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Vitamin C Cures and Side Effects

Last Modified on Jun 09, 2015

Vitamin C is the Queen of health supplements, recommended to most everyone as a general health aid, immune system booster, and antioxidant. Scientific studies have indeed found that those who enjoy diets with an above average supply of Vitamin C are less likely to suffer from chronic illness and tend to live longer.

Humans are actually rare in their inability to produce their own supplies of Vitamin C, an ability shared by most plants, animals, and micro-organisms--an indication of the the importance this organic compound, chemically known as L-ascorbate. This water-soluble vitamin is one of the safest and most common dietary supplements. It is exceedingly difficult to consume a toxic dose, since the body will eliminate any excess supply of Vitamin C via the urine. For that reason, many people take Vitamin C supplements daily, even several times a day, especially during cold and flu season, or when they feel an illness coming on.

As you can see in the following Earth Clinic Video on how to make sodium ascorbate at home, we suggest this more alkaline form of Vitamin C as the best way to supplement your daily intake of this important antioxidant.

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Vitamin C
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Caution: Is There an Excitoxin in Your Supplement?   0  0   

Posted by Earth Clinic on 06/22/2011

Replied by J
Troutdale, Or, Usa

Hey, I don't usually post on things like this, however, I just looked at the ester-c bottle (again, because of the article), there is no aspartic acid in it. In fact, there is nothing harmful in it, which is why we purchased it. I do agree with not taking the emergen-c though. It is also beneficial to note that they don't use the healthiest form of B-12 either. It should be Methelcobalamin and not cyanocobalamin. I have researched my like crazy to figure out the B-12 deficiency cure. It's B-12 paste in the nose a couple times a week. Back to vitamin C, it is EXTREMELY beneficial to take at least 10,000mg a day if you have allergies. They will be gone in weeks. My wife's allergy doctor said she was allergic to herself. Ha ha. She became allergic to probably every fruit or vegetable that had any birch pollen on it. We found a site called doctoryourself. Com, and followed his advice about taking vitamin C, and she is cured after only about 3 weeks. Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Be blessed in your efforts to aid in healthy remedies.
Replied by Mary
Portland, Or

Hi, I looked at the AlacerCorp website FAQ about Emergen-C, and it claims this:

Is aspartic acid the same as aspartame?

  • No, aspartame is a chemically formed sugar substitute that bonds L-phenylalanine to aspartic acid. On the other hand, the aspartic acid which we use in Emergen-C, is an amino acid readily found in foods such as fish, legumes, dairy, whole grains, eggs, meats, nuts, and seeds. We use this pure L-Aspartic Acid which has the same structure as that found in foods.

    I just wanted to throw this out for discussion. The claim above makes it sound like there is nothing to fear from the form of L-Aspartic acid they use, but I'd be interested in hearing more perspectives on this, as I do take Emergen-C. Thanks!

  • How to Make Your Own Vitamin C   1  0   

    Posted by Rebekah (Athens, Ga) on 08/15/2009

    [YEA]  YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN VITAMIN C POWDER!!!! Do this at home and you will know you are taking a high quality supplement straight from the source. Organic citrus fruits have all the good stuff in their pulp and peel.

    -Cut the peels into thin strips and lay them out on cheesecloth, or use a dehydrator to dry out the peels. After a few days, or when fully dry, put the dried peels into a coffee grinder to make into a powder. One spoonfull is said to be all you need for a whole day. Add the powder to your food or drinks, store in an airtight container.

    You can use organic grapefruit, tangerines, oranges, lemons or limes. :-)

    Replied by Robert
    St. John's, Newfoundland And Labrador, Canada

    [WARNING!]   Be very careful eating the skin of any citrus most especially lemons. Lemons have five very potent/powerful/extremely dangerous pesticides sprayed on them when shipped. Look at the shipping carton for the list. They are so toxic a person should wash their hands after handling them because the poisons are absorable through the human skin.

    It is virtually imposible to remove the shipping poisons from citrus which is naturally oily and disolves the hydrocarbon based poisons deep into the peel.

    How about the new "grease' sprayed on apples-instant prolonged headaches. Be careful, watch everything you eat.

    Taking Vitamin C in Solution   1  0   

    Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 04/19/2010 | 1164 Posts

    [YEA]  Taking Vitamin C in Solution

    Hi Everyone...With good reason, Ted has long advised that Vit C in the form of Ascorbic Acid should be converted to its Ascorbate form because this form is more alkaline, more absorbable and uses up less bicarbonates from your body's digestive system.

