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Natural Remedies to Cure Strep Throat

Last Modified on Mar 25, 2015

Several natural remedies have been identified that are particularly effective in treating strep throat. These options include natural supplements and solutions that eliminate infection and reduce inflammation. Most common in children ages 5 to 15, strep throat is a bacterial throat infection that causes additional complications if left untreated.

What is Strep Throat?

A bacterial infection of the throat, strep throat often makes the throat feel sore and scratchy. Common signs and symptoms of strep throat include throat pain, difficulty swallowing, red and swollen tonsils, red spots on the soft or hard palate and swollen lymph nodes in the neck. Additionally, fever, headache, rash, stomachache, vomiting and fatigue are also common.

Strep throat is caused by a specific strain of bacteria known as Streptococcus pyogenes. The bacteria is highly contagious and can easily spread to others.

Home Remedies for Streptococcal Pharyngitis

Reducing inflammation of the throat and treating the underlying infection are the two main components of treatment regarding strep throat. Several natural remedies are particularly effective for accomplishing both of these levels of treatment and more. Cayenne, apple cider vinegar and garlic are among the most effective options for treating strep throat.


Cayenne is a pungent spice with strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial capabilities. The compound contains a dense amount of capsaicin – a substance that encourages circulation and reduces inflammation. Cayenne also works to flush the system of toxins and other infection-causing agents.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar possesses a variety of healing properties. This substance eliminates infection by flushing the system and filtering toxins. This vinegar also carries several vitamins and minerals that enhance recovery by supporting the immune system.


Garlic is also an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. Garlic contains highly concentrated amounts of sulfur that relieve inflammation and filter the blood to remove infection. Garlic is also a good source of manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C and selenium, which support recovery and overall health as well.

If left untreated, strep throat can lead to more severe complications and conditions including kidney inflammation and rheumatic fever. As such, identifying and applying appropriate remedies at the earliest stage possible is crucial for a speedy, safe recovery.

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Most Popular Strep Throat Remedies:

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne13
Apple Cider Vinegar12
Grapefruit Seed Extract3

User Reviews

Strep Throat
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ACV, GSE, Echinacea, Thieves Oil   1  0   

Posted by Ben (Colorado, US) on 11/30/2014

[YEA]  Developed white spots on the tonsils and had tough time swallowing. I never went to the doctor to confirm the strep but I have had it enough to know. I primarily used Apple Cider Vinegar to remedy Strep although I went to the max on alternatives because I was not going to take those antibiotics. I also used Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) about 5-10 times a day in warm water gargled and sipped on it all day. I gargled and swallowed the Apple Cider Vinegar about 5-10 times per day as well. I also swabbed my tonsils with thieves essential oils. I also took Echinacea tincture about every hour for about 48 hours. Like I said I was not about to take antibiotics again. All of these alternatives helped me with tackling Strep. Hope this helps someone out there looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope!

Apple Cider Vinegar   12  0   

Posted by M. (Burlington, Vt) on 01/24/2015

[YEA]  Did this. and it worked! I gargled one part ACV to 3 parts HOT water from a coffee mug every two hours. It was nasty, but by the end of the day my strep was fading!

Posted by Beezers (Batavia, NY) on 12/30/2012

[YEA]  I'm a 43 year old male contruction worker who within a couple of days contracted Strep Throat. Rather then spend 3 hours in the ER and several antibiotics, my wife got online and found a remedy for treating Strep with ACV and water. Within 12 hours the sore throat went away. It is amazing to me that something so simple has now made me a believer.

Posted by Lindsay (Chicago, Il, Usa) on 07/30/2010

[YEA]  I used to get strep throat often and would have to get a prescription or a shot of penicillin from my doctor. It reached a point one year where the strep throat kept coming back and I was tested for and diagnosed with it three times in two months. I read about gargling with apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of warm water and decided to try it rather than go straight back to the doctor again when I got sick for the third time. It worked. Now whenever my throat starts to hurt at all, I pour about 1/4 cup of ACV (just the cheap stuff from the grocery store) into a 16 oz glass and fill it the rest of the way with hot water just cool enough drink. I gargle and spit it out until the entire glassful is gone. The throat pain is dulled after just one use, and after gargling twice a day for a few days, all symptoms are gone. I have been using this remedy for the last 12 years and haven't needed to go to the doctor for strep throat since.

