Stained Teeth Remedies

Last Modified on Nov 28, 2014

A fresh, white smile is one of the best first impressions anyone can give, yet several daily habits leave behind tough stains on the teeth. Teeth whitening and stain removal does not just happen at the dentist office, though. Several home remedies are effective for eliminating stains and procuring a whiter, brighter smile.

What Causes Stained Teeth?

Stained teeth are generally considered a characteristic of age; however, several habits contribute to the discoloration of teeth as well. At any rate, the vast majority of discoloration causes can be avoided.

Smoking and chewing tobacco are two of the most harmful habits for a white smile. Likewise, drinking and eating intensely colored beverages and foods can also contribute to a less than bright smile. Acidic foods and beverages also contribute to teeth stains. Wine, tea, cola, sports drinks, berries, sauces and sweets are among the biggest offenders.

Home Remedies for Whiter Teeth

Many conventional teeth whitening methods contain harsh chemicals. Natural methods, however, whiten just as effectively without the harshness. Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and lemon juice are among the most common home remedies for whitening teeth.

Hydrogen Peroxide

A compound comprised of hydrogen and oxygen, the compound breaks down to become effective. As it separates into water and oxygen, the compound serves as a bleaching agent effective for teeth whitening. The compound may cause gum sensitivity but is considered safe for regular whitening practices.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another common tooth whitening product. A weakly alkaline product, baking soda breaks down into free radicals when exposed to water. These molecules oxidize stains on the teeth and, in turn, remove the discoloration of the teeth.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is also effective for whitening the teeth. Lemon juice contains citric acid, which is an effective bleaching agent. Paired with baking soda, this whitening agent is especially effective.

White teeth are one of the most sought after and easiest to achieve appearance components in today’s society. While most conventional methods of whitening are pricey and chemical-laden, natural methods offer just as effective results without the high price tag in terms of health and money.

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Most Popular Stained Teeth Remedies:

Hydrogen Peroxide6
Peppermint Essential Oil, Baking Soda5
Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda3

User Reviews

Baking Soda   2  0   

Posted by Alice (Jacksonville , Fl) on 03/12/2008

[YEA]  I mixed a little baking soda a little seasalt and a little lemon together brushed my teeth it was amazing much whiter teeth.

Replied by Danielle
San Antonio, TX, USA

[YEA]   This really works! BUT KEEP USING TOOTH PASTE!!! This stuff can't clean alone it just whitens!

The Baking Soda things really does work my teeth were brighter after I brush!

2 Pinches of baking soda
5 Squeezes of lemon juice
3 Grinds of seasalt!!!


Replied by Yuval

guys, the lemon and all of those stuffs removing yellow stains from the mouth because its just get some part of your teeth off. so you're just grinding your teeth
Replied by Connie
Manitowoc, Wisconsin

A dentist told me that the enamal on teeth is very hard, that is why they get away with putting silica in toothpaste. It is unlikely, therefor, that the salt is grinding the enamal off teeth.
Replied by Lilianrose
Eastpointe, Mi

Since lemons are acidic, won't the juice in this recipe break down tooth enamel?
Replied by Gail
Sacramento, Ca, Usa

Brushing GENTLY with baking soda will toughen up the gums a bit and remove tartar. Adding an acidic rinse like lemon juice, vinegar, mms or peroxide will whiten too. But don't leave it on your teeth. Acids eat tooth enamel. Be sure to rinse well!

Hydrogen Peroxide   6  1   

Posted by Clio51 (Manchester, Uk) on 06/16/2013

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Hi, Has anybody ended up with a sore tongue after swishing 3% peroxide for teeth whitening? I only done this twice but for weeks now I feel I can still taste it, and my tongue is really sore. HELP! WHAT CAN I DO TO EASE THE SORENESS? Thanks.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Yikes, Clio51!!! Please DILUTE it!! I also do the swishing but with a VERY diluted amount and do see a slow whitening of my teeth. No rush.
Replied by Nancy
Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Clio51, it sounds to me like the hydrogen peroxide may have caused Burning Mouth Syndrome. Once you have sores on your tongue, certain things like the chemicals in some toothpastes can aggravate it and prevent healing. Check out this page on Earth Clinic: for tips. Please let us know how you are doing.

