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Lung Infection Remedies

Last Modified on May 05, 2016

Natural lung infection treatments range from straightforward lifestyle changes to homeopathic remedies and herbal supplements. Making changes to support immune health, like eating healthy and exercising, boost immune health and prevent and treat disease. Homeopathic remedies and herbal supplements deliver more extensive treatment that targets the root cause of infection.

What is a Lung Infection?

One of the most common health conditions, particularly in the winter months, a lung infection affects the air system of the body including the sinuses, nasal passages, pharynx, larynx or lungs. An infection is typically caused by a virus and often results in nasal congestion, runny nose, white to green nasal discharge, sneezing, a sore throat, cough, fever and inflammation in the throat in nasal cavity. More advanced symptoms include difficulty breathing, dizziness, low oxygen level in the blood and loss of consciousness. If left untreated, infection often spreads to the entire respiratory system.

Natural Remedies for Lung Infection

Lung infection is often treated using a variety of homeopathic therapies. Several known homeopathic treatments include antimonium tart, rumex crispus, pulatilla, phosphorus, bryonia, kail bich and spongia tosta. When introduced to the system, these elements stimulant the body’s natural response to fight off the infection.

Treating Respiratory Distress with Herbs

Herbal treatments have also been found effective for curing respiratory tract infections. Echinacea, licorice root and garlic are used to eliminate infection and ease symptoms. Taken daily, these herbs also promote continued health and wellness.


Commonly used to treat a range of conditions including the common cold, Echinacea is known for its capability of stimulating the immune system. The herb is typically effective at limiting the length and severity of symptoms, particularly when used upon first diagnosis.

Licorice Root

Licorice root is another herb often used for its support of respiratory health. As booth an anti-inflammatory and expectorant agent, licorice root is particularly effective for treating a respiratory tract infection. Its innate composition makes it beneficial for reducing phlegm and other symptoms associated with respiratory distress.


Garlic has been used for years in treating respiratory issues, as well as others. The compound allicin, found in garlic, delivers antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that make it particularly effective for treating respiratory issues. In addition, garlic boosts the immune system while eliminating infection.

Lung infections are a common condition that can be prevented and treated using lifestyle changes, homeopathic therapies and herbal remedies. The right natural treatment can shorten healing time and offer almost immediate relief from symptoms.

Keep reading below for many more suggestions from our readers to treat a lung condition!

Remedies for Lungs: Damage and Infection

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Apple Cider Vinegar  
1 User Reviews | 1 BETTER BUT NOT CURED

Posted by Emma Peel (El Paso) on 08/26/2015

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I'm either nuts or I'm dying with some type of reaction to something. I think it's a reaction to a mixture of things, presently -- the two uppermost being hibiscus tea and chenopods. I have noticed that on the days, at the times I have imbibed in organic ACV diluted 1/4 or 1/5 with greater part water, I stop having the horrible respiratory distress that I've been having for over 3 weeks. Now. that said, I believe I will simply get up every morning and begin the day with that, and see if I fall back in love with El Paso.

Thank you for this forum.

Borax and Baking Soda  
7 User Reviews | 1 BETTER BUT NOT CURED

Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl, USA) on 11/09/2008

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I'm 32, smoked 5-10 ciggarettes/day drank 5 beers/day for 15 years.

At 25 I was diagnosed with Lichen Planus... Doctors gave me cortisone cream, didn't help. Found this site a few months ago, and have done some independant research since. Ted is awesome, by the way.

This post is a little fast and loose, without sources.

Basically, ENT Doctors commonly use Baking Soda, Vinnegar, and Borax added to other stuff, and categorize these as anti-infectives.

It appears that DCA, which is currently being tested in Canada as an anti-cancer drug is a combination of Bleach, Vinnegar, and BakingSoda... which would seem to kill a bunch of infections.
Back to my problems. 3 months ago: I've got a white tongue, with bumps on the side of my mouth. I usually wake up congested, but it clears before 10am. Often I feel congested, and that makes me want another cigarrette.

I played the watch the clock game, and cut my smoking to 1 ciggarettes/day (after 7 pm)(back up to 3). I cut my drinking to 1 day per week. I started running 2 miles per day. It didn't help with my problems, although I lost 20 pounds.

I THINK that I have this thing figured out... I will post a follow-up in a few months, if I'm cured.
Studying Ted's "anti-infectives", first I tried going alkaline (borax and baking soda). This cleared my lungs, but made the bumps in my mouth worse.

Now I've gone in reverse, with the Apple Cidar Vinnegar only, and the bumps in my mouth are disappearing.

