Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Remedies

Last Modified on Jun 21, 2014

Treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder ranges from emotional therapies to natural supplements. Therapy functions to help the individual process through the cause of the disorder and find effective ways to handle the situation. Herbal remedies serve to relieve stress, anxiety and other emotions that are associated with the condition.

What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Considered a mental health condition, post-traumatic stress can be described as the result of a terrifying or traumatic event. Symptoms of the condition include flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety and uncontrollable thoughts relating to the event. Individuals affected by the condition typically also exhibit symptoms of avoidance, emotional numbing, anxiety and increased emotional arousal.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, typically manifests as an individual goes through an event that causes intense fear, helplessness or horror. Contributing factors include genetic predisposition, life experiences, personality and brain regulation.

Natural Remedies for PTSD

PTSD often requires therapeutic treatments to enable the affected individual to process through the stressful situation that established the condition. Nonetheless, herbal remedies also offer treatment in terms of relieving stress and the associated feelings caused by the disorder. Green tea, basil and stinging nettle are among the most effective herbal treatment options.

Green Tea

Green tea is an herbal treatment used in mediating a variety of conditions. In regards to post-traumatic stress disorder, the tea strengthens the immune system and prevents acute and long-term illness and disease. The tea also offers relaxing properties to lower stress levels.


The adrenal glands are typically overactive in individuals with PTSD. Basil is an effective adrenal support that actually strengthens the adrenal glands. This strengthening protects the adrenals as well as the rest of the body from long-term health problems caused by the overproduction of adrenaline.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle also supports the adrenals. This herb strengthens the adrenal glands as well and actually inhibits the production of adrenalin. Reducing adrenalin production lowers an individual’s stress level and shock state.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is considered a mental health condition that is triggered by a terrifying event. Treatment of the condition, including therapy and nutritional supplements, eases the individual’s stress levels and works to naturally relieve the condition.

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User Reviews

Emotional Freedom Technique   0  0   

Posted by Jolene (Albuquerque, Nm) on 12/18/2012

Catch 22 -I whole-heartedly agree with the people who suggest EFT for PTSD. Many very effective videos demonstrating this technique can be found on YouTube. Just type in EFT tapping for PTSD. Brad Yates has many EFT videos that are effective in alleviating the various symptoms or conditions of PTSD - such as anxiety, guilt, depression, etc.

From what I learned today on the Charley Rose show on the brain, PTSD probably cannot be completely cured at this time, but greatly reduced in its severity.

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky) on 09/12/2012

I couldn't help but post something on the 9/11 tragedy after reviewing more footage of the TwinTower events. What strikes me particularly is the various subjective perceptions of local pedestrians as well as professionals like Newscasters. From a psychological interpretation, it could be safely concluded that the level of empathy from a bystander would directly determine exactly "how much and how clearly" the entire event was perceived. Women were way more empathetic in comparison to men, but one man who was filming from his apartment was particularly sensitive. After the initial moments fallowing the first plane crash on the North WTC almost everyone could not come close to fathoming not only the level of damage to the structure but the number of people directly involved AND the level of horror and pain they sustained (they simply saw a large building billowing out smoke). In particular, hundreds of people were being burned alive as they desperately and mostly ineffectively tried any escape. The "jumpers" were one of the first indicators to people at ground zero just how bad the situation was way up there in the sky. I post this w/ the fact that the burn injury is undoubtedly one of the most painful in the human experience. This in mind, and the magnitude of the disaster combined, it is almost unfathomable the degree of sheer pain involved. If anyone knows much about trauma experiences please reply as I suppose that victims eventually go into shock, pass out, or die.

History channel documentary of a man that assisted a lady who was at ground zero when she was splashed w/ burning jet-fuel is certainly striking as she says to the man "I'm going to die aren't I". The man assisted the lady as they recited The Lord's Prayer together, then got her successfully into an ambulance, and to an hospital where she died 40 dys later.

And of course there were hundreds of burn victims from WTC disaster, many of which did manage to survive. My query is a comparison to our little community of alternative medicine Vs conventional and the degree of which proven, effective natural therapies are used by conventional methodology. If I could time & space travel I could have been spotted there at GZ w/ a roll of aluminum foil wrapping up those victims and administering high doses of vit-c. Then, as a certified Nurses Assistant that I am, In the hospital I would be sneaking burn victims zinc tablets so as to promote much needed healing. I wonder if hospitals use topical ointments that at least contain some zinc?