    This means getting out your mortar and pestal, crunching up your Ascorbic acid tablets then adding water and finally adding the baking soda(sodium bicarbonate) -- let it finish fizzing -- then drinking it down.

    I take Vit C most days with lysine and discovered something useful.

    Today, I just filled a glass full of water and plopped in 4 X 500 gm tablets of ascorbic acid. Then I just added 1/4 to 1/2 teasoon of baking soda to it. It fizzed away and dissolved for about three minutes and then the tablets simply disappeared into solution as Sodium Ascorbate -- a bit like Alka-Seltzer !!

    Then I just scraped off the residue of bubbles off the top of the solution (which contains all the insoluble binder additives like mag stearate, calcium Trihosphate, micro-cellulose, starch etc.) and drank it down.

    So, no tablet crunching necessary really.

    Replied by Tina Marie
    Mobile, Alabama, Us

    To Bill from San Fernando, I'm new to this website and loving it. Just wanted to know if you drink this on an empty stomach or with food. I have horrible reflux that I'm trying the ACV fix for, and I don't take vitamins because it really flares the reflux. Hoping to fix my stomach and trying to get some new ways that may help me to take vitamins.Thanks so much
    Replied by Bill
    San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

    1164 Posts
    Hi Tina Marie...I usually take this form of Vitamin C (Ascorbate) at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals on its own, but you can also take it with meals without problems. This form of Vitamin C -- sodium ascorbate -- is more alkaline than Ascorbic Acid.

    The best way to take ACV is combined with Baking Soda (Arm and Hammer brand), recipe given here:

    Ted's ACV Acid Reflux Remedy

    It seems that you might also have certain food intolerances -- read Ted's remedy suggestions here:

    Food Intolerance Remedies

    Vitamin C: More Than Just an Anti-Oxidant   0  0   

    Posted by Bill Thompson (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 06/22/2011

    Replied by Eileen
    Camarillo, Ca / Usa

    Regarding the story about the sewage treatment plant. While I agree about taking vitamin powder (I use vit C powder exclusively)- that story stinks of pharma-propaganda. I know there are dissolve-rate tests that are done on various supplements and some are much better than others.

    However!!! 'multi-colored pills'??? I suggest that he was seeing pharmaceuticals. Those are the most 'colored' pills. Most of my vitamins are white or tannish. People often flush pills (Rx meds) down the toilet!

    Just my thoughts. Great thread!!

    Replied by Caessence
    Eureka, Ca, Usa

    Bill, I loved your advice - only one thing, you failed to mention that Genetically Modified Organisms are used to make ascorbate acid. It is made during a fermentation process using corn or a derivative and ascorbate acid is also made synthetically. 85% of corn is GMO. And the only way to find out the beginning sources of ingredients is to call and ask the companies. Most will say they TRY to buy non-GMO corn derived ascorbate acid and only say that their suppliers certify that it is non-GMO. For this reason I prefer dried sour cherry powder or rose hips powder, that I can add to water and consume. The dried citrus peel sounds good too. Only buy ascorbate acid from companies that at least get a certificate from the supplier that says it comes from a non-GMO source more likely from China. Although, China does not have a good tract record for honesty and integrity when it comes to what they are actually selling you.

    Remember to buy non-GMO foods and especially supplements, you will be very surprised that there are a great deal of GMOs in nutritional supplements. The suppliers have no shame, it is up to you to call and put pressure on these companies. If it means you won't buy from them because of GMOs then they will quickly get the message. I call all my supplement and food companies and let them know and guess what, they are listening to little old me. Why because it means dollars, we having buying power.

    Support the Right To Know labeling going on in California and soon in other states too.

    Replied by Daustin
    Austin, Tx

    Great piece! I have read the megadoses of vitamin C cure many ailments including viruses, cancer, etc. The best way to get a large dosage is through an IV drips. It saddens me that doctors aren't willing to at least try something that the body naturally uses, that has proven to be safe and effective. Vitamin C is water soluble so what isn't used is eliminated.

    Vitamin C has even been shown to cure polio in a study. If my aunt had been treated with vitamin C when she contracted polio in her twenties, then maybe she would have been able to walk again, like the people in the study.