Posted by Hp (Moody, Mo) on 01/22/2013

I just bought the full strength HP at health store to whiten my teeth, but how much should I dilute for it to be safe and effective?

Replied by Pr
Houston, Texas

If your gums get irritated the strength is too strong. Every one is different. What works for me is half water and half 3% hydrogen peroxide. Play with until you find your what works for you.

Posted by Edwin (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 07/11/2010

[YEA]  I have been using fghp after I brush my teeth. I take a swing of fghp & hold it in my mouth for 2-3 seconds & discharge into the sink. Then I will take my mouth wash & do the same. Your teeth will be whiter & cleaner. My dentist told me that fghp prevents plaque buid up.

Fghp=food grade hydrogen peroxide

Replied by Edmundo
Falls Church, Virginia, U.s.a

I would highly discourage using food grade hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse (or for any household application), and I cannot believe your dentist actually were so irresponsible to recommend it. FGHP is in 35% concentration, versus 3% concentration for the hydrogen peroxide you can buy from drug stores. At 35% concentration, hydrogen peroxide is highly toxic. IT WILL KILL YOU IF YOU SWALLOW JUST A SMALL AMOUNT. Even the fume from it can make you sick. FGHP is used in industry for bleaching textile and paper products. It is caustic enough that it will hurt your gum even if you don't swallow it, or blind you if you splashed it in your eyes.

The 3% peroxide is safe to use in most applications, but NOT for ingestion. Teeth whitening products contain peroxide in higher concentration but no where near food grade. Folks, don't use FGHP usless you dilute it down to lower concentration. Be very careful!

Replied by Kevin
Gs0, Nc

Edmundo - drug store HP is also toxic, even at the ~3%, which is why food grade HP is preferred. ALSO, not all FGHP is 35%, much of it is pre-diluted to the 3% and sold as FGHP, so you definitely need to understand what you are ingesting before you pop it in your mouth. I am personally experimenting with the baking soda/35% FGHP/distilled water for toothpaste. I don't know of anyone that would intentionally swallow toothpaste (Other than children using the fruity stuff). I am also considering switching out the FGHP for 50% citric acid (Lemon juice is about 5-10%) to see if that helps
Replied by Misty
Somewhere, Indiana, Usa

Food grade hydrogen peroxide is sold in several strengths, not just 35%. Some prefer to buy the 35% and dilute it with distilled water, though you can also buy it prediluted. Food grade hydrogen peroxide does not have the additives that drug store hydrogen peroxide contains, so many consider it a safer option.

Posted by Janie D (Mattoon, Illinois) on 11/02/2009

[YEA]  After reading about "whitening teeth with the H/P", I decided to try it. I have been rinsing with it now for about four months (started doing it religiously - two to three times a day - 1 Tablespoon of H/P swishing and rolling it around in my mouth, leaving it in for up to ten-fifteen minutes before spitting it out, (after I brushed my teeth), and the results: my teeth are now absolutely... WHITE! I get a lot of compliments about how nice they look and I did it without getting them professionally whitened. Although they are not the chalky white, they are pretty close to it! I did not see results right away, however. It took probably a week or two before I started seeing some really significant improvement. I went to the dentist a while back and they wanted to know what I was using that got my teeth so white. I told them about the H/P. I asked my dentist if it was harmful to continue rinsing with it also. My dentist said my gums and mouth looked very healthy and she didn't see any reason to discontinue. She also commented that I had hardly any plaque build-up (I am guilty of flossing every day!), and that my gums and teeth looked very, very healthy! H/P works. Give it at least a couple weeks to see some results.

Replied by Pamela
Miami, Fl

I want to try this, however, many people have told me that this is bad for your tooth this true???
Replied by Nightfire
Danville, Illinois, United States

