Agent Orange Exposure and Dioxin Poisoning

Last Modified on Jun 18, 2014

What is Agent Orange?
Agent Orange was one of the herbicides used by the US military during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971. As many as 3 million Vietnamese people have been affected by the use of Agent Orange, as have been American soldiers serving at the time. Health problems occurring in the Vietnamese population due to Agent Orange exposure include mental disabilities, birth defects, high rates of miscarriages, stillbirths, skin diseases, hernias and cleft palates. The link between Agent Orange and cancer is also thought to be strong.

Studies show that US veterans exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam have increased rates of respiratory disorders, skin disorders, and cancer as well as nerve and digestive disorders. High rates of cancer include acute or chronic leukemia, throat cancer, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, prostate cancer, and lung cancer.

Below - among other contributions - you will find remedies to treat Agent Orange Disease and Dioxin Poisoning from our popular contributor, Ted from Bangkok.

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Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Iodine   0  0   

Posted by Llltdia (Melbourne, Florida, Usa) on 06/24/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Agent Orange Leukemia

My husband has AO Leukemia and he takes 1/2 tbl.spoon of Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil three times a day. He either takes it with meals or with an organic cookie. He really got sick a few years ago when he missed a few days and will never do that again. An Air Force Officer told him to use it and it worked for him. He also takes one tsp.of Organic ACV, one tsp. organic honey and one drop of iodine twice a week so he doesn't have to take thyroid meds. I think everyone has to find their own dosage of iodine to regulate your thyroid through testing at a Lab and seeing just how many drops will keep you level.

Ted's Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 10/20/2006 | 685 Posts

In response to Paul's email:

10/15/2006: Paul from Carrizozo, New Mexico: "A few of my friends are Viet Nam war veterans and suffer from agent orange (dioxin) poisoning. Do you have a specific remedy for dioxin poisoning? Or, should they just refer to the compromised immune system remedies? Please check out the article from the "Institute of Science in Society" - "What's Really Behind the Bird Flu Outbreaks". See Bird flu may have originated from wild life with compromised immune systems caused by agent orange and other dioxins used during the Viet Nam war.

Because my spider (brown recluse) bite damaged the lymph system in my foot, I sometimes get re-occurring infections. The medical professionals can do nothing but give me anti-biotics when my foot is swollen. Thus, I am now trying some of the remedies on your site that boost the immune system. I did not find anything on your site that specifically addresses dioxin poisoning, but there are thousands of people who are still suffering from the affects of agent orange exposure. The area on my foot that is affected by the spider bite is localized, but dioxin poisoning can destroy multiple areas of the lymphatic system. As the increasing world population continues to exacerbate the chemical pollution problems, and governments continue to use chemicals during warfare, everyone will need natural remedies that not only relieve, but rejuvenate compromised immune systems. I hope someone will take up the challenge."

Dear Paul: Yes I have already addressed the problem of detoxifying dioxin at earthclinic on 6/15/2006.

Here is the link:

In a very short statement which covered a lot of grounds: "The short list that I have prepared will detoxify dioxin and pseudo estrogens (indole 3 carbinol), chlorine and oxidative chemicals (sodium thiosulfate), formaldehyde and glutaldehyde (cysteine monohydrate), and fluoride (borax chelates fluoride)."

On this page, I gave all the major things you need to do to detoxify many of the chemical toxins already. The problem is that your Google search failed to pick up the statement of dioxin and earthclinic when doing a search, as well some more interesting cures I posted at the site.

The dioxin can be detoxified with a supplement of indole 3 carbinol, which is found in fresh broccoli and a smaller amount still in fresh cabbages. Of course if you want a large amount still, then you can buy supplements which is already available over the internet quite easily. The indole 3 carbinol will not only detoxify the dioxin, but also pseudo estrogens, as well which is causes transvestites in both humans and animals alike and might also modify other things as well while mother is in the term of pregnancy. I have seen lack of sexual development of their child from mothers overcooking their vegetables, which completely destroys indole 3 carbinol in cabbages and broccoli during pregnancy and the use of insecticides during that period also.

Most insecticides, and chemical toxins can be detoxified with oxidative therapies, such as ozone and hydrogen peroxide. Going in the exact opposite you can do reductive therapies such as the use of hydrides, or negative hydrogen gas therapies. Yes, hydrogen gas has a negative charge, just bubble them in your water and stick the ORP (oxidation reduction potentials). It's approximate ORP is about -700 millivolts. Of course, you just have to do your own measurements, I can't afford to go and buy a giant tank hydrogen gas, but I have indirect ways of testing them using a small home electrolysis set up.

As to the brown recluse spider and other major chemical toxins we acquire, just try to use 6-12 drops of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide and drink them regularly and ozonate your room as often. The reactive oxygen will neutralize a great many chemical toxins from your body. There is an underground video in U.S. anyway, except for non-US that shows that ozonation will detoxify a lot of chemical additives within minutes, in your food, meats, and vegetables. Hope this helps.

Replied by Connie
Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Ted recommends the use of room ozonators in agent orange cases. How safe are room ozonators?
Replied by Elfrida Dina
Surabaya, Indonesia
I really thank you so much for your information in detoxification from dioxin.. May God Bless U.. Thank you, so much..
Replied by Susan
Philomath, Oregon
Ted and Others,

Do any of you know what to do for the ailments that the 9/11 first responders suffer from? (Home remedy or not. ) I once heard that hydrogen peroxide IV would bubble out the lungs in reverse, cleansing secretions and opening the alvioli in cases of emphysema.