    Acerola   0  0   

    Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 11/02/2010

    Thanks for all the advice I got here. I ended up buying Acerola because that was what my pharmacy advised as it is a natural vitamin C. My question is, although I saw 1000 on the box and assumed that it was mgs it seems that it only contains 170mg which is very little. They say one shouldn't take more than one pill (it is those chewable pills). I don't know whether maybe being natural Acerola is more potent than other vitamin C or that this is just one of those things they write on supplements which more often than not doesn't make sense. Before, while I was taking normal Vitamin C I was taking 3000mg to 4000mg which, as I have a lot of allergies, I think is good.

    Replied by Bessie
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Hi Francisca - According to the Orthomolecular News Service, taking the inexpensive ascorbic acid (powdered form is best - no fillers) is very effective. Here is what the Orthomolecular Web site said about natural Vitamin C:

    Natural forms of ascorbate derived from plants are available. Acerola, the "Barbados cherry, " contains a large amount of vitamin C, depending on its ripeness, and was traditionally used to fight off colds. Tablets of vitamin C purified from acerola or rose hips are available but are generally low-dose and considerably more expensive than ascorbic acid. Although some people strongly advocate this type, Pauling and many others have stated that such naturally-derived vitamin C is no better than pure commercial ascorbate. Bioflavonoids are antioxidants found in citrus fruits or rose hips and are thought to improve uptake and utilization of vitamin C. Generally, supplement tablets that contain bioflavonoids do not have enough to make much difference. For consumers on a budget, the best policy may be to buy vitamin C inexpensively whether or not it also contains bioflavonoids. Citrus fruits, peppers, and a number of other fruits and vegetables contain large quantities of bioflavinoids. This is one more reason to eat right as well as supplement. " Hope that helps!

    Replied by Francisca
    Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

    Thanks Bessie, your information really helped me a lot! I was quite disappointed when I saw that the expensive Acerola I bought thinking it had a large quantity of Vit. C after all didn't. Never again.... And more over it has a sweet, cherry taste, God knows what they have put in there. As far as the bioflavonoids go what I do is make citrus juices with a masticating juicer juicing the white pith as well.
    Replied by Peachy
    Richmond, Bc, Canada

    Oh how funny, I used to chew these all the time instead of candy in my early 20's. There's no limit to these, it's just food. Imagine my surprise coming home as passenger in a car with bunch of friends - I had been drinking, not much, but enough I get a headache/hangover right away. I was chewing these in the car and by time I got home my headache was gone! So these are good for hangovers! (p. S. Drink lots of water to rehydrate too)

    Advice   1  0   

    Posted by Dez57 (Beatty, Oregon) on 07/20/2012

    I have several bad teeth. Broken and bare. Two years ago my old filling started two break up and my was mouth full of pain and inflammation. After $300. Dollar dental bills and no end in sight, I increased my ascorbic acid intake to 8 to 15 grams a day to counter the inflammation and pain. Two years later I now have 5 broken and bare teeth with no pain. I cannot afford dental work for another four years when my house is paid off. Also my health has never been better. I take all the basic vitamins and minerals with added supplements which I have done for 50 years. Only thing I have ever seen a doctor for is injuries.

    My doctor is F R Klenner. He died in 1984 and his vitamin therapy is used today around the world. You will find his papers on the internet. He has been given the AMA's highest recommendation, by blackballing his name and work for over 60 years. If you do not take at least 5 grams of ascorbic acid a day, you are in trouble or will be. Even a 140lb goat makes 5 grams a day in its liver and up to 60 grams a day when sick or injured. Goats also do no not ingest processed foods, sugars, oils and junk food and neither do I.

    Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 10/27/2010

    Which is the best kind of vitamin C one can take? Is it normal one, is it Ester-C or something else? Pills, powder, solvable? And although many books advise quite high doses of Vitamin C there are experts, including my homeopathic doctor who believe that it can help cancer develop. Is this true?