OMG I was doing it wrong, lol. But Jainie is sooo right. I was brushing with baking soda and rinsing with peroxide on and off for bout a year to NO avail... Til I read how others are doing it. I started taking a small amount and swishing and KEEPING it in my mouth for about 10 minutes at a time. My teeth not only are lightening up (also I started OPing again) but I also noticed that what seemed to me that I was apparently losing enamel on my teeth because the sides of each tooth seemed to be a little opaque (gah)... No longer! I drink iced coffees made with strong coffee every morning and been smoking on and off for a while. I had ALWAYS had bad teeth not knowing why. *Sigh* in high school a boy who didn't even know me would constantly call me 'Yellow teeth'. Needless to say 'that' didn't do much for my self confidence :/... But I swear NOW WOW! ... My teeth have never looked better (even before I started drinking coffee drinks and smoking, ha ha)! , and started telling the difference in only a few days. I so love aging backwards and for some odd reason I'm smiling more, gee wonder why ; )... Thanx Pibbles and EC you guys rock.
Replied by Had
White River Jct, Vermont

J, thank you. I've always had white teeth. I have health issues and have gotten rid of all the toxic products and foods, using natural tooth cleaning, OP, no coffee (way hard), now all of a sudden I have gross looking teeth! yellowing, browish discoloration. My big smile is missing, this is beyond embarrassing. I too tried the HP a while ago, but not for that length of time... So, I just did it, the brown is already gone, still yellowy looking, but now I have hope. I will be on this 3 times a day til I look right again. thank you for the tip/clarification.

Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin) on 08/12/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  The other night I swished with drug store hydrogen peroxide to see if it would indeed remove the tea and coffee stains from my teeth. The peroxide was 3% (the kind that says it's for oral use) mixed with an equal amount of water. The directions say to swish it for at least a minute, I did it for ten minutes. There was no apparent difference immediately afterward. The next day (or was it the day after that?) I made a recipe with turmeric in it and immediately after eating it brushed my teeth with baking soda. I was surprised because then the teeth suddenly seemed whiter. But now my gums are very sensitive to my toothbrush and bleed a bit. I have been using a hard bristle brush with baking soda once a day at night, and never had a problem like this before. They were not sensitive prior to this incident. Just a word of caution.

Replied by Ap45
Atlanta, Usa

Too much baking soda can cause enamel loss causing exposure to the cementum which is very sensitive. Limit baking soda to every month or every other month.

Posted by Bob (Memphis, TN) on 03/30/2009

[YEA]  My Secret for Whiter Teeth: I really like this site. I've read numerous helpful suggestions on here I plan on trying. Here is one that I have been doing for many years now that I would like to pass on to you. Dentist are making a fortune off bleaching teeth when you can do it yourself at home for a few cents per day. I have been using regular off the shelf 3% hydrogen peroxide to bleach my teeth for years now. I am a male 52 years old and even today when I go to the dentist they are astounded at how white my teeth are and find it hard to believe that I don't have them bleached. Every day after you brush your teeth grab your bottle of peroxide and put enough in your mouth to fill it up but not to the point of gagging on it. I like to do this while I am shaving but it also works well to put it in your mouth as you are stepping into the shower. Leave it in your mouth the entire time you are in the shower and right before you turn the water off spit it out and rinse well with water. While it is in your mouth swish it and just keep doing that the whole time it is in your mouth. Try to do it once per day every day of the week. You should see a difference within a week or two. If you are a smoker or heavy coffee drinker you will probably see a difference even quicker. I happen to like really strong black coffee. I drink about 4 cups every morning. I buy several big bottles which you can get at places like Costco or Sam's. The cost is very minimal and for just a few cents per day you will have gleaming white teeth. Watch, people will start commenting on what white teeth you have and ask how you get them so white. I always reply I just brush with that baking soda and peroxide type tooth paste. I guess you can answer however you choose. Hope some of you get some use out of this.

Replied by Pam
Northern, IA

Will using Peroxide everyday like this be harmful at all?? Is it possible that it will kill good bacteria or do harm in any way?? I'd like to try this if it's safe. Thanks for any feedback on this....
Replied by Linda
St. Paul, MN

I have been using HP as Bob suggested for three days now. I use one capful & swish it around while I'm getting ready for work. I haven't noticed my teeth much whiter yet (although I am a smoker and I also drink dark coffee), HOWEVER, my teeth feel much stronger and tighter! This reminds me of oil-pulling with HP instead of oil.
Replied by Bob
Memphis, TN

