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Effective Natural Cures for Chalazion

Last Modified on Nov 21, 2015

If you have ever had a chalazion cyst, we are sure you will agree that they are gross, for lack of a better term. So, if you have never had a cyst or you are a bit “weak in the stomach,” you may want to stop reading right now. If you are one of the few who regularly develops cysts or styes, though, we have a few natural cures for you that should help you get rid of this issue for good (hopefully). If you are trying to eliminate a chalazion, try warm compresses, guava or acacia leaves, or castor oil

What Is a Chalazion?

Your eye is considered a mucus membrane, which means that not only does it stay moist but it also regularly collects dust and bacteria. While most of the time your eye “self-cleanses” to eliminate the debris it collects, sometimes it is unable to completely eliminate toxic material and develops an infection. One of the most common forms of infection in your eye is a chalazion or bacterial infection located in the oil glands that are situated just behind your eyelashes.

Depending on the stage of development of your chalazion, you may experience few to no symptoms or more pervasive symptomology. Generally, chalazia develop in a series of steps beginning with slight eyelid pain or twinges. Following this initial pain, you eyelid will often swell and form additional discharge. The condition then typically progresses to the characteristic “bump” on your eye, and then when you aren’t looking, the bump will disappear. Chalazia are relatively similar to styes except for the fact that chalazia are typically larger and may not hurt.

Are There Any Natural Cures for Chalazion?

When it comes to treating a chalazion, prevention is generally your best friend. If you begin feeling twinges or pain in your eyelid, you should begin hot compresses as soon as possible to prevent the condition. If a bump appears, though, you do have a few treatment options. Again, warm compresses are one of the best treatments. Additionally, you can utilize guava and acacia leaves as well as gentle massage to remedy chalazia.

1. Warm Compresses

According to research (and personal experience), it is best to use warm not hot compresses. The compress helps to soften the oil that is lodged in the gland and expedites the removal of bacteria. You should place a warm, damp washcloth over your closed eye for at least five minutes four times a day.

2. Guava Leaves

Guava leaves contain anti-inflammatory compounds that help treat the swelling and pain that are common of chalazia. You can use this remedy in conjunction with a warm compress by simply placing the leaf on the affected eye and then covering both with a warm damp cloth.

3. Acacia Leaves

Acacia leaves help relieve inflammation and eliminate infection. For the most effective benefits, boil a handful of the leaves in water and then drain them. Use the moist leaves as a compress on your eyelid.

Keep reading for many more natural remedies for chalazia from our readers below!

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User Reviews

Activated Charcoal
  User Ratings

Posted by Mary (Wisconsin) on 07/29/2014

[YEA]  To treat a chalazion, I opened up an activated charcoal capsule, mixed with hot water, put on bump left for 30 seconds or so, washed off with baby shampoo and hot cloth. Noticed a big difference immediately. I thought to do this because it works with my white head zits, so thought to give it a try. After a few days, the bump was almost entirely gone. Someone else on this page mentioned a charcoal poultice too. Charcoal is known to absorb toxins, 5 times its own weight.

Replied by Shriram Kakade
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Hi, thanks for the site, I have a chalazion for 4 months now, it started small but steadly growing. eye drop given by doctor is milflox PLUS(0.4) How much time will take to cure?

Replied by Saiqa

Hi I was wondering where I could buy this activated charcoal from? I've had my chalazion for about 8 months and it doesn't seem to be going.
Replied by Krystal

You can get the charcoal pills from any drug store like walmart, walgreens, riteaid or cvs. Ask for some help finding them.

Allergy Drops
  User Ratings

Posted by Julie (Kiel, Wisconsin) on 02/19/2012

My daughter who is five years old has had a chalazion for a couple of years. I did all that I read to do; used warm compresses and washed eye out, etc, but did not seem to help. I bought over the counter natural allergy drops for the eyes and it is clearing up very nicely!

Replied by Antonio
Vega Alta, Pr

My 5yr old has had it for almost 1yr doing compresses and johnsons baby shampoo and flax oil but no difference yet. What drops did you use exactly?
Replied by One Year And Standing
D.c., D.c. Usa

Did she ever reply back to you? What specific drops? Why did she not think to state the specific drops?
Replied by Michel
Hillsboro, Oregon

Go to a rite aid or a similar type of store and ask for eye drops to get rid of styes- they're similar and thats what I got. U cant find a eye drop that say chalazion on it probably cuz most people dont know what it is.
Replied by Miyanda
Livingstone, Southern Province

Hi, thanks for the site, I have a chalazion for 3 months now, it started small but steadly growing and am afraid it could grow bigger, my request is a specific name of drops that can help in case we don't have it in Zambia, I can try elsewhere. Thank you.
Replied by Asma

I am from Pakistan. My daughter is having chalazion in both eyes, and in spite of doing all measures and antibiotics no change is found, please, Julie can you tell me more about the allergy drops specially the generic name of the medicine. I will be thankful to you......Jaweria
Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Tennessee, Usa

Dear Jaweria,

I am not Julie and she has not seemed to be back to Earth Clinic for some time. I do not know the name of the drops.

