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Infant and Children's Remedies

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Colds and Flu   0  0   

Posted by Atlantis (Spokane, Wa, USA) on 10/18/2009

My son is 13 months old. His mother was diagnosed 4 weeks ago with a sinus infection. She then developed a pretty nasty cough. 3 weeks later, still the same. Then I get sick. I have the same cough, headaches and sinus pain and fever. Mom gets all these symptoms as well, plus sore throat and red spots on the throat, swollen glands. The doctor tells us he thinks we have the flu. The next day our son gets a cough and then a fever.

We are first time parents and I have never been too hip to American medicine. I just found this site today and I am super excited!! I am excited to do the H2O2 remedies and Apple cider vinegar...and prob a bunch of others.

Bottom line is my son has been sleeping and running a high fever.... Doctors pretty much tell us we have to wait it out... I think mom is going to have an anxiety attack worrying about our little boy.

There is a lot of good information on here for flu symptoms but nothing is specific for babies.........

I am in need of some specific things to do for a 13 month old.

Thank you so very much!!!!

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, usa
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I know being a first time parent can be an anxious time. You mention that you have never been too hip on American medicine so I'm not sure if you are perhaps, European. If so, you are maybe familiar with Rudolf Steiner who founded anthroposophy. He has many wonderful and gentle treatments for young children (adults, too but you specifically asked for a young child) that I used when my kids were very young. One of the companies is called Weleda so you may even be familiar with it since it is in all health food/natural stores. If you google Steiner medicine or anthroposophical medicine, you will find lots of help. I know it helped ease my anxiety as a young mom.

Speaking of anxiety, you may also want to consider Bach flower remedies. Rescue remedy is a powerful remedy and we always keep it on hand in our home. If you are not familiar with them then google them and learn about them because they are gentle but effective.

Also, if you do like alternative ways you can have a look at Mothering magazine which was started back in the mid 70's. I found it very comforting and helpful throughout my older kids baby/ toddler/ youth years. I learned so much from that magazine and often it was a jumping point to learn more on a subject. It helped me make some big decisions as well that didn't necessarily fit into mainstream American mindset i.e., family bed, vaccinations, homeschool, etc. Of course, back in the early 80's a lot of these ideas were just being pioneered here in the US. Now, at least there are more people open to these ideas. Anyway, I hope this info can help ease the two of you. Lisa

Posted by Atlantis
Spokane, Wa, USA
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Hey! Thanks for the response. The info looks great. Steiner looks interesting. I googled him along with anthroposophical medicine. A lot of information but I could not find any remedies for babies.

I do use Bach products and yes, they are incredible! My mom gave me a Bach bottle 7 years ago for anxiety. Its great!

If you know of a site or some actual remedies to do for my son that would be great!

Thank you very much!

EC: Great fever remedies for children here:

Posted by London
Sandusky, Ohio
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Guys, for colds and flu, COLOSTRUM. Its a powdered milk supplement, used thruout history for its nourishing benefits and to maintain the healthy function of the immune system. It heals wounds, it cures all manner of bacteria and colds, its just really awesome stuff.

Its one of the only things I can get my five year old to take. I put a teaspoon to a half of a teaspoon in a few inches of milk, stir it really vigourously, because it is powdered, and a bit hard to mix, and she takes it and it tastes great!

She had a cold and a runny nose and mucusy throat all winter. I must have taken her to the doctor a dozen times, and she missed quite a bit of school this year cuz of it. I was giving her homeopathic cough syrups and tablets specially formulated for kids, which helped, but didnt really nip the problem in the bud. I also gave her cinnamon and honey, which is really good when she is throwing up.

I gave her a teaspoon of colostrum in the morn, and a half teasp at nite, and in about three days, her congestion was gone!! Completely gone! I was shocked and amazed. And she loves the taste, its just like creamy milk. The only drawback, is it is pricey, about $50 for a container, but well well worth it, I love it, I'll never run out.

Posted by London
Sandusky, Ohio
I just wanted to add that I recently started to sweeten the colostrum /milk combo with butter flavored or maple flavored pancake syrup or creme brulee coffee creamer, just a little bit to sweeten it, and she Loves it! Before it was a bit of a fight getting her to take it, but since I added a flavor to it, she looks forward to it. And its amazing. Her runny nose started to come back and Ive been giving her a hlf teaspoon to 1 teasppon a day in the moring for the last couple days and its gone!!

