Natural Remedies for Alzheimer's and Dementia

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As a progressive neurological disease, Alzheimer’s can be particularly difficult to treat. The condition often manifests with limited symptoms initially but progresses toward deterioration at vastly different rates for different individuals, which is why we believe early treatment and prevention are essential to limiting the effects of the disease. That being said, we have put together a list of the most effective natural remedies for Alzheimer’s disease, including vitamin B12, cinnamon extract, and coconut oil.

What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is considered a progressive but common form of dementia. The condition typically affects individuals over the age of 65 and typically worsens until an individual’s death. While the symptoms are different for everyone, common indicators include difficulty remembering recent events and confusion in unfamiliar situations. As these and other symptoms can be misconstrued as stress or age-related issues, AD often goes unidentified until more serious complications arise. As the condition progresses, individuals often have trouble recognizing faces or people, retaining information, and maintaining a static personality.

Can a Progressive Disease Be Reversed?

Modern medicine typically identifies Alzheimer’s as a condition without a cure because the medical world is at a loss concerning the cause and treatment for the condition. However, the realm of natural medicine offers treatment and support that is often times as effective as reversing the condition.

What Are the Best Natural Remedies for Dementia?

Natural medicine serves to support brain function, remove heavy metals from the body, detox the liver, and stimulate blood flow to the brain. All of these factors contribute to the overall progression of an individual with AD. We suggest trying vitamin B12, cinnamon extract, and coconut oil to improve all of these areas of functioning.

1. Vitamin B12

B12 helps support the neural functioning in the body. As such, it helps restore the nerve passageways in the brain and contributes to overall better cognitive function.

2. Cinnamon Extract

Cinnamon extract functions to reduce plaque in the arteries as well as to improve cognitive functioning. These factors facilitate better blood flow to the brain and improved memory as well as recognition.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a particularly healthy fat. As such, it helps restore the lining of the nerves, which in turn boosts the communication in the brain, translating into improved overall function.

Alzheimer’s is a scary disease that often destroys the affected individual as well as his or her family. While modern medicine has failed to locate answers regarding treatment of the condition, natural remedies offer extensive treatment and support. Give one of our remedies a try or let us know one that has worked for you or your loved one. Continue reading below for more interesting natural cures for dementia offered by our readers.

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User Reviews

Alzheimer's and Aluminum   1  0   

Posted by Diane (Foley, Alabama) on 10/30/2007

[YEA]  October 30, 2007: does exposure to aluminum cause Alzheimer's disease? A friend's father (65) just passed away with Alzheimer's. His mother (63) died over a year ago with Alzheimer's. They were both diagnosed within 6 months of each other. My friend said that the nutritionist noted that both parents consumed beer on weekends and drank from cans. (Cheaper) Both parents consumed 6 to 8 soda's a day with cans. His mother cooked meat loafs and meats in aluminum pans for easy throw-a-way. If this is true, is there a remedy to remove aluminum from the body? My husband has quit drinking soda's all together.

Replied by Raphael
Kent, Ohio

Re Alzheimer's and Aluminum -- I have read that Juice fasting can remove heavy metals. read up on fasting. get some books, check out curezone ETC.
Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand

387 Posts
Dear Diane: Actually, the Alzheimer's Disease problem has a lot to do with free heavy metals (from pots, pans, cans, aluminum foil, canned foods, metal packaging of foods, etc.) or excesses of free heavy metals of a certain kind.

This does not conclude only of aluminum, but also excess free heavy metals of zinc, copper and sometimes iron.

Most scientist view beta amyloid protein, which is found in the victims of Alzheimer's Disease patients to be high of zinc in amyloid beta deposits, when in fact these are more involved in the heavy metal removal from the brain.

The simple reason is that all free heavy metals are very oxidative a high concentration of something as copper and zinc, much like electrodes you find in batteries to help generate electricity from the electrolytes is very much analogous to the blood electrolytes and the copper, zinc and aluminum in generating electrical currents, removing the electrolytic properties from the blood electrolytes and actually shorting out the brain with electricity, causing a cell death in large amount, but may be protective against other viral and bacteria invaders just the same. This is how I prepare antiseptic solutions of copper and zinc, which kills virus and bacteria because of the uniqueness of copper and zinc to have electrical flows acting as an electrode, thus shorting out the virus and the bacteria in solutions. However this is bad news if free zinc and copper are found in high amounts in the brain, where we try to remove Alzheimer's Disease beta amyloids, but in excesses are completely overwhelmed and in such excesses, the oxidative properties of copper, zinc, aluminum and iron causes neural cell death.

As to the question of why certain metals, especially copper, zinc, and aluminum for example are implicated in Alzheimer's Disease I need some basic understanding of galvanic potential, galvanic corrosion, and electrical potentials of these metals to understand, where one metals act as an anode and another acts as a cathode. Once this is understood, then you know how these metals corrode the brain, or actually rusts the brain cells as excess heavy metals such as zinc, copper, and aluminum is very oxidative.

A simple dramatic example, is when you prepare your cooking, of something as innocuous as baking or even using ketchup on an aluminum foil, can cause them to increase the bioavailability of certain metals that are dangerous to the body.

One simple example concerns "lasagna battery" or cell, where a salty food such as lasagna is kept in a steel baking pan covered in aluminum foils. Kept overnight, the aluminum forms small holes where the salty lasagna is in contact and the food becomes covered with corroded aluminum. This is an example of galvanic corrosion, because the metal occurs whenever two metals of different kinds are in contact with the lasagna electrolyte, the two metals act as an electrode and a electrolytic battery it becomes.