I do know a couple of things that you could try. Activated charcoal has been used before to help this condition.

Here is how to make a charcoal poultice, about half way down the page:

You can also try chamomile tea bags. Pour hot water over tea bags to moisten. When cooled to a comfortable temperature, apply to each eye for 5-10 minutes 2-4 times a day.

Let us know how it goes!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Jennifer

I had a chalazion a couple years ago. I never had one before and I went to my doctor 2 times and 2 different specialist. The first time I went to the doctor, I was told that I had a stye. The doctor told me that it would go away on its own, but prescribed some antibiotics and told me to take it until the bottle was empty. Of course any doctor will say to keep a warm compress on the eye. I put a warm compress on the eye constantly during this time frame and my eye would look like it was going down, but the next morning it looked swollen again and my eyelashes would be sealed shut. I went back to the doctor and we decided to lance the chalazion. The doctor flipped my eyelid and gave me a shot to numb the eyelid, but it didn't work. I felt the entire procedure. I had to wear an eye patch for a day. When I took the patch off, my eye was still swolen. It eventually went down and then I got a chalazion in my other eye.

I decided to go to my optometrist next. The doctor told me that the stye would go away on its own with warm compresses. I told him that I had been using the compresses and it didn't seem like it was working, not to mention that I hated getting up every few minutes to warm the compress so that I could keep holding it on my eye. The doctor prescribed me some eye drops. I used the drops, but this did not work.

I went to a specialist and he reiterated what the other doctors said, but he gave some good information. He told me that I didn't have a stye, but a chalazion. He told me that we could remove my glands, but my chalazion wasn't big and this was the first time I had it so he said that would be extreme. This doctor gave me a prescription for a different antibiotic. I took those pills until I came across a post about apple cider vinegar. I didn't dilute mine. I used a little ACV on a cotton ball and just swiped my eyelid a couple times a day. This burns a little bit, but it's not bad. Within a few days, the chalazion was gone. I haven't had any more problems and I wish I would have tried this to begin with. Although I have insurance, I still paid nearly $300 for 4 doctor visits and 4 prescriptions, not to mention going through a painful procedure where I felt everything. The ACV works!

Replied by Teeg

My eyedoctor told me to wash my eyelids with baby shampoo every so often--I haven't had a stye or chalazion since.

Apple Cider Vinegar
  User Ratings

Posted by Jessica (Oldsmar) on 10/05/2015

[YEA]  Apple cider vinegar works!! My five year old son has been dealing with a chalazion for over a year with no help from compresses or medicine. We started applying a sterile gauze pad dunked into a 1/2 Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) and 1/2 hot water mix twice a day and changes were instant! It has been about three weeks now and every day it gets a little flatter and less swollen. Thank you to everyone who posted their success stories. Our little guy has finally gotten some relief! :)

Posted by Dbug (Berkeley, Ca) on 08/05/2015

[YEA]  I have struggled with Styes and Chalazions on and off for about 9 years. Since the first one, they've occurred about a dozen times. Not bad, you might think, but half of them lasted longer than a month, and 2 of them lasted nearly a year. The last big one I needed surgery to get rid of it, and even after that was done... it still took months for it to finally go away.

So, you know my history. And during those trials, I tried a LOT. Epsom salt. Warm compresses. Hot compresses. Antibiotics. Colloidal silver. Bentonite clay. Cleanses. Homeopathics. Crazy tinctures. Oh, man, you name it, I tried it. I got so frustrated with the ol' "Quasimodo Eye" that I once tried to "pop" the Chalazion. WARNING: DO NOT EVER DO THIS! Take it from an idiot who got impatient and did that. There is nothing to drain. Chalazions don't work like that. I did that, and it went from awful to out-of-this-world bad. Like, a cross between a horror film and a comedy because it was so unbelievable. (That's when the doctor ordered the surgery.)

So. Here I am. It's been about 3.5 years since that awful occurrence and I live in fear of it happening again. I am careful and wash my eyelids like I'm OCD. And that helps. But, they STILL happen.

Yada yada yada. So 3 weeks ago, I woke up to the familiar horror of a sty. Not the worst I've seen, but oh sweet clowns of destiny, I felt a wave of panic knowing how these things can make a sudden turn for the worst.