So here's my theory. There is a mayo-clinic study from a few years ago that says that most chronic sinus problems are caused by a fungus. As I had a yeast-like taste in my mouth, it was probably Candida. I went to the doc, and got some fluconazole, since the baking soda seemed to be clearing my lungs. Success on clearing my lungs... at least temporarily.... however, the bumbs in my mouth seemed to be getting worse.

It appears that these bumps are a "secondary infection", probably bacterial or viral. Since one problem was cured, I switched to 2 TBSP or Apple Cider vinegar, 2x per day. I had an immediate outbreak of Lichen Planus on my fingers, which appears to be dissapearing completely after a week. Additionally, the bumps in my mouth are 50% reduced.

There was a new study that came out last week that said men have cleaner hands than women, and are less likely to get skin infections, due to their hands are more acidic.

This lichen planus stuff kind of looks like warts, with a dark(blue) center. Since I've been taking ACV... the center of this stuff is red, like it's healing.
So I think I had Candida with a secondary infection, and the secondary infection(Lichen Planus) is cured by ACV.

I need some time to completely cure this stuff... but I think I did this in reverse. First start with the ACV to cure the secondary infection(Lichen Planus), then clear the yeast infection (Baking Soda or Borax or Flucon-azole).
On the white tongue... listerine doesn't help, biotene mouthwash doesn't help. Flouride toothpaste doesn't help. Brushing my tongue with either Baking Soda or Borax or Both and/or combining Hydrogen Peroxide, will turn my tongue completely red.

It will turn white again within 2 days... I've got some kind of infection. This stuff seems to help, though. I've been very impressed with that 20-mule borax stuff, in spite of the fact that the white tongue comes back.

Borax is not to be feared, just follow Ted's small dosage. His dosage is well reasoned.

Replied by Cubby
Seattle, WA, USA
to 32-y.o. Rich of boca raton. your white tongue - "thrush" - indicates your immune system is still overwhelmed by chronic systemic yeast. i had it for decades. read Dr. Crooks' The Yeast Connection. there are also other good books at your health foodstore/pharmacy which deal with chronic systemic yeast. i tried fluconazole but longterm solution is careful diet and detoxifying your environment. you MUST conquer your chronic systemic yeast, or else you will get worse health problems because your immune system is overwhelmed by yeast. i'm 57-y.o. and been there. in my case, i had to overcome various junkfood addictions, about which i was in profound denial. beware, and good luck.
Replied by Lu
Parker, Co
I was diagnosed by my MD with systemic candida following a blood test. I was prescribed digestive enzymes. After that ran out I found some good ones at my local health food store. There is a lot of research about our digestive system and its effect on our thyroid, for one causing the auto-immune response called hashimoto's disease. The digestive enzymes along with eliminating sugar as much as possible, and also drinking an alkalizing tea (from apricots), helped me a lot. I also found a boric acid suppository which clears up vaginal yeast infection better than any pharma product I have tried. It is called Yeast Arrest.

For those with lung issues, search for equine COPD and see if you can find a product that clears congestion using sound waves (an acoustic percussor). It will soon have FDA clearance for people and it may be something that could help you.

Replied by Stephanie
Orlando, Fl
Your Tongue is a map of your body. Clean up your diet stay away from mucous forming foods. Eggs, Milk, Cheese bread. Lots of fruits and vegetables.

With a White Tongue that is Candida or Yeast. Read about Urine Therapy it works to rid candida if your diet is toxic your Urine will be Yellow and Strong. The Cleaner the diet the more clear the Urine.

For Smoking which depletes the body of Oxygen what we need to live try eft. You can look that up on youtube IT Works Many time the first time. It is a tapping thing and speaking following a good eft coach to help rid of any habits you may want to break. Hope this is helpful.

Replied by Bcnu147
Anacortes, Wa, U. S. A.
Alcohol and anything with caffeine will flush water soluble vitamins out of your system quickly: B vitamins and vitamin C in particular. A friend's candida infection cleared up when she took B6.
Replied by Ted
Chicago, Il
I did an anti-Candida diet and had great success with that. It's definitely not the inexpensive home remedies offered here but it did work well. I also find apple cider vinegar to be great and helping with digestion and this always seems to improve my lungs. I'm not sure if that is because of better absorption of nutrients or elimination of toxins?? I'll try the baking soda and see if that works as winter tends to dry me up here in the Midwest and makes me a little more prone to colds sometimes, although not as much as in the past.
Replied by John
Hi, pls tell me more about B6 for candida.