The electrodes of two terminals of the battery becomes connected with the lasagna electrolytes as aluminum touches the steel, the electricity is shorted out and an electrical current occurs causing a chemical reaction on the surface of the metal that it contacts.

Now just imagine what happens if those free heavy metals were inside your brain. The Alzheimer's Disease brain gets shorted out as aluminum/copper or aluminum/zinc, or copper/zinc electrode connections occur. Since aluminum is quite high in electrochemical series, an aluminum becomes dissolved metal ion from the galvanic corrosion. It is the same if you cover your meatloaf with aluminum and ketchup creating a puddle of gray aluminum that you can accidentally ingest. But what happens if these very free metals are found inside your cell right now shorting out your cells with aluminum and copper or aluminum and zinc or even copper and zinc. When it shorts out, or the "shorting out process", this would lead to cell death or apoptosis that scientist note to occur in presence of free hydroxyl radical from the iron, zinc, or even copper. One French scientist years ago, was surprised to find why the sudden short lifespan amongst certain villages where drinking water were high in copper from the copper pipes they used, despite a healthy lifestyle.

Looking further on this Alzheimer's Disease phenomenon, it is best to close the issue with a person who watches T.V. Monday night Football (are they still doing it?) eating salty peanuts, potato chips and drinking beer. As his salty lips contacts the beer can with aluminum, the lasagna effect becomes apparent. The aluminum, while it is LOW in the beer can sudden increases tremendously as the lid on the beer on the opening is an exposed aluminum, suddenly shorts out with the saliva high in salty electrolytes.

The same phenomenon can occur just the same as you eat potato chips and the "salty electrolytes" of the mouth shorts out or as the metal braces of teeth, forms a weak electrolytic current with the cheap metal amalgam fillings consisting of mercury and the silver. As the silver forms electrical current with the metal of the teeth braces, the silver gets loose, releasing a toxic mercury. Electrical current ALSO forms whenever the amalgam of the teeth forms an electrical current as the stainless spoons from an electrical current with the silver amalgam freeing the mercury inside your mouth. The salty saliva acts as an electrolyte! A good science project just putting in salty solution with extracted amalgam with a stainless steel spoons and try perhaps with an aluminum spoon - perhaps it can dissolve a lot of amalgam this way - which enters your body in a much larger amount than expected.

Just imagine another Alzheimer's Disease scenario, a housewife cooks a healthy soup (with sea salt) boiling over an aluminum pots using a stainless steel spatula while she stirs over a hot cooker. The electrical current is formed as the stainless steel metals forms and electrical current, freeing the aluminum in your soup. I have always wondered as a child that if left overnight, an aluminum spoon, in a stainless steel pots of soup why this gray color (aluminum!) forms small cloud. Imagine what happens if this healthy lifestyle would lead to Alzheimer's Disease?

Current Alzheimer's Disease researchers are looking at implications of zinc as a role to Alzheimer's Disease, although I tend to look at free heavy metals in general. And if that is not enough, I have as yet to find the source of contamination of many other heavy metals that has found their way into the body that I am constantly seeing, such as uranium, radium, cadmium, arsenic etc. While it is not possible to find them all, what I can tell you is that, excess free heavy metals, especially iron, arsenic, uranium, radium, for example can lead to precocious puberty in children as well as accelerated aging. So the problems of heavy metals is not just confined to Alzheimer.

As a remedy to all this problem is malic acid removes aluminum. But I imagine the pH of the electrolyte solutions (your soup) can very much create free heavy metals more efficiently if the soup pH is below 7, or that it is high in table salt. SALT, should be added last, since the electrolytic salt reacts with every metal cookware, from cooking pans to frying pans to spoons, fork and knives on your dinner table, in presence of another appropriate metal container such as the aluminum and stainless steel. Hence, a salt should be added last when you are about to eat it and not during cooking.

Hence, drinking apple juice (removes aluminum as malic acid chelates out this), but of more importance is the chelating of free metal copper and free metal zinc that is presently being implicated as the cause of alzheimer especially the free metal zinc. The best Alzheimer's Disease supplements I can come out with to do this, is L-Carnosine 500 mg for alzheimer, as well as certain supplements such as oral chelators adding a small amount of EDTA, either sodium EDTA (the ones I like) or other forms of EDTA.

I have found that people generally are low in magnesium with the condition as magnesium is somehow protective and reduces the metal toxicity in cells and studies of people with heavy metal toxicity are more apparent whenever magnesium is low, from the Brazil studies in people with metal toxicity.

It should not be ignored that cooked food should relatively free of salt during the cooking processes, and be added only on the cooking table, but that I should minimized the use of metals during cooking, as well as avoid drinking DIRECTLY from metal cans. The availability of aluminum occurs when the aluminum is exposed during the drinking and the salty mouth contacts the opening, creating a larger amounts of aluminum going inside the body than the aluminum contents found in the beer itself, causing a lasagna effect or even the meat loaf effect, just the same.


Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

I am really glad I read this. Just made a healthy (organic) soup, in an aluminun pot, and sea salt was one of the first things I put in. Used a wooden spoon, if it matters, and it has not been on the heat but in the fridge, and reheated not in the pot but in ceramic bowls. To top it off, I had frequent seizures as a young kid (am 41 now) VERY likely from a MSG-laden vaccine, but am completely cured of them for the last 30 yrs, save for never being able to get out of obesity.