Replied by Bonita
San Antonio, TX

Please don't buy the "cheap" stuff as ACV in order to be medicinally beneficial should be raw, unfiltered and with the mother. It should be not be clear or pasteurized.

Posted by Earl (Tl, Fl) on 08/30/2009

[YEA]  ACV cured my strep throat within 30 mins. Started sipping and no joke, 30 minutes later I felt back to almost 100%. Plan on sipping ACV for the next few days to knockout the remaining strep. Great stuff! GO GATORS!

Posted by Terradenise (Houston, TX) on 06/10/2009

[YEA]  Apple Cidar Vinegar is a wonder drug for strep throat. I started taking it the second day after I got strep...when little white bumps started appearing on my throat and tonsils. I took two teaspoons 3 times a day for two days and the strep completely went away! I now recommend it to everyone.

Posted by momof2innewmexico (Farmington, NM) on 04/25/2009

So my throat is KILLING me. I couldn't eat this morning until a DOUBLE dose of ibuprofen kicked in, that's how bad it hurt!! Looked in the mirror - classic case of strep throat. I read about other users doing either green tea or ACV and honey in hot water. I combined the two, made a cup of hot green tea, then added 3 tsp of ACV and 3 tsp of honey (I might have even added a few more tsp of honey, I like my tea sweet!) I am gargling a mouthful for as long as I can, then swallowing it. My pain level was seriously at a 9 or 10, I could hardly swallow, and after only 1/3 of this cup of tea, I can feel it working. Swallowing still hurts, but I'd say it's more like a level 7 or so. I'll post again once I know how this works in 24 hours, but I plan on gargling/drinking with this concoction at least 3 or 4 times tomorrow too!! I'm so amazed that it's already working!!

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 11/09/2007

[YEA]  ACV used half & half with honey makes a very good cough syrup which will also cure strep. When my 3 youngest children got chickenpox at the same time, the older and younger to the 3 were faring much better than the middle one who kept running a fever. The next morning he had classic scarlet fever rash in groin to explain why. Yep, ACV / honey mixture to the rescue - I gave all 3 a tsp. every two hours or so. Next morning the ones rash in groin was decreased, and the other 2 never got it. I kept them on it for a couple more days.

After hospitals discovered they were spreading pseudomonas aurugenosis (?) via the oxygen equipment, they removed this "hospital scourge infection" by soaking the equipment in 1 part vinegar - 7 parts water, so who knows what else it will cure.

Posted by Sara (Port Byron, IL) on 02/11/2007

[YEA]  Apple cider vinegar/hot tea. I was looking through this site a lil bit ago and seen the info about the cayenne pepper in water. Well i don't have cayenne pepper, but i am drinking hot tea with apple cider vinegar in it. It feels good and the coating of mucous in the back of throat isn't as bad. I went to doctor today and i have strep throat. Bags on tonsils and so very swollen and painful for couple of days. Took first dose of antibiotics 14 hours ago..second dose an hour ago. says might not see results until 24 hours. I really hope so, I'm consumed by this lol. I'm sure some of you know. but if hurts tomorrow i'm going to go get cayenne pepper.

Posted by Leslie (Seattle) on 06/01/2006

[YEA]  I tried this a few weeks back when I felt a horrible sore throat coming. I knew it would soon turn into strep as I have had it before plenty of times and when I get it, I get it bad! So I was worried since my baby was only a few weeks old at the time and I did not want to take any medications since I breast feed exclusively and did not want to have to stop and give formula because of antibiotics. I have never given any of my children formula and never plan to, so I wanted to find a natural cure to avoid having to do that. I tried the ACV method, gargling a few teaspoons w/ water a few times a day and it worked! It taste horrible, but who cares when it's natural and so much better for you (and in this case, my baby too!) I told everyone I know and my husband a few weeks ago did the same thing and warded off a sore throat this way too. I'm hooked and so glad I tried it!