I work with a fireman, one of thousands of people who toiled at ground zero and are now sick, even disabled, from asthma, chronic infections, and other respiratory illnesses. There are many thoughts on what caused these conditions, such as the "crud"—the mixture of dust, ash, fumes from burning plastic, chemicals, pulverized concrete, and vaporized human remains around ground zero.

Replied by Jay
Santa Fe, Nm
Please help these amazing heroes by getting them some mms. Do a search for the video on youtube, Project Camelot interviewing Jim Humble. The miracle mineral solution has cured cancer, aids, malaria, and so many other debilitating conditions. It is about $25 for a one-year supply for a family of four. Follow Humble's directions to the letter, and you will have success. Peace and Love!
Replied by R.
Dallas, Texas, Usa
I am sorry, but I have to disagree with you Jay! This MMS you speak of, does not cure Hiv/Aids. It might be helpful for some problems, but it does not and will not cure Hiv/Aids. I have been suffering 21 years from this disease and have tried alot of things and this did not help.
Replied by Steve
Las Vegas, Nv
What comes to mind is a detoxification protocol for these folks. Calcium Bentonite clay and psyllium husk taken internally 1tbsp each in a large glass of water should get the process going. It will have to be repeated many times until they are free of symptoms. There are many other excellent detox protocols but this one has worked well for me and many others.
Replied by Kathie
Houston, Texas/ Usa
Susan, Thank your for your remider of 9/11/2001. As I got to the end of your post I had tears in my eyes. Our prayers go out the the victims, their families and those that dropped everything to respond. This happened almost 10 years ago, we will not forget.
Replied by A Friend
South America
Look into the Gerson therapy. It involves a clean and whole vegetarian diet with added organic carrot/apple and green leafy juices several times a day to replenish nutrients, and also organic coffee enemas that stimulate the liver (the human filter) to clean itself out. You will notice results immediately (weeks time), which will make you confident and realize the idea is not that crazy after all, it makes perfect sense.

By doing it diligently you will allow your body to do it's job and clean itself out. I would also recommend vitamin E and C in orthomolecular (mega) doses (get them in powder form online, it's cheap). These are powerful antioxidants, and that is exactly what the responders are suffering from: oxidative stress. Also take niacin (vitamin B3).

Bless your heart!

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) | 685 Posts

In Response To:

02/17/2007: Chris from Trussville, AL: "My father was in the Air Force and flew in Viet Nam when he returned from his second tour we were about to fly to Japan when he went in for a physical they discovered his eye site had gone so bad that they put him out of the service. It was a controversy with his diagnosis because it was later diagnosed as poison from Agent Orange they put him out with a war time disability. I was born 2 years after. When I started to school the teacher noticed that I could not see and was diagnosed with the same problem as my father.(I was born with this problem my parents never new) They say there is no cure and now I am considered legally blind. I have never married and will not have children because I don't want my children to have this. Is there a natural cure?"

There may be some natural therapies that are helpful, including indole 3 carbinol. There are two ways the body can neutralize chemical toxins: by oxidative therapies or by antioxidative therapies. The antioxidative therapies include taking baking soda with vitamin C, or taking sodium ascorbate, 6 drops of sodium thiosulfate per glass of water, taking a pinch of borax in a glass of water to displace halogens, for example. Then after a week or so of antioxidation, you can try oxidative therapies, but the vitamin C sodium ascorbate taken at 1000 mg, still needs to be continued still. Basically regularly ozonation of the room and open for at least about 2 hours everyday, using a good powerful ozonator, the ones for large rooms. Adding 6-12 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide food grade in all the glass drinking water.

These oxidative therapies basically will react and at least neutralize most chemical substances. I have as yet to compile a way to neutralize chemical poisons, but most of these should do for now. I have made several references to natural cures of agent orange, dioxins in several places at earthclinic, such as:l

Agent orange is a dioxin added for herbicide and is quite toxic to humans. A tiny amount in the house or residue can get passed onto other people and destroy the body systems, much like the use of Depleted Uranium presently in used in Iraq. It is put into missiles to shoot down tanks, as depleted uranium makes for effectively strong shells to go through tanks.

A natural cure might be indole 3 carbinol since it is known to reduce dioxin toxicity. The amount should be taken plenty such as 100- 250 mg. The indole 3 carbinol is found commonly in broccoli, and a small amounts in cabbages. I prefer getting it taken in form of supplements as it is more.

In alternative health fields there are several other therapies that worked very well but are not frequently mentioned such as homeopathy which parents used on their children using homeopathic preparations from dioxin, uranium, plutonium necessary for the body to naturally get rid of these substances.

Other experimental methods exists including sound therapies (played at square wave frequencies) to rid of the known foreign substance. If the foreign substance is of unknown origin, then basically the sound therapies record a 30 second voice samples and find the voice frequency spectrum to find the missing or excess frequency using fourier transform.

The spectrum frequency analysis is done from 0 hz to 1000 Hz (sometimes up to 10,000 Hz) and find what missing frequencies and excess frequencies. We then play back exactly the missing frequencies and we find complementary frequencies to reduce the offending frequencies. Usually if you do it manually, you will need an Adobe Audition software for sound analysis of a regular conversation voice sample 30 seconds to 45 seconds. The problematic frequencies is played back using the computer for about the entire night. It worked for me quite well. Of course, a non-specific frequencies for general healing might work or might not work, but you are free to try that and it is often called Solfeggio Frequencies. The rationalization for such use is the cause could also be from a yet not identified toxins besides agent orange that was also added, but information is not yet available to the public archives.

EC: Download Ted's Solfeggio Frequencies (.wav file -- 5292046 bytes)


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