Buteyko Breathing  
3 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by Indira (Utrecht, Netherlands) on 12/11/2012

Dear Earthclinic, First I want to thank you for your existance. I've been frequently on it last 4, 5 months and has helped me a great deal, but not fully. This is why I want to contribute with my story. Writing you for the first time;-)

So last august, the day I decided to drive back home to Netherlands from Croatia (on holiday) I got sick. The same second we made desicion to go back home I got pain in my chest. A panic started to take over me, but I could reduce it and drive back home. Btw I have a baby and it was first time on holiday with the baby. And it was a looot of stress. Before that holiday my house was beeing rebuild, so my whole year was in a great stress. Any how I came back home safe and still alive. Did I mentioned I had a panic attack and was thinking I was going to dye? (or however u spell that). So after a few days situation got worse and I went to doctor. They told me I was in stress and send me back home. It didnt help offcourse. So after a few Dr. appointments they found out I had a reflux. Gave me some pills. They helped for 3 days and stoped helping again.

That is when I discovered your website. Started drinking apple cider and bicarb. Helped a lot to lose the pain in chest. But I also had pain in left arm, chin, back, alergies, and probably few more, but cant remember. The panic attacks where frequent and always on friday 6pm when Dr. is closed. So Apple Cider Vinegar helped a lot for pain in my chest, and lot of other problems I didnt ven know I had. I also didnt think any more I was gong to have a heart attack. But then my nipple started to burn. I was walking with it for a month and a half, went to Dr. went to check on it and it was luckly all ok. The same time I started to use magnesium. And somehow the fears went for a great deal away. They where still there but not as much as it was. I still had panic attacks but I could somehow get them under controll quiet quick. But in meanwhile while some problems where gone other came. Then one would leave and one would come back. In meanwhile I had a big scala of problems. So execive burping, back pain, headache, arms feeling slow and not eough circulation, then a flew or a virus got me so my throut was feeling good and bad off and on. All that didnt help me to start losing my stress, (since my house is finished in meanwhile so I should be able to destress). But all them diseaes didnt help. By now, via your website, I have learned to recognize the problem and deal with it in a quick way. Now I know when to take acv, when bicarb or just salt water, or magnesium. But all this has helped a great deal, lets say 80% but didnt helped to get rid of it.

Then I went to a long weekend on holiday to germany. Arround that time I also started to breath deeper from my stomach instead of my upper lungs. I heard all kind of noises from my stomach every time I breath through it. I continued doing it as long as I could. I also walked outside a lot and ate a lot. I finaly started gaining waight as well and was feeling a lot better. Then I came back home and same problems came back. So I thought wtf was it, that helped. First I though walking outside. So I went out every day and that also helped a lot. but was still there.

now lets go back to my 13th. I then for first time had a speach problem. It came from nowhere when I was shouting for my mother to come outside. I called her and it came out of my throught as ma--ma. That was strange but hej f. It. So that never went away. It stayed with me untill today. There was a period in my life when it was quiet well under controll, that was when I had peace and good life (still have it btw;-). but then when I got sick it came back, just as bad as it was.

then I stared connecting the dotts. I looked closer to myself and though of my speach problem. I figured out my dyaphragm was in a total crunch, and I needed to relax it. When I relax it I feel good, when it's in crunch I feel agony. Because I went to logopedie some years ago I remembered what she told me. BREATH. That was all. So I went online and look for yoga breath techinques. Started imediatly with practice. then I went online and found this.

Buteyko method
The russian lung Dr. figured out that modern human breath too much air. And when we get sick we breat from our lungs and not our dyaphragm. We take too much air what results in losing too much co2. That in turn brings all the moder problems with it. He basicly say breath from your stomach, BREATH LESS, and take longer pauses after you breath out. Take a pause and breath in. As longer your pause is as healthier you are. You can do a test on how helthy you are. take a look at this link:

any now I stared his techinque (just read some stuff on internet and didnt follow any courses) just beeing aware of my pauses in between the breath. And it f. worked a miricale. All my simptoms incl. Agony went away the same day. I am now 4th day and get this even my speach is starting to lower. It is not gone but it's only been a few days. Went to Dr. She told me, all I said souns very logical, but since she has never had any patient like this before. She had to look up in her books. I will hear from her tomorow I guess. But for first time in all these months I actually feel great and clear in my head and in my body. So pls. take a look at this buteyko theory, try it and I am sure you too will be blown away. It's for free so it must work;-)

they claim a lot of modern sickneses are coming from upper breathing, like astma, copd, mental problems, back, heart... Dont know all the details myself but take a look. It's probably next acv;-)

love you all, Indira

Replied by Anonymous
Hi Indira, I am having symptoms similar to yours, which are unexplainable. Can you please confirm if Buteyko Breathing helped you in the long run and how long did it take for you to be totally symptom free? Thanks.
Replied by Ralph
[YEA]   I've done Buteyko Breathing and it was really good! A few ailments I'd had just disappeared within a day or two : difficulty swallowing was the big one : I was able to eat easily again: the doctors had decided to throw a pile of antibiotics at me in the hope one of them would help....nutters. I live where it's either hot or really hot most of the time and I had a noticeable increase in my energy levels and ability to cope with the heat while outdoors for extended periods of time..I stopped getting worn out.

