Cyst Treatment

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What Is a Cyst?

Unusual bumps or lumps found anywhere on the body generally cause an individual great concern; however, there are many health conditions that involve the formation of small knobs or bulges beneath the skin that are of little concern. Cysts are one such condition that cause slight bumps or lumps that are typically not harmful to the health. Noncancerous, closed pockets of tissue, cysts are typically filled with air, fluid or other bodily material and generally feel like a large pea or small marble beneath the skin. In contrast, a sac filled with pus is an abscess, not a cyst.

While a growth beneath the skin can be alarming, the symptoms of cysts cause little concern for good reason. Most cysts are slow-growing, painless, and smooth to the touch. Cysts generally feel “mobile” beneath the skin or can be moved around to some extent. In some severe cases, cysts do rupture, causing pain and possibly inflammation. Generally, cysts form as a result of interrupted bodily functions. Cysts typically form due to clogged sebaceous glands, infection, or around foreign bodies such as an earring post.

Natural Cyst Treatments

Most cysts go away naturally and require little treatment. Some cysts, however, may require treatment to decrease in size and prevent infection. Most cysts respond well to natural treatments including apple cider vinegar, iodine, magnesium oil, turmeric, hydrogen peroxide and honey. Vitamin D3 and colloidal silver taken together daily also diminish the size of common cysts and offer relief to most types of cysts. Fenugreek, bayberry, and bee pollen are also known for their anti-inflammatory properties and ability to treat and heal cysts. Cleansing the body using clay tablets also helps remove any infection causing toxins. Keep reading below for more tips from Earth Clinic readers!

Most Popular Cysts Remedies:

Castor Oil8
Hydrogen Peroxide3
Vitamin E3
Multiple Remedies3

User Reviews

Alum and Mouth Wash   1  0   

Posted by Cb (Ny, US) on 10/23/2014

[YEA]  I waited until a month after I tried my remedy to write this post to make sure it didn't come back. I found out that I had gotten a muceole (cyst in mouth) from biting my lip and did EVERYTHING wrong. I tried to pop it like a pimple, I poked at it with a needle, ate hot/ spicy foods, and played with it with my tongue and teeth. Of course after two and a half weeks of having it, I learned what it is and everything I shouldn't do. I should say muceoles seem to expand and contract everyday or so - I thought a few times it was going away by itself, but it always came back until I tried this remedy.

Buy some Alum (a pickling agent, should be able to find it in the spice aisle) and some mouth wash (I don't think it matters but I used a antiseptic tartar control one). Using your finger or a cotton swab dab some (not much, maybe a pinch) of alum onto the muceole and leave it alone as long as you can keeping the area dry by holding your lip (or wherever) out of the wetness of your mouth. I did for a about 20 mins - then wash it out carefully. WARNING - alum does not taste good and will feel strange in your mouth. Then use the mouth wash. The alum should "dry up" the muceole and the mouth wash will keep it from getting infected or bigger.

The next day (I did the first time at night) I noticed where I had placed the alum had dried the skin, much of my mouth was dry with peeling skin (not as bad as it sounds). I repeated this process three times within a six hour period the day after I started the remedy. I recommend starting on a weekend so you have time to do this. At this point I could see the white spot within the muceole (salivary gland) which is a good sign. After that I used mouth wash consistently for three days and my muceole healed and completely went away. It's now been a month without it coming back. Hope this helps someone out there!

Anti-Fungal Cream   1  0   

Posted by Boilbb (Anonymous) on 01/12/2013

[YEA]  I had a re-ocurring small groin cyst that wouldn't heal. I would sometimes get small re-ocurring ones on my lower belly too. Sometimes it would come to a head but still a soft marble existed below the skin. I tried so many different remedies (at different times) from apple cider vinegar to iodine to magnesium oil, turmeric, hydrogen peroxide, etc. Honey would help it close up. When I used T____ [anti-fungal cream] on them for a week or so, they all healed. I had a feeling the groin boil might be fungal related because it itched a lot. It is worth a try if other things aren't working. I also found it slightly aphrodisiac qualities.