Use more than a cap full. Use enough to fill your mouth up. Try to swish it at least 10 minutes, if possible. Since you are a smoker I would say give it about 1 month before you will start really seeing the difference. Even with a nonsmoker I would say about 2 weeks or so. I have been using this method for at least 10 or more years and it really works, just give it time. My sister told me a while back she does the same thing with regular mouth wash and her teeth don't get white. I responded, of course not, the hydrogen peroxide bleaches your teeth. Mouth wash just gives you fresh breath and I suppose kills germs, the way the ad says. Good luck!
Replied by GAIL

[NAY]   NAY I used the hydrogen peroxide 3% for 2 days and it burned my tongue and burned while doing it and felt like i had drank something too hot.
Replied by Diane
Uniontown, PA

[YEA]   I tried the remedy that Bob from Memphis, TN suggested (03/30/09)and in just one day I notice a great improvement! I did what he said, "grab your bottle of peroxide and put enough in your mouth to fill it up but not to the point of gagging on it...". Since he said he does it in the shower, I figured that I could do it while washing the dishes (about 20 minutes). I didn't swish much, because I didn't want to swallow the hydrogen peroxide (wow, does it ever expand!). I too drink very strong coffee every day (3 cups), so I thought, if it works for him, it might work for me, even though I also smoke. And let me tell you, this really does work! I noticed after about 15 minutes that when I did try to swish, my old amalgam filling felt sort of hot. My teeth are definitely whiter; however, there are still some stains between my bottom teeth. Hopefully those will go away with time. Now if I could just quit smoking... Thanks!
Replied by Maria
Fort Worth, Texas

well i have a problem with my teeth, a big problem.. i have a crack on one of my front teeth. And i was wondering if i use the Peroxide would that harm my tooth?
Replied by Michelle
Richmond, Va, Us

[YEA]   I started using HP about 2 weeks ago after my mom commented over Christmas how stained my teeth looked. I'm a 45 year old smoker/coffee drinker. I haven't been able to get to a dentist for a cleaning in 3 years - valid reasons. The stains were bad, dark sections in the front lower teeth, in between the crevices and just overall dingy and dark. I was very embarrassed. I started using the HP as Bob from Memphis recommended, swishing away while I was in the shower, spitting and rinsing when I was done. The first few times I did this it burned hot as well, like Gail from Cincinnati said. But I continued anyway. For an added benefit afterward I wet my toothbrush, dip it in some baking soda, brush for about 2 minutes, rinse well, then my regular toothpaste. In just 12 days I am about halfway there to white teeth! My gums feel stronger and my mouth feels so much cleaner. I have a chipped tooth as well, this has actually kept it pretty clean and I'm sure it's kept a lot of bacteria out. My breath is much better as well, thank goodness! I should mention that I use an electric toothbrush and I'm sure this has helped speed up the process.
Replied by Michelle
Richmond, Va, Us

Just a quick add-in. I had been using over-the-counter whiteners for over 2 years, rinses, gels, etc. and none of them gave me these results, barely made a dent. There's no telling what else I was absorbing in my body with those!
Replied by Deeree
Boston, Ma

I was/am using H2O2 for everything that ails me for about 3 months now. I use it every night in my vaporizers/humidifiers, in the cat's water dish, spray on after a shower, and I also had used it every day for about a week as a mouthwash before brushing. I had to stop because the sides of my tongue got all red and raw. It stayed like that for about 10 days after stopping the h202. My tongue did heal, but I wonder, has anyone else had this happen to them? I am nervous about using it for whitening again. Thanks for any info.
Replied by Jk
Lorimor, Ia, Usa

I have a cap in front. Will the HP whiten this as well as my other teeth?
Replied by Thenewguyintown
Westwood, New Jersey, Usa

Just wanted to comment on the posts regarding the use of H202 for teeth whitening. Everyone is different and as such will yield varying results, however caution must be used. Personally I do not think it is a good idea to use H202 on a daily basis as you will kill off the good bacteria in your mouth. This could lead to "black tongue" syndrome which is not a pleasant thing. H202 is serious stuff which can yield good and bad results if not respected for its inherent power. We are all different, experiment SLOWLY when using this stuff. Whats good for one is not good for all.....
Replied by Tam
Atlanta, Georgia