    Replied by Tina
    Princeton, N J

    Hi Francisca, I bought Vitamin C as ascorbic powder from Trader Joe's. I mix one fourth of the powder with equal amount of baking soda in a little water. Once it stops fizzing, I add more water and drink it up. This is according to recipes posted here in EC. I started this three weeks ago. I didn't buy Vitamin C in pill form because of fillers, additives, etc. I'm planning to continue having a glass of this all through winter to keep colds, sinus and flu attacks away!
    Replied by Lis
    Ny, Ny, Usa

    Vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbate, especially the powdered form free of fillers. But you can also crush tablets with a pill grinder. This form is recommended because its alkaline. I can take a 1/4 teaspoon of mine in one cup of water and got about 500 mg vitamin C (on an empty stomach). I might take this twice a day and much more if I am ill (several grams maximum but divided in hourly doses each day I feel ill).
    Replied by Peachy
    Richmond, Bc, Canada

    [YEA]   Re Vitamin C: I saw Linus Pauling on the Les Brown (Toronto) tv show back in the 1980's He said just get the cheapest stuff - pure ascorbic acid powder. He would take about 18 grams a day. I have only taken up to 18 grams when I have been sick (flu, exhausted, colds). Hey he lived to be 94! His recipe was put one teaspoon ascorbic acid powder in glass of water, and add one quarter teaspoon baking soda - that's it - makes it fizz - the baking soda buffers the tummy coz straight vitamin C is just way too acidic. On the show he said it was great for cancer patients going through clinical trials, (helps with immune system). (helps build white blood cells, with wound healing, building collagen - you don't get wrinkles! ).

    I drink my drink through a straw and then have more water afterward.. Slight sour fizzy taste. Really nice actually. Since that show I have used the ascorbic acid powder - making my C fizzies as I call them - first of all to help with hay fever allergies (the ones where I sneeze 17 times and want to rip my itchy eyes out, and put cold washcloths over my face to sleep) - I got to the point where I only took the vitamin C and also eye drops for itchy eyes - got off all the over the counter drugstore medications (in my early teens used to get needles for hayfever, man I hate needles - that used to knock me out- didn't help much then either)Also very good for allergic reactions like hives (like when I've had shrimp and have broken out in welts, arargh)... A C fizzy or two takes it all down, calms everything back to normal. If I think I need a lot, I will space out the drinks about half hour or so. You can tell when you reach your tolerance limit, when your bowels start to get loose (the gut just can't process anymore).

    In last few years I discovered that Pauling figured that heart disease is a subclinical form of scurvy - ie not enough Vitamin C!!! Check out paulingtherapy, and I think there is a youtube of him saying that as well. After I found that out I started buying it by the kilo from nutrabio because I would go through my little bottles from the health food store so fast. I plan to live to be 90 as well!

    Another new discovery is ______ vitamin c where they have encapsulated the vitamin c with nano technology (think a grain of sand on a football field - very small) - with this the C bypasses the digestive system and goes straight to where it is needed. I have just started taking these last month. I will have my C fizzy drink before breakfast to start the day, and sometimes one in afternoon, and a pkt of the lypo-c in juice in between times (you won't feel the difference when you take the lypo-c coz it goes straight to your cells - also see tomlevyMd. Apparently this is the closest one can get to having Vitamin C intravenously. Check levy's video of gentleman in new zealand who was pretty much on death's door, and his family rallied around refusing to let the docs take him off life support - with much ado, they got him on IV vitamin c - and he recovered!

    Also just listening to Dr Hal Huggins radio interview, he said if you take 4-5 pkts of the Lypospheric C, it is like getting a shot of IV C. I am so trying this.. One more thing, people would ask me why do I take the Vitamin C fizzies - I said the only way I can explain it is that it feels like it turns on the electricity in the body. And from what I have read about the heart and brain's electrical fields, I can speak from personal experience that the vitamin C I take helps bring everything back to 'normal' for me. And yes, (oh vanity) - a lady at work guessed my age to be 14 years younger.

    Angina   1  0   

    Posted by WT (Spartanburg, SC) on 06/01/2008

    [YEA]  I used to have angina. Probably for 2-3 years. Never severe but painful nonetheless. What brought about the end of angina was megadoses of Vit C. I had been taking probably 20+ grams/day for stubborn allergies in the spring of the year. I continued to take it at night for dust mite allergies at bedtime instead of medications. I noticed one day in the fall that I hadn't had any chest pains for quite a while. It's been I think two years now since I had any. Vitamin C megadoses, according to Linus Pauling and Matthias Rath, allow the arteries to heal which reverses plaque buildup in all but completely blocked arteries. They also recommend adding L-Lysine and Proline to your regime along with the C.