Desperate, I spent hours online looking for more possible cures. I found the Apple Cider Vinegar cure here at Earth Clinic. And I didn't have anything to loose, so I tried it.

And this WORKED. Here's what I'd do:

1. It was always worst in the morning. So I'd take a hot shower, and run that hot water over my eye until the hot water tank ran out. Other times in the day, I'd do a hot compress. Always with hot water, as the moisture seems to help in a way that a dry compress doesn't.

2. Next, I'd soak a cotton make-up pad thingy... they're like a cotton ball that has been run over by a steamroller... I'd dab or soak it in ACV. Then I'd close my "Quasimodo Eye" (Lefty) and just land that right on top of my eyelid, holding the thing in place for about 2-5 minutes.

3. I'd repeat those basic steps about 3-6 times a day. Before each application of the ACV, I'd wash my eyelids with just a little bit of soap. But I wouldn't wash them after the ACV application.

Every time I'd do this treatment, within about an hour or two the swelling went down to almost nothing. It came and went like this for a few days. After the third day, my eye suddenly started... well... it's like a lot of mucus started to come out of my eye. Like, crazy amounts. After that, the swelling was almost un-noticeable. And I kept doing the treatments for another 4 or 5 days.

(After a few days, the ACV seemed to burn a bit more... but no harm seemed to come from this.) It was probably 8 or 9 days when I just stopped using the ACV. 2 weeks later, there is the tiniest remnant of it, but only I can tell, and I will probably start a second round of treatments to vanquish whatever remains. But lemme just say that nothing I have tried thus far has gotten me results ANYTHING CLOSE to what ACV has done.

I know how awful these buggers can be, and I truly hope you are reading this post at some point in the future where a permanent, lasting cure has finally eliminated chalazions and styes from humanity's troubled past. BUT, if that ain't the case, and you gots one... fer the love of all that is good and tasty, try this!

Replied by Rich
Southern California

[YEA]   Thank you for sharing treatment with ACV! I've been struggling with a huge chalazion in my lower eyelid for over 9 months ~ it was massive about the size of a quarter and hurt 24/7, like a roller-coaster up and down in size, then reduced down to the size of a dime and has stayed that way for the last 2 months ~ still an uncomfortable lump against my eye.

In addition to hot compresses I have made my own eye drops using distilled water diluting a few pinches of Himalyan Salt to create the perfect eye drops atleast 10 x per day. I don't want my left eye to feel neglected so I do it in both eyes to be fair and balanced ... I'm weird that way ... and the past week have also added a few drops of pharmaceutical grade DMSO to the eye drop solution AND a few drops of ACV! WOW! The results have been amazing! It burns a little at first, however, there is no damage whatsoever to the eye. Gunky stuff coming out and when I first wake up even more so. Drops go right in to cleanse that stuff out. I actually look forward to using them now ...yep, weird again ... :) It is something else to see how our bodies can heal. It is down to about the size of a small pea and will soon be down to a piece of rice. I am thinking I will continue to make this a ritual for maintenance and perhaps start drinking some as well. I know ... weird again ... but hey, who knows?

Thx again! I never knew about the many healing aspects of using ACV ~ pure liquid gold baby!

Replied by Msviss

Thanks for this valuable info...I'm a big believer in natural remedies but I was at a loss with this one as this is my first....chazie thing. I thought it was a stye at first, but soon realized it wasn't. I've only had it for 3 days but am travelling home to Canada for three weeks in a weeks time and don't want to see friends and family that I haven't seen in so long with my 'Quasimodo' eye. Will try ACV first thing. Thanks for sharing.
Replied by Ms B

Der Doug,

Brilliant info and very funny too. Thank you, I am another fool who tried to pop one last year- surgery ensued, scary, but I was very impressed with the surgeon. Over very fast and healed swiftly although it has taken over a year for the lump on my outer eye to go down. I see another one forming, I'm gunna try ACV>

Posted by Kimber (Vancouver) on 07/07/2015

[YEA]  Re: Chalzion - Apple Cider Vinegar worked for me too. I had a large chalizon on my lower eyelid. Went to the doctor he said that he did not think it would heal itself and refered me to an opthamologist for the minor surgery to lance it. I decided to try some naturopathic remedies. SO!!! Glad I did. I used the egg compress (see a post later on) for a few days with the castor oil and frankincense. This brought out a bigger white head on the chalizon but nothing else. After a few days of this I decided to try the ACV. I bought some with the mother from a health foods store and took a q-tip and dipped it in the ACV and then carefully wiped the q-tip over the head of the chalizon on the inside of my lower eye lid. I did this in the morning and then again at night. Shazam - the chalizon almost immediately started draining. When you think about it -it makes sense. The ACV is a natural acid - which had the power to break through the blockage. When I woke up this morning the size of the white head in my eyelid was about 1/3 the size of the day before. I did another q-tip swab of the ACV this morning and the egg compress afterward and almost immediately the chalizon continued to drain more (I can tell by the white gunk in my eye - which I wash out with a cotton pad and water). I am gently massaging the outside lump under my eye and as I do I can feel more liquid released in my eye. Don't know whether it is a combination of everything that worked - but I would say that the ACV and the egg compress are the key.