This is in response to the lady from Boston whose tongue got sore. The peroxide is letting you know how toxic you are in the intestinal /gut area. Clean that area with detoxification and then it is a great possibility that your mouth with feel better when using peroxide. It is worth a try.
Replied by Brightstar
Auburn, New York

okay so some people are saying it works great but some say abdolutely do not use peroxide. very confusing, I used it once and gave up because the feeling it had left in my mouth but a couple months later I tryed it again it worked great but part of my gum turned white is it because I brushed too hard or because my mouth isnt used too it ? please if anyone can help your information would be greatly helpful thanks ...
Replied by Carlos
Barcelona, Spain

[YEA]   Thanks so much to Bob for the white teeth advice. I ahve always have yelow teeth. I dont smoke or drink coffe, its just genetic. None of my parents ahve white teeth they ahve beautiful teeth though.

So recently my teeth went from haivng some spaces to come all together. My smile looked like one of those celebs EXCEPT that it was yellow. Ive treid several toothpastes and home remedys that didnt work.

I always thought white teeth were only for rich people that can aford it. I always been obsessed with that white smile form celebs.

I had tried Hydrogen peroxide before, but only brushing or keeping it for 2 or 3 min. The key is Bob advice of having it 10 minutes. After the first aplication I could notice a slight difference that encouraged me to keep doing it daily. Now after a week I can say my teeth never been this white. Still not a Hollywood smile but if it keeps progressing this way I can see it coming. Im starting to worry about my family finding out that my teeth are ridicously white. Ive seen them stare at me few times, they probably dont notice what it is yet. All I can say is thank you. Im going to be smiling the whole time when I go to party and Im sure ladies will come. My smile is becoming irresistible lol

Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda   3  0   

Posted by Whisper (Timmins, Ontario Canada) on 05/21/2009

[YEA]  What I've been doing for ages now is take one capful of peroxide dunk my toothbrush in it to moisten it then dip it in baking soda, I then take the capful of peroxide and dump it under my tongue and then proceed to brush with it, it will foam up get ready for that, I brush for two minutes then I spit it all out and rinse and then I use toothpaste to coat my teeth with whatever ingredients toothpaste has to further protect my teeth and also have the chance to scrape my tongue with the toothpaste to get rid of any excess peroxide. I do this about once or twice a month. My friends started questioning why I had such white teeth so I had to tell them my secret, some of them have done it daily, I've seen the results and they are so happy. But my teeth are white and don't need any more than what I do, as you go along you know what works and what doesn't. I'm 53yrs old and have beautiful white teeth because of the care I took throughout the years.

My understanding on this is that you find peroxide included in all of your teeth whiteners that are sold and we have toothpaste that has baking soda, so I went full strength with both to get the best effect.

Replied by Brenda
Springfield, Il

[YEA]   I swish with H2O2 before brushing with baking soda. I also add two or three drops of Dr. B-----'s liquid soap (peppermint) on top of the baking soda. Once in a blue moon I'll put a drop of oil of oregano on my toothbrush such as after I've been sick or if I feel like I'm trying to catch a cold/flu or something. My teeth have really whitened up since I've been doing this. I've also noticed that the sensitivity has totally gone away too. I haven't used toothpaste since, don't want the poison fluoride. Been doing this for approximately six months now. Dentist appt is coming up. We'll see how that goes.

Posted by Cathy (San Antonio, TX) on 09/02/2008

[YEA]  Having noticed that I was developing two quite noticeable stains on my upper 2 front teeth from coffee, I was concerned about yet another dental bill. I didn't want to buy commercial teeth whiteners so I thought I'd check EarthClinic before I made my appointment. One reader had recommended brushing with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. I thought she meant that 'with time' the stains would go away. I immediately went in to brush these 2 teeth and within 30 seconds, both stains were completely gone! Be warned that if you have an electric toothbrush---your surrounding gum tissue may turn white but it only lasts 20 minutes or so. I am very pleased.

Replied by Debbie
Newcomerstown, Ohio, USA

Do you use regular, drug store brand, of hydrogen peroxide, will it harm me if I swallow a little while brushing my teeth?
Replied by James
Toronto, ON

Hi Debbie, try not to use drug store hydrogen peroxide. You can get food grade hydrogen peroxide from some health food stores. It is cleaner safer. It is usually used by people growing sprouts to eat. If you can't find a local source just do a search for 'food grade hydrogen peroxide'. It usually comes in a 35% solution.
Replied by Sara
Rochester, NY

food grade (35%) peroxide should never be used undiluted!
Replied by Karin
Cape Town, South Africa

I have just been informed by my dentist that I should have my teeth bleached as they are going yellow - however I am NOT a smoker and not a great coffee drinker. My friend told me about baking soda - brush with baking soda before brushing normally with toothpaste - please could you give me some more information on this - how often can I use baking soda and any side effects ?