Just one question though. On a separate note, what about taking zinc and copper supplements for Alzheimer's Disease? They seem to offer many benefits. If they are labelled as chelated, are they fine and not considered as bad? The last thing I want are the antioxidants that I've been believing are helpful actually having a detrimental effect.

Replied by Leah
Philadelphia , Pa

Hello, thank you for mentioning the link to metal toxicity as a potential cause of AD. I don't know if zinc or copper are as problematic as some of the other well known heavy metals since both zinc and copper are essential for immunity and fighting microbiota. Many people are actually low in these two essential trace elements. Signs of deficiency can be found on Dr Myhill's website.

So far no one has mentioned vaccines as a source of aluminum in the elderly who are strongly encouraged to have yearly flu shots. There was one study I came accoss showing increasing doses of flu vaccine with higher rates of altzeimers. Some have even suggested that altzeimers is very similar to autism and that both seem to result from a combination of metal poisoning and a resulting chronic inflammation in the brain.

Mercury is an other culprit. We all should be very careful to avoid this neurotoxin yet it is fairly easy to be exposed to it from "silver" dental fillings, coal smoke, contaminated food and water and from vaccines that contain thimerosol.

Some other heavy metals to watch out for are cadmium, lead, arsenic, and nickle. Lead pipes are still a problem in older houses. Arsenic is becoming a major problem because it was used as an agricultural pesticide for many years and remains in the ground where food crops can easily take it up as with citrus and rice from heavily pesticided southern US states. Nickle is a component of stainless steel cook ware and silver jewelry. It, like the others, is neurotoxic and carcinogenic.

I would also like to highlight the problem with cholesterol lowering drugs. Dr Mercola has spoken out against them because they may in fact cause dementia and AD. Neurons need cholesterol coatings so preventing cholesterol should lead to brain problems. Low fat high carb diets are potential cause of dementia for the same reason. Each cell is composed of cholesterol. Vitamin D needs cholesterol to be produced in the body. MSG and aspartame and other synthetic neurotoxins are probably to blame too. Vaccines often contain MSG, formaldehyde, and other strange chemicals.

As for treatment, I see coconut oil mentioned very often. The Weston A Price Foundation also had a fabulous article on the need for sulphur to detox, in which case cruciferous veggies, garlic and eggs should help. DMSO is another good option for detoxing. Finally, I know proper gut bacteria can play a huge role in overall health, improving metabolism, fighting bad bugs, making vitamins, and helping eliminate heavy metals. Fermented foods or probiotics could help here. Others have mentioned vitamin D, iodine and selenium, B 12, juicing etc.

Replied by Hj
New York

Can you or anyone reading this suggest good and safe types of cookware. It looks like every set of cookware has aluminum in it. Even ceramic will have nonstick coating which is also dangerous. I thought cast iron was the answer, but I read here that iron is a problem as well. I have even read that stainless steel is a problem, and that it doesn't even really exist except as just a brand name. Please help. Everything around us is either aluminum or plastic. What material/brand is safe to use? If you cannot mention a brand name, please include a link where I can purchase safe cookware and supplies. Thanks in advance.
Replied by Love,joy,peace,harmony&gratitude2all!

Have you considered glass cookware? Check out where they feature glass stovetop and glass ovenware. We use a glass kettle to boil water for tea. Corningware might also be an option.

Let us know what you come up with when you find a solution. All the best to you!

Alzheimer's Cause Theories   0  0   

Posted by Shiningstar (Gainesville, Fl) on 04/28/2010

Alzheimer Disease. The body-mind connection.I have worked with people who have been diagnosed with this condition on a personal level in health care setting. What I have witnessed is that the dominent one, in a marriage or relationship, never has this Alzheimer's Disease condition.It is always the one that is the dominated one. I have seen them come out of the condition for short periods of time when they are removed from their mates company. People who stay in relationships because they feel like they have to stay for religious reasons (keep the family together;don't ever leave, ect) find relief from the toxic feeling of helplessness and escape by creating this condition. A warning to all of us to be equals in our relationships with friend and family. If anyone is interested I will be happy to give exact casees and what I learned more completely.

Replied by Sara
The Beach, Canada

i'm sorry but i completely disagree with this assessment. i'm sure you have seen many cases of Alzheimer's Disease, but i have seen only two up close and personal. my mother and my aunt. these women ran their household with a strong hand. every aspect of there lives were their responsiblility and i would have to say they were the dominent one in their marriage. if anything i think that maybe an emotional burn out of handling everything took it's toll on these ladies.
Replied by Tricia
Ireland, Ireland, Ireland

I'd have to disagree as well. I have worked with the aged and seen patients from pre to post alzheimers and could't see a definite trend in dominence. I have seen couples get it and hit a point where they didn't know each other.
There was one couple, very gentle people, who didn't know each other. If you asked him who she was, he would say he "didn't know her at all but from everything he heard she was a very nice woman altogether." Posing the same question to her she thought he might be a new neighbour. But if she saw any of the nurses or doctors or helpers going too close to him she would violently attack them and tell them to leave him alone. Walking away she would keep shouting that they fancied him. She couldn't tell us why she did it. And it never happened with anyone other than her husband.

The original attraction was still there.