Replied by Tierra
Houston, Tx

So how exactly to I apply the apple cider vinegar.....on the outside lid of the chalazion or inside lid with the q-tip?

Posted by Sandi (California) on 05/01/2014

[YEA]  When my father died, my mother, who had been married to him for 52 years cried non-stop. Eventually, she started getting chalazions in her eye. Little bumps inside her eyelids formed and got bigger and this scared her to death. They would also sometimes move from one eye to another. She went to a medical doctor. He just told her to put warm compresses on it. She went to 2 more doctors and they said the same thing. Two of them said it would be surgically removed in a few months if it didn't go away after using a hot compress. My mother was desperate because she doesn't want anyone messing with her eyes, and as a widow who lives by herself, she's very scared about losing her eyesight or damaging her eyes. I looked on EarthClinic and advised her to both drink ACV and place ACV on a cotton and cleanse her eyes, especially her tear ducts. Within days, it was gone. This was amazing to her because ACV did in just a few days what the medical doctors should have advised but didn't. Fast forward to today, and my mother said she was crying again over the last month, and problems with her eyes came back again. She used the ACV immediately, and the problem went away. (Not completely yet, but she will continue to use it until it completely goes away.)

Replied by Lizi

This is the same way that the chalazion started with me. There was a year that I was crying al the time. If I did not wash my face and do a couple warm compresses after crying then it would develop. I have been to several doctors and one was really good and used a tiny needle to unplug the pore/gland thing. Never take antiobotics. I have done this and it is a waste. It is most important to use a good eyelid wash, do compresses, do eye drops and see a doctor before it swells up too bad for them to remove it.

Posted by Joe (Australia) on 03/17/2014

[YEA]  Hi I don't usually take time out to write reviews but I felt I had to in this case.

I have suffered from chalazions in the past and as a teacher, my students are relentless in reminding me of my massive red, wok eye. Last time it occurred it stuck around for a month and a half before I bit the bullet and went to the doctors. He found it quite amusing and prescribed two different types of eye drops. They didn't work. It took almost 3 months for the redness to go away.

A few weeks ago I could feel another one coming on and sure enough within three days my eye was massive and painful. At this point I hit the panic button as My brother is getting married very soon and I am the best man. I found this website and after reading all the comments about apple cider vinegar, I went to war the next day.

As directed each morning I drank two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar (organic with the mother) I then used a hot compress with apple cider vinegar on in at least five times a day. I also used a Q tip to dab some vinegar directly on the inner eye lid. Did this sting? yes. Was it necessary? Jury is still out. As well as this I bought a bottle of colloidal silver and sprayed a few drops in to the eye and my mouth each morning.

Well, after three days I could see the difference and within a week the redness was gone. It really worked!

I still have a tiny bump under the eye lid but hopefully that will go away in good time

Replied by Rami
Middle East

Gonna offer my 3 ex doctors 3 bottles of ACV when this treatment is done.

- Day 2: 50% less chalazion size.

Posted by Frances (London, United Kingdom) on 07/05/2013

[YEA]  Dear Earth Clinic, I have never posted before but would like to add this to the Chalazion page if possible.

I'm a 23 year old female suffering from bad hay fever, under a lot of stress recently following 8 months of job hunting and family issues. These past few weeks I have had a very poor diet with a high sugar intake and lots of caffeine. I was rubbing my eyes a lot to relieve the itchiness of the hay fever. Last week, I woke up feeling like my upper eyelid on my left eye had been punched in the night and now bruised: looking in the mirror, the eyelid was swollen to twice the size of the other eye, and was red in colour. The whole eyelid up to the browbone was extremely painful when I touched it, and a definite lump was forming under the eyelid. Also, the eye would only open half way. With a big job interview coming up and my birthday a few days away, my heart sank.

I waited for 4 hours to see the Eye Specialist in the local Eye Clinic, who said I had a chalazion and that they would surgically remove it by incision after 2 weeks, and that I should "put hot water on it" in the meantime (he refused to elaborate). I was prescribed eyedrops containing 1% chloramphenicol and instructed to use once daily for the next fortnight. Looking online, I was very disinclined to have surgery, as I am very squeamish and also, many people reported having further chalazions as little as weeks after the op. Days passed, and the swelling got redder and larger.