Anyway, God bless all the victims and their families.

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by A (Philadelphia, Pa) on 06/27/2011

this sounds crazy but its true.. A dear close friend of mine was in the military and during her stay there. She was part of a special unit I can't or am not allowed to get into full detail about... She mentioned a terrible thing that happended to her called belly button torture she was poked in her belly button with a needle!!!

after they kidnapped her and thank god they found her & many others alive. Yet her belly button is injured she had the best medical attention yet I'm not certain if its really working for her because she's in terrible pain. does anyone know of any remedies and the complications belly button torture causes? this is not the type of belly button torture that is recreational they couldve killed her and I prayed that her and the others were saved and rescued.

if your familiar with a remedy for belly button torture could you email me a remedy. She says her upper abdomen is in pain and it hurts when she has sex.. you can send remedies to


Posted by Colorado
Pueblo, Colorado, usa
PTSD can be healed with this method, eftuniverse. com click on 'get started free' watch and therapists at
Posted by Colorado
Pueblo, Colorado, Usa
Along with EFT, take 600mg of panax ginseng an adaptogenic herb to balance and help heal the adrenals until they are better.
Posted by Lizzie
London, Uk
5 Posts
Faster EFT really helped me with P.T.S.D. It is very powerful. I would highly recomend this. You can see lots of examples on youtube if you type in Fastereft. Or look up Robert Smith, the founder of Fastereft.

Posted by Catch 22 (Vegas, Nevada) on 02/19/2011

Can anyone help me please ? I was recently diagnosed with PTSD due to numerous sexual assualts, and neglect , physical and mental abuse for about ten years. I constantly talk to myself from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep in my head only? You might ask well what am I talking about to myself about all day negative stuff happening then I cancel delete all the negative thoughts. I've tried eft , Hawaiian techniques , tapping , trying to think myself better, I've wrote letters and burned them, Hormone balancing, I've took periods of time and old issues and put them in imaginary boxes and put them in closets and said good bye , I've been to natropaths, reiki healers, theta healers, energy healers, intuitive healers, I've received special blessings from deeksha givers, Ive cleansed and juiced, I've rebalanced my chakras, affrimations, Nlp, high frequency cell activation aka rife machine , I've became a veg head and a Herbalist. Any recomendations would greatly be considered!

Posted by Lanos
So Calif, Usa
To Catch 22, How is it you have contacted so many people for help, and not prayed to the One who created you? The type of healing you need comes through Love. Ask God, to give you the faith to believe you will get well. Help others, give of yourself and be forgiving, It may take time, but healing will come. I'll be praying for you too.
Posted by Sheri
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Dear Catch 22 from Vegas, I would suggest that you get some professional help from a good phsychologist/therapist. Also try the meds. I know that most people don't like them but they are helpful to get you over the really bad times. I tried 10 different meds before getting on something that really helped. It was very hard but eventually they make a difference. The therapy has been the best help though. I attended an anxiety treatment group and see specialist to this day and they really help. Bad things happen to good people remember that! What happened may not have been your fault and eventually you may grow to be a key speaker or councillor to help others. Get the help it'll make you feel better and quiet the thoughts. Good luck and keep us posted,

God Bless, Sheri from Hamilton

Posted by Karen
Los Angeles, Ca
For PTSD, EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is the best possible tool to clear this problem. It's a combination of phychology and pressure points and you can do it on yourself as well as go to someone that is trained in this practice. I've had great success both ways. This method was perfected by a man named Gary Craig and the basic technique can be found on the internet for free. It's a wonderful tool for dealing with seriuos issues as well as daily grievances.
Posted by Epona
Minneapolis, Mn
I guess this is for all having questions here. There is no "this is it" cure for this because there are so many causes, so at the same time, there can be many cures. You gotta do some hard thinking about how you got where you are, how you feel about yourself at this point in time and why you feel that way. There are many sides to bad health…mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. All of these play a part in getting your Self well. Really. When you have PTSD you may have to hit it from many angles before you cut down that mighty vine strangling your beautiful inner Self.