Replied by Shining Star
Gainesville, Fl

I do not think the body-mind connection for Alzheimer's Disease that I spoke about is something that is seen. It is felt. The feelings are never seen but they are out-pictured in the body. Feelings of insecurity, hopelessness, powerlessness, boredom even boredom. Who can see a feeling? Each of us wears a mask do we not? But knowing how this observation would not be received in the spirit it is intended, I posted it anyway. It is leading edge and you will see more and more people beginning to explore this as science and medicine fails them. One can not explore someone else's insides or feelings but the results are out pictured in the body and mind. One lady I took care of had not spoken in 5 yrs and had a feeding tube in her stomach. I worked with her and observed. One day she stood up (been on a walker shuffling) and started talking. I called her husband who was golfing and asked hime to come home and witness this miracle. He refused. She took the phone and told him he had done her wrong. They talked for a few minutes and then it was over. She passed a yr later and then him a year later. He never spoke of that day to me. They were married for 52 yrs. He told me that when he quit smoking her took a cigarette from her mouth and told her she was quitting and she never said a word and quit smoking. He was amazed at this even though it had happened over 20 yrs earlier. This is a perfect example of what my point is. This lady worked all of her life, appeared at social functions and retired with plenty of money. Outside she appeared to have it all.But see what I mean? I have had 3 more cases that with close observation though looking different produced the same Alzheimer's Disease which means lack of ease.
Replied by Mary
Regina, Saskchewan

Hi Raquel: I think you are really onto something here! It takes a lot of energy to suppress negative emotions. If she spent her life with an emotionally abusive/neglectful partner, maybe she did want to check out. Her moment of clarity is a snapshot of her marriage of all thoes years. Wow so sad!
Replied by Nuri Leigh
Tacoma, Wa

I am very inclined to agree with your post regarding Alzheimer's disease. I am not sure how the disease is diagnosed because that has not been my field of study. My study is holistic health, nutrition, psychology, addiction, family dynamics and the mind body connection. I have come to the conclusion through my work with families that there is a very strong long standing "passive-aggressive" sickness going on with many couples. This sickness is so widespread because it is almost impossible for normal people to correct it or cope with it in their relationship. It leads to "crazy-making. " I worked in group settings with many women who had what was labeled Alzheimer's. In all cases the care givers and nurses in control of these people were dominant players and definitely passive aggressive which I found the mates of the "Alzheimer's" patients to be also. I am just a mellow, easy-does-it, empathetic type of volunteer and my experience with these patients was remarkably different from the experience of the busy impatient caregivers who "tried" to act patient.

There is an atmosphere of thick palpable emotions that radiates from the "well" people who deal with "Alzheimer's" patients; an atmosphere that sensitive people can cut with a knife. But most of the "well" people have turned off their sensitivity valve because it is expedient to do so. People mentally fall apart for a variety of reasons; and people who hold on to their mental faculties do so for their own reasons.

In my observations of couples over the past 30 years some of them had a real history of being bullied by their mate and when they reached a certain age or crisis incident in their life the tables were turned and the docile partner began to drive the more dominating person crazy through a ton of passive aggressive games. Many games being unconscious. Frankly I think all forms of mental disorder start early in life because of a lot of unfair, untreated, unresolved family matters.

Replied by Pam
Brooklyn, Ny

I absolutly agree with your Alzheimer's Disease comment towards the end of your feedback. My father-in-law is very "diabeticly sick". Everything bad they could have, he has it. For starters I have countless of times tried giving his wife remedies, she would try it once and say its not working or come up with her own ideas! I feel sorry for them because I know he could better himself, but there ignorance wont allow them. Her patience with him is very low and talks to him as if he were a child and not to mention he was not a very good husband, so she now has resentment towards him, is very angry that she now has to care for her once abusive and now helpless husband. AND if they just listen a little, he could be taking care of himself. Love all you earth clinic-ers! =)
Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa Usa

Pam - It is only normal that she would have resentment towards her "once abusive" husband! For petes sake, until you have walked a mile in her shoes... Please do not be so quick to place judgement.

My father in law is in the same condition, and my mother in law is also having a very hard time of it. People in their predicament need day to day help.... They are being totally overwhelmed. Just saying. Maybe she needs some outlet or some help with him? ?Best to you.

Replied by John Catmull
Trang, Thailand

I agree. I have begun my own Alzheimer's with the usual forgetting words and what I was planning to do as I went from one room to another. The silly thing is, when I wait a few minutes the word I was seeking, comes, so it was there, in my head all the time, but I chose not to access it. I don't know why.

Alzheimer's description. EG: I don't give a damn anymore & that includes having to remember every little thing. It illustrates the control we have. We already accept, selective memory.

Here are some of the quotes from EC's posts. Body-mind find relief from the toxic feeling of helplessness and escape by creating this condition, insecurity, hopelessness, powerlessness, boredom even boredom, bullied by their mate, are reasons why we make ourselves sick;

I was always attacked by my older brother, hence the programmed, being always ready for 'fight or flight'. 'Older Brother" is first born who gets all the love, cuddles, food, pretty clothes and everyone for miles around says, " Isn't he/she lovely – just like his/her blah, blah, blah", and this goes on for a year or so, getting all the love, pretty clothes, toys and attention. Then the sky falls. There's something else, 'younger brother/sister' getting all the love, etc, etc, etc and the first born is getting ignored and starts to hate the little brother/sister and gives him a push, a shove, a pinch when this little thing is in the cot and a year or so later, just pushes him aside when he's not really in the way. Bullies him/her.

When little brother/sister wants to do something, go somewhere, older brother says "No, you're not old enough yet", and so on and the bully grows to enjoy his power and hate and in school becomes a prefect or leader of something and later gravitates to a position of power where he can continue to bully and control.

Mindless bullying leads to mindless Government, administrators, local Government, police etc. and you know who all the rest are.

Little brother/sister resists older brother/sister and tries to beat the nasty older brother and excels at just about everything. Check it out. How many people you know are in positions of power, have a younger brother/sister?