I read up about chalazions thoroughly online and especially on Earth Clinic, and decided a lifestyle change was in order. After readings hundreds of testimonials, I decided that apple cider vinegar was the most likely option.

Here was my regimen:

1. I bought a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar, making sure to find one 'with the mother' as this is said to be the most effective sort.

2. I put 2 tsp apple cider vinegar in cup (100ml) of very hot (near boiling) water, and used cotton wool to soak a little up. I then held it against my eye for a good minute or two, before gently moving the pad down away from the nose. I did this 3 times a day that week.

3. Later in the day, I would use green and black tea bags as hot compresses, and these seemed to help the swelling. I did this 3 times a day also.

4. Also, I started drinking 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar in a pint of warm water twice a day.

5. I completely cut out sugar, alcohol and fast food.

This regimen completely CURED my chalazion in the space of 5 days - I woke up on the 3rd day with a small amount of yellow gunk holding my eye shut, but it easily washed away and my eye looked better. Each day for 4 days I would find this gunk in my eyelashes, and would wash it away to reveal my eyelid becoming less and less irritated and red. Success!

Slowly and surely, sticking to the above regimen, my eye got better and I didn't need the horrible surgery. I would say that putting apple cider vinegar on a HOT water covered cotton pad was doubly effective, as it sped up the healing process. I have continued to drink the Apple Cider Vinegar since then, and am a sworn Apple Cider Vinegar fan ever since.

Replied by Monica

Hi, my daughter currently has a chalazion, she is four years old. I'm aware of the healing benefits of ACV, I have some here at home, but I'm weary of using it on her eyes. She wouldn't stand a HOT cotton ball on her eye. Does it need to be hot, or is warm alright? Also, how long is the cotton ball/ACV left on the chalazion and should the ACV be rinsed off the eye afterwards?

I should probably do it while she is sleeping, but I'm wondering if just the once per night is enough to get rid of the chalazion.

Replied by De

Personally I would not put ACV into her eye. Hot or warm compressors of water will help to hasten healing. It will heal itself if left alone. You could apply a warm compress while she is asleep.
Replied by Holly

Thank you so much for taking the time to write about your remedy. We will be trying it ourselves; we have no confidence in the medical practitioners here in the UK and always try to find a home/natural remedy. We take full responsibility for the outcome!People who share this knowledge are as friends :)

Wishing you happiness and good health. From Holly in Kent England.

Replied by Daniel

Hi, can you pls elaborate in detail about how to apply ACV, like whether it should be applied on the outer side of eyelid or on the inner side, which will sting guessing from experience of the people here. Should it be mixed with hot water and then be used with cotton ball or it should be added to hot water soaked cotton ball?

Posted by Leona (London, England) on 04/11/2013

i'm from london and this is the fourth chalazion I have had. First, I was supposed to have it operated but it just came back on the other eye, I tryed gold and compresses, it worked, but now it doesnt work. How long does it take to go away with the apple cider vinegar?

Replied by Frances
London, Uk

[YEA]   For me I was diagnosed on Monday, and cured by Friday: I stayed in for a few days so as to have constant access to a kettle for the very hot water, and just took it easy, applying the hot apple cider vinegar compresses at least 3 times a day, cutting out sugar, and drinking Apple Cider Vinegar in water (amount specified in the post above), plus the hot tea bags directly over the lid for 2-3 minutes at a time. Keen to hear if this works for anyone else.

Posted by Sheila (San Diego, Ca) on 09/05/2011

[YEA]  I whole-heartedly believe it was the diluted ACV drink that began the healing process for my chalazion on the left eye margin (bottom rim of eye). Since June I've been drinking diluted ACV on and off, not daily, just when I remember to. On a regular basis 3-4 times a week though, I've been using diluted ACV as a facial toner to swipe on my face with a cotton ball. As I do this, my eyes are closed and swipe where the lids meet with the ACV cottonball. Use one side of the cottonball for one eye, then the other side for the other. This is a precaution to keep from contaminating one or the other eye if one is infected with anything.

There is no more exterior trace of the chalazion. The only evidence I see is a tiny, darker pink spot in the interior side of the lower lid where the chalazion had been.

Take care not to overdue with soaking the cottonball, the ACV will sting if it gets into your eye--the cottonball shouldn't be sopping wet. Just one quick swipe across each eye, and then tone the rest of your face with the cottonball.

Oh yes! Start taking supplements that will help you maintain eye health.

