahalia (Brooklyn, New York) on 01/04/2009

My 4 yr.old daughter has a yeast infection not on the inside of her vagina but on the outside . She has had it for a month and I've been using nystain and lotrimin antifungal but its still here. Right now I am trying the apple cider vinegar 1 cup and 1/4 of salt in her bath water. I need some help. Someone please respond.

Posted by Joyce
Joelton, Tn.
252 Posts
Hi Tahalia, If it's fungal infection, baking soda solution should kill it and should not harm your 4 year old daughter. Just apply it to the rash about 4 times a day. It might also be wise to cut down on her eating or drinking sweets.
Posted by Maggie
Miami, Florida
Re: Fungul Infection on 4-month old baby. Try "Tea Tree & E Antiseptic Creme" to use topically. It's very soothing and antifungul. It helps tremendously. Only found in Health Food Stores. Also try giving her Acidophilus.
Posted by Liz
Plant City, Fl.
Hi,Tahalia from Brooklyn try giving her yogurt, any kind. eat it 2 or 3 times and put it on her bottom, that will help her. and put corn stach on her bottom too watch your washing soap, corn starch it the best after the yogurt for 1 or 2days hope it helps her. anything that has salt in it it hurts and burns.
Posted by Michelle
Tracy, CA
I delt with thrush and yeast rashes with both of my babies. I found the best thing to use was gentian violet. It was the only remidy that consistantly worked. The prescriptions and OTC's never even put a dent in clearing the problem yet, with gentian violet we saw results immediatly.
Posted by Azg
Toronto, On
I breastfed my son until he was 16 months old and we encountered thrush twice. The second time it actually gave him a diaper rash of yeast! My naturopath gave me a special blend of Acidophilus from the refridgerated section. It's a loose powder and I would cover my nipple in it before AND after breastfeeding. Before ensured he would get a dose of it into his mouth and after to ensure he didn't give the yeast back to me, and create a vicious cycle of cross contamination. I also dusted his bum with it at diaper changes. I am not exxagarating when I tell you he was cured of all symptoms of thrush within 2 days.

To encourage both our healing, I let him stay out of a diaper for a good 20 or 30 minutes at each diaper change ( the air helps dry and heal the yeast). I also avoided all processed sugar foods for myself as to starve the yeasties living in my body.

Good luck to you! Most health food stores have naturopaths or naturopathic students on staff. Please take their advice more seriously than any doctor's!!! Don't put scary chemicals/medicines into your tiny babies!

Posted by Wendy
Orillia, Canada
might not be yeast. might be diet. my dd vagina gets nasty yeast looking when i or she eats cashews or eggs. my current bab - just got his 2nd rash after i ate a donut and drank a tea (something i havent done in 5 yrs)- his rash lasted almost a week, was bright red, itchy, he scratched etc, looked awful. 1st rash he got was after i ate a gluten free butter tart....same rash took a week to clear up.

from my own experiences i can tell you that after having bread 2 times in the last 5 yrs, my own privates front and back were on fire and even the odd blister...lasted for days. felt like roadrash. very painful. i do not have a yeast infection or candida. colloidal silver is very soothing applied topically.

buy or make your own colloidal silver, i spray it on all parts of the's just silver water. i can't say what machines i use on this forum to make my own but you could always join the colloidal silver yahoo group and ask.

Posted by Diane
Ajax, Ont Canada
5 Posts

Posted by Mischa (Plainfield, Illinois/USA) on 12/30/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Child GERD and Sinus symptoms: I am hoping to find the dosage of ACV that can help my 7 year old son with GERD (Acid reflux), constipation, and resulting sinus symptoms. We started the ACV with an adjustment of 1 1/2 teaspoons of acv to 1 tsp of raw locally grown honey and 8 oz of distilled water. Although the GERD and constipation symptoms reduced he now has quite a bit of congestion in his nasal cavity. His eyes are not swollen but very watery and has dark circles starting under eye. He complains of headache and has bad breath especially upon waking. His nose is draining but I've had to do a lot of sinus massage to get the process going. I've taken him to the pediatrician for the past month and he keeps getting more and more presciptions which aggravate other things.

Is there anything else I can do to ease his discomfort and help relieve his sinus pressure?

Posted by Rosy
Orlando, Fl
Try using an oil diffuser with water and eucalyptus oil in his room as he falls asleep. I know when I have a stuffy nose this helps with the morning congestion.
Posted by Dave
Brandon, MB, Canada
Try Colloidal Silver it should help the sinus.

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