Colloidal Silver, Coconut Oil   1  0   

Posted by Dina (Toronto, Ontario) on 03/26/2009

[YEA]  Hi, Cradle cap and even baby acne for my son was cured in about a week. I used Colloidal Silver to cure the acne, it's gentle enough to even put in a babies eyes, so this is fine. I even gave him a few drops in his mouth usually every day, he was not sick until 7 months old when a doc told me to stop using it. Anyway, I used a cotton ball to apply the silver (or clean fingers), then put Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on his dry/acne skin. Within a week or so it was gone! My baby had acne even on his earlobes...

Posted by Lana
Anthem, Az, U.s.a.
Coconut oil works wonderfully on dry scalp.
Posted by Faeqa
Amman, Jordan
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Hi mothers, my nephew suffered from baby acne and dry scalp, I wipe it with rose oil, it cleared within few days.

Congestion/Cough Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Hb (Hampton Roads, Va, Usa) on 01/12/2011

Congestion/Cough remedy for Infant

Our 9 month old daughter is congested and has a cough that sounds like she is trying to expel mucous. She gets this every so often thanks to daycare and it seems like antibiotics her doctor prescribes don't really fix the problem. Are there any natural remedies I can use with her? I hate pumping her full of medicine. Many thanks!

Posted by Aurora
Mason City, Iowa
Hi Hb, when my daugther was five months old she got the congestion and what seemed like a very bad cough for such a young baby, so I took her to the doctor (in Mexico) thanfuly the Dr. was an old school Dr.

He adviced me to make a strong mint tea, which I could only find dry and set a pot of the very hot steaming te on the floor, Put the baby on my lap face down above the pot (please be very careful)and let her breath the steam I did this at night and nothing happen, but the next morning she sneesed and a whole glob of mucus came out. I think I did it one more time just to be sure everything was going to be out.

Hope this is a help and don't give babies antiboiotics if you can help it. Sincerly Aurora

Posted by George
Melbourne, Vic
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I would try ACV. It has worked for me. 2 teaspoons in a glass of water with one teaspoon of honey. Do this 3 times a day.
Posted by Lita209
Sanford, Fl, Usa
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I would not give honey to an infant.
Posted by Bailey
Denver, Co
Never give honey to infants younger than 1 year. Honey is a known source of bacterial spores that produce the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This bacterium makes a toxin that can cause infant botulism. This rare but serious form of food poisoning affects a baby's nervous system and can result in death. Unlike adults, infants haven't developed beneficial bacteria in their digestive tracts that can control botulism spores and prevent growth of the bacterium and production of its toxin.

Constipation   3  0   

Posted by Marina (Guelph, On) on 07/08/2014

[YEA]  For constipation in babies:Give an ounce or two of apple juice per day. Works wonders!

Posted by Anna (Sequim, Washington) on 02/19/2014

Aloha! My name is Anna,

I'm having some issues with my son Reece and I was hoping you could help me. I was reading on your page that if you drink too much Diatomaceous Earth (DE) it could possibly cause constipation like "thick mud" stools.

2 days ago my son started acting as if he was having pain, and having a really hard time making a bowel movement. I am breast feeding him full time still and the only other food hes eats is toast in the morning, oatmeal, bananas but about 80% of his diet is breastmilk. He has never had a problem going to the bathroom before and goes at least once a day.

I drink 1 tablespoon of DE 3 times a day... and have been for a while now. about 2 months ago I let my son try some and he loves it. I searched all over the internet and couldn't find anything that said babies should drink it so I continued to let him drink a little bit each day.

Is it possible he has drank too much and now his poop has turned to mud like sludge and wont come out? How much is too much? and would you suggest anything that may help him go to the bathroom?

Sorry I am just very worried about my little man. Thanks so much and I hope to hear from you soon.


Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
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Dear Anna,

I am sorry about your little guy! I know you are worried.