Oil Pulling   2  0   

Posted by Aracely (Roswell, NM) on 02/29/2008

[YEA]  Oh MY GOD!! oh my god.. all i can say is wow!! i read about oil pulling this morning went out and got Sunflower and Safflower oil, i've done 2 sessions with the oil pulling, i must say that it did not get as foamy and white as i thought it would. it was still somewhat yellow. but my teeth are SO MUCH WHITER!! only after 2 sessions!! i have a persistant cough that never goes away no matter what i've used, and i've noticed that after each session, i'm coughing a lot more. i feel almost like a heavyness in my chest but when i do cough, i feel like i'm loosening up whatever it is that has been in my lungs that kept me with that cough. it has a funny kind of taste when i cough. i don't smoke either, well i did when i was 19 but that only lasted about 6 months (me trying to be cool) and i'm going to be 25 next month. i was really only trying it for my teeth, but now i'm going to keep doing it in hopes of clearing up my lungs and removing varicose veins. i have 2 kids now and pregnant with my 3rd so they have been a big problem for me. I will be a regular on this site i can say that much for sure, so i will keep you posted!

Replied by Megan
West Chester, Pa

can someone please explain to me what "oil pulling" is? thank you!!! p.s.... loooovvveee the web site!!


Posted by Catherine (Orlando, FL) on 02/18/2008

[YEA]  I used about 2 teaspoons of safflower oil and pulled for 20 minutes. My teeth are whiter. Two brown spots are almost gone. My gums are more irritated, which I see as a positive thing because they're healing. My head!! It started hurting so much about an hour after I finished. I had to take something and go to sleep. It still throbs a little and it has been 15 hours since I pulled. How long does that last? After a week? two weeks? I don't know if I can stand it. I am mainly trying this for my gums/teeth and also for arthritis and TMJ. Any feedback on arthritis and TMJ would be nice. The headache isn't worth it though if I have to endure it for very long. Thanks for the feed back.

Replied by Nicole S.
Springville, Utah, Usa

As with natural remedies, symptoms seem to get worse before they get better sometimes. I have seen other people say on this website that its just your body purging the toxins, and continuing with the remedy does indeed solve the problem for most people. Others say, if its not working, you are missing an important step, or not doing it right. I would just continue with it. The toxins DO have to go somewhere...good luck, be patient.

Peppermint Essential Oil, Baking Soda   5  0   

Posted by Kelly (Middleton, Wi) on 11/29/2013

[YEA]  I am a woman in my early thirties, and I had noticeable brown / gray stains on my top front teeth because I drink coffee and tea every day. I read about this treatment and tried it: I put 4 drops of peppermint essential oil, plus a sprinkle of baking soda, on a cotton swab and rubbed it on the teeth's stains. I rubbed for about 5 minutes and the stains were GONE! I could actually see some brown (from the stains) on the cotton swab! Then I rinsed a few times with water.

Make sure to avoid rubbing the gums with baking soda. Also, I wouldn't do this too often, maybe once a week, as baking soda is quite abrasive and also changes the ph of your saliva, making your gums sensitive.

I have never posted anything online before, but I just had to share this teeth-stain-removing method and the WONDERFUL results I got with it!