Replied by Cathy
Boynton Beach, Fl
Guess what? The main ingredient in that medicine is undecylenic acid, an organic unsaturated fatty acid, directly derived from castor oil!

Apple Cider Vinegar   0  0   

Posted by Tish (Toronto, Ontario,canada) on 10/24/2010

Hey petra from trinidad, i would be very careful using the commercial vinegar. the ones u get in the grocery stores are way too acidic. my nephew tried for a sore throat and ended up with inflamation. so please find one that says organic vinegar unpaturised, u get them at stores where u buy organic stuff. hope this helped.

Bee Pollen   1  0   

Posted by Margie (Austin, Texas) on 04/04/2012

[YEA]  For those of you that have problems with acne, you should try this. Buy a bee pollen complex that has pollen, bee propolis, and royal jelly that is 1000 mg. This cured the acne on my husband's back and for a couple other people I recommended it to. I discovered it by accident and upon doing some research found that it is a blood purifier which is why it probably works.

Bloodroot   1  0   

Posted by Lynn (Canada) on 02/17/2014

[YEA]  I applied bloodroot paste to my cysts and it slowly works to create an eschar around the entire cyst, including the sac and then it falls off. I apply it directly to the cyst and put a bandage over it. I leave it on for a day and check on it, then reapply and bandage again. I keep reapplying for at least 4 days or so, or until I feel a lot of swelling. At that point there may be a bit of oozing from the cyst liquifying and pushing its way out from all the pressure of the swelling. It's optional to continue applying the salve depending on your comfort level and whether it stings too much. Eventually by about day 6 or 7 the cyst will fall out on its own, or with a little pulling with sterilized tweezers. It leaves a large crater at the site, but eventually this fills in completely and with almost no scarring. I am finding discolouration from the site, like any other scar, but the area is now flat and there is no indication of any part of the cyst left.

I did find one cyst on my neck wasn't completely removed, so I did a second treatment with the bloodroot salve after it healed completely. Sure enough, it found the area with any cyst material and surrounded it. That too fell out and I'm hoping I got all of it this time around.

Not only does this work great for deeply embedded cysts, my sister found it worked great for removing a mole on her arm. The exact same application was followed, although she may have had to leave it on a bit longer than I did for my cysts. By about a week and a half the mole just came off on its own with a little help with tweezers.

During the healing process I felt what was probably scar tissue, so I did try reapplying on my elbow but found no reaction. It left a bit of a chemical burn, but nothing major, just uncomfortable itching. I've also tried on other miscellaneous scar tissue/bumps and it didn't do anything but leave a slight stinging sensation and discolouration (that eventually disappeared.)

Replied by Lorna
Hello, I was wondering, what size where your cysts? I have one on my scalp, that I attemted to have removed in the clinic, but it was too hard. As of right now, the part they where able to remove has grown back, and it's bigger than before. about 1.5in . Would a bloodroot salve work for a larger cyst like this ?
Replied by Orange
Orlando, Fl
Lynn, where did you buy your bloodroot paste? I researched a lot and found confusing information. Please advice. Thanks

Castor Oil   8  0   

Posted by Kacy (New York) on 03/12/2014

[YEA]  I found a humungous cyst about 10 days ago above my butt (sorry to be gross, but that's where it is), was quite alarmed and looked online and was relieved to find it was something called a pilonidal cyst. I felt how wide it went underneath my skin and it was maybe 2.5", like a volcano forming! It was nice to know it wasn't anything serious, but not so great to read everywhere that I'd need surgery or to go on antibiotics. Anyway, I happened to be on earthclinic for treatment for wrinkle cures, saw castor oil, and then upon further reading saw it was also recommended for removing cysts! A great coincidence!!