It seems unlikely that sips of DE would be an issue, especially since he is getting so much breastmilk each day. I think DE causing an issue would be more likely to be if someone wasn't getting enough fluids. I wouldn't have thought twice about letting my children at that age have some. I imagine you are cutting it out of his diet anyway, which I would, too, at least for now.

Here are some things you can try to help get him moving.

If he will drink prune juice, you can give him a couple of ounces of it, a couple of times a day.

If he would take blackstrap molasses, you can give him a teaspoon of it a couple of times a day.

You can massage castor oil onto his belly a couple of times a day.

You can give him an epsom salt bath. 1 cup epsom salt in the tub. Let him play for at least 20 minutes. This always got one of my toddlers "moving."

All of the above could be done together. Dr. Christopher's Kid e Reg is also excellent for constipation and is very gently. However, you may not be able to get this as easily as the rest of the things I suggested, at least right away.

I hope all is resolved soon. Please let us know how it goes.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Cindy
Northern California
When my grandson had severe chronic constipation I asked my daughter-in-law to try flavored fish oil. She bought some lemon-flavored fish oil at a natural food store and within 24 hours it changed what doctor's remedies had not been able to solve.

Posted by Tina (Flint, Mi, United States) on 08/12/2010

[YEA]  Constipation in babies 1 month and over

I just wanted to let you all with infants and babies to know that if your child is constipated to give him or her a warm bath ~ in the sink is good so that you can have the child in it from the midsection down in the warm water. You need to add nothing to the water, just have it warm and keep the child happy and comfortable for oh a minimal of like 15 mins to like 25mins. And the warm water will loosen their bowels naturally.. Then watch out because you will have a sink or bath tub to clean... But a very content child afterwords. I have found this to work every time my daughters and now our grandchild has this issue. Alot of the time it's due to too much iron in their formula and not enough water through the day.. Hope this will help even one distressed parent dealing with these kind of issues.. Because when baby's not happy ~ no one in the house is happy. PEACE!

Posted by Rachel (Anna, Tx, USA) on 10/02/2009

Help with baby constipation

Please help- I have a nine month old girl at home with a chronic constipation problem for the last 6 months. If I let her go on her own she may have a BM once or twice a week and they are very painful for her to pass and very large. The doctors are not much help and I've done everything they have suggested with little change and even that only temporary.

I have tried the following: baby laxative consisting of magnesium citrate, changing formulas (from Enfamil lipil to Enfamil gentle ease-helped for about 3 weeks, earths best organic, and a couple of others), raw milk from Jersey cows, omega 3 supplement, probiotic, fresh fruit including peaches, pears, apples, apple juice, pears juice at least 4-5 oz a day which worked for 2 days then stopped working I stopped giving it to her because I feel that is too much juice, fresh blended spinach, Epsom salt baths, massage with almond oil and lavender essential oil, q-tip with Vaseline,
thermometer with Vaseline both inserted to stimulate a movement, steamed broccoli, raw garlic, dark corn syrup, concord grape juice diluted, aloe vera juice and now against what I believe to be nutritious soy formula. I give her liquid suppositories to make her go but she is now holding her BM in because it is so painful for her. I am trying enemas to help but she tenses up before I can insert them and I don't want to hurt her. Please if anyone knows of something I have missed please tell me.

I don't know what else to do for her. She's had an X-Ray which came back normal- nothing keeping her from having a BM. Also she only began having this problem when I began supplementing her with formula when I wasn't producing enough milk. While she was on breast milk she had no issues. But when I went back to work I slowly lost my supply and since then she has had this problem.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, USA
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To Rachel with the constpated baby: Read the material in EC about magnesium, and you will have to get the baby to drink more fluids, and fruit for fiber, or make your on nutrious smothie and use the flavors the baby likes...I hope this helps. Merryanne
Posted by Tricia
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I first noticed my newborns poop problems in hospital but the nurse told me that she was having a reaction to the baby wipes we were using and to use cotton wool and water. Oh, foolish me. I went home thinking she would be fine. Anyway the problems got worse (is every new mother REALLY that apprehensive as they kept telling us?). All we got was a prescription for permanent laxatives. Eventually a very kind doctor rightly guessed that her back passage was slightly too small for her body. There is no way of testing to prove if he is actually right. This may not be the reason for your child's constipation but his advice at the time was to give her prune juice. Now she was only 10/12 weeks old at this stage so we had to water it down to 1 oz prune juice to 3 oz water and she had to take this in 1 oz lots in between her bottles (my milk didn't kick in). Her feed also has to be changed to a softer formula with pre-biotics added. We learned the hard way that we should have started this early in the morning rather than at night. We walked the floors with her for 12 hours. It took 3 days to work and the first day of pooping was pure liquid and projectile. Oh, and also foul smelling.