One example of our control which I enjoy involves: "A women of 52 who had carcinoma of the uterus, originating near or in the cervix. It had spread to the intestine, and death was expected within weeks, but her much-hated drunken, bullying husband suddenly died. Today, a year and a half later, she is entirely well, the baseball size lump has disappeared. " Remission of cancer means, 'I did it myself'

With alzheimers the reason usually is, the person is in an intolerable situation which anyone who is just a bit of a thinker will feel, living on this planet of defective homosapiens. An intolerable situation might be: I see no answer to the retarded races who have controlled, dominated and killed and imposed ignorance, caused poisoned air, food and water and kill people who won't submit. So I don't want to live here. I will forget everything I can and eventually go belly up without the imposed fear, or stress and go 'being peace', not feeling peaceful but being peace. Alzheimers sounds OK to me.

Peer pressure, consensual opinion, consensual belief force us to have to remember all sorts of things, and behave as others want us to, we never had to before, when living in a much earlier time.

However if being here with all the nonsense is your desire, then I read 2 tbs coconut oil a day, mixed into your morning oatmeal helped to remember lots of little things. I will try it and if I don't like remembering, I'll stop.

Replied by Skinnythia
Canton, Georgia

I think you are seeing things here and trying to link things that are not linkable. My mother, aunt, and grandmother, and several great-aunts and uncles all have/had Alzheimers. It is very genetic. But for many years, no one knew what the symtoms where cumulative of, or called it something else, just like my ADHD. That is called Medical Progress. And it will continue. I am sure there may be a case or two where people just give up, and their symtoms over take them, I've seen that. But to link one set of symptoms only on one disease, and not conclude that there could be other factors or diseases at work is incorrect to do. It is misleading. It looks like Alzheimers can also be caused by our environmental factors of what our diets are, our nutrition, vitamins and suppliments. Even though Alzhemimer's has everything to do with memory and loss of, and there are great emotions, I don't think your conclusions hold water. I don't think dominate people won't get it vs. dominated people will get it. This is just not relevant in the world of Alzheminer's. What you are seeing is what you want to pick out and try to make work, but it isn't there. There are many domintate individuals who have gotten it. For example. My grandmother. Mother, Uncles, Father, and the lists go on for many. It, like ADHD, is not a one set of symptoms-fits-all diagnosis.
Replied by Heather
San Diego, Ca

The two people I've known who died from Alzheimer's were very domineering (the "boss" in the family but not necessarily in a good way - both women) so I completely disagree with this idea.

I'm more inclined to beleive the aluminum/heavy metals theory (and therefore detox from those), and would also look into coconut oil/ ketones as a cure.

Replied by Ahsaan
Fort Worth, Texas

I also do not agree with the "domineered" theory as a cause for Alzheimers. My mom has it and was definitely THE domineering type, both in marriage (which ended in 2 divorces) and at work, where she was a tough manager. If anyone has anything else on the coconut oil remedy or anything else, please advise.
Replied by Mary
Los Angeles, California

I just read that if you are a nervous person you are more likely get Alzheimers. I have had severe panic attacks and depression for many many years. I have already started to forget so many things. Does anyone have help for me? Thank you. Mary
Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

1067 Posts
Hi Mary...If you are having both panic attacks and depression, try taking higher dose niacin. To fully understand niacin's beneficial and useful effects, please read this.

How to Take Niacin for Depression and Anxiety

Although niacin(Vitamin B3) is the cheapest and best form to take (and the form that I take regularly ) -- it can give you an unpleasant flush effect on your body. You can also take the no-flush niacinamide form. But, as the article in the link above says, niacinamide does not appear to be as good as niacin for relieving depression or anxiety.

Another useful alternative for you to supplement is the no-flush or slow release niacin form called Inositol Hexanicotinate. You can buy this slow release niacin form at any health shop chemist.

Try taking this slow release niacin form at 1500 mgs twice a day at mealtimes. This should help to rapidly reduce your depression and your anxiety and will also help you to sleep better and you will wake up rested with more energy.

I would also take 1 x B50 vitamin complex pill per day(with a meal) along with higher dose vitamin C(1000 mgs three times a day) every day as well together with the niacin.

Taking a tablespoon of VCO twice a day with your meals also significantly helps against Alzheimer's.

Virgin Coconut Oil and Alzheimer's Disease

VCO Research

By the way, niacin also helps protect against dementia and Alzheimers. See these links

Niacin/Altzheimer Reseach

Mayo Clinic Niacin Research

I currently take 500 mgs niacin regularly for maintenance and would increase this dose during more stressful periods in my life. That's the way to use niacin. I've also found that supplementing niacin keeps me both calm and clear-thinking.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Mary:

Re your panic attacks and forgetfulness;

I use niacin for panic attack issues. See "Doctor Yourself" .... Dr. Abram Hoffer's work on Niacin Therapy is very enlightening for his use of Niacin; which is Vitamin B 3.

Use of niacin helps with forgetfulness with me. I also use some brain nutrients such as phosphatidylcoline, phosphatidyserine, ginko, calcium AEP (NOT just any calcium, but AEP). I also use real ginger as a tea. Ginger is a "driver" and increases circulation.

Replied by Mary
Arcadia, Calfornia

Dear Bill:

Thank you so much for this information you have given me the most excellent information to help me live again. God bless you always and for taking the time to give me the source of your information, I will go and get asap!

Peace, Mary

Replied by Mary
Arcadia, California

Dear Dave,

Thank you so much for your valuable information. I really want to live and am so tired of this constant fear. Blessings to you always.

