Salivary Duct Stone Remedies

Last Modified on Jun 22, 2014

Treatment for salivary duct stones includes remedies that naturally dissolve the blockages. A variety of tonics are effective for achieving this result. Likewise, limiting calcium may also help reduce the appearance and frequency of stones.

What are Salivary Duct Stones?

A salivary duct stone is a calcification in the salivary gland, which blocks the flow of saliva in the mouth. Stones most often form in the base of the mouth; however, the deposits can form on the cheeks and under the tongue. Most individuals who experience stones have multiple deposits. The exact cause of the deposits is unknown, but several contributing factors have been identified including dehydration, poor eating and certain medications.

Natural Remedies for Salivary Gland Stones

As salivary gland stones are caused by the buildup of calcium and other minerals in the salivary gland, treatment focuses on naturally dissolving the buildup. Common treatments include apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and oregano oil. Limiting calcium in the diet is also an important component of treatment for this condition.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a nutritional supplement heralded for its effective treatment of a wide range of conditions. The supplement is an acid that actual functions to alkalize the body and maintain an appropriate pH balance in the body. As it does so, the vinegar dissolves salivary duct stones as well as other toxic buildups in the body.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice works to treat salivary blockages in two fundamental ways. The acidity of the lemon alkalizes the body and restores an appropriate pH level. Additionally, the sourness of the lemon increases salivation, which works to dissolve the blockage as well.

Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is a potent antibiotic substance. When applied to the site of the blockage, the oil kills the bacteria and infection in the mouth that may be contributing to the blockage. Oregano oil also reduces inflammation.

A salivary gland stone is a calcified deposit located in the salivary gland or duct. These deposits often block the flow of saliva and can cause swelling and discomfort. Effective natural treatment works to safely dissolve deposits and return normal function to the salivary glands.

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User Reviews

Oregano Oil   0  0   

Posted by Golden Angel (Austin, Tx, Usa) on 04/20/2013

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have blocked Salivary glands. I use wild oregano oil to keep the infection and swelling down, and I came to this site to see what I could do to get the blockage removed in the meantime.

Wild oregano oil is a strong natural antibiotic and will kill all the nasty bacteria and whatnot in your mouth. I brush with it daily.

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Leela (Ventnor, Isle Of Wight, U.k) on 05/15/2011

Have a painful salivary duct stone under my jaw below my ear. Is there a natural remedy for this? I have been prescribed Calcichew and wonder if this was responsible for the stone. Help or advise urgently needed.

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Suck on a lemon and you will get quick relief.

Here is a youtube video explaining it.

Posted by Leela
Ventnor, Isle Of Wight, U.k
Debbie, thanks for the advice. My stone seems large and I have been drinking lemon and water every morning-for months now. I will try the lemon but the lump seems so large right now.

Posted by Scott (Pen Argyl, PA) on 05/16/2009

I have never heard of this problem but it seems I have stones in my saliva glands blocking me up. I am wondering if they are the same or similar composition of gallstones. Ted from Bangkok addressed gallstones and mentioned that Humic/Fulvic acid have the affect of losening stones. Would they work the same on saliva stones. I've also read up and it seems these herbs have the following affects on gall stones. Crataeva Nurvala passes stones spontaneously. Tribulus Terrestris helps in disintergrating the stone's outer shell. Bergenia Ligulata extract causes free formed stones to weaken in structure and collapse. Asphaltum fragments the stone. Source:

Can Ted comment on this. I'm also wondering how some of fulvic/humic acid, Tribulus Terrestris, Bergenia Ligulata extract and Asphaltum might affect a arterosclerosis. Could any of them have any affect in reversing it by the same actions they have on the stones?

Posted by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
252 Posts
To Scott from Pen Argyl, Pa.