By the time she was your baby's age, we administered the prunejuice in 4 oz lots 2 times per day still watered down so that it is only 2 oz of prune juice and there was a BM every day. If we missed one it didn't matter. If we were away and missed 2 it did. When solids were introduced we had to wait longer to introduce proteins and starches. Her diet was mainly fruit and vegetable, no potatoes or rice or meat till much later thn the norm.

We also kept her on her bottles to guarantee her intake of liquids for longer than usual. We had no problems with toilet training.

At the ripe old age of four she has now started school and because the teachers don't check to see if they eating and drinking their lunches and breaks, we are having a few problems again but at least she is old enough to tell us what is happening her or when the pain is building up so that we can do somthing about it.

My main problems with the prune juice were personal. In a babies bottle it looks like coca cola. People would take the bottle away from me and throw it in the bin before I could explain. They were usually interfering busybodies who loved their own voices so much I couldn't get a word in edgeways. Having to get that extra liquid into her made her less hungry so getting enough solids into her to keep her asleep all night took extra time. And travelling abroad we would have to make up extra to drink in front of security at the airports and make sure that we could get the brand that worked for her wherever we were going or bring loads of it with us.

You have my sympathies. Yor post has brought back all my feelings of frustration and I am even shaking as I type this.

Posted by Rachel
Anna, Tx, USA
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To Merryanne and Tricia- Thank you so much for such a quick response and support. I have tried the magnesium citrate and it didnt work. I cant imagine why it didnt. And giving her prune juice didnt either but prune baby food works occasionally if I give her a warm bath right afterward. Which is why I tried so many other things, I also give her water daily. I wondered if she had a milk allergy but the soy milk had no effect on her either. I recently started giving her flaxseed oil in with her milk and this seems to be working, at least for now. Most of what I have tried has come from this site so I thank you EC for having such a wonderful site with so much great information. I am always here looking for natural remedies for all of my family.
Posted by Merryanne
Orange City, Fl
To Rachel,,, Good luck with the constipation problem,,keep trying different things, different foods, juices, high fiber,,low fiber. But good hydration is essential, and exercise is important, or massage might help,, Merryanne
Posted by Susan
Ohio, Illinois
My daughter experienced similar problems. We tried everything the doctors told us to. With no positive results. Several months and several biopseys they recommended surgical modification. I revolted at that idea. We refused to follow this path. My daughter was found later to have dairy allergies. At this time the leche insisted my daughter could not be allergic to breast milk. We switched to soy. Still stooping was painful and impossible. Around this time a complete stranger told me her daughter suffered this way until she put barley cereal into her bottle. Truth be told she started pooping freely. Once the concrete was passed. By this time we had to manually stimulate her movements bc her sphincters were not working properly. To this day we remember how horrible this episode was and thank the good fortune of the barley cereal
Posted by Hermes
Princeton, Nj
[YEA]   "Hello, dear worried mothers. Have you tried taking your babies to a chiropractor? I did take her when she was 6-month-old after I had tried everything - more liquids, prune juice, thermometer in the rectum, etc. - and just happened to mention of my desperation to the chiropractor I normally see. He did some gentle manipulation of her legs and upper body over a few sessions. The results came in a few days when her bowel movements started to normalize and became more regular. I know that there are plenty of options but if you have tried them all, you may consider this too. It may be a subluxation that is causing it all of a sudden.
Posted by Dayna
Newburgh, Ny
Not sure if anyone posted this but my pediatrician recommended putting brown sugar in my daughter's bottle. Only need about a teaspoon for every 4 oz. But it totally helps - we also gave pedialyte. I would switch her bottles one with formula and brown sugar the next feeding would be pedialyte. I hope your baby is doing better.
Posted by Alt-rocks
Suffolk, United Kingdom
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For constipation in babies: When changing the nappy, push the legs up and down in alternate motions. (Bicycle motion) slowly a few times, then push both legs up towards the tummy, and straighten slowly a few times.
Posted by Cheryl
Try miralax mixed with any liquid. It worked for my son. Also, my chiropractor helps a lot of kids/babies with just one painless visit. Find one that uses the Blair technique. (He also cured my migraines)
Posted by Lhope
Lexington, Sc
(1) 1/4 teaspoon magnesium citrate powder in 6 oz of liquid twice daily.... Morning & evening (brand name is Calm by Natural Vitality)(Note: I am not affiliated with any manufacturers of any products. I just want to share what worked for my little one (now age 3 ) who had suffered with constipation since age 2 months when I could no longer breastfeed)