Peace, Mary

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Mary...also besides what to take is what to make sure the sufferer is OFF of....

Someone suffering from dementia styled issued must get off of statins. Statins STOP the liver's beneficial and necessary production of cholesterol in the Liver...with that production stopped (80 percent produced by our own body) then cell development is impaired.

They will likely have a shortage of CoQ10 also. So for a long term statin user; get extra CoQ10 and Evening Primrose Oil. EPO is wonderful for helping with all kinds of myelin sheath issues. And dementia styled issues can be linked to that deficiency also.

Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA) on 09/06/2009

Do silver plated utensils contribute to Alzheimer's? Three old ladies I know with memory impairment/Alzheimer's have that old fancy silver plated silverware, and use it.

Posted by Jim (Tacoma, Wa) on 01/23/2009

Alzheimer's seems to be caused by the herpes virus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see for yourself--

Replied by Art
Tustin, California Usa

If a herpes virus does turn out to be one cause of Alzheimer's Disease then the amino acid Lysine could be a useful addition to any treatment regimen as Lysine is quite effective at treating cold sores. Lysine has been shown to be safe at levels that will control cold sores and can cross the blood / brain barrier as can the antioxidants alpha lipoic acid and melatonin which have both shown benefits of varying degrees in Alzheimer's patients and rodent models. Of course the patient studies seem to be of more practical value for those that feel that rodent models of Alzheimer's diease are a poor substitute for the real thing.

Coconut oil also has the ability to inhibit some herpes viruses and there is increasing anecdotal evidence that it can improve the Alzheimer's disease state at doses that are reasonably practical.

In the case of melatonin, it is not only an antioxidant itself, but it also acts to activate the bodies own antioxidant system, something that not all antioxidants are capable of. Melatonin also acts in an anti-inflammatory role which is an important aspect of Alzheimer's disease progression. Melatonin has also shown the ability to protect the human brain from many of the known damaging effects to the brain caused by Alzheimer's disease. Melatonin also can help alleviate some of the sleeplessness symptoms associated with AD. Another benefit shown in human studies is melatonin's ability to alleviate the symptom refered to as "Sundowning".

The good news is that not only are these supplements generally considered safe, they are readilly available, relatively cheap and are purported to have many other health benefits also!


Apoaequorin   0  0   

Posted by Citygirl27 (Richardson, Tx, Usa) on 09/22/2012

Does anyone know anything about apoaequorin or where to get it? Its a natural protein that clears excess calcium from the brain. One of those nobel prize-winning discoveries that has been suppresed by the Alzheimers industry.

This is the best link I can find on it, apologies for any inherent bias.

B12, Coconut Oil   1  0   

Posted by Val (Bentonville, Arkansas, Usa) on 10/17/2012

[YEA]  My husband was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. His memory had gotten to the point where he could no longer even take a walk in our neighborhood without getting lost. He was even losing his ability to speak. We started giving him 2-3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil in homemade hot cocoa (split into 2-3 cups) every day. This improved his memory dramatically. We then started giving him a mega dose of vitamin B12 (sublingually, under the tongue ones that melt). This has almost completely cured his Alzheimer's. He lost many family members to this horrible disease. We asked the Lord to give us the answer, and He surely did. If you are having memory issues, this is the way to go!

Replied by Rick

The use of cocoa may also contribute an independent beneficial effect. Cocoa powder contains flavonols that improve cognitive function, blood sugar and lipid profile. Your homemade hot cocoa may be giving a boost. For best effect the cocoa powder used should be the natural unprocessed kind (so not alkanized/dutched) and mixing with sugar and milk should be reduced or avoided since milk might neutralize its effects.
Replied by Kelly
Miami, Fl

Hi. What dose of b-12 did you use for your father's Alzheimer's Disease?

B12, Folic Acid   0  0   

Posted by Kathryn (Maryland) on 09/13/2013

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have given a b12 lozenge that contains hydroxycobalamin with a drop of a high-potency folic acid liquid supplement that contains 5 mg per drop on top of the lozenge every day to parents to help dementia. It really does help as some medications depete the body of these nutrients. Gives energy to them. Cognitive thinking. Not any b12 and folic acid will work.

Chronic Bacterial Infection   0  0   

Posted by Tommy (North York, On, Canada) on 02/10/2011

Here some publshed articles about the implication of chronic bacterial infections in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer:

The funny things is the company Kenrico already patented Nattokinase for Alzheimer disease, because the enzyme digests the biofilms of Chlamydia pneumoniae and abviously the amyloid proteins are nothing but something related to Chlamydia biofilms in the brain in the second article.

I have found so many articles about MS and lyme disease. I will post the articles when I have more time. But it's interesting to know that the so called chronic disease can be treatable if the medical community and the pharmaceutical companies focused in the causes rather than symptoms. These pharmaceutical companies hire brilliant talented young scientists and I'm pretty sure they know all about this. But Money comes before health and it's up to us THE HUMANS to stop this and tell people the truth for a better world for all of us.

Money is not happiness. Maybe a means. Helping others is the true happiness.


Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand

If you were diagnosed with alzhiemers.. A few years ago a doctor would tell you to start smoking! He didnt know why nicotine halted or slowed the onset.. But it might be the antifungal properties of nicotine got through the the blood brain barrier.. And disrupted a possible fungal trigger?... The possibility that Parkinsons and altzhiemers are the same.. Is well worth considering as Parkinsons can progress on to alzhiemers. So perhaps methyl blue might be a consideration as for parkinsons.