Hello Scott, the EVOO/lemon juice remedy for kidneys should work for stones anywhere in the body, but you may also want. Another thing you might want to look into is SSKI. Search window "potassium iodide" and go. When references arise look for the Tahoma Clinic and read what he has to say about dissolving parotid gland stones with SSKI. If you have a compounding pharmacist, you can probably get him to mix you a 1 or 8 ounce supply which should last you awhile. You might want to print out the Tahoma Clinic (6 pages) for future reference since it has a long shelf life and multiple uses. I am taking it myself at present to liquefy secretions after a bout of pneumonia.

Posted by N
San Antonio, Tx
My son hand blocked salivary glands and ENT doctor recommended lemon drops and heated cloth on the area, he also had antibiotic, but the other was tremendous help
Posted by Kay
In The Valley, Ca
My daughter suffers from Sjogren's syndrome, an auto-immune disease. One of her biggest symptons is calsification's or stones in the salivary glands. We had to insist the doctor test her for auto-immune before we could finally, after a long battle, get a diagnosis. Good luck!
Posted by Lisa
Clearwater, Fl
At 36yrs old, I got a stone in my saliva gland for the first (and only time) in my life. Luckily, it passed on its own after a couple days. The only out-of-the-ordinary thing I can think of that could've caused this was the liquid calcium that I was taking. It's funny that I had just finished the bottle (took 2 Tbsp daily as directed on bottle) and about to buy some more when the stone issue happened. I'm not taking the calcium again!
Posted by M
Edmond, Ok
I began doing a candida diet which requires a 7 day fasting cleanse. The detox drink I had to drink 3 times a day was bentonite clay and psyllium husks mixed with water. After 2 days on this diet I awoke with with a swollen neck. I noticed some tenderness in my neck in the shower and then realized that I had knots on each side of my neck (under my jaw). I went to the doctor and he said it was blocked salivary glands and to try sucking on a lemon drop. Alas, I can't suck on a lemon drop because of the sugar and now that I'm on day 6 of the first phase (fasting) of the candida diet I'm not about to blow it! I also think it is very strange that both of my ducts are blocked. . . . Everything I've read most people only have 1 duct that gets blocked. Does anyone know of a remedy that can be used on a candida diet?
Posted by Mike
Sacramento, Ca
I have had a blocked salivary gland for about 2 years now. Awhile back the right side of my jaw balloned and the doctor told me I had an infection. I was in so much pain and my face was so swollen that three rice krispy sized stones came out of my on their own. I had immediate relief, however, there were several more! I also had a large lump under my tongue in the back of my mouth. I researched everywhere until I ran into something that has actually helped. I mix 8oz of _____ Ice Tea, 8oz of purified water, 2 TBSP of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide, 2 TBSP of apple cider vinegar and 2 TBSP of Blackstrap molasses (for flavor and unrelated illness). I used this mix daily for about six months and my salivary stones along with the unknown lump under my tongue shrunk to an almost unnoticeable size! My duct was finally able to drain on it's own. I stopped drinking the mix for awhile and while the stones haven't increased in size, they're still there. The lump under my tongue has tripled in size since I stopped! I have no doubt that if I continue to drink this mix, they will eventually go away for good.

Don't start off by using 2TBSP of 3% H2o2. Build up your own tolerance by starting by only putting a couple drops and increasing gradually. You can buy the 35% hydrogen peroxide (remember to dilute), apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses at your local natural food store. Hope this helps you, as it did me!

Posted by Amanda
Indianapolis, In
Weirdest thing...Ive had a salivary stone for about 1 year. It would grow, it would shrink, depending on what I ate or drank, like caffine. At one point, it was so bad my face was ballooned up. Well, 2 days ago, I started to get a sore throat (non-related to stone) so I gargled with hydrogen peroxide, twice, trying to get it as far back in my throat as possible without swallowing. Did that and went on about my day hoping my sore throat would soon go away. The next morning, I swear to you, the stone is gone! The tissue in my mouth where the stone was for the past year feels very different without a lump, like loose tissue. My salavary gland has been draining ever since. Not everybody was as excited about this as me so I hope this may help someone else so they can be excited!! I told my doctor and she didnt say anything about it being a remedie so I dont know, but it's gone!! Good luck!


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