Replied by Sheila
San Diego, Ca

Update on my chalazion situation: I believe my main problem is acidosis. I just had a bout of pink eye, only recovering now, and consuming more alkalizing foods has made a significant difference in my visible health.

When I had a breakout of eczema last year, I can probably attribute it to pH imbalance, over doing on the alkalizing though.

Replied by Jennifer
Arlington, Tx

[YEA]   I went to 3 different doctors or 4 occasions for chalazions. This happened over a 2 month time span. I never had one before. I had the first one lanced, then a week later, I got another one in my other eye. I kept a warm compress on it as I had done before, as well as using an eye wash and eyelid wash pads. The second one went away, then I got another one in the other eye again. I spend hundreds of dollars to see specialist and purchase prescription medication. Nothing worked until I added the apple cider vinegar to my daily regimen. I was disappointed that I spent so much money going to the doctor, when all it took was apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball. I'm just grateful it worked and I haven't had an issue since then.
Replied by Daisy
El Paso, Tx

How long did it take for you to notice the chalazion shrinking?
Replied by Kamilicica
San Francisco, California

How long did it take to notice your chalazion was shrinking from the ACV?
Replied by Miyanda
Livingstone, Southern Province

This sounds interesting, I have one chalazion on my top left eye and havent yet visited any doctor, how ever, I will try the ACV as well, thank you and God bless.
Replied by Steven
New York, Ny

After swiping your eyelids with the cotton ball, do you rinse your eyelids right afterwards while your eyes are still closed?
Replied by Pax
Houston, Tx

I had mine in June 2012. Now, I am free.
Replied by Help
A-town, Pa

Exactly what kind of ACV did you use... Im 16 and im like crying everyday because I have one on my upper right eyelid... I hate it I had it for probably 3-4 months... :C help
Replied by Sammy

[YEA]   Hi everyone, I was fed up from getting continuous chalazions not until I took your regimen and tried it. I must say that I have spent around 1500 dollars removing them surjically. But I tried the vinegar part and oh my God it is disappeariing day by day.

However, I soak an ear pad the one you clean your ear with and apply it directly to the chalazion. It stings for a while but after that it sort of pulls the pus in the chalazion and allows it to float on top of it forming a head. From here the chalazion oozes and become smaller and smaller each day. I apply Garlic Vinigar on it not apple cider. Anyhow I think any form of vinigar will work.

Thanks so much for this as my chalazion is disappearing thanks to you ;)

Sammy from Kuwait

Replied by Haley

I have a large chalazion under my lower eyelid. People are suggesting putting apple cider vinegar. Do I put it directly on the Chalazion or just on my under my eye? Please respond I do not know what to do.
Replied by Jennifer
Arlington, Tx

Sorry, I hadn't checked back. The chalazion went away within days. I could notice a difference within 2 days. I haven't had one since 2012 when I posted my first response. The doctors told me my chalazion wasn't that bad, but one of my eyes looked swollen and I did not like walking around with one of my eyes lower than the other. Like I said before, I went to 3 doctors, 4 doctors visits, 4 prescriptions and even had my chalazion lanced and the only thing that worked was the apple cider vinegar. First, I used an eye wash. You can buy this at the drug store. It comes with an eye cup. You fill the eye cup to the line and bend your head down so that the cup is on your eye. Raise your head back holding the eye cup and roll your eye around in the wash for a few seconds. After that I used OcuSoft lid scrub. The ophthalmologist I saw gave me samples of these and I really like them. They are good for fast eye make-up removal as well. The pads come in a box individually wrapped and they are textured and pre-moistened. They cost about $10 for a box of 30. You just scrub the eye for a few seconds and rinse. This is also good for people with irritated or itchy eyes. After that, I put a small amount of ACV on the cotton ball and just swiped my eyelid. I did this routine in the morning and at night. I even continued doing it after the chalazion went away because I was scared it would come back, but no issues. There was no trace of my chalazion within a week and I noticed the difference within 2 days. Save yourself some money. Warm compresses were a waste of time for me. It didn't work. I used the compresses and I tried tea bags and heating up a gel eye mask and this just didn't work for me.
Replied by John
New York