(2) 1 teaspoon Barlean's omega swirl fish oil (lemon flavor is one of the best flavors, in my opinion) at lunchtime

(3) plenty of liquids throughout the day

Coughs   0  0   

Posted by Ashli (Hampstead, NC) on 03/30/2014

My son since 3 months of age has had a horrible cough and runny nose non-stop. They have referred us to a pulmonary specialist and no one can give us an answer as to what is causing it. Do u have an ideas or suggestions? Thank you.

Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
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Dear Ashli,

I am sorry to hear about your baby's severe respiratory symptoms! Did this begin with a change in diet, a new pet, an illness? If breastfeeding, have you tried dietary changes? If formula feeding, have you changed formulas?

Perhaps you already are, but I would avoid all dairy products for your child until this issue is resolved. (and for you, if you are still breastfeeding.)

Does your child have any other health problems?

There are a few things I would consider trying if this were my child.

Nettle tea - steep the tea bag or leaves for 15 minutes (off heat) and sweeten (not with honey.) If he could take in a couple of Tablespoons two or three times a day, that may help with this if it is allergy related. Make a new batch every other day.

My new favorite thing for a cough in my family is to use colloidal silver in a nebulizer a few times a day. I have never done it with one that young, but my two year old has done it. You can also put a couple of drops of colloidal silver in the nose a few times a day, though this may sting. I have used 10ppm in the nebulizer and the nose. For good measure, I would put a couple of drops in each ear a couple of times a day, too.

Heritage Essential Oils has a great oil blend called, "Lung Healing." I have used an essential oil nebulizer in a child's room at night for cough and congestion.

I hope you find your solution soon. Please do keep us posted!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Shazi (Ajman, UAE) on 06/15/2013

My 2 month baby has cough I don't want to give her antibiotic what should I do ? Plz tell me some home remedies. Advance tnx.

Posted by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, Usa
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Hi! Rachel Weaver has a recipe for Garlic Salve that she uses on babies (even little ones) for a cough in her book, "Be your Own Doctor. " Here is the recipe:

Garlic Salve

  • 1/3 c. Coconut oil
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 8 cloves peeled garlic
  • 5 or so drops of lavender oil

"Pour everything into a blender and mix until smooth. Strain off the bits of garlic, and store the liquid in a wide-mouth glass jar in the fridge. It will solidify as it cools. If your child has super sensitive skin, you might try adding more coconut oil and olive oil.

Apply liberally to the chest, back, and bottoms of feet (covered with socks) at least four times a day, and as often as every couple of hours, as needed. This isn't something that you can overdose on, so don't be afraid to use too much. If it doesn't seem to be working, use more!"

Rachel Weaver has used this to treat babies with pneumonia. She uses it like an anti-biotic, except it is also anti-viral. (She will say to use it every two hours if you are treating pneumonia. )

If you do not have coconut oil, just substitute more olive oil for the coconut oil. You can skip the lavender if you don't have it. The garlic is the most important thing, it just must be diluted in the olive oil.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Cindy
Northern California
I am so impressed with the value of using vaporub or a generic equivalent on the soles of the feet to stop a cough. Of course, you would put socks on to keep it from making a mess. It has helped almost everyone that has tried it. Can't hurt even babies since it is not taken internally.