Mentally, I would suggest watching yourself. No joke. Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. How many times have you heard someone "talk down" about themselves? Your conscious self may understand what you are saying, but your subconscious does not and believes Every Word You Say! So quit "asking" for bad things to happen to yourself! Not saying you are, just mentioning this as a technique. Another watching yourself technique is watching your thoughts. Why did you think – that? In questioning yourself you will find some interesting answers. But these techniques are hard and are for those willing to put in some serious effort to form a new habit of doing this.

Emotionally, I would suggest doing something or reading/watching/listening to something that makes you laugh…. Or daydream again. When I was a kid I always wanted to….. So why did I give that up…can I start that over and try again. Do something FUN! What you think is fun, not what others think is fun. It may be something something simply silly like licking an orange popsicle walking down the sidewalk; or paddling a paddleboat with a friend at the park, or going skating again, or sewing an absolutely crazy shirt (and wearing it)!

Physically is not easy, cause you most likely are deficient in minerals or enzymes or vitamins. My suggestion is to take some really good vitamins (you get what you pay for), a good spectrum mineral (definitely with food), some good digestion enzymes with meals to get all the value from the GOOD food you need to be eating and drink good water as you can get. Dump the junk, the boxed, the processed stuff. All those have chemicals, additives and plain old weird and wacky stuff that –affects your brain—(not to mention the fact that it encourages baddies of all kinds inside the body). Good food includes a wide variety of fruits, veggies and proteins. All colors of food. Any particulars, just check out the rest of this site if you want to venture out into the water some J Gotta dig out those poisons sometimes. Good food does it very nice and sloooow while helping to build up your body. Not adding more junk keeps you from getting worse off than you are.

Spiritual. Well, most everyone knows this is personal and close to the heart of each individual and you just have to find your own way here. There are enough spiritual paths out there to suit anyone (including atheism), find what you need.

All this stuff adds up. Everything takes time. For stress, it can make you weak, give you a heart attack, make you afraid to go outside, give you phobias, make you think things you wouldn't think on a sunny day. So nourish those poor little adrenals that have suffered so horribly shielding you with good nutrition cause their ain't no quick cure for dissed out adrenals. Gotta baby them now every so gently, like the rest of you. It all takes time. Lots of time. Give yourself Good Stuff in friends, in clean surroundings, in peaceful experiences in the park, in food, in fun.

Posted by Catch22
Las Vegas, Nevada
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who responded to my cptsd post. I am more stable and level headed now at this time. I still talk to myself in my head from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep about the trauma I experienced. I still have negative thought patterns but my OCD is 85% gone thank goodness so my life is finally changing for the positive. Thank you for the great feedback!!!

Posted by Sheri (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) on 10/01/2009

I am suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and having a lot of side effects from the meds. I can't go off them as the anxiety and depression is really bad without them and I've had suicidal thoughts. I am looking for some suggestions and help ---if you know of anything please post.


Posted by Kathy
Dubois, Pa
You have to deal with the memories that are causing the PTSD. I know because that is what I had to do. It is unacknowleged memories and feelings about things that happened to you that gives you the problem, because when things happen that remind you, even subconciously, or unconciously, of what happened, you get a flashback and a stress reaction. Nothing can make the memories go away, be over time, if you face them, they lose their "sting". Whatever you do, do not harm yourself. Put yourself in the hospital if you have to, but DO NOT HARM YOURSELF. You want to know why you shouldn't harm yourself? Because LIVING WELL IS THE BEST REVENGE. So write a journal, paint the memories, dance them out, talk them out to yourself...whatever it takes. And don't be afraid of the feelings, because those feelings belong to the past. They may feel like they belong to the Now, but they don't. If it gets very bad, look around, and realize that NOW, IN THE LIVING MOMENT, YOU ARE SAFE. If you are in a situation that is not safe (boyfriend problems or whatever) take the steps you need to take to procure safety for youself.
Posted by Hope
Sacramento, Ca
Sheri - You might want to consider EFT (emotional freedom technique). It has proven very successful for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and many other things. Here is wishing you the very best ...
Posted by M
Los Angeles, Ca
Sheri - Please consider looking into Vipassana meditation. It is not an organization or school or cult, I guess it is probably better described as a 'technique' - a very teachable way to meditate that is quite simple. It literally saved my life after I developed PTSD that left me agoraphobic, unable to make eye contact, unemployable, on pills I didn't need..that was two years ago. I am quite literally a different person now, but strangely, more like I was as a kid, before the trauma. Please consider looking into it, it saved my life.
Posted by Bunny
Santa Ana`, Ca
I can't help with the PTSD but I can suggest you try lactium. It's derived from milk and is the reason warm milk before bed relaxes you. There are no side effects and it won't make you dopey or cause problems for the lactose intolerant. If it helps, you might be able to cut back the meds enough to make the side effects more managable. I haven't seen lactium at my local healthfood store. You may have to search online for a source. Another thing I would definitely do is get your adrenal glands checked. Long term stress will crush adrenal function. Saliva tests are better than blood tests. If you can't get your doctor to order it for you (most conventionally trained docs don't believe in hypoadrenia) go online and look. Poor adrenal function will trigger anxiety attacks no matter what your situation is.
Posted by Sarah
Lillooet, Bc Canada
PTSD debilitated me for quite a long time. I am only just starting to feel free again. Here are some things that helped me get through.