5 User Reviews | 2 YEA

Posted by Stevie Lynn (Lala Land, Ca, USA) on 04/08/2013

[YEA]  I make my own cayenne pepper capsules. I make them in size 00 and I take three in the morning and three in the evening with meals for improved circulation and lung function. This could be helpfull to anyone who would like the benefits of cayenne and does not like the heat. I do like the heat but just want a higher doseage, so I cook with it too. When I take my capsules I usually drink hot green tea or hot water and lemmon with ACV to help them dislolve the capule quicker.

Posted by Kiwidel (Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand) on 01/12/2012

[YEA]  This is somewhat late for Taqi. NZ, but hope he is still checking in. In regard to your grandson, I would like to suggest that you find a way of getting him to take Cayenne pepper (it does come in tablet form as well) to clear his chest congestion. My husband has Emphysema and was at a shocking stage where he could not walk from one room to another without losing his breath. However, after looking up things on this site, I talked him into the Cayenne, and he is a new man - back at work full time and boasting that he has not felt this good in 2 years. The Cayenne clears the breathing tubes.

Replied by Jennywren
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Hi Kiwidel, I've just received my xray report back saying I have hyperinflated lungs, probably due to bronchitis. Would you be able to explain how you did your husband's cayenne pepper treatment? (such as dosages and what you did). Many thanks!
Replied by Cathy
Toronto Ontario Canada
I also would like to know about the cayenne pepper, such as what type and how often to take it etc. many thanks. cathy
Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales


Posted by Carolyn (Central, Va) on 12/04/2009

Lung Congestion

After recovering from pneumonia, I continued to have chronic lung congestion. Coincidentally, my son in Texas mentioned a salsa recipe he'd made and suggested I give it a try. He insisted I use fresh cilantro for superior taste. Well, within 5 minutes of making and sampling the salsa, I coughed up an enormous amount of thick phlegm and breathed easier for the rest of the night. By morning, some sleep congestion returned. I made eggs, and since I had fresh cilantro left over from the salsa, I put it on the eggs. Once again, the congestion cleared, with lots of phlegm purged. All within 5-10 minutes of eating the cilantro.

Thinking maybe I had imagined the results, I went a week without trying the cilantro again. The congestion came back. I ate cilantro again, and the phlegm cleared again. I've repeated that test many times since then, and each time cilantro has proven to be my hero. My aunt, who has emphysema (COPD), tried it and got similar good results.
My lung doctor, originally from India, swears by cilantro (and coriander, which includes the whole plant, not just the leaves). The last time I went for a checkup, he declared that my lungs were completely clear and told me to keep eating cilantro.

So now I cook with cilantro several times a week, no matter what. And whenever I travel, I take a small bottle of dried cilantro to sprinkle on my food.

Coconut Oil  

Posted by Dogwood928 (Paintsville, Ky) on 03/08/2015

I have lung scarring as a result of hypersensitivity to unknown substance. My scars have not worsened in 2 years. I have recently started taking coconut oil for general health, but I have noticed a change in my breathing. No more wheezing. I do have more energy, and I don't get short of breath as easily. Could the organic CO be improving my lung function.? I am interested in hearing anyone who who has had similar effects.

Replied by Faith
I'm curious about this too--I had valley fever years ago and now have lung scarring. Please, anyone with experience, let me know if Virgin Coconut Oil would help w/ the scarring.
Replied by Dogwood928
Paintsville, Ky
Can hydrogen peroxide @3% inhaled several times a day eliminate lung scars? Any input would be appreciated.
Replied by Timh Donate

If you perchance have a mycoplasma infection in your lungs then H2O2 therapy may help; and as for general "cleansing" Nebulized H2O2 will help.

As for "healing" lungs that are not infected, here is a list of nutrients that will help and maybe cure.

1. Zinc & Vit-A are very important for the integrity and repair of Lungs

2. Quercetin reduces the inflammation that prevents healing.

3. Raw Lung Glandular hastens repair.

4. Comfrey herb is very effective in regeneration of epithelial tissue such as lungs, but is somewhat toxic so caution is advised in it's use. Solaray has a lung formula called "Comfree" that may help.