Dermatitis   0  0   

Posted by Ollie (St.Cruz De Tenerife, Spain) on 07/07/2013

We are battling our son's (18months) rashes for 7 month now. He has dermatitis and it all started when he dropped when he started to walk. He got a little wound on his chin that was already red because of denting. It turned infected an spread from his chin further below and a third spot, all in line. After doctors recommendation we applied oral antibiotics and than it turned really bad. Since then it is a non ending nightmare. We tried anything (colloidal silver, tea tree, manuka oil, manuka honey. Since three weeks we are on Apple Cider Vinegar and Virgin Coconut Oil. One spot is closed but the other two not. We are desperate and frustrated. One day it looks better and the other is back open wound weeping, is always red and dry around the weeping spot. My wife is still breastfeeding fortunately. We sleep with him (for all this time)to avoid the scratching. We don't know anymore what to do and would appreciate any help... Thx a lot to e.c. Many remedies have helped but we haven't found the key solution.

Posted by Mt
Ottawa, On, Canada
Try calendula salve (calendula with extra virgin olive oil).
Posted by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, Usa
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Dear Ollie, So sorry about your child's suffering! I am wondering if it could either be eczema or a staph infection. (Maybe both.) The things you are doing sound very good and I would continue them and try a couple of more things.

Extra Virgin Coconut oil and tea tree oil topically three times a day. (Unless the tea tree seems to irritate.
Continue the apple cider vinegar and breastfeeding... Both very important!

I would add 1/8 t. turmeric powder - 3-4 times a day. You can mix it with applesauce or honey. It is great for inflammatory skin conditions. I have used this for my little ones myself. (Always make sure child is drinking enough. Turmeric can be constipating without enough fluids.)

If it is eczema, it could be an allergy... Even something in mama's diet. Many of my children had all sorts of trouble if I had dairy products. You could try taking both off dairy for a while to see if that helps.

Chamomile is also really good for skin problems. You could moisten a chamomile tea bag and hold in on the spots for 5 minutes a few times a day.

Some other things that would be important are to avoid processed foods, food dyes, sugar, etc.

It isn't in a very convenient place (or easy age) to use a charcoal poultice, but it might be worth a try if nothing else you do helps.

Please keep us posted on what helps!
~Mama to Many~

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
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Hello Ollie, It is quite evident from your description that the wound which produced the infection is the basis for the facial inflammation. The child almost certainly has a viral, fungal or parasitic infection derived from his scrape on the floor when he fell. You said you'd tried colloidal silver and I'm often on Earth Clinic touting the remarkable benefits of CS... But some CS do not have the parts per million sufficient to do the job. Try a different CS. Apply topically and let him take a few drops internally using a dropper. Only within the last 10 days Dr. Mercola, a very well known complimentary doctor in the States, posted on his web site the amazing benefits of CS. I'd recommend you look at that site because he does cite sources that authenticate the benefits of CS.

Next, if CS did not do the job, can you obtain the herb "Echinacea"? That herb in liquid form is remarkable for killing microbes especially those derived from biting creatures such as spiders. Not that I think the child was bitten by a spider, but the fact that your child was scraped on the floor suggests he may have picked up a microbe that Echinacea could handle. You apply Echinacea topically repeatedly every hour letting dry on skin's surface and put one drop in water and let him drink doing this three times in a day. Do this every other day for a week.

Ollie, since this is a baby please read about dosages compatible for children. I know what I, as an adult, can consume but don't know about children. CS has been used by humans for thousands of years so I have less worry about that. But the infection in the child's face certainly means that the infection will cause serious problems unless you kill it now.

Thus, research CS by going to Mercola's web site and use the internet on the Echinacea. At least that's what I would do if the child were mine.

Diaper Rash Remedies   7  0   

Posted by Harms (Austin, Texas) on 05/05/2013

[YEA]  I cloth diaper my son and for some reason every so often he gets this horrible rash. I think it's his over night diaper sitting on his skin for so long. He pees A LOT. But he sleeps 12 hours now (17 months) so I don't want to disturb his sleep. Anyway, about once a month this horrible rash that bleeds and makes him scream occurs. I started bathing him in colloidal oatmeal and putting coconut oil on his bum after baths and in the morning it is almost gone. So, I decided to make my own rash cream. I use virgin coconut oil, a few drops of witch hazel and enough colloidal oatmeal to make it a thick paste and voila! He is forever cured of the nasty rash. I keep it in the fridge, not sure why, but I think it helps it stay fresh? Try it try it try it!!