    Replied by Joyce
    Joelton, Tn

    A study I read about several years ago might help you understand why the high dosage Vit. C got rid of your angina. During Paul Linus' heyday, a nursing home did a study in which they were giving nursing home patients 500 mgm. Vit. C 4 x per day, expecting it to lower their cholesterol readings. Ooops! These patients' cholesterol levels skyrocketed upward, instead of decreasing, scaring them so badly, they halted the study immediately. Logical thinking tells me that the Vit. C was flushing cholesterol from their blood vessels, unless they had also been put on a high cholesterol diet at the same time.
    Replied by Alex
    Los angeles, CA

    what kind of vitamin c do you recommend for mega doses. I noticed that vitamin c can upset the stomach and give diarrhea. Any body know the best form of vitamin c for mega doses that doesn't upset the stomach and where to find it ? thanks alot
    Replied by Ron
    Emporia, Kansas


    If you're getting diarrhea you are taking too much. Take an amount just below the amount that causes diarrhea...this is called the "saturation level."

    I've always used regular vitamin C in a powder form. The way I avoid a stomach reaction is to never take vitamin C on an empty stomach...usually, a small piece of toast or a little solid food of some sort before the C handles that.

    Ascorbic Acid Powder   0  0   

    Posted by D (Hawaii) on 06/21/2014

    Looking for a cheap ascorbic acid powder (prices are so high now out here in Hawaii).

    Since a particular store chain which has it's own variety at a good price (and claims to not use any GMO products) is not out here, I've been looking online for non-GMO. Most of them do not say whether they are from GMOs or not, so I have to assume they are, since ascorbic acid is widely extracted from corn. Or else, the Q&A section answers that question elusively, like saying "i use and trust the product...", or one answer even stated that "the product is not non-GMO free"... what??? What does that mean? It's either GMO or not!

    I guess you can't mention brand names here(?), but is there another way to find this online besides writing to every company? The bulk products have the best prices, but are probably from GMOs. Any suggestions?

    Should the ascorbic acid be listed as the "L" variety?

    Sorry if this has already been asked - I don't have time to read through all the postings here. Thanks

    Replied by Mama To Many Donate


    Dear D from Hawaii,

    Nutribiotic says it is non GMO. I have bought it in bulk (5lbs of Ascorbic Acid powder) from iherb, I think.

    ~Mama to Many~

    Asthma, Allergies   1  0   

    Posted by Elaine (Chicago, IL) on 01/06/2009

    [YEA]  I added Baking Soda to my ACV treatment and had many of the side effects others mention on this site. Baking Soda lowers Vitamin C levels and this can lead to symptoms of scurvy. I had to do a lot of research to find this out. I woke up with a purple spot/bruise on my leg and that convinced me, as I had not bumped into anything to bruise myself. The purple bruise looking spot is a sign of scurvy. Luckily, it was recommened to me to take Vitamin C for Constipation. I was sooo sick (my asthma was out of control) last night and the night before. I did not know that Vitamin C actually helps Astmatics.

    I took 6 mgs of Vitamin C last night in error. I picked up the wrong size of measuring spoon!!..luckily! I had been up the prior two nights coughing up mucus, but last night I slept through the night. I couldn't figure it out since I needed to take bendryl the other nights just to not choke on the mucus. It appears that the 6 mg of Vitamin C did it's job to replenish my Vitamin C and to help with my asthma.

    I woke up with the usual morning junk to cough up and spit out. I took 1000 mg of vitamin C and it stopped this problem dead in it's tracks. People need to read about what vitamin C does, especially for people with Asthma and food allergies. Also, the baking soda should NOT be recommended on this site.

    It depletes the Vitamin C. If someone is already low in Vitamin C it can cause Survy Symptoms as it did in me.

    I love this site, but I think promoting Baking Soda that depletes Vitamin C is wrong. Also, I love Apple Cider Vinegar and it is promoted her as the top natural relief, but I never hear any talk of vitamin C. It works wonders for Asthma, Hay fever and a load of Respiratory illnesses and other illnesses.

    Replied by Ron
    Emporia, Kansas

    Hi Elaine,

    I believe you meant 6 grams (g) of vitamin C, not milligrams (mg.)...6 grams would be 6,000 mg.. Linus Pauling took about 10 grams a day.

    That is very interesting that Vitamin C cleared up your mucous enough to sleep through the night. I occasionally have a stuffy nose when sleep. I'll try this out and take 6 grams and let you know if it works for me. I currently take 3,000 mg a day.