5. Omega 3 Fatty Acids (EFA's) like Fish or Krill Oil, Chia and Flaxseed Oil, are very important for reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

6. Chlorella Extract is a good cleanser and has it's own growth factors that may help.

7. Boosting natural levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) will help. HGH is converted into IGF-1 in the liver so supplements like Deer Antler Velvet have therapeutic IGF-1.

Collapsed Lungs  

Posted by Rick (Fargo, Nd) on 03/26/2011

I served in Vietnam and within 10 years I had one lung collapsed and 8 years later the other one collapsed. Every eight years one or the other would collapse. In 2002 the right collapsed in Sept. and the left blew out. I ended up with lung sergury on both sides and basically glued to the chest.

I am wondering how many vets have had this. Because every one is going to have different affects from Agent Orange. Who has any idea on the number?

Replied by Smitty
Vaughn, Wa.
I Detoxed with 2 drops Lugol's and 2 drops Iodine in apple cider vinegar 12 oz water, 1 tsp MSM in 12oz water, 1 tsp magnesium oil in 12 oz water and 2 drops Iodine. Nebulize with distilled water 5mil with 6 drops Nascent Iodine every four hours. Works for me.
Replied by Kazani
I had a friend who served in Vietnam, non-combat, but who also had his lung collapse shortly after arrival home and 3 times since then. He also believes it was agent orange but has had no support from VA hospital in this regard.
Replied by Marigold
Kazani, tell your friend to contact the DAV. They really help vets get the help and benefits they deserve.
Replied by Candyb
Had 3 friends whose husbands (all 3 VN vets) die of lung complications from agent orange. My one friend said she thinks her husband may have survived had he taken an alternative route. It wasn't the cancer that ultimately took his life but the treatment. Something to think about. Turmeric and oil of oregano are excellent healers for the lungs as well as the baking soda and acv. And furthermore, it can't hurt you...its food!
Replied by Babs
Regarding the ACV(how much) + Iodine(2 drops) + water(12 ounces)??? How often each day? The others mentioned need some info to assist in doing, example what is Nascent Iodine? Do you do all that you mentioned every day?

1 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by Alexandra (London)

[YEA]  Just commenting: no idea about the tomatoes for sinusitis but will pass it on. Always avoid dairy products when you have any sinus congestion of any kind. This helps--plus try a infusion of a mixture of these herbs, readily available fennel seeds, flaxseeds (aka linseeds) and fenugreek seeds. Mix equal parts of each seed. It's really up to the person how much of each seed they buy and how long they are going to be taking the combination. It's a combination I keep around. I tend to mix up a 1/2 cup of each seed and mix them into a jar and keep them in a cool dark place until they are needed. When needed place a heaping teaspoon of the mixed seeds into a mug of boiling water. Allow to steep, or infuse, whatever you call it, then stir, (sieve if you like or better, eat the seeds) then drink copious amounts. Really does the trick for any congestion lung and sinus.


Posted by Orrilia (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 09/26/2011

My lungs have recently been exposed to chemicals. They now feel heavy and just don't feel right. I wanted to know what the best way of detoxing would be. I eat all organic foods, so this is very upsetting to me to be exposed to this. Would I go about a lung detox using a nebulizer, with hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, adya clarity, etc... ? Just need a bit of guidance as to where to start.

Replied by Deb
Adelaide, South Australia
Hi, just wondering how you went with this. I think my daughter has been exposed to chlorine and damaged her lungs.
Replied by Betty
Spearsville, La.
In response to those that mentioned exposure to chemicals and having heavy feelings in lungs. I too experience the same problem of heaviness in the bottom of my lungs after exposure to chlorine. This happened back in April of 2008. I have tried many things but nothing has helped very much, hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver and now I'm using essential oils. I'm not very encouraged at this point. The oils I inhale seem to help but at the end of the day, the heaviness in my lungs is so worrisome. I am in the process of trying to rid my body of toxins. I keep checking back here hoping someone will have an answer. Best of luck to you. Betty

[John 14:6 "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, except through me."

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
Hi Betty, Read your post and thought I should write. My husband had always had problems with his lungs- they felt weak, congested, difficulty with taking in deep breaths and easily fatigued due to all of this. We began doing Far Infrared saunas once a week and after the fifth time he began to see a significant difference. Far Infrared saunas are the only saunas which can actually detox heavy metals and chemicals from the body. And since you say you are dealing with chlorine this would surely make a difference. Because it causes vasodilation, there is a passive aerobic exercise which occurs thereby strengthening the lungs and heart.