Posted by Kathy
the USA
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Just thought I'd mention if you use fabric softener, that prevents the diaper from absorption. One of my brothers would sometimes get a horrible rash. Hindsight is 20/20.
Posted by Kathy
the USA
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My previous post was sent before I finished. I must have pushed submit instead of edit... I'm doing a thousand things right now and my husband was leaving for work. My mom used fabric softener on everything and it causes fabric to repel water so the diaper was less absorbent and the urine or stool would irritate even though she used powder. Anyway, the point I was trying to make was, prevention of diaper rash is better and you can pick up a tube of Vitamin A&D ointment at the drug store to use on your baby when you change the diaper. This ointment also takes away the pain from diaper rash. I was only offering another remedy for anyone who didn't have the time to prepare your method.
Posted by Kathy
the USA
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Just use the A&D at night when the baby goes to bed if you prefer.
Posted by Jess
Baking soda and/ or bentonite clay has done wonders for any kind of skin irritation when added to the tub. When a child a used to care for had a yeast infection and screamed when the water touched him, I added baking soda and salt and he played like normal. My own son cut his penis with his nail and it was swollen and angry looking. I added baking soda and bentonite clay and the redness went away within minutes of being in the tub.

Posted by Sunshine Mommy (Muscat, Oman) on 09/10/2012

Our daughter is just over a year old and has suffered only once from diaper rash which was cured within 24 hours.

For the first year we used olive oil instead of any creams on her bottom before putting on her daiper. Every night a few drops of Olive Oil is put in her bath water. Her skin is fabulous. She had daiper rash once which we put Lansinoh (lanolin cream for cracked nipples) on and the rash cleared up in 24 hours. Lansinoh/lanolin is known to 'stick' to broken skin / rashes / blisters and allows the healing process to continue, and most importantly give our daughter relief from the soreness she experienced.

Recently we have been putting Virgin Coconut Oil on instead of Olive Oil before putting on her daiper, which has eliminated a very minor rash patch, which I was concerned may have been baby candida - the VCO appears to have stopped this within 24 hours and skin is normal.

Our Dr was very surprised that our daughter has was not prone to suffer from any daiper redness - developing into rashes etc, so we showed the Dr what we used (Olive Oil daily and Lansinoh for the rash the one time it occured or if we think a rash may develop). She kept the bottles we gave her at the clinic and then showed to other parents who's children suffer from nappy rash. This info has spread through the various local mums too as well as my sisters new baby and other friends. (Some mums will only use medical creams and do not believe in natural remedies! ).

Changing babies daipers often is very important to remove urine from skin contact.

Posted by Alt-rocks (Suffolk, United Kingdom) on 08/10/2012

[YEA]  Using corn flour in place of talc or cream on your little ones bum will stop nappy rash from occuring. A friend of my mothers gave me a huge box of corn flour when pregnant with my first, and told me to use it when changing little one, just dust some onto your hands and pat on clean dry bum. I have used this for all three of my children and never had to use nappy rash cream.

Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Alt-rocks, is this what we call corn starch?
Posted by Alt-rocks
Felixstowe, Suffolk, United Kingdom
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Hi, In the UK and SA it is called corn flour, however I believe you are correct, it is cornstarch in the USA, and other countries.

Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 08/10/2012

[YEA]  Last night I tried cocounut oil (Barleans) on a baby's diaper rash. This morning the difference for the better was astonishing!

Posted by Ed2010 (Oakville, Canada) on 06/26/2012

[YEA]  Milk Kefir is truely god sent. If your baby is having diaper rash, just apply real milk kefir and the rash would vanish the next day or two. Don't use doctor recommended steroidal creams on your baby's tender skin.

In fact milk kefir, will cure any type of skin disease when applied externally. It is good for Eczema, fungal infections etc. Hope this helps.

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