    Replied by Ron
    Emporia, Kansas

    Hi Elaine,

    This is the follow up to my last post. I tried 3 grams of vitamin C powder before bed 2 nights ago and my sinuses were very clear for 6 1/2 hours. Last night I tried 6 grams before bed with the same results...6 grams was a little much for me in one dose. Thanks for the tip.

    Bacterial Vaginosis   1  0   

    Posted by Jeff (Pawtucket, Ri) on 12/24/2009

    [YEA]  Vitamin C cured my wifes' bacterial vaginosis. She used 250mg of ascorbic acid by breaking off 1/4 of a 1000mg caplet and using it as a suppository. Within one day the odor was gone. She plans on continuing this for a week or so to make sure it's gone.

    Replied by Friend
    Toronto, Ontario

    I tried this, too, and it cleared up the odor and discharge by the next morning. Been struggling with BV for several months now. Feels like a miracle.

    And to any women reading this... I tried hydrogen peroxide, acidophilus, folic acid etc to no avail.

    Truly, I stuck half a 1000mg vitamin c tablet in my vagina and by the next day the classic bv odor and sticky discharge was gone. (rinsed the vitamin in hot water first to get off any lubricating coating).

    If you've tried everything else, try this.

    Good luck!

    Replied by Hotlava
    Seattle, WA

    hey, make sure you don't use powdered ascorbic acid for this! Use a tablet, which is buffered. otherwise, that acid will burn delicate tissue.
    Replied by Pamela
    Texas, US

    I am on the fence about trying this vitamin c, are there any negative side effects? What if it does more harm than good?
    Replied by Mama To Many Donate


    Dear Pamela,

    If you take too much vitamin C, you will get diarrhea. In fact, if you are taking it to try and deal with an illness, you want to take the amount of vitamin C that is just below what will give you diarrhea. At this point, the body is just flushing it out because there is too much. But I can't imagine how it would cause more harm than good.

    The only other issue with Vitamin C is that many vitamin C supplements have artificial sweeteners in them, which can be a problem for some.

    I like to just get ascorbic acid powder. You can mix it with 1/2 part baking soda and take it in water.

    I add 2 teaspoons of ascorbic acid powder and 1 teaspoon of baking soda into a half gallon jar. I then add a dropperful of stevia extract and 1/4 cup of lime or lemon juice and it makes a nice Vitamin C drink. I have a gallon of it sitting on my counter as I type for my family to drink today.

    ~Mama to Many~

    Replied by Deztwo
    Beatty Oregon Usa

    Your daughter is vitamin/mineral deficient and her diet is toxic. vitamin 'C' 2 to 6 grams a day with fruit and 1 part baking soda to 10 parts 'C'.

    Few people understand the crippling effects to the immune system by toxic refined sugars, processed vegetable oils, junk foods, chemicals in processed foods, all soft drinks, soy, soy milk, microwave, deep fried foods and artificial sweeteners. The excess sugars/toxins in the body are used by fungus, yeasts, parasites, diseases to grow and replicate. Causes allergies, bipolar, depression, obesity. B-3 has a positive effect on depression, nerve damage and bipolar. Research it.

    A balanced regimen of vitamins/minerals is important for all health for everyone. Has kept me healthy for 52 years. ?dez...

    Replied by Mama To Many Donate


    Dear Pamela,

    I just realized you were not talking about taking the C by mouth. It still might help to do so, but I have not used it the way you are speaking of. my husband did used buffered C powder dissolved in water (1 part C to 8 parts water) on his ear for a pre-cancerous spot and it was not irritating.

    There has been some posting of late on using boric acid for BV. That is a remedy that has been around for a long time.

    I hope you find relief soon!

    ~Mama to Many~

    Buffering   0  0   

    Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 04/26/2011

    How do I buffer Vitamin C powder? In a book I am reading right now Linus Pauling says that he used to buffer his Vitamin C by dissolving it in orange juice but how does it work given the fact that orange juice is also an acid? Or else he added bicarbonate of soda but he doesn't say how much. Right now I am taking 2g powder and 4g in tablets. I don't want to take more tablets because of the fillings as I am afraid that if you take many a day they will do you more harm than good. Also, in the book he says that he used to take 12g in the morning but I ask myself whether he took them in many glasses of water as I find 2g in a glass of water already quite strong.