Other friends who have used their inhalers regularly have been able to stop using them altogether after using the Far Infrared saunas for a month, twice weekly. They are able to maintain this status as long as they do the FIR sauna at least once a week.

So, I would highly suggest you check into finding access to one. We have found them so effective for our health taking them once a week for over a year now, we are considering purchasing one for our home. In this toxic world they are truly helpful in maintaining our health. You can actually see the ones we are considering and read about all their benefits here:

The other wonderful thing about these saunas is, they don't emit EMFs. - another health issue!

Hope this info helps. Lisa

Replied by Timh Donate

Louisville, Ky, Usa
Betty: It seems you may be experiencing a Glutathione deficiency. The body's major enzymatic detoxifier and cell protector is Glutathione Peroxidase. G. P. declines w/ age and add some environmental factors and you get the symptoms you are reporting, especially as the lungs need lots of G. One of the best ways to boost glutathione levels is to supplement the amino acid N-acytlcysteine (NAC). For rapid boosting and particularly in the lungs, one can nebulize the amino precursor complex (combination of glutamine-cysteine-glycine) called Reduced Glutathione. YouTube has some professionals using G. nebulization with very good results for many different diseases. One could eat Walnuts and/or Avocados on a daily basis to boost Glutathione, as well as supplementing any antioxidant nutrients like Vit-C, E, A.

As for strengthening the lungs, I have found no other herb to compare to Astragalus. Astragalus is also a top immune balancing & enhancing herb.

Replied by Timh Donate

Louisville, Ky, Usa
I failed to mention in my previous post that the mineral Selenium is also very important antioxidant and Glutathione booster. Supplementing at least 200 mcgs of Selenium daily could bring recovery in a short time (if there is deficiency). Many people are incorporating Brazil Nuts in the diet as they are the single most Selenium dense food on earth. Speaking of, Se is also one of the most important anti-cancer or cancer preventive nutrients known, and also one of the best anti-aging nutrients known. The many benefits of Se could be attributed to it's role in producing Glutathione.
Replied by Sheila
New York, New York
I have fluid on my lungs and a mass around my heart. I have lupus. And the doctors r getting ready to do a biopsy.
Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Dear Sheila,

I think the place to start would be to read about Bill Munroe's hydrogen peroxide inhalation therapy.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Therapy

Also, Mullein leaf tea is very good for congestion in the lungs.

I would also consider using castor oil packs on the chest since you have fluid in the lungs and a mass around the heart. You can read about that here:

Castor Oil Packs

I hope you will find one of these things or something else to be helpful to you.

~Mama to Many~

DMSO, Colloidal Silver  
3 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by Danny Dospod (Cincinnati, Ohio ) on 03/15/2014

[YEA]  I am Danny and I'm from Cincinnati Ohio, I'd like to share this as I was not feeling good for several years and always tired. I smoked for 37 years and quit as the doctors at the University of Cincinnati discovered lung nodules in both of my lungs. And said they were gonna monitor them for 2 yrs for growth. But I read a lot about dmso and other stuff, because I like natural stuff. So I bought some 50/50 dmso solution from the original doctor in Oregon, and some colloidal silver called meso silver off the internet. And took a teaspoon of each day, and sometimes in a nebulizer I purchased, but mostly in a teaspoon. Well, my 1st visit back in 6 months was last week. The nodules in my lungs were gone without a trace, my high blood pressure is normal again. And I do have mild copd from smoking so many yrs, but since I quit, I breathe much better with no medicine. The only side effects I got were a little insomnia and constipation. So I stopped taking it a couple weeks ago, but I'll continue again soon. Because it's done other things in my body! From a separate CT scan of my stomach. I knew I had multiple noles on my kidneys from a previous mri. All but 1 was gone and very tiny, a hemorrhoid I had for years feels like it's almost gone, my foot heels and dry skin on my hands also, vanished and a callus on my foot healed from the inside and tried for years to get rid of it. I had high blood pressure several years, heart palpations that also vanished as well as the blood pressure going back to normal with no medication. I'm very thankful for dmso and also use the 70/30 solution. The doctor said my lungs look great and no trace of the nodules ever being there. I truly attribute it too dmso and am very grateful for removing some of the worry in my life.

Replied by Lorraine
Crete, Il.
Could u please tell me what doctor would prescribe the medical grade DSMO? Also is it safe to buy this online since your ingesting it? My husband just found out they found nodules on his lungs during a CT scan. He's a non-smoker, however worked in a coal power plant for a number of years. I'd really like for him to try something natural and pray it helps as well as it did for u! I'm praying u get back to me soon! Take care & God Bless! Enjoy your holidays. Thank u!!!