Cinnamon Extract   0  0   

Posted by Jbub (East Coast, Usa) on 04/28/2012

A study published in 2011 describes success using water soluble cinnamon extract to reduce plaques and improve cognitive ability in animal models of Alzheimer's Disease. Has anyone tried water soluble cinnamon extract to address Alzheimer's disease?

Interested persons can read the study here:

Note: Do not confuse water soluble cinnamon extract with cinnamon oil. The researchers make this distinction in the last paragraph of the introduction.

I hope this helps someone...

Coconut Oil   1  0   

Posted by Stevenson (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 03/19/2013

[YEA]  I will post every month, but my Father has severe Alzheimers, is 76 and it was downright scary. Forward 6 weeks later now, and three tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil each and every day, his symptoms have improved so much that I think we are all still stunned. I will keep this thread alive with my posts to let everyone know what is going on with his progress. I overcame gallstones myself, so our family has had a little awakening at how certain foods can have such a vast affect on our bodies to make them well again.

It's much too early to tell which way my Father is going as he is quite stubborn, but so far, it's hard to believe his progress. Will post every month or so and keep everyone updated, but today he did a happy dance that made us all burst out with laughter. If you could have seen him about 6 weeks ago, you would swear he was on his last legs.

Replied by Linda
York County, Southern Maine

Hi Stevenson - what great news about your father! I truly hope to see monthly updates from you as "The Big A" is the real worry I have about getting older. As I've aged, I realize that 76 is not old at all - that's just 20 years from now, for me, and the time will pass in a flash!
Replied by Stevenson
Vancouver, Bc, Canada

Hi Linda. That's true, time just moves so fast now it seems. Yes, really wonderful news for him, but also for us, as it's not easy seeing someone you love wither away like that. 6 weeks ago everything looked hopeless, but now, it's such an improvement, so I'll keep posting here good or bad to see how he progresses.
Replied by Michael
Ny, Usa

I'm about to start this for my father, 79. And myself, 52. Might not be alzheimers or dementia, but he has severe memory issus and mine is getting bad. Must be genetic but I'll be dammed if I let the Monsanto madness take me out like that. Thanks for this thread and best of luck with your efforts.
Replied by Tinydancer
Dayton, Ohio, Usa

Lion's Mane Mushroom capsules helped me tremendously with memory loss. A lot of places online that you can order them. My memory loss was affecting my job and it isn't any longer.
Replied by Kelly
Cambridge, Ma

@TinyDancer - Did you try Ginkgo Biloba prior to trying Lion's Mane Mushroom?

I'm asking because when I tried Gingko last year, I had to stop once I was a few days in because my head began swimming. It scared me, so I stopped taking it.

I wondered if you (or anyone here, for that matter) tried Ginkgo and experienced the same.

Replied by Tinydancer
Dayton, Ohio, Usa

@Kelly from Cambridge Mass.

Kelly, I never tried anything but the Lion's Mane and was lucky enough for that to bring me relief. It took about the middle of the second week when I noticed that I could remember things again. Before that I would get home form work and could not remember the name of my team leader or the coworker that works across the aisle from me without some deep thought. And don't even begin to ask me who sings a certain song on the radio...... I was really fearful that it was going to get so much worst and fast. I tried to tell my friends that are my age about Lions Mane and they don't believe that it is as simple as taking some capsules. I'm glad that I took the chance and I never felt any kind of discomfort from taking them.

Replied by Kelly
Cambridge, Ma

@TinyDancer - Thanks so much. I think I will give the Lion's Mane a try. I hope it works as well for me as it has for you. Thank you, again!
Replied by Tinydancer
Dayton, Ohio, Usa

@Kelly, Go for it Kelly. I took the risk and have had great results. I hope that you have the same or better results. I am so happy that we have this forum to share what we have experienced. It is so much better to help someone than to walk through this world angry and hateful all the time. Good luck to you.
Replied by Arlette
Compiegne, France

Try coconut oil for memory loss and alzheimers.
Replied by Gean
Salina, Kansas

Hello, I have a question for Tinydancer from Dayton, Ohio regarding Lion's Mane capsules. Tinydancer posted about Lion's Mane mushrooms as a comment under someone's post about coconut oil for alzheimer's and poor memory. I was wanting to know what dosage and strength Tinydancer used. Thank you!
Replied by Tinydancer
Ohio, Usa


I take two caps at 500 mgs each and I take them once per day. They cost me about $21.00 per month. I tried to take another brand that was cheaper and I could tell right away that I was not getting the same results from them. If I'm allowed to say, I take the Host Defense brand. I hope that you have good results too.

Posted by C (Pd, Fl) on 02/20/2013

This is a video that everyone should see about Coconut Oil for Alzheimer's. A doctor came up with this cure for her husband with Alzheimer's: Everyone needs to see this video.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

I-healthtube has also posted some doctor/researcher recommends on Coconut Oil for Alzheimer's. Big problem is that the medical/pharmaceutical industry doesn't want to loose any profits for the research or treatment of chronic diseases like Alz. The sequester budget cuts which are to go into affect here in the USA on March 1, would include millions (if i'm not mistaken) in research on Alzheimer's Disease over the next decade.

So, its probably best that the issue doesn't get major research/studies funding and mass media attention. If this happened, there would be a push to make C.O. a "prescription drug", like what's already happened in E.U. Countries. For those on the road less traveled, the word is out that Coconut Oil is very beneficial for Alz, as well as Thyroid and Immune disorders.