[SIDE EFFECTS]   Hi all, after reading so many stories with positive results of having used the apple cider vinegar, I decided to give it a try myself. Perhaps I'm exaggerating with the quantity of ACV I put on the cotton ball, but I notice the skin of my eyelid having a darker color, almost as if it's being "burned" or irritated by the vinegar. Was this normal for some of you as well? Also, would you recommend putting the ACV directly on the chalazion (i.e. on the underside of the eyelid where the chalazion actually is)? Thanks for any help you can offer, I love this forum!
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My chalazion is 5 days old now. I had a stye for a week before it developed into a chalazion. I started using ACV, it's day 2 for me. My chalazion is on my upper eyelid, but below the lid. I can see it forming a head when I lift my lid to check. I am currently applying the ACV compress over my closed eye, but since the chalazion is on the inner lid, will it work? How long will it take to open up? what should I expect?? Please help!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hot Compress
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Posted by Joanna72 (Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire) on 06/13/2015

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Hi, I am going through my first and hopefully last chalazion. It all started about 5 weeks ago when my left eyelid started to swell up. I didn't know what was causing it at first and because it wasn't painful I just ignored it thinking it was just an infection and that it would resolve by itself. About a week later though a small bump started to develop in the middle of my eyelid right on the lash line, which scared me at first as I had never seen something like it before and seeing a small lump on my eyelid made me think the worst to begin with. I then researched my symptoms online and what came back was a chalazion. What I had seemed to fit what I had read and seen on the web. I went to see my doctor and he thought it was a stye and prescribed me flucloxacillin for a week. It wasn't long after starting the antibiotics that I woke up one morning and had yellow crustiness on my upper and lower lashes along with white gunk in my eyes and lashes, not nice!

I started early on with just using hot compresses and massaging. After reading up on home remedies I then began using ACV as well as washing my eye out with saltwater. The pea sized lump I had on my lash line two weeks ago has now almost gone but my eyelid is still badly swollen and puffy looking. I have also damaged the top of my eyelid as I overdone it with the massaging and some skin has come off. Is it best for me to stop because of this? It's just I'm worried that the lump will get bigger again if I don't continue with the warm compresses.

Also, do you wash ACV off your eye immediately after applying it or do you just leave it on? No one's explained that yet.

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Ny, Ny

First off I would stop with the massaging. If you feel it will help I would do it after you've applied castor oil to the area. I had what I thought was a stye about a week and a half ago. After the first four or five days the swelling went down and the pain went away leaving me with the bump that I discovered is a chalazion. I immediately found natural remedy sites and all of them discuss the apple cider vinegar compresses. I am drinking it (1tbsp in 8 oz. of water) twice a day as well. Additionally after each compress I do which is about 3 times per day I don't necessarily wipe off the apple cider vinegar but I follow up with leaving a layer of castor oil on my lid. I tried some light massage tonight but the castor oil helps you not irritate the skin. The pea sized ball has gone down significantly since starting this regime which I have been doing for about 4-5 days. All the sites I have read over and over state to continue this until it's gone which has time frames that vary. I also have not been wearing any eye makeup at all during this process. Keep at it! It seems it works! Just don't massage your eye without the castor oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Warm Compresses
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Posted by Cynthia G. (Michigan) on 08/09/2015

[YEA]  I was treated for Graves Eye Disease from 2006-2011 and had 21 eye surgeries through this ordeal.

I had 7 decompressions, muscle surgeries, eyelid stuff, retinal procedures and was warned that there was a good chance someday that the sebacious glands would plug up and I would have chalazians. I was treated throughout my eye disease at the VERY BEST EYE HOSPITAL, KELLOGG EYE CENTER, on Planet Earth. 4 years later I got my first chalazian and local doctors thought it was due mostly to all the build-up from scar tissue. So I tried heat compresses for months and one surgeon removed it by cutting through top of eye lid because my lids have been through too much and are brittle and cannot be flipped.

Then 4 stitches and cauterization later, I think all is well. Within 3 weeks I have 4-5 new bumps forming. So I go back and see another doctor and he suggests 4 shots to the eye that will infiltrate the bumps and tells me they will be forever banished in 30 days and NONE will return. I won't even BEGIN to try and explain how crazy painful this procedure was and now I know why FEW attempt this one but I was truly desperate. And I made a SERIOUS LAPSE IN JUDGMENT by not returning to the Kellogg Eye Center and Dr. Victor Elner.

Needless to say, 3 weeks after this last procedure, 3 more cysts appeared and rapidly enlarged. The doxycycline I had been on was doing nothing for me but giving me a constant and consistent yeast infection. I couldn't win. In fact, I felt like I was totally losing ground. So I got on the net and found Earth Clinic and in 12 hours my eye life began to change.

I read about the white tea bag compresses and the ACV applications to the affected eyelid and whammo....when I woke up in the morning my bumps were reduced in size noticeably and apoeared to be coming to a head. Now within 2 days we were able to express the bumps and I have not stopped with the vinegar as I believe it will keep the sebacious glands from hooefully clogging.