Sincerely, Lorraine

Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc
Try asking around the health food community such as Nutrition stores... health food stores that is if they know of any nutritionally minded doctors. They might put you own to such a doctor that would be into DMSO.

Essential Oil  

Posted by Thracia (Decatur, Il, United States) on 03/05/2012

My mom developed severe allergies and asthma in her late 40s. It started off mild and got severe. She started getting bronchitis and antibiotics would only help a little, but not get rid of it completly. Then she would get it again. My mom is stubborn and does not like to go to the hospital. One night she scared me, because she was wheezing and gasping for breath. Her nose was running and even though she found out she was alergic to cats that triggered her asthma she loved our cat so much that she wouldn't ever get rid of him. We also couldn't afford 200 dollars every month for meds.

I didn't know what to do I went on earth clinic, because of all the times it has helped me, but we didn't have any ingredients except apple cider vinegar on hand. I tried to get my mom to drink some with water. But she kept refusing, because she hates vinagar. I began searching all over the web desperatly. I was afraid I was going to lose my mom if I didn't. I had gone to a site and found a lady with a similar story. She said to take 12 drops of thieves Essential Oil Blend which has in it- (clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, Rosemary cineol, Eucalyptus Radiata, 6 drops of oregano Essential Oil and 2 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil and place in a "00" capsule and it makes a natural antibiotic that works on almost everything. It has to be theraputic grade or it would hurt you. It also said not to take it in pill form if you are pregnant and not to use the pills on children. I put the name theives, because they are the only people that make that particular blend. She also said it showed it to have a 99.96% success rate against airborne bacteria. The bacteria cultures were sprayed in an enclosed area, and Thieves essential oil blend was diffused for a given amount of time. After only 10 minutes of exposure, there was a reduction of 82% in Micrococcus luteus, 96% in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and 44% in Staphylococcus aureus. Coincidentally I had accidentally bought the Theives essential oil blend when trying to buy a different oil awhile back. I did not have a 00 capsule either and this was an emergency, so I had to think outside the box. I knew asthma is caused by bacteria that embeds itself deep into the lungs. I had my mom take a steaming hot rag and told her to put about 12 drops on the rag and to put it on her chest. Also told her to keep sniffing the bottle. She hadn't been able to sleep for a long time and she fell into a deep sleep for about 45 minutes. When she woke up there was no more wheezing or noises in her chest and she could talk normally. I was in shock. After this she did the same thing two nights in a row or whenever she starts to have an attack or get bronchitis and it works everytime. Thank God! There is also another treatment thats natural that I would like to try with her. I found it that night when I was searching. Apparently people who have asthma, allergies, snoring problems or any other lung problems do really well when they go to salt mines, because the salt kills bacteria and other stuff. CNN did a special on it and people overseas started making spas where the floor, ceiling and everything is covered in salt. You can watch the video on youtube just type in CNN Vital Signs - Salt Cave London. They also made a machine that you add salt and water to and it puts the salty moisture in whatever room you would like to put it in and its not expensive. I think the name of the machine is breath free. It's called in home salt therapy. It also has a salt inhaler.

General Feedback  

Posted by Rill (California, US) on 06/17/2014

Hi does anyone know whether you can take a natural antibiotic capsule made up of garlic, ginger, turmeric, and cayenne pepper on an empty stomach? I made this antibiotic myself using one tablespoon of each of these organic powders of spices and then filled the capsules myself. I am trying to get rid of something in my lungs that causes all sorts of phelgm and found out that you can make a natural antibiotic using these four spices. It just didn't give any advice as how to take it. Thanks everyone on any advice that you can give.

Replied by Marigold
Why do you have to take it on an empty stomach? There isn't anything in there that's not food... I'm not convinced it would make any difference. I couldn't take them without food because of the cayenne, but I love the idea.
Replied by Timh Donate

Rill: I would better by taking these herbs w/ a little bit of something to eat like apple sauce or cracker. A softgel of Coconut Oil would help both as a digestive aid and natural antibiotic.
Replied by Gabbysue
Haltom City, Texas
I know it has been a while since these posts of making natural antibiotics. I have COPD and right now I have a terrible lung infection going on. I have capsules of tumeric, garlic, cayenne and ginger root. Does anyone know how I should take these for antibiotic benefits. I LOVE EC! I tell everyone about it.

Posted by Sania (Jalandhar, Punjab, India) on 03/11/2009

sania, india i have bronchiectasis from last 2 years..i have thich mucus problem....infection occurs very soon...i have tried so many anti soon as i stops infection again comes..what should i do...can anyone suggest me which wil really work..i tried homeopathy nothing works...i am just 28 yrs seems like have stopped after this one lung collapse because of other lung is anyone suffering from same problem ....ant colloidal silver will really to use that ?