Replied by Brandi
Hartford, Ct

Thanks for the link. I was shocked by the amount of coconut oil they were putting into the food, though. I watched as they put a chunk the size of half a tennis ball into oatmeal - pouring what appeared to be a melted 1/4 cup onto a serving of corn, etc. I wouldn't think it safe to take doses that large.

Unfortunately, the video article didn't mention how much is recommended per day, which would have been useful information.

Replied by Nevadasmith
Portland, Pa

What concerns could there possibly be of too much coconut oil? Beats drugs. And coconut oil is healthy and not fattening taken in conjunction with a ow carb diet. Besides my Dad is 87 and could use some added weight.
Replied by Brandi
Hartford, Ct

Well, I do have to watch my caloric intake as I have always had to struggle to maintain my weight. The size of the serving in the video was HUGE. I would guess it was the equivalent of 6+ tablespoons. That's over 700 calories!

And while the benefits of coconut oil 'sound' promising, the reality is, that there are no scientific studies to support the claims. ALL of the current info is anecdotal.

Replied by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West, South Africa

Hi Brandi, The only thing that causes weight gain is starches in all its forms, elimination of starches = weightloss. So coconut oil will not cause weight gain but the coconut oil will actually help with weight loss.
Replied by Shirley
Toronto, Canada

Coconut is actually very good in aiding weight loss. Just don't take it before bedtime if you are aiming to lose weight.

Posted by Angela (Jacksonville, Fl) on 04/26/2012

My father was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's. We knew as far back as 10 years ago something was wrong. His sister just died of the disease a year ago. This is after my father followed the politically correct (lipid hypothosis) version of nutrition that forbade meat, eggs, animal fats... The very foods that nourish the brain. He also had a diet high in sugary snacks.

Once my father was "officially" diagnosed my parents began to finally listen to my diet advice. I have since put my father on coconut oil (building up to three TBS three times a day), phosphatidylserene and vitamin B3.

One theory of Alzheimer's Disease is that it is a type of diabetes. It has been discovered the brain makes is own insulin (sugar regulating factor, I'll call it). If there is a problem with the brain making it, or the cells of the brain not being senstive to it, then the sugar the brain needs for fuel will not be available. Cells begin to weaken and die. When enough cells have been affected symptoms appear, but the damage begins decades earlier.

The alternative fuel the brain can use (besides sugar) is ketones, produced by the body from coconut oil. (The other two supplements I listed with the coconut oil are important for strengthening aspects of the brain cells themselves, simply put.)

My dad also takes many other general nutritional supplements like liver (copper, vitamin A) and iodine (in the form of kelp, but I use Lugol's), eggs (minerals and choline, vital for the brain), meat, raw milk, limited whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits (limited) sea salt, vitamin D, B12, cod liver oil (vitamins A and D), magnesium, vitamin C. He is in otherwise very good health (other than weight being low due to Alzheimer's Disease). He haas good BP, heart rate, etc.

Bottom line, Dad experienced a recent more accelerated decline due to the Alzheimer's Disease. He was becoming withdrawn, more confused, glum, grumpy, non-conversational, etc. Upon starting the coconut oil he showed a marked improvement in mood, concentration, socializing with some improvement in memory (more progress may be made long-term in the memory areas we hope). He has stopped declining and that is key.

Please do research on ketones and coconut oil and Alzheimer's Disease for yourself on the Internet and then try this for your loved one. There is nothing to lose and lots to gain.

Other neurological diseases such as Parkinson's also respond to the coconut oil.

I'm writing this post to give back to the community for all the direction I've received in the past for other conditions... Including the idea for further researching coconut oil for Alzheimer's Disease. I'm so glad I did.

As an aside, elderly folks often feel cold (as do some younger folks like me). A nice side effect of the coconut oil (and iodine) is a general warming.

Posted by Shirley (Durham, North Carolina, Usa) on 06/19/2011

My husband and I take 2 TSP of coconut oil everyday. There is also growing evidence of its efficacy in treating Alzhemier's. Dr. Newport couldn't get her husband recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease into a clinical trial using the MCTs from coconut oil, she put him on 2 TSP/day about 2-3 years ago. She saw improvement almost immediately, and he continues to improve. If it can't be completely cured, I believe it's quite possible to at least manage it better using coconut oil.

My mom died from Alzheimer's Disease about 11 years ago, and if I'm one of those with a predisposition (APOE4 ), I plan to continue taking it.

Posted by Nimrod (Tel Aviv, Israel) on 05/07/2011

I have just heard of the possible benifits of CO for Alzhiemers and only in reading more discovered thatn it seems to have a generally benifical effect on health in many aspects. As I do not frequent health stores I have yet to buy the oil. However as over the years I often use coconut water (milk) for cooking pseudo indian or Indonesian food I do consume this. I note that it contains 18% fats and wonder if this is a good source.

Yours Nimrod

Posted by Thenewguyintown (Westwood, New Jersey, Usa) on 12/17/2010

I recently came across something that seems to revive the brains of those suffering from this horrible affliction [Alzheimer's Disease]. Some of you may be familiar with Doctor Mercola, anyway he sent out an video link in his last email update about VCO & Alzeimers. I highly recommend that anyone dealing with this affliction on any level take the time to view it. I was SO impressed that I upped my personal intake of VCO as a preventive. Apparently the medium chain fatty acids are the perfect brain food. When combined with ALL the other good that VCO provides, its a no brainer (no pun intended).

Replied by Tcnz
Auckland, New Zealand

Link for info on Alzheimer and coconut oil connection.

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