    Replied by Debbie
    Melbourne, Australia

    Hi Francisca, I take vitamin c powder in my glass of ACV and you can't really taste it. I do take vit c. As calcium abscorbate. I was also putting the powder in the empty vegetarian capsules and drinking with water.
    Replied by Bill
    San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines

    1164 Posts
    Hi Francisca... It's fairly easy to understand buffering which is simply the addition of an alkali or base(like sodium bicarbonate, baking soda) to orange juice -- which consists mainly citric acid and ascorbic acid and which tastes sour.

    The rudimentary rule and equation for buffering is here:

    Acid plus Base = Salt plus Water

    Thus the citric and ascorbic acids are converted to their alkaline salts -- citrates and ascorbates -- which do not taste sour. Because these acids are converted to salts this does not erode your teeth and it tastes less sour when you drink it.

    Just add baking soda to the fresh orange juice until the fizzing stops and then drink it -- very similar to the process of adding baking soda to ascorbic acid to just create ascorbates. You will be drinking the citrates and ascorbates in solution and not their acid forms which is far kinder on your digestive system. This method also causes less stomach upset and less diarrhia because its not so acid. It's also been my experience that your intestines can absorb far more ascorbates than ascorbic acid in your intestines for this reason.

    This buffering process is exactly the same when you add sufficient sodium bicarbonate to lemon or lime juice(Ted's Alkalizing Remedy). Same result -- alkaline salts which are more easily absorbed in the intestines.

    You should also be able to add extra ascorbic acid to the orange juice then just buffer it all as normal with the sodium bicarbonate. Quite safe.

    Replied by Francisca
    Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

    Debbie and Bill, I forgot to say that I take Ascorbic Acid. I have never found Calcium Ascorbate here in Europe. I understand what you say, Bill but the interesting thing is that Linus Pauling says that he used to buffer his Ascorbic Acid in the orange juice, that is what I don't understand. You say that you actually buffer the orange juice with the baking soda. Here is what he says in his book:" I take much of my Vit. C in the morning before breakfast, 12g (he used to take 18g a day) of pure crystalline ascorbic acid either dissolved in orange juice to buffer it or in water with a small amount of baking soda added to make an effervescent drink". So, it seems that the orange juice also buffers the Ascorbic Acid. I take it in water, how much baking soda should I add? Thanks for your help! By the way, he didn't seem to think that Ascorbic Acid did much damage to your stomach, on the contrary, according to him it helped preventing ulcers. I will post the review on his book today as I have just finished reading it!
    Replied by Joyce
    Joelton, Tn

    Hello Francisca,

    I have been missing from EC for awhile, so I can't tell you where to find it, but I'll bet that Deirdre can. It's been awhile since I read it in EC but it does seem that Ted gave the directions on how to mix your own buffered sodium ascorbate using citric acid and baking soda (sodium bicarb).

    Replied by Francisca
    Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

    Thanks Joyce.... And could you maybe help me find it Deirdre? I never know how to do searches on this site, sorry!
    Replied by Lily
    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

    So good to see you back Joyce, was wondering where you were! Lily.
    Replied by John S
    Durban, Rsa

    Hi Francisca - did anyone give you a recipe for bufferning crystaline Vit C? That is - how many grams of Vit C to how many grams of Sodium Bicarbonate? I understand the science - just don't want to do the math unless I really have to (why reinvent the wheel? :))
    Replied by Francisca
    Zug, Zug, Switzerland

    Hi John, no, I don't think that anybody gave me the recipe but then I haven't been taking Vitamin C for awhile. Linus Pauling said in his book "How to live longer and feel better" that he took the vitamin C either dissolved in orange juice or he buffered it in water with a small amount of baking soda but not how much. He took much of his vitamin C in the morning before breakfast. I tried without buffering, just by dissolving it in water and I didn't have any side effect or else I took tablets. I am thinking of starting to take it soon so I might consider taking a bit of orange juice every morning.
    Replied by Cindy
    Illinois, Usa

    Orange juice has a higher pH (less acidic) than ascorbic acid. He wasn't looking to "neutralize' the acid, he just sought to tame or "buffer" it, which he accomplished by the addition of something less acidic - in this case, orange juice, but he could have just as easily added more water. Of course, he would not have received the other nutrients found in the orange juice...but as far as buffering goes, he just meant that he tamed it down a bit by adding something less acidic to it.

    If the acid bothers you, you could simply add more water.