I also took someone's advice on Earth Clinic to use baby tearless shampoo to wash eyes. Great idea and I use nothing else.

And I top my regimen off with frankincense or purified castor oil to keep my lids smooth and soft. It has been only 2 full weeks and my affected eye looks so normal it is unreal. Everyday it looks healthier.

The last procedure, the one with the 4 shots to the lid, was traumatizing, and the combination I guess is what has caused me to lose roughly 25 or so eyelashes from the outside upper lid corner. Ugh! I am now hoping time and essential oils will encourage new growth. It has been approximately 3 months.

And I also drink 2-3 ounces of ACV a day and have done this for years. But it was the q-tip and ACV applied directly to the lid that started my turn-a-round. I must comment on how EASY hot compresses are with tea bags. They hold the heat better than anything plus to warm up you just drop back into your hot cup of tea. Chamomile tea works well, too. Have to wonder if the properties of tea are also miracle workers :-) I did both initially.

Any tips on lash growth? One thing at a time.......thank you! Cynthia

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Cynthia, I can attest to the fact that castor oil does grow lashes, even in "empty spaces", not only lengthening existing lashes.

Boiled Egg
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Posted by Betty (Jonesboro, Ga) on 07/08/2013

[YEA]  For chalazions: Boil an egg then wrap in a clean dry wash towel while the egg it still hot. Place the towel on eye with the chalazion for 15mins a day. Guarantee the chalazion will be gone completely within a week.. It worked for me and others.

Replied by Thillai


I had chalazion on my upper and lower lid of my eye. After the surgery has done 1 month later I can feel the bump on both the places. Can I follow this boiled egg treatment. If so how long and how many times a day. Thanks in advance.

Breast Milk/ Milk
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Posted by Relief (West Coast, Ca) on 11/14/2012

[YEA]  Son is 14 and has had 2 chalazions: at 7 months old baby dr exam, dr said she 'just came from a seminar that taught a terrific new infant massage therapy' and pressed her knuckle hard into my son's left eye socket saying she was massaging the bone?! I grabbed him and left. Next day his eyelid center had half-inch ball-shaped chalazion. Crying painful, pushing into eyeball, couldn't open lid or blink. 3 days later, it seemed larger. Different dr referred us to eye dr who matter of factly told me he'd be glad to lance it but baby would lose his eye as dr never used eye shield or guard and baby still would have a good eye. Instead, I took baby home, put gentle moist warm wet baby washcloth on eyelid to cleanse mucus and watering.

Called my mom (72 yrs old). She told me put a dab breastmilk or room temp regular whole milk on chalazion. Within an hour, swelling reduced. I reapplied again, then a very slightest dab aloe liquid from my garden plant. Next day, chalazion was half size. In 2 days more it was gone forever, no scar. At 14 he had an identical chalazion lump grow to cover entire backside of one earlobe. Since no pain we didn't pick, pierce, lance. After 1 month, it was about same size, but tender. We applied gentle wet warm washcloth to soothe and soften. It showed reducing next day after slight dab hydrogen peroxide, milk and aloe. Next day we dabbed milk, aloe, olive oil and kept it clean, dry. It is almost gone in a few days. Seemed these last 3 did most help. Thank you forever mom. Love this site. Thank you.

Replied by Foster
New Zealand

I'd like to recommend Skinoren - 20% Azelaic acid- instead of ACV. This is naturally occuring but expect it's synthesised in the cream. I had great success with it for treating rosacea on nose and eyes over a few months it went from quite bad to almost gone.

Currently I also noticing improvement on a chalazion after 4 days (top of eyelid only), while also using hot compresses. That's after around 4 weeks of just getting worse or no change.

Much less harsh and stingy than the ACV also.

Replied by H
London, UK

Hi. I have had a chalazion for more than 3 weeks and I went to the walking center and they didn't give me anything. I am trying the heat compresser but nothing; what am I supposed to do?
Replied by Mhel

i had an chalazion on my upper eyelid almost 10 yrs ...i had gone for 8x surgery and biopsy but till now it uncured.....

Castor Oil
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Posted by Franky (Beirut, Lebanon) on 02/28/2013

[YEA]  Castor oil really works for a chalazion. It's better than any treatment. Just keep applying it topically on the bump everyday. It can take from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on your immunity. But it will surely go. Take 2 day breaks when using for more than 2 months. You can help your immunity by staying off wheat sugar and junk or fried food. Castor oil really really works. Please help spread the word to the people here because I dont have much time.

Replied by Ajj
Toronto, On

Do you rub it on the outside of your eyelid? Or in the inside?
Replied by Anshul
Amritsar, Punjab, India

Do I also need to do warm compresses? Plsz share ur experience.