I ordered castor oil on amazon (cold-pressed, but I dont know if that matters) and didn't even make a castor oil pack. I have just been rubbing castor oil straight on the cyst with my fingers a few times a day. Within days, it has drastically reduced in size and it is almost completely gone. I'm not sure HOW this is happening, nothing is coming out. It's just...dissapearing!

A doctor took a look at it (i as going to a doc for another reason) and she looked shocked. She couldn't believe castor oil could just get rid of it like that so quickly, as when I had previously emailed her about it before I met her she too told me I'd need surgery or antibiotics. When I met her in person and she saw it, she said "dont go on antibiotics or get surgery! Just keep doing what youre doing! " and indeed it is almost gone. Within days. No medicine, no surgery, no embarrasment. and CHEAP. and the stuff makes my skin look amazing too. I've never even heard of castor oil before earthclinic. I saw so many posts on all the other sites where people talked of getting surgery, etc etc. This is incredible, it bypasses all that trouble, expense, and pain.

I would LOVE to know how castor oil works, but wow does it ever. In a few more days it should be completely gone. THANKS to all of you who posted and let me know about this cure!!!! I used to get sebaceous cysts on my head, and if I ever get them back, castor oil will be the first thing I do! Good luck everyone!

Replied by Mbuss
Wisconsin, US
The castor oil sold locally is labeled a laxative. Is this the kind that you used? Will you share the product name and where it is sold?

Thanks, Maria

Replied by Dl
Ohio, US

Have you continued to have success in keeping the pilonidal cyst at bay? As the other user asked, what brand of castor oil did you use?

Posted by Sonja (Florida) on 02/08/2014

[YEA]  My husband had a small bump in the middle of his back. I read about castor oil packets. We soaked some fabric with the oil, then covered with plastic , then applied heating pad for 30 minutes. Did this every night for about 5 days. The bump started getting bigger, after a few weeks it was completely gone. I believe it was a sebacious cyst

Replied by Common Sense
Re: Castor Oil Packs Healed Sebaceous Cyst. A few weeks? maybe it healed naturally, castor oil did not do anything

Posted by Janie Y (Illinois) on 10/17/2013

[YEA]  I was born with a very rare disease called Pachyonychia Congenita which causes problems with the hair, nails, and skin. I am more susceptible to skin problems, one of which is being very prone to (sebaceous) cysts. I was excited to try the castor oil remedy that is being mentioned on this wonderful website! I have had a good-sized (very noticeable) cyst in the outer corner of my left eye for more than two years now. The outer part appeared plump and soft to the touch, somewhat yellowish in color, and puffy. I could see and feel the hard-like fluid inside of it, but while poking at it down deep, I could feel what felt like a pea. I had messed with with before, but had given up - Seemed I wouldn't excrete the substance underneath it very well. The stuff was very hard to get out. I would always get a little liquid from it and a little blood, causing it to swell up a bit, then got it infected... I thought it useless to try anymore, so I just left it alone. That is until I discovered the Castor OIL Remedyl!!! Anyways, after reading the posts here, I decided to tackle it again. On Sept. 1st, I started poking around at the cyst, squeezed at it, and got it to secrete some oily like substance and some blood out of it. It was still hard though! I musta messed with it for about an hour. It was really swelled up great by then. It looked like someone had punched me in the eye ( I was squinting by the time I was finished with my treatment of it for the day)! I was determined however, to march on... Well, after poking and prodding at it for an hour, I cleaned it up, rinsed it with warm water, dried it, then dabbed it with the castor oil, and covered it up with a bandage. I did this twice a day. Morning and night. I squeezed it each time, to get more liquid and blood out of it, and then repeated the castor oil/bandage thing. About 7 days later, Sept. 7, the cyst and my eye were still puffy (I got a lot of stares), , but I could tell that the cyst was getting a smaller. The castor oil was softening it up, which made it easier for me to squeeze the substance out of it! It was coming out pretty good by then, with hardly any effort on my part by that time. I could tell that the castor oil was really pulling the stuff out and causing the cyst to drain more! I continued this for about two more weeks. I could really see a big difference by then, so that was great for me. I was trying to be soooo patient, seein' as how patience is not one of my better virtues! After all, I told myself - I did have this thing by my eye for at least two years! By week 3, my eye was looking normal again. The puffiness/swelling was all gone - the liquid was drained from the cyst. The area felt flat! And, it was starting to scab over. All that was left of the cyst was this little pea- sized knot by then). I continued to rub and massage the castor oil into this area each morning and every night before going to bed. I woke up one morning - Sept. 26... to find a small "pimple" had formed in the spot where the cyst was. I squeezed it, and this stringy thread- like substance snaked it's way out. This was the "pea" that I had been feeling for the last two years! I write this on Oct. 17th, and as I run my finger over where the cyst had been... I smile (: The cyst had been my unwelcoming companion for the past two years or so, and it is NOW completely gone, and has been for a couple weeks! The area around my eye is nice and smooth. Yayyyyyy.... Oh - I might also add that... During the time that I was treating this particular cyst, I had several smaller ones on my face, as well. I would massage the castor oil into them all the while and... They are gone too!!! This will now become my ritual for every cyst I see poppin' up on my bod!! We gotta "Zap em before they Happen".. Castor Oil is definately the trick! Thanks be to you guys who write in with your wonderful remedies!!! Have a great "Cyst-free" day!!!