Replied by Grace

[YEA]   Thank you Kelly from Middleton, WI. I too had grey stains on my top teeth but I think mine were from taking blackstrap molasses every day. I tried hydrogen peroxide, brushing with baking soda and brushing with coconut oil but that didn't do anything. After reading your post, I got a cotton ball, put a few drops of water on it so the baking soda would stay on, then put a little bit of baking soda and then 4 drops of peppermint essential oil. I rubbed it on my teeth for only about a minute and the stains came right off. I am so happy. Thank you once again.
Replied by Dusti
Colorado, US

Hi there I was looking for teeth whitening remedies and saw this peppermint oil and baking soda. I was wondering does it just get rid of the dark stains or are your teeth noticeably whiter? Thanks
Replied by Tawna

[YEA]   I tried peppermint essential oils on a cotton ball with baking soda. The brown stains rubbed off in 5 minutes! It was amazing! I've been using a great natural whitening toothpaste, but it made the brown spots stand out because the rest of my teeth are so white! This is a great tip! I think the quality of the peppermint essential oil makes a difference though.
Replied by Ellen
Pennsylvania, US

[YEA]   I also have been at a loss in removing tea stains. I even limited my tea drinking. I had two ugly brown stains on front teeth.

After using 4 drops of peppermint essential oil and baking soda, stains were gone in 2 minutes.

Thank you, Kelly, for your suggestion. To my teeth, Kelly, you are a hero!

Replied by Helena
Los Angeles

[YEA]   Totally worked after just a minute of trying this. a couple of drops of peppermint oil on a cotton swab, a sprinkle of baking soda, and a minute of scrubbing my two front teeth and the stains were gone!! I had been so worried about these stains that seemed to suddenly come on in the last couple of days, that I started researching professional teeth whitening solutions... But I'm good now! Thank you Kelly!!

Salt and Lemon Juice, Orange Peel   1  0   

Posted by Rujuta (Mapusa, Goa, India) on 01/09/2009

[YEA]  Use equal amounts of salt and lemon juice to your teeth.It is the best home remedy for teeth whitening . Also rub the inner part of the orange peel on your teeth to whiten them.

Replied by Gregg
Evanston, IL

DO NOT USE LEMON JUICE. lemon juice is acidic and will harm tooth enamel, which will cause tooth decay.
Replied by Kyra
Cortlandt Manor, NY

Try Oil Pulling it works for stained teeth and has so many other benefits.
Replied by Megan
Lighthouse Point, FL

You will need to mash up one ripe strawberry and add in 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda. Then use a soft toothbrush to spread the mixture onto your teeth.

Leave on for 5 minutes, then brush thoroughly with toothpaste to remove the berry-baking powder mix. Rinse. And floss - get out all strawberry seeds.

Take a look into mirror to note your smile whiteness.

Replied by Me
Real, Logic, Usa

Salt and lemon juice also works as a rust remover. I'd assume that the whitening you're seeing is from removing layers of your tooth enamel.

Soap   0  0   

Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 12/07/2010

I haven't managed to find a copy of Good Teeth from Birth to Death at a good price but on an Internet site I found the suggestion (which is part of the book) that one should clean the teeth with a bar of soap but how do you do it? Do you use the bar of soap to clean the teeth, do you put a bit of soap on your tooth brush... And most soap contains glycerin, is that a good idea? I would love to read the book which was suggested here a short while ago but as it is out of print it is very expensive. I contacted some sites which seem to sell it at a reasonable price but no one answered!

Replied by Corey
Clayton, De

Francisa - I too was looking for this book. I found it on www(dot)amazon(dot)com for around $30 USD, but it will probably be more to ship it to France!
Replied by Mariah
Atlanta, Ga/ Usa

Hi I found a free book on:
Hope this help I really enjoy the book and start the protocol my teeth feel cleaner allready!
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Thanks Mariah, I have just come back from spending Christmas with family abroad and found your answer to my question. I have been looking for this book but it is so very expensive.... I will surely read it! I had done some research but didn't come across the online version.
Replied by Amber
Npb, Florida

Ok I've read a lot, and I tried rubbing the olive oil on my teeth. I am not sure what good that does. My mouth felt greasy afterwards, so I brushed my teeth. I rinsed, and then tried the hydrogen peroxide suggestion. However, I did change it up a little bit. First, I poured it into a little cup, then I dipped my oral-b electric toothbrush in the liquid. I brushed and rinsed several times. After that, I added a little splash of listerine to the hydrogen peroxide. I swished it and rinsed with hot water, and repeated several times as well. I am due to see the dentist soon. My biggest issue is that one front tooth has a crack in the middle of it, and the dentist said that it's darkening from the inside out. I am hoping this works, my teeth have recently darkened and I'm embarrassed to smile, talk, and take pictures. I will keep everyone posted! Thanks for the help:)


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