- find friends who can discuss things with you, give you support, and just be there when needed. I didn't try it, but group counselling is also supposed to be very good. There are even on-line groups for pretty much any issue.

- counselling (finding a good counsellor is difficult, but once you do, it can make all the difference)

- allow yourself the time to heal. Humans are amazingly adaptable creatures who can recover from the most traumatic of events. For a while there, I did not think that I would find myself healed, but here I am back on track again finally. I can't say it was an easy journey, but recovery, when it finally comes, is a true miracle

- making sure you find safe ways of enjoying life, whatever that means to you. For me, things like being in nature, gardening, playing volleyball, doing art, reading, yoga, dancing, and travelling have all helped me to get through. For others, it might be something totally different, but it doesn't matter. Whatever you find that helps is what you have to do

- Writing it all down. I wrote it all down over and over again, burning thousands of pieces of paper in the process, but the important thing was to get it out of me in whatever way I could. It helped.

- The process of learning to accept yourself, in whatever form you are, and with whatever limitations you have, is very healing. Healing is not something you can rush, so we have to be ok with where we are in the now and be able to accept ourselves lovingly regardless. As I let myself just be, gradually my limitations expand, and little by little I get better.

- Medication - I found that I needed to take an anti-depressant for a while. I hated that. I resisted it for as long as I could, but in the end, it became necessary. It worked to just give me enough distance from my trauma to be able to move on and helped me to see new ways of looking at my problems.

- Healthy eating and exercise. It's hard when you're not feeling well, but taking care of your body really helps a lot with the stress. Take your vitamins too. Everyday.

- Seek help when you are overwhelmed. This is very hard, but very important. Call a friend, a crisis line, go to your doctor. There are people out there to help you. You don't have to face this all alone. There is a lot of support out there, but you have to take advantage of it. I particularly find the crisis line very helpful because it means you don't have to bother your friends at 3 in the morning.

I hope this helps a little. PTSD is so hard, but it can be overcome. I believe that. Take care of yourself.

Supplements   0  0   

Posted by Rusty (Port Charlotte, Fl) on 05/08/2010

Mind quieting supplements

Due to PTSD I am taking Klonopin and Cymbalta to quiet my mind so I can sleep without grinding and clenching my teeth. Over the years I have worn away all carteledge at the TMJ and now wear jaw separators 24/7. I would like a natural supplement to replace the medications.

Posted by Gabrielle
Brighton, Ontario, Canada
6 Posts
Try a B Complex. It generally will do the trick
Posted by Carolyn
Hobbs, Nm
Response to Rusty.

Rusty, in many cases problems are caused by parasites. Everyone has them. Go to your health food store and they will sell you Black Walnut Extract and Wormwood. Both are very effective. The ACV and honey help also. Everyone needs to do a parasite cleanse once a year.

We get them from our foods. I know this will help you.
Good Luck,

Posted by Effy1
Phoenix, Az
I need to agree with making the dietary changes to good real food and a great daily multiple I even take 2-3 daily if I am fatigued and the parasite cleanse. I do have PTSD issues and have dealt with low energy and depression through out my life and these two lifestyle modifications have made a world of difference. EFT is amazing and the passage of time and a healthy lifestyle seems to have calmed me some what. Best to all who suffer needlessly. Be well.


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