Posted by Hef (Mississauga, Ontario) on 12/10/2011

I was wondering if any one has experience in using Castor Oil packs on Submandibular cysts.... My nephew has a cyst below his jawbone, which is growing ENT Surgeon has recommeded surgery removal. To me it sounds very convincing to use the packs on the cysts... Anyone else would like to share their experiences in this regard and suggest any pros or cons, if any?

Replied by Kmcgee
Portland, Oregon
I had surgery on a cyst that was located on my neck. It got very big and uncomfortable. So I had it removed. The surgery was easy and over in an hour, but eventually the cyst came back. My docter warned me this might happen, but not much is known about cysts. It hasn't got really big again but comes and goes. I think the surgery is worth a shot.
Replied by Jane
Alameda, Ca
Hi! Turmeric is an incredible remedy for any kind of cyst and may help you. You might also look at other remedies on EC for cysts, including drinking pure spring water!!

Posted by Brooke (Montgomery, Tx, Usa) on 02/28/2011

[YEA]  I have had a small milia on my right eye for about 6 months. I have been putting Castor Oil on it, and it is gone. I put the Castor Oil on it with the intent that the Milia goes away, and viola! It went away! It took a long time, about 6 months, but no medicine and no Doctor!

Replied by Bridget
Russellville, Kentucky
I have a bump near my eye that randomly popped up about 6 months ago. At first I thought it was a infected pimple and tried to pop it swelled and became very big. After a few weeks of leaving it alone it went back down. A lot of people say it could be a wart but a pharmacist told me to not use the wart removal because she never seen a wart look like that. Looked more of a cyst. I've tried everything.. I've read alot of people say use castor oil on here. DOES IT WORK?? What are the pros and cons of using?! Thanks!
Replied by Joyce
Lansdowne, Pa
[YEA]   Last Saturday night I was about to get into the shower and I looked in the mirror and noticed a bump (sty) on my lower eyelid. It itched slightly. I took a q-tip with some castor oil and applied it to my eyelid. The next morning the bump (sty) was no longer there.
Replied by Alan
Homestead, Fl.
[YEA]   Castor oil has worked for me in this very application on many occasions. Put it on heavy and keep covered with a band-aid. If you search this out you will find it can be used for many EXTERNAL applications with amazing results.
Replied by Maggie
Lansing, Mi
My husband has been taking _____s apple cider vinegar for about 6 months, and olive leaf extract for two months. Suddenly his body is like a sebaceous cyst factory. They are popping up everywhere. He has had 3 removed, we got rid of the infected one with castor oil and manuka honey, and just today he showed me a new cyst on the back of his neck. These cysts have just kind of appeared on stage and I'm wondering if the vinegar and OLE have created a detox or cleansing thing in his body and the toxins are coming out as cysts. What do you think?
Replied by Sara
The Beach, Canada
One thing is certain when you take these things is that you have to take a lot of water with it as well so that the toxins have an avenue to release in... Otherwise they will find their own way, and they do it through the largest organ... The skin