Posted by Lori (Canada) on 04/24/2006

[YEA]  My daughter was diagnosed with strep. Came across your site. She gargled with ACV and water. She got significant relief, but the next day it was back. Gargled again, and made a weak tea from ACV, water and honey. She drank about half, but then said it hurt her stomach. She has been keeping up the gargling, and we also painted her wrists and throat with iodine. Does anybody know how often and / or how long you can do this iodine painting? She is 16 years old. Thanks - we sure appreciate this site.

Posted by Lisa on 03/17/2006

[YEA]  My boyfriend came down with a bad sore throat. After seeing a doctor, he found out that it was strep throat. I know strep throat is contagious! A few days later, I came down with a sore throat. Not only was it sore, but I started to see blisters develop! I became very concerned. I wanted to avoid taking any antibiotics for a number of reasons, so I happen to come across your website and saw your apple cider vinegar cures. I'm a believer in home remedies, and I didn't hesitate to try it. As soon as I started sipping on ACV, my throat started to burn, and I continued sipping it throughout the day. When I came home from work that day, I noticed that my blisters were almost gone, and my sore throat was gone! I will definitely keep ACV on hand and share this remedy with family and friends!

Posted by Hope (Visalia, CA) on 03/15/2006

[YEA]  I've had sore throats before, but the last sore throat that I had wasn't like my usual sore throats. I had blisters, it was swelled, and it was red. Come to find out that I had strep throat. I knew I had to take some kind of antibiotics to cure it so I decided to look up some home remedies and read some comments on ACV. After using ACV the first day, I noticed that all my symptoms were gone by the next day. My other concern was what the acid in ACV would do to my teeth so I decided to buy a small spray bottle (travel size) and fill it with half ACV and water. With the spray bottle, I was able to spray just the back of my throat and avoid it getting on my teeth. I still rinsed my mouth out just to be on the safe side.

Posted by Rod (San Antonio, TX) on 02/23/2006

[YEA]  Ok I thought when I found this website that I found a bunch of apple growing kooks, trying to get us to buy the ACV, But I was desperate, I work in a very stressful high volume company with little time to be sick, I thought I was getting a sinus infection ran to the Doctor and paid him $200 to get told I also had strep throat. Went to the pharmacy and paid another small fortune for 4 medications. I began the medicine and by the next day I was worse. last night I google homeopathic cures for strep and found this site. I read about ACV, I thought that maybe ya all were crazy but I had no other choice I felt as if my head was going to blow off and the throat was on fire. I went to the store bought Heinz ACV, paid for it and got in my car and gulped some down. I began to sneeze almost immediately. Then my throat felt as if it caught fire, and within 30 seconds I could actually swallow without having to prepare myself for the pain. my sinuses are 100 percent better, my strep is not gone yet but I think I will add the diluted ACV and water sipping it today and will update on my condition in the morning. I am also going to try ACV on my young son who has had GERD since birth.

Replied by Sherry
Olive Branch, MS

Be sure you always dilute ACV for your child. It is known to cause throat irritation in some. After you use it for two days you should consider gargling instead of drinking it straight. Well wishes to you both.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne   13  0   

Posted by Doirin (Kerry, Ireland) on 04/13/2013

[YEA]  Hi, I have a raging throat infections, no tonsils so can't see the white spots but couldn't eat, swallow saliva either, was like razors cutting in (not that I have swallowed them but I imagine)

Read about Apple cider and cayenne and after waking at 4:30am and not sleeping since went out to get some. I gargled a mixture and didn't feel immediate relief but felt it was worth a try to keep going. An hour later I used the Q tip trick with honey and cayenne pepper and tried to direct it to the right place, painful still but a little better. I finally gave into hunger in the afternoon and decided to make a creamy porridge. Once I started eating it I felt like something shifted and all of a sudden I could swallow and finished my food with no problems. Now although porrige is great I am not saying it was the cure but rather eating it just kicked the remedies in. I have gargled since and will continue to do so as I believe it has helped so much and I have never had relief this early on (taking antibiotics for less than a day).

Thanks to Earth Clinic and all who have submitted their recipes.


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