    Chronic Allergies   1  0   

    Posted by Betty (Wheeling, WV) on 07/23/2006

    [YEA]  I started taking increased doses of Vitamin C a number of years ago at my doctor's recommendation for a tendency to bruise easily. One of the other unexpected benefits is that my sinuses cleared up. I used to wake up sneezing and would continue throughout the morning, sometimes through the entire day, year round. After experimenting with different dosages, I am now on a maintenance level of 2000 mg of Vitamin C daily and this keeps my allergies under control usually 50-51 weeks out of the year. Occasionally, I may have a flare-up and need something else. When that happens, I stir 1 teaspoon of ground Turmeric into an 8 oz. glass of water and drink it. Within 15 minutes, I am breathing freely once again and no more sneezing!

    Citric Acid   0  0   

    Posted by Dana (Bend, Oregon, Usa) on 11/30/2011

    Is food grade Citric Acid powder a viable type of vitamin C supplement? I bought this thinking it was a healthy alternative to tablets, capsules and then realized that maybe ascobic acid was really what I wanted. Is there any benefits from citric acid or a way to take it for supplementation?

    Replied by Ricky
    Seattle, Wa

    You can use this in recipes to add a bit of tang. It is the other ingredient used with mms. I would not use it as a supplement. It is great for adding high notes to soups or meat dishes where tomatoes are used or in sauces.

    Colds   3  0   

    Posted by Lisa (Liverpool, New York USA ) on 10/21/2008

    [YEA]  Colds and Allergies

    My children usually get sick at the beginning of the spring and the beginning of fall... most likely allergies. They also usually get whatever sickness is going around school. For the last year, I've been successfully giving my 6 and 8 year olds 500 mgs of vitamin c under the recommendation from the Linus Pauling Foundation. They love the chewables (ascorbic acid). They havent gotten sick AT ALL in that time. Meanwhile, my 13 year old has gotten broncitis and pneumonia who refuses to take the vitamin c. I've been trying to get her to take the vitamin c but she is not big into the taste of the chewables and doesn't like taking pills. Everytime she gets sick, I try to reason with her that the other two are not getting sick anymore, and in fact, NONE of us are, so why is she the only one in our house getting sick?? It used to go from one of us to the next and the next like a domino effect. Now, it's just her.( My husband and I take 2000 mg of Vitamin C per day, also recommeded by the Linus Pauling Institute)

    Replied by Ron
    Emporia, Kansas

    [YEA]   I too have taken Vitamin C for colds and flu for over 20 years.

    I had a friend of mine who got a full body flu...he said he ached from head to toe...he was shivering and sweating a lot and looked very pale. I suggested that Vitamin C might take 500mg every hour (if wake up a night = take another 500mg). He took the C with a little snack, like a cracker or small slice of bread...something to buffer his stomach from the acid. Within 24 hours all his symptoms were gone and didn't come back.

    When I first notice symptoms of a cold coming on (slightly swollen throat or my nose starting to drip or pressure in head or just a feeling some kind of bacteria has gotten into the body), I immediately start the following:

    If the symptoms are mild, I will take 500 to 1000mg Vitamin C powder (can also use capsules or tabs) every 2 hours. I sometimes add it to my Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey tea, or just with water or just before a meal...but I never take the C on an empty stomach.

    If the symptoms are bad, I will take 500 to 1000mg C every hour.

    What happens in the body is that when a person has a cold or flu, they tend to have to urinate more. When sick the body uses up Vitamin C very fast. Even if you take 5000mg or more in one shot, within 2 hours all of it will be gone through the urine. That's why it is so important to take it in smaller doses every hour or two.

    I discovered this approach from Adelle Davis in her book Let's Get was published in the 1960s. I have been able to kill all cold and flu symptoms within about 24 hours for over the last 20 years...I have not had a full blown cold or flu since. The Keys are (1) start early when first get symptoms and (2) take the Vitamin C every hour or two until better.

    Replied by Lizzi
    London, Uk

    [YEA]   My partner woke up with a very heavy cold and so we decided, following an article we had read to take 6 grams of vit c every 20 mins until he hit near diararea. At that point you back off and just take around 20 grams every 3 hours. It totally worked. It was incredable to see. There he was sneezing and coughing, runny nose and then it all stopped. Like turning off a tap. But make sure you keep with it for at least another 3 days. Look up cold on the vit c website for more info. I also felt one coming on and did the same thing. No cold.

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