Posted by Abigail (Lawrence, Ks) on 12/26/2010

[YEA]  I developed a sebaceous cyst on my back about 1-1/2 inches in diameter! I had it checked by a Dr., who said it was just a sebaceous cyst and wasn't dangerous, and there's not much they can do about it. She said even when people get them surgically removed, the cysts sometimes come back. When I got pregnant the cyst started itching and got bigger and turned red and purple. This concerned me. My midwife sad that all the extra hormones during pregnancy can cause cysts to behave like this. She suggested trying castor oil, and warned that it might take awhile to fully go away.

Here's what I did:
Squirt some pure cold-pressed castor oil onto a cotton round pad. Apply the pad to the cyst. Apply medical tape to hold the pad in place. Change the pad once or twice a day. Sometimes when changing the pad there would be yellowish pus on the pad. Sometimes there was nothing. The castor oil did at least relieve the itching, but there were days I thought that this wasn't working. However, the cyst was actually slowly deflating. It took about three months, but the cyst went away! I still have a small, very light red circle on my back where it was, but the skin is flat and smooth, and I never have any itching. It's been gone for about 2-1/2 months now, so I think the cure was effective.

Replied by Diane
Berkeley, Ca
I had about 10 of them on my scalp for years. Tried a lot of things, none of them very effective, and finally chose surgery. I am so glad that I did. It's super easy (typically done in a dermatologist's office in less than an hour), and a HUGE relief to have it all gone. One started to come back, but I was able to extract its core and it went away after that. None of the others have come back, and it has been five years. Honestly, it wasn't worth all the mental anguish over a decade trying tons of things and hoping they would go away. Surgery was by far the best choice.
Replied by Daisy
Jacksonville, Florida, U.s.a
[YEA]   I have a small cyst on my face that I have been ignoring for at least a year, but then got hard and started to be annoying. I have no insurance right now, and money is VERY tight, so laying out hundreds of dollars to have it cut out is not an option right now. I've tried a number of things -- iodine, tiger balm, campho-phenique, coconut oil -- but the only thing that even remotely began to be of assistance was holding a hot compress to it for 10-20 minutes twice a day. After a couple of days, it softened it up to the extent that I could get some of the gack out, but only with *tremendous* pressure, and not enough came out to make a significant difference anyway. Repeated efforts didn't do much; it's like whatever got hard in there stayed hard and the heat only got to a small part of it, no matter how often or for how long I applied the hot compress. (I think this is because I ignored it and let it get old and hard, instead of dealing with it when I first got it. ) I didn't want to break the skin over it or get it infected, so I stopped mashing on it and kept looking for something else.

I saw the posts here on EC about castor oil, and after googling for more info I saw where it had worked for other people with stubborn sebaceous cysts, so I got some castor oil and put it on under a band-aid before going to sleep. Already, just after the first application, it's drawing the cyst up and out and softening whatever's in there: it never hurt before, but it did a little after putting the castor oil on, kind of like a tiny bruise, and then when I woke up and took off the band-aid, a bunch of nasty-looking stuff came out with almost no pressure. It's not gone at all, but it's flatter and the castor oil is definitely working to break it up. Many thanks to Abigail from Lawrence, Kansas for taking the time to describe exactly what she did, because that's what I'm doing and it's already working after so much else has failed.

Thanks, EC!

Replied by Daisy
Jacksonville, Florida, U.s.a
Update to my last post: you can go ahead and call it a cure! I have been applying a bit of gauze saturated with castor oil to the cyst morning and night, and every time I change the bandage I try to express whatever's in there. Over the last several days, slowly but surely, most of it has come out (there was even a hair buried in there! ?! ) and now whatever comes out is mostly clear.

One thing that became obvious is that it was a lot deeper and more substantial than I gave it credit for. I think it must have had a few loculations too, because when I'd try to express it I'd change the direction of my fingers, and then feel a little pop and get more stuff out. It was a nasty and complex cyst.

I'm going to keep going with it for the next few days, but the area is already flattened out and just about gone altogether, which is what I was hoping for. Will it come back because I didn't get the sac? No idea, but today I'm thrilled that I no longer have the pea-sized lump on my cheek!

Thanks, EC!

Replied by Alice
Oakland, California
Thanks everyone. I tried all of the remedies and then some. When my skin got so sore and it hadn't popped yet, after about a week, I put on some Vitamin E overnight. The next morning it popped though still had lots of hard areas around it. In the following days, whenever I was home I either used hot water soaks, vitamin E or Castor Oil and a heating pad. For the work day, I tried to dry it with calamine and witch hazel mixture covered by a gauze. I seem to need to massage the hard parts after I heat the area and kind of push toward the head to get all of the puss out. I've been doing this for over a week now, but I think it's almost flat. Did not get the core out though. Also, about a week ago, I went to the dr for antibiotics because it was so infected. I think that is one reason it didn't get too much bigger and I felt better mentally because I've had ones that just kept growing and they are so painful. This is definitely a time committment, but at least it's not surgery.

Chanca Piedra   0  0   

Posted by Jenny (Palo Alto) on 10/17/2013

Can chanca piedra capsules help dissolve under knee baker's cyst? My dang knee buckles but better since all the turmeric, bromelin, boswellia this morn doesn't last without taking all my pills with me, have to go buy food etc so one has to tough it.

It's stiff to straighten plus!!! See interfering i! Think with healing of non hurting just funny weakish feeling like rub it away... Partially torn right ankle lateral side stretched [leg down] ligament they ha! Think, but partially torn right ankle tendon with beginning arthritis somewhere, I see dang useless for symptom explanations... Doc final time.. Or not November been 6 dang months and still shoes foot dont like most etc sometimes ok for... Awhile of walking, maybe I should have started hiking local trails like always used to and strengthen if doesn't hurt that way, but I havent... It just weak funny skin feeling so perhaps it is! Tied in with nerve along the outside under edge of foot, its where some tendon connects to the [bone] knob on tthe right side of foot halfway up from heel[bone sticks out of our feel there, apparently tendon connects there] ok soooooooo knee it may interfere vice v right? if answer is of course you feel probably... Then I feel I received more than dang Palo Alto clinic doctor[s] MRI said what's what....... But the knee been awhile 2 yrs since MRI, and! This now large problem. Under knee[large to me my knee doubles bak trys so I take one crutch with me, swelling down now but I guess doesn't last. , so ill take the herbs with.............. Had diagnosed months ago, but I need to see if can rid myself of it with turmeric etc I know the herbs but need more info. I'm looking for like wow maybe colloidal silver with d got both, apple c vinegar I wonder how many capsules of it?? a day.. Take them all! Lol thanks, prayerfully God heal it ohhh please Jennifer-

Clay Tablets   1  0   

Posted by Philippa (Surrey, BC, Canada) on 03/17/2009

[YEA]  I have problems with cysts/ganglia developing on my wrists and finger joints. I usually have to have them removed surgically. This was a real problem as I had to limit activity and keep the surgery site dry for several weeks after each surgery - not to mention the pain.

I had started developing another cyst on my left wrist that was becoming big enough to be considered my parasitic twin. I was putting off having it looked at due to the pain, the surgery, the inconvenience, etc.

I had previously been taking Terramin Clay tablets (1 tablet per 50 lb. of weight) to help cleanse my system; but, had stopped for some unknown reason. I started taking the clay tablets again without realizing that they could help my cyst.