EC: "Bronchiectasis is a disease that causes localized, irreversible dilation of part of the bronchial tree. It is classified as an obstructive lung disease, along with bronchitis and cystic fibrosis. Involved bronchi are dilated, inflamed, and easily collapsible, resulting in airflow obstruction and impaired clearance of secretions. Bronchiectasis is associated with a wide range of disorders, but it usually results from necrotizing bacterial infections, such as infections caused by the Staphylococcus or Klebsiella species or Bordetella pertussis."


Replied by Betty
Spearsville, La.
Dear Sania,

I have bronchiectasis too. I also have a heaviness in the bottom of my lungs which I believe is a direct result of exposure to chlorine. I have tried and am still trying colloidal silver in a nebulizer as well as h2o2 and am also using oil of oregano internally and externally. I can not verify that any of the above mentioned have made any significant difference but will continue to search for answers.

Replied by Mena
London, Uk
Hi, I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis 20 years ago. My last scan showed that I no longer have it. It has gone. It does happen.
Replied by Noeleen
Wollongong, Nsw Australia
Dear Mena from London, I have bronchiectasis and I would be most grateful if you could share what you did to have the bronchiectasis gong from your lungs..Noeleen from Wollongong Australia
Replied by Susan
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Dear Mena from London, please tell me how you cured your bronchiectasis. Doctors say there is no remedy for it. Thanking you for your response.

Posted by Claire (New York, New York) on 02/08/2009

Better/preventative lung health: Hi, I was wondering what I should be doing to help repair all the damage I have done to my lungs from 10 years of smoking. Thanks so much for your help!

Replied by Angela
Gautier, Ms
There is a video out on youtube that says sodium bicarbonate cures cancer. It has before and after pics. This product is baking soda, not baking powder. Cancer is a fungus, most of the crap we catch is fungus because our bodies are warm dark wet areas. There are some oils that kill fungus, but should not be in lungs with any great quantity. Like oregano oil. Works best for nasal fungus.

Now vinegar, this a great product, when taken 3 times a week or more over a period of time, even though you start smelling like vinegar, it purifies your blood, stops muscle cramps, soften and dissolves plaque/calcium deposit build up one lady wrapped her arm in it where she had a large calcium knot under skin she kept it on there a week or so, and it got smaller and smaller till it was gone, and it helps you lose weight.

Bleach is also a great cleaner for the body, added to a 8oz water about a cap full. Cleans the body of fungus also. A old wife tale is feeling bad do a enema with bleach water. With all this being said, I have been smoking 30 years, when I was about 22 they did a xray of my lungs, I had 5 nodules on them, and walking pneumonia. Doctor gave me meds. They said I had copd also.

Well later 6/8 months I had snorted some baking soda water. Feeling a little better. Then I had a intestinal problem so I drank a cap full of bleach in water. Feeling better. Then 10 yrs. later had a xray on my lungs cause I had a cryonic cough again, (smoker) phlegm, I asked the doc. I said how big are the nodules now. He said what nodules. Lol what nodules. So I just had a cold with phlegm now. Got rid of that colds off and on for years like regular people.

Now 30 years later. My lungs look great but I am starting to use my inhaler again, which each time I have gotten a cold I do. I also have asthma. So its time for me to do a round of the baking soda again. This is my true story, I am 42 yr. old female, been smoking for 30 yrs. I hope this helps some of you.

Replied by Timh Donate

Louisville, Ky, Usa
Angela, for several yrs I have been using the health club hot-tub method for cleansing as it is lots of chlorine or bromine w/ some type of stabilizers w/ mixed results. Sometimes it seems to produce added oxidative stress and sometimes I feel much better afterwards. Some alternative practitioners recommend adding 1/2 or 1 cup chlorine bleach (non-scented) to a tub of hot water for cleansing and detoxing. ACV can also be added to hot water baths for same purpose. It is good to remember that chlorine bleach will way up the body's sodium content, so perhaps eat a couple of Bananas daily.

Lately it seems the healthier alternative to chlorine is Iodine. A few yrs ago I knew that my fungal infection had become systemic when I added Povidone Iodine to a foot bath w/ die-off results immediately afterwards. I have also used PI in whole body bath w/ good results. Lately I seem to have even better results w/ Borax 1/2 cup in hot bath.

For oral administration, I use either Grapefruitseed Extract or Oregano w/ pretty good results.

Anyway many options for fungal issues.