Over a period of several days, my cyst shrank and disappeared. I had no idea how it happened; but, was delighted nonetheless. Two days later I happened to stumble upon the Terramin site at a place that was explaining how the clay in the tablets was small enough to break through the blood/tissue barrier. These particles were so small they had the ability to enter the cyst, start cleansing it and eventually remove it.

I'm back on my clay and loving it!

Replied by Nancy
Boston, Us
Hi I am very interested in your post about taking clay tablets for the shrinkage of cysts... Was this for a Baker's cyst behind the knee... If so how long did it take to shrink?
I have one behind the knee that is causing me a lot of pain right now... The pain is intermittent but am anxious to find a home remedy that really works... Thanks so much for sharing what worked for you!

Dandelion and Viola   0  0   

Posted by Heather (Ny) on 01/22/2012

Infected Sebaceous Cyst

Epidermal cyst; Keratin cyst; Epidermoid cyst

Any MD will automatically give you antibiotics for an infection! Try this instead. Dandelion and Viola clear out toxins in your body and will get rid of the infection. If you have a sensitive stomach you may want to eat before drinking the remedy.

Remedy: Go to Chinese Herb Shop. Get 8-10 bags of a mix of Dandelion and Viola. Each day bring to a boil one bag of herbs in 4 cups of water and then simmer for 45 minutes. Drink this mixture throughout the day and also wash the cysts with this mixture. (I even took some of the warm herbs and put them on my cysts for 10-15 minutes) Make sure to finish the herbs even after the cyst is gone. (drink herbs for 8 - 10 days) Amazing!

Dermoid Cyst Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Snehanshu (Kolkata, Westbengal) on 04/22/2013

Sir, I have been suffering from painless cyst/tumor on my forhead for last four years.

Initially it was very hard and small in size. But now it has grown to 3.0 cm. Surgeons have diagnosed it as a benign growth and recommended for surgery. But I don't want to go for any surgery. Meanwhile I have undergone various homeo treatment but without yielding any positive result excepting that the cyst which was very hard has now become little bit softer Homeo medicines that I have already taken under Registered Practitioner are L.V. Alb., Canghis, Calc. Fluor., Slirrhinn, Phosphorus, Nat. Mur., Acid Fluor., Conium Mac., Tub. Borium, Thuja, Baryta Carb30, Aurum Metallicum 200, Medorrhinum, etc..

I shall remain ever grateful if you suggest the remedy.

Allopath surgeons have diagnosed it as Dermoid Cyst while homeopaths term it Lipoma.

One of my friends have advised me to take Thiosinaminium 6x.

Regards, Snehanshu

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1042 Posts
Hi Snehanshu... Ted from Bangkok advises using a topical mixture to be applied to the lipoma consisting of DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide), clove oil and castor oil in the following mix:

DMSO 70%
Castor Oil 25%
Clove Oil 5%

Ted also advises treating with supplements like bromelain (a protein digesting enzyme which acts to digest and remove the cyst), Vitamin B3 as niacinamide and L-Lysine. Dosages etc are shown in this link:

Stay away from dairy foods like milk, yoghurt, cheeses etc because excess calcium in the diet actually promotes cyst formation. Take regular daily dosages of Kelp seaweed as well if you can -- this contains iodine which also has anti-cyst activity.

Supplementing Black Seed Oil (Latin: Nigella sativa) for cancers and cysts is also useful. You should have no trouble finding Black Seed Oil -- called Kalaumji in Hindi/Urdu - where you live in India. But be sure and get the organic pressed black seed oil. I have been taking a tablespoon of black seed oil with food every day which has successfully reduced and flattened a small sebhorreic cyst on the back of my neck.

From all the research, it also appears that black seed is capable of healing allergy problems -- in other words black seed acts to heal the intestines thus preventing foreign protein bodies leaking from a damaged intestines into the blood -- creating allergies.

See this link for Black